Advance warning

To go with the new home, design, PRESIDENT (sorry, couldn’t resist), and various other bits and bobs, there’s going to be a slightly new approach to how The Blog ticks along. Some of you won’t like it, I know, so I’m putting this explanation out there nice and early.

I’d like more posts.

In the absence of enough real, hard news to keep us to task, i.e., talking about David Gilmour, which is obviously the sole reason for your being here (and mine), there will be some random musings thrown into the mix. About important issues, such as the environment. The odd video. Reaction to what’s happening in the world. Polls of all notions. Links to interesting articles. I want to know what you’re reading (Attenborough reveals creationist hate mail for not crediting God?!) and who you’re next going to see in concert. That sort of thing.

So the same as before, then. Just more often.

There will still be plenty of space reserved for reaction to all relevant news, and there’ll still be regular doses of Random Nonsense, as well as, of course, Photo of the Month (both of which you can catch up on easily, now that they’re plainly categorised). But, to fill the void, and hopefully to keep boredom at bay, I’ll be adding a smattering of other things which, naturally, you’re free to either ignore or embrace.

Certainly, a blog is supposed to consist of the observations and reflections of the blogger. Being genuinely interested in what you have to say, I’ve always been extremely content with lighting the touch paper, standing well back and letting you fizzle. I usually react to it and invite others to do likewise, and I think that’s always worked rather well; there have been some good discussions, let’s hope for more.

I guess I’m trying to apologise for the fact that there won’t be something new and fresh to discuss in relation to David each week. Certainly not each day, possibly not even from one month to the next. There just won’t be, sorry.

So, I hope that’s OK with you, and that you can dip in and out according to your mood.

Thank you for all the kind words upon my return. I appreciate them very much.

The chatroom will be opening in a few minutes, don’t forget.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

86 thoughts on “Advance warning”

  1. Welcome FEd,

    really I don’t know if I like this new dress… but the days will be able to make me conscious.

    I think mates on a path are just the same and you are with us, it’s our matter to let the “new” blog grow up.

    A hug from Rome… (but next Feb I’m coming back to London for few days)

  2. I’ve been visiting this Blog (and site) almost daily since the day it opened in December ’05 (has it really been that long?! I think it was ’05…), during times filled with news on David, and times with no news at all.

    So, nothing will change with me, I will still visit as often, and I look forward to whatever discussions the new postings will bring. David Gilmour fans seem to be interesting folks, it’ll be good to hear more of their musings on things, random or otherwise… 🙂

    Keep up the good work, FEd, I look forward to the new 2009-style Blog!

  3. We can include URLs now?

    Just wanna make sure F*Ed…

    Happy New Year and all that, hope this is your best year yet.

  4. Welcome back, F’ED! I think this will be a nice, new, streamlined site. I love the new look. Thanks for all of your hard work, F’Ed. I trust that your year is off to a great start!

  5. Going to see the Eagles in Belfast at the end of June, although Jeff Beck is in town the same night… Eric Clapton in Dublin May time… and I hope to see Joe Bonamassa again, smokin’ geetar player!!!

    You do a good job with this blog Fed!! …and all here will agree.


    1. Thanks, Paul.

      I’m also going to see the Eagles this year. What a band. Saw them in 2006 and they were fantastic. We must compare notes.

    2. I saw the Eagles in 2006 too, at Hampden, great show. Unfortunately, this time round, I decided I had to give it a miss, due to the fact that for 2 decent seats at Hampden, I’d be around the £200 mark, which seems a bit much to me, especially considering it’s a stadium gig.

      So far this year, I’m going to see Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan twice and The Counting Crows. 🙂

      Hoping to catch U2, and Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young if they’re over as well, I’m hoping it’s not just Glastonbury they play (if the rumours are true…)

      1. Well, like many here, I’m watching the pennies and won’t consider buying tickets to see anyone else this year.

        As you rightly say, those Eagles tickets weren’t cheap. Being fortunate enough to see Bob Dylan again will certainly keep me going throughout the year.

        But, if Neil Young visits the UK…

        Not at Glastonbury, though. Forget that. Being surrounded by spoilt rich kids gleefully slumming it in their designer Wellies, getting caked with mud? I’ll pass.

        1. I love your vivid description of the Glastonbury attendees. :))

          The fact that the promoter of the festival totally blew off David and Richard as potential headliners, thinking that they wouldn’t draw in the young crowd, speaks volumes, I think. 😉

        2. Maybe I’ll see Bob Dylan in Florence, in April. I knew about it late, so I hope to find the tickets!

  6. The last time I saw them was in the MENA 2006… I had a photo taken early in the morning of the gig… I was dared to stand below Sir Matt Busby’s statue at Old Trafford dressed as a Scouser… Liverpool shirt, scarf, wig and Moustache… I duly obliged!

    The sound in the MENA wasn’t the greatest but what a bunch of players they are!! Don Henley just has to be bad at something.

    I’ll try and get that photo onto a link.. I have it in a PDF format though… very proud I survived it.

  7. More posts…? You’ll be served don’t worry…

    Sorry but I had to cut on costs and I don’t have any broadband or TV connection, but I’ll find the way to post more often.

    Gigs? Dragonforce and Kings of Leon upcoming in Amsterdam.

  8. fresh to discuss in relation to David each week.

    Er, David who?

    So what do you all think about the Beeb refusing to do this charity appeal for the people in Gaza?

  9. I was fortunate enough to win front row tix for the Eagles, “Hell Freezes Over” tour a few years back. I went with my brother John and we had a blast. They were impeccable…

  10. Hi all,

    Having not posted for a bit (might even be a year or so), thought I’d take the opportunity of the new Blog set-up to say hi again. Hopefully I’ll get more chance over the coming months to reaquaint myself with the site and Bloggers.

    Paul/FEd – I also saw the Eagles in 2006, they were just fantastic. Hotel California’s definitely in one of my top 10 live highlights.

    Gigs for this year so far include Seasick Steve (this coming Saturday), Leisure Society in March, Kings of Leon in June (can’t wait for that one), and Tina Turner next month. :v


  11. Well Fed, I appreciate your honesty and this somewhat courageous new turn (you never know what people may say). I wouldn’t worry about the irregulars phasing in and out as I think we’ve made going here a daily habit. I’m more concerned if David is now going to be phasing out of reading his own blog!

    Just kidding, of course (maybe). 😀

    So in an effort to contribute some musical discussion, who is enthralled with the different kind of sound U2 has thus far displayed for their new album? Their first single is a bit more poppy than I would normally like, but I like it and I think there will be some harder edged stuff on it. I’m predicting it will be a great and unique album.

    Also keep your eye on the man who comprises my avatar, that being Mr. Peter Gabriel. Supposedly he is working on a unique covers project tentatively titled “Scratch My Back”, I recommend watching his monthly updates over at his website.

    Finally for the music lover who likes more serious subject matter, I would have you check out the American Blue October group (there is a UK one as well). Their lyrics mostly cover some tough subjects but they make a damn good song, they do. Their latest due in March is called “Approaching Normal” which I think should give you all you need to know about what they are all about.

    Lastly, I’ve been stricken by Genesis’ “Domino” I keep playing it over and over and it has me a bit concerned. 😛

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you.

  12. Keep them topics coming, FEd… As always some will jump in and discuss right away, some won’t and some… well, you can’t please them all.

    As soon as there is an DG related entry from time to time, to legitimate the domain, it’s all fine with me. 😉

    Best regards,

    (Grrr, forgot to enter my name and got an “Error: please enter a valid email address.” At least browser’s back button revives the entered text.)

  13. Looks good to me, Fed.

    My new years resolution is to see more live music. I have not seen a band that has moved me in one way or another for ages.

    Can I suggest a rubber tyre and hammer for the early days of the site, Fed? You may need them. 😛

  14. hi FEd,

    good to have the blog back, and, be back here, it’s been some time for me, I’ve been checking over regularly but not posting, holidays were half busy for me, some work, some badly needed rest.

    and late 2008 brought me the NOS strat after all. what a guitar! I’d be glad to share some views here.

    the blog looks decent, and the changes sound exciting (they do, don’t they, hehe). I have to say, very much looking forward to it all!


  15. Hey Fed,

    Well you know that I can debate and I don’t shy away from hard topics…so I say Bring it on!! This is one guy that won’t complain.

    Cheers, Howard

  16. Hi FEd, and everyone else!

    I like the new look, it’s always nice to get a fresh coat of paint every once in a while.

    As far as concerts, my wife and I will be attending the 2 night stand of The Grateful Dead at the Spectrum in Philly. Can’t wait for that.

    I’d just like to say hello to all the folks I used to chat with back in the “early” days of the Blog. I have moved up in my company and don’t have the time to properly keep up with the likes of my old friends here. Cheers to all!!!

    1. Hi George Geepay. 🙂

      Better to be moving up in the company than moving out, I’d say! See ya ’round. 😛

  17. Fed, I like this new look.

    And sorry, in the previous message I didn’t give to you a Welcome Back!

    And don’t worry about the quantity of the news, the important thing is to discuss about David and what surrounds him.

    Bye Bye,

  18. I think I knew this year would be a quiet year for David Gilmour but I will still be a regular visitor here. Even if I do get ribbed for being a Gooner. :v

    Has any one seen the BBC2 programme about the Victorian farm? I will never complain about hard work again. It’s on Thursday evening & repeated on Saturday evening.

  19. Congrats on imagination FEd. I like how you recognise the importance in alternatives to keep this Blog going. Dare I ask how is it all funded?

    I suppose blogs are like relationships in that they could get boring if the sparkle fizzles out. So if you want to learn how to keep going look to an old married (happy) couple. Never take anything for granted and focus on the little things and the biggies will look after themselves.

    Talking of which where’s the “remember me” button when replying? Do I have to type in my name and email every time? That would be/is a pain. 🙁


    1. I’ll see if I can get you another one of those buttons, Ian. Thanks for pointing that out.

      It’s funded by David, by the way. It was his idea to get a fan in to do this sort of thing, and he hasn’t given me the elbow yet.

    2. David has such very good ideas, doesn’t he? 😛 I’m happy that he finds continuing the Blog a worthy venture.

      FEd, good job on the new look! As you can probably tell, I’m especially enjoying the ‘reply to post’ feature. The whole layout is easy on the eyes (love the periwinkle-ish blue) with the larger-size print, plus it’s just generally very attractive and more user-friendly, in my opinion.

      Peace 🙂

  20. FEd,

    Love the new look.

    Am jealous of Paul and yourself going to see the Eagles. Last time I saw them was in 1994 at the old Detroit Tiger Stadium and then saw Pink Floyd two nights later at the old Pontiac Silverdome. Best back to back concerts ever.

  21. don’t worry fed, you do a good job!

    it was kinda obvious that it would be a quiet year for david. i mean we had an album, then a tour then a dvd, then a cd. i don’t know what else david could do with OAI.

    i’ll keep visiting here.

    as for concerts, went to see eric bibb last week, amazing gig. also going to see david byrne in glasgow soon, should be good.

  22. Hi Fed and all.

    Well, a new year is upon us and some changes afoot. I’ve not been too good these last 5 weeks. Nowt serious, just feel a bit shitty.

    After reading into what you have been writing Fed, I think its going to be a while before we hear from David again. I want to wish him and his family and friends well, and who knows maybe something in the not too distant future from our master of the guitar, a new tune or 2. I hope I don’t come across as too melodramatic, but I’m a Floydian. Have been since I was 12 year old. Pink Floyd have been such a big inspiration in my life, and when Rick went it was kind of the end of the road for me, I have still not played any Floyd or any of David’s music still.

    I hope you can see where I’m coming from with this, and don’t sound like a lunatic on the grass. I will pop in from time to time to check things out.

    Thank you Fed for making this site so interesting and thank you David as well. Have a great life mate, I hope someone in your family takes over the guitar and plays it as well and as sweetly as you.


  23. Well, I must admit I was not impressed when I heard about the the mail that David Attenborough has been receiving.

    I had the honour of meeting him about 3 years ago, he was charming polite and really nice and genuine, not to mention intelligent.

    It makes me sad that certain people have to resort to sending him “hope you burn in hell” type letters, no way does he deserve them. He is a national treasure and a legend who has brought amazing things into our living rooms. 🙂

  24. Sure you will find many interesting topics to discuss and maybe David will be more interested in reading these general discussions/reflections than constantly reading about himself.

    I will be very pleased to (or try to) take part in these discussions, but I hope everyone will understand that it might be difficult to argue and have here deep conversations for non English speakers. Thank you in advance for your comprehension/tolerance.

    Maybe some of you could be interested in knowing that French ‘Guitarist & Bass’ magazine is dedicating a special issue (January/February 2009) to David Gilmour and the famous Stratocaster.


    1. Michele, I’m hoping the ‘Guitarist & Bass’ magazine has LOTS of photos to help me get over the language barrier! 😀

      By the way, in my opinion, you always come across as very articulate and eloquent. In fact, I think you have a much better grasp of the English language than I do. :! D’oh!

  25. Sorry for my lack of particpation, the main reason for not being here would be that I have been busy. I have been glued to the TV and newspaper with our new President Obama…. my wife and I rallied hard this last couple of years. So we are in heaven, to see this finally happen in our life times, and what a fantastic person to become our president…..

    Not only that, the Arizona Cardinals are going to the Super Bowl!!!!!! Bruce Springsteen at half time, who was at the Inauguration concert. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? :))

    Right now isn’t a good time to be spending money on entertainment, I go home from work every time it slows down…. which is every other day. I didn’t get laid off last year when others in my company did, because I was willing to sacrffice when it was slow. It’s just tough right now in the U.S., I would love to see some shows… and there are a few I would try to see if they toured again, but that in itself wouldn’t be the smartest decision.

    Other than that, just enjoying the fantastic weather here in Phoenix, good to post with you folks again, have a good one.





    1. There is hope though. I’m 18 years old and Pink Floyd is by far my favorite band (even without pot) – and I’m not alone. Sure, I’m a minority, but believe me when I say that great music is coming back to life (okay – pun intended). My age group is starting to realize that the era never experienced by us was probably one of the best in history, at least when it comes to music. Floyd and the worlds they created will never die.

      By the way, I’m sure youre kind of caught up on good music today, but just in case you’re not… listen to some Dave Matthews (get a live CD like Central Park), I’m sure you’ll like it if you’re a Floydian who appreciates great music.

  27. “I’ve always been extremely content with lighting the touch paper, standing well back and letting you fizzle”. I just love how you put things. :))

  28. Though not much of a participant on many topics you had in the past; I certainly won’t miss a day without signing on to this Blog to enjoy all the fun, interesting and at times challenging topics. Bring them on as I am ready! 😉

  29. Welcome back FEd.

    You can add me for Dec 20th for my birthday.

    Going to go see Roger Hodgson at Casino Niagara (again) in March. It’s a nice, small 1500 seat theatre.

  30. I could get used to this. I’m amazed that this blog is carrying on and the changes all along have kept us amused. Thank You.

    Happy Birthday Nick. 😉

  31. This site is full of interesting and smart people. It’s a well run site (thanks to you F’Ed) and it feels a bit like home for me. I visit, sometimes I write, sometimes I just read, but always I enjoy being here. There can’t always be something new or newsy about David. But we here have loads of new and interesting stuff to share.

    I’m presently reading, “The secret Life of Bees”, by Sue Monk Kidd. It’s great read. About the world right now…..we are in a time of great change. Much needed change I might add. The optimist in me believes we are up for the job. The pessimist in me figures we will screw it up some more. But I am an optimist by nature, so I feel good about the future.

    “No more turning away…”

  32. Hi Fed,

    First of all I want to apologize because I couldn’t wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, my connection hasn’t worked for a long time, unfortunately.

    As the key aspect of a blog is the communication, it seems to me that this one is going to improve it. Great work Fed, as always.

    I hope to approve my last exam at the University on Friday, so I’m very busy at the moment and a little bit stressed. It makes me happy to see the blog once again, I’ve missed it.

    How are you all? How is David?

    See you soon Fed, welcome back.

    1. No need to apologise. All’s well, thank you.

      Good luck with your final exam. Just think of that rush of relief when the last one’s over and you can finally relax.

  33. Good Morning Fed!

    My concert plans for this year begin next week (Tuesday) with Mister Jon Lord “Concerto For Group And Orchestra” in the Grugahalle Essen, in the middle of March we looking forward to Gary Moore and at the end of August Jethro Tull.

    I will see Jon lord for the first time. I look forward to this rock-classic concert.

    With best regards from Berlin,

  34. The Eagles in town on the same night as Jeff Beck? Now, THAT would be a tough choice, but it’s a choice I’d like to have. I’m with you: I’d choose the Eagles.

  35. Sorry but I think the BBC and Sky are right not to broadcast the Gaza appeal, they didn’t broadcast any appeal for Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Both channels have always been blatantly pro-Palestine so the decision does surprise me.

    1. But surely it becomes a different issue when your country is responsible for causing the death and destruction, as the UK was in Iraq and Afghanistan.

      I agree that there should have been appeals for both Iraq and Afghanistan, but strongly disagree that these broadcasters are, or have ever been, even remotely pro-Palestine. They wouldn’t know “journalistic impartiality” if it bit them on the backside.

      Certainly not Sky. That’s just Fox News with a plummy accent, reporting on whatever suits Rupert Murdoch’s right-wing agenda.

  36. As part of my ongoing (and really quite enjoyable) mid-life crisis I’m going to see Metallica at the end of March.
    Might even brave the mosh pit. 8|

    1. Metallica= GOOD CHOICE!

      Mosh Pit= not advisable in the least

      Unless of course you want to wake up the next morning feeling like you were in a fight.

      Either way, have fun!

  37. Hiya FEd. 🙂

    Nice job on the redecoration of the Blog! I must try to pop in more than I managed last year, which shouldn’t be hard!

    I’m discovering the perils of having a 16 year old son – he’s dragging me along to see Metallica (standing as well) – I may need oxygen….. Nothing much else lined up this year – ACDC and Porcupine Tree aside….. oh, and Barclay James Harvest (look, I’m old, it’s allowed).

    Have you any plans to have a decent holiday this year FEd? Last year we had a wet week in Cornwall so we’ve promised ourselves an upgrade this year!

  38. Alan Johnston was/is pro Palestine but that’s understandable I guess given that he lived in Gaza. He is a great journalist and brave, no doubt about it, but impartial? No.

  39. FE’d:

    I am reading ‘Three Cups of Tea’ by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. It is billed as ‘One man’s mission to promote peace…one school at at time. ‘

    Mortenson was born in Minnesota, raised in Tanzania, became a nurse and mountain climber. Nearly died climbing K2, was nursed back to health by an impoverished village in Pakistan and was so moved by the inhabitants kindness that he devoted his efforts to raise money to go back and build them a school in an extremely remote area. He even slept in his car to save money. An extraordinary person with no apparent motive other than to help the people who he felt taught him much.

    Also, reading ‘The Last lecture’ by Randy Pausch. From the inside flap: “Some professors are asked to consider their demise and to ruminate on what matters most to them. This professor of computer science was asked to give such a lecture. He had recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer. The lecture he gave though was not about dying. It was ‘Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams’. It was about living. What he learned about life while dealing with the cancer.”

    Both books are very interesting reads for different reasons. Some may feel compelled to change some of the ways they think about things.

    In any case, not large books, not difficult to read and very worth while reading.

    All my best,

  40. FEd,

    You can probably guess that I would have no objection to the new blog you outlined. I look forward to it.



  41. Hey FEd,

    Welcome back! The new look is interesting, it took me a while to get used to it but I like it.

    Of course I will be checking in regularly! News of Gilmour activities is a bonus but I know there are long periods when there isn’t much to talk about as he is just living his life like the rest of us. I suppose you could tell us what he is up to in his off time but I’m sure we agree that would be creepy and invasive.

    So books: The Intellectual’s Devotional (it’s only involves a couple of pages a night which seems to be all I can do right now).

    Concerts: I just bought tickets for my kids and me to see Nightwish at the end of April (a metal band from Finland – great fun!)

    Hope it’s a great year for everyone, I think we’re off to a promising start.


  42. 😉 Hello, FEd! I love your note; and I think it’s great that we can all discuss various topics the way we do. We’ve got quite a nice community here (for the most part!), and BTW I love the new look.

    David will always be first and foremost in our topic of conversation, but we’ve never had a problem finding other topics in the past, either! Just a well-rounded group of bloggers, I say!!

    ~Susan xoxo (sorry I missed chat yesterday)

  43. Hi everyone,

    happy to hear that you will appreciate more posts. You know how much I like that and how much I make people “nervous” (hehe).

    I will have time to understand all the new stuff but one question…what about ME in the guest map? Since I have this extremely high concept of me how can you DARE cancel me? I expect an explanation!!!! 😡

    😛 Pier

    1. It’s on my To Do list, although the guest map is almost full and will be retired when it can accept no more messages.

    2. Hi, Pier, I’m looking forward to feeling ‘nervous’ because of (thanks to?) you! 😛

      And I like very much your avatar. :))


    3. Laughs the walking green box with bow on top…

      NO!!! It’s a lovely little pink rabbit dancing with his eco-friendly “green” laptop…

  44. Hi FEd,

    I was quite busy these days, so I’m reading the recent posts right now.

    I think it’s great that we’ll have more posts. I don’t know if my English is good enough to speak about every kind of news, but I’ll try to do my best. (Sometimes the chat is very :v for me!)

    As everyone here, I love to speak about music and David’s music first, but one of the reasons why I like this blog is that I can find here many people from all over the world, who express their opinions about different and sometimes very important subjects.

    I REALLY like the new style! 😀


  45. Hey all! I’ve never had the opportunity/greatest of all pleasures to see the Floyd or David playing live and this is totally killing me! I’m checking the site every single day in hope to see some kind of live date, I would go even if it was held @ the north pole.

    Is David not playing at all in 2009??? 🙁

    Please give me some hope!! 😉

  46. Just saw Chrissie Hynde and The Pretenders kick off their new tour in Albany, NY on Thursday. She sounds (and looks) great, and the band was sharp. The most unique voice in Rock-n-Roll, IMHO.

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