Beatles covers

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On this day in 1964, The Beatles made their American television debut on The Ed Sullivan Show. More than 70 million viewers tuned in for what was the first of three legendary appearances throughout February.

Unless you’ve got a very good reason not to, perhaps you’d care to take ten minutes out of your day to enjoy this classic footage. It is, undeniably, an important piece of both music, and TV, history.

So, as well as your feelings towards those four lovable mop-tops, it’s Beatles songs that David could cover today, please.

You probably know that David and Syd spent some time busking together in 1965, performing songs from ‘Help!’, in France. You ought to know that David performed with Paul McCartney at Liverpool’s famed Cavern Club in 1999. That’s been captured for posterity on DVD, as has another gig, in aid of PETA, billed ‘The PETA Concert for Party Animals’. I’d like to know what you thought of those two.

Any other Beatles connections, do send them in. There are many.

Finally, following on from our Rock and Roll ruminations last week, how about The Beatles’ ‘Live at the BBC’ for some great classic covers? I’m thinking specifically of the raw vocals of Paul and John respectively on Little Richard’s ‘Lucille’ and Chuck Berry’s ‘Rock and Roll Music’, classic Ringo on the Carl Perkins number, ‘Matchbox’, and George’s fine guitar-playing on the unmistakeable ‘Johnny B. Goode’.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

100 thoughts on “Beatles covers”

  1. Re: Beatles covers… so many to choose from! Here are a few suggestions: Taxman, Revolution, While My Guitar Gently Weeps [too obvious], I Want You (She’s So Heavy), Blackbird, Rain, and Yer Blues.

    1. Absolutely… Beatles covers… I couldn’t think of any other than While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Wonderful piece of music.

      I’ll check in later to list other Beatles covers I guess. Too many of them I really like. 8)

      Peace and love from me to everyone!

  2. Evening FEd, 8)

    Huge fan of The Beatles – I was the youngest (by a long way!) in a family of four and, being born in ’62 The Beatles were the soundtrack to my formative years really. The first album I bought with my own money was Help! – that was in the early ’70s – and I remember recording the soundtrack to the films off the TV with a little mic on a plastic stand plugged into one of those early cassette recorders!

    In more recent times I’ve become a great admirer of George Harrison, he really was a talented man that sometimes found himself somewhat pushed into the background as the prolific song writing pair of Lennon and McCartney understandably basked in the limelight. Shame really, he wrote some wonderful songs and, with All Things Must Pass, probably produced the best solo Beatle album of them all – but that’s only my opinion of course. 😉

    So, what could David cover? How about a rocked up version of ‘Come Together’? Or maybe ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’, now that’s a song he could do something with!






  3. Wow, much to chew upon with this post, FEd… let’s begin shall we?

    First, a song that David would cover with great aplomb would be In My Life; Here, There, and Everywhere; Golden Slumbers; A Day In the Life; I’m Looking Through You.

    As for the Beatles first appearance on Ed Sullivan, I’ve seen the complete show and did you know that at this very same appearance a very young individual with the name of Davey Jones was performing a song from the Broadway hit Oliver? I believe he was the artful dodger.

    I’m not sure if on the track listing for Live at the BBC they have the magnificent cover of Little Richards I’m Down, with Macca on the lead vocal chores. Killer stuff, that track!

    Another interesting connection with Macca is the great documentary capturing the making of Rockestra, with a rather dapper Dave showing up (along with a boatload of rock luminaries, past and present). Run-throughs are followed by a shot of the artists relaxing with their favorite artists, smoke, etc… Gilmour can be seen with a pint of beer (forefinger in the beer to keep the head from getting out of control). He must have caught the keen eye of McCartney to be asked in for the sessions (being the other co-inhabitors of Abbey Road studios along with Wings).

    I particularly loved his collaboration on Run Devil Run and the aforementioned gigs. Dave complemented Macca’s 50s song covers immaculately and deftly.

    I’d love to see more collaborations between these two musical titans.

    Nuff said!

  4. Every time I see Beatles clip what shocks me is to see how the audience has changed if we compare it to nowadays shows. Don’t you think we have lost some style?

    Difficult to think of some Beatles songs David could cover, as his voice character is so different, deeper and bluesier. Maybe “And I Love Her” and “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”.

    1. Well, if you want to see an audience act the same way today, you need to go to a Hannah Montana or Jonas Brothers concert.



  5. I don’t call myself a “Beatles Fan” but I like their music and what they did for the music.

    I saw the concert of Paul with David at the guitar… a good concert! Probably I didn’t appreciate it much because I didn’t know the songs, but I enjoyed seeing it.

    But about the old friends of David, I’m seeing now the final part of Live8 and I’m very emotional to see a lot of music’s ‘big’ all together on the stage at the same moment.

  6. Oooh, there are just sooo many but here’s a few favs:

    I Need You
    The Night Before
    If I Fell
    She’s Leaving Home
    This Boy
    Cry Baby Cry
    Norwegian Wood

  7. I could see (or hear) David covering “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” for some reason. Maybe because of the guitar parts. Add some slide in there and you got a killer piece.

    Maybe some old school as well like “Please Please Me” or “It Won’t Be Long”.

    Great stuff.

  8. Re: Beatles covers

    I could imagine that Paperback Writer could be a fine one to cover. I love the bass line…


  9. Hmm, I didn’t listen to a lot of songs from the Beatles, but some are very nice. Like one of the most popular: “Let it Be”, etc…

    And there was “Wings” too, the group with Paul McCartney.

  10. Yep… totally agree with John Oreovicz – While My Guitar and Blackbird would be divine.

    My top 3 ideas that I’d love to hear David’s interpretation of:

    1. It’s All Too Much (on Yellow Submarine, would make a delicious slower tempo swing a la Gilmour)
    2. Eleanor Rigby (perfect level of melancholy for David IMHO)
    3. Here, There and Everywhere (perfect for David’s voice and guitar IMHO)




      B- I WANT YOU



  11. I’d have to say I’m not a fan.

    However, covers of Beatles stuff is always better than the original, I just don’t like their sound really.

  12. Hi FEd;

    How was your weekend? Mine was pretty decent.

    How about:

    1. Across The Universe
    2. Get Back
    3. Don’t Let Me Down

    Penny 🙂

  13. ‘While My Guitar’… ‘Something in the Way”… ‘Come Together”. Anything slow and bluesy is going to stand out in particular.

    Fed, I finally played the “Gilmour Strat” (the more expensive relic model) and it played really good. I am still not thrilled about that neck choice (it’s been on the real Gilmour Strat for less than 3 years… I would have loved it to be rosewood like he used through most of the seventies, but who cares what I think?) but it does feel really good and it is what ‘the man’ is currently using. (That does thrill me.) The pickups were REALLY cool and the tremola was smaller than mine by 1/2 an inch… which I liked a lot. All in all, very nice.

    For the record, I have been obsessed with that black Strat for 30 years. That is why I’m so opinionated about that in particular. Great dings, though.

    Blake in Nashville

  14. Beatles covers: While My Guitar Gently Weeps and Come Together.

    Cavern Club – I have the DVD and I like it very much but it might have been slightly longer, my favourite tracks now: 20 Flight Rock and No Other Baby.

  15. For me it’s The Beatles and Pink Floyd (collectively and individually)! Everyone else is “B” list.

    I’d love to hear Gilmour do some of the dreamy, psychedelic Lennon stuff (though he seems to like to do more straight rock n roll covers–with Paul). It would be hard for anyone to do–but it would be great if he’d do Across the Universe, A Day in the Life, Strawberry Fields–I’d even like to hear him do “Goodnight” (he did a GREAT job of Hushabye Mountain). “I’m the Greatest!” would be fun too. Come to think of it, so would, “What is Life!” and “Here Comes the Sun”.

    GAWD–I wish Gilmour would do a free summer concert each year in Hyde Park with some special guest like Paul McCartney (or a band like Roxy Music) where David would do his own stuff and then maybe three songs with his guest(s), and then release it as a DVD the following Christmas–he wouldn’t have to tour. Setting up and recording a single concert would be relatively cheap.

    Wouldn’t it be great to hear David Gilmour and Paul do “A Day in the Life” Or “Lucy in the Sky” or “I want to Hold Your Hand” and classics from the DG/PF cannon?

  16. Fed,

    I also just saw where Gilmour didn’t win the Grammy. Gilmour’s ‘loss’ is actually consistent with the lack of taste that nominated Kid Rock. (Has there ever been a more TERRIBLE song than that one with the ‘Sweet Home Alabama’/’Werewolves of London’ backing track? What a miserable piece of crap that is!)

    I also found it interesting that 3 of the 5 nominees for Best ROCK Album live in Nashville (Kings of Leon, The Recountours and Kid Rock -ugh). We are really proud of 2 of those bands anyway. That goes to show what a great place Nashville is to live.

    Also, the Robert Plant and Alison Krauss project was completely influenced by being made in Nashville. That’s why we are called “Music City” and not “Country Music City”. It really is a very cool place to be a musician and resident. You never know who you will run into at the grocery store (I literally ran into Alison Krauss at a Kroger).

    Blake in Nashville

    1. I toally agree with you assessment of Kid Rock and the “Sweet Home/Werewolf ” – it makes me wonder what people are thinking. I cringe anytime I see Kid Rock – ugh.

      About Nashville – yes, great place, I am in Kentucky so I’ve been down several times.


  17. Hmmm… there are indeed many to choose from. Off the top of my head, I would rather enjoy a DG version of:

    While My Guitar Gently Weeps
    Eleanor Rigby

  18. I think that “Within You Without You” (George Harrison) would be a good one dedicated to Paul for his recent, and IMO, ill-thought-out concert in Israel.

    “Are you one of them”, from the lyrics comes to mind.

    He only missed the massacre over there by a few weeks… he could have been entertaining them in relative luxury while children and babies were being blown to bleeding patches of unrecognized flesh, what a show grabber that woulda been!

    1. Reading about the concert I see that one of the songs Paul did, to rapturous applause by the Israelis, was “Live and Let Die”:

      What does it matter to ya
      When you got a job to do
      You gotta do it well
      You gotta give the other fellow hell

      Maybe David could do this one with a “Dogs of War” kind of mix to it?

  19. Norwegian Wood and Day Tripper.

    George Harrison wrote some beautiful songs after The Beatles finished, seemed like a top bloke.

  20. Let it Be. I think David may have done it already or maybe the whole Sgt Pepper’s album.

  21. Oh my goodness!

    I’ve been majoring on the Beatles recently – by the way that old Beatles vs Stones thing is a no brainer… if you chose the Stones it’s because you are not choosing the music…

    The Beatles are an incomparable band… nobody else will/can reproduce that moment in time – really quite short – that represented such an explosion and flowering, (a difficult act to pull off simultaneously) bridging pop, art, experimentation, the creation of a way of making music, all new and all laced with the greatest trick of all – sweet, simple melody and interesting lyrics.

    Covers –

    Across the Universe (hints in Echoes BTW)
    Helter Skelter
    Let it be (with extended guitar solo)
    Come Together

    Oh, there’s too many….

    1. ‘Wild Horses’, ‘As Tears Go by’, ‘Ruby Tuesday’, ‘Fool To Cry’… it’s not music? 😕

  22. I have always preferred The Rolling Stones to The Beatles, but I did enjoy these ten minutes of the Ed Sullivan Show. I know that The Beatles ‘opened the doors’ and influenced everything in pop/rock music all over the world.

    Also, amazing and very funny to see all these screaming, hysterical young girls. (Less funny – for them – they are now 45 years older!) :!

    Beatles songs that David could cover? The obvious ‘Yesterday’, ‘Let It Be’, ‘Hey Jude’… But also I would like him to perform ‘I Am The Walrus’, I like this one very much (even if I don’t understand at all the meaning of the lyrics) and… ‘Michelle’. :v …

    ‘Live at the BBC’, I think they covered ‘Carol’ by Chuck Berry, but once again, I prefer the ‘Carol’ cover by The Rolling Stones.

    Too sad that Pink Floyd never allowed (I think) their BBC sessions to come out…


    1. Hi Michèle,

      “I Am The Walrus” is also one of my favourite Beatles songs.

      I was curious, so I read something about the lyrics some time ago.

      Some say John Lennon (if he’s really the author) simply put in it some of his memories, in a random way. Others (those who support the “Paul Is Dead” theory, if you know it) find lots of hidden messages between the lines. They particularly take the title as a proof of their thesis, since the walrus seems to be an old Scandinavian symbol of death.

      Sincerley, I don’t believe a single word of what they say, for me the first explanation is the right one.

      If you look at psychedelic music, you can easily find many examples of this “aesthetic” way to write the lyrics.


    2. Michele,

      I’m with you, I too preferred the Stones over the Beatles. I knew I liked you for a reason.


    3. Thanks Alessandra.

      What I also like with the blog is that it’s a ‘brain stimulator’, I mean, it always gives us the desire to learn something new, to do some research.

      I have found that today about the weird words of ‘I Am The Walrus’.

      “Semolina pilchard, climbing up the Eiffel Tower.” Fascinating vision, I love it! :))


    4. And which could be the secret behind “Man, you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allan Poe”? :))

    5. Alessandra,

      What do you think of “Goo goo g’joob g’goo goo g’joob. Goo goo g’joob g’goo goo g’joob g’goo”? Very clever, no?

      Oh, but there are some sensible words…”Sitting in an English garden waiting for the sun.” :))

    6. Ah Michel … I must try to justify myself. I did not say that the Stones did not make music. Some of it was even good although the ones you mention are not necessarily to my taste.

      My contention was that the music of the Beatles was superior (of course, it is all personal taste) – by which I mean more melodic, more ideas, more variety, more richness of tone, more artful production, more connection with ideas, more emotion, more insight.

      It seems to me that the Stones set out to be a rock’n’roll band, and that is fine. I like rock bands. The Beatles rejected that as a limitation and set out to make music… so I conclude that to prefer the Stones is to prefer the attitude, the energy, rather than the music.

      Of course, like any cliche, it will be only partly true and I’m sure your appreciation of the Stones is inspired by their music more than anything else, and of course I therefore humbly insert “perhaps” into my clumsy rhetoric. :v

    7. John said in an interview that the lyrics were essentially “nonsense” in the tradition of Lewis Carroll. In fact he was aware that many people were trying to interpret the meaning of Beatles songs and finding too much “unintended” meaning in them and he thought “make some sense out of that” with “I Am the Walrus”.

      Of course no words are completely random and I think John in particular liked to see words as part of the “soundtrack” – their rhythm adding to the music, words that sounded interesting and original to give abstract and interesting imagery. The basic rhythm is that of a traditional police siren (na na, na na, na na , na na)…

      Some of it harks back to playground songs, some of it picks on “establishment” targets, a lot of it “just sprang into his head”…


    8. Bah… Tim, thank you, you’re probably right, I’m not able to argue with you…

      I remember my parents saying something like, “The Beatles are the good/nice/cute guys, The Stones are the bad/naughty/wild guys.”

      Maybe I just prefer bad/naughty/wild guys… 😉

      Joke, eh?

  23. My strongest Beatle-Memory is in the fact that. When I was young, my Mum was always playing her Beatles records. As I got older I wanted to play along so my Grandma bought me a guitar. I struggled along for a couple of years before I mastered the art of tuning the guitar and reading the book she bought me, “The Beatles Complete”. I was about 12 years old then and by 14 I could play many of them by memory.

    I’ve been playing for over 35 years now, firstly under the influence of George Harrison, then Hank Marvin, then Eric Clapton, and then David Gilmour. I’m told that I should work on something original, but I play for me, and try to share a little of the excitement these artists feel when they perform their songs.

    I recently heard a friend’s 18 year old son playing the chords from “Let it Be”. When I told him I recognised it he said, “No, it was a tune by (a band I’d never heard of)”. I then played Let it Be and taught him. He was well impressed, as I taught him something new and “Cool!”.

    Fashions really do turn full circle!


  24. I could see David tackling “Mother Nature’s Son”. I think his voice would complement that song very well, not to mention his often overlooked acoustic abilities.

    Too bad he didn’t win that Grammy last night. Peaches En Regalia is a great song, though. My only hang-up is that it’s a cover whereas David’s is an original, which gives it more credibility in my mind for some reason.

  25. For David, I’ll take Helter Skelter from Macca’s repertoire, I Want You (She’s So Heavy) from John’s and For You Blue from George’s. Extended solos on all 3, naturally.

    I don’t see how anyone can knock the Beatles. With most bands, if they get 2 to maybe 3 very good songs on an album, they consider that album their magnum opus. You’d be very hard pressed to find any mediocre songs on any of the Beatles albums. Very few are average, some are good, and most are incomparably good, iconic, standard setters.

    I don’t think the Beatles are the greatest ‘rock band’ ever. But they are the greatest pop band ever, and they set the table for every pop and rock band to follow. They shall always preside with honor at the head of that table. (Or maybe I’m thinking about the Rutles. I get confused.)

  26. Oh, I remember literally begging my father on my knees to let me watch the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show just once. Dad hated Sullivan. I was only seven but it was still embarrassing. Worth it, though.

    Come Together might be a good one for David or Here Comes the Sun. I have an idea that Something would work and for once we’d get a decent cover of that song, which has had its personal bits removed by too many MOR artists.

    Helter Skelter is a good one too but now I’m hearing Come Together in my head which means my mind is almost made up. I can be persuaded, though.

  27. Hey, I was just looking at the Silhouette Tee in the North American Fan Fare section of the website. Anyways, my question is: what is listed on the back of the shirt under “On An Island”?

    1. I’m afraid I’ll have to pass, as I’ve never seen one, but I’d assume it’s a list of tour dates and venues.

      Can anyone confirm this?

  28. 1. You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away
    2. The Night Before
    3. Hey Bulldog
    4. I’m Only Sleeping
    5. Glass Onion
    6. Blackbird
    7. Two of Us
    8. Here There and Everywhere
    9. Dr. Robert
    10. The End

    I grew up listening to the Beatles, starting as a 5 year old boy watching the Beatles cartoons in the early 60s. I had a glitter paint-by-number set from the “Yellow Submarine”, God, I wish I still had that today. I don’t think a year in my life has gone by without getting a Beatles record, CD, book, etc.

    Note; I won a pin design contest with the Hard Rock Cafe, and my design was a medal (like in the military) and under the ribbon was a peace sign, and the bar above the ribbon read: “Give Peace a Chance”.

    I have seen 6 separate shows with members of or Pink Floyd, and never seen a Beatle peform live… I have tried to get tickets for Paul several times through the years, just never had good luck. I do hope there will be another chance.


    1. I hope you’ll get that chance, Stephen.

      I’d love to see that winning pin design of yours, if you’d care to share it.

  29. Although covering “The Beatles” is at best a very risky venture for any musical artist (I don’t think that it’s ever successfully been done), I’d love to hear how David would interpret “I Am The Walrus”. Perhaps just to hear him belt out “Koo Koo Ka Choo” – LOL.

    And although not a “The Beatles” song, but a Paul McCartney song, I think David could deliver a wonderfully sublime “Maybe I’m Amazed”. Unlimited guitar solo possibilities there.

  30. I think David and another vocalist could do a great duet of “Two Of Us” from the “Let It Be” album. I’ve also always imagined David’s voice in place of Paul’s on “Get Back.”

    “Girl” seems to be in line with David’s musical sensibility (and I can really imagine David adding a great solo there).

  31. So many songs that could be covered although ‘And I Love Her’ and ‘In My Life’ are particular faves.

    As for connections, well, didn’t Pink Floyd record an album at Abbey Road (maybe Piper – so pre David) when the Beatles were next door finishing off Sgt Pepper… or maybe another band?

    1. The Piper at the Gates of Dawn is Pink Floyd’s debut album and the only one made under Syd Barrett’s leadership, of which Paul McCartney and Pink Floyd’s past producer Joe Boyd had both rated highly.

      In January 1967, prior to recording The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, the band had produced at the Sound Techniques Studio in London, a single entitled, Arnold Layne, at around the same time the Beatles were beginning work on Sgt. Pepper as an early and ground-breaking example of a “concept album”.

      The first fruits of the Beatles concept album produced, “Penny Lane” and “Strawberry Fields Forever”, which were released as a double-A single with the two songs “Strawberry Fields Forever” and “Penny Lane” ultimately dropped from Sgt. Pepper.

  32. I remember when our family watched that historic episode and most Ed Sullivan shows on Sunday nights prior to bed time and school the next day.

    My sister saw the Beatles show in Toronto at Maple Leaf Gardens.

    Thanks for the video clip Fed, awesome. 😉

    For David, I would choose Mister Postman and Rock and Roll Music.

    I saw the footage of the Cavern show with Paul and was amazed how well David played, including Saw Her Standing There. I should pull it out again for another looksy! 😛

  33. A cover? Hmmm. Good job you didn’t give me time to think about this, but I couldn’t avoid some rapid memory flashes. Off the top of my head: Blackbird, Norwegian Wood. I’m stopping at that.

    I’ve always though that every band should have at least one Beatles cover in their repertoire. However, most Beatles stuff is very pop music (although brilliant!!!!) and I don’t really feel it is David.

    I know David admires their work very much. It seems so old fashioned now. I expect a sound thrashing for saying that. And I admit, I do sing along when a Beatles song comes on.

    I really need more time on this.

    ash X

  34. I would love to hear how David would play “Flying”, not the squiggly bits at the end so much but the main part. In fact, I could imagine him & Richard Wright doing something amazing with this. That thought has made me rather sad.

    Other Beatles songs I think I would like to hear how David would perform are “Penny Lane” and ” Norwegian Wood”. Tomorrow’s choice could be very different.

  35. Thank you for the video, FEd. My mother enjoyed it very much, too! 😀

    Some Beatles covers could be Strawberry Fields Forever, Yesterday, Here Comes The Sun, A Day in the Life, Fixing a Hole, Help!, but I could go on and on… There are a lot of possible ones! I only mentioned the first that came in my mind.

    About David and Paul McCartney, I know “Live at the Cavern Club” and I think it’s a great show, really entertaining. I love “No Other Baby” and “Brown Eyed Handsome Man” above all.

    I like the album “Run Devil Run”, too, but I prefer the live version of that kind of music, even if it’s only a DVD.

    I don’t know the PETA concert very well, only something I found online. I only can tell it was made for a very good charity reason, but it’s something else I have to add to my list for the future. 🙂


  36. I’ve always really enjoyed The Beatles music and there are tracks I’d love to hear David cover. This lot for starters:

    Revolution (the beginning of that has got to be one of the best bits of guitar ever)
    Get Back
    I’ll Follow The Sun
    I’m Only Sleeping
    And I love Her
    Don’t Let Me Down
    Across The Universe

    The Cavern concert DVD is a good one.

    I remember seeing the band on Parkinson around that time and thinking that the guitar player looked very familiar. (I had a baby that was a few months old at the time and wasn’t getting much sleep – that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.)

  37. I’m late to offer my congratulations, FEd, on your sterling efforts in bringing us the blog’s new design and features. Although I do not post regularly, I do read regularly and am both pleased and impressed to see that you’ve kept this little part of the web alive and well for such time. Well done!

    As for The Beatles, I have always loved them and enjoyed David’s playing at the Cavern Club very much. What’s more, it looked like he enjoyed himself.

    I also consider his playing on Paul McCartney’s “No More Lonely Nights” one of the finest solos.

    1. Thanks very much.

      Doesn’t it annoy you when they play ‘No More Lonely Nights’ on the radio and resume their mindless nattering before the song, and David’s solo, has finished? Really gets my goat, that.

  38. To me, In My Life is the song I would like to see David cover. No band, just David and an acoustic guitar. That would be perfect.

    Across the Universe would be the tune I would like to hear how David would interpret with his band. I think David Bowie did a fine job with that song on his Young Americans album.

    Finally, Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da or maybe Octopus’s Garden with Guy Pratt on lead vocals. The second one would go well with his Bass and Other Animals.

    On that note, where has that Guy been lately??? He hasn’t posted on this site in ages!!!



  39. Fed,

    I do believe that Gilmour used to do a bit of ‘Norwegian Wood” at the beginning of ‘Run Like Hell”… just a snippet. He used to throw in some small bits of tunes at the beginning that maybe had some relevance to where he was performing that night. I know for a fact he did a bit of ‘Ohio’ in Columbus, Ohio… I was there.

    I just remembered that. Great topic!

    Blake in Nashville

  40. I have all the orignal Beatles on albums on vinyl… My favourite band (beside…)

    I like how they changed from 1964 – 1970.

  41. I decided I am a “Beatles fan” in the poll. Actually I am not so much but… I remember when I was 3 or 4. My elder brother was 12 or 13. And in the room he used to listen to music with the only system we had, a cassette player, a mono thing. And while he was reading or studying with music on, I was on the floor, playing with my games.

    And I remember everything like it’s yesterday. He was always playing a cassette with music recorded directly from the radio. And I was completely attracted by this song which everyday I asked to hear more and more: “She Loves You” by the Beatles. I even remember it was a live recording. That song woke me up to the “music” inside me.

    That’s why I voted I am a fan. 😛

  42. I do have the Cavern DVD and my only complaint, of course, is not enough David.

    (Sorry, I’m still steamed over the Grammys. Although I do feel they are not the honor they once were, I think David has won many other honors that are much more meaningful.)

    Beatles song choices from me would include:

    The Fool On The Hill
    When I’m Sixty-Four
    And I Love Her
    Here, There and Everywhere
    Maybe I’m Amazed

    Well, there are lots aren’t there.

    FE’d: May I mention my thoughts and prayers are with all those in Victoria, Australia with all the loss of life and property? My husband has friends in and around Melbourne (we lived there a short while). Hoping for some relief for them soon and that the army can help the firefighters put out those fires. There has been mention that there is some reason to think that some were set, which is just a sickening thought.


  43. Although the Beatles made some great music together, some of the solo ones are great too:

    Cold Turkey by Lennon. I just love the riff to that song (which was used in the 90s by The Cult to good effect). If David didn’t want to do the screams of pain at the end like John, there is plenty of room for an extended guitar solo – perhaps even using the Peter Frampton talk box to good effect throughout the song.

    I was loaned “The Pipes of Peace” by McCartney as a young teen and listened to it a lot so that album always sticks out for me, perhaps “Through Our Love”.

    George I really missed out on as a solo artist mostly, apart from the hits such as “My Sweet Lord etc, so I’ll stick with my first choice earlier.

    I heard Oasis do a great live version of “I Am the Walrus” in Preston Park, 1994 free Heineken Festival, so maybe that gets my vote as well (is the Walrus the one from Alice in Wonderland?).

    1. To Matt:

      Looking at the lyrics it always makes me think of Alice in Wonderland (AIW), for instance:

      “I am the eggman” could be Humpty Dumpty.

      “I am the Walrus” is perhaps the oyster eating one (are those tears from his eyes near the end?).

      The repeating of, “I am crying”, reminds me of the following quote from AIW:

      “Well, it’s no use your talking about waking him,” said Tweedledum, “when you’re only one of the things in his dream. You know very well you’re not real.”

      “I am real,” said Alice, and began to cry.

      “You won’t make yourself a bit realer by crying,” Tweedledee remarked: “there’s nothing to cry about.”

      “If I wasn’t real,” Alice said–half-laughing through her tears, it all seemed so ridiculous–“I shouldn’t be able to cry.”

      “I hope you don’t suppose those are real tears?” Tweedledum interrupted in a tone of great contempt.”

    2. Aha!

      Here we go, if you look up “I Am the Walrus” on Wikipedia it has some interesting info, as well as this quote by Lennon:

      “It never dawned on me that Lewis Carroll was commenting on the capitalist and social system. I never went into that bit about what he really meant, like people are doing with The Beatles’ work. Later, I went back and looked at it and realised that the walrus was the bad guy in the story and the carpenter was the good guy. I thought, Oh, shit, I picked the wrong guy. I should have said, ‘I am the carpenter.’ But that wouldn’t have been the same, would it? [Singing] ‘I am the carpenter….'”

  44. Hi Gang,

    Love the Beatles, it all started when I was very young – I found a cassette tape of my mum’s which had the ‘Beatles 63-67’ LP on (that’s the red one, I believe the blue one which appeared later was 67-70).

    Loved Twist and Shout, She Loves You, and I Love Her, etc. Was so into them in fact I got a LP player, and got my mum and dad’s vinyl out of the loft, and played them to death. Including some vinyl singles. Have all their studio albums on CD now as well.

    My taste has changed over the years though, and I no longer listen to their early stuff so often, and I much prefer the later music, Abbey Road being a stand out album I think (especially the medley towards the end), Revolver of course, the classic, White Album, Rubber Soul is also worth a listen now and then. Fantastic music, and it really is timeless.

    I could go on for hours about them but we all know it all anyway 😀

    So covers? Not sure. Maybe we could get David to do ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ then roll into ‘Ticket to Ride’ a la the orginal tapes (I have tried listening on CD and you CAN make out something).

    I’m not sure I can pick one definitive cover, maybe Revolution, or Helter Skelter? Hey Bulldog? Maybe he could try his hand at the sitar and give us a demo of Within You and Without You. Only a Northern Song? Tomorrow Never Knows? The choice really is endless.

  45. I’d like to see David cover “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.”

    I’m a big Beatles fan. My mom is an even bigger Beatles fan. I grew up listening to the Beatles; those were some of the first songs I knew word for word.

    My mom, of course, watched the Beatles when they made their debut on Ed Sullivan. This was before the days DVRs and VCRs, but my mom actually took pictures of the ol’ black and white TV set the night the Beatles were on. She still has the pictures and LOVES to show them off.


  46. Another of the many Beatles connections, this time with some covers David actually performed.

    Back in 2002, David played in a charity concert called “An evening of Beatles music”. Along with David, other great musicians taking part included Mike Rutherford, Roger Taylor, Bob Geldof, Lulu, Donovan and Ringo Starr.

    David played on six songs (including “Across the Universe” and Revolution” as suggested above), but the highlight was the Harrison song “Long, Long, Long” which included a beautiful guitar solo coda from David.

    Definitely a magical and unique evening.

  47. i don’t usually post on here (although i’m a long-term reader) but i just want you all to hear my opinions about the beatles.

    quite frankly, i’m sick to death of this band. i’m sick to death of them being called “the greatest band ever” (they’re not) but most of all i’m sick of sgt pepper being called “the greatest album ever” (it’s not). i’m sorry, but to me the real best band ever would either have to be led zeppelin or pink floyd and the real greatest album ever is either ‘physical graffiti’ or ‘dark side of the moon’.

    i just don’t see what the fuss is all about. to my ears most of their songs are just 2 minute pop songs and when you compare them to really epic songs like ‘echoes’ or ‘kashmir’ there’s just such a big difference.

    and let’s not forget ringo’s drumming…

    but i don’t hate them (i find them OK although i’m not into pop music). i just think they’re over-hyped.

  48. To be honest, I’m not that big a fan of The Beatles.

    It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just… I prefer their early pop-“single” days and there seems to be way too much hype around their albums (especially Sgt. Pepper’s…)

    I’m more of a Beach Boys man myself. 😛

    But, to be fair, were it not for the Beatles, one of my favourite artists of all time, George Harrison, would probably have been left undiscovered. I love anything George has done far more than the collective Beatles.

    I would love to hear David cover “Here Comes The Sun”. Either that or “In My Life” – I have heard so many great covers of that song and I think David would do it justice too. 🙂

  49. FE’d:

    Still notice some bloggers missing from the postings. Like ‘Rudders’ for one. Hope all is well them.

    By the way, was there an announcement on who won the Strat in the UK? Did I miss it? If so, congratulations to whoever.

  50. Beatles covers… hoo boy, I think David could do their entire body of work and make it work, but the ones that I think sound the best are:

    Here Comes the Sun
    While My Guitar Gently Weeps
    Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (it may sound weird at first, but I bet this is exactly the type of song David would enjoy)
    Love Me Do
    Can’t Buy Me Love
    A Hard Day’s Night
    I Feel Fine
    Ticket to Ride
    Yesterday (FOR SURE!)
    Day Tripper
    We Can Work it Out
    Paperback Writer
    Eleanor Rigby
    Hello Goodbye
    Hey Jude (and he kind of did at Live 8… well, sort of)
    Let it Be
    Magical Mystery Tour
    Strawberry Fields Forever
    With A Little Help From My Friends (gives me chills)
    When I’m Sixty-Four (why not?) 😛
    A Day in the Life

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you.

  51. One of my old bands did a “just for fun” version of “Eleanor Rigby”, to a slightly modified “Have a Cigar” backing.

    David also played some great guitar solos on Ringo Starr’s “Ringo Rama” CD, doing his best Hendrix bits on “Instant Amnesia”, and a harmonised part on “Missouri Loves Company”. If you find the deluxe version, you’ll see a short drum duet between Ringo and David.

    Bill C

  52. For me it would have to be:

    1. In My Life
    2. And I Love Her (well, Cymbaline always reminded me of this song anyway)
    3. Julia (this song is just heaven – ‘her hair of floating sky is shimmering, glimmering, in the sun’)

  53. I’d love to see that winning pin design of yours, if you’d care to share it.

    Here is my Hard Rock pin.

  54. Fed, I remember David playing for McCartney on Parkinson and my disappointment when he wasn’t even given a mention. It was strange seeing him playing in such a subdued manner and being just one of the band.


    1. I think I saw that.

      I do remember seeing one where David was with McCartney and it was like you said in your post.

  55. Talking Beatles, does anyone have any recollection of Lennon quipping he was a right one (a play on words for Right Hon.) with reference to their MBE awards ?

    I think I’m the only one who remembers this, did I dream it ?

    ash X

  56. They truly didn’t want to be called “bugs”. I thought they were going to attack me but their agent or the record company agent calmed them down with “it’s BEAT-les”. Also, they were never called the BEATles until after Ringo sat down at the drummer seat.

    May their music live on forever! Baby does!

  57. Would love to see Gilmour play:

    * Old Brown Shoe
    * She’s So Heavy
    * Rain
    * Something
    * Think For Yourself

  58. David would be great on covering Beatles songs. I would like to hear him do “Across the Universe”.

    I know he played his guitar on two of Paul’s songs. “No More Lonely Nights” was unmistakeably David on the solo and on “We Got Married”.

    I also saw a video once with Ian Gillian from Deep Purple where David played on “Smoke on the Water”. Incredible.

  59. I loved the Beatles. My suggestions are:

    1. I Will
    2. Something
    3. The Long and Winding Road
    4. Here Comes the Sun
    5. Here There and Everywhere

    Another suggestion: Jimi Hendrix – Angel

  60. I would like hearing David playing

    – Norwegian Wood
    – While my Guitar Gently Weeps
    – Blackbird

    and Strawberry Fields Forever (this is maybe an unusual choice but I think mixing this very psychedelic song with David´s own way of singing and guitar playing could be fantastic).


  61. What about David playing Norwegian Wood? Just a thought.

    Anyway, it’s the Beatles that were once declined by a big record company but now has taken over the music industry for many years until now. Great band and great music.

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