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Sunday Times critics and NPR listeners alike went for the eponymous debut from Fleet Foxes, while Rolling Stone chose the very awkward-sounding TV on the Radio. (What is it with these hip young things and their clumsy names?)

You might have spotted David enjoying Elbow on Later… with Jools Holland back in September; they won last year’s Mercury Prize for their 2008 release.

Whether your preference is for the most recent offerings from Metallica, Oasis, Sigur Rós or Coldplay (good, honest names, those), or the debuts from Duffy or Bon Iver, I’d like to know which you consider to be the best album released in 2008 without a Gdańsk in its title.

For me, that would have to be Neil Diamond’s very beautiful ‘Home Before Dark’.

I don’t think 2008 was one of music’s finest, do you?

The year’s best songs next week… and a Happy Birthday to Ash.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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    1. Beautiful.

      To paraphrase Joni:

      Woke up, it was a Chelsea morning, and the first thing that I heard
      Was: “His armband proved he was a Red – Torres, Torres…”

  1. This may well be a totally anonymous and unknown album to all of you, but my favorite album released 2008, was Tim Christensen “Superior”.

    Yes, the words are in English, though he’s a Danish artist, so if this inspires anyone to listen, you may very well understand his lyrics better than me. 😉

  2. I agree, FEd, 2008 didn’t produce a vast wealth of great new music. I think it’s due to the modern world depending less on new music to be its cultural backbone – 30 years ago, if so little was produced in a 12 month period, everybody would label it is ‘the death of music’.

    That said, I am a huge fan of REM’s latest offering, ‘Accelerate’, from March last year. They really are back to their old form, but with a rockier sound to them, which I love (their accompanying live show was also spectacular in my opinion).

    Happy Birthday, Ash. Hope you have a great day. 🙂

  3. I can’t explain my preference on some album out in the year 2008.

    But I agree with Fed when he said that 2008 is not a great year for music news.

  4. If you like Elbow, you’ll love this.

    ‘Steve Lamacq introduces Elbow appearing with the BBC Concert Orchestra in a unique performance of their 2008 Mercury Award-winning album ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’.’

    Available until: 10:02pm Saturday 7th February

    I’m listening again in fact.

    You can’t beat the sound of a band playing with a big orchestra, can you? David ought to do tha… Oh wait! He did. 😉

    1. yes indeed – that’s well worth a listen to anyone who hasn’t caught it yet … and Seldom Seen Kid looks destined to be an instant classic as well.

  5. Actually, I find it hard to remember releases from 2008, it might have to do with age, you tend to be comfortable with what you know… There are a couple of albums though, that have made its repeated turns in my iPod, namely John Hiatt’s Same Old Man and the “soundtrack” from Flight Of The Conchords TV show.

    The albums have stuck with me for different reasons, of course, and produce different emotions when listening to them, but isn’t that what diversity in music styles is all about?

  6. Elbow for me. So good I bought their whole body (get it?) of works – all their 3 previous albums.

    I thought this year was great for music especially with Fleet Foxes and Dido’s contributions.

    Happy birthday Ash.


  7. I’ve already racked my brains trying to think of my favourite album of 2008 for another site, which didn’t include reissues or live albums, and I gave up trying.

    However, including reissues, I would say Dennis Wilson’s Pacific Ocean Blue was my favourite of 2008.

    And of course my favourite live album was Live at Gdansk. I still can’t get over just how cool the 5-disk set is!

    And, just a few weeks ago, I picked up Meet Glen Campbell by Glen Campbell, and I love it. I would say it is my best album of 2008, and had I actually bought it in 2008, it would have made it to number 1 on my lists. It makes me smile, there are some beautiful cover versions on that album.

    Honourable mentions go to Mudcrutch’s eponymous debut and of course the Bootleg Series Volume 9, which I think contains better versions of a lot of the songs than some of Bob’s albums do! It’s a brilliant album, full of that magic that only Mr. Dylan can create. 🙂

    1. Too true! Didn’t expect that from Bob to be honest… Can’t think he’d be doing it for the money… but then what other reason is there?! :!

  8. Keane back to spurs eh? We’ll see.

    As for albums – embarrassingly I only bought one new album last year (one originally released in 2008, I mean) which was Kings Of Leon. No idea what its called but it has Sex_On_Fire, which is an awesome track.

    Watched a Neil Young documentary yesterday – had it on Sky+ for ages, just got round to it.

    I will be buying more Neil Young albums in the near future, I think.

    Currently have ‘After the Gold Rush’ so will accept suggestions. 😀

    1. ‘Harvest’ is worth buying for the last three tracks alone. ‘Everybody Knows This is Nowhere’ is also a favourite.

      That Kings of Leon album is called ‘Only By the Night’, by the way. Good album, but their debut is still their finest moment for me.

    2. Neil Young’s Decade is very good. It’s a double compilation CD, but a damn fine one at that.

    3. rob – nobody else will tell you to give ‘Trans’ a listen, probably; maybe not even Neil himself – but I have great affection for it. He does a nice acoustic take of ‘Transformer Man’ on ‘Unplugged’ which has the spirit, if not the vocoder effect, of the original. Still waiting for the proper remaster of this one (Neil, you are reading this, aren’t you…?).

      FEd – nice makeover here with the blog; not my flavor of the blue, but I like the overall structure, the tabs, all the links & stuff even if I am not yet an abuser of all things flicker, twitter, and …facial. Kudos.

    4. I think I prefer “Only By the Night” to the previous albums, but I can’t say I warm to the singer’s voice too much.

  9. I don’t have much input into this one. There was only one good release in 2008 or should I say one GREAT release?


  10. With new releases by:

    Riverside (Poland)
    Pineapple Thief (UK)
    Anathema (UK)
    Black Noodle Project (France)

    I personally thought it was a great year. 🙂

    Happy birthday Ash!

  11. [However, including reissues, I would say Dennis Wilson’s Pacific Ocean Blue was my favourite of 2008. – Davie110]

    Totally agree with that!

    Also agree that The Fleet Foxes album is very, very good.

    1. Third vote for Dennis – P O B had many great moments and never sounded better – just how loud can you stand to listen to that choir sound of River Song? Nice to have the complimentary Bambu stuff; this almost sounds like a complete album here.

      What would he be doing today? I invited him to David G’s party a while back…

  12. The best album released in 2008 without a Gdańsk in its title?

    Bof… No idea…

    Maybe ‘Bleu Pétrole’ – Alain Bashung. But I’m sure no one knows it here.

    Or ’22 Dreams’ – Paul Weller. Someone gave me the album and I liked it, or at least, parts of it. Funnily enough, there are 21 songs, I was expecting 22…


  13. Happy Birthday Ash. The only album I can really think of besides David’s would be Lifehouse. I love their music also.

  14. And Happy Birthday to Ash.

    Seeing that it’s ‘La Chandeleur’ here today (2 February), that means ‘Crêpe Day’ (in a secular way, of course :P), here is a recipe for you, Ash: ‘Crêpes Suzette’ (flambées au Grand Marnier, Mmmm…). Enjoy!!!

    FEd can also try it… and all the greedy people… 😉 Click here.


  15. Nothing to do with the current topic, but I finally bought ‘Live in Gdansk’ today. I went for the 2 disc version (cos that’s all they had in the shop). I haven’t listened to all of it yet, but I expect I’ll love it.

    As for albums in 2008, I only bought Coldplay’s ‘Viva la Vida’ last year (I’m also a huge classical music fan; all my other music purchases last year were classical).

    Love the new-look blog! 8)

  16. Fed, you made me blush mentioning my name. Thank you very much for your birthday greeting. 😀

    Thank you too to everyone else that sent me greetings, and for the crepes recipe Michele (like my waist line needs another delicious recipe!)

    I had a look through my CDs to see what I bought last year that was released last year. I also bought Paul Weller’s 22 Dreams Michele. 🙂

    I bought Portishead’s Third, Kaiser Chief’s Off With Their Heads and Ani DiFranco’s Red Letter Year.

    Fed, I still have to say that the very best purchase of 2008 was Live in Gdansk.

    ash X

  17. i think you would go a long way to beat marillion’s hapiness is the road. i love that album, other than live in gdansk of course!


  18. It would have been the Metallica Death Magnet release but then I picked up the Guns N Roses Chinese Democracy. Guns wins hands down for 2008. Highlights on this release for me would be the tracks: If the World, Sorry, I.R.S. and This I Love.

    What is odd about the album is that it may not catch you at first listen like the way Appetite did. But listen to it a few times and you uncover the gems. Don’t throw anything at me but in a way it is the same as OAI. But the similarity doesn’t end there. It took Axl 15 years to finally release this album. DG took 22 years between solo projects and 12 years between last studio PF and OAI. There are some out there who only listened to OAI once and then put it away. They don’t know what they are missing, just like this Guns release.

    The other thing I like about this one is that there are vast differences in the styles of the songs but all have great guitar work.

    Finding it is a bit of a challenge as it is only available at Best Buy in the states but it is worth a listen or two.



  19. Hi FEd,

    2008 lacked musical momentum… I find most young bands sing in this whiny tone – not sure how to describe it. I just think most music that is released today is pretty pitiful. Of course, one of the albums that was released last year that I think deserves praise might have what some might regard as one of the most annoying voices out there: Guns n’ Roses, Chinese Democracy. The album didn’t sell well – largely because these guys didn’t go out and promote it much – but it was a great guitar album and had some pretty original work – the “band’s” best since their debut. Then again, was this album really released in 2008? There were so many incarnations leaked over the the years.

    AC/DC made a big impact last year – bringing heavy metal back into the mainstream after a few acts helped set the stage before them.

    Yet, I can’t think of a good enough album last year. I was disappointed in the Satriani vs. Coldplay issue – I think Satriani has a strong case which makes me second guess Coldplay’s album…

    I risk sounding cliched – but I suspect if I had been able to buy Phil Manzanera’s albums last year when they came out (I still plan to get them) I might have placed them somewhere in the top 10 of 2008… his albums 50 Minutes Later and 6pm were outstanding a few years back.

    Looking forward to 2009? U2’s single on their website sounds pretty pedestrian. I do think Simple Minds will release a SOLID album this year… let’s hope for a better year!

    1. Disclaimer – Ed is not Andrew and Andrew is not Ed. I don’t even know Ed, so there is no way that we could have planned to post about the same release within minutes of each other. Kinda odd how that worked out.

      Maybe there is something to what we are saying.



  20. Hmm, not much input on this one, I’m afraid.

    Gdansk was definitely the best for me. Well worth the wait.

    Happy Birthday, Ash!


  21. The best 2008 album? I didn’t listen to much “new” music this year.

    I liked “Accelerate”, the new R.E.M.’s album. I saw them in Milan, last July and it was a good concert.

    Happy birthday, Ash!


  22. … regarding music and my taste, it was a bad year that 2008, with 2 exceptions: Live in Gdansk and Black Ice.

    Happy birthday Ash!


  23. I think the only album I bought which was released in 2008 was Firebird VII by Phil Manzanera, which I thoroughly recommend. It reminds me of Camel but slightly jazzier in places. I’m not a jazz lover but it’s jazzy in a controlled way, if that’s not a contradiction in terms. Definitely worth a listen.

  24. For me the best album was Sonny Landreth’s album “From the Reach”.

    I also put right a glaring omission in my CD collection – it now includes music by the Beatles in the form of Sgt Pepper.

  25. You know it’s funny, just yesterday I was thinking not only of David’s recent albums but what he would consider to be one of his finest moments on stage. Whether songwriting, harmonies, rhythm guitar, solo pieces, no one can argue that he’s not only one of the best guitarist/songwriters of all time but probably one of the best musicians of all time. Gdansk is definitely a highlight of 2008.

    Back to yesterday. I must have watched the RAH pulse version of Comfortably Numb a dozen times in the last 3 days. Would David consider this to be one of his finest moments with a band and a Strat? It’s not my favourite DG number but that particular performance has to be one of the finest performances on any stage at any time by any band. Would he agree?

    Ah well, just thought I’d drop by to say hello!

  26. Apart from Gdansk, the only really good album I purchased was Flashy, the most recent album by Electric Six.

  27. I was really impressed with Metallica’s new record. Sounds very much the days of Master of Puppets and Ride the Lightning. Very well done.

  28. Hi Fed. I know it’s off topic but you did say that you wanted to diversify a little with the new blog. Well, what better way of starting other than to say my “subject” is relevant, if you live in the UK anyway.

    So I am told, I have a least Six and a half inches. That’s the average I believe. LOL…….

  29. Yet another year spent with listening to more old music and learning to love another ’60s or ’70s artist. I’ve refallen in love with Santana and Steely Dan (actually, I was at a Santana concert in Budapest – lovely), and also a Norwegian band called Raga Rockers (you should check them out if you can, even though they sing in Norwegian).

    The only album from last year (apart from one with a Polish city’s name in the title) I can think of is Queen + Paul Rodgers’ The Cosmos Rocks, even though it is not nearly on the level of some former Queen albums, it contains some good songs and moments. I like “Voodoo”!

  30. Metallica’s “Death Magnetic” was a great album for those who like that kind of music (and I do… to a degree, Metallica, Judas Priest, etc. = RIGHT ON! Slayer, GWAR, etc. = BOLLOCKS!)

    Coldyplay’s “Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends” was an achievement and I’m far from a big Coldplay fan, in fact until that album I could be considered ambivalent towards the lads but they produced one fine album they did.

    The Offspring’s “Rise and Fall of Rage and Grace” has some tasty morsels on it for those willing to give a spin or a double click as the days seem to demand.

    Keane’s “Perfect Symmetry” is delightful, and yes I’m well aware that there are those who dislike Keane here but I care not, this is a great album.

    The Raconteurs’ “Consolers of the Lonely” was fantastic, for any serious music fan this one has got it all… seriously, check it out.

    Disturbed had a solid release with their “Indestructible” album, for those who enjoy that style (see Metallica comment).

    Vampire Weekend’s debut was enjoyable if somewhat overblown but hey, if it’s good enough for Peter Gabriel it is good enough for me.

    But I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for Death Cab for Cutie’s “Narrow Stairs”. It’s weird and it’s wonderful and it’s dynamic and it’s adventurous. In short, it was my favorite.

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you.

  31. I agree with you FEd about Kings of Leon, they have not paralleled their debut album yet.

    Apart from KOL I didn’t dig much in 2008, but I do adore Duffy, and I’m curious to listen to Neil Diamond now.

  32. I really did like the Mudcrutch album and REM is great as well.

    I love the idea of T-Bone Burnett with Alison Krause and Robert Plant. However, the album wasn’t that great, IMO. The show was unbelievable, however. Truly amazing concert. (Krause, Plant and T-Bone are actually in the studio in Nashville right now doing another one.)

    Blake in Nashville

  33. Happy Birthday Ash and belated Happy New Year to all of you.

    In 2008 I discovered Elbow. I saw them live on the R.E.M. tour and both – Elbow and R.E.M. – were great just like their new albums.

    Another fine album Queen + Paul Rodgers “The Cosmos Rocks”. For me that´s very good rock music.


  34. Honorable mentions must also go towards Dido and Gnarls Barkley. They weren’t classic albums but they are pretty good and enjoyable.

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you.

  35. Best album of 2008 without Gdańsk in its title? Hmm… The closest to Gdańsk would be the new B.B. King release, One Kind Favor. I think Buddy Guy released a new album too, but I haven’t quite gotten my hands on it yet.

    How’s the weather for you FEd and all others in the UK? I heard it is dreadful especially at London and the South.

    And a happy birthday to Ash (depending on your time zone). 😉


    1. Oh, I love the snow, so I’m very happy with the weather. I’m enjoying seeing people slipping down steps on the news (we need more of that, don’t we?), not to mention the amusing things that some scallywags are presenting to the BBC webcams.

      Not directed at BBC director general, Mark Thompson, I’m sure.

  36. Well, strange, or maybe not, no one said ‘The Cosmos Rocks’ from Queen+ Paul Rodgers. Not only two legendary musical entities creating new music together, but the fact that the songs are fabulous! The album is a grower and have some masterpieces as Cosmos Rockin’, Time To Shine or the amazing ‘Smal’, one of the finest Queen ballads, ever.

    FEd, did you hear it? Heard about it?

    (By the way, my birthday is 4 of July.)

    1. I’ve never liked Queen, to be honest. I had heard about the album, but had no real desire to listen to it. Maybe I should.

  37. Hey everyone.

    FEd, I think Viva La Vida was probably 2008’s best album. Coldplay did an excellent job. I think Brian Eno’s influence made them find their sound. His influence will once again influence the new U2 record!!! Very exciting stuff!!!!!


  38. Happy birthday, Ash!!! I hope you had a fun snow day!

    On the topic of best album of 2008: I’m not even sure I bought an album last year (other than the obvious one). 😉

    I tend to buy songs on iTunes and rarely purchase a whole album. My current favourite song is the delightful Strange Overtones by David Byrne and Brian Eno. I think I’ll listen to it now. 🙂

  39. I don’t know. If you’re into more of that heavy stuff, 2008 was a great year for music.

    I am, obviously, a Pink Floyd fan first and foremost, but a lot of other good stuff came out this year. Most notably, Black Ice – AC/DC, or Chinese Democracy – “Guns ‘n Roses” (I put the “s in because its really just Axl). 😛

  40. This is a tough one. Don’t know if it’s the best one of year 2008, but Tom Morello – The Fabled City is an album I’ve listened to a lot lately. Of course Coldplay’s album is great.

    This year’s best album so far is Bruce Springsteen’s – Working On A Dream You should buy it, if you haven’t got it.

  41. I would have to agree that 2008 was not a good year, but then we no longer have the heady days of the ’70s to spoil us for choice each year.

    That said there were some great releases in 2008. Perhaps my favourite was Steve Winwood’s “Nine Lives”.

    Susan Tedeschi’s “Back to the River”, John Illsley’s “Beautiful You” and Guy Fletcher’ Inamorata” are also well worth a listen.

  42. Happy Belated Birthday Ash!

    Like Fed, my vote goes to Neil Diamond’s “Home Before Dark” although my first choice of music to play in my car and at home is David Gilmour’s music. It doesn’t matter how often I play David’s music, each time it brings me new feelings and new appreciation.

    If I may also mention “Keep Your Eyes Ahead” by The Helio Sequence; I specially enjoy “Shed Your Love” and “Broken Afternoon”.

    I am afraid I will miss the chat again due to work.

  43. Hi,

    “I don’t think 2008 was one of music’s finest, do you?”

    Depends whether you mean musical output or the state of recorded music retail. For me it was a mixed year, some damn fine releases soured only by the continuing decline of our high street retailers in favour of supermarkets, on-line outlets and peer to peer bandits. The good old record shop is fast becoming a Dodo, which for me personally is an absolute disgrace. You just can’t beat a decent record shop-the choice, the advice, the personal experience, the belonging. Maybe I’m just old fashioned!

    Just some of the best new music of 2008 in no particular order…

    The Last Shadow Puppets
    Fleet Foxes
    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
    The Aliens
    Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan
    Bon Iver
    Giant Sand
    Toumani Diabaté
    Paul Weller
    Steven Wilson
    Seasick Steve
    Mercury Rev
    Sigur Rós

    There were also some great re-releases such as the previously mentioned Pacific Ocean Blue by Dennis Wilson and a great Return to Forever anthology, not forgetting of course Kind of Blue by Miles Davis.

    It will be interesting to see what 2009 brings in terms of both new music and where we buy it from.

    Putting the state of retail to one side, I think 2008 was a pretty good year for music really.


  44. The only ‘new’ albums from 2008 that I purchased (that didn’t have Gdansk in the title) were: Coldplay’s – Viva La Vida and Safe Trip Home by Dido. Both of which co-incidentally are eco-packaged, as was that album with Gdansk in the title.

    Is there something subliminal going on here…? 8|

  45. I vote for Metallica’s “Death Magnetic”.

    I vote that because before its release I supposed it would have been the same crap they offered since “Load”. We had 15 years of crap from them, what can you expect?

    But I wanted to give it a try… and it slowly grew on me…. And folks, you can’t believe it but I think it is a great album and I heard it a hundred times. Unforgiven III should have not been there, anyway. Metallica are back with real trash music. What we wanted from them, and what they are able to do.

    You have to hear track 5: ALL NIGHTMARE LONG….

  46. It has to be Elbow for me. I also own their entire works now. Great performance of ‘One Day Like This’ at Glastonbury!!!

    Whatever happened to Coldplay? After the initial promise of their first 2 albums, for me, they have gone on to produce 2 more albums that I could only describe as tame, banal pop!

    1. I couldn’t agree more about Coldplay. It’s a shame. I really liked the album’s first single, ‘Violet Hill’, which they very kindly offered as a free download. The rest of the album, for me, was a big disappointment.

      They’re going the way of U2, don’t you think? The politest way of putting it would be to say that they’re quite pretentious these days.

  47. I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned The Eagles’ 2008 release, their beautiful 2-CD set “Long Road Out Of Eden.” I’ve had it in my car for weeks on-end now, it never gets old. Especially I love the very first track, “No More Walks In The Wood.” A capella and beautiful. In all the years when they were NOT releasing new music, The Eagles didn’t get older. They just got better.

    The only thing I disliked about “Long Road Out of Eden” was the fact that here in America, it’s only available at WalMart. That’s a store I hate to patronize, because they’ve made it hard for smaller stores to compete with them. All across America are huge big-box WalMart stores in the suburbs, while on Main Street the mom-and-pop stores have closed because they can’t compete. I’ll always shop at such stores when I can, because I’d rather see my money go to keeping small, local businesses alive. I’d have gotten this album at an indie record store, but was forced to buy it at WalMart.

    1. Love it, listening to the title track as I type, in fact. (Has Don Henley ever sounded better?)

      I’d have mentioned it, and almost did, but it was actually released in 2007.

      I share your views on Wal-Mart, by the way. A great big “Boo!” to them. Asda, now part of “the Wal-Mart family” (doesn’t that expression make you want to throw up?), is one of many stores that I enjoy boycotting.

      Check out a film called ‘Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price’, if you haven’t already. Although that’s another topic for another time…

    2. Yes, that would have been my choice for 2007. And I do not want to think of the wal-mart thing and all the money they have, use and waste or the good words of “Long Road Out of Eden” lose value…..

    3. Um, the whole Wal-Mart thing was a deal breaker for me. I had to endure a gut wrenching experience just to buy Genesis’ “When in Rome 2007” DVD and I hope I never have to do it again. It is what prevented me from buying AC/DC’s new album as well.

    4. I believe I read that Bruce Springstein did the Wal-Mart thing with his latest release and now regrets his decision. I always wondered why The Eagles, of all bands, wanted to work the deal with ‘Schnorer’-Mart. :!

      n. Slang. One who takes advantage of the generosity of friends; parasite or beggar. 😉

  48. Piergiorgio – how come you don’t listen to a good Italian band like No-Sound?

    1. I checked their site. Well… actually I tried to listen to songs there and apart from that cover (Echoes!), their music …..I don’t like, sorry.

      How can I say… they seem not very original to me and quite boring. But “De gustibus non disputandum est”.

      You want to hear something very Italian? An Italian way to rock music? Listen to LITFIBA. They were great, especially the first albums. And they were successful too.

  49. Heeellllloooo…is there anybody in there? 😮

    This is my first blog post of the new year and I love the improvements, Fed. It’s as crisp and clean as fresh bed linens. Good work!

    In 2008 my music budget was focused on all things with Gdansk in the title, but I did buy Duffy’s ‘Rockferry’. I’ve enjoyed diving into this album on many occasions. It’s one of those records that you know all the words to, and you just keep flipping it over and over untill all your wine is gone and you’re certain that she crawled into your head and stole the ideas for her songs.

    Thanks to Simon J, for turning me on to her.

    I should also mention that Robert Plant and Allison Krauss’s ‘Raising Sand’ was another album I spent a lot of time with. Beautiful music and harmonies between the two.

  50. For most of 2008, Elbow’s ‘Seldom Seen Kid’ was leading the way for me. That was until November when Steven Wilson released ‘Insurgentes’, a quite stunning piece of work that defies description.

    Only the special edition has been released so far but the standard retail edition is due out in early March & I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you want to listen to beautiful, atmospheric rock music at it’s finest buy it!

    Hope you don’t think that’s a plug, FEd?

    Glad to be back.


  51. Steven Wilson released ‘Insurgentes’, a quite stunning piece of work that defies description.

    I had that special edition as an early birthday present. And I agree with your comments.

  52. Fed,

    I agree @ Coldplay as well. The last 2 have been boring. That is what happens to a lot of bands. I guess the saying that ‘you have your whole life to write your first album and only a few months to write the next’ holds true. That’s why PF’s work is so impressive… especially in the 70s.

  53. Best Album of 2008 would have to be Steve Winwood’s Nine Lives for me, although, after listening to Neil Diamond’s Home Before Dark on your recommendation, I must say it’s right up there, too. 🙂 I suppose I like those old, familiar voices, eh?

    Last night I did take a long listen to Fleet Foxes and really liked them, too. Younger versions of old, familiar voices?

    FEd, if it’s okay with you, I’d like to give an honorable mention to Emilio Sorridente and Joseph Caristena for their 7 Sins~Readings for the New Millennium. It is truly beautiful music (written and performed by Emilio Sorridente) combined with a poetry reading (by Joseph Caristena) and it’s really good! Anyone familiar with the Irregulars will know who Emilio is. 🙂

    Peace y’all!

    1. The poetry rock concert, part of which you can listen to at MySpace if you simply google the obvious? Yes, I like the sound of that.

    2. Hi Gabrielle,

      Thanks for your nice comment!

      Have a nice day!

      Joseph Caristena

  54. I just have to return to my topic: the woes of WalMart.

    Springsteen recently said it was a mistake to give WalMart an exclusive on his new album. You’d think he’d know better than to do that. Doesn’t he read the paper?

    I was dismayed a few years ago when music started turning up for sale in places like Starbucks. But now a musician can become a brand at WalMart: “Garth Brooks. ONLY at WalMart!” The way you can get Donald Trump’s line of men’s clothes only at Macy’s, thus it is a Macy’s brand.

    Does music really have to be so corporatized?

  55. Here goes:

    David Gilmour – Live in Gdansk
    Metallica – Death Magnetic
    AC/DC – Black Ice
    Rush – Snakes and Arrows Live
    Judas Priest – Nostradamus

    Box sets/re-issues:

    Genesis – Genesis 1970 to 1975
    Black Sabbath – The Rules of Hell
    Kansas – Two For the Show 30th Anniversary Edition

  56. 2008 was in my opinion a very boring year for music. Beside Live in Gdansk there was not so much what I enjoyed. I liked Coldplay’s Viva la Vida. Some of the songs were great, some other not but what I really enjoyed was the Brian Eno production, for me this man is a genius (he managed even to make U2 sounding good!) :))

    Beside that, there was AC/DC´s Black Ice. I was never a real fan of them but they are still the best in that was they do and they never let influence themselves by any trends and hypes, so my vote for the album of the year goes to them.

  57. I liked the Fleet Foxes album, quite nice and hippyish, just right for a clapped out old fogey like me. :))

  58. My choice for best CD of 2008 was “Necessary Intergalactic Cooperation” (NIC for short).

    The band includes Ted Parsons (ex Swans) and Keith Levene (ex Public Image) guests on a few songs.

    The CD is on the Malicious Damage label, so it didn’t get wide distribution.

    You can check it out here.

  59. I have two:

    She & Him’s debut album “Volume 1” was an amazing throw back to 1950s American AM radio, and and loved drinking in every track. Bought it on vinyl and CD, much like our collective favorite, Gdansk!

    Aimee Mann’s “@*#! Smilers” was more of the same from Mann, which will float my boat until her next record.

  60. Welcome back my friends,

    2008 for me was a year of live albums, and my favourites are:

    Live In Gdańsk – David Gilmour
    Reality Dream Live – Riverside
    Performing This Week… Live At Ronnie Scott’s – Jeff Beck
    Live From Nowhere In Particular – Joe Bonamassa
    Snakes And Arrows Live – Rush and special mention to
    Two For The Show – Kansas (it is a 30th Anniversary reissue but quite a lot unreleased earlier live material from those recordings on the second disc)

    Studio albums:

    Nine Lives – Steve Winwood
    Lunatic Soul – Lunatic Soul
    Schoolyard Ghosts – No-Man

    And of course best wishes for 2009.

  61. I know I’m late FEd, just played this tonight and thought it was worth a mention:

    Leo Sayer, “Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow”


  62. Sorry this is so late but I wanted to give a shout out to Spiritualized’s – Songs In A&E as album of the year.

    Jason Pierce has delivered another heartbreakingly beautiful album. For those that don’t know, Pierce became dangerously ill in 2005 and was close to death before miraculously pulling through.

    He has claimed in interviews that the songs on the album were mostly written before the illness, but to these ears this is the sound of a man who’s contemplating his mortality.

    Spiritualized’s sound has been described as “Space Rock”, a term that’s also been used to describe another band that some of you may be familiar with. 8)


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