Photo of the Month

Although it’s quite clearly not a photo, how about that for a painting?

It’s another from Liam’s dad (who also gave us this depiction of St Mark’s Square, Venice, you may recall).

Thanks for sharing it with us, Liam.

That’s the week over, but I’ll be back on Monday, hoping to find out  some of the things you liked and disliked most about 2008.

Until then, enjoy the weekend and thanks again for all the thoughts and views shared. Keep them coming.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

44 thoughts on “Photo of the Month”

  1. Have a nice weekend to Fed and all the people…

    Give me a “good luck” for an university exam in the next week… 🙂


  2. Another cracker from your Paintbox, well done sir.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy (Dublin)

  3. Have a good weekend FEd and all.

    Nice to make the chatroom yesterday and catch up with a few friends.

    Nice painting, well done. I can’t even draw!

    Best wishes

  4. This site is full of artisans, that’s why it’s creative on so many levels.

    Another great job Mr. Liam’s Dad! It has a rather Van Gogh-esque quality to it…

    Have a great and safe weekend all.

    Continued praise for F*Ed for all his hard work and dedication to David as well as to all of us.

  5. Michele, if you read this before 17.25 Friday… Denmark and France are in the semi finals in men’s World Championship handball. (Go Denmark!) 😛 :))

    Have a nice weekend, all, and thanks, Fed, for interesting discussions, I’ll keep reading, and post, if I have an opinion, and can put the words together right.

    1. Congratulations to France, who won the world championship yesterday (Sunday). France had the best team, no doubt. 🙂

      Denmark only came in as nr. 4 🙁

  6. Nice, thanks to Liam and his father. David has inspired so many talents!

    Little (off topic) info: On Classic 21 Belgian radio station (French speaking), Making Of ‘The Madcap Laughs’ (Syd Barrett) on 5 February at 3pm (CET).

    To listen later, click there ‘Home’ (top left), then the box ‘Radio à la demande’, and then ‘Making Of’.

    Bon weekend.


  7. I can’t see the picture on my computer. Sometimes I can’t see the avatars, too, or they appear after a while.

    Does anybody has my same problem?

    Thank you and have a nice weekend!


    1. Alessandra, I have the same problem as you, but I can see the picture by clicking on the blank area where it should appear.

      Hope it helps.

    2. Thank you very much, Michèle.

      Now I can see the picture, but if I have this problem again, I’ll try to do as you say.


  8. That’s a nice painting. I think David is captured well in this painting.

    I am a landscape painter and have never tried portrait paintings before, but this painting is enough to inspire me to try.

    Have a nice weekend all.

    1. Julie:

      You have many talents. Landscape artist and, if I recall correctly, you play guitar too!

  9. 2008 Went way to fast and had its share of sad moments.

    Hope for better times in 2009 the Chinese Year of the Ox.

    In regards to sports…GO STEELERS! 8)

    1. Bev: same for me… as an old Terry Bradshaw fan I still like to see the Steelers win.


      One of the best things about your ‘new’ blog set up and look is this new reply feature. Of course, I still like that it is blue. ‘The Blue’ being one of my favorite OAI songs.

      Good weekend to all.

  10. Missed the reopening of the blog. Hope everyone had a good New Year. Look forward to reading everyone’s comments over the coming months.

    Gary Hurley
    London, England

  11. This painting is absolutely beautiful! The blue goes so well to David!

    Have a really nice week-end everybody. Here in Canada the temperature is going milder, thanks God!!! No more-35 degrees, please… 🙂

    sylvie xxx

  12. 2008 ended sourly re-economy. I think we’re all feeling it somewhat now in 2009. 8|

    Go Steelers, my Dophins didn’t make it, but I’ll cheer for the AFC always.

    Bruce at half time should be interesting though. I have never seen him live, but he gives everything just as another individual I have seen do. Hint, hint.

    The Reds better shape up now Fed, no nail biting okay? 😉

  13. It’s an interesting pic of David playing an unusual instrument. I love the sound of the cumbus. David always does things in different and surprising ways, yet he always remains true to himself. He has matured into who he is as an artist, and he’s very comfortable with it. That is part of why I love the music so much.

  14. Hello, FEd, and everyone else.

    Love the new look! It’s great that the posts are numbered and the replies are held within. This makes it so much easier to find specific entries. Allowing us to have an avatar also makes it more fun and personalized… And the calendar and birthdays are both excellent ideas. I really like the layout and design; its simplicity is genius, makes it easy to navigate.

    Thanks for the hard work, FEd! You did a great job.

    The photo (or painting) of the month looks really nice, too. Well done, Liam’s dad! :))

    Happy New Year!

  15. Sorry to be off topic again.

    That’s what happens now: I can see the picture if I don’t click on “comments”. As soon as I open the comments, it disappears.

    It’s not a real problem because I can open the picture by clicking on its area, as Michèle suggested, just a bit strange.

    The avatars load quickly now, so I don’t know.

    Maybe my computer is playing tricks on me! 😀

    1. Sorry, I did it, but nothing changed.

      Now there is something new: I can see the picture if I click on it, but only in this post. I can’t click on the picture in all the previous posts, I just can’t see it, but if I try to save it in my computer, it appears without problems.

      Really a mystery. 8|

    2. Alessandra, I had similar problems on the new blog with Internet Explorer, but I downloaded Firefox (it’s free) and all is now OK with Firefox.

    3. I had the same idea this morning, I’ve just finished the download and I only have to install it.
      Thank you very much, now I can be sure that it will work! 😀

  16. Hi, everyone. I like the new layout and color scheme here… also the features and navigation. Not sure if I’ve figured out gravatar yet but we’ll see with this post.

    Happy Sunday! It’s a beautiful day here. I’m not going to watch the Super Bowl but I think I’ll eat snacks and junky food as if I were. I’ll probably watch the Puppy Bowl, however. 😀


  17. My gravatar worked!

    I also forgot to say that Liam’s dad’s painting is very cool and I’m jealous of his ability. I’d love to be able to paint but so far my attempts are high rubbish. 😛

  18. I forgot to thank Liam’s dad. 😐

    On Sat, the Toronto Maple Leafs retired #93 Doug Gilmour.

    He mentioned his brother Dave.

    Ironic indeed, David mentioned that he had recalled that Doug was the captain of the team on his last tour. 😛

  19. I’ve installed Mozilla and it’s all OK now.

    I’ve discovered there were some things, not only the pictures, that I couldn’t see in the right way.

    I can finally stop annoying everybody with my technical problems! 😛

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