Feel-good albums

Picture the scene:

You’re going into hospital for an operation, a semi-sedation procedure. You can take some music along to listen to. ‘On an Island’ and ‘Live in Gdańsk’ aside, what would you take?

I’d go for the calming influence of Joni Mitchell’s ‘Hits’; the raw energy of ‘Sex Machine: The Very Best of James Brown’; The Beatles’ red album (‘1962–1966’), as a reminder of many a happy time; Little Barrie’s feel-good funk (‘We Are Little Barrie’); and last year’s exquisite Frank Sinatra compilation, ‘Nothing But The Best’, because it covers all your highs and lows so beautifully.

I’d like to wish Emiel nothing but the best on his approaching hospital visit.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Irish Tour – Rory Gallagher
    Sloe Gin – Joe Bonamassa
    Songs in the Key of Life – Stevie Wonder
    The Nightfly – Donald Fagen
    Best of – John Martyn

    Emiel, all the best!!!!!!


  2. My wife often has procedures using “sedation” procedures but I think she ends up talking gibberish while under sedation, the nurses tell me she has them all in stitches (excuse the pun), while she’s “under” – I dread to think what she’s telling them!

    If it were me, I would have take Ogdens Nut Gone Flake by The Small Faces, as I’m sure I would start quoting professor Stanley Unwin while I was “under”.

  3. I would most definitely take “Breakthrough” from “In Concert”. It is such a beautiful rendition of Richard’s piece. No doubt about the feel-good level of that to me.

    In addition, I generally get a feel-good-vibe from the music of southern Africa. Those quick guitar riffs simply get me moving and feeling good. No specific album in mind though.

    Take care, Emiel. Hope all goes well and wish you a quick recovery.


  4. I just did this for real! On January 8th I had surgery on my foot to remove a spur from underneath my Achilles tendon. The doctor had agreed to let me stay awake. I put together a mix of California Guitar Trio songs. The doctor was a CGTrio fan as well, having gone to three of the charity concerts I sponsored in our area. It was really neat to be wheeled into the operating room with their music playing away overhead!

    By the way, the California Guitar Trio included a truly wonderful instrumental cover of Echoes on their last album. Well worth checking out.

  5. Oooo, good one. I’ll have to have a ponder. :/

    OK, here goes…

    Amused to Death by Roger Waters. I find the album super relaxing and comforting.

    A Momentary Lapse Of Reason by Floyd. The guitar on that album just makes me drift away.

    And lastly I gotta go for Grace by the late Jeff Buckley. His version of Lilac Wine is especially dreamy.

    I hope my operation won’t last longer than those three albums if I ever find myself in that situation.

    I’d like to wish all the best to Emiel too.

    1. Mondo/FEd,

      I have to concur with Amused To Death.

      Whilst I was recovering from fracturing my neck in a cycling accident, I found it had a ‘strangely comforting’ effect on me, too.

      I guess it brings home a sense of one’s own mortality. It certainly had that effect on me at the time.

  6. Whenever I think about feel-good songs, I always default to “Kyle’s Mom is a Big Fat Bitch” from the soundtrack of “South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.” It makes me laugh all the time no matter the circumstances.

    And the rest of the film soundtrack has its moments too, even after tons of repetition.

    1. :)) I have to admit, I’ve got that one on my iPod.

      Funnily enough, I was thinking this morning about future topics when ‘soundtrack albums’ popped into my mind. I couldn’t instantly think of any that I like enough – and like in their entirety, or almost their entirety – to mention, although I’m sure there are many (courtesy of Michael Kamen alone). Funny that you should mention the South Park movie, which didn’t register at all even though I know it well.

      Maybe we’ll try that topic in a week or so.

    2. I was thinking this morning about future topics

      Maybe, one day we could have a topic about classical music, no?

      David loves it… ‘Je Crois Entendre Encore’, ‘The Pearl Fishers’ – Bizet… Not a valid point? 😉

  7. Hello,

    my CD-favorites:

    Pink Floyd – “Oh By The Way”
    Jethro Tull – “Aqualung”
    Neil Young – “Harvest”
    Mike Oldfield – “Tubular Bells”
    Gary Moore – “Bad for You Baby”
    Chris Rea – “Blue Guitars”

    With best wishes from the snow-rich Berlin (10cm),

  8. Almost any Louis Armstrong album will have me smiling, particularly one with Mack the Knife on it. Those opening trumpet notes sound so jaunty and full of life to me–the gruesome subject of the song notwithstanding.

    FEd, I agree with you on Joni Mitchell… I’m really partial to For the Roses and Court and Spark.

    And The Beatles! Almost all of their albums qualify. I especially love “side 2” (in the old parlance) of Abbey Road.

    The Buena Vista Social Club also comes to mind.

    This is an interesting topic and I could post loads of albums here but I’ll stop for now and give someone else a chance. 😀

  9. It’d almost be worth loosing a tooth for just to see the expression on my dentist’s face if I went in there with ‘Sex Machine’ blaring from my iPod.

  10. Luckily, I have never had to have an op – or be sedated.

    Something to help you relax, I don’t think you need to look any further than ‘Cluster One’ or ‘Marooned’. I cant help but smile when I hear those tracks, ‘Marooned’ in particular.

    Album wise – maybe something like ‘What’s Going On?’ by Marvin Gaye, ‘Mezzanine’ by Massive Attack. I’m not sure I’d want the music to be too relaxing – as the medical staff may not focus… perhaps some headphones would be in order?

    Another single track I love to listen to when relaxing is ‘Aqueous Transmission’ by Incubus.

    Still, having said all of that, Just put on ‘Wish You Were Here’.

  11. Not really feel good, but it chills me right out.

    The album “Love is Hell” by Ryan Adams is quite, quite superb.

  12. I’d probably listen to Tommy from Live at Leeds. It’d be interesting to listen to ‘Acid Queen’ and the like whilst being a bit spacey. I can just imagine it now:

    “See me, feel me…”
    “I can’t, the anaesthetic hasn’t worn off yet.” 😀

    I wouldn’t listen to The Wall though. It’s a great album but after listening to it you probably wouldn’t want the anaesthetic to wear off.

  13. Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here
    Loreena McKennith – The Mask and Mirror
    Dire Straits – Brothers in Arms
    Tori Amos – Under the Pink
    Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells II

    Best wishes to Emiel!

  14. Haven’t tried music for surgery yet, but I have a yearly MRI for a fatty tumor in the brain that my Dr. is monitoring and I always take either DSOTM or Division Bell. Just listening helps keep my mind off the fact I am in that darned tube. Very claustrophobic.

    Emiel, I wish you all the best as well.


  15. I’d take “Forty Licks” probably if FEd showed up and took away my Live in Gdansk. 😛

    Others besides PF and DG would be:

    Essential Ozzy
    Family Jewels
    The up and coming “Morpheus Rising” CD. Somebody sign this band!
    Best of Stevie Ray
    Best of ZZ Top
    Nickleback – All The Right Reasons

    Now about what I would take of PF and DG not counting Live in Gdansk:

    Oh, By the Way….

    Good Luck Emiel, may you be well aforehand and thoroughly confuse the doctors! They need a good dose of Confusious on occasion! 😉

  16. “The Supernatural Anesthetist” from the ‘Lamb Lies Down…” album by Genesis would be appropriate, don’t you think?

    17-odd minutes of “Anesthetize” from Porcupine Tree’s last album would be another.


  17. Pink Floyd – Division Bell
    Mike Oldfiled – Tubular Bells (I, II & III)
    Any of Mark Knopfler and/or Dire Straits albums
    Pink Floyd – Obscured By Clouds (I think it’s quite good to relax)

  18. Silence and dark and dark and dark and… my tracks:

    Reaching For the Rail – Richard Wright
    Albinoni Adagio – The Doors
    The Great Gig in the Sky – Pink Floyd
    Atom Heart Mother – Pink Floyd (the suite)
    Marooned – Pink Floyd
    Kashmir – Led Zeppelin
    Aman Iman – Tinariwen

    And I hope it’s enough for a short operation…

  19. Marillion – Brave
    Calexico – Feast of Wire
    Cocteau Twins – Blue Bell Knoll
    Vamgelis – Soil Festivities (the first part with the sound of a thunder storm and rain)

    Good luck with the op Emiel.

  20. For my semi-sedated procedure, in order to remain calm and collective I would only need two albums:

    Enigma – MCMXC a.D. and Echo the Dolphin Soundtrack composed by Spenser Nilsen.

    Aaahhh, so relaxing! If you haven’t listened to the Echo soundtrack, it is very new age and an awesome game soundtrack!

    Have a great day!


  21. Aside from obvious choices like “Wish You Were Here” and “Division Bell,” I’ve got a few albums in my collection that make for great de-stressing:

    “Heregest Ridge” by Mike Oldfield
    “Kind Of Blue” by Miles Davis
    “The Essential Leonard Cohen”
    “Hell Freezes Over” by The Eagles
    “John McLaughlin Trio At The Royal Albert Hall”
    “Necktie Second” by Pete Droge
    “Automatic For The People” by R.E.M.

    And, last but not least:

    “King of the Delta Blues” by Robert Johnson

    Looking back on this list, I see not one item on this list that is more recent than ten years ago. Oh well.

  22. Well for me it would be Sacred Spirit ‘Chants and Dances of the Native Americans’, Santana ‘Abraxas’, Lemon Jelly ‘Lost Horizons’, Jean Michel Jarre ‘Oxygene’, Pink Floyd’s ‘The Division Bell’ and the ever so mellow ‘More’.

  23. Since we had a Stevie Wonder weekend and his stuff is fresh in my mind, how about “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing”?

    A Momentary Lapse of Reason – Floyd (I know it’s dark but I love it)
    Bootleg Series Vol.8 – Dylan (I haven’t bought this yet, a stay in hospital would be a good time to get to know it)
    Jump Back – Rolling Stones
    How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb – U2 (these last two, to get me fighting fit again) 😉
    US – Peter Gabriel (so he can be my guardian angel)

    ash X

    1. I think of Momentary Lapse of Reason, the empty beds, and it makes me think of Europe in the first part of September, 1994……Great Gig in the Sky then a resurrection of sorts (lest we forget that somebody is/was out there working for us!).

  24. For sure it would be some best of. There would be so many which could fit.

    For sure:

    The acoustic Jethro Tull
    A Santana compilation
    Eagles Greatest Hits
    Some Pink Floyd stuff (Echoes must be in there)

    And much more…

  25. … I wouldn’t go for semi, but take the whole sedation. At least you have some good sleep then. 😉

    But in theory, I’d take something out of these albums:

    Ramones – Road to Ruin (you know why)
    Iron Maiden – Piece of Mind
    Mike Oldfield – QE2
    Pink Floyd – The Wall


  26. I am secure enough in my manhood to state the following favorites…

    ABBA ~ Dancing Queen
    Katrina & the Waves ~ Walking On Sunshine
    Happy Just To Dance With You ~ Beatle George

  27. I hate hospitals (don’t we all?). I have upcoming minor op the day before my birthday to boot. Can’t say I listen to music in there… too worked up to relax but maybe I should this time.

    I would listen to…

    Enigma (the 3rd album) – Odyssey of the Mind is beautiful, it has to be the best one they’ve done.
    One of my favs Dogs on Animals – that’s a must.
    Also Marooned… the guitar work David did on that is so sexy, really stunning work… what those hands of his can do.

    But good luck to Emiel & anyone about to see a surgeon.

  28. Well, as a matter of fact I’m going in today for a not-so-fun procedure… I’m thinking “Echoes”; or just the entirety of “Meddle”… and thanks for the idea, FEd! I’m bringing my MP3s thanks to your idea today!

    Normally they don’t let you bring anything like that; but since it’s an out-patient procedure, I think they’ll allow it. 😉

  29. I have two CDs from when I was 14 years old that my friend made for me, and will keep for the rest of my life. He’d just been introduced to classic rock by his uncle, and I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. So I gave him two blank discs, and these are the tracks he put on:

    N.I.B. – Black Sabbath
    War Pigs – Black Sabbath
    Sunshine of Your Love – Cream
    Peace Frog – The Doors
    Wild Child – The Doors
    Unknown Soldier – The Doors
    Spanish Castle Magic – Jimi Hendrix
    Voodoo Child (A Slight Return) (Live) – Jimi Hendrix
    Immigrant Song (Live) – Led Zeppelin
    Rock and Roll (Live) – Led Zeppelin
    Communication Breakdown – Led Zeppelin
    Money – Pink Floyd
    Time – Pink Floyd
    Satisfaction – The Rolling Stones
    Have You Seen Your Mother – The Rolling Stones
    Won’t Get Fooled Again – The Who

  30. Sweet Leaf – Black Sabbath
    Paranoid – Black Sabbath
    Tales of Brave Ulysses- Cream
    Roadhouse Blues – The Doors
    Not To Touch The Earth – The Doors
    Purple Haze – Jimi Hendrix
    Fire (Live) – Jimi Hendrix
    Easy Rider – Jimi Hendrix
    We’re Gonna Groove – Led Zeppelin
    Dazed and Confused – Led Zeppelin
    Ramble On – Led Zeppelin
    Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun – Pink Floyd
    Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd
    Biding My Time – Pink Floyd
    19th Nervous Breakdown – The Rolling Stones
    Paint It Black – The Rolling Stones
    Jumping Jack Flash – The Rolling Stones
    Street Fighting Man – The Rolling Stones
    Heaven and Hell (Live) – The Who

    I even brought them to uni with me, hence me knowing the track listings.

    When I first listened to these CDs, I was at a particularly low point – and this music really changed me completely, and is significant in who I am today (the following weekend, I bought my first ever album, Echoes, then was completely hooked on Pink Floyd).

    I don’t ever listen to the two CDs, as I will save those moments for when I really need to be reminded of those happy and exciting times that followed again.

  31. For that I would choose some calming music into which I could let myself completely fall in:

    -Pink Floyd: The Division Bell
    -Richard Wright: Broken China
    -Marillion: Somewhere Else

    My best wishes to Emiel.

  32. I’d make a “Compilation of Greatest Recovery Songs” for my MP3 player.

    A few classic songs from Suede (Lazy, Saturday Night) maybe some new material from Bruce Springsteen (Outlaw Pete and Working On A Dream) . Then I would add best of Pink Floyd, Coldplay, Muse, Marillion, Genesis, Fish and the new album of the White Lines.

    I would also add some tunes to chill out from Jarre (coming to Finland!!) and from Enigma.

    Take care!

  33. I’m not allowed to bring a music player during procedures. Is England more civilized?

    Anyway, I’d want classic soul, likely the best tracks I own from artists on Motown, Stax, Volt, Atlantic and maybe Philadelphia International. You want Smokey Robinson and Levi Stubbs with you at these times. I do anyway.

    If there’s a fight involved, though, I’d go for power metal. Anything Ronnie James Dio is involved in except for “Die Young”. His solo stuff tends to be more energizing than “oh crap I’m going to die and go to hell”.

    Anyway, ultimately I either opt for soaring vocals or soaring guitars. I think I like soaring everything. Soaring vocals and guitars with soaring saxophones for the win.

  34. Get Well soon – Godly & Crème
    Dreaming About a Broken Heart – John Mayer
    Fix You – Coldplay
    We’ve Gotta Get Out of This Place – The Animals
    Dr Feelgood – Motley Crue
    Sexual Healing – Marvin Gaye
    Broken Heart – White Lion
    Call the Nurse – Lee Harding
    Nurse Rosetta – Alice Cooper
    Bad Medicine – Bon Jovi
    Give Birth to a Smile – Roger Waters

  35. Wow, good brain teaser!

    OK, I’d go for the calming effect of Steve Morse’s High Tension Wires, along with the wonderfully smooth Wet Dreams by Richard Wright and David Gilmour’s first LP.

    Abbey Road, Meddle, and Who’s Next in good measure.


  36. I was in the hospital for a month and half at one point, and I used good ol’ Dark Side of the Moon to help me sleep through the drugs and ease me of my worries. 🙂

    Top and most played album was: Dark Side of the Moon

    Personal favorites that kept me light-hearted:

    Leonard Bernstein’s Candide
    A mixed CD of 50s Doo-Wop songs
    Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
    Highway 61 Revisited and Greatest Hits of Bob Dylan
    Boston by Boston
    Tapestry by Carole King
    A lot of ELO, Eric Clapton, and the soundtrack to The Big Chill

    Good luck Emiel!

  37. What the heck is going on here. It seems that every other blogger is going in for some type of procedure. Looks like we’re all falling apart here. I hope it is not contagious.

    Best of luck to all.



  38. In terms of complete albums, in addition to Gdansk and Island I would most likely go for:

    Scissor Sisters – Scissor Sisters
    Frou Frou – Details
    Imogen Heap – Speak For Yourself

    However I would also have my own personal Pink Floyd “mixtape” – actually a playlist on my MP3 player – which has the following tracklisting.

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)
    One Of These Days
    Astronomy Domine
    Fat Old Sun
    Julia Dream
    Remember A Day
    Wearing The Inside Out
    Run Like Hell
    Dark Side Of The Moon (complete album)
    Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
    Wot’s… Uh The Deal
    Arnold Layne
    Comfortably Numb
    Learning To Fly
    High Hopes
    Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts VI-IX)

    Took me quite a while to come up with the best tracklisting and track order for that.

  39. Of course, by Pink Floyd :

    – The Division Bell (Marooned, Wearing the Inside Out, Take it Back, Coming Back To Life, Keep Talking and High Hopes!)
    – The Dark Side of The Moon (Breathe, Time, The Great Gig in the Sky (what a voice!), Money and Us and Them)
    – Wish You Were Here (Shine On You Crazy Diamond and Wish You Were Here, of course)
    – A Momentary Lapse of Reason (Learning To Fly, Sorrow, On The Turning Away, Yet Another Movie)
    – The Wall (The Happiest Days of Our Lives and Another Brick in the Wall Pt 2, Comfortably Numb, Hey You…)
    – Meddle with Echoes

    By Marillion :

    – Misplaced Childhood
    – Afraid of Sunlight (Gazpacho, Out of This World, Afraid of Sunlight, King)
    – Marbles (Don’t Hurt Yourself, Neverland…)
    – Holidays in Eden (with famous Dry Land)

    And Genesis :

    – We Can’t Dance
    – Abacab

    From France, Britanny (it’s raining) 😡

  40. Great question Fed, actually we have been talking about that topic kinda yesterday in the chat! First choice of course, all the Pink Floyd albums, besides that, it depends on the mood.

    For something uplifting, then my first choice would be Billy Idol, Whiplash Smile, or Poison, Flesh and Blood.

    For a more calming not as rocky mood, Wang Chung, To Live and Die in LA and Point of the Curve or the last album from the Bee Gees, whose title I forgot, LOL.

    As you can see, all my fave titles are from the 80s!

    Music is really the best way to boost one´s mood!

    1. Good thing you didn’t pick Poison’s first release “Look What the Cat Dragged In.” Could you imagine the reaction of the doctor when you start to sing along to Talk Dirty To Me?



  41. I have never had to go to the Hospital for anything (knock on wood) but if I had to this is what I would listen to other than any Pink Floyd related music.

    One Of These Nights – Eagles
    Making Movies – Dire Straits
    Flat Out – Buck Dharma
    Live Bullet – Bob Seger
    Secret Treaties – Blue Oyster Cult

    There is a lot more but these would make me feel better if I were in the Hospital.


  42. Just reread, and as not all David´s albums are excluded as I thought, his spellbinding album About Face is a must listen for sure!

  43. Without a doubt, it would be Pulse (or ‘P.U.L.S.E.’, as I think you’re supposed to write it!)

  44. Joni Mitchell – Blue
    John Barry – Beyondness of Things
    Eagles – Best of
    Beach Boys – Surf’s Up
    Neil Young – Dead Man
    Leonard Cohen – Everything he’s done

  45. Bela Bartok’s 6th String Quartet – wonderfully serene and beautiful – immaculate – try some!

    Kind regards to all
    from Nick

  46. HI FED,

    Well, this has been tried and tested 13 years ago during the labour of my first child. I had Momentary Lapse of Reason. Very soothing music I think.

    Then 2 years ago with my second I had one of the best forms of pain relief during labour – ON AN ISLAND. I have since gone on to recommend it to all mums to be. 😀

    kelly anne

  47. Oh, ‘Feeling Good’, of course (‘Origin Of Symmetry’ – Muse).


    – ‘The Essential Leonard Cohen’ (Disc 1): Suzanne, So Long Marianne, The Partisan, Who By Fire, The Guests, Hallelujah, Everybody Knows… all perfect to feel better.

    – ‘Visions of Nisyros’ – Isa & Alain: Wonderful relaxing music coming from the Dodecanese Island of Nisyros.

    And it does not have to be rock, does it?

    So, some classical music:

    – ‘La Moldau’ – Smetana.
    – ‘Peer Gynt, suite n°1 – Grieg.
    – ‘Ave Maria’ – Gounod.
    – ‘Adagio d’Albinoni’ – R. Giazotto.

    BTW, did you ever hear the Doors’ version of the Adagio d’Albinoni? I love it.


    1. Certainly a beautiful piece of music, but I wouldn’t want that anywhere near my hospital bed; it’s far too depressing.

    2. I also don’t think it would be wise to be listening to the Doors singing “The End.”



    3. I wouldn’t want that anywhere near my hospital bed; it’s far too depressing.

      Oh, I agree… certainly more depressing than ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone.’ I bet it’s the song you would choose to cheer you up in your hospital bed, no? 😉

    4. Ah, now, ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ is stirring and uplifting. And it brings many great memories flooding back to me.

      So, yes, it would be perfect. 😛

  48. Momentary Lapse of Reason and Division Bell – Pink Floyd
    Recurring Dream – Crowded House
    Tales of a Librarian – Tori Amos

    All invariably take me to my happy place.

    All the best for a speedy recovery Susan and Emiel,
    Take Care. CT

  49. I would need a room only for the CDs…

    The minimum set would be:

    Pink Floyd: Animals + WYWH
    Neil Young: first 2-3 albums
    Simon & Garfunkel: Concert in Central Park
    Joe Satriani: Extremist + Surfing…
    Steppenwolf: all their albums

    and too many others…

    I’d rather bring my guitar and write a few more songs, it works when you are locked in a room…

  50. Wait a minute, I’m a Pink Floyd and Radiohead fan … I don’t “do” feel good albums.

    Casting an eye over the paltry collection I would include:

    A Rush of Blood to the Head – Coldplay
    How the West was Won – Led Zeppelin
    Hits of Gold – The Mamas and Papas
    OK Computer – Radiohead

    A meagre collection from a miserablist.

  51. I had a few jaw surgeries, right around the time OAI came out. The surgeon did give me the option to bring in a CD for them to play during surgery. I, of course, picked OAI. My surgeon was familiar with David only through PF, but he liked the album so much, he told me, he went and purchased it.

    I listened to Indian (western, not eastern) flute music during childbirth, that was relaxing as well.


  52. One of the most relaxing LPs I have would have to be “Avalon” – even looking at the cover is relaxing.

    “The Division Bell” – this is one LP I couldn’t go without.


  53. All good wishes to Emiel and Susan, and anyone I might have missed! Hope you all have a very speedy recovery.

    My first thought when reading the question was anything by Dire Straits. The thought of Knopfler’s guitar work seems particularly calming and soothing.

    My Floydian choices would be “The Division Bell” and “The Final Cut” (no pun intended).

    And, to round it out, I’d take a Moody Blues compilation like “Gold,” and Katatonia’s (no pun intended) “The Black Sessions.”

  54. Emiel, best wishes and a speedy recovery.

    I’ve never been in this situation, so I would probably load up with Brian Eno. That is relaxing music.

    Also, David Bowie’s Low album, I’m fond of Warzawa particularly.

  55. Wow, this could potentially be a huge list but, I’ll try my best to make it um….short and sweet. 8)

    If I’m going under the knife I would want to be as relaxed as possible, so:

    Blue October (U.S.)- Foiled
    The Cars- Greatest Hits
    Coldplay- Viva La Vida
    Death Cab For Cutie- Plans, We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes, Narrow Stairs
    Depeche Mode- 101
    Dido- all of her efforts
    Don Henley- Actual Miles: The Greatest Hits
    Enigma- LSD: The Greatest Hits
    Fleet Foxes- self-titled
    Genesis- The Platinum Collection
    Music from the motion picture- “Once”
    Gnarls Barkley- The Odd Couple
    James Blunt- both his efforts (and yes I know boo, hiss, most of you guys don’t like his music but I do, and if you look at his lyrics they are actually quite good; whatever you think of his music)
    Keane- all of their efforts
    Modest Mouse- We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank (perhaps not the best title going into surgery)
    Moby- Play, 18
    Peter Gabriel- Hit (especially disc 2)
    The Division Bell- that one band, who were they again?
    The Postal Service- Give Up (again perhaps poorly titled)
    Santana- Shaman
    U2- The Best of: 1990-2000
    Roger Waters- Amused to Death (again, the D word is not great)

    I would mention a couple more but my space is getting thin.

    Thanks to the magic of the MP3 player one can take all of these, thanks technology!

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you.

  56. Good luck to Emiel, Julia and our dear Susan on their forthcoming procedures.

    Any Floyd/DG/Rick Wright instrumental track (too numerous to mention, of course).
    Aerial – Kate Bush.
    Anything by Enya/Clannad (I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about Celtic music that has a really calming influence on me).
    The Planets – Tomita.
    Tubular Bells II – Mike Oldfield (seems like a popular choice).
    Military Brass Band music (to continue an earlier theme) also has a ‘strangely comforting’ influence.

    My dad (Bless him) loved his Brass bands, particularly the Royal Marines Band, and his dying wish was for ‘The Last Post’ to be played at his cremation, which we honoured.

    A very poignant send-off, but he would have loved it.

  57. OFF TOPIC:

    I was thinking about my earlier post regarding Stanley Unwin and the sort of nonsense that keeps me amused. Another band from that era (late 1960s) were the Bonzos (Bonzo Dog Dooh Dah Band). They have given me many hours of amusement, I listened to a best of CD this morning on the way to work and although some of the music is very dated some of it is sheer genius.

    I don’t want to be stuck in a time warp but are there any modern bands that provide such fun & amusement? I’m sure there are, I just need educating.

  58. This is a very timely topic. I’m having a tooth removed under sedation next week. 🙁

    I’ve always felt a bit dubious about choosing a favourite piece of music to listen to during a potentially stressful event in case I forever associate it with that event and can’t enjoy listening to it any more.

    If I was going to listen to something I would probably choose the album ‘Divenire’ by the Italian pianist Ludovico Eianaudi. I find it’s good for getting lost in.

    Best wishes to Emiel.

    1. The same wishes to you, Lynn.

      I completely agree with what you said about associating music with an unhappy or stressful event.

      Isn’t it amazing how powerful the mind is? It’s the same with tastes and scents, which so easily conjure up memories whether or not you want to be reminded of those moments in time.

  59. hi fed, it’s been a while.

    i’m currently in a rehab getting clean after a slip back to my past so i’m back on line. hope you are all well.

    i’m assuming some might remember me from the early days. if anyone one does, hello and to you fed.

  60. The Division Bell is an album that I never get bored listening to, always hearing new things in it.

    JJ Cale is a bit like that as well… IMHO.

  61. Hi Fed,

    Well, it’s got to be Division Bell, Echoes, Wish You Were Here, On the Turning Away, a bit of Neil Young and a bit more of Enya. I’d be under and in heaven.


  62. Aside from Wish You Were Here, I would say that Steely Dan’s Aja would get a listen. Of course, that album has a dual purpose. Aside from being a good relaxing listen, it is also a good one to get you “in the mood.”

    Try it, next time you have a dinner date, play Aja and follow it up with Roxy Music Avalon. You’ll love the dessert…



  63. Hi all.

    I would start off with Yet another Movie and Marooned then move to Dame TKT singing Mio Babbino Caro (not only can she belt out a good tune, she is fit for an old un!).

    After that I would move to Mascagini, Intermezzo sinfonica. And wake to John Martyn One World.

    I hope all went well with the op.

    1. Dame TKT singing Mio Babbino Caro (not only can she belt out a good tune, she is fit for an old un!).

      Hi: Just thinking you meant Dame KTK? She was born March 6 as well as David but two years earlier. You are so right, gorgeous voice and beautiful woman still.

  64. The obvious…”IIIIII have become…Comfortably Numb” would be appropriate when they ‘knock you out’. “Let’s Get Metaphysical’ would be another very relaxing tune by DG, anyway.

    I think I’ll pass on ‘Great Gig in the Sky’ in hopes that it WOULDN’T be appropriate for my surgery. Save that one for my rockin’ ‘funeral mix’ (hey Fed, there’s a topic.) Must omit “Stairway” though…

    Blake in Nashville

  65. Anything by Nick Drake or an album from the Moody Blues’ classic period does it for me.

  66. My dentist had a CD with music, that was supposed to make you feel good. It’s by a Danish orchestra, who play popular music in a classic way/arrangement, with classic instruments like harp, oboe etc. The consequence is that this orchestra now gives me the creeps. If I happen to hear it on the radio, it immadiately puts me back in the dentist’s chair.

    Therefore, you might want to choose very carefully, which music shall be your “feel good”-music – in case you can never listen to it again without feeling sick. 😉

  67. Man visits the doctor and the doctor says, “I have some good news and some bad news.”

    Man: “What’s the good news?”

    Doctor: “You have one day to live.”

    Man: “So then what’s the bad news?”

    Doctor: “I’ve been trying to call you since yesterday.”



  68. Hasn’t been able to blog anything the last week, had winter vacation, with a little trip to Budapest (really, I don’t have time now either. Why do we need homework?)

    My albums:

    * Steely Dan – Aja (I can listen to Steve Gadds drum solo on the title cut over and over again and not get tired of it. Perfect drumming)
    * Queen – Made In Heaven (Such relaxing and beautiful)
    * Santana – Santana (lots of great songs, especially Everybody’s Everything)
    * Pink Floyd – DSotM (explains itself)
    * Neil Young – Greatest Hits (same as above)


  69. I would have to go with Soft Machine’s first album. It’s really great stuff and captures the English late sixties sound rather nicely.

    After that I really enjoy Robin Trower and Jack Bruce’s new effort, Seven Moons.

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