Summer Jam

The Summer Jam at Watkins Glen, New York, took place on this day (well, actually, it was yesterday) in 1973, featuring just three acts: the Allman Brothers Band, The Band and the Grateful Dead.

An estimated 600,000 music lovers were in attendance, 150,000 of them having paid $10 for a ticket.

Billed as “the largest music gathering ever”, it surpassed Woodstock in terms of numbers (600,000 is one from every 400 living in the USA at the time; Woodstock’s crowd was somewhere around the 400,000 mark) and despite reports that the village of Watkins Glen needed the best part of a week to recover after the final revellers had left (just picture the abandoned cars, unwanted tents, huge piles of rubbish and inevitable left-overs due to inadequate sanitary facilities), it was a peaceful, happy jamboree.

Yes, the locals would later sue, looking to be recompensed for the damage caused to property and livestock, and a 120-day moratorium on gatherings of more than 5,000 people was imposed soon after, but it was generally hailed a success.

The Allman Brothers Band played for approximately five hours, The Band, three, and the Grateful Dead, four. It ended with a 90-minute jam, with musicians from all three bands joining in.

If you could have organised a similar event in the past (I don’t know, would anyone want to organise one in the future?), who would have been your three acts, how much time would you have allowed them on stage, when and where would the concert have taken place, and how much would you have charged for tickets?

Author: FEd

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  1. Hmmm let me think.

    Jimi Hendrix – As long as he damn well wanted.
    Pink Floyd – As long as they damn well wanted.

    Perhaps the most difficult choice is the third band. I think we might have to draw on the services of the much hyped chat room super group, Crosby Stills Nash and Young and Gilmour, McCartney, Clapton, Bush, Brown and Bowie.

    Again, they could play for as long as they wished.

    Tickets of course being given away for free to those who can demonstrate the staunchest commitment to any of the aforementioned superstars, charities or causes. (Bet you’re glad I didn’t mention Bono, eh?)

    I think the venue would be on the Isle Of Wight, but beamed via satellite all around the world.

    1. I think we might have to draw on the services of the much hyped chat room super group, Crosby Stills Nash and Young and Gilmour, McCartney, Clapton, Bush, Brown and Bowie.

      Oh, them. Good choice. :))

      With Don Henley on drums, don’t forget.

    2. Just to be clear – I meant Kate Bush, and Sam Brown. Not George and Gordon.

      God only knows what kind of awful racket those two would emit.

      And anyway if it was going to be George and Gordon, surely we would have to get Clinton in on Sax?

    3. Just to be clear – I meant Kate Bush, and Sam Brown.

      It’s Kate’s birthday today, so expect a new post coming soon. Sam Brown gets a mention, too.

  2. Dear FEd,

    Another good topic. You are very good at what you do!

    Of course, it goes without saying that Pink Floyd would be number one on that ticket. Number two would be the Eagles and number three would be Nazareth.

    I guess I’m not sure time amount for each group. I’d like to think that I am still young enough to be able to sit through whatever length of time for such great entertainment.

    The venue would have to be somewhere in the USA so that I could actually attend. We use to have these huge field parties on Blueberry Hill in the town I grew up in. Large property for miles on in and all landscaped by a beautiful lake.

    Cost this day and age would have to be great. I think that most folks would find a way to come up with the ticket price though. I know that I would search high and low.

    Great topic. Thanks.

    1. Thank you, Judy. Eagles for me, too.

      I trust that an all-star rendition of ‘Blueberry Hill’ at the end would be compulsory? Seems too good an opportunity to let it pass by.

  3. Totally in agreement about CSNY. They should open, early in the morning, play ’til tea time. Sticky buns and green tea.

    Then Radiohead who will play until the sun goes down, segueing into The Floyd who will carry us until dawn when everyone comes out to play Atom Heart Mother as a final encore.

    x x x

  4. I can’t say I’m familiar with any of these three bands’ music. But I remember that Classic 21 radio station once told us that The Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan had been touring together in the 80s. I found this. It’s for you, FEd, do you like it? 😉

    I wouldn’t certainly organise such an event, all these crowds, abandoned cars, dirty tents, dust, mud, beer, marijuana smoke, nudity… 😛

    But I would be very pleased to invite David and Leonard Cohen in my own garden this summer for a big 5 -or more- hour event! Would you like to be the third act, FEd? (With your fake beard and your sun glasses, of course, no problem.)

    And my best 15th Wedding Anniversary wishes to Polly and David today! (Hope I’m not mistaken.)


    1. Would you like to be the third act, FEd? (With your fake beard and your sun glasses, of course, no problem.)

      Well, I’d prefer a front row seat instead. (Did you plan on having seats? I hope so.) Unless you want a few awkward moments of half-hearted tambourine-shaking and yawning, I’m better off sticking with the comfortable side of the stage.

      Thanks for the link. That’s not a bad rendition, although I’m not a Grateful Dead fan, I have to confess.

  5. Led Zep would HAVE to be one of these bands — they were known for their extended jams and for entirely improvised sets. I’d let them go all day. They could easily have done it.

    Clapton would have been great at such an event, back in the days when he was a guitar player and not a songwriter. 4 hours.

    Hmmmn, last but certainly not least would be Phish, another jam band. They too could keep going and going.

    Since Led Zep and Phish did not exist at the same time, we will have to use our imaginations or a time machine. How about 1972? And it’d have to be some huuuuuuuge ampitheater! Broadcast worldwide over the Net as well as every major broadcast company (that’s the time machine working overtime). Hollywood Bowl is a likely place, as is the Red Rocks Ampitheater outside of Denver. Red Rocks is a natural and unique ampitheater, so I would do it there. I bet this show would draw one half of all Americans, either as viewers via the media or else in person, especially at a time when people were better able to get a day off work for such a show.

    Here is why I did not pick Floyd. At their peak in the 70s they were better at coordinated and elaborate productions, not at jamming or improvising. So for me, it’d be Led Zep, Phish and Clapton.

  6. Pfoe, difficult… you could imagine such great line ups and combinations of styles…

    I think I would help Rob, Eric Clapton is an excellent choice, but I would go for:

    Jimi Hendrix – 3 hours
    Frank Zappa – 3 hours
    The Pink Floyd – 3 hours

    And jamming when the sun rises….

    And of course for free and at the Island of Wright and in the lovely South of the Netherlands. 😉

    1. … I had FZ already on my list, but couldn’t decide the rest of it. I think I’d best join Nick’s list!

      Best regards from the lovely south of Germany (== Bavaria)


      PS. Will be visiting Paris for a couple of days with my family next week. Quite difficult to decide what to see or not, we only committed ourselves to Eiffel Tower and Louvre, yet…

    2. Taki,

      How about Jim Morrison’s grave at Père Lachaise cemetery? It’s said to be Paris’ fourth most popular tourist attraction…

      I’d prefer to spend my time at the Conciergerie, though. That’s on my list for next time.

      If you haven’t already done so, consider a Paris Visite travel card for unlimited travel on the Metro, buses, trains and trams. It also entitles you to discounts at many tourist attractions.

    3. Maybe this website could help you, Taki.

      And maybe you could consider a little ‘cruise’ on the Seine too, it’s a wonderful way to discover Paris, there are many boat companies such as ‘Les Bateaux-mouches’ or this one.

      I think the best way to discover Paris and its soul/atmosphere is to simply walk along the banks of the Seine…

      And FEd is totally right, ‘La Conciergerie’ is a must.

      ‘L’Orangerie’ too (Jardin Des Tuileries).

      I hope you have a lovely time in Paris. 😉

    4. Hi FEd,

      I won’t visit the cemetery but thanks for your link to the Conciergerie! Their homepage says “the first royal palace in the French capital that was used as a prison during the French Revolution”, which makes it very interesting, especially considering the both ways to use that building. 😉 We’ll visit it!

      And, yes, we already considered to buy 5 of those Paris Visite travel cards and stay away from traffic jams et cetera… Compared to Munich they are quite cheap also!

      Best regards

  7. It would have been Floyd, Hendrix and Zappa for me too, but since it has already been mentioned, I’ll go with an alternate.

    How about the original line-up of Fleetwood Mac, the original Funkadelic (Maggot Brain Eddie Hazel days), and Cream? Traffic can be the stand by band in case one of the bands drop out.

    They can play at the Gorge in Washington even though it wasn’t a venue in those days. Still, it’s probably the most beautiful concert venue I’ve ever seen.

    Price of admission is to bring food for the giant BBQ we’ll have in between sets, and removing the trash after we’re done.

  8. On the principle that you can get too much of a good thing, I would be hoiking everybody off the stage well before 4 hours… that particular line-up for a combined 12 hours would have broken the resolve of any poor soul lined up for “special rendition”.

    My dream festival would have featured (2 hours 30 each):

    – Led Zeppelin to get the party started,
    -A brief break for a picnic,
    – Radiohead (predictably and not at all just to spite F’ed)

    After which we’ll all need a good rest and a cup of tea before Pink Floyd (well it had to be) to kick off as the sun goes down.

    The location… the natural ampitheatre formed by Striding edge and Swirral edge at Helvellyn in the English lakes.

    The price… impossible to fence so it would be free and the walk would keep the riff raff out anyway. 😉

    It being a fantasy line up, it couldn’t happen at a real time but we’d need decent projection to replace Mr Screen with the rock face itself…

  9. I have been to Watkins Glen, NY. It’s a sleepy little town best remembered for its natural wonders. The Glen itself is like a small Grand Canyon with waterfalls and stunning rock formations carved over time by the water. And the town is on a long, narrow lake that provides plenty of boating and swimming opportunities. It draws tourists who come for the hiking, the rock climbing, the lake activities, and the speedway which is famous for car racing.

    The tiny town itself would have been completely overwhelmed by all those people at the 1973 concert! Wow!! Where would you have put that many people?

  10. Not easy to choose.

    I think my three acts would have been Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd, in this order and, of course, for all the time they wanted, as Rob said in his comment.

    As for the ticket, no ticket or a voluntary contribution would have been perfect, but, then, which could have been a suitable place for my concert?

    Maybe just a desert, considering the destructive mass of people who would have come to such an event. 😀

  11. Light will always dispel darkness. Doesn’t matter who you are or where you’ve been or what you’ve done, light will always dispel the darkness. You just need to know where to look to find light. Kinda hard in a world as dark as this one, I know, but it’s there and it’s kinda nice when you find it.

  12. “In Floyd We Trust” – a musical extravaganza by never-to-be-impressario, Dr. Nickster

    Gilmour and Waters, 3 hours acoustic homage to Syd, Richard and PF.

    Gilmour (vox, guitars, pedal steel) and Waters (vox, bass), joined by Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree (vox, guitars) and Stewart Copeland (ex Police, drums), 3 hours (sorry David and Roger… it’s a long one for you boys!)

    And then Gilmour, Waters, Anastasio and Copeland to take us through the night with a groovy cocktail of blues and prog, featuring a 2 hour Echoes jam. 🙂

    OK, so not realistic and David would be exhausted – but that would be one of my dream festival setups.

    The other one is just David all night long, but I suspect everyone feels that way… 8)

  13. P.S. I’d LOVE to hear David play jazz… is that a genre of interest to him? I suspect not, but only because I’ve never heard any straight up jazz from him (trad, modern or otherwise). Am I missing out, or is it just not something he digs?

    I mean, I can imagine David playing Miles… from the really classic “Kind of Blue” stuff to the really progressive “Agartha”… there’s something about Miles’ intonation in his solos that I think would really suit/compliment David’s soloing style.

    So, to keep it relevant, how about a David Gilmour JazzFest featuring David on lead guitar, Herbie Hancock on keys, John Scofield on 2nd guitar and Steve Gadd on drums? Wouldn’t that be amazing?! That would be one jam I would give a limb to hear!!! 🙂


    1. Hey Nick,

      I always thought that the Barn jam 121 was far more jazzy than bluesy. I rather fancy seeing David doing some stuff with Harry Waters.

      Cheers, Howard

  14. Paul McCartney with David – 3 Hours
    The Eagles – 3 Hours
    Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood with David – 3 Hours

    Venue – My Back Garden
    Admission – Free

  15. I grew up listening to PF and love it, but I have come to see a little problem.

    The Wall was about fascism and the death of a father as a result of fascism… we now have fascism on the rise in the USA and nobody seems to want to talk about it.

    How many Americans have to die while the people we saved from fascism sit back and watch?

    I doubt the “moderators” will have the balls to allow a real discussion…

    1. Actually, I’d enjoy that discussion very much.

      There’s just one “moderator” here, so let me know if anyone else would find the topic interesting and we’ll do it some day.

      I have to make two quick points, though.

      1. ‘The Wall’ being Roger Waters’ ‘baby’, I’ve never felt that this is the place to talk about its themes in great depth – for obvious reasons.

      2. I always thought that Russia did as much as, if not more than, the USA to save Europe from fascism, so I find your comment slightly contentious, not least because your country – and mine – can send its soldiers around the world at the drop of a hat to meddle in the affairs of other countries and cultures when ours are far from perfect.

    2. we now have fascism on the rise in the USA and nobody seems to want to talk about it.

      Sorry, but it sounds a bit strange that you say this right now and not while you had the previous President. 8|

      What’s exactly this fascism you’re talking about? Maybe the same economic powers and mass media totalitarianism we also have in Europe. If it’s so, that’s not a war, so I don’t think we could fight it with the same methods we used with historical fascism.

      The only way could be to wake up from our “comfortably numb” state, realise that our life is full of false values and start making some sacrifices to change.

      I just think that, before accusing anyone, you should go asking the people who live in your same country, first, to know if they have the will to change. I’m sorry, but I think the answer would be no.

      I’m Italian, so I know very well USA gave a big contribution to save us from fascism and I’m grateful for that to them and to all the other countries which helped us.

      What about the partisans, then?

    3. Hey FEd, and John,

      I believe artists like Bob Dylan and Peter, Paul and Mary had the answer in their song “Blowin’ In The Wind”.

      What do you think?

      Love to the World.

    4. John, my friend, what are you saying?

      In regards to what Alessandra wrote, the partisans who really wanted to save Italy from fascism died by the hands of other partisans who wanted Italy to join the Communism of the Soviet Union. “Brigata Osoppo” and “Brigata Garibaldi” and the massacre of Porzus is a good example of what happened 60 years ago here, 40 km far from where I live, the region is called Friuli Venezia Giulia.

      Our border has always been one of the hottest borders after the Second World War. Give a look to a map and you’ll realize the importance of this border.

      By the way, if I could have organized a similar event I would have called Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and the three guitarists of Yardbirds Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page with Jimmy Smith on keyboards, John Bonham as drummer and Paul McCartney on bass.

      Can you imagine David and all the other guitarists playing some blues together??? A DREAM. I love you all.

    5. In regards to what Alessandra wrote, the partisans who really wanted to save Italy from fascism died by the hands of other partisans who wanted Italy to join the Communism of the Soviet Union. “Brigata Osoppo” and “Brigata Garibaldi” and the massacre of Porzus is a good example of what happened 60 years ago here, 40 km far from where I live, the region is called Friuli Venezia Giulia.

      I know the sad episode you’re talking about, it was really shameful and it has to be harshly condemned.

      That said, it certainly can’t be considered representative of what our Partisans actually did to save our country from fascism.

      Lots of Partisans have died, fighting for those ideals which are now at the basis of our Constitution and which have allowed to the new generations to live in a world free from fascism.

      Lots of those Partisans also believed in Communist ideals and I don’t think they deserve to be assimilated into the criminals you are talking about.

    6. I believe artists like Bob Dylan and Peter, Paul and Mary had the answer in their song “Blowin’ In The Wind”.

      What do you think?

      Bob has the answer to everything, doesn’t he? 😉

  16. Since we’re dreaming, I would have chosen the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and the Moody Blues.

    I have a short attention span (as you can attest), so I would say 2 hours each would have been lovely. I think 1975 or thereabouts at Chastain Park in Atlanta on a nice October night, with Japanese lanterns all about. Tickets might have been free, with the donation of goods to feed the world’s hungry.

    And for a finale, I think they should have played Nostradamus (from Justin Hayward’s solo album, Songwriter.) I love that piece.

  17. It’s ironic, last weekend I played with my last band from 3 years ago for a 30th anniversary for a couple we know well.

    Anne recovered from a brain aneurysm while we planned this get together. All went unbelievably well.

    Whom would we have entertained with?

    Pink Floyd
    Led Zep
    Carlos Santana
    Fleetwood Mac
    Jeff Healey – I still miss him!!!!

  18. Oh my God, if only it were actually possible.

    Cream – 3 hours
    The Beatles – 5 hours
    Pink Floyd – Until people started leaving (if they ever could)

    The concert would have to take place in some place a lot of people could fit into, and a place where there wouldn’t be anyone to place lawsuits on the people who organized the event. Therefore it should be somewhere in the fields of Nebraska, since that’s the least-populated state. And I’m completely serious about that.

    And I don’t think people should have to pay to see music like that, but I’d give everything I own and everything I make in the future just to see a concert like that. So, let’s say about fifty dollars a ticket.

    If only it could actually happen.

  19. All I wish is that David and Roger can really put their differences aside and come back again and make one last rock album. I miss their stuff. When Rick Wright past I was very sad and I was happy to see them all together on YouTube for Live 8! But Syd Barrett is missed as well.

    Oh, I also wish that David Gilmour’s guitar power could pass onto me, LOL. He rocks the Stratocaster!

    3 bands I would like to see,

    – The Marshall Tucker Band (original line up)
    – Jimi Hendrix (it’s a dream)
    – Otis Redding

    I wish I could play like Toy Caldwell. The way he picks the guitar is amazing! And his rough voice is so cool.

    Hendrix is another guitar hero of mine.

    Otis Redding for his soulful song singing and rockin’ out!

  20. If I could organise a similar event and apart from hearing Pink Floyd live for hours…

    I would invite bands like ‘Santana’ (the early Woodstock line up), ‘Hawkwind’ and Welsh band ‘Man’.

    1. I’d like a ticket for your show Pete, we can use the Silver Machine afterwards to get to all the other shows. 😀

      ash X

  21. Hello FEd, gang,

    Spotted this on the Belgian newspaper “De Standaard”.

    So counting down days ’till holiday. 😉


  22. I’m totally off topic here, and sorry if it already has been mentioned, but I just heard this incredible solo of David’s from 92 on a Rod Stewart song. Make sure you don’t miss it – one of David’s finest moments outside his solo career and Pink Floyd, IMO!


  23. hey FE’d

    just a quick note:

    Pink Floyd: Classic Albums
    Sky Arts 256
    4:15pm today


  24. Love some of the suggestions put forth so far. Here is my thought.

    Start the show at 9 PM with the Rolling Stones. Let them play 3 hours or so.

    Then Guns N’ Roses (reuniting Axl and Slash) for another 3 hours. They loved playing late so timing wise this would work well.

    Finally, have Pink Floyd come out and mellow out the crowd into the wee hours of the morning. Figure by 6-7 AM the show will be over.

    Where? I’m going on a limb here. In Egypt at The Great Pyramid of Giza. Hopefully it won’t be too windy. The concert is at night so it won’t be blazing hot and there should be plenty of room for people.

    Cost? I’m thinking that 1 million plus people will show up. So $30 per ticket is what I would like to charge. Unfortunately $30 million may not be enough to pay the bands and stage the event. Basic logistics of food and water will be quite costly in itself.

    What do you think??



  25. Hi FEd and bloggers,

    here is some off topic news : an Italian newspaper from Campania – “Il Mattino” – reported on 24th of July that local Administration of Venice and the Mayor Cacciari are planning a celebrative exhibition about Pink Floyd, the band and the story, 15 years after the gig in Venice realized with a terrible Italian organization.

    According to the article currently there are some contacts between Storm Thorgerson and Fran Tomasi (who organized the show in Venice).

    The exhibition and the idea too were accepted by David Gilmour and Nick Mason, but have to be approved by Roger Waters.

    I think that’s a good initiative for fans and musical culture and (maybe) it would become also a tribute to Rick (Happy birthday in heaven).

    And… these are the last news stories from Italy about our beloved music.


  26. Hey Fed,

    I think something like this evokes a bit of sadness as all of the bands I would put on the bill are no longer able to perform for various reasons. Notice the calls for a PF reunion have become minuscule since RW’s sad passing. So I will leave this one to the younger generation whose heroes are still alive and well.

    Cheers, Howard

  27. “I have to make two quick points, though.

    1. ‘The Wall’ being Roger Waters’ ‘baby’, I’ve never felt that this is the place to talk about its themes in great depth – for obvious reasons.”

    Just a quick question Fed as it occurred to me… have you ever met Roger?

    Cheers, Howard

  28. Alrighty then… I want in on this conversation!

    I’d say the year I would have selected a Supershow would have been 1971. You’d have to have a number of bands and have it an all day affair.

    1st band – The Rolling Stones w/ Mick Taylor – to warm up the audience. Then touring for Sticky Fingers.

    2nd band – Led Zeppelin – to rile the crowd further with selections from the 4th lp.

    3rd band – The Who – to take it to a totally different level. Touring in support of Who’s Next.

    4th band – Pink Floyd – to finish in the cool, dark night with visual and audiophile explosions in ones mind and ears.

    As for how long each band could perform, I’d say – knowing what I know from those time periods and the usual length of time the bands usually played:

    The Stones – 90 minutes
    Led Zeppelin – 110 minutes
    The Who – 90 minutes
    Pink Floyd – 2 hours

    Yeah, I’d pay handsomely to see that dream bill!

    ‘Nuff said,

  29. The Rolling Stones – 3 Hours

    Buddy Guy – 2 Hours (but if he can take it, he can go on)

    And David Glimour for the rest of the day.

    I propose Colombia. 😛 Just joking!

    I would love it if we can do it here in South America. It could be here.

    The cost will be ten US dollars but the money will go to charity.

  30. Dear FEd,

    As long as the moderator has been mentioned a few times in this subject, I like to take the opportunity to thank our moderator also. I know that many times I have mis-spelled or have used improper sentence structure and punctuation and Mr./Mrs. Moderator has made a nice clean posting.

    So thank you very much “Moderator”, you do a fine job!

  31. Pink Floyd
    The Eagles
    The Rolling Stones

    Need I say anything more?

    Well… apart from Happy Days, of course!

    Simon J

  32. Dammit. 😡

    I struggled for ages to write something so I could read what everyone else has said. I got an idea down, pressed send, got the fill in required field, pressed back and it had disappeared!

    Anyway, as I was saying…

    I can’t do this. I’m gonna buy tickets for everyone else’s shows because I know you lot will put on a good show.

    Has still no one built a time machine so we can go see all the great shows of the past?

    Monty Python
    Bonzo Dog Band
    Firesign Theatre

    I’ll host the alternative night.

    I feel a bit guilty not having Frank Zappa on this bill, I’d have to make the final decision during rehearsals, I think. 😐

    ash 8|

    1. Dear Ash,

      Oh Boy! My husband would absolutely love you. Don’t think I can let him see this posting. Might lose him forever if he knew that there was someone out there like him.

      Thanks for the chuckles but I think I will hide this one from him.

      Love to the World.

    2. Great minds DO think alike, Ash!! Time machines.

      I used to have a record from Firesign Theater. They were GREAT!!

  33. Dear FEd,

    Could it actually be that there is another person in this world that hears Bob Dylan? I ask this in your response to the “Blowin’ in the Wind”. How exciting. Can’t say that I have met many in my lifetime.

    So with this may I add another Bob Dylan song of his many that I think of often when contemplating the worlds hardships and sorrows. That would be “Everything is Broken”. Have you heard it?

    My apologies to Mr. Gilmour as I know this is your gig but had to mention this.

    It goes without saying that David Gilmour’s talent goes without saying and is by far one of my very favs since I was knee high to a grasshopper.

    Love to the world.

  34. Gotta throw my 2 cents into this one:

    One band that hasn’t been mentioned in this discussion is King Crimson. Each line up of the Mighty Crim has not only been a band that played well crafted music but also done some major improvising into places that many bands have feared going to. Crimson would be a band that I’d like to see play at this gig.

    Also include the Floyd as they have such a musical legacy to draw upon. Yes, the Floyd did some great structured music during the 70s but the earlier Floyd was also a band that went “where no man has gone before” to quote James T. Kirk. There are some live versions of A Saucerful Of Secrets in circulation that have caused super novas in home sound systems so let’s not forget how great a jamming band the Floyd can be.

    And yes, I’ll include Jimi Hendrix too. I have been a fan of his great guitar playing since I was a kid and am still singing his praises. To hear Jimi jamming with the Floyd and Crimson would be a dream come true.

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