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  1. It’s good to remember him that way, I mean, so happy.

    C’est un bel hommage que de poster cette photo, FEd. Merci.

    1. On this sad day it’s your happy day, so Happy Birthday Terry!! 🙂

      High Hopes for you. 🙂

    1. I have never seen this great photo!

      Rick, Shine on You Crazy Diamond in the Great Gig in the Sky.

      We miss you.


  2. Rick… one year on and I still can’t believe you’re gone.

    Recently I went back to PULSE, Remember that Night and Gdansk to see (and hear) your fab work, sometimes unnoticed. The sound carpets where David used to build on were your responsibility. I went back as well to “Wet Dream” and found an album I had never given the chance it deserves. What a fantastic work (although Broken China is still my fav). What would be if those track were worked for a Floyd album?

    Just hope to hear your final recordings… one day.

  3. Can’t believe it’s already been a year since he died.

    I kind of wish that someone had announced that he had cancer before he died so it would not have been such a huge shock when he died. I never saw it coming. What’s even more startling is the fact that he died a week before Live in Gdansk was released. Instead of LIG being just another live album/DVD, it ended up being a last final goodbye from Richard.

  4. I have always loved this picture. The loss of Richard is felt not just by his family, not just by Floyd fans, but by music lovers everywhere. What a peaceful person, a great musician.

  5. Hi Everyone,

    This is a somber time for me, anyway. I can’t believe a year has passed already.

    I am grateful I have the DVDs of Gdansk and RTN, with Richard and David. I am also grateful that I had the opportunity of, shall I say, “growing up” with them… actually, I’m a tad older.

    Take care folks, and celebrate the music and the man.

  6. One year already.

    I don’t really know what to say.

    I’ll just be quietly listening to Cluster One, Great Gig, Marooned and Breakthrough.

    Rest in peace Richard.

  7. What a happy picture of Richard and David.

    It’s hard to believe it’s one year since Richard ieft us for the great gig elsewhere. Indeed, hard to believe he has left us at all when his beautiful music still moves and thrills us.

    There will be many people apart from his family and friends who will be thinking of Richard Wright with affection today.

  8. A year later… with a hole in my soul… but my smile still stays on, thinking of you, kind, gently, quiet eyes. And listening to your music, the biggest part of me. And with me, like an endless river, forever and ever.

    Ciao Richard,
    Mi manchi,


  9. The tears, the sun the rain, I feel them on my face against my skin
    We loved you then, we love you still
    And don’t you know, don’t you know that heroes never die,
    They sail forever!

    Mmm, I’m a bit emotional the last time, so yes, I got a wet eye already. So yes, Richard is, certainly, in my heart today, together with my mother who died a few weeks ago, also too early and too unexpected.

  10. Once upon a time I will again see him in the see saw land.

    A sad day for the music and I will play my song from last year dedicated to him.

    I miss him and his famous music.

    RIP Rick.

  11. Great Photo.

    My thoughts are with his family and friends.

    Thanks again for “Remember that Night” and “Gdansk”. Great DVDs and music.


  12. 🙂 Funny picture… nice and cosy, that looks… remembering the good times are important when someone’s gone, eh?

  13. I don´t know what can I say. It´s a very sad day.

    I really miss Richard.

    Love and respect to his family.

  14. Wonderful picture… it makes me feel really gloomy right now.

    It’s been a year missing you Richard… may you rest in peace… and hope to see you soon. 🙂

    Greetings from Colombia… take care David.

  15. Dear F.Ed.

    I remember very well this nice picture and I’ve stored into my files 3 years ago, it’s so sweet. I always remember Richard ‘s wonderful performance at Venice’s concert and the deserved ovations we gave him. I’ll never forget it.

    The art of music has lost one of its most talented player with his technical finesse, nicety and a very class man.

    Bless you Rick, wherever you are.

    Ciao Elisabetta

  16. One year on from the devastating news of Richard’s untimely demise.

    He was taken from us far too soon.

    He still had so much more to give.

    I don’t imagine we’ll ever get to hear the compositions he was working on before he was taken from us by the demon that is cancer.

    The broken bond between him and David is perfectly captured by Polly’s (and the Blog #1 Favourite) photo, which is testament to the love they had for each other.

    Richard has left an irreplaceable void that is impossible to fill.

    How I ‘Wish You Were Here’.

    Sail On, Richard, Sail On…

  17. He was a lovely, gentle person, who was taken from us too soon. He will live on forever in the hearts of his fans and loved ones.

    We miss you Richard, but you will never be forgotten.

    With great love and sadness,
    Liz from Hungary

  18. That’s a very beautiful picture, FEd, just the best you could choose for us on this day, I think.

    One year has already passed, it’s incredible.

    First anniversaries have always been particularly hard for me, so all I can say right now is that I wish everyone who loved him, his family first, a serene day.

  19. I can remember being at work when I heard it, that… Rick was dead, a shock, and unbelievable, deep sadness was in me. And after work I went with a Friend to the next Pub and we shared our sadness and talked about Rick and then we sat there in silence, thinking about all the great times that we had with Rick’s Music. Just as if I would know him well, as if he was a personal Friend. But he was a part of my life since I became a Floyd Fan in 1979. Not a lot of days since then where I didn’t hear his music.

    The picture says everything about the great time Richard had on his now last big tour, with David!

    Thank you for the great Music, never forgotten!

  20. Year ago, 15 September, was the ugliest day of all. It was raining in Cieszyn-Poland and I was in a bad mood. Then my friend called me and I heard that terrible news.

    Year after I miss Richard Wright. In Polish radio “trojka” they play Richard’s songs, and we keep remembering him as a major impact on some people’s lives. His music changed my world of music.

    God bless all of you Dave, Nick and Roger. I hope you will live for ever!

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  22. Мы любим Вас David и с нами всегда Richard! Хорошее фото, и оно сегодня освежает память незабываемого, великолепного музыканта и человека, который приносил нам радость много лет. Спасибо Вам за эту музыку всем, за песни, за все, что было сделано. Надеюсь, David принесёт всем нам радость и приедет в Россию хотя бы ещё раз. Мы ждём тебя David. Желаем долгих лет жизни, и главное, чтобы было здоровье. Берегите себя!

  23. What a lovely picture FEd.

    I still can’t believe he’s gone. I’ve been to a few Floyd tribute gigs this year and each time they’ve shown pictures of Richard during the show – especially Great Gig in The Sky – and I’ve always found myself shedding a few tears.

    He may be gone – but what a legacy he’s left behind.

  24. Dear FEd,

    Thank you! What a wonderful picture to start out the day; my birthday. A wonderful present; two of my favorite PF men. 🙂

    Nice to be back, have been working all week setting up my webpage.

    Thanks again for the picture.

    Love to the world.

  25. I’ve always loved that picture, it was my favourite from the hundreds of amazing photos that turned up from the On An Island tour.

    It’s a bit confusing how I can still feel so emotional about someone I never knew passing away. I can’t even imagine how his close friends and family must feel today.

    But I will never forget Richard, and I know that none of the rest of his huge fanbase will either. I will be eternally grateful for the joy his music has brought me throughout my entire life so far.

    I was incredibly lucky to see Richard on the On An Island tour. It was the first live concert I truly felt privileged to be a part of; there was just something in the air that night that made it truly special. Because of that night, my fondest memory of Richard will forever be the applause he got from the crowd when David “forgot” to introduce him – “RIIIIICCHHAAAAARD” still makes me laugh to this day!

    As I say, it feels strange to still feel emotional about someone I never knew, but Richard never felt like he was out of reach; he never felt like the superstar he should have. He just felt like “one of us”, and I guess that’s what makes the loss all the more poignant for me.

    But looking past the loss one year ago, it’s clear to me the gain was greater. Who knows what my world, every fan’s world, even the music world would be like without Richard Wright!

    I’m going to play Echoes from LiG now… Loud! And I know I won’t be alone. 🙂

    Thanks for everything, Richard!

  26. The sun is the same in the relative way, but you are gone…

    Sometimes it´s hard to understand.

    With great love for you and your music,
    Guido from Germany

  27. For me Richard’s passing is one of those sad events that will be “I remember exactly what I was doing when I heard the news”.

    I was driving home from work when it was announced on the car radio. I turned the radio off after the news and then drove on in silence… stunned.

    A year already?

  28. Really miss Rick. One year passed – still feeling myself so empty. And I think it will never stop. No matter how often we had chances to see him and feel like he’s by our side. He has always been around.

    I personally would like to thank David for giving us a chance to see him at last, after all those years. Though I myself didn’t attend any of the concerts. The warmth he gave us was so unusual.

  29. I have always loved the above photograph.

    God bless you, Richard. I love and miss you lots.

    I still shed a tear over the loss of Richard every time I put on ‘Careful with that Axe, Eugene’ and ‘Echoes’.

  30. What a nice picture, David and Rick over the roofs of Venice. I saw him 3 years ago in Venice. It was a great concert.

    I miss him, his voice and keyboard playing.

    My condolences to his family.


  31. A genius person who passed away too early! 🙁

    We all miss you, hope you’re having a great time on the other side!

  32. When you grew up listening to a band and always made the craziest efforts to see them live, the passing of one of the band members impacts you a bit more than usual. As a fan, and someone who only met Richard Wright once, I’m grateful for those two nights I saw him play with Pink Floyd in Dallas, the night in Denver, the night in Washington DC, and the night in New Orleans back in 1994. I can still talk forever about those shows…

    Then there was Live 8: I was living in Cairo when they announced a reunion… I had to be there and had to jump through incredible hoops to get there. When David Gilmour toured I had the privilege of seeing two of the three Royal Albert Hall shows… I went to the DVD premiere in Leicester Square, then a week later saw the American premiere at a cinema… finally, a year ago I saw the cinema premiere for Gdansk at a local cinema – it was the first time in years that I had walked right around the block for an event that included Richard Wright…

    I’m not writing this to brag about how lucky I was to see these shows. These are the stories I will be able to share with my children as they develop a passion for music – and Richard Wright played a key role in all these events.

    He is sorely missed by fans.

  33. Just finished watching Echoes on the Gdansk DVD.

    I was at work and on the Internet when I saw the news of Richard’s death. I was in shock.

    When I listen to Pink Floyd now I know how much his sound was a big part of it. He can never be replaced. Watching the DVDs you can see how much he enjoyed being on tour. I am glad David had included him.

    David lost a good friend.

  34. Richard Wright gave the Pink Floyd its soul. His keyboard playing soared above the band and made the hearts of all of us fly along with it.

    I miss him terribly but have the joy of knowing that the many times I saw him play live were some of the best moments of my life.

    1. 😀

      Seem kind of funny looking back on what I wrote then.

      Since that day my mother has died (recently) and I feel the pain of her not being here on a daily basis.

      Whilst not as intense, I also really feel the sadness of Rick’s passing and I listen to him with the Floyd and at times want to and do shed a tear for what we have missed by his death.

      The Floyd were my guide. And Rick was my silent friend. Always listening – never judging – always there.

      We all miss you Rick.


  35. Richard,

    Though you’re far away in spirit, you’re close in heart. Your soft spoken delivery, your ethereal delivery of keyboard washes… still very much missed.

    The silence since your departure is deafening.

    Rest in Peace, Mr Wright.


  36. me alegra haber podido escuchar su música en vivo, aquel concierto de Pink Floyd del Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez en México fue el mejor de mi vida.

    siempre lo recordaré como uno de los mejores músicos del mundo.

    gracias Rick…

  37. …how many good memories keep him alive in our thoughts! I hope his family and nearest friends have learned to live with the lost, and I do hope that pictures as the one above make them smile again.


  38. One year ago, nearly at the same time, I got this horrible news while working on the computer and read it on the Internet. Time goes by, sometimes very fast, but my feelings are the same like last year, hardly shocked, deeply moved and very sad. Today I think about Richard, his family and friends, the loss for the whole world of music and also, besides this, I’m very thankful to had the opportunity to hear and saw him live twice, 1994 in Berlin with Pink Floyd and 2006 in Munich with David. Two of the most moved concerts for me in my entire live.

    In 2005 my (at that time relative new) girlfriend watched with me Live Aid on television in a Hotel and for the first time in her life Pink Floyd. Since that moment she is a big Floyd fan, especially of Richard and David. Still today her eyes get wet if we watch the DVDs and when she is seeing Richard’s smile while playing so kind.

    Thank you Richard for your music and thank you David to play with him so unique!

  39. This is one of my favorite photos taken by Polly ~ two old friends joking around for the camera. 🙂 The pose may have been in jest, but the smiles are obviously sincere.

    I’m sure this is a difficult anniversary for Richard’s family and friends. I hope they can find some comfort in the knowledge that Richard touched so many lives around the world.

    Peace and love to you all. 🙂


  40. I can hardly believe it’s a year since we lost Richard. RIP, love you forever.

    xxxxx Denise xxxxx


    PS: 15/09 is a popular day in Heaven – just heard about Patrick Swayze and Keith Floyd passing away today.

    xxxx RIP xxxx

  41. Miss you Rick.

    But we are extremely lucky to be left with the music you produced, for us to listen to.

    Thanks mate! 😉

  42. I can’t believe it’s been a year. It still feels like yesterday.

    I miss him, his music and all of the music that was yet to come.

    Bless you Richard.

  43. We was one of the best players – ever.

    We lost one the finest persons – for ever.

    We lost him and missed him so much – for ever and ever.

  44. Remember a day – the shock, the sadness, the disbelief.

    On that last tour, you could see how happy Richard was to be doing what he did best. How the crowd exploded in applause when he sang his part on “Time”, and gave him a well-deserved ovation when he was introduced by David. The spark had returned, Richard was making magic once again. That’s a day I will remember.

    Shine On, Richard!

    Bill C

  45. I remember Richard by listening to what he said was the only Floyd album he could listen to for pleasure which was Wish You Were Here. So I listened to that today. I’ll probably listen to Broken China sometime today. I’ve been slammed with work and I haven’t really had a chance to do anything yet.

    I remember that I got to see Richard in 1994 and 2006. Wonderful musician. I remember the pop he got when David introduced him at the Kodak. Great night.

    Usually when I think of someone who is gone, I think of a song by Nine Inch Nails called “In This Twilight”. Not sure if anyone else would agree but to me, the lyrics are soothing (Trent Reznor didn’t always make aggressive music all the time). I recommend it.

  46. Thank you for the music Richard.

    And thank you David for asking him to go on the “On an Island” tour with you.


    1. I was in the Kodak too!!

      On September 15th night of each year, we celebrate the beginning of (Cry of) Independence War in MEXICO (the official holiday is 16th), so we usually celebrate at home all night long…

      I always did… until last year.

      Now, September 15th will have a different meaning for all Mexican Pink Floyd fans… now will be a day for reflection, time to listen his wonderful music and, why not, to pray… before the party begins.

      Richard, we’ll miss you. Have a tequila in Heaven… or two.

      David and Richard, thanks for the amazing concert @ Kodak Theater, LA.

      David, Rick and Nick, thanks for the wonderful concerts of 1994 (+ UFOs) in MEXICO.


  47. I just returned home after a 3 day hospital stay. I beat a Pulmonary Embolism by a short stance and nearly joined Richard for a chorus of The Great Gig In The Sky.

    I know that he left us one year ago today and I still cry whenever I hear Echoes, what for me was his greatest piece. He left us so much great music and that is why the void he left is so huge.

    May he rest peacefully and never leave our memories.

  48. Richard has been my favorite musician since the seventies. He was the best in the world.

    David, you are the best guitar and the best vocalist in the world.

    Thanks for all the music,

  49. 15 September 1994, a great and unforgettable concert of Pink Floyd in Udine, Italy.

    Now, in the same day I want remember Rick, his music and the emotions he will give to me forever.

  50. Miss you Rick. You’re always in our hearts and our memories.

    Listening to ‘Broken China’ and ‘Wet Dream’ today. xx

  51. How time does fly by…

    May you rest in peace, Richard. All the best wishes to your family and friends.

    Now to cue up the iPod full of the Wright choices for today…

  52. I love this photo so much. words couldn’t express what is in this picture…

    It’s been a year already, mind boggling somehow, it’s been a pensive Floyd year, lots of quiet moments thinking of Richard, remembering him, much of the Floyd I’ve been listening to in that previous year has been coloured differently.

    A good moment to put on “love scene version 4”, a fitting choice to close the evening for today…


  53. El 15 de setiembre del 2008 mi hermano me mando un mensaje al celular: “Murió Rick”. 🙁

    Inmediatamente me levante de la cama y busqué en internet, esperando que me confirmaran que era mentira.

    Mientras iba buceando en la web, quedé en silencio.

    Busqué reacciones, sentimientos, busqué a Rick en internet, en las paginas de Pink Floyd oficiales y no, en la pagina de Dave, en la de Roger, odié que Nick no tuviera sitio en la red. Anduve así mucho rato.

    Ya muy tarde encontré a Rick en los primeros discos de PF, lo encontré cantando a duo magistralmente con Dave en el Obscured by clouds, lo vi en el Echoes de at Pompei, lo escuché detenidamente en el Broken China, en la primigenia version de Us & Them del Zabriskie Point, y finalmente no pude mas con el The Great Gig in the sky del concierto en Venecia…

    Con un dolor inmenso lo acepté y mi esposa respetó mi silencio esa madrugada, el desayuno y el almuerzo del día siguiente.

    Ahora y muy a menudo, por fortuna, lo vuelvo a encontrar.

  54. This is one of my favorite photos. The sentiment and happiness is so real, showing fond memories shared by true friends.

    Richard is missed, but never forgotten.

    Take Care. CT

  55. All I remember about that day taking my usual look at cnn.com, shouting WHAT??? about three times at the top of my lungs, and spending the rest of the day in silent shock. Even MJ’s untimely passing did not shock me nearly as much, but then again it didn’t hit as close to home.

    I think of this picture often when I think of Rick and David. Especially when I am watching them fade out the final notes in Echoes on Remember That Night.

    Rick and David. Just like fish and chips. Beans and rice.

  56. We miss him so much, we miss his genuine smile and genius.

    But I believe he’s floating above us, laughing at us.

    Thanks FEd for choosing this lovely picture taken by Polly in Italy, it immortalizes a rare moment, a rare fortunate show, that is written in rock history forever.

    Love and respect to all Rick’s family and friends.

  57. Um ano se passou…

    Rick se eternizou por seu carisma e dom musical registrado pra sempre no mundo inteiro.

    Saudades eternas em nossos Corações.

    Rosangela / Brasil

  58. Rick, you were not only a wonderful artist but a modest and discrete person. It’s so rare in show business.

    Your family can be proud…

    Now that you are in paradise, if you are now an angel, try to help us… The humanity and the world are in a really bad state.

  59. I was on a beach, in south Italy, last year. A friend reached me by mobile phone asking if I knew about Richard. I didn’t. He told me. I closed my eyes and laid on the sand in the island of Procida (Naples). The sun was high and strong.

    Miss you Richard. Thanks for all.

    Thanks Dave for this picture. 🙂

  60. On 19th April 2009 at Rouen in France, with some friends, we made a Richard Wright Tribute: we played Shine On; Sysyphus; On The Run; The Great Gig In the Sky; Brain Damage and Eclipse… for the concert. And me made a little exposition about Pink Floyd (with LP, posters, books, and others…)

    Richard was not only a Pink Floyd musician, it’s was a genius in all the psychedelic music. Jean-Michel Jarre was a big fan, and thought made a concert with Richard on 2010.

    We love and Rick… thank you very very much for all. Forever and Ever in our heart… Shine On.

    JMJFloyd – a French fan

  61. Fed, thank you for the wonderful picture, and for the reminder.

    What a shock the sad news of his death was and I think somehow we fans haven’t coped yet, he is so missed. What a talent he was, and what a wonderful person. Must be especially hard for David too, as they have been so close, so our heart goes out to David too and all of Wright’s family and friends.

  62. The warm and welcoming ovation Richard received in Toronto for the OAI Tour was so incredible on that first of two shows.

    The first night was classic and I repeat again, Richard was overwhelmed! No wonder Guy said that night was the best show at the time of the tour.

    Patrick Swayze and Jeff Healey: True Story!

    While Jeff and the boys were filming Roadhouse. There was a scene when the girl stripped and exposed her top half. The band turned to Jeff and said “Did you see that?” :))

    After a days work one evening, Joe and Tom took Jeff out after a few refreshments. Jeff got in the driver’s seat and drove on a desolate road with sure guidance from the band. Classic Jeff.

    R.I.P. Patrick and Sir Richard. Thanks for the great memories.

  63. I’m very sad, Rick you are my master forever and ever!

    Thanks for your music. Gracias por tus atmosferas y genialidades.

    From Coquimbo – Chile

    Rest in Peace.

  64. My lovely music. I never get tired of listening to it. We really miss you, making music Rick.

    From Costa Rica.

  65. I just love this photo of Richard and David. I believe a few years ago we voted for our favorite photo that Polly took and this photo won.

    Thanks for the memories.


  66. Gracias Rick por tanta musica increible!!!! Tu fuistes increible, Te amare siempre… Hace 1 año que te lloro… todos los dias de mi vida, pero se que alla nos reencontraremos… solo vos sabes cuanto te ame y seguira siendo asi hasta mi ultimo aliento.

    Descansa amor mio.


  67. That’s a great photo choice FEd, is that what one would call a Muso Lounge?

    My condolences to Richard´s family and friends who I am sure all miss him. With my own close ones that have passed over I tend not to dwell on me missing them as I’ll see them myself one day anyway. I imagine all the new and wonderful experiences they must be having on the Inner Planes once they get used to the slight (and pleasant) shock of still being alive without a physical body!

    1. Your words are very philosophical and I love the thought of still being alive without a physical body. 🙂

  68. It’s so sad that you left us Richard, a year has already passed but we’ll be loving and missing you for the rest of our lives.

  69. What an amazing photograph; so candid, so real. David and Richard look like such happy peas in a pod. A reminder that we all need to express our friendship, love, camaraderie with those we hold dear.

    We should all devote a wall in our homes to photos of ourselves with best pals, so that when we look at them, like we look at this one, we will remember what’s important above all else.

  70. Anyone who watches Remember That Night or Live in Gdansk can see the joy in Richard bubbling up to the surface and how fun it is to watch that. Which makes it all the more terrible and sad that he was taken away from the world.

    His contributions will live on forever because that band he was in is immortal and it would not have gotten as good as it did without Richard.

    Rest in peace Rick.

  71. I always remember that night au Grand Rex in Paris and the luck to be there.

    C’est malheureusement une composante de l’alchimie du son Pink Floyd qui a disparue.

    Grand respect pour l’oeuvre et la discrétion de Rick Wright.

  72. Wow. What heartache. That whole year and tour took on a whole new meaning once Richard passed. My thoughts are with his family and friends.

    Little did we know when we first saw this picture what it would come to mean.

  73. Richard Wright was a phenomenal player, whatever else he did or didn’t do. I loved the varied and soaring sounds he could wrest out of the keyboard. It was like a soul in flight.

    He certainly won’t be forgotten.

  74. Richard will always be missed, and his music will remain for generations to come.

    I’m sorry to say that I did not remember the anniversary of Rick’s death, but I did remember that the 13th of this month was the 5 year anniversary of my sister’s untimely death. She was 32 and my only sibling and I miss her very much.

    Anyway, it’s interesting how we spend our lives remembering such dates, and marking our time this way.

    I long for the day when I will become ‘Comfortably Numb’. 😐

  75. sigh.

    i’m glad i had the opportunity to see him in such an intimate setting as massey hall with david in 06. what a special night.

    we were coincidentally playing shine on the other night.

    hopefully richard is sailing around the heavens in his favorite yacht. much love to all you and all in the floyd family. sorry for your loss david. i know how important he was to you. and us.

    a gentle kiss from hushabye mountain…

  76. As many have already said, “Can’t believe it’s been a year since he was taken from us”.

    When will people learn the value of human life and stop killing each other? I’m thinking of the young people currently dying in far off lands fighting wars none of us understand.

    God bless you Richard. My thoughts are with your family and those closest to you.


  77. I miss him dearly too and funny I only got within 50 feet of him at Massey Hall.

    He and David have had a profound effect on me since On an Island. I think we’re ageing together as we’re such old Floyd friends. Bloody cancer has to spoil all of the good times.

    Thanks Polly for your magic with this very special photo.

    David keep playing for us!

  78. I’m still so sad about your passing away Rick. Pink Floyd died with you. You were such an important part of this band. I still get tears in my eyes every time I watch the Live8 performance. You seemed so pleased and intense during Dave’s incredible solo at the end of Comfortably Numb.

    Pink Floyd has deeply mark my life. I was 3 the first time I heard Ummagumma. I never stopped being passionate about your music. The keyboard parts on the Wish You Were Here album were the work of a genius. Their musical quality as well as in their sound never got old looking back.

    The 80’s music with the heavy keyboards sounds much more dated than your work from 1975.

    You were the humble one, the quiet one Richard. But you were a critical chemical element of the whole chemistry.

    I’m sad that there never was any event to remember you and your music.

    Rest in peace, my spiritual father.

  79. That is a great photo. I love seeing it again.

    After an extremely busy week I’ve had, I’ll have to play my Rick tribute CD tonight that I made a year ago after his passing. I can’t believe he is really gone. He sure is missed.

    My best wishes to his family and friends.

    RIP Richard.

  80. Remembering Rick in this way brings a happy smile to our faces.

    The world will remember your legacy in the music industry for the centuries to come. Planet Rock is the least and only the beginning.

    What’s time got to do with your works and the efforts you made in promoting the world’s rock music? What’s age got to with it?

    I am 36 from Iran (don’t panic! I have got no nukes with me!), and ever since I was 14 years old, I have kept listening and perhaps living days and nights with your masterpieces. “On an Island” is the ultimate that I was always expecting from you to complete my collection.

    Hopefully you won’t stop doing the nice job. I count on it.

  81. I’m fixin’ to be 61 years old and have been lovin’ the Floyd since the very early times.

    When I was still young, I had a tattoo of the DSOM icon inked on myself. My screen name – pnk flyd qhs – (pinkfloyd every hour of sleep/night) is exactly what I do, jam out to the Floyd every night. I can listen over ‘n over ‘n over, and pick out new instruments every time, and I’ve been paying close attention for Rick’s input.

    What a shame, what a loss, but we will always have his legacy.

  82. I had the chance to hear Richard play on three different nights. One was at Soldier Field on the ’94 tour, and then on back to back nights on David’s most recent tour, all of which were in Chicago. I’m so glad I got to see and hear him play.

    It’s still hard to accept that he passed. I was out of town when I heard the news at the time; I heard it on the radio and thought that the DJ was doing a wacky ‘bit.’ No such luck… But, was so lucky to hear him while I could.

  83. I am late to this but wish to add that I think of Richard Wright’s keyboards as elegant.

    I am so glad that I was able to see him once before he was gone. I loved his gentle touch on the keys with such lovely melodies.


  84. Am sorry, had not realized that a year had passed since Richard’s passing.

    Life been struggle lately… and sometimes you don’t see or recall things that you would have done normally.

    I do hope his Family and Friends, along with there sadness, managed to reflect on the good times they had together… and some happy memories helped ease some of the sadness.

    I know it takes years for pain to become bearable… but I do hope this year will be easier for them than last year.

    I think he would be proud of how many hearts he touched and that his life had brought joy to so many people.

    He touched my life and never knew it… many a night the music he helped make… got me through some bleak and dark moments.

    I can never thank you guys enough for that…


  85. I was wondering if he knew that he was that sick when he did the On an island tour or if he got sick all of a sudden after.

    Thank you Fed and by the way, Hi Fed!!! 🙂

    1. Je ne pense pas Sylvie. J’ai lu en quelque part que lorsqu’il a été diagnostiqué ça a pris quelques semaines et c’était fini…

      Je trouve étrange qu’il n’y ait pas eu d’hommage, de spectacle, de cérémonie… Syd Barrett a eu quelques concerts.

      Je n’ai même pas pu trouvé un seul article relatant ses funérailles.

      C’était peut-être ses volontés, car dans le dernier interview qu’il a donné, il était toujours cet homme si humble et incapable de comprendre tout le succès que Pink Floyd a eu!

      Vincent de la région montréalaise!

  86. I’m not late with my thoughts. I still can’t deal with Richard’s passing, to the point where I leave the room before the end-bit of the “Which One’s Pink?” doc because I don’t like reading that.

    This is a great picture though. Just from watching documentaries and interviews I think he was very happy to do that tour and that is a wonderful thing.

    Nobody like him, you know.

  87. Um ano sem o querido Rick, saudades eternas de sua fã Brasileira, que ouve e curte Pink Floyd desde criança e infelismente nunca tive a alegria de ve-los tocar a vivo!!!!

    Sua imagem sempre estará comigo… saudades eternas…

  88. Beautiful picture, he seems so happy.

    I really miss him. His voice will live on in his songs.

    x Lauraa

  89. Hello, first my apologies for the translation, not fluent in English.

    I’m 33 years old, I’m from Argentina and from age 13 to hear Pink Floyd, Richard, David and Roger, your music truly touched my soul… My reason why I would get to David is simply because I never understood the reasons for not approaching South America or Latin America, beyond the political differences between governments, just think music is characterized by breaking those barriers. Do not know if that is the reason, I would like because you never know? Pay any money to see them live, and I grew up with them, I hope someday to know.

    My thanks for your music!

    Matthias… From this place in the world.

  90. I find myself still thinking of Richard very often. He was my favorite PF member and I feel the best and most underrated musician in the band (no disrespect to David meant).

    It did my heart good (and I was surprised) to see Rick playing on David’s solo tour-especially since I got the vibe that he was hesitant originally to even let Rick back into the band in ’86 when they regrouped for the “Momentary” album. It seems the years after that really re-established their friendship, and it made “Division Bell” my favorite PF album since “Wish You Were Here”, and a true collaborative album.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Richard told David about his being ill (and I believe Rick had also recently separated from his last wife), and this is what lead David to having Rick play on his tour and even appear on his “Island” album, as well as those cool “Barn Jams” done as only a quartet. On one of the recent live DVDs David even commented that having Rick on his solo tour was a nice touch musically and he felt it was probably “good for Rick as well”. Read between the lines on that a bit… Which speaks volumes about David as a human being and friend I’d say.

  91. Dear All ,

    I am so touched by this last comment of GH, and today my thought is just for Richard on his birthday’s day.

    I cherish in my heart the joy to have seen him with David in Venice in OAI tour , with all his strength, energy and passion in his performance, together his kindness and class as musician and, I can believe, also as human being.

    I’ll never forget that night.

    Thank you Fed for the freedom to add comments again into this post.


  92. Thank You Elisabetta. I sure would have loved the chance to see Rick perform live myself. I always held out the hope of a small solo tour at some point in his career…

    All my best to you, Elisabetta!!


  93. Remember a day before today…

    I caught sight of an old photo of Rick recently from 69/70. Nick, David and Roger were there as well and the hope and the happiness of a band on the verge of greatness can be seen in the glint in Rick’s eyes.

    …and I am you and what I see is me…

    Simon x

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