Eagles covers

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The Eagles epic, ‘Hotel California’, entered the Billboard Hot 100 on this day in 1977. It would go on to top this chart ten weeks later.

So, it would be wrong not to feature this:

Which of you are fans of the Eagles, who is going to see them this year, who has already seen them in concert and which are your favourite tracks?

And, of course, which songs would you like to hear David cover?

Thinking of the exquisite live performances of ‘Find the Cost of Freedom’ from 2006, how about ‘Seven Bridges Road’, with David Crosby and Graham Nash (and maybe a few others)? A stripped-down ‘Doolin’ Dalton’? ‘Journey of the Sorcerer’ could be a fun jam with the right personnel…

The chatroom is not open today, but will be open bright and early (well, early enough for some of us, I’m sure) tomorrow: 10:00-12:00 (UK).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

77 thoughts on “Eagles covers”

  1. Eagles is my second favorite band. I’ve loved them for years. I’m not into the country album as much but Don Henley is my favorite.

    I’ve always wanted to see them but they came when it was hard times, so maybe next time, I hope. Hotel California is my favorite. Don Henley’s Greatest Hits is good too.

    In another subject, I would like to wish Susan good luck at the doctor. I sure hope everything goes well, I’ll be thinking of you.

  2. I watched their ‘Farewell I Tour’ DVD recently. I rented it instead of getting a ticket to go and see them (cheapskate!). I thought they were ‘so so’ on the first DVD… but they had totally won me over by the 2nd disc. I thought it was great how they did their various solo tracks too and especially how they looked like they were all having a lot of fun doing them.

    I knew the song obviously but when I first saw the featured Hotel California video I was blown away… mostly by ‘the drummer who sings!’ …and so well too!

    I never got the time to comment on the last blog but ‘double necks’ do it for me every time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’d be quite happy to hear David perform ‘I Dreamed There Was No War’ from the latest album. He would fit right in with a lot of the tracks from that new album should they need an additional stringmeister on the upcoming UK tour. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    A Gilmourised solo on ‘One Of These Nights’ wouldn’t go amiss either.

  3. Hey FEd,

    The Eagles lost me when they fired Don Felder. At least he settled out of court for lots of cash.

    Cheers, Howard

  4. Great band. Sadly I have never seen them live. There are many songs of them I like which Iยดm sure would sound fantastic when covered by David:

    – Hotel California (by far their best known piece but, despite that, a really good song)
    – Journey of the Sorcerer (a favourite of mine and maybe one of the best known unknown songs ever) ๐Ÿ˜€
    – Long Road out of Eden (the title track from the new album. Iยดm usually not a big fan of blatantly political songs but this one I love, poetical (but very true) lyrics and great music
    – Waiting in the Weeds (another song from the new album I enjoy very much)


  5. I don’t listen much to Eagles, sure, they got some good songs, but I’m not there. Almost the only song I know is Hotel California, but I do think David could do that song well.

  6. The Eagles were my favorite when I was in Junior High. I loved “Hotel California”. Honestly, though I still like Don Henley’s voice, they haven’t stayed with me. They don’t do much for me anymore. My 16 year old daughter on the other hand rates “Hotel California” currently as one of her favorite songs.

    Have a good weekend FEd. The kids and I are going to see a Floyd cover band tonight. They are touring North America, not sure where they’re from – should be fun!

  7. I think David would do a fine rendition of ‘Pretty Maids All In A Row’ or any song from ‘Hotel California’.

  8. Eagles are a tremendous band and I was very fortunate to have seen them front row with my brother for the “Hell Freezes Over” tour. It was just spectacular playing many of my favorites like, Desperado, One of These Nights, Pretty Maids All in a Row, Take it to the Limit and of course, Hotel California.

    As far as David covering some… I’d love to hear…

    ‘Ol 55
    Pretty Maids All in a Row
    Try and Love Again
    I Can’t Tell You Why

  9. I love the Eagles, but the cost of their gigs really is prohibitive to me seeing them live.

    Personally, I’d suggest that a Gilmour cover of Journey Of The Sorcerer, I Wish You Peace, or The Last Resort would be rather good. ESPECIALLY Journey – I love that song.

    1. I love the Eagles, but the cost of their gigs really is prohibitive to me seeing them live.

      I agree with this statement. I feel their tickets cost way too much.

  10. Have always enjoyed the Eagles, as well as the solo efforts of Henley and Frey.

    Some of the songs I’d like to hear David do:

    The Sad Cafe
    I Can’t Tell You Why
    Tequila Sunrise
    Pretty Maids All In A Row
    Take it To The Limit
    Smugglers Blues
    You Belong To The City
    Wasted Time
    Lyin’ Eyes

    And just for the heck of it “Get Over It”. :))


  11. I’ve never seen them in concert, I grew up in the ‘south’ here in America so I listened to many southern rock bands like the Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Tom Petty and Bad Company. First on LPs, then bought all the albums on cassette, then CD, then MP3 and now I find myself putting the LPs back on and listening to the original recordings, hissing, crackling and all!

    I would believe a cover of I Wish You Peace off of the One of These Nights album would be most excellent by David. It would have a great harmonizing aspect as well a beautiful piano piece to compliment David’s playing.

  12. Hi gang, thought I’d be in touch again.

    Well, last week I mentioned how I’d contracted Glandular Fever. I got the antibiotics for it, and they weren’t working.

    So Monday, I decide to leave work for the day, and go to the doctors again. Doctor looked horrified as I opened my mouth. Doctor mentioned I had a severe case of Quinsy, and I needed an emergency operation!!! I thought, “Well, bugger me!”

    So I’ve been in hospital since, gang, and everything is fine (apparently). The operation was painful to say the least, as the local anaesthetic didn’t work, but no worries.

    Glad to be back folks.

    Happy Days,
    Simon J

    1. My word – you better look after yourself, Quinsy is very unpleasant indeed. Hope you recuperate soon.

    2. Nasty infection Simon. Keep taking the tablets my friend and all should be well!

      Best Wishes

  13. I love the Eagles. All of their music, which is so diverse and multilayered.

    The new album, “Long Road Out of Eden,” is beautifully written, produced and performed. When I played it for my mother, who is also an Eagles fan, she did something I thought she would never do: She went to Wal-Mart (the one place in America where you can get it).

    It’s been in the CD player of my car for months!

  14. I love ‘The Eagles’. I read that DG was hoarse during one of the ‘Meltdown concerts’ b/c he had been to see ‘The Eagles’ the night before and had sung every word. Every time I see that DVD I can hear the little bit of hoarseness and it makes me smile.

    I like the idea of ‘One of These Nights’, too. ‘Please Come Home for Christmas’ as well, although I know their version is a cover as well. His voice is so suited for them and everything would sound so great.

    I’m curious too… Where is the video footage from Pink Floyd in ’77 on that massive tour? That stuff must be in Al Capone’s vault or buried with Jimmy Hoffa because it doesn’t exist. Fed, how could that be that there are no decent video recordings of that show anywhere? Not even bootleg video is in existence for that tour. It has baffled me for more than 20 years. We know that there is really good video from ‘The Wall’ shows b/c every once in a while you see a snippet. I don’t think they video’d one single show for Animals.

    DG, let the cat out of the bag if they exist, please. Just edit-out Roger spitting if that’s the problem.

    I would have killed to have seen that ’77 tour, BTW. Can you tell?

    Blake in Nashville

    1. You know, it really wouldn’t surprise me if, as well as all the bootlegs, there were a few professional-quality recordings from the 70s which we just haven’t been made privy to – something being saved for the 40th anniversary of Meddle or DSOTM maybe. ๐Ÿ˜›

      Who knows, perhaps something like that which you mention could be among said theoretical hidden treasures.

  15. Hmm, good question. How’s about Life In The Fast Lane, Desperado and Witchy Woman – I think it’d be fun to hear David’s take on those three!

    Never seen them live, and feel I need to explore their back catalogue a bit better to look beyond the “greatest hits” (for want of a better term). So much good music out there from so many good artists, and so little time to explore it properly!

  16. Every time I think of the Eagles I think of the Big Lebowski. 8)

    I enjoyed the video clip. Don Felder and Joe Walsh were real fret burners back then (probably still are).

    Anyway without any further ado,

    Witchy Woman
    Lyin’ Eyes
    Desperado (a bit cliche’ maybe but David could still do it well)
    One of These Nights
    Tequila Sunrise
    Hotel California (Of course!)
    Heartache Tonight
    Victim of Love
    Life in the Fast Lane

    and it just happens to be coincidence that these are my favorite Eagles songs. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you.

  17. The Eagles were probably the first band I ever listened to (shortly followed by Pink Floyd, of course…). I loved them then and I still love them now, I just can’t help but think they’re being a tad greedy these days with their ticket prices.

    Considering I could see Jackson Browne or JD Souther, who wrote (or co-wrote) some of their best songs, in my opinion, for around ยฃ40 in an intimate theatre, there’s really no excuse for charging more than double that for a huge stadium.

    I saw them in concert in 2006 at Hampden stadium, and although it was very good, I still couldn’t help feeling sorry for those way up top who still paid a fair amount to see specks on the stage!

    My favourite songs are probably “One Of These Nights”, “Take it Easy”, “Try And Love Again”, and, probably my favourite “Pretty Maids All In A Row”. Can’t get enough of that one… ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Love the Eagles. Saw them twice in the late 70s and once in 1994. Don’t remember much from the 70s shows other than I had a great time!

    As for David doing some Eagles covers, I would like to hear:

    Take It Easy
    One of These Nights
    Lyin’ Eyes

    I would love to list more but these would be my favorites.

    Fed, aren’t you going to see them this spring?

    A good day to all,

    1. I am, and I’m looking forward to seeing them very much, but I’ve felt guilty about the cost of the tickets ever since buying them.

    2. FEd,

      I wouldn’t feel guilty about it. I regret not buying good ones now myself, but I just couldn’t justify it.

      You’ve got to remember I suppose, that The Eagles are an amazing band, and an amazing live band, and sadly, they wont be around forever. Things can change so suddenly, you just have to go and enjoy yourself! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Who knows, this could be their last UK appearance ever, and then I’d feel just rotten!

      Today, I’m slightly glad I’m not going as I just got myself Crosby, Stills and Nash tickets for Edinburgh Castle, something I probably couldn’t have afforded if I had been going to The Eagles the week before…

    3. Every cloud, as they say. CSN will be wonderful, I’m sure.

      I saw the Eagles in 2006 and regretted not paying that little bit more for better seats. They were superb and I promised that, if they returned to the UK, I’d be there – and closer to the stage.

      Edinburgh Castle is a fine setting. I went to the Tattoo last year. What an experience.

      Give me somewhere like that over a bland, soulless stadium any day of the week. As well as the charm of a more intimate (more comfortable, less commercial) venue, at least then you can justify the ever-increasing price of the tickets, knowing that they’re performing before a smaller audience.

    4. Oh, well, he would, wouldn’t he? :/

      Looks like I picked the wrong year to give up buying concert tickets…

      Great news. I think.

  19. Eagles, hm? I like them but not enough to buy a record as I just realised…

    Of course I know “Hotel California” and I do recall some long solos they played on a gig that I saw on TV.

    Best regards,

  20. I’ve never actually listened to the Eagles, I only know their most famous songs.

    I’ve read they’ll play in Italy in June.

    They came here in 2001, too. I remember this, because my boyfriend, who knows their music better than me, was working at the airport and one day he had to unload all their equipments and instruments from a plane. Very… heavy music. ๐Ÿ˜›

  21. love this song, what a great band. they really had some beautiful songs.

    this was released 9 months before i was born, you never know my parents could have been listening to this as i was being created, not a nice thought but maybe i’m alive thanks to the eagles. :))

  22. The Eagles today are too corporate for me. The band and its members used to advocate a much different political ethos than their current actions showcase.

    Their last CD project, “Last Road Out of Eden”, was sold exclusively at WalMart here in the US for the first year of release. As was a DVD project before that. I was in the music business for more than 30 years, and to sell out to the resident evil retailer in the Universe for quick bucks and turn your back on all the fans who support independent retailers and retail streams says it all about these corporate schmucks.

    It is also not surprising that their agent Irving Azoff runs Ticketmaster and feverishly works on trying to monopolize all concert sales and promotion in the US.

    Hell has frozen over as far as I’m concerned with these creeps. Pity, because a lot of their old tunes are pretty worthwhile.

    1. Thrasher:

      Take a listen to “Long Road Out Of Eden,” particularly to the politically charged tone of such songs as “No More Walks In The Wood” and the title track. It doesn’t get less corporate than that. And the music is lush, beautiful, in turns rockin’ (“How Long?”) and lyrical (“Waiting in the Weeds”). Don’t write them off just because they gave WalMart the exclusive. More and more often, music is sold in this way and, you know, I can’t blame them for following the money.

    2. Some indy record stores here in the US sold Long Road Out of Eden. Where I worked (a place called Sounds Good Music, where we sell CDs and vinyl, and I’m due back in June but economy is delaying my return right now and they want me back badly), I was combing through one of our CD distributors to get some Eagles mini-LP sleeve CDs (Hotel California and The Long Run) when I saw that they could order Long Road Out of Eden on CD. I told my boss and he said, “order it” and we ordered three. All three copies were gone in THREE MINUTES.

      We know The Eagles trounced “Britney Bitch” in a landslide victory with Long Road.

  23. Can’t say the Eagles ever did much for me… Hotel California is of course a great track, I like the lilt of the rhythm and the guitar work, but it stands out in an otherwise ordinary album and never inspired me to check out another.

    I do have a fond memory of listening to a solo acoustic version by a local singer in a restaurant on la Digue, Seychelles though… but then again the atmosphere was highly conducive.

  24. The Eagles are a great band, but I’ve never seen them in concert. Their show should be a real treat, Fed, and you deserve it.

    ‘Hotel CA’ and ‘Live in the Fast Lane’ are my favs, but I would love to hear David perform Don Henley’s ‘Sunset Grill’ – awesome song.

  25. I like the Eagles but never saw them live. I did see Glen Frey on his solo tour though. Who remembers his solo material?

    I do agree with what someone else said here, that their ticket prices are a bit steep. In fact, I don’t plan on attending any concerts this year. Part of it is because I have seen so many bands over the years there really is no one else out there that may excite me enough to part with my money. The exception would be if David decided to do something and even there I will not pay out several hundred bucks for two hours.

    Believe it or not, the only band or performer that I have any interest in seeing is Les Claypool with any of his projects but preferably either Primus or Oysterhead (wow, what a line up that was).



  26. I’ve loved Eagles ever since, when Hotel California came up it was my air guitar favourite performance. :))

    It’s a rare beautiful composition and guitar orchestration.

    Those years were very intense for me, I guess I had a sort of musical imprinting as a young kid, Eagles were on the radio every day, I had found tapes of Wish You Were Here and Animals, and The Wall came out! Just Heaven!

    I would see David covering I Can’t Tell You Why.

  27. I’ve always liked Eagles, they seem so American to me (in a positive manner), though I’ve never been 100 pct. into them. I like songs as Peaceful Easy Feeling, Take It Easy… though they perhaps are more country-ish.

    And of course Hotel California, the background music to many events, experiences and good times.

    I shall not be able to go see them, since their concert in DK is same weekend as the music festival which we attend every year.

    As for DG-covers, I can’t really nail that one down to the right song…

    Have a nice weekend.

  28. ‘I Can’t Tell You Why’ fits perfectly with David’s voice and guitar playing, in my opinion, a melody and not a solo.

    A great weekend to everyone!


  29. Hi FEd,

    I like the Eagles, it’s “easy listening” rock when you drive too…

    I love “Desperado” but I think that David’s way of playing and thinking of music is so original and THE ONE.

    Just a cover for me, from Broken China: “Reaching for the Rail”, remembering Rick.

    Back from London: too many people and a lack of music… it was better when it seemed the worst! (Just the same in Italy.)

    A hug with all of you

    1. Diana,

      For me, the best cover David could do from Broken China, as a tribute to Richard, would have to be ‘Sweet July’.

  30. I completely agree with THRASHER about the attitude of these rich rock stars. And I expressed this in some way also in a previous post.

    So I have to try to separate, in my mind, the artist from the man and judge the first instead of the latter.

    I have seen them live two years ago in VERONA inside the old Roman ARENA. It is like the coliseum in Rome, just smaller. Can you imagine rock in this old Roman Empire Venue? Breathtaking. Pink Floyd played there too in 1989 but unfortunately I saw them in Monza on that tour (my first huge show, but this is another story).

    This year they play in a horrible venue in Milan, a sport arena and actually the price is quite high. Higher than two years ago, when the price was affordable. But I think I can go: I live only one life and luckily I have the money to spend for that GIG so….

    Well, THE EAGLES are one of my favourite bands. Their music is not so deeply introspective as Pink Floyd’s music. Obvious, they are Americans, they are a rock country band. But everything in the Eagles music is perfect. The tunes, the musicianship, the voices, the lyrics…

    Every Eagles song would be perfect to be covered by David Gilmour. A “Hotel California” solo by DG would be a dream.

    I want to mention two little Gems of their Country period with Bernie Leadon: “Bitter Creek” and “Earlybird”.


  31. ‘Hotel California’ is one of my favourite songs ever.

    The only Eagles CD I possess is ‘The Very Best of’, so I wouldn’t call myself a fan, but I do enjoy their music.

  32. Hi FEd,

    The Eagles truly are a great band. There was a little too much drama and such for me, with all the lawsuits and ‘no, this really is our last farewell tour, honest’. Still, a great group of musicians.

    One thing I will always remember is Joe Walsh talking about the ’70s. He was saying that he has absolutely no recollection of his tour with The James Gang- the only reason he knows he did it is because he has the posters.

    David could cover just about any Eagles song he wanted to. His vocal range and ability to harmonize would fit right in with them- not to mention the guitar work.

    Have a great weekend, all

  33. Hi Fed,

    first of all, I’m glad for your Liverpool.

    So, I don’t know too much about Eagles so I won’t spend words about this issue. I’m finally graduated and I would like to dedicate this special moment of my life to David, whose music has always made me happy, every single day of my life, to you Fed because everything in this blog has always been interesting and involved everyone of us, none excluded, and to the bloggers.

    Thank you very much.

    See you soon.

  34. I saw them last year in Toronto and they were very good. Here’s a useless bit of information which relates to the Eagles…

    The first song I ever played with a band, live and in front of an audience was… Lyin’ Eyes… 8|

    I said it was useless…

    Good luck to the Boyos in Red today… I’m talking a real game now, not a bunch of overpaid and overacting Jessies who fall over at every opportunity feigning multiple fractures… Wales are on the march and hopefully we’ll bag us some Garlic Crunchers later today!

  35. I think you need a “meh” selection on this poll, because when it comes to the Eagles I’m a ‘was, not is’ fan.

    Which is to say, back in the day I had all the decorated skull covers up as wall art, knew enough to look for scrawled messages in the run-out groove and (to this day) can sing every song from “Desperado” from memory. Furthermore, “One of These Nights” might be the sexiest bass riff EVER.

    Why not is? I don’t mind at all contributing to the enduring financial security of those who’ve given me musical happiness. I don’t fancy the idea of the greats or the goods ending up living on the street. I do loathe being ripped off, though. Big time.

    Anyway, there’s some good music there and with contributions by people like Jackson Browne and JD Souther it often approaches great music. I think “Whatever Happened to Saturday Night” is pretty close to a David Gilmour song anyway (wistful) but I wouldn’t mind him smokin’ the kimchee out of “On the Border”.

  36. 8) Hi Fed. Hope you’re keeping well.

    I thought I would let you know Kat and I are off up to Rockness this year. I have treated myself to a new bike, a Triumph Daytona 955i, so we will shoot up to the festival on her. This year’s line up is a bit electronic but one of my favs is headlining – Orbital.

    I just wondered if David had thought about going up and playing a tune or two, or would he if invited, I wonder!!!!

    Nice to speak with you,

    P.S. Is there a Hotel Caladonian in Scotland? May spot an eagle or two.

  37. Hotel California is a great track, the album is pretty good too, I recall, although I must cofess I haven’t listened to it for years.

    Like most people, I suspect, I have ‘Their Greatest Hits, 1971-1975’ album.

    It must be one of the finest compilation albums of all time (apart from ‘Echoes’, of course). ๐Ÿ˜› There isn’t a weak track on it. Although if David was to cover the whole album, it would sound even better. He’d sound terrific doing the Hotel California track too.

    These are the only Eagles albums I possess (the ’70s was the era when I splashed out on all sorts of music, before wedded bliss got the better of me and my wallet).

    Even though I liked their music, I never felt inclined to go and see them on tour, it’s just an Anglo-Saxon thing, I guess. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  38. Piero:

    Graduation is a personal milestone achieved. Congratulations on your special day. Must be a wonderful feeling.

  39. David covering Hotel California… ‘You can check out any time you like but you can never leave’… we don’t want to leave ever!

    However, I know it’s early but I won’t be around for a couple of weeks so a very Happy Birthday to David for the 6th.

    The nearest we get to the Eagles is as they are our nearest footie club we take a cursory glance at their results each week! That’s usually enough. Well, they’ve had their moments in the past, was it 9-0 to Liverpool?

    Best wishes to all

    1. I remember six goals at Selhurst Park on the opening day of the 1994/5 season very well. Jan Molby was on fire that day. A few years later, he was manager of Swansea City and I got to meet him. What a lovely man.

      And what I wouldn’t give for a few of those goals now…

  40. Saw The Eagles at one of the TeXXas Jams at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas~ back in the day. Love ’em~ almost as much as PF.

    Would love to hear Dave sing Glenn Frey’s “No More Cloudy Days” off their “Long Road Out of Eden” album.

    Just an ol’ diehard romantic here~ “One Slip” was our song~ “…the hand of fate that seemed to fit just like a glove…” I miss him somethin’ fierce~ may he rest in peace.

    Thanks for making music that sings to my soul. God bless.


  41. I’ll tell you this: I’d LOVE to hear David jam with The Eagles. Any of the Eagles’ songs would do. His voice, guitar playing style and musical leanings would fit perfectly with this great band.

  42. Country music is not really my cup of tea and I generally find The Eagles too ‘chamallow’ (= a melting but sticky sweet here, maybe ‘marshmallow’ in English?).

    I enjoy a chamallow from time to time, but certainly not ten chamallows in a row. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I bought their last double album and got the same feeling, certainly sweet melodies , pleasant ballads, impeccable vocals, beautiful harmonies, but too long, too polished, too ‘Eaglish’…

    Except two songs that I do love:

    – The ten-minute title track ‘Long Road Out Of Eden’ (atmosphere, lyrics, guitar solo, I like it better than ‘Hotel California’)

    – And the very short but subtle and beautiful ‘Gilmourish’ instrumental ‘I Dreamed There Was No War’ (and they could have replaced ‘war’ with so many other words…)

    France must be a crap country, since they don’t even come here in 2009…


  43. ‘The Last Resort’ of course. Brilliant!

    David’s warm voice, a la ‘A Pocketful of Stones’, would be pretty good for this piece.

    Max, Russia

  44. I loved the Eagles in the seventies, had all their albums, followed the work of members as they left and did other things, bought Hell Freezes Over then our relationship seems to have ended. There is no way I will pay the asking price for tickets to see them. Far too expensive. I am suspicious of their reasons ($?) for re-forming especially after the fighting of splitting up.

    I enjoy the nostalgia of their music, not so much because of the music but because of the time, the people, the memories. I haven’t heard their most recent album and don’t really feel inclined to seek it out. Perhaps if the tickets had been more reasonably priced I would have had a different opinion.

    All that said, I too sing along when a song comes on the radio and I do play the old songs from time to time.

    I think David’s voice singing any Eagles song would be lovely, he’s more than capable of doing it/them justice.

    ash X

  45. When I played gigs with just me and another girl, Seven Bridges Road was what we always opened with (and Find the Cost of Freedom was our closer).

    I recall a commercial on The Drive-Chicago when the announcer said, “In the 70s, everyone was trying to sound like the Eagles…” and cited a bunch of sound clips and bands and then said, “Too bad no one told Pink Floyd.” Then Money came rolling on the air waves. That was a moment for cranking the stereo and rolling the windows down for the highway drive. ๐Ÿ˜€

    As for covers, David can do no wrong in my book and I bet he’d sound AMAZING with the Eagles and their tight harmonies. These are my favorite Eagles songs:

    Hotel California
    Seven Bridges Road
    Life in the Fast Lane
    Hole in the World
    Take It Easy
    Heartache Tonight

    Eagles are definitely good driving music, I agree Diana. The Eagles, Boston, and the Doobie Brothers all have great highway-driving songs… that’s just out there for what it’s worth, I suppose.

  46. The Eagles are a great band (I grew up with them alongside Pink Floyd’s music back in my native Whitman, MA as first a toddler, then child, then teenager, Hell even today (though am now living in Florida)). Shame I missed the Hell Freezes Over Tour in 1994 as I was still recuperating financially from (what now turns out to be) Pink Floyd’s last tour (PF outgrossed The Eagles in 1994 in the US and only for Mick and Keith and The Rolling Stones to charge insane ticket prices to outperform PF). Then again, the HFO tour was last with Don Felder. Shame Don Henley and Glenn Frey’s egos got so big during the HFO tour that they shafted Felder from the group.

    I liked maybe two tracks on Long Road Out of Eden but sounds like a generic Nashville record.

    I’d love to see David crank “In the City”, “One Of These Nights”, “Too Many Hands”, “Those Shoes” (Gilmour can play a good talk box) and pull out “You Never Cry Like a Lover”.

  47. I have been a fan of the Eagles and Pink Floyd since the early seventies, saw Pink Floyd live at Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, in ’89, asked David to play Comfortably Numb during a quiet moment in the arena, of course he acquiesced, with a smile (as it was the next song in the set).

    Saw the Eagles live at the same venue doing their “Farewell I Tour”, managed to be featured in the DVD too, that’s me… right up the back… to the right….maybe left a bit…

    Never thought about David playing Eagles tunes. I really like David’s instrumentals, so, say Desperado, One of These Nights, I Can’t Tell You Why, “Gilmourised”, wouldn’t be a bad start.

    Happy Birthday to David too, hope he has a ripper! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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