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The January edition of France’s Guitarist & Bass magazine has now been added to the archives, if you care to take a look. December’s Guitar Part is also there, also in French.

If you can’t read them, don’t worry; it’s much the same as what has appeared in similar magazines recently. These can also be found in the archives.

Press from all over the world is always gratefully received. If you happen to spot anything, and can scan it for others to read, please do.

Thanks again for all your contributions to this archive to date.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. I love to see and read (when the language permits) articles concerning David and the music behind the man. Whereas Elvis had the effect of audiences and fans, I don’t believe he had the effect on the whole music industry the way David’s (and PF) music had and has on the entire world, both musicians and listeners.

    1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Joe. I’m sorry that it’s not working (again).

      This is the page you want. You can also contact FAQ & Support, if you want to let them know about this problem (I have already done so, but there’s a link at the foot of the page if anyone else wants to chime in).

      This is the link you need if you have the vinyl and want to download the whole concert, plus the live tracks and barn jam.

    2. … and thanks for reminding me to send their support an e-mail. They must have changed something at the beginning of 2009 since my old link asked suddenly for a user name and password, but it took them only a few minutes to provide me one that works.


  2. It’s always nice to find articles like these with lots of details. I used some of these good articles from Mojo, as well as Phil Taylor’s book, and Nick Mason’s book, for my past academic research about modulation effects and psychedelic music.

    While searching for material I stumbled upon a lovely picture of David and Rick experimenting with the early VCS3. Click here and look in The Users section.

  3. Off-topic, I know, but I missed out on the opportunity to give my opinion on ‘Live in Gdansk’ when it actually came out, so I’ll do it here.

    Wonderful album. I actually prefer some of the tracks on this live album to their respective studio-versions, such as ‘Fat Old Sun’, and, dare I say it, ‘Echoes’. Steve DiStanislao’s drumming in ‘Echoes’ is remarkable (and everywhere else of course!) The rest of the band were fantastic as well.

    Thanks to DG and the rest of the crew for such an amazing album. Well worth the wait! 🙂

  4. Hi FEd.

    Off topic: I just read the news blurb about David playing at the charity event last night – bravo for him. I lost my husband Richard 3 years ago this month to a glioblastoma brain tumor. I hope they raised enough money for the child’s family for treatment and then some. It is a horrible disease taking so many too soon.

    On a lighter note: the articles on David have been great – even the ones I can’t read (if it has pictures). I’m happy that such a talented and decent man is being recognized for being talented and decent.


  5. I think that the Guitarist & Bass article is much more interesting than the Guitar Part article (which is indeed a sort of replica of the UK Guitar & Bass, December issue).

    A very nice, long and positive article on Guitarist & Bass. Nice photos.

    I, for myself, never heard before of Leadbelly whose music influenced David, as he says.

    I was also pleased to read Pete Townshend’s homage to David (David being so very much appreciated by all musicians, as he says).

    I was also interested in reading the comments about the Glastonbury incident, ‘le festival de la honte’ as they say (= ‘the festival of shame’).

    But, the icing on the cake is the complete story of the Black Strat, of all the transformations from May 70 till now. Sure a delight for all guitarists (even for a non guitarist like me).

    PS: But first, I didn’t know we had to click the word ‘archives’ in your post, FEd, please (see, I ask politely), could you ‘write’ the links in a different way than the text itself? (Hope that makes sense.)


    1. Michele, thank you for giving us the bits and pieces of information from the article. It must be an extensive write up judging from all these pages.

      Though the article is in French, it’s a joy just by glancing through the pictures.

      Hope I can make the chat…

  6. ‘Come Together’ with David on lead-guitar? 8| I can’t imagine that…


  7. Not mentioning last night.

    Any wee competitions coming up, Fed?

    …key rings, T-shirt type ones?

  8. It’s nice to see that our French (speaking) friends are being well catered for.

    Blog regulars will know that my French is almost as good as my English 8| so I enjoyed the article immensely … it seems a very full … ummm …. résumé …. of various articles, interviews and sources with some nice photos from tous les jours.

    Of course those of us less blessed with language skills :! can always use babelfish … il a une certaine poésie de ses propres. Sa capacité de mutiler n’importe quelle langue est une sorte de beauté non vue puisque Frankenstein a branché son monstre.

    Cette phrase a été traduite d’abord en Allemand et alors en Français – qui sont distingués!

    OK – have a jolly weekend folks – I’m off to London for some credit crunch bustin’ luxury … Bonne chance avec le football F’ed – Je pense que vous pourriez avoir besoin de lui. :))

    1. Tim,

      Your French has a lovely accent that Babelfish has not! Bravo! 😉

      But, obviously, you don’t read English rules as correctly as me, because, me, I know that I’m not allowed to use more than two emoticons here! 😛

  9. I am so happy that I can read an article in a magazine in French, it is much easier for me; I read the interview on David and I don’t miss a single word. This is extraordinarily fun!!!

    sylvie xxx

  10. Thanks very much for your help FEd. Thanks also for all you do on here. I lurk, but post rarely.

    Take care.


    1. You’re welcome, Joe. If it happens again, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

      The original link should be working now.

  11. Off topic. I just watched my sister’s man, Kevin Costner’s movie, Swing Vote, and ‘Murder’ from About Face makes an appearance. Just a few lines, but certainly wasn’t expecting that.

    I freaked for a moment. Then went back to crying ‘cuz it was a sad part. Hmmm.

  12. Thanks GianLuca.

    With all the high tech stuff today, it’s amazing to see Peter’s input, what could he do today freaks me to no end!

  13. P.S. Fed, you were right about these nuisance pop ups. Can you direct us to remove them permanently? They are a growing entity. 8|

  14. He has that, ‘I did a pretty decent job of that guitar solo’ look about him. 8)

  15. I only did a fast look at the article… I do not know French. 🙁

    I don’t read everyday the blog, but this article can be read in an English version?

    Because it seems very interesting and very detailed.

  16. Well, wish I spoke French. But, since I don’t, I can at least look at the photos of the lovely Mr. G.

  17. Hi,

    I read the article about the Glastonbury scandal… it’s incredible to deny to Pink Floyd and Rick Wright, a few months before his death, to play on this festival…

    I heard about this story only there, why this is not more present on the web, and on the Pink Floyd sites…

    It’s a shame to deny a last wish of a condemned guy, and a scandal when this guy was Rick Wright, demanding a last reunion concert of the Floyds… :((

    1. I think we need to be very careful how we interpret what magazines say (or what they want us to read). I hope this makes sense.

      I read nowhere in this article that Rick had asked for a Pink Floyd reunion.

      The only words quoted in the article are those said by David at the Q awards ceremony:

      “L’une des dernières choses qu’il [Rick] voulait faire dans son ultime année d’existence était de se produire lors d’un grand festival comme celui de Glastonbury. Nous n’avons pas pu réaliser cela pour toutes sortes de raisons discutables. C’est très triste.”

      I try to translate: “One of the last things that Rick wanted to do in his last year of life was to perform at a big festival like Glastonbury. We couldn’t do it for all sorts of questionable reasons. It’s very sad.”

      He (David) never referred to a Pink Floyd reunion.


  18. I read French perfectly… the article tells us that the Glastonbury responsibles denied to receive PINK FLOYD, because they are “old guys” and they prefer new young artists… but in this festival you can see Buddy Guy, Rod Steward and Leonard Cohen… not such young people. 🙂

    Understand all the article and you would think, like me, that it’s a real scandal to deny a condemned guy his last wish… Gilmour accepts this last concert, even if personally he is against the idea of a PINK FLOYD reunion, just because Rick demanded to him…

  19. …just because Rick demanded to him…

    It’s where I don’t agree with you. What did Rick ask for? To play a big festival.

    But anyway, yes, it’s a shame that they denied to receive Rick and David.

    You understand French, I understand French, you are stubborn, I’m stubborn. You’re not wrong, but I’m right. OK? :))

    Cheers. 😉

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