The Grammys

It’s the Grammys on Sunday. As you know, David has been nominated for Best Instrumental Rock Performance (for the Gdańsk version of ‘Castellorizon’).

There will be a live stream of the non-televised portion of the night’s events from LA – the pre-telecast – over at, launching at 16:00 (Eastern).

That’s 13:00 (Pacific), 21:00 (UK).

This will be available on demand throughout February, if you’ve better things to do than watch hours of build-up and only really want to see how David fares.

You can watch the ceremony itself live on CBS in the States. Check your TV listings for details.

In the UK, ITV2 will be showing over two hours of highlights on Monday night, from 21:00 (UK).

Needless to say, you’ll have heard if it’s worth tuning in before then.

Have a good weekend, everyone, and Happy Birthday to Tom for tomorrow.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. I haven’t actually sat down to watch the Grammys in years. Mainly because of the state of the music industry, or should I say mainly because I have no interest in artists like Beyonce, Britney and Amy Winehouse. Over the years the show has had some interesting moments and controversy. Jethro Tull winning Best Heavy Metal?? The funny part was the following year when Metallica won that category and during their acceptance they gave thanks to Jethro Tull for not releasing anything that year. (Although in fairness to Tull, there was a song on Crest of Knave that was a bit heavier than his usual fare but it certainly didn’t rock like Metallica.)

    Anyway, maybe I’ll have it on in the background.

    Best of luck to David and hoping that he will have some company for the other Grammy on his bookshelf.

    Tell us FEd, did you ever see that Grammy in person??

    Enjoy the weekend!!



    1. Yes, and for fun here is an interesting link to 10 instances where the Grammys got it wrong – including the Tull one referenced above.



    2. Loved it when Tull won! How heavy does heavy have to be? Metallica could only dream about composing anything as close to musical perfection as the Thick As A Brick album, and Aqualung… Oh My!

      Bottom line is that J.T. are early pioneers that have influenced many great bands including Metallica. Gotta pay your dues, man. Tull had at that time more so than Metallica and deserved that award.

  2. Hi Fed,

    have you got any further information about David’s appearance a few days ago in the London North School? He played with Wix Wickens “Come Together” from Beatles song!?


  3. Sad to say there will most likely be more coverage of the people when they walk the red carpet then the show itself.

    Definitely looking forward to seeing the tribute to Bo Diddley. Either I don’t watch that often or it doesn’t happen, these type of award ceremonies don’t give enough attention to acts like BB King or Buddy Guy and others like them, nor to the talent of one Mr. David Gilmour!!!

  4. Here’s to Dave and a well deserved crack at the Grammys. I have a good feeling that this will be his year.

    I’ll be watching this year (usually I don’t as I find most shows of that calibre rather vapid and discomforting to sit all the way through… remembering one rather obscenely embarrassing moment during the Oscars when Jason Alexander – George of Seinfeld fame – skipped and pranced around the stage like a retarded rooster amongst an ocean of sequinned chorus girls singing the Batman theme. Ugh. 8| I still shudder remembering THAT debacle.

    Anyways, I digress… here’s to another crowning achievement that both fan and artist can hopefully revel in together. Here’s to the hopes of David winning the prize this time out.


  5. Thanks for the heads up FEd.

    Let’s hope there’ll be a “successful” announcement on the blog on Monday!

    Best of luck to David. Then again we don’t need the award to tell us what a great tune it is!

    Have a great weekend all and be safe with all the unprecedented weather we’re having in the UK.


  6. Will David be accepting his award in person?

    Being the modest man that he is… I doubt it, but he is worthy of the accolades, that is for sure.

  7. Happy birthday Tom.

    The Grammys are insufferable, best of luck to David and all but no Grammys for me.

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you.

  8. I will say, I like the music of all David’s competitors, but there is only one on my list worthy of competing. That would be Dwezil for Zappa plays Zappa, and I give him that much because I know how complex his father’s music was. He did a fantastic job of recreating it, and put on a hell of a show, however, the music really isn’t his.

    So good luck, David.

  9. Good luck David, and Rush as they are my picks, somehow I feel it won’t happen. 🙁

    The Grammys and the Oscars are our favourite to watch every year. Fingers crossed.

    How is the snow up your way Fed, you need cross country skis to get your mail?

    1. No need for skis. It comes, it goes. More is expected this week.

      I’ve really enjoyed it – and all the debates about whether or not Britain is an international laughing stock because our public transport systems couldn’t cope, schools closed and millions of people took time off work.

  10. I’m really hoping David wins the award — he certainly deserves it! But, this being the Grammys, who knows. :))

    I must take a listen to the others in David’s (Grammy) category. Interesting group — Nine Inch Nails, Metallica, Zappa Sings Zappa, and Rush. I haven’t listened to a single one of these other nominated songs yet, but I shall before Sunday just to familiarize myself with the category, although I’ll still be rooting for David! No doubt about that! 🙂

  11. Hullo FED & All !!!!!

    Long time, no hear, or see of me lately. I personally would love to see David win another Grammy !! Fanfrikkintastic !

    It’s been of late, obviously, that I haven’t been around. Much has been going on through some tumultuous times as I see myself going through the arc of grief. It has been quite some time and I regret that I haven’t been very forthcoming. Time heals all wounds.

    And I’d like to say again that David through his music and inspiration has enriched my life. Somebody’s birthday is coming up soon too !

    Thank you all for being such rich, dear compatriots in our shared love of music. It has such depth, the music, that it reaches to our very core and I just want to say again David a very heartfelt, “Thank you ! And Kudos to you too mate !”

    And to all of here, it is good to be back and see that there have been some changes going on here too.

    Peace and Much Love To All !!! You know who you are…

    Cazart ! :))

  12. Good luck to David for tomorrow.

    However, for me “Castellorizon” is a very beautiful piece of music, with or without the Grammy. 🙂

    Happy birthday, Tom!

  13. Wishing David the best of luck with the Grammy nomination.
    We already know it’s the “Best Instrumental Rock Performance”. 😛

    Have a good weekend everyone and happy 15th birthday to my son, Kameron.

  14. WOOHOO! WTG David for the nomination, so well deserved, and we will be crossing our fingers that you will win a Grammy, for that reason we will be watching the Grammys for the first time in years again.

  15. I don’t think David will win.

    Before anyone attacks me with their pointy sticks, let me tell you why.

    Obviously I think David’s music is great, or else I would never frequent his Blog. It’s just that the Grammys are into more recent music that appeals to a younger demographic. It’s true that sometimes bands like Metallica or Tull win a Grammy. But it is rare these days.

    Award shows like this are really popularity contests, and an Amy Winehouse will always win out over a David Gilmour for the simple reason that Winehouse is like a train wreck. It’s awful, but you gotta slow down and take a look. David isn’t that kind of person, so neither he nor his act will become that kind of a spectacle.

    So, no prize for David. I hope to be dead wrong about that. We will see on Monday.

    1. No pointy stick from me, I couldn’t agree more on the issue of such an event awarding whichever darling everyone’s talking about at the moment (usually for all the wrong reasons).

      If David does win, it will be a triumph for pure music over all the guff that unfortunately surrounds it. If he doesn’t, I doubt anyone reading this will lose any sleep over it.

  16. I hope he wins. We need a real artist to win. Him and his old mate Paul McCartney. I concur with Andrew.

    If David does win, I’m sure he’ll dedicate it to Rick Wright.

  17. david,

    this is my first blog or any other words of thanks i have ever took time to say anything to anyone.

    i have appreciated all the many years of listening to their music and there have been many as i am just a few younger than yourself and i have been lucky to have attended 150 concerts give or take a few and the great am/fm radio, cds, dvds, etc. but thanks for all you have added to my life through music by you and many others as i used it in all good and bad times and realize how grateful we are for people like yourself that have given so much.

    so there it is, thank you and yours, god bless, have a great life and good to see you enjoy it so much!!!


    p.s. keep rockin’.

  18. Thank you for the notice, FEd.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for David.

    Enjoy what remains of the weekend,

  19. I will be watching the Grammys for the first time in years in hopes that David wins. The live album is WELL deserving of any award(s) it receives!

    Good luck David!!!

  20. Back after an extended break Fed. I haven’t got used to the new format yet, but I find it a good change.

    I agree with a lot of the comments above about the Grammys. Every industry seems to have these pat yourself on the back award shows, and usually the commercially driven rubbish take away the awards and they think they’re great musicians. It’s absolutely great to see a real musician get nominated and receive some of the recognition, even if he doesn’t win. He’s still the winner in our eyes.

    All the best Fed and all,

  21. If you were planning on staying up, don’t bother.

    The award went to ‘Peaches en Regalia’ (Zappa Plays Zappa).

  22. Sorry to hear that, David. Would have been nice to see you win, also would have also been nice to see Rush win. Yeah, like that’ll ever happen!

    Now I remember why I hate the Grammys.

  23. David gets robbed, AGAIN! I know many instrumentals better than Peaches en Regalia IMHO! Zappa Plays Zappa is boring. Sounded like a cocktail jazz band to me.

    My picks of Best Instrumental of October, 2007 to September, 2008 were:

    David Gilmour – Castellorizon (Live in Gdansk)
    Genesis – Duke’s Intro (hybrid of intro to Behind the Lines and Duke’s End, Live Over Europe)
    Rush – Hope (Snakes and Arrows Live)
    Metallica – Suicide and Redemption (Death Magnetic)

  24. Bad luck David on the Grammy. We all know who the real winner is!

    Ooh, smilies. :))

    Nice work on the new site F’ed, is that a new domain name too?

  25. I’m sorry David didn’t win the award, because he would have really deserved it, but I’m not so surprised. We all know how these things go, so I think we shouldn’t care about it very much.

    I know “Peaches en Regalia”, but sincerely I’m not much informed about “Zappa Plays Zappa”. Who is it? A tribute or something like that?

    Ciao 😉

    1. Hi Alessandra,

      Zappa Plays Zappa is a band headed up by Frank’s son, Dweezil. The songs and arrangements are Frank’s.

      Steve Vai and Napoleon Murphy Brock played with Frank and then toured with Dweezil in Zappa Plays Zappa. Napoleon Murphy Brock goes way back to the ’70s with Frank.

      I suppose ZPZ could be called a tribute band — a tribute from son to father, old friends to old friend. 🙂


    2. Thank you very much for your explanation, Gabrielle.

      I’ve seen there are a lot of ZPZ songs online, but for the moment I only listened to their “Peaches en Regalia”, so I can’t say if I like them or not.


    3. Hi Alessandra,

      Good reply Gabrielle, just wanted to add a couple of other things.

      Terry Bozio (drummer) toured with Zappa plays Zappa as well, again another fine member from one of his father’s many bands. Terry later formed his own band (Missing Persons) with his wife Dale who was “Mary” on the “Joe’s Garage” albums.

      Frank Zappa earned one Grammy for “G-Spot Tornado”, and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with… “Peaches en Regalia”.

  26. Hi FEd and mates,

    thanks for the news… I don’t care, I think Castellorizon is a real wonderful track and “our” David, the first guitarist and music-artist in the whole universe.

    I hope for new music (not necessarily a song) remembering Rick’s life, I know, it’s just my hope!

    A hug from Rome,

  27. Well, that’s a relief. I won’t have to sit through 2 hours of that dross on the telly tonight now. I think I’ll watch ‘Paul McKenna: I Can Make You Thin’ instead.

  28. ‘Peaches En Regalia’, Zappa Plays Zappa… I was curious enough to listen to it (live) online… maybe a bit funny and entertaining, I have to admit, but no soul at all…

    De toutes façons, on s’en fout des Grammys machins et des tapis rouges!!!

    Tchin-Tchin, David, you’re the best! 🙂


    1. Inspired by Michele being inspired, I also checked out the Zappa plays Zappa track on our favourite vehicle for broadcasting yourself – or others obviously – and I tend to agree… the foot refused to tap, there was a distinct lack of soul and ample evidence that three guitars has never ever (not even once) been better than one.

      Still, it’s for live rock performance and as I wasn’t there, I can’t really judge – maybe on the night they were sublime, a revelation, a heart beat away from eternity… and to be fair they have a sexier Sax player (sorry Dick, but you have to face it, old boy).

  29. WTF? How boring were they, huh? If not for the few glasses of wine, it would have extremely boring. Paul McCartney was the greatest part of the show, but they failed to air him playing. Television is nothing but a disappointment.

    Sorry you didn’t win David. You totally deserved it. My nephew of course would disagree and say NO, RUSH did, but anyway.

    On another note, Sorry FEd. What the hell is wrong with the kids in California? Do parents not love their children at all while they’re growing up or teach them to respect dead animals on the side of the road. WTF?

  30. One of those strange occurrences, I took the LIG CD from my car on Friday evening & replaced it with Hot Rats by Zappa (Peaches en Regalia is the first track).

    If only…..

  31. Zappa plays Zappa is actually one concert that I attended last year and Dweezil Zappa is a fine musician who is as under appreciated as his father. Fact is though that Frank is probably rolling over in his grave for having such commercial success as winning a Grammy.

    Although it is unfortunate that David didn’t win, it is pleasing to see a Zappa get recognized.

    By the way FEd, you did see that the Eagles took home a Grammy as well but we won’t mention the band that Lucia likes won a Grammy too.



    1. I hadn’t. To be honest, following the Grammys’ Twitter feed had me losing the will to stay awake last night (not a criticism of their feed, of course, which was great, just a swipe at the tedium of endless awards for people I either don’t know or couldn’t give two hoots for). I’m just glad that the result for Best Rock Instrumental came when it did.

      I do know, perhaps making me rather sad, that the Eagles were nominated for Best Pop – and Rock – Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals (as opposed to being mute, presumably, for ‘Waiting In The Weeds’ and ‘Long Road Out of Eden’ respectively), Best Pop Instrumental Performance (for ‘I Dreamed There Was No War’) and Best Pop Vocal Album.

      Which one did they win? Forgive my laziness. With both the Grammys and BAFTAs taking place last night, I can hardly bring myself to search for the answer for fear of having to absorb any more pointless information about ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ or ‘Viva La Vida’.

    2. Ironically, the Eagles won only one for Best Pop Instrumental Performance for “I Dreamed There Was No War.”

      Overall, I have a hard time focusing on the Grammy Awards and all the crap that goes along with it but sometimes it’s nice to see things like Eagles and Zappa winning.

      It was also interesting to see Robert Plant/Alison Krauss win so many. I would say that the whole Led Zeppelin reunion talk should really be put to rest now. Plant was so excited about this collaboration and now he was richly rewarded for it beyond anyone’s expectations. I don’t see him now taking a road backwards. So be it.



    3. Thanks for that, Andrew. ‘I Dreamed There Was No War’ is such a beautiful piece of music. A beautiful dream, too.

  32. Highlights of the Grammys:

    -Robert Plant and Alison Krauss win Record of the Year and Album of the Year! Second year in a row where actual musicians won AoY (Herbie Hancock won for his Joni Mitchell tribute album last year).
    -Robert Plant and Alison Krauss’ performance.
    -Al Green and Justin Timberlake singing Let’s Stay Together. JT was a bit over the top, but a good performance nonetheless.
    -Adele wins Best New Artist (I think she has a great voice and a lot of potential).
    -Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, and Neil Diamond performing.
    -Rick Wright being recognized in the In Memoriam segment.
    -BB King, Buddy Guy, John Mayer, and Keith Urban tribute to Bo Diddley.


    -The Rap Pack, Kanye West complaining about never winning Best New Artist.
    -Dwayne Johnson’s cheesey introduction.
    -Katey Perry, MIA.
    -David not winning. 😡 🙁
    -Head of the MPAA calling for a Secretary of the Arts position in the president’s cabinet.
    -The lack of awards presented in the telecast (only 10, what about Jazz, blues, traditional pop? Are these not worthy of being presented in the mainstream telecast?)

    1. Ax:

      Can I add the performance of Jennifer Hudson as a Highlight? I thought she was wonderful.

      It was also good to see Natalie Cole even if she did not perform.

  33. Shame David didn’t win, but pleased to see Mr Plant winning.

    I wonder if he is really that bothered, given everything he has achieved and still a youngstar. 😉

  34. And to cheer up our FEd, Best Pop Vocal Album:

    ‘Rockferry’, by the beautiful, talented, Welsh Duffy. Maybe she is a Liverpool fan, too… 😉

    1. Actually, FEd should also know that Kings of Leon won for Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals for “Sex on Fire.” Wasn’t that one of the songs he voted for as best of 2008 list a few weeks ago??



    2. Ah, but it’s not a patch on anything off ‘Long Road Out of Eden’. That title track is one of the best songs written in the last 20 years, I say.

  35. Hello FEd and all! Well, first of all pretty much disappointing David didn’t win but he’ll always be the best. We all know it. 8)

    The Grammy, gosh, I have to say, I only enjoy watching Mr McCartney, Mr Diamond, The Bo Diddley tribute (BB, Guy, Urban, Mayer were great) and The Top Four tribute while the most shameful moment was that they actually ‘changed’ the Rat Pack to the Rap Pack??! Come on now… at least you should do a decent tribute to Dean Martin. Play some of his songs. Not rap! What is happening to the music industries??

    Anyway, a birthday wish for Tom! Happy Birthday to you.

    Stay well everyone especially you FEd. 😀

  36. Hi FEd and all,

    the result came as expected.

    Anyway, I had some time to kill today while proctoring an exam, so I tried myself on a limerick as a substitute:

    In New York David Gilmour one day
    Bought a guitar he still loves to play
    They call it Black Strat
    And its sound is not flat
    But amazingly complex, I’d say.


  37. I was sad to see that David lost. However, I was very happy to see Robert Plant & Alison Krauss get awards for Raising Sand. It is a wonderful album and certainly worthy of some Grammys.

    Have a great week everyone!

  38. Remember Kids,

    If the Grammys are crap when David doesn’t win, they are still crap if he does.


    1. I think that objectivity is the language of reason and subjectivity (partiality) is the language of the heart.

      I like this quote by philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal:

      “Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît point.” (= something like ‘The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of.’)

      Reason and heart are rarely compatible, n’est ce pas?


  39. I like Zappa’s music in small doses, it’s clever and some of it is very interesting but it lacks soul, heart, grandeur, it’s not epic. It doesn’t transport you to another space-time cosmos, or wake up deep memories or emotion in the listener. It’s just kind of “hip” but in a dated sense.

    I think Zappa won because Zappa is a Hollywood local.

    Zappa in his heyday played the media’s game–something members of the Floyd never really did. I always thought Zappa was so consistently politically correct and “look at me, I’m so smart and hip” he could be tiresome and annoying. I remember listening to him at some congressional hearing and the senator was lauding his intelligence, and I remember thinking that nothing Zappa said was particularly interesting or insightful. He just had a really “hip” attitude.

    I used to sing “Yellow Snow” in the shower and I loved “200 Motels”, but… Nothing Zappa did comes close to being as good as the first dozen or so notes of Castellorizaton. Nothing. Not even remotely.

    The fact that Zappa won makes me sick and angry. The recording industry is so full of crap these days…

    1. You need to listen to the instrumental Black Napkins on Zoot Allures. It is a tremendous piece of musical talent.



    2. … I don’t think that any commercial jury decisions should make anyone sick and angry.

      BTW: This was the first time I ever read that FZ was politically correct. I still don’t believe my eyes and assume that I missed the joke…

      As Andrew wrote, FZ composed some great pieces of music and IMHO his technique very was impressing. But more of all he had a very professional attitude. His words before he and his band jumped on stage were “let’s work!”…

      Of course: opposite opinions allowed and welcomed. 😀


    3. …yes indeed, like two too rich teenagers getting on the news for having a fight and having to cancel their performance… we are so sorry they had to cancel… aren’t we?

    4. Sorry, but Frank Zappa was never a darling of Hollywood, nor did he play “the media’s game.” He was always treated an outsider by those people. Politically correct? Not Frank. He was the poster child for political incorrectness!

      The congressional hearings you refer to were part of Tipper Gore and friends’ (successful) attempt to censor lyrics on any given musician’s albums, if they so desired. If you really listen to those congressional hearings you will find that any ‘left-handed’ compliment given to Frank on his level of intelligence was only as a token, right before skewering him.

      Frank Zappa was a one-of-a-kind, like him or not, and he certainly did things just like Frank Sinatra might sing — he did things his way.

      By the way, he would probably also be disturbed that he was ‘honored’ in any way by the Grammys, since they represented everything he thought was wrong with creating music–the music ‘industry’ itself! 😀

    5. Of course: opposite opinions allowed and welcomed.

      And enjoyed, so please keep them coming.

      I’ve never been a Zappa fan, myself…

    6. Dr. Rock:

      For me, most of the music is just forgettable (now stepping swiftly of the soapbox as some of my friends are diehard Zappa fans).

      I have a very hard time imagining that the music of the likes of the Beatles, David Gilmour and Pink Floyd will ever become forgettable.

  40. Grammy or no Grammy, I think we all know who wins by far.

    Belated Happy Birthday, Tom.


  41. It was a good show aside from Zappa winning. I had to mute the Rap tribute as my dog couldn’t bear it. What was that pregnant girl thinking with child ready to pop?

    Radiohead didn’t do anything for me but Jennifer Hudson did.

    It was a British invasion, good for Robert Plant!

  42. I watched the Grammys and I think it was not bad at all this year, I am talking about the live performances. To me Jennifer Hudson was the peak of the eveving; she was so moving with her song, after what she had to pass through those last months… She had a lot of courage. Anybody share my point of view?

    I also liked Robert Plant, Coldplay and of course Sir Paul McCartney!!!

    P.S. Fed, my birthday is Cctober 21th, same day as Jon Carin… 😉

    1. Sylvie de montreal:

      I agree with you completely. Jennifer Hudson was the ‘class act’ of the whole evening. Aside from the tragedy, she has talent.

      I found Timberlake and Green trying to upstage each other embarrassing, as well as the pregnant girl, and sorry, even if it is a present ‘style’ low riding pants on the rapper, can we please pull them up for national TV? Guess rap just doesn’t do anything for me.

      It is too bad that a lot of this show is such junk, when you think of the talent that can be tapped for a really quality evening. No wonder this program is going the way of Entertainment magazine. At least it is for me.

    2. Junk? You mean you didn’t appreciate the Katy Perry performance? You do know that she kissed a girl. LOL.



  43. Also, need to say that while I didn’t mind Coldplay song, I still don’t think they are ‘all that’.

    Guess I am still disappointed about them not recognizing David, but then that would mean that they would be able to recognize how to put on a good show. Seeing Stevie Wonder now reduced to a closing act, with everyone filing out, was sad. He has not produced much worth hearing in sometime.

    Did enjoy the Bo Diddley tribute, mainly because of B.B. King and Urban. Robert Plant and Allison Krauss also brought some validity to a ‘music’ awards show.

    Tired of Kanye West playing the I Never Win tune.

  44. I think that David definitely deserves to win this one especially given the amount of, shall we say, “talent-less crap” that’s out there.

    Also it needs to be said that although there are a few good acts playing that night… WHY IS DAVID GILMOUR not playing? I would tune in just for that and pretty much only that.

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