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Another surprise appearance from David last night, then (see the Latest News page for the whats and wherfores) – this time with Jeff Beck at London’s Royal Albert Hall, scene of the shows that made up the ‘Remember That Night’ DVD.

If you were there, I’m sure we’d all love to hear from you.

If you weren’t there, please take a moment to stop kicking yourself and tell us which of David’s many guest appearances has pleased you most, however surprising they may have been.

In terms of one-off shows, that 1999 gig at Liverpool’s Cavern – with Paul McCartney, Mick Green, Ian Paice and Pete Wingfield – has to be my favourite.

Author: FEd

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  1. About 20 years back or so DG got up from the crowd to jam with EG Smith of the Saturday Night Live TV show house band (USA).

    Playing with Macca on some morning British TV show.


    1. While it was nice to hear him playing “impromptu” guitar that night, I must say that “IMO” Dave never found his “groove” on guitar during the SNL clip that I watched. I never have held it against him because of the type of guitar phrases that he writes. I liken it to George Harrison’s solos. Dave and George take time in the studio to piece together contra melodies that fit “that particular” song (i.e. Something and Time). Neither would be on my favorite “JAM” guitarist list. However both are at the top of my rock guitarist list.

  2. … well, we should consider moving around London. It seems to have one of the best concert scene around!

    For us living far away, it’s at least a sign that DG still likes playing live…

    Best regards from hot and stormy Bavaria,

  3. Oh, to watch the footage from this gig! Must be super to be able to watch David perform with other musicians. I can’t wait to catch a glimpse of the entire performance.

    Doesn’t Jeff tour with Roger some?

    It sounds like David is really enjoying himself these days and well deserved, I might add.

    1. No, Jeff Beck only played some guitar on the Amused To Death album. As far as I remember (from what I read, of course) Eric Clapton toured with Roger after Pro and Cons… released in 80-ties, but had to quit for some reason. It’s not to hard to guess why.

  4. Does the Stratfest/Strat Pack (2004) at Wembley Arena count as a Guest Appearance?

    I hadn’t seen David Gilmour play live since 1994: Pink Floyd in Washington DC. Then, while an MA student at Durham University in 2003-4, a buddy told me about the Stratfest. I got tickets and it was the first time I’d seen David Gilmour play live in all those years. I honestly got the vibe a good majority of fans were there for his performance and to date it’s one of the finest I’ve ever seen – my favorite Guest Appearance.

    I think, that setting aside, a show I was unable to attend but would’ve liked to was the Barbican Centre show. I’m a Pink Floyd and David Gilmour fan who admires the band’s musical progression over the years and was particularly fond of the Gilmour-led line-up. I regret I wasn’t at the Barbican Centre show that brought it back together. Of course, I like that one for the Floyd element.

    Back to Gilmour appearances: I would’ve liked seeing the Atom Heart Mother performance last year at Cadogan Hall because it might be difficult to catch him playing that material again. Amadou & Mariam too: the cultural cross-over!

    On a final note: had I been in London (as I will be in a few days) I would have attended the Jeff Beck show – so I do kick myself for a delay that is out of my hands in my journey back to the UK, but it would be great to have a surprise David Gilmour performance in the United States… specifically in the Greater Boston area. Maybe even New Hampshire!

    1. Does the Stratfest/Strat Pack (2004) at Wembley Arena count as a Guest Appearance?

      Nope… he headlined. 🙂

      Ed… I went just to see DG and after a very long wait with some highlights along the way he played. It’s a shame that some drunken tw*t called Ronnie Wood staggered on and butchered “Ohh La La” just after DG… 8|

      I wouldn’t say it was DG’s best performance, it certainly would’ve been tighter if he’d had Messrs Pratt, Carin, Manzanera etc. with him, but still worth buying the DVD!

  5. I knew you were up to something, FEd, when you said you wouldn’t be blogging Saturday which just happened to be the 4th of July, so I had a wild fancy you were flying to the US for a fireworks display or something.

    Wow, David played with Jeff Beck and Vinnie Colaiuto! What a performance that must have been!

    You asked which performer David has played with that I liked best. Well, it would have to be Comfortably Numb with Bob Geldof. He was perfect for the opening lyrics and the performance was top notch. I am not sure where it was as I saw just the video of it but I am sure David would remember where he sang with Geldof.

    How lucky people are who live in London. I would go to every conceivable concert hoping David would show up and make it better. 😉


    1. I am not sure where it was as I saw just the video of it but I am sure David would remember where he sang with Geldof.

      That was at London’s Royal Festival Hall, January 2002.

      Available as an extra on the ‘David Gilmour in Concert’ DVD.

    2. Isn’t it the show where Bob Geldof needed on stage a piece of paper to remember the words?

      Sorry, but he showed such disrespect to David/Pink Floyd, he couldn’t even memorize the lyrics of Comfortably Numb. It’s a shame!

    3. Perhaps poor old Bob was nervous. To be fair, he seems a reformed character where Pink Floyd are concerned… he certainly didn’t think too much of them when making the Wall.

      But then, of course, the Floyd didn’t exactly love each other in those dark days.

  6. I couldn’t believe this when I read this yesterday as I only just had a dream about Jeff Beck the other night. Spooky!

    I used to dream about David and Roger often. I remember in one dream I was even holding one of David’s guitars.

    But dreaming about Jeff Beck coming over to play guitar at my house and then learn that he indeed played live with David is an outright wonderful co-incidence.

  7. Hey David,

    Any plans to perform in the US? I really regret not seeing Pink Floyd in the earlier years and would love to see you perform sometime before I leave the Earth!

    Thank you for all of your generosity and great things you do to give back to humanity.

    FYI, you still have it. 😀

    Take care!

  8. Incredible. Found some of the videos on YouTube, and just breathtaking. Puts chills down my spine.

    I honestly think I would have cried if I had been there, I’m pretty near it now to be honest!

    I hope David one day picks up that guitar again and hits the road. The world is a better place with his music ringing round its halls and theatres.

    Here’s hoping, anyway. It’s incredible what a difference music can make in so many people’s lives, and David is one of those brilliantly gifted people who is able to make that difference, if you ask me.

    Thanks FEd, for making us aware of this. 🙂

  9. Absolutely brilliant!

    These musical-genius collaborations are few and far between – this would have been worthy of a pilgrimage, I think.

    Congratulations to all who were in attendance!

    David, you rock, by the way! 😛

    Now that the Astoria has gotten a makeover, will you be feeling the need to put in some studio time with her? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

    Peace. 🙂

  10. Like Ed Lopez, I also enjoyed very much (on DVD) David’s guest appearance at the 50th Anniversary Fender Stratocaster, especially when he played ‘Marooned’. Mind-blowing.

    More surprising, I think – even if I know that David has always been a big fan of Hendrix – , is when he played guitar with Seal covering ‘Hey Joe’ by Jimi Hendrix.

    The video says it was the Amnesty International 30th anniversary concert on December 28, 1991. Awesome.


    1. Salut a toi aussi Michèle, et surtout bonnes vacances a toi.

      Moi, j’ai déja pris mes vacances en mai dernier (c’était en Floride cette année!), mais toi je sais que tu te reposeras tout l’été, chanceuse!!!

      Bisous, Sylvie 8)

  11. I’ve been trying hard to see David play but being disabled I need an army to help me get to a concert.

    So how about the poor old Highlands and Inverness? It’s lovely for a wee holiday.

    Anyway it’s great to see David playing live even if I could kick myself when he does… even though I can’t. 😀

    1. I hope the chance to see him back in Scotland comes by soon, Chris. I know there’s a strong fanbase up there…

    2. Hello Chris,

      I have a similar problem. For me it is getting care for my disabled daughter that is the problem as I can’t travel with her any more. We need a hoist where ever we go or very willing friends or hired care staff.

      She sometimes goes to a residential home for a couple of days to give us a break from each other, if there is a gig I want to go to, that’s my opportunity. Sometimes the home is able to find a vacancy if there is something I want to go to but more often than not they are fully booked and I have to wait to see if anyone cancels. I have unused tickets for a few concerts!

      However, it is not all doom and gloom, we live in the West Midlands. Birmingham and Wolverhampton get a good few artists touring and I AM able to take Amy with me to some local gigs. Some venues even have concessionary prices for wheelchair user and pusher (pun intended). :))

      Good luck Chris.


    3. Sara,

      why don’t you drop your daughter off with me? I have roughly two carers 24 hours because I’m on a ventilator. My wife and two children (12 and 14) would be happy to help or go with you possibly to a gig.

      The only rather large problem is the distance as we are in Ardclach near Nairn.

      This sounds a bit of a ridiculous offer and probably is but it’s there anyway.

      We also go to local gigs and the family has seen a Scottish tribute band twice. It’s not quite the same and is almost an insult to my ears after listening to the real stuff.

  12. Wow, Mr. Beck and Mr. Gilmour together on stage! How I wish I was there!

    Mr. Beck’s bass player, Tal Wilkenfeld, is 21 years old yet she has played on stage with Eric Clapton, Jimi Page, Ron Wood, Rod Stewart, Joe Perry, John Mayer, Chick Corea, Josh Stone, Imogen Heap, and now Daivd Gilmour. Just to name a few! What a resume and only 21 years old!

    I was lucky enough to meet her after a Beck show in LA, a great bass player and a super sweet person as well.

  13. I feel robbed and cheated. 😮

    I saw Jeff Beck a couple of weeks back, he was pretty amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed the show but I wish he’d brought David to the gig I was at. I even said to people I was talking to, that I’d love to see David Gilmour play this venue, what kind of sound would HE make here. (That must surely have been some kind of premonition.)

    I also entered Planet Rock’s competition to win tickets for Jeffs concert in London. I would have gone if I’d won. Am now kicking myself for not making an effort to travel to London anyway. There’s only one artist I’m really prepared to travel for nowadays… (heaving weary sigh), but he can be very secretive about his movements.

    ash X

  14. Having recently seen the video of David performing Quadrophenia with The Who, I’d have to say this was a great guest spot for David.

    Re: Jeff Beck. According to Nick Mason’s book, they were thinking of asking Jef Back to become the fifth member of Pink Floyd in the days when Syd was losing the ability to do live shows. Mason writes that it would have been fantastic to have Jeff Beck in the band, but none of them had the chutzpah to make that phone call. But there was someone they COULD call, some guy from Cambridge named David. Ironic, then, that some 4 decades later, the guy from Cambridge gets to share a stage with none other than Jeff Beck! Two inimitable guitarists who helped define the music of their day.

    It could only have been an INCREDIBLE show.

  15. I am only a few years in age behind David. I have never seen him play in person but it would be my fondest wish.

    I have purchased so many of his CDs and DVDs, and viewed so many YouTube clips… it seems he would be so kind to chat with.

    I hope he tours or plays “one offs” in America again sometime. He is such a talent.


  16. David’s ’96 Hyde Park guest appearance with The Who on the Dirty Jobs especially was pretty awesome I thought!

    Gilmour+Beck is a sweet combination as well. Glad to hear about this!

  17. Oh what a surprise for everyone there! And for it to be at The Royal Albert Hall also. I am so jealous of ya’ll that were so fortunate to be there. Isn’t it exciting that David still wants to thrill folks with his appearance!

    Did you enjoy yourself FEd? I would so much love to go see this place, the Royal Albert Hall, especially when David is there. It looks so lovely on the DVDs that I have. Please tell me it really is as lovely as it looks from the recordings.

    I have the DVD of David with Paul McCartney at the Cavern and it is one of my favorites also.

    I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July food and fireworks here in the US. We have a lot to be thankful for.

    Have a good week everyone.

    Barbara P

    1. Did you enjoy yourself FEd? I would so much love to go see this place, the Royal Albert Hall, especially when David is there. It looks so lovely on the DVDs that I have. Please tell me it really is as lovely as it looks from the recordings.

      Er, actually, I wasn’t there, but it’s a nice venue and I’m sure I would have enjoyed myself had I been there.

      Is that a good enough answer, you think?

    2. Er, actually, I wasn’t there, but it’s a nice venue and I’m sure I would have enjoyed myself had I been there.

      Sorry FEd, I misunderstood and thought you had attended this concert. Actually, I am sorry for both of us to have missed out.

      Barbara P

    3. Sorry FEd, I misunderstood and thought you had attended this concert.

      No worries, Barbara.

      Now where is that petition to get David performing at more convenient times and venues? I do believe there’s a signature missing. 😉

  18. I wish I had been there – two of my favourite guitarists playing together, what more could one ask?

    I hope someone captured it on film.

  19. I was at the Jeff Beck concert, a superb gig by my second favourite guitarist. My husband and I thought we were hallucinating when David Gilmour appeared as Jeff started playing Jerusalem. Talk about guitar heaven! Even though I’d spotted Phil Taylor at the beginning of the gig, apparently supervising the stage crew, it never occurred to us that David Gilmour would appear.

    They played so well together, and both seemed to be enjoying themselves. As a sixty one year old myself, I’m always extremely heartened by the creativity and abilities of mature musicians.

    What a fantastic climax to a wonderful evening – in fact A wonderful short break in London for us, for we also saw Crosby, Stills and Nash at the Albert Hall, on 1st July. David Crosby recalled the On an Island concerts, played there in 2006, thanking David Gilmour for inviting him and Graham Nash to play in such a lovely venue. He is right, it is a great venue, and my memories of those three nights live on – happily aided by the Remember That Night DVD.

  20. The show at Liverpool’s Cavern is also one of my favourite David’s guest appearance.

    More than this, I liked very much to see him playing “S.F. Sorrow” with The Pretty Things, at Abbey Road and I loved his guest appearance with The Who, playing Quadrophenia.

    I also loved David playing Elvis Presley’s “Don’t”.

    1. Oh, I forgot about this one, ‘Don’t’. One of my favourites too. Top class.

  21. Take a look at the website for “Mr Ross Halfin” Photographer, diarist and well known humanitarian, just click on the diary link for a inside look at the gig with some nice comments from David himself.

    Go to

    Gary Hurley.
    London England.

  22. Does anybody have any information on upcoming planned performances by David anywhere in Europe?

    I would love to see him, but cannot go unless planned ahead.


    1. Nothing is planned for Europe, or anywhere else, sorry.

      I know I keep saying that, then there’s a one-off show like this one that you hear about on the day (if you’re lucky, it’s usually the day after) and everyone wishes they’d known about it, but there are no planned performances coming up.

      Sorry to disappoint you.

  23. Hi FEd, if you (or anyone else) are interested, there’s a video of Gilmour and Beck performing ‘Jerusalem’ on YouTube. 😉

    1. Thank you, that has been brought to my attention a couple of times, funnily enough. 😉

      I’ll let people search for it themselves, if you don’t mind, seeing as it’s an audience recording from someone very naughty who shouldn’t have had recording equipment inside the Hall…

  24. Hello Fed! Hello DG Fans!

    We are back from London now. We had 5 wonderful days with 2 concerts in the Royal Albert Hall.

    Last Wednesday we saw Crosby, Stills & Nash. It was a great concert. We saw them first time live. In a Loggia were David, Polly, Mister Manzanera and his wife. But David was not on stage. 🙁

    Our second concert was Jeff Beck. Our seats were behind the stage. We had a very interesting view to the show. It was a great show with a brilliant Jeff Beck. But then surprisingly during the encore I saw Mister David Gilmour on the side of the stage with his guitar. And then he come out and play and sang 2 songs with Jeff Beck and his band.

    It was so great!!! Our dreams came true and we saw David the second time this year (Crisis concert) on stage. 😀

    With best wishes from Berlin,

  25. Hi FEd and mates,

    off topic and (unfortunately) without a David surprise apperition, I had a very nice experience the last night in Milan at Pink Floyd Ballet, in La Scala. It was a night of atmosphere, technical perfection and enjoyable execution for dancing, energy and expression on the stage.

    High quality acoustics in the theater, very high level of artists (professional dancers) and the cleanliness of sound created the magic impression to be “in” the music.

    The scenes were so simple and so Floydian: white tutus, white walls, white smoke on a black floor and two tracks over the perfection: “Great Gig in the Sky” and “Echoes” – light in the eyes and in the soul for us and – who could know it? – maybe for Rick up to the heaven.

    I hope to have painted a realistic impressive picture of an enjoyable “Floydian” night.


  26. Jeff Beck is one of the most underrated guitarists on the planet… no check that, in the Universe. All one has to do to truly appreciate his brilliance is to listen to any of his records but if you are fortunate enough to see him live its a life changing experience.

    His guitar playing resembles a noble coachman trying to hold the reigns of a runaway team of insane horses…

    As far as David is concerned… sometimes, when the inspiration strikes, he can get down with the best of them. 8)

    1. I just love the way Jeff plays his guitar. He is the master of the tremolo – just listen to “Where Were You” for example.

      I love it when he plays the guitar and then slams his fist on the body too. I have done similar things in the past. It is all part of his guitar talking.

  27. Hi Fed,

    Sorry I haven’t been able to contribute much for a while. I emigrated to Canada 10 months ago and I’m still trying to find a job.

    On the subject of one-off appearances, I was wondering if you know whether there are any plans for a tribute concert(s) for Richard Wright, along the lines of the one that took place for Syd Barrett?

  28. Despite the fact that some (very shallow people) have bemoaned David’s appearance during the event I would think David playing with the WHO on Quadrophenia at Hyde Park in ’96, I believe, would take the cake.

    David + The Who = legendary

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you.

  29. Darn, missed David again!

    As for 4th. I was in Lititz (Pennsylvania) for an afternoon filled with many different music and dance groups. One such group (Cinder Hill) sang and played a LOT of music I liked from the 70s and 80s. One song as luck, fate, (whatever) would have it was “Comfortably Numb”. They did a different arrangement (had three part harmony). Song sounded okay.

    Just wanted to throw that in. 😀

  30. Jeff Beck is a musicians’ musician, who never seems to fail to attract stunning guests. There had been much talk of Jimmy Page appearing, but I am sure no one in the audience was disappointed to see Mr Gilmour instead.

    I do think it would be hard to top Paul McCartney joining Neil Young for a Day In The Life though. Perhaps Gilmour/Page/Beck and Peter Green.

  31. THIS is what the Fender guitar celebration concert should have been all about. Two titans sharing the stage together, giving the Fender Strat a real workout.


  32. Hi,

    I’m just back from a fantastic vacation in Europe. We went to a family reunion/camping weekend in Holland. We also visited Germany and Denmark and had a truly wonderful time!

    I visited Ernest Peske at his home in Holland and we had a nice mini Ritzy Reunion. Not sure if this is the right way to link a picture, but I’ll try…

    Now I’ll go catch up on the reading I missed from the blog.

    1. Thanks for that, Christine.

      It sounds like a fantastic trip. I look forward to hearing more about it in the chatroom some time, hopefully with our friends from those three beautiful countries.

  33. All I gotta say is Happy Days. Jeff Beck and David Gilmour. Out of this world.

    Happy Days,
    Simon J

  34. Thanks FEd for the goodies.

    The clip of Remember a Day is just glorious, all our love to Syd and Rick, which I want to believe have reunited now.

    The Moonhead article by David is really nice, he should write more often to reveal episodes like that. 🙂

    Listening to Moonhead you can tell they were working at the soundtrack of More.

  35. To all you DG and Pink Floyd fans.

    Last night and all day yesterday for that matter, VH1 Classics show cased Pink Floyd. Truly and enjoyable viewing if you love DG and The Floyd as I do. Have been a fan for years and years and continue to long to see DG live in concert.

    Did not ever see Pink Floyd when they toured the US. Now, at the age of 50 plus, can realisticly put that dream to rest and focus on what media is available to enjoy my favorite music. For my friends across the sea, take any advantage you can to see DG in person. It is amazing after so long that he still sounds as incredible as he does.

    I must also mention that behind every great man is a wonderful woman. I have researched Polly Samson over the years and am amazed at her talents in so many areas. My true wish at this time in life would be to see the auto-biographies of this talented couple.

    To David, keep making the music, I have heard you since Reprise and About Face, then to Pink Floyd and On An Island. You have truly taken me through the years with the best music for my soul. Thanks for your time.

    P.S. Thoughts out to Syd and Richard today.

  36. In memory of Syd.

    Times up, stop playing this game. Slow this way of life before I go insane.
    New start, for living my soul, to hear the music from so long ago.
    Re-live the magic its soothing notes bring, goes back to a new day like winter to spring.

    Times up, start living again. I’m too old now and was too young then.
    Let the music start floating all about my mind. Rejuvenate my life, my soul to find.
    Bring me back, back to when, the music playing in my head, tho’ thirty years have passed since then, bring it back to me again.

  37. Can I lodge a request to see David on Top Gear – as the star in the reasonably priced car?

    I know fast cars is usually Nick Mason’s remit – but I think it would be great.

    Hey, why not? Get Nick as well.

  38. Dear Mr. Gilmour,

    I know you are a family man and I in no way want to try and direct your attention away from that.

    But would it be possible, if you ever do begin writing some new material for a new album, would it be okay if you did a few shows in Scotland? Preferably in the Highlands? Please?

    I never had the opportunity to see you perform live in 2006 on your “On an Island” tour but I’d really like to have such an opportunity in the future, as I’m sure many people from Scotland would also!

    And there aren’t many concerts that I have had the chance to go and see as they are all being performed too far away from home for me to go to.

    But I’d be especially eager to hear some material from your first solo album “David Gilmour”. And from the most recent album “On an Island” too, of course!

    I read in an interview somewhere that you felt really embarrassed from some of the songs that are on your first solo record but I can’t see why to be perfectly honest! It has some really lovely songs on it, and some of the best guitar and vocal work I’ve ever heard! And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels this way!

    But I’d really like my first ever concert to be watching you performing your music on stage. 😀

    But anyway,

    All the best wishes to you and your family. And thank you for your time. 🙂

    (A little off topic, I know. Sorry FEd! But I couldn’t find anywhere else to do this. And I really hope David might get the chance to read this. If it’s not too much trouble of course.)

    1. It’s no trouble at all, Mark; I appreciate the fact that you took the time to write and am sure that David will, too.

      Best wishes to you and yours.

    2. As long as you brought it up, sunny Northwest Florida would love to have a concert also. Then your 50 year old greatest fan could see a David Gilmour show live.

      Please think about it.

  39. Well, I’ve just watched a couple of YouTube clips of DG and Mr Beck.

    Just goes to show, less is more sometimes.

  40. There is an audience tape of the 7/4 Jeff Beck gig with David gig floating around now and it’s a nice souvenir if you can find it.

    Jerusalem is simply stunning and has some of the most melodic guitar work I’ve ever heard from these 2 great players.

    I wish these 2 would collaborate on some music as their 2 playing styles compliment each other well. An album’s worth of music from David and Jeff would blow us all away!

  41. Re: The Look of the Week (BBC Television, May 1967) video clip used in the Syd post

    Who IS that guy interviewing Floyd who dislikes loud music? I’ve seen the interview part of the video before, but no place in the whole thing is that man identified. Perhaps it would be obvious if I were British.

    (Roger was once asked by an American interviewer who Vera Lynn was, as there’s the song about her on The Wall; Roger replied “If you were British, you’d know who Vera Lynn is.”)

  42. 😀 I was so thrilled to see David playing with Jeff Beck! Like a few others before me I want so bad to see him perform in person, now I’m retired and can actually not have to try to get off from work to do so.

    Also, I would totally love to hear that David put out a real blues type of CD. He’s got it in his soul !

    Getting back onto the topic, I loved his performance of Marooned at the Strat Anniversary.

    Love to all, and if you read this David G, please consider the US for a concert or a visit or something, before I kick off, LOL.

  43. As you’d say in the UK, Blimey! :v

    I travelled from Canada to Windsor on business last week and on the evening of the 2nd, I drove down to Royal Albert Hall just to see if it’s as impressive as it’s made out to be in the pictures (yes, it is!). I saw the sign for the Jeff Beck show and thought to myself how great it would be to see him live, as he’s in my top 5 list of fave guitarists. Had I any inkling that David would be joining in the show, I would have delayed my hop over to Northern Ireland for a couple more days and camped out at RAH in search of a ticket.

    Oh well, good things come to those who wait, and I wait patiently (or maybe not 😉 ) for David to fire up the studio again real soon so that once again he will feel the desire to go on the road and do a few shows. Nothing will keep me from seeing at least one of them next time around.


  44. that was my birthday i was trying to skip… well, maybe i can go back in a dream and see the show. it sounds good.

    love, nancy

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