The Age of Stupid

If I may bring to your attention something that David and Polly consider important, tomorrow marks the UK cinema release of a new film, six years in the making: an eco-documentary fusing fact, fiction and animation called The Age of Stupid.

Directed by Franny Armstrong, who you may recall from 1997’s McLibel, it stars Pete Postlethwaite as the isolated curator of a world museum in the year 2055, a wealth of gloomy archive material from the fifty years previous at his disposal.

The world in 2055, by the way, is in ruins. Postlethwaite, in surveying the volumes of depressing evidence, wonders why we didn’t do more to try to minimise the effects of climate change.

Along the way we are introduced to several characters: a French mountain guide who has witnessed the shrinking glaciers of the Chamonix valley; the potential medical student from the Niger Delta, whose dream is to “live like an American”; and the street children of Jordan who, since their home was destroyed and father killed by a missile, eke out a living selling second-hand shoes.

Here’s some video from the weekend’s premiere – which David and Polly attended – featuring Armstrong, Postlethwaite and UK Minister for the Department of Energy and Climate Change, Ed Miliband (and there’s lots more video here and here).

If you’re suitably intrigued, click here for details of how you can see The Age of Stupid; it’s certainly something that everyone should see.

What would be really, really good is if you could also let our world leaders know that you expect a strong successor to Kyoto at the United Nations Climate Change Summit in December by taking the Copenhagen pledge. It’ll only take a minute.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. I am going to see this in Bristol on Sunday. I will be there anyway as it’s Mother’s Day. 🙂

    Definition of uncomfortable: How Ed Miliband looked at that post premiere event.

    Interesting fact: That premiere used 1% of the energy that a standard London premiere uses.

  2. What would be really, really good is if you could also let our world leaders know that you expect a strong successor to Kyoto at the United Nations Climate Change Summit in December by taking the Copenhagen pledge. It’ll only take a minute.

    A good idea but the organisations behind the website are (solely) Christian ones. I never did and I will not put my name under any document that is presented by any religious group…

    I’m curious to see the film here in Germany, I’ve read some interesting articles about it already.

    Best regards,

    1. A good idea but the organisations behind the website are (solely) Christian ones. I never did and I will not put my name under any document that is presented by any religious group…

      That’s a perfectly fair point.

      I had reservations about including the link for that very reason, but it seems to me that it offers a convenient way of encouraging the type of activism that the film hopes to encourage, so I hope you see it as a means to reach those that can influence the summit, rather than an excuse to support or promote any religion.

      You can write to any politician at any time, of course. It just involves more effort.

    2. You can write to any politician at any time, of course. It just involves more effort.

      Wouldn’t it be appropriate if ‘The Age Of Stupid’ > Not Stupid > Spread The Word, section of their website, had set up links to each nations governmental e-petitions websites? The UK’s is here.

      This would then allow the people to register their support for the Copenhagen summit.

      Individuals who then share views like Taki’s could ‘speak’ directly to ‘the powers that be’, without prejudice.

    3. …so I hope you see it as a means to reach those that can influence the summit, rather than an excuse to support or promote any religion.

      I thought twice before commenting the way I did and knowing you (by your posts, the last few years) I assumed that you added the link as a convenient service for us bloggers, only.

      Maybe there is another way to raise your voice, I recall an online petition to the European Parliament, but I cannot find any details anymore.

      Best regards,

  3. Apparently the film will not be available in the U.S. until September. Should we count that time in cubic feet of melted glacier or inches of acid rain or number of species that vanish or number of tsunamis, etc.?

    Did anyone see the photos of the effects of a windstorm in Michigan that swept a wall of glacier ice through homes on the shore? How terrifying would that be, to wake up and see a wall of ice coming at you?

    Thanks for the heads-up on this, FEd. I will pass it along.

  4. Thanks for this info; very important film, yes…

    And – here’s another comment:

    My Dreams In The Open, – A response to David’s Facebook question, ‘What is your dream?’
    2 pages (A4) , March 09


    …make contact if you want to read the two pages, thanks.

  5. Having browsed ‘The Age Of Stupid’ website and watched some of the trailers associated with the film, it has given me some serious food for thought. I really must try and get to see this movie.

    Had it not been for the “What David & Polly consider to be ‘The Important Stuff…” link on THIS site, I would not be as aware, as I now am, of such matters. For this I am grateful.

    Not only has David fine-tuned my hearing during the last 36 years, he (and Polly) is now expanding my mind as well. Thank you both.

    Pete Postlethwaite certainly conveyed his feelings very passionately at the premiere, didn’t he? Will David be doing the same with his CBE? It could start a very powerful trend, which would send an immense message to the government. 😡

    P.S. I noticed that there’s a familiar name in the ‘Crowd Funded By’ list… can you spot it? 😉

    1. I hope you had a good day, Lorraine. The same to Dieter and the same to you, Ken, for today. Happy Birthday.

    2. Yes, Happy Birthday, Ken, I hope to see you soon again in the chatroom. 🙂


    3. Thanks very much, I did have a good day. It involved curry, beer and a very large cake.

      Hope you have a lovely day today Ken. 🙂

      I’m off to see Metallica tonight, 45 isn’t too old for a mosh pit, is it?

    4. Many Thanks FEd & Michele. :v

      Jury service eh, FEd. That explains your absence then… 8)

    5. I’m off to see Metallica tonight, 45 isn’t too old for a mosh pit, is it?


      Jury service eh, FEd. That explains your absence then… 8)

      Afraid so. You didn’t really think I’d taken a holiday, did you?

    6. You didn’t really think I’d taken a holiday, did you?

      Oh, there nothing wrong with taking a holiday… don’t you agree? 😉

    7. Holidays are wonderful things if you can be sure of your trust in those that cover for you in your absence, sure that you won’t return to more work than you left behind, and sure that you won’t be regularly and needlessly disturbed for silly little things when you’re trying so hard to forget about work.

      If you can’t be sure of these things, then it’s probably less stressful to not take holidays in the first place.

  6. It’s bloody freezing outside, record lows have been recorded around the world, ice caps are back at 1979 levels, polar bears on the increase, sea levels round the Maldives have fallen, warmists are having to make up data to “prove” their theories.

    I can’t believe people are still falling for this claptrap just so one politician can be remembered for something other than being beaten by a retard a US presidential election.

  7. I think this will be a great film. I am in support of anything that gets people thinking about the impact of climate change and the things (both big and small) that we can do now to help mitigate this problem.

    I’ve heard it said that the time to solve a problem is before it is irreversible. We don’t have much more time to play with before climate change is irreversible, so we’ve got to act right now.

    Will this film be released in the USA?

    1. I checked and have found that “Age of Stupid” is scheduled for cinematic release in the US in May. If it does really well in the UK, it will get a wider distribution here.

      So, to the Brits who are reading this: please go see this film RIGHT NOW!! And take a few of your friends.

  8. Hi, Lorraine,

    White Puligny-Montrachet or red Gevrey-Chambertin to celebrate your birthday? 😛

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy your day. Bisous.


  9. Hi FEd,

    A Blessed Ostara (vernal equinox, first day of spring, etc…) to all.

    Have a grand weekend,

    Penny 😀

  10. Very interesting.

    I searched the web to know when the movie will arrive in Italy, but I read that, at the moment, the contract between the producers and the Italian distribution has not been signed, yet.

    I don’t know if it’s true, but that web site seemed reliable enough. 🙁

    About the pledge: as Taki, I usually don’t subscribe anything which came out from religious organizations. I don’t like the political side of religions and I really can’t trust it.

    In the same time, I would like to subscribe this pledge, because I know that climate changes and environment are real problems for all of us and they should have nothing to do with political ideals.

    I’ll think about it.

  11. I am just part way through watching ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and would like to see the UK film as well. Excellent choice of actor.

    The information in the film is so scary and astounding. So unbelievable that our politicians can just turn away from the scientific information and basically lead us to then end of the world as we know it. Must be more a person can do. Even though we each try in our own way, some very very major things need to be done in this country. How ignorant we are.

    Thank you for the site to check out.

    Have a good weekend.

    1. Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” is really quite the film. Caused a real stir when it was current.

      During the recent election in America, Obama laid out a grand sweeping vision for our future. He pledged to do things differently. That is fair and well, but as President he’s working within a very cumbersome, limiting system. He cannot do everything that he sets out to do, no matter how well orchestrated his efforts are. And he has a lot on his plate, meaning that he cannot concentrate on just one issue.

      Al Gore chose not to run again, despite his international prestige gained from “Inconvenient Truth.” The really inconvenient truth is that Gore, as a private citizen, can make better progress towards his goals than if he were President. He has much more power by influencing the policy makers than by being one.

      On the issue of climate change, Obama is doing what he can within a bloated and cumbersome political system. Al Gore is doing more because he is working outside of that system.

  12. A French mountain guide who has witnessed the shrinking glaciers of the Chamonix valley;

    Coincidence… We (teachers and pupils, while on a school trip in Alps) just attended last week a conference on the impact of climate change on shrinking glaciers in Alps.

    Since 1850 the glaciers in European Alps have lost about 30% of their surface area and about half of their volume. In 1991 a 5000 year-old iceman, preserved in a glacier, was discovered.

    In France, The Mont Blanc glacier has receded by 1400 m. In Chamonix Valley, the 11km long and 400m thick Mer De Glace (Sea of Ice) has lost 1km of its length and 150m of its thickness. Danger of glacial lake outburst floods.

    But they said it was too soon to establish if the global warming is the only responsible. These glaciers might simply be in a period of ‘natural’ regression. Hmm…. I have some doubts.

    They also tried to make us sensitive to the fact that the massive snow tourism development is also responsible for many degradations of the mountain environment and eco-system.

    Please see here.

    The message was clear: respect the mountain, ex, if you climb the Mont Blanc, please, bring your rubbish back with you!

    A few years ago, the mayor of Saint Gervais tried to clean up the Mont Blanc. But…

    See here.

  13. ‘Twould appear that someone is selling some art Syd Barrett gave him, with all proceeds going to a mental health charity. 🙂

    Unlikely anyone here will be able to afford it, but just in case here is the link.

  14. Just sent my addition for the C-pledge from here. Good cause.

    At work , we are trying variable ideas using the environment and recycling, including safety shoes for people needing them with success. Pass that one on people!

    Fed, you have another week, enjoy it while you can. Peace!

    1. Thanks, Frank.

      Actually, I’ve been on jury service, but I’ve probably enjoyed it more than I’d have enjoyed a holiday.

      Things will be back to normal on Monday.

  15. off-topic:

    interesting article in this weekend’s Sunday Times magazine no?

    hope all’s well at DGHQ FE’d,

    1. I was wondering when an approximate figure would start being bandied around. A lot of money, isn’t it? A lot of other things, probably, as well.

      You can read the piece here, if you haven’t already.

    2. I read all the Sunday Times piece and at the end I couldn’t help thinking if someone really needed all those explanations and analysis once more.

      Anyway, I read something like that on an Italian magazine some years ago, but the amount of money was lower… Effect of the inflation… :))

    3. I got the feeling that he was quite “sketchy” on some well known parts so had to take the rest light-heartedly.

      Mind you Polly got a mention!


  16. I am adding my support to this web site. Christian Aid do a lot of good for this beleaguered world and this just proves it.

    But if you don’t support sites like this, then let’s all sit back and watch the planet die, let the oil barons suck us all dry, start drilling in the Arctic, keep buying up all the patents to new alternative energy ideas and put them in a draw, watch the sea levels rise and wash your children’s houses away, wipe out communities on remote islands.

    I love my planet, it’s unique, where is there another like it? If you ever get a chance on a clear night look up at the stars, breath the air, and think to yourself, God, we’re giving this up for money.

  17. I wonder if Taki was aware of the amazing work Christian Aid do for Christians and non-Christians. I kind of doubt he has stepped out of his little world where he has a nice little job, all mod cons, a nice guitar to play, food on the table, power heat at the switch of a button.

    I’ve seen things, I’ve seen real poverty. I was on holiday when I came across real poverty, it made me ashamed and choked me to tears, and really pissed me off. I’m well off, I’ve worked hard for what I have, but I also live in a country where I have that opportunity and so does Taki.

    So think before you write off some of the few people in the world who care and make a difference.

    And yes, I’m on one tonight, I said a while ago I wont be visiting this site as much, mainly as I was still upset about some issues, but if FEd finds the time then so will I and one thing to do with the planet and forgotten folk then I’ll back it to the hilt.


    1. Hi Damian,

      I doubt we know each other, so please do not judge over me without knowing who I really am and what I do.

      I only wrote, that I won’t put my name under a list offered by *any* religious group. I did not write off anyone, I did not say to anyone not to sign on that page, I did not write anything bad about Christian Aid, and therefore I can’t understand why my comment upsets you…

      Anyway, I think of myself being tolerant, therefore I can live very well with you thinking different than me and criticizing me (I already wrote it here: I welcome different opinions than mine!).

      Best regards,

    2. Damian writes as though he knows Taki. Certainly, he’s making a lot of assumptions. Certainly, he has not read Taki’s message carefully (or is choosing to ignore what he doesn’t want to pay attention to).

      What I’m about to say is controversial. Let me state up front that I’m not trying to start a “point/counterpoint” on the topic of religion, especially someone else’s religion. I am writing about intolerance, not about any one group. Intolerance is common throughout humanity.

      If Christ were with us today, would he be a Christian? All those loving words about loving one another and casting the stone only if we have never sinned. Lots of people cast that stone under the banner of Christ. (Are ya reading this, Limbaugh?) Lots of people cast aspersions on others, especially those who dare to be different. A few years ago, when I was a GED teacher, I had a student who claimed that America was a Christian country and that other groups should leave. Would Christ have said that?

      I have nothing against any group, and world religion is a fascinating topic for me. The intolerance that I am writing about exists on the Right in many religions of the world, not just the Christians. I’m not trying to write off all Christians, just those who hate from behind a cross. And it is the hate, not the cross, that I am questioning. Hate is a destructive force. I wish I could wrap my mind around it.

  18. Hi FEd,

    thank you for the idea and the argument.

    I’m waiting for the initiative in Italy and think we need such film to care, really, the future of the Planet and the next generations. Sometimes I’m involved in these problems for my job and I like very much these discussions on my preferred blog.

    It’s a matter of our life, not only music and rock and roll with David and the blog.

    Go on with a hug!

  19. Thanks for the info FEd. Will be looking out for this movie in September, when it is projected to be here in the States.

  20. I’m waiting for its release in Italy. I will surely go to the cinema to watch this documentary.

    I hope that those people who underestimate the problem of climate change will realize that this is a problem that bites everyone of us, and sometimes I get really concerned about it.

  21. I would love to see the film, but I am working evenings and my days are filled with looking after my beautiful little girl. So once again, it is a time thing for me.

    I used to be very passionate about the planet, but now I think that we are now waking up slowly to the idea of an environmental disaster and at the back of my mind I think that we are going to be okay.

    We are consciously starting to replace trees, produce greener fuels etc. etc.

    Anyway, I think it all comes down to education again. For example, I have taught Imogen to throw her rubbish in a bin and not on the ground. It may seem a petty thing to whoever reads this but it is working because whenever Imogen sees rubbish on the ground she tuts and is disgusted. Some people have remarked at how clever she is to insist on throwing her sweetie wrappers in the bin.

    I am also teaching her about saving the planet and she also cares about the suffering children in Africa. I try and make her think about what it means to waste water and how she can save energy by closing doors after her so that heat doesn’t get out. This all may seem small, but one day it will add up.

    So hopefully one day, she will learn even more about the planet and get her friends to follow suit. Who knows she might even start a campaign when she starts school.

    If one child can learn this, think what the future of the planet will be if a lot of children learn this.

    1. Think globally, act locally. That is what will make a difference and you point this out quite well in your post Julie.



    2. I agree with everything you wrote, Julie. If everyone in the world did like you, we would certainly have more hopes to save our planet. 🙂

      I find very important what you say about rubbish, not petty at all.

      It seems to be proved that if the environment is clean, people have the tendency to be cleaner. Where no one cares about environment, everyone feels (also in an unconscious way) authorized to do the same. It’s a circle.

      I read some statistics about it, if we needed numbers to confirm it, but I think reality speaks clearly enough.

  22. That’s good people all over the World with such concerns about climate change and all this stuff. In this line, I would like to invite David to make us happy, in a unique experience, here in the Amazon Forest, in Manaus, my city.

    Please, come here and play! The fans here would be forever grateful.

  23. The website states that it was filmed on location in America, UK, India, Nigeria, Iraq, Jordan, The Alps.

    Presumably this involved the shipping of heavy equipment by plane, etc. That means they polluted the planet on a number of occasions, it smacks of hypocrisy.

    No offence meant to anyone here but I can’t help the feeling that ‘climate change’ is one huge con to make us pay more taxes.

    The handing back of CBEs and all that is not going to help.

    1. Veronica if you had browsed further around the website, you would probably have come across this.

      At least they were honest enough to disclose their carbon footprint.

      If this relatively (in the grand scheme of things) small amount is deemed as hypocrisy, then I think it’s a small price to pay if the ‘message’ being conveyed is delivered to a global audience.

  24. A special bisou to you on your special day, Nate!

    Enjoy your New Castellorizon beer! 😛


  25. Happy Birthday, Nate! Many happy returns. I’ll drink a Duvel to your health tonight.

    Happy Belated Birthday to you, Ken. Another Duvel. 😉


    1. Cheers Ralph.

      I must repay the compliment when the 26th of November comes around… 😉 I’ll try and get plenty of practice in until then. 8|

  26. I still can’t find any news about the Italian release of “The Age of Stupid”. I’ll go on with my search, but I think we’ll have to wait.

    Happy Birthday, Nate and best belated wishes to Lorraine, Dieter and Ken.

    Good weekend to everyone. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the belated birthday wishes Alessandra.

      Enjoy your weekend too.

      There don’t appear to be any scheduled ‘screenings’ in Italy. However, it looks like the DVD will be released in June, in at least 20 languages.

      Italian being one of them. 😉

    2. It’s good to know that we’ll have the DVD at least, even if I would have liked to watch this movie in the big cinema screen.

      Thanks for the information. 🙂

  27. While I’m in birthday mode…

    Greetings and Best Wishes to Andrew for Sunday.

    Looks like we’re back to BAU now FEd… 😉

    Any chats planned for next week?

    Have a good weekend everyone.

    1. Any chats planned for next week?

      Hopefully, but probably just the one. There will certainly be a couple the week after next.

  28. Happy Birthday Nate and to everyone all around the world on this date. I’m sure there are a few.

    What’s the verdict Fed? 😀

  29. Were you selected to sit in on any of the trials when you were on jury service FEd? I have been called for jury duty but I have never been selected to sit in on a case. They always send me back home. I think it would be interesting to do so, I just wondered about your experience.

    Happy Birthday Nate Lorraine, Dieter and Ken! Wishing you many more!

    Barbara P

    1. Thankfully, I was selected (after a day of frantic thumb-twiddling). It was a very positive experience, I thought, and I hope I’ll get a chance to do it again.

      Above all, I hope that, should I ever find myself in court, the jury is made up of people who don’t feel too inconvenienced and are not more interested in getting it over and done with than in assessing all the evidence. It does make you wonder just how seriously some jurors take their civic duty when they do nothing but complain about how they don’t want to be there from the first day until the last.

      That was the only disappointing thing for me: trying to deliberate at the end of the trial with people who were a little too keen to get home.

    2. I understand what you are saying. I wanted to sit in on a trial and was not asked, I think due to my husband’s position in law enforcement. After the lawyers ask me what my job is and my husband’s I am always put in the waiting room for the next case. I noticed the ones that were selected acted like they were being punished. So let’s hope we don’t ever have to be the one on trial, uh!!!!

      Here is your pat on the back Fed for giving your time for a civic duty that we should all take more seriously!

      Barbara P

    3. Bless you, Barbara. It really was a very welcome change, not a drag at all, and so refreshing to actually be encouraged to analyse every detail and voice an opinion at the end without having to keep apologising for it or fretting over whose nose I might be putting out of joint (and then asking myself if I really cared).

      Of course it would never happen, but if they had a list of willing jurors to choose from it would presumably be better for everyone involved.

  30. first time here. sorry about the ignorance about the blog, but i’m just listening to ‘shine on you crazy diamond’, and i wanted to give mad props to dave.

    used to be a waters fan, still am, but i’ve learned to give credit where credits due.

    thanks dave. i’ll follow the blog now…

  31. This is something I’ve heard today: Obama wrote to Berlusconi about his intention to discuss the problems of energies and climate changes during the next Italian G8.

    Here is the link, if someone is interested to read it.

    I would like to be happy about it, because it seems good news. I have some faith in Obama, but Berlusconi… I’m sure he doesn’t care this kind of problems at all.

    I only hope his devotion to the U.S. could be more useful this time, than in the past.

  32. Best wishes from France on your birthday, Andrew. How many candles did you blow out? (Oh, don’t reply…) 😉


    1. Michèle,

      Thank you and just for you…

      x = (square root of 9 X square root of 25) X (27/9)




  33. Thank you to all for the good wishes.

    I would be remiss if I didn’t reciprocate a belated Birthday greeting to Nate and Ken. Hope yours went as well as mine and mine wasn’t bad. Even though it was a cloudy, overcast and rainy day, a dinner out with family with good food and drink always makes it a great day.



  34. Just want to say that I will be very glad when this is released in the US.

    I also want to say hello to everyone again after a very long hiatus.

    Renee B.

  35. Hi Taki

    Sorry to have upset you, maybe I sounded a bit condescending and I did not mean to offend just raise a point about how lucky we are in the west – you and me both.

    As for religion I couldn’t agree more, it’s caused more wars than anything. I’m brought up of the Catholic faith but I’m not a follower and I’m not religious at all. But there are a few out there who do a lot of good and this includes Christian Aid.

    Anyways, I sincerely apologise Taki, I’ve just taken to the guitar so maybe you could give me some tips and I’ll catch up in the chat with you.

    As for New York Dan, I have not got a clue what you’re on about, too deep for me.


    1. …you did not upset me at all and there is no reason to apologize.

      Re: Guitar

      Well, a couple of years ago I wrote that I’m the world’s second worst guitar player, but I have improved myself. I’m still not the one who should give advice, but you asked, so hear it: take some guitar classes. There is nothing better than a teacher who tells you what you are doing wrong!

      Best regards,

  36. The first day in April I nearly jumped off my chair; a voice on the radio announced a PF concert here on the northern fringe of Europe; Lofoten. Immediately I took a long leap back to the Valle Hovin concert early 90s – for me an event once in a lifetime. When I lived in Oslo, it was a long and expensive journey to travel up north, so concerts abroad was way out in the blue. Of course this radio voice told a 1st of April joke, and still my lovely mind was prompted into fantasy. 🙂

    Only weeks ago a chieftain from a doomed pacific island came here to urge the natives here to stop the oil companies plans to exploit our continent`s last cod stock field – just outside Lofoten and Vesterålen. A fish stock that is severely threatened after too many years of greedy fishing. Paradoxically, the export stopped due to the financial crisis and now the boats lay still with too much fish in store.

    Another chieftain, from the Rain Forest Amazonas, also came here to thank the government for the money given to save the the forest. The government here have to answer for their investments in companies that threaten the last groups of unknown native Amazonas Indians – still alive and overlooked by the eyes of greed. Last year I was amazed and happy to know that the American soulful singer/songwriter Nancy Griffith did a concert in a Lofoten festival. We have no large population here, so it is kind of special when huge names find their way Arctic north.

    What a dream on the 1st April. 🙂

  37. :)) I’m beginning to think that Roger Waters was right about you chaps…

    Answer me this, is it warmer now, globally speaking, than it was during the last Ice Age? The climate has been changing for the last 4 billion years! Get used to it!

    I can’t believe how silly you guys are…

  38. Hi everyone:

    Today the Arctic Council finished the meeting Tromsø, northern Norway. The council consists of scientist, indigenous and political representatives with Al Gore as special guest – and they agreed on a Tromsø Declaration to follow this time before Copenhagen. Now they agree upon the fact that the melt-down of ice goes faster than expected. Some areas 2m per hour is melted! Both in the Arctic north and south, and the Andes and Himalayas, the melting goes faster. I heard the Norwegian foreign minister say the council will systematize new information and spread detailed knowledge; e.g, that the difference between minus and plus degrees globally has a major impact on melted or frozen ice and that tiny particles due to the burning of wood and grass – for fire especially in Russia, flies with the wind and are blown over the Arctic north and so contributes to the speedy melting and pollution.

    Hopefully the Copenhagen summit will agree upon concrete plans to help our planet.

    We need hope.

    All the best,


    For all those interested in climate change, alternative energy, etc., there’s a movie circulating in the States called “FUEL” that’s a must-see. (I hope it makes it across the Pond!)

    It’s funny, it’s been winning awards and great reviews all across the country, and it gives a lot of information the U.S. government (a.k.a. Big Oil) doesn’t want consumers to know, about what anybody can do to switch from an oil-based economy. (You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to retrofit a normal car to run on alternative fuel!)

    Go to to see a trailer and read all about it.

    The filmmaker, Josh Tickell, also has a book out, called Biodiesel America.

    1. Thank you for the details, Kris. I’ll certainly look out for both film and book and hope that, if any students or parents are reading, either they or their children might care to sign Adrian Andrade’s petition to get one million youngsters to encourage President Obama to watch, too.

    2. Hussein Obama is a terrorist and his regime must be stopped. This has nothing to do with the environment. Al Gore is a criminal and this entire CO2 cap and trade scam is the biggest scam in history. You are a fucking idiot if you believe it. Under Obama’s regime, the United States of America will become the next Somalia in a year.

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with oil. What is wrong is the globalists behind the climate change lie. Just because the US congress, especially Nancy Pelosi (perjurer and felon) owns a wind farm and Obama is Malcom X’s son and wants to destroy America and bring his communist reign to our country.

      They are all liars, climate changes, just like evolution. Fuck these assholes, they just want your money. Fuck them, take your world back! Freedom! Fuck the government. Globalists are the enemy.

  40. Anybody that believes CO2 is a problem is a fucking moron bought and sold by the globalists and Al Gore!

    This is the biggest scam in the history of the world. You’d have to be a fucking retard to think this is for real. I guess we better cut down every single tree in the world because they give off CO2. I guess we better kill every living being because they exhale CO2.

    Historically, we are in a cooling trend but people are too ignorant to actually look at facts because they are too fucking lazy and stupid to think for themselves. The UN is bullshit and so is this globalist movement. This is all just a ploy to keep the uber rich richer and keep the poor poorer and eliminate the middle class.

    People, don’t be so stupid, fight the government, this is all a lie.

    I’m shocked to see this kind of bullshit and lies on Gilmour’s website. Floyd was always against this kind of lies and corruption. What the fuck happened? I guess you get stupid when you get old.

  41. Mr. Gilmour,

    What’s going on with all of these on-ground and underneath the ocean earthquakes and stuff, causing tsunamis and all kinds of crap.

    For the first time in my life I am afraid.


    The Life-Long Fan,
    Roger G. VanBlarcom

  42. I agree with Global Rhetoric in post #47. We have scientifically now proven beyond any doubts that mankind contributes so little to global warming that even if the growth remained linear and constant it would take well over 1000 years to affect the temperature 0.2C degrees. We have shown that Gore’s video misrepresents the data and even fraudulently alters the data in order to make his case.

    By now it should be overwhelmingly obvious that the whole global warming scam (AKA Climate Change) is nothing more than a money and power grab similar to the extreme socialist movements of the past. The ones in Germany in the early 1900s and the one that ruined Russia – also in the early 1900s. To repeat this error once again but on a larger scale (globally) would be the greatest crime against humanity the world has ever seen. It will make Hitler and Lenin look like boy-scouts.

    If you like watching videos on this subject there are literally hundreds that show Al Gore to be a charlatan, a crook, a hypocrite, and a deep socialist. Remember he essentially is the man who brought plagues of NAFTA and GATT upon the American people and the world. 😡

    Here is the latest video I’ve discovered on the topic. It shows the incredible fraud Al Gore is attempting to perpetrate on the unsuspecting citizens of the world.

  43. David,

    Hi, I’m a medical Doctor in León Guanajuato Mexico, this is the first time in my life that I use your internet communication, it´s very good to me because you are a very important person to me for your music style, your serenity, and your guitar feeling. I´m 41 years old and my son, 16, is now starting the guitar. If you come to my city you have here your house, friends and fans who wish you Merry Christmas to your family and you.

    Thanks David for reading my lines.

    Dr. José Miguel López Zepeda.

  44. Hi Dave,

    I play ‘The Blue” and ‘Time’ a few times every morning before I go to work, thanks for your great music.

    I’d like to bring one thing to everybody’s attention about Global Warming…

    15,000 years ago, the Arctic ice cap was a mile tall and this wall of ice came down south all the way to present day North America. Well, we didn’t melt it all.
    Mother nature is responsible for 99.997% of Global Warming. Only 1% of the Earth’s atmosphere is ‘green house’ gases and 97% of that 1% is Water Vapor (clouds, rain). So 0.3% of 1% of gases like Carbon Dioxide remain. ALL of this Carbon Dioxide was here long, long, long before cavemen drove 500 hp. Dodge Chargers.

    Science Magazine, Nov. 1982…

    “The world’s Termites generate far more than TWICE the amount of Carbon Dioxide that generates by burning fossil fuels.”

    Most of the Earth’s 1 degree rise in temp. happened before 1940, and so far all of the climate models have been wrong, so look into this with an open mind about what Volcanoes put into the air compared to what man puts in the air.

    Adam A, USA

  45. Hello Adam,

    Yes, there is a trap of looking at one or two pieces of evidence only so the bigger picture of what happens when several factors are at work is missed.

    Volcanoes put carbon dioxide into the air yes, it was that which brought the earth out of the last ice age. The problem for earth today is the RATE at which mean global surface temperatures are increasing. Human activity is causing an acceleration of a phenomenon the earth has undergone many times before, but there is a very real risk of causing a POSITIVE FEEDBACK cycle of warming.

    This means that warming could cause melting of methane trapped in permafrost. Methane is four times more potent than CO2. This will cause a further increase of MGST, more melting of permafrost and ice caps. Less snow and ice to reflect sunlight and therefore infra red radiation. Warmer water in the oceans will expand causing sea levels to rise, melt water will also contribute. Cutting forests removes a valuable carbon sink. Burning fossil fuels has removed a carbon sink and put it back into the atmosphere. There is a runaway spiralling of temperature increase. The article you cited points out that the largest termite emissions happen in tropical areas disturbed by human activity. Clearing of forests which turn CO2 into long term carbon stores (therefore methane too since it is a product of decomposition of living things).

    All this goes on over a very, very long time. Millions of years.

    Science isn’t wrong, how findings are communicated to the general public is sometimes misunderstood. The problem for humans is flooding, drought, displacement of huge unbelievably huge numbers of starving people. This will happen in a relatively short timespan. In a few hundreds of years. Maybe faster than that. It may be happening now, we have seen very severe flooding, even freak events more frequently over the past 100 years. Science says it’s too early to say if this is a pattern which will continue and increase. It could be freak events which come and go for no obvious reason. But when viewed with the earth’s long term history and our knowledge about greenhouse gasses and their effects, we’d be very foolish to not consider this could be the start of runaway global warming.

    The relatively short time span is the biggest problem because of the social implications for humans.

    (I’m not dead clever, I studied this last year and it’s still fresh in my mind 🙂 )


  46. Forgive me everyone. 🙂 I just rambled a load of stuff without reading Fed’s post or anyone’s comments first. Most of what I said appears to have been covered and it looks like everyone is a convert anyway!

    Fed, forgive me for not reading your post at the time, glad to look at it now though. 🙂

    ash (been playing Dylan today Fed 🙂 )

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