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Remember That Night DVD

I’m preaching to the converted here, I know, but someone might like to know that 75 glorious minutes from ‘Remember That Night’ are being shown again on UK TV today (or tomorrow, if you haven’t gone to bed yet): at 09:00 and again at 16:00 on Sky Arts 1 (channel 256) and Sky Arts HD (channel 258).

Sky Arts 1 is also available to Virgin Media (XL) customers now and can be found on channel 284.

If you spot anything of interest coming up in the TV listings, particularly if it’s DG-related, but even if it’s not, please don’t keep it to yourself.

The chatroom will be open later, so you’re more than welcome to call in if you’ve nothing better to do between the hours of 14:00 and 16:00 (UK).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

43 thoughts on “RTN on again”

  1. True Fed, you probably are speaking to the converted. I wonder how many of us will watch when we probably have the DVD anyway.

  2. I’m hoping to make the chat if I don’t forget and get sidelined doing something less important. Any chance of a Twitter, pretty please, when its about to start as I’ll then see the pop-up in my browser. 😀

  3. Hi, everybody! I’m just trying to catch up on things here but it’s good to see the blog back. Hi, FEd!


    PS–Probably can’t make it to chat, dammit. :/

  4. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I have watched “The Making of The Dark Side Of The Moon”!

    Classic Albums, great programme that, they should do a few more!!


  5. HI FEd,

    I think I can subtract correctly today.

    Anyway, I saw “Who’s Pink?” on VH1 Classics last week. They also showed “Dark Side of the Moon”. (Am I good? I wrote it out instead of using “DSOTM”.) I think though, it is time they rebroadcast “Live in Gdansk”.

    VH1 Classics is my most favorite cable network for showing those programs.


  6. Hello everyone and Happy New Year. Nice to see the blog still going strong.

    The new and improved blog is very nice FEd, good work. 8)

  7. I always liked that photo of David, the pouty lips are better than how Mick Jagger does it. And it reminds me of some of the Moai On an Island somewhere in the south eastern Pacific Ocean. 😛

  8. Well, I think what would be interesting is to see DG make an appearance on the Grammys. Even a live satellite feed if he didn’t want to take the trek to California would be great.

    But just like the way FEd started this string, I’m preaching to the converted. (Guess he has something against the choir.)



    1. Yes, I just heard. Very sad.

      David collaborated with John, most notably performing with him at London’s Shaw Theatre during his 1990 tour, ‘The Apprentice’, of course.

      My condolences to John’s family and friends.

  9. Hi all,

    Unfortunately I’ll be at work doing precisely bot! But for a good reason.

    Anyway, it’s been a while since I was on here, but I would like to join in the chat room and I can’t find the registration page. :v

    Could you please direct me?

    Much obliged.

    Dave 😀

  10. I would like to watch RTN on TV here in Italy but it doesn’t seem that it will happen soon.

    There is a channel called NEXT HD which shows concerts and extracts from the performances of several artists at the KOKO theatre in London, it’s very interesting even though I would be pleased to watch my TV and say:”Look! There is David Gilmour playing!” The only thing that I could see was the whole “Strat Pack Live”, lucky those who attended it!

    Have a nice weekend everybody!

  11. It always seems like David’s visiting my house when he’s on live TV. It would therefore be rude not to watch. Very different to when I put on a DVD!

    Silly I know, but hopefully I’m amongst friends who may even understand?


  12. Always a true pleasure to watch the ‘Remember That Night’ DVD.

    We could watch RTN on French/German ARTE TV last year. A delight.

    Speaking of television, here are two (IMHO, very interesting) articles about French Television and the lack of independence, the lack of freedom of speech, of expression in the media, about the omnipresence of political pressure on Public Television. A shame.

    Please, click here and here.

    I can imagine it’s the same everywhere in the world…

    Viva Fidel.


  13. A quick side, but where are my manners? A couple of days ago (maybe even Monday) Mr. Nick Mason had is birthday. So a very happy (albeit belated) birthday to Nick Mason and many happy returns as my English cousins say. Nick of course used to be in that one band with David all those years ago.

    P.S. Fed or any other of the aforementioned English cousins, could you, if possible, explain what the “many happy returns” part of the birthday well-wish is to this Yank?

    If it is difficult or the history has been lost than that is alright, I’m just curious.

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you.

    1. Although not an English cousin (I’m Welsh), I do know that it’s been used for at least two centuries as a way of saying, “Happy Birthday… I hope you have many more.”

  14. Stupid question FEd, but I thought I would ask anyways. 😛

    I noticed that the cover of the RTN box says “Two Disc Special Edition”.

    Were there any other editions released besides this one?

  15. So I noticed the little box that states “Some Rights Reserved.” How come only some and not all? Is it because you also highlight items on the blog where the rights belong to that someone else other than you (i.e. the You Tube link to We Are the World)?



    1. Your comments, of course, too.

      But it’s more due to the fact that I never liked the harshness of ‘All Rights Reserved’ and, in having the chance to make changes across the blog, including going back to the very first posts (each was stamped this way throughout 2005 and 2006, which I always thought was a bit naff), I decided that ‘Some Rights Reserved’ is just far more suitable for a blog.

      Some of my words will always be used without permission on other sites, anyway. Even incorrectly attributed to David at times, as we’ve seen.

  16. I’d love to keep you up to date on VH1’s showings of all things Gilmour or Floyd but they aren’t really good about planning or announcing. In other words, I have to check their listings every day of my life to see if they’re running something I want to see when I’m watching TV.

    Also, Jools Holland’s show has somehow disappeared from American TV. I’m taking this personally.

    I have seen “The Road to Albert Hall” and concluded somehow that David Gilmour likes to take the mickey out of people. I found that charming. 😀

  17. They have been showing the Dark Side of the Moon performance from the P.U.L.S.E DVD on VH1 Classics. I saw someone mention the “Which One’s Pink?” documentary which they’ve been showing as well.

    It’s always nice to see that they’re showing Floyd related/David stuff on TV. Lets me know that at least others think he’s still relevant besides me. 8)

  18. A few days have passed and after a somewhat lukewarm opening comment on the “new” blog I’m growing used to it.

    The reply feature is good, I feel very clever to have figured out a gravatar and I’m warming to the visuals.

    It does seem to me that it’s going to be a lot of work though keeping up with comments and replies though …. as they are embedded with the comment they refer to the chronology is very mixed and that means you have to read everything each time you visit to find new comments ….

    Or am I missing something terribly obvious?

    I’m sure you kind souls will tell me ….

  19. FEd,

    This is a little off topic, but it is a topic that has been touched on more than once on the blog. The plight of the homeless. Where I live in West Michigan, a 52 year old man was found frozen to death on Monday January 26. The twist to this is he tried to get into a homeless shelter but was turned away because he was a registered sex offender. He was convicted in 1991. According to Michigan State law, a sex offender cannot live or work within 1,000 feet of a School. The shelter was very close to a High School.

    Just wondering what the other bloggers would have to say about this. I think it should not have happened. He had served his time.

    1. That’s very sad.

      You’d think that the need to be warm and dry would be stronger than any other need that a registered sex offender may, or may not, have.

      That said, if I had a child at that school, I wouldn’t want him nearby, whether he’d served his time or not.

    2. I have walked past (and given money to, and bought hot food and given to) homeless people in Great Britain and wondered how on earth they don’t freeze to death. Where do they go after dark?

      In the better weather I think twice about giving, because all the authorities tell you not to because you help to perpetuate their drug dependency or help to keep them on the streets because they have not been forced therefore to go to the refuges.

      In the case of the guy in Michigan, you wonder why they couldn’t have directed him to another refuge, bought him a bus ticket?

      Had he served his time? In the animal kingdom, once an animal has been ostracised or outcast for a crime against its society, that’s it. No going back. I’d like to think humans can be different (but I wouldn’t want him around my kids unless he was castrated).

      ash X

    3. I agree, some other shelter should have been offered and a means to get there. He is still a human. Seems that the zoning that permits a school and a shelter nearby could be part of the problem.

  20. Very sad to read about John Martyn. He was a brilliant musician and guitarist. David collaborated with him on a couple of albums at least.

    All our thoughts to him and his family.

  21. One way or another, it’s nice to know that David is on TV and that word is getting out about his great music.

    Here in the US, it is foolish to mention David Gilmour’s name without also mentioning Pink Floyd, because most people know the band and not the names (or careers) of those who were in it. David is not glamorous or glitzy enough to be well-known here on his own terms, which I find unfortunate. (However, with that said, I must wrap my mind around the popularity of Willie Nelson in this country.)

    1. NewYorkDan:

      I so agree. However, all my friends, relatives, acquaintances, etc. have been thoroughly educated by me. I have given away copies of OAI, MLOR, DSOTM, Division Bell, The Concert, RTN. Even my husband, who was a long standing PF fan, has now been enlightened. Anyone within arms length of me now knows exactly who David Gilmour is.

      I was hopeful about the Grammys but now resigned to the fact that they just don’t seem to be rewarding good music or musicianship these days. I enjoy some of the present music, but I find it sadly lacking in staying power. Yesterday, I got fed up with my ‘classic rock’ music station and put on MLOR. As the first strains of ‘Signs Of Life’ came on, had to shake my head at the sadness I felt. Just hard to see this talent not being recognised the way it should be.

      Yes, he is not glitzy, thank heavens. But he is gorgeous, that smile, that voice, that one of a kind sound on the guitar.

  22. About the Grammys. Wouldn’t it be sweet to see David play Castellerizon? One can only hope.

  23. 🙂 Hi FEd and all of you,

    Now I’m sure….I like this dress…the blog works and is blue and nice!

    Have a sunny wee end and a hug from Rome,

  24. Sad to hear @ John Martyn. I love that little documentary with him and DG before their gig in 1990 (I guess 1990).

    Willie Nelson is totally deserving of his fame and adoration, IMO… based on “Crazy” alone. He is American Music. Just him and an old beat up acoustic guitar and the songs that he wrote… isn’t that what DG wanted at one time instead of the bombastic show that Pink Floyd always was required to do?

    Just a thought but Willie is very close to my heart.

    Blake in Nashville

    1. Willie’s theme song could well be Sinatra’s ‘I Did It My Way’. ‘Crazy’ was a great tune for Patsy Cline, and Willie does hold a certain ‘charm’ for a lot of Americans.

      I could sure do without Kid Rock and a lot of the rappers. Only thing I could find to really enjoy about the Grammys was Jennifer Hudson’s performance.

  25. I live in NJ and my cable company just recently removed Rave TV. That;s where I first saw Remember that Night, had to go and get the DVD right away and the Live in Gdansk CD. Love them both!!

  26. :! Hi people of David Gilmour Blog!

    I’m writing from Bogota Colombia. I always have been a fan of David Gilmour music, projects, and in general, of Pink Floyd music!

    I have at home the DVD of David live at Royal Albert Hall, it’s great, I love the performances of Smile, Coming Back to Life, and Fat Old Sun.

    David Gilmour has in South America a lot of fans, and we want someday to see him and his band playing rock in some of our cities.

    A big hug from Colombia,
    Your friend Luis Daza

    1. Greetings to you in Colombia too. 😀

      I’m always glad to hear from a David Gilmour fan and PF fans too!!!

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