If you were unable to catch David and the band performing on Later… with Jools Holland back in September, and haven’t discovered the performance anywhere online since, part of the broadcast footage is now available for your guilt-free viewing pleasure over on the ‘Live in Gdańsk’ page.

‘The Blue’ (from ‘On an Island’) can be found there, as well as some chat.

Although it really does seem like only yesterday, this was originally televised on 26 September 2008.

Other performances on the celebrated show, or its New Year’s special, Hootenanny, include appearances with BB King (in December 1997), Paul McCartney (in November 1999) and Mica Paris (in November 2001). Not forgetting, of course, the visit in May during the 2006 tour, where David Crosby and Graham Nash particularly shone.

Have I forgotten any others, and do you have a favourite?

Oh, and if you were hopeful of breaking news about a forthcoming appearance, I do apologise.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

27 thoughts on “Later…”

  1. Dear old Jools is responsible for introducing me to various bits and bobs over the years. I vaguely remember Placebo back in the day, although I didn’t start liking them until much later. I also loved his jam with The White Stripes on My Doorbell. Rather cool.

    Been listening to ‘Animals’ quite a bit at the mo’. I gotta say, David’s guitar work on that is sublime, top class stuff.

    x x x

    Oh, and as for news of a performance, would that be my sitting room, say, Thursday evening in celebration of another essay completed and handed in? No? I’ll keep on dreaming then.

    1. Been listening to ‘Animals’ quite a bit at the mo’. I gotta say, David’s guitar work on that is sublime, top class stuff.

      Yes, this album is great from a guitarist point of view. I listen to it regularly and so did I today. When I left my car today the last words I heard were “everything’s done under the sun” from Dogs. In a meeting later on I was introduced into some processes that we had years ago, what a coincidence…

      On-topic: I can see Jools from time to time on some of the digital sat channels. I can’t remember when exactly but there was a great show with Gnarls Barkley singing “Run” and a band where the singer hat huge plastic hands. In general his show is one of very very few places where you can see and hear musicians and not simulated music out of the can presented by dancers…


      PS. I keep forgetting to enter name and e-mail address in my first post every day. Can’t you set up this blog so that it will remember me using a cookie or similar, FEd?

  2. Hey, thanks guys for posting this stuff so we don’t have to turn er… elsewhere. It’s really cool, that so much effort is still being put into this site.

    Thanks David and CO.

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you.

  3. Sorry for the unrelated post but did Amazon ever annonuce the winners of the guitar contest for the US and UK? I keep checking my mailbox but I don’t see that the delivery man was able to make a guitar fit quite yet. 😀

    Been a while since I’ve been here… it looks good! Keep up the good work Fed.


  4. Very nice to see the interview again, but it was out of lipsync. I’ve got 6.7meg broadband, so is it my end or yours do you think?


  5. Sorry FEd, that last post was rather impolite. I didn’t ask how you were, nor did I apologise for not posting for a long time.

    I humbly beg your pardon.


  6. I have seen several times David’s interview on Later… with Jools Holland but could only ‘feel’ the emotion in David’s voice and on his face.

    Please, is there any way to READ the interview somewhere online?


  7. The Jools Holland chat was great! Thanks for making the interview available on the page.

    I must say I enjoy the “Live In Gdansk” page very much ever since the page became available. I usually tune in to the page while reading the Blog but most of the time, I can’t resist not watching the performances and then there goes my evening; in the enchanted music of David Gilmour.

  8. This is freaky, after last week’s 50s blog episode and Autumn Leaves with The Manz today, it will be interesting to see that with David here sometime hopefully. 8)

    1. That would be good, but I wouldn’t count on it.

      No idea what we’re talking about? See the next blog post (entitled Surprise appearance) for details.

  9. Excellent interview of Jools and David about Richard. It’ll never be the same again. 🙁

  10. It always strikes me what a considerate and utterly nice person DG seems to be… The interview brings up the emptying feeling brought on by RW’s passing. It is still very sad and makes my heart sink.

  11. Hi FEd,

    Thanks for asking,

    Actually I have been undergoing a course of Chemotherapy and assorted minor ops so I have been some what preoccupied. When I was told I had to have Chemo in September last year I bought a newspaper as I left the Hospital only to read the news about Richard’s sad leaving. Spooky or what.

    There have been a lot more Floyd coincidences over the years, the oddest of which was my daughter marrying the son of someone who was in a very early band with Syd, but that quite shook me. It also made me more determined to fight the bloody cancer. My surgeon is hopeful that the chemo will have done it’s job and he wont need to cut me up. So I am feeling somewhat optimistic.

    Don’t know why I’m telling you all this but it’s good to unburden yourself to some one you don’t actually know. If you know what I mean?

    Sorry to waffle.

  12. Hi Roger,

    All the best with your treatment, my partner, Gillian, is having a course as well, she had Breast Cancer late last year and is, I hop,e on the mend now after having had surgery! She actually had her 2nd dose today!

    Chin up and all!!!!


    1. Thanks to FEd & you Paul. It’s not my chin that needs help, it’s a lot lower down !!!

      Hope all goes well with Gillian, Chemo can be quite a struggle as the course of treatment begins to wear you down.

      I bought a T-shirt with the slogan “Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way” and wore it to every session. It brought out all the Floydians and gave us a sense of comradeship.

      Wishing you and yours as much good luck as you can cope with.

      Roger (not that one)

    2. Paul, Gillian and Roger, good luck all of you. 🙂

      I went to the hospital every day for a month with a relative who was having radio therapy (successful by the way), a couple of years ago. There was a bloke I got talking to who was having the same treatment, you tended to see the same people at aboutish the same time. He was a Floyd fan, not only that, his company had done some work for Nick Mason, painted his helicopter!

      It’s rather nice the camaraderie that develops in hospital waiting rooms.

      ash X

  13. Roger, many thanks for your kind words!

    Hanging on in quiet desperation is not the Irish way unfortunately!!


  14. Good afternoon FEd,

    Have you noticed how polite and considerate everyone seems to be around here?

    Is it something we’re born with or have we all been influenced by something else on the way?

    What could that be I wonder?

    Answers on a postcard…


  15. … almost a year after this blog entry ZDF Theaterkanal (aired through satellites over the cold clear winter nights) does a re-run of that legendary September 26th, 2008 show and replays it a couple of times (as it always does with “Later”).

    I recorded it and we just saw. “Remember a Day”‘s emotions are still there. What a great “Blue” outro solo it was. Played live, it’s a miracle…

    I reminded me that a new DG album would turn a lot of people happy, especially if there would be a track or two with the late Rich Wright (not forgotten, not him). Wishes are free, I suppose, but he who has to do the work, may decide different.

    Best regards


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