'Chicago' download

The re-recording of the Graham Nash song, ‘Chicago’, with additional lyrics penned by Gary’s mother and featuring the vocals of David, Chrissie Hynde, Bob Geldof and Gary himself, is now available for download – here.

David also plays guitar, bass and keyboards on the track.

Its release coincides with today’s judicial review application, the outcome of which, it is hoped, will be the decision that Gary can stand trial on charges of computer hacking, and serve any necessary jail time, in the UK.

If you have a PayPal account (preferable, but not essential), you can download the song with ease after making a voluntary donation of any amount. Your donation will help Gary continue his fight to stay in the UK and challenge the one-sided extradition treaty that would have him face charges in the US.

Download instructions are provided.

For the full story, see the Latest News page.

For previous discussion, which you are still very welcome to take part in, see past blog entries concerning Gary’s case here and here.

If you’ve heard it, what do you think of the song?

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

44 thoughts on “'Chicago' download”

  1. Just downloaded it. Very good cover version! And it’s for a good cause!

    Congrats David, and hang on Gary!


  2. “This is a Plea to Barak Obama”

    They spelled the President’s name wrong…

  3. Dear FEd,

    Tough topic!

    As a retired ER nurse, I have seen many cases of Autism in my time and can relate to the emotional and intellectual age exhibited with all levels of Autism.

    As a citizen of the US, I fear my true feelings on the topic may be misconstrued as aiding and abating and that even views posted on “blogs” are not considered private. Nothing is anymore as I am so reminded by the big tower just a few miles down the road.

    I offer up a prayer to the big Judge and Jury in hopes that His will be done.

    Good luck in your crusade.

    Love the world.

  4. Downloaded and listened. 🙂

    I liked it, it’s just a very nice cover. I really hope it will help.

  5. Following the recent news, don’t you just love court cases? They just go on and on and on and on.

    But I hope it is all in Gary’s favour.

    1. Indeed. It could be up to three months before a verdict is determined.

      The waiting must be torture.

  6. Hm… the file that comes down is an EXE file, something a Mac user can’t really do anything with. I’ll have to find someone around here with a Windows computer who can sort it.

    I’m sure it’s lovely and I was happy to donate to this worthy cause.

    1. Hey Erik

      Had same problem. If you change the file name to.zip instead of .exe it will expand fine.

      Hope it helps.

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  8. I just made a £50 donation.

    I admit I have been very skeptical of this whole thing from the beginning because I refuse to simply take it at face value that he should not be extradited because of the unfairness of the system, the USA is always heavy-handed, etc. I see nothing wrong with expecting people to do the time for their crimes even if they had the best of intentions.

    However after reading up on this case from various sources and after careful consideration I’ve finally come to understand this situation and agree that an exception needs to be made in this case. It is quite obvious that Gary meant no harm, had no idea of the potential harm (including the financial harm he may have done to those running the computer systems) he could have created, and does not even have the capacity to understand (on his own) the harm he could have created. And the fact that the real harm done was nothing more than time spent researching the case and some bruised egos shows me that treating this man as you would an actual terrorist would be completely unjust.

    We, that is the USA, the UK and Gary himself, need to treat this as a learning experience. The USA needs to learn what terrorism is versus what knee-jerk reactionary responses to security failures are. The UK needs to learn that it needs to protect its citizens rights as fervently as the USA does. And Gary needs to learn that while he should not be treated as a terrorist, he needs to be reasonably held accountable for his actions.

    1. That’s a very generous donation, Michael – much appreciated, I’m sure.

      Great comment, by the way. I couldn’t agree more: there’s much to be learned from this episode.

  9. Hello mates,

    just to share with you what’s happening in this land 20 years ago, click here.

    I was not there, unfortunately (I was only 11 and my parents were not so rock to bring me there!), but it made me feel some missing anyway about 3 years ago… the more I am becoming old, the more I become nostalgic!

    Problems and polemics a part, I hope David has a great memory of that night. I listened to some tells about that night from people were there. And I can say that Italy has. Also the people who were not there!

    Have a nice day

  10. I just found this article.

    It seems good news.

    If Conservatives vote against extradition, why shouldn’t Liberal Democrats and Labour MPs do the same?

    It would sound very strange.

  11. Dear FEd,

    I have so enjoyed your topics of interest the past few weeks and have also enjoyed being able to participate in the DG blog. I know this should probably be posted elsewhere, but am not sure where that would be.

    My comment and question is first off, you do a wonderful job with current events and music history and I thank you for that. Do you have a forum that would allow questions or maybe topics for discussion from your viewers? Please let me know if this is available.

    Thanks again for the great job you do.

    Love to the world.

    1. Judy, you’re too kind. I’m just waffling now because there’s not enough happening to allow us to talk about David’s latest activity two or three times a week, as there was when I began.

      Your suggestions for topics of discussion are always welcome – at any time or place/post.

      Questions for David, however, are less welcome. They were invited initially (see the FAQs page), but, as is so often the case with such ideas, there were too many to sift through, answers to the best ones couldn’t always be published (for legal reasons, but they did amuse) and, of course, David was far too busy with other things.

      Questions that I, or other fans, might be able to answer, of course, are quite welcome. There’s no designated place for those questions, so please leave them under the latest topic if a more obvious and recent one isn’t available.

      No long lists of questions, please.

      Hmm, perhaps we should have a day/post for questions…

  12. Thank You FEd,

    Growing up I lived in a little town in northern Minnesota. Neighboring town of Hibbing, Mn., home of Bob Dylan. It was said at that time that the folks of the “Iron Range” did not care for his music and boo and hissed him when he played at the local joints. Well, we all know where he went with that and I am so glad he moved on and kept music in his path.

    My question is, how many great singers that we know today and from the past have encountered the same? Do you know off the top?

    Thank You for your time FEd, I do appreciate it!

    Love to the world.

    P.S. The day post is a great idea. See, you are good. 🙂

  13. Did you read this?

    He says Gary’s defence is a waste of taxpayers’ money.

    Isn’t it funny? Taxpayers’ money waste become a problem only when someone has his own convenience in talking about it.

    This time, at least, taxpayers will know where their money has gone.

    1. This may not actually cost the tax payers as much because Gary’s fighting fund will contribute to the cost. (There are rules regarding the public funding system: if he has money, he will have to pay.)

      I think the legal system probably wants this case to go all the way to test the laws of extradition. Gary may be an unwitting pawn in someone else’s game.

      I hope he can face trial in Britain.

      I haven’t yet heard the song. I’ve said before I don’t know how to (and fundamentally don’t agree with downloading), I have to wait for my daughter to do this sort of thing for me. 🙁

      Can I buy it on CD, Fed? It looks like there are nice sleeve notes with it.

      ash X

    2. Can I buy it on CD, Fed? It looks like there are nice sleeve notes with it.

      I don’t think that’s possible, sorry.

  14. Listen to the song right now and I like it very much.

    I´ll keep my fingers crossed for Gary!

  15. Twitter is something that many here use. Take a look at this article.

    Maybe your information is now known? Hacking into something that is not yours is a crime. It’s no different than someone breaking into your car.



    1. Andrew,

      I think no one here would ever deny that hacking is a crime. Talking for myself, I would never say Gary did a good action.

      I’m only convinced that there is a big difference between breaking into someone else’s car or house, or, if you want, in a website to steal money or private information and doing it with the intention of looking for aliens.

      Intentions are not irrelevant when you have to judge someone’s actions.

      More than this, why didn’t the hacking of Greenpeace’s website cause the same scandal when it happened? Here is the article, if you’re interested to read it.

    2. Alessandra,

      Certainly I can’t answer why the Greenpeace incident didn’t get more publicity. But I also would not applaud that someone did that to Greenpeace or to any other Government or organization.

      It is irrelevant as to the reason why he was doing what he did. The fact is that his actions were wrong. It is one thing to do Google searches for information, it is entirely another to breach security systems and go where you have no permission to be.

      I have done reading on this topic and my analysis which I know certainly contradicts just about everyone else here is that the “looking for aliens” and the Aperger’s diagnosis is all a ruse. Especially when I read that he left the following message on a government computer:

      “US foreign policy is akin to government-sponsored terrorism these days . . . It was not a mistake that there was a huge security stand down on September 11 last year . . . I am SOLO. I will continue to disrupt at the highest levels . . .”

      To me, that is not someone looking for alien life. If you look at that from an objective viewpoint, it is a threat. Thank God that his noodling didn’t blow up Trinidad.

      Maybe if he doesn’t know right from wrong, he should spend the next 70 years in prison where they could keep an eye on him.



    3. It is irrelevant as to the reason why he was doing what he did. The fact is that his actions were wrong.

      Of course, his actions were wrong.

      The point is that I don’t think reality can be so easily divided between right and wrong.

      There are many different levels between these two opposites, since human beings are not computers and they’re all different one from another.

      If we accept and we consider normal that people’s actions are guided by personal reasons and inclinations, why shouldn’t we do the same with crimes? Aren’t they actions, too?

      Gary’s intentions can be irrelevant here for us, but they can’t be irrelevant to the law.

  16. Hi all,

    I had trouble downloading the song. I think it’s a PC/Apple thing. Where’s Nate when I need him?!

    A little help from my friends… please!


  17. So, in the end, the Labour MPs didn’t support the Conservatives’ motion on 15 July debate.

    I read this right now.

    It’s just a shame what the centre-left has become everywhere.

  18. I had trouble downloading the song. I think it’s a PC/Apple thing. Where’s Nate when I need him?!

    Someone called? 😉

    Sorry I have not been paying attention…

    I buggered it up myself as I didn’t click on the “RETURN TO DONATION COORDINATOR” link. What a pillock! I have emailed but could just as easily donate again. It’s all for a good cause.

    I hope everyone is well.

  19. I must say I felt really confused when I saw this post on David supporting a guy who did something wrong.

    I do not know or care on what side of the Atlantic Gary has to be judged, all I know is that he did something wrong and to support him seems to me to be really misleading, and even upsetting.

    It is certainly true that things are not only black or white, but it’s us who are supposed to develop criteria, to tell the very narrow line between the good and the bad.

    I do not like the message we are transmitting to the developing generations by supporting this in such a faddish way.

  20. I too downloaded the track and put on CD alongside some best collaborations David did with other musicians over the years.

    I understand Gary’s plight. I have Autism/Asperger’s myself (I’m 33, was diagnosed with Autism in 1979, re-diagnosed with Asperger’s in 1999). About five years ago, during the 2004 US Elections, I sent then presidential candidate/US Senator John Kerry a few less than cordial emails (he bad mouthed the US Military in which my father [US Army for 30 off and on years], grandfather [over two decades and fought in WWII], uncles, oldest brother and fourth older sister served) at a time my grandmother died, my grandfather got cancer and my mom was fighting COPD and Diabetes and was in the hospital. I said “I hope you choke”, “I hope you drown” to Kerry among other things.

    The Demoncrats and Recrapicans thought I wanted Kerry dead when I wanted him to lose (I didn’t like Dubya nor his old man nor Clinton). The CIA/FBI then had to question me and probe me and I apologized for my Asperger’s induced meltdown but as a result of that I was forever banned from voting.

    Now I don’t discuss politics nor religion nor money as all three will get you in either hot water or torched!

  21. I know it’s been a couple of years now, but doesn’t anyone have an update of what’s happened with Gary? I checked out the song and it’s great, I am wondering if it was able to help at all.


    1. I’m sure you did, Pat.

      UK Home Secretary, Theresa May, ruled on 16 October that the state of Gary’s mental health would put him at great risk of suicide if sent to a foreign prison, thus it would be incompatible with his human rights for the extradition to proceed.

      She also announced plans to introduce new rules to give UK judges the power to decide whether extradition suspects should be tried in the UK or abroad.

      This was discussed recently at the blog post entitled The Power of We, if you’re interested.

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