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Some band called Pink Floyd, with an album entitled ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’, or something, made it 1,056 weeks on the US album charts this week – back in 1997.

Released in the States on 17 March 1973, it would go on to be the first recording to spend 1,500 weeks on the Billboard charts (a milestone reached in May 2006), occupying 164 different positions in the Top 200.

Incredibly, it remained in the Top 200 for a record 736 consecutive weeks (741 non-consecutive, as it dropped off briefly in July 1988) before falling out in October 1988 (and only then because of changes to chart methodology), which is by far the longest chart run of any album ever.

Billboard’s Top Pop Catalog – where older albums are now listed – credits the album with a cumulative total of 1,660 weeks notched up. That’s nearly 32 years.

So, all in all, it did – and continues to do – rather well.

I won’t bother to ask what you like best about the 43-minute-long progressive epic, although you’re very welcome to share; what I’d love to know is how many copies you’ve got in your collection. (Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?)

In addition, I’m curious to discover your thoughts on album sales and chart positions today. Do you believe that anyone can possibly over-take the tremendous run that ‘Dark Side’ has enjoyed now that album sales are in decline and digital sales are up? And what of the part that variable pricing has played in encouraging full-album downloads as opposed to only paying for single tracks?

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. I like the entire album… I bought 3 copies: the original, the SACD and one on CD.

    I hope the remaining Pink Floyd members reunite some day.

    I’m sorry about my bad English. 😛

  2. I have DSOTM in 4 formats: 2 copies on 12″ vinyl, 2 copies on CD, one original and the other 30th anniversary one on MP3 from iTunes and the other on MiniDisc. I used to have it on tape but it died, LOL.

    So in total I have 6 copies of one album. Maybe that’s why it stays on the top but I am a big Floyd fan, LOL.

  3. So DSOTM… there isn’t much more to say that hasn’t been said before. When you’re in a dark place it can bring you back to the light.

    I own 4 copies of it, 2 on vinyl, 2 CD (including the SACD) even though I can’t play it properly! If you also include the Pulse CD and DVD that makes six!

    Is that a bit excessive????

  4. Now this is a definition question. I have the original on vinyl, 20th anniversary on CD and then the 30th on vinyl. So that’s three official releases. And I have managed to get a copy of the quadraphonic version, even though it never has been released officially. And can I count the original and the DVD of P.U.L.S.E where Pink Floyd plays DSotM?

    If all of them are allowed, I’m counting 6 copies. And there’s no point of asking what’s the greatest part of it; it’s all great.

    More interestingly, you can ask what version is the best. To answer that question, I think I’m leaning towards either the original or the quadraphonic.

  5. Only 4 copies – Original album, 30th anniversary CD, Pulse CD and DVD!

    Probably average collection for a 50 something.

    Pretty good and perfect on M25 but I prefer Wish You Were Here! 8)

  6. I love the entire album, and I have 2 copies, vinyl and CD.

    According to historical changes within the music industry, due to the internet, especially, I believe it to be impossible for an artist to achieve, such level of success nowadays…

  7. dear mr. gilmour,

    i was born october 1969, so the music i was growing up with was the late 70ties and the 80ties. but believe me, i learned what i missed, the music of the 60ties and the early 70ties. first the beatles, then pink floyd.

    i got one copy, original first release in england 1973, this is the most valuabale record i have. i have also some copies from the usa, germany and japan and a bootleg from the tour 1972/73 before the recording. of course i have some cd copies, also from the us, germany and japan.

    i don´t think that the record run will ever fall, because “dark side of the moon” was made by musicians and not by computer specialists like the pop/rock music from the present.

    greetings from vienna,

  8. I only own 2 copies. The first is the Pulse DVD from 1994 and the second the Pulse CD. 😀

  9. I own 3:

    original album
    8 track… can’t play that one… haha… cassette tape

    trying to get the 24k gold master… a little too high for me.

  10. I cannot tell how many times I’ve purchased the album. It would have to be around 12 times but I’m not so sure I haven’t purchased it more times than that.

    I am beefing up my Pink Floyd – Gilmour – Wright – Mason – Waters collection so if any of you have an old LP of those you’d part with…

    I hope the Band makes a trillion pounds off Dark Side of the Moon. Nobody would be happier than myself. It’s not an anomaly in that PF may very well end up surpassing the Beatles as the best band ever… if they haven’t already (many times).

    Are there any surprises in store for us fans in ’09? I would hitchhike to St. Louis if I had to to see them play again. Or, just go down the street to the Grand Palace here in Branson. 😛

    1. Are there any surprises in store for us fans in ‘09?

      None that I know of, sorry. Keep wishing.

  11. I have the book as well, don’t know if that counts. Prefer other albums (shock-horror!!)


    P.S. Not related but have to say that I saw Neil Young at Aberdeen last Wednesday and he was Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreatttttttttttt!!!!!!!

  12. Hi Fed,

    well I’ve burned out at least 3 copies of this masterpiece. I’ve been waiting 30 + years for something to come along as good as this and sadly nothing yet. A couple of albums have come close though namely Wish You Were Here and The Wall. Funny how that works, I guess four really talented individuals.



  13. I have the 30th anniversary SACD, the LP, the alleged Parsons’ mix DVD-Audio, and PULSE on CD and DVD.

    So, five?

    I also have that A Capella version put out a couple of years ago (not PF, I know, but still interesting).

    (I had the 20th anniversary CD, but I gave it to my sister upon getting the SACD. Spread the love, I say.)

  14. I had the original release of DSotM on vinyl, plus the Mobile Fidelity version which was an audiophile release. That was the first, and only, audiophile edition I’ve ever bought, as I could not hear any difference in sound quality. I also had a tape of DSotM, and of course as part of PULSE. After selling my old turntable, I had to get a CD of DSotM. So, that’s 5 different versions of it.

    Oddly, I have only had two copies of Wish You Were Here, Animals, Meddle; have only had one copy of The Wall, Final Cut, Momentary Lapse (having never gotten the CDs) and only one copy of Division Bell (having gotten it on CD to begin with). Why so many copies of Dark Side but not those others? Who knows!

    Incidentally, my personal favorite Floyd albums are Meddle and Wish You Were Here. Don’t get me wrong: Dark Side is a great album, but I find myself reaching for Meddle first.

  15. I only have one copy unless you count the performance in its entirety live bit from PULSE. It’s on my MP3 player of course but never on the shuffle.

    Now, that’s odd; I can’t bear to listen to bits and pieces of DSOTM. Excluding “Money” if I hear one little bit I immediately have to listen to the whole thing. It’s such a lovely integral piece, all of it that I have to listen to it all from start to finish or I just don’t feel right.

    And to this day I’m always taken aback when “Eclipse” plays and suffused with an “It’s over already?” feeling. That may be the definition of perfect regarding an album for me: it just feels short and I want to listen to it all over again.

    So happy anniversary DSOTM. I still love it. I wouldn’t take or add one tiny thing to it and it needed everyone involved to be the weird and wonderful thing it is.

    1. I can’t bear to listen to bits and pieces of DSOTM. Excluding “Money” if I hear one little bit I immediately have to listen to the whole thing.

      I can’t see why anyone could download just a track or two from most Pink Floyd albums (from the soundtracks, sure). Not because I expect people to have everything whether they want it or not, but because the songs are meant to flow into one another and I feel you lose something when they don’t.

      So the recent price rise (record labels are now able to set different prices for their songs on iTunes, and every track on ‘Dark Side’ was swiftly increased to the maximum $1.29) raises interesting questions about who gets the best deal from download sales.

  16. Hi FEd!

    How are you doing? I do hope you’re doing brilliantly.

    I believe I have 6 copies, maybe 7 in various formats. I do still “gift” it to friends, family & the younger crowd, here and there along with OAI, RTN, & LIG. (I’m going bankrupt! And, yes I don’t have far to go.)

    Have a lovely week,


  17. It does not suprise me that DSOTM stayed on the Billboard chart for such a long period. I seem to recall reading that 1 in 4 British households owns a copy of that album.

    In our household we have 3 copies of the album, then the Classic Albums DVD, Pulse (CD and DVD of course), etc.

    That album definitely changed music and quite frankly I don’t think it will ever be forgotten.

    Just to go off topic, is there any word as to whether David is participating in Peter Gabriel’s “Scratch My Back” project that he is currently working on? I’m incredibly excited for the release where Peter will cover an artist’s song and they will cover one of his songs. It would be an absolute dream if David were participating!

    1. Just to go off topic, is there any word as to whether David is participating in Peter Gabriel’s “Scratch My Back” project that he is currently working on?

      Not even a careless whisper, sorry.

  18. I lost count of how many copies I have purchased over the years.

    My most prized copy of DSotM is a vinyl Japanese import purchased in 1981, with the posters and stickers, that has never been played.

  19. It’s one of the greatest albums of all-time so why be surprised that it’s still going so strong? 😉

    I had quite a few vinyls and CDs during these 32 years and its still being part of my iPod collection.

  20. I’m exactly the same as Phil Grace. 4 copies.

    That album is a classic no doubt and was the first concert I ever attended in my youth in 73 at Maple Leaf Gardens.

    I’ll never forget how inspirational it was for me. I still thank my brother for the seat.

    Thriller didn’t do too bad either, never got the chance to see Michael though, not my speed at the time. I appreciated his musical contributions immensely and he could dance too!

  21. Hmm… Off the top of my head, I believe I have two vinyl copies, a first edition CD, MFSL CD, Capitol remaster CD, and the “Shine On” box set copy.

    Nothing will ever touch this album for longevity. Most music is fairly disposable these days, and the truly great artists don’t generally get the recognition they deserve any more. Whatever dynamics existed between David and Roger, whether their creativity existed because of their differences, or in spite of them, this album is pure timeless magic. And, let’s not discount the efforts of Rick and Nick, who were so vital in the sound of the band.

    These four men, united in one musical force, in the right place and time, created a masterpiece which will be appreciated forever.

  22. Many copies. Back in the day when one could stack a number of albums on the turntable and have them drop down on one another automatically I know I destroyed at least a couple. Blew out my speakers trying to set up a four-speaker set up for the quad version, but the album does survive to this day. CD versions, too.

    Then, when I married, my husband added several copies to the collection–one of the reasons I knew we were meant for each other. (That and his Tangerine Dream records, same as mine too!)

  23. D.S.O.T.M., I have two copies, the original vinyl with a note of undying love written on the inside cover from a girlfriend (she dumped me not long after, for a guy who had longer hair than me) but I still have the LP. 😛

    I then got a the CD to play in the car but I have since copied it onto my iPod, so does that count as three?

    I remember some of my mates at the time saying that Floyd had “sold out”. I’m still not sure what the meant by that, when D.S.O.T.M. was released, I don’t think they forgave Syd Barret for “leaving” and “Floyd would never be anything without him.”

    Well lads, you were so, so wrong, weren’t you?

    1. (she dumped me not long after, for a guy who had longer hair than me) but I still have the LP. 😛

      And I’ll bet that he no longer has the hair. 😀

  24. Damn, I forgot about the P.U.L.S.E CD/DVD in my collection.

    Also, do I include the documentry DVD, “The Making of D.S.O.T.M.”?

    My Dark Side count count is creeping up to an unhealthy level.

    1. I had forgotten about the “orchestral manoeuvres” cassette I had for some years back in the early-mid 90s. I’m sure David had something to do with that recording being as good as it was.

  25. I have 2 copies on CD, The 20th Anniversary reissue, and also the 30th. I am first in line for my aunt’s collection of vinyl, which I am happy to say includes The Dark Side of the Moon. So I will count that as 3.

    I also, like many of the bloggers, have P.U.L.S.E – DVD and CD, so that’s 5.

    I don’t think you can ever have too many copies of this album… it is just, EPIC. I think that is the only word to describe it, we all know how good it is musically, but also everything else surrounding it – the length of time on the charts, the instantly recognisable cover art, and the fact it is still selling… It’s been mentioned in countless films and TV shows I am sure – my favourite being Futurama when Fry is on the surface of the moon, ‘Dark Side of the Moon, cool!’ and that is set in the year 3000. 😉

    There are also other references in that series alone.

    Do I think there will ever be anything to match it? No.

    I think it would have to be something incredible, something absolutely unbelievable to have the same kind of impact, and I just don’t see how it would come about today. We seem to be a lot more fickle these days, and even an album that is deemed to be great just doesn’t have the longevity (is that the right word?) or the replayability (I know that isn’t a word). How many albums from the last 3 years are we still listening to? Apart from On an Island and Live in Gdansk? Not many I would bet.

    Of course the long awaited Bananarama reformation could prove to be quite interesting… 😉

    1. How many albums from the last 3 years are we still listening to? Apart from On an Island and Live in Gdansk, not many I would bet.

      That’s a good question.

    2. I was going to put ‘quite… fruitful’ but thought that would be too awful, LOL.

    3. Ah, that’s better.

      Excuse my unimaginative presumptuousness. When you run out of characters and can type no more, who knows what I may add at the end? 😉

  26. I started listening to Pink Floyd in the late 80s. I was very young and I wasn’t interested in collecting vinyl, yet, so the first copy I had was the cassette one, which is now quite destroyed.

    Some years later, as soon as I could find it on CD, I bought it again, than I also bought the SACD version and I’m now looking for the Twentieth Anniversary Edition (the box with cards), to add it to my collection.

    I think I won’t buy the vinyl, because my boyfriend has the original one, more than the MFSL Gold CD version. 😀

    It’s amazing how that album is not growing old, isn’t it? It still suits the world we live in, as nothing had changed since 1973.

    I wonder if it happens because it was in a great advance at that time, or because the problems the album is about have never been solved and they’re only gone worse. Both of these reasons, I guess.

    Sorry FEd, I can’t read your links now, but I’ll do it as soon as I can. They look interesting. 🙂

  27. Hi FEd and mates,

    the last month I bought my 49th copy of DSOTM CD for a present… At my home there are 5/6 versions on LP, artistic LP, Tape cassette, CD, remastered CD – 30 anniversary – Pulse and “The making of…” on DVD.

    I think (with WYWH) DSOTM is one of the “5 MUST” that will remain in the whole story of the music. It’s a “different planet”, a magic alchemy of concept, music, lyrics, effects that make a masterpiece.

    Some days a year of promotional sale (dedicated to 70s music) in Rome, two years ago, five years ago, and in 2003 realized a huge increase in the selling trend, so I think that the “download” practice is just for the lazy iPod users…

    Another show about “a band named PF” : at the Old Roman Amphitheatre in Ostia Antica the next July 18th – Welcome to the Machine: a Pink Floyd Musical. Really I don’t know what kind of show (as level of artists) but, if possible, I’ll be there!

    A hug,

  28. Bonjour tout le monde, moi j’ai commencer a écouter les Pink Floyd quand j’avais 10 ans, aujourd’hui j’en ai 21 je suis un jeune fan pour ma par j’ai un vinyle de “Dark Side of the Moon”, ainsi que 2 cd. J’ai aussi PULSE et le making of “Dark Side of the Moon”.

    Dark Side of the Moon, est pour moi l’épopée d’une vie: ca commence par une super introduction “Breathe”, aprés “On the Run” on arrive a “Time” le réveille de la journée. Ensuite “The Great Gig In The Sky”, le meilleur morceau!! la voie est magnifique.

    Après on remonte un peu le moral par “Money” un super riff, la guitare magique aussi bien qu’au début et dans le solo.

    On calme encore les choses avec “Us and Them” avec piano mélodieux un peu comme dans “Echoes”.

    “Any Colour You Like”, “Brain Damage”, “Eclipse” s’écoutent d’un seul coup, ces 3 musiques s’enchainent merveilleusement.

    J’aime énormément Dark Side of the Moon, c’est mon album préféré, pas mal pour un mec de 21 ans. 😛

    C’est un album qui s’écoute n’importe où, n’importe quand, il est magique, il remonte le moral…

    Désolé de parler français, mais mon anglais est pas terrible.


    1. Merci, Jethro. Votre belle langue est bienvenu ici toujours.

      Excusez-moi pour mon français (il est le français de l’amateur, je sais), s’il vous plaît.

    2. Il n’y a pas de problème, vous vous exprimez très bien.

      Mais promit je vais faire des efforts pour parlé anglais.

  29. Hiya FEd, blog gang,

    I bought my first DSOTM on audio cassette, meanwhile a rough 25 years ago.

    Meanwhile it has grown to the LP, the 20th and 30th anniversary edition, the Shine On box one, Pulse DVD and CD and one or two renditions that I am not supposed to mention here.

    The Classic Albums documentary is on my DVD shelf too.

    No matter how often you listen to it, it remains a brilliant piece of work.


  30. Lemme see…

    Carved stone version
    Papyrus (limited edition)
    Eight Track
    Album (four or five)
    CDs (three or four)

    I would need my own website, blog, newspaper, etc. to accurately describe what this legendary record means to me but I’ll try to condense my thoughts somehow.

    I first took notice of it when my older brother Steve brought it home and I must say that it was the “screaming woman” and cash machine that “registered” first and made me take stock. Once I held that magnificent album cover in my hands and really immersed myself in this remarkable journey of a record I knew that I would never hear anything like it again…

    Thank you David, Roger, Rick and Nick…

    With the greatest and equal amounts of respect and love,

  31. At the last count I had 3 (proper) album copies of DSOTM, all completely unplayable due to years of teenage angst and 2 CDs.

    I did go through a brief period of buying music from iTunes when I got an iPod for my birthday a couple of years back but went back to buying CDs.

    There usually isn’t that much difference in price, especially if it’s older stuff that you can get second hand. There’s not the problem (OK, maybe I’m lazy) of having to back them up either.

    I’m not sure about album charts really. What’s better being in the top 5 for a couple of weeks and dropping out or being in the top 20 for a year?

  32. I have the ‘Shine On’ boxset copy on CD but there was no booklet inside so I bought the SACD copy but I can’t play it properly… Sounds like I’m a loser. 😉

    I have two colour vinyls that I found in CD fairs after seeing Pink Floyd in 94, not sure why I did that, but they looked so beautiful:

    – the clear official vinyl from France. Pathé Marconi/EMI.
    – the white official vinyl from Germany.

    But a friend of mine started a collection of DSOTM vinyls about 15 years ago – although he is not such a huge PF fan – and I think he owns at least 50 official (as he told me) different copies from all around the world. 8|

    Isn’t it crazy?

    Sorry, but I don’t care about chart positions. Only a way for the music industry to sell more.

    It would be nice if we could discuss all PF albums here. Maybe one day? No pointy stick, please.


    1. It would be nice if we could discuss all PF albums here. Maybe one day?

      Maybe, if the date has particular relevance.

      (Haven’t we discussed most of them already?)

    2. Haven’t we discussed most of them already?

      In the chatroom, maybe, but on the blog, I don’t think so. Maybe I have a short memory, but I only remember a blog entry about P.U.L.S.E. and it was the DVD… 😐

  33. I believe the official answer is 7.

    – Cassette (no longer in my possession)
    – Original CD (part of the Pink Floyd Gift Set with Atom Heart Mother, Meddle, and Obscured By Clouds), no longer in my possession
    – The MFSL version
    – Shine On
    – The SACD version
    – Pulse CD
    – Pulse DVD

    An 8th would be the wretched “Making of” DVD that I wasted my money on. I don’t think it is worth counting.

    1. I like that DVD. The performances by David, Roger, and Rick are well worth the price of admission.

    2. I’ve purchased two “Making of” DVDs and the one (maybe Pompeii?) that goes in depth on the beginning of actually making the album.

      Maybe I’ve purchased three “Making of” DVDs… all different, all worth my while.

  34. I tried to read the article about variable prices for download tracks. I don’t know if I understood it well, but it doesn’t seem to me that introducing different prices could actually help to raise the sales.

    I try to explain.

    If they raise the price of some tracks, they’ll raise the gain which comes from them only, but probably, they’ll sell less than before.

    And if, as I read, the sales of the less famous tracks and of the entire albums don’t change or decline, where’s the actual gain?

    Maybe they’ll gain more from the most famous hits, because they know the people will buy them anyway, but is it enough to compensate the decline?

    I think there is something I didn’t understand. 😐

  35. I currently have a copy on CD, cassette (I still have a tape player in my car, I know it sounds very sad but nobody wants to steal a car like mine!), PULSE on video (the second copy I’ve had on video!), DVD, and CD (seeing as people are mentioning PULSE). I also have the Making of Dark Side of the Moon.

    I’ve had it on vinyl from the original release date and on CD whenever it was that CDs first came out. I’ve given it to people over the years as presents too.

    Putting it like this makes it sound a bit obsessional. . .

    ash X

  36. Hi Fed and everybody there,

    I share my discs of Pink Floyd with my twin brother so in this case he has the original vinyl copy and I have the remastered CD, besides a Making of DSOTM on DVD. It’s the very best, The Album forever, no doubt.

    A masterpiece for all mankind.


  37. Err, hello everyone. 🙂

    I’ve been away because I was ill. Quite nasty, long illness but I’m on the mend.

    Send grapes and other food goodies, flowers, get well cards, hugs, etc. to (…)

    Dead cheeky, eh Fed? 😉

    ash X

  38. Dear Fed,

    After doing ballet for many years I am a huge fan either of contemporary works or classical ones, I think the Pink Floyd Ballet must be fantastic: I mean,in these days it’s performed again at Teatro alla Scala in Milan!

    The 1972 debut in Marseille famously united academic dance with live music by Pink Floyd. This true rock ballet could only have been imagined by Roland Petit’s open mind (a genius of ballet and coreography), which translated the energy of the music in a kaleidoscopic flooding of light and laser effects. Over time the four initial movements have developed and in its more elaborate structure the ballet has been performed the world over. Although not live as for the debut, historic pieces from “The Wall”, “The Dark Side of the Moon”, “Meddle”, “Relics” and “Obscured by Clouds” will resonate in the La Scala auditorium, as follows:

    1. Run Like Hell (from: The Wall)
    2. Money (from: The Dark Side of The Moon)
    3. Is There Anybody Out There? (from: The Wall)
    4. Nobody Home (from: The Wall)
    5. Hey you (from: The Wall)
    6. One of these days (from: Meddle)
    7. Careful with that Axe, Eugene (from: Relics)
    8. When you’re in (from: Obscured by Clouds)
    9. Obscured by Clouds (from: Obscured by Clouds)
    10. The Great Gig in the Sky (from: The Dark Side of the Moon)
    11. Echoes (from: Meddle)
    12. Run Like Hell (from: Is there Anybody Out There?)
    13. Echoes (from: Meddle)

    So, a further topical celebration of the music of Pink Floyd.


  39. Hi everybody,

    I have four copies of “The Dark Side of the Moon” on CD, excluding the one of “Oh… By the Way”, the vinyl and a cassette.

    I saw a very rare vinyl with a different sleeve on a collectors website that was about 3,500 pounds, a little bit expensive!

    Even those who are not huge fans of Pink Floyd have a copy of the greatest album of all time, and it’s not surprising that it will always be sold in music shops until they no longer exist!

  40. My brother bought the LP the day it came out.

    I bought it a little while later when I could afford it. I immediately stuck the free posters that came with it all around my bedroom.

    Pink Floyd were playing the music about a year to 18 months prior to it coming out. So, mid 70s, I bought a bootleg album of how it sounded early on. I have just copied that bootleg to CD.

    Then about 10 years ago I bought a CD copy of it.

    The other week my sister in law passed on all my brothers LPs and there was his copy still intact with all freebies. 🙂

  41. Interesting topic and comments.

    Mr Waters played this straight through more or less note for note on his tour a couple of years ago. Good as it is on record live it is quite amazing. I took my son who sat as if riveted to his chair for the entire performance. As was everyone else.

    The music does not date and is as fresh as ever. I hope future generations will continue to listen to it.

    Thank you P.F.


  42. Amazingly enough I now have three copies. One is the SACD and I bought that. The other two are vinyl from back in the day. Those two were my late father’s. I am unsure as to why he had two. Perhaps one doesn’t play, or maybe he thought he had misplaced his and borrowed someone else’s and never bothered to give it back. Or maybe someone simply left there copy and never retrieved it either way I have two, but alas both copies of the poster are missing. 🙁

    Up until recently my brother had them but he didn’t really care for them and now they are in my possession.

    And my favorite part of the album is “Time” everything about it. The intro with the clocks to the song itself to the segue into “The Great Gig in the Sky” (RIP Rick). All in all though the album as a whole is a masterpiece.

    Also, speaking of albums FEd, now that U2’s latest effort has been out for a while how do you like it?

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you.

    1. FEd, now that U2’s latest effort has been out for a while how do you like it?

      I’m almost ashamed to say that I haven’t heard it yet.

  43. Being rather extreme as a collector could be, I used to buy all various versions of records I could get, until some day in the early nineties, I realized that I liked the music more than the records themselves.

    So I sold the most of my vinyl albums and kept the associated memories. 😉

    Thanks to CD you can listen to the same record without quality loss and therefore I only try to get each song published. The remastered DSOTM was a SACD hybrid which I bought for the plus of quality…

    That said, I’ve got the album only twice, but I hear it about once a week while commuting. 😀


    PS. I’ve been away for a business but it’s always a pleasure to return here…

    1. Thanks, Taki. It’s always good to hear from you.

      I’m thinking of selling my collection. Funny how it seems so important to hoard these items, then suddenly you realise that you only need one and everything else just takes up space.

  44. From the time I first bought it when I was a kid, I’ve probably had 10 to 12 copies of Dark Side, starting from cassette tapes, to vinyl, to CD to digital downloads.

    And, no, I don’t imagine any musician or band will ever over-take the tremendous run that ‘Dark Side’ has made, just as no album will ever sell as much as Thriller has sold. To be honest, I have no idea whether or how variable pricing will affect the download of full albums. I’ve only tried this once, and I chose to pay full price for In Rainbows, but I come from the old school that doesn’t feel entitled to take whatever I want for nothing.

  45. It is very difficult to decide what to write. Mixed feelings are involved when talking about The Dark Side of the Moon. Being from Romania made it hard to get in connect with Music from the West, I am 24 years old and this music touches me as much as anybody else in the same way but a bit different. Sometimes I wish I was born back then, and sometimes I wish I could just see a live show of any of them.

    First conceptual album in modern rock music history… well, what about that? They worked so hard. Went so deep into each other in order to touch everyone where the they should.

    There is no favorite track.

    It is difficult to describe what I feel.


  46. DSotM is a timeless masterpiece. I think the planet will die, before it does. I’m counting on people living outside the earth by then.

    My collection consists of:

    1. Vinyl
    2. Cassette (does not sound good anymore, as I wore it out in my first few vehicles)
    3. Regular CD (when they came out)
    4. Shine On Box set
    5. Pulse CD
    6. Pulse VHS
    7. Pulse DVD
    8. The Making of DSotM
    9. Oh, By the Way box set
    10. If it counts, I also have it on the computer

    I also have many early live performances, both before and after the ’73 release date.

    I suppose it is my favorite Floyd album, just because I have so many of them. I even have the album art tattooed on myself. It is hard to have one favorite Floyd album though.

    Bless you David, Roger, Nick, and the late, Great Richard Wright. RIP.

    Hope everyone is doing well.

    1. Aaah, yes, I had Pulse on VHS! That would make 8.

      I don’t think I want to count the number of live performances. :))

  47. – The first CD I bought c. 1989 – I was a late developer.
    – Pulse CD
    – Pulse DVD
    – A cassette tape copy somewhere for which I may rot in hell… actually I like to think of that as a windfall because the first PF vinyl I bought was WYWH – buying albums was a rare treat for me – and when I got it home I found DSotM in the sleeve. Naturally I was infuriated and took the “faulty” product back to the store just as soon as I had finished taping it.

    Oh and also “Dub Side of the Moon”…

    1. Doh – and the “Making of” DVD also – which is rather good, don’t you think?

  48. Hi everybody, sorry I have been away for a while.

    I used to have the original DSOTM vinyl and cassette tape of course to play it in my dad’s Ford Capri. All that is gone, I got the first version on CD as soon as it came out, gone as well, now I have the remaster CD version.

    Funnily enough I am now an avid collector of tapes which I use on an old Tascam recorder to put down ideas, and… of Capris which mostly I restore rather than drive.

  49. 1 LP version
    1 CD
    4 versions in my head

    Mmm no, I don’t think a band can make such sales nowadays any more. The download habit has became too common. And that’s to blame on the music industry a bit, the prices were much too high and now are still high.

    And yes, there are bands out there who come close with their musical stills and bollox tunes (am I allowed to mention? Okay a “no” is a fair answer), but it’s all about promotion, the band with the biggest promo budget; sales or get the most downloads.

    I’m convinced that if David Gilmour would make an album like On an Island under a fake name and get the promo budget of those bands I like so much he wouldn’t sell more… despite my enthusiastic shouting to the world. 😉

    Maybe the new market; live performances will change it a bit, but I’m afraid not… you can make a monkey the commander of a nuclear sub, can’t you?

    Have a nice day and please stop with downloading. 8)

  50. Fed, another slick performance from The Eagles last night… the sound was superb and Joe Walsh was on top form… Don Henley just has to be bad at something!


    1. 😀 Thanks for reporting back, Paul. Glad to hear that it went well.

      Don Henley for President, I say. (Aren’t we fed up of Obama yet?)

  51. More useless info… and ASH, get well soon.

    3rd Feb 1972 – Pink Floyd played a concert at the Locarno in town (the Locarno is now our library). The gig was part of a weekend of arts set up by the local polytechnic (now university) and the set that night was, predominately, what was to become DSotM. A truly incredible performance and a lifelong memory for an impressionable youngster.

    Earlier in the evening of 3rd Feb, Chuck Berry played the same venue as did Slade and Billy Preston. Separate tickets were required for each gig so after every performance you had to leave the venue and queue up again for the next. Now you might remember a song called ‘My Ding a Ling’. Well, it was this particular night that it was recorded and edited down for single release. The live recording clocking in at well over 10 minutes.

    However, according to a biography Chuck claimed that it was recorded in front of a crowd of 35,000 people. Sorry Chuck but you were out by about 33,000 at least.

    Note – Years later I read that Pink Floyd had actually replaced David Bowie who had cancelled. David Bowie did eventually make it to town though. He played at the theatre on his Ziggy Stardust tour.

    1. Thank you Pete. 🙂

      I’m gonna nod to Joni Mitchell because it’s Canada Day, “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.”

      I really, really missed my good health. I am going to take much better care of myself and take every opportunity to savour everything life sends my way.

      Interesting story Pete, I remember you saying you spend a lot of time in the library. 🙂

      ash X

  52. Well, just shows how bloody good they are.

    Can any band top it??? My opinion, NO. Hate to say there a few good bands today but majority just plain suck.

    Had my mother ate a curry and shoved me and my brother out 2 days before we would have been born on the release date rather than 19 march 73. Bummer, eh!!

    Been ages since looked in here, but my son has been ill for months. He just been diagnosed with ulcerated colitis. Poor kid’s only 15… but he is coping well.

    Anyway how’s things with you Fed??

  53. I have the 20th Anniversary edition.

    I do not mean to be controversial but this is my least favourite PF album. I think it is over-rated – too commercial. It is when the band came down to earth. I loved their stuff circa 68-72 which used to take me into the stratosphere with my headphones on.

    Don’t get me wrong, I DO like DSOTM – after all, I used to play ‘Time’ and ‘Money’ in one of the bands I used to be in, but I loved the earlier stuff the best and WYWH (sheer beauty), The Division Bell and Animals.

    It is remarkable, however, that DSOTM did stay in the charts for so long.

  54. 4 copies on vinyl, 2 cassette and 2 on CD.

    Although a very good album, not their best which I can not name as it was their unhappiest album.

  55. I have two vinyl copies of DSOTM. One is an old quadraphonic pressing and the other is a 30th anniversary pressing.

    A very important part of the LP collection.

    1. Sorry, make that four. I just bought myself a second hand half speed master.

      I can’t help myself I love vinyl, PF & DG.

  56. FEd,

    You made a comment earlier regarding only listening to a few songs off an album, especially Pink Floyd. I could not agree with you more. Many of my favorite Pink Floyd songs were not even on the charts in the US. Any album, CD, DVD I own I have to hear it all. Nice surprises for those that do.

    Sorry about the side track and on to how many DSOTM. In my life time I have lost count. Currently have every Pink Floyd CD on my MP3 so I think I’m covered as far as that goes.

    Interesting answers from your viewers.

    Love to the World.

  57. i am almost 60 and just started to listen to and collect pink floyd and the gilmour cds.

    wonderful music, and the only stuff allowed on my mp3 player.

    love your music. :))


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