Radcliffe & Maconie

David rehearsing in Gdańsk, 26 August 2006

This is an early reminder to find time this week to listen to Radcliffe & Maconie.

Their show is on BBC Radio 2 tomorrow night (Tuesday 9 December), 20:00-22:00 (UK).

Re-scheduled from September, it includes ‘Echoes’ live from Gdańsk in its glorious entirety.

I’m sure you’ve heard it a few times already, but it’s always good to hear David on the radio, isn’t it?

And – breaking news – it’s just been revealed that David will also perform Syd Barrett’s ‘Here I Go’ for the very first time.

You can listen to the show online no matter where you are, live or on demand (listen live, just in case).

If you’re in the UK, tune in to 88-91 FM on the night. Alternatively, listen through either your DAB digital radio or television set: channel 0102 on Sky, 902 on Virgin and 702 on Freeview.

You want the second hour.

If you want the chatroom, it’s now open – and will be until 15:00 (UK).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

58 thoughts on “Radcliffe & Maconie”

  1. I’d forgotten about it, LOL! Thanks for the reminder.

    Looking forward to it but I don’t like listening to R&M usually.

  2. Hello to all

    Thanks for the reminder Fed…Lets hope Paula Radcliffe and MacDweeble can compile some ‘sensible’ questions!

    Have a good week everyone,

  3. Another excuse to listen to LIG? Why not!? I’ll be tuning in…

    I just missed the chat…Humbug.

    Happy Monday FEd and gang!

  4. I have it on very good authority that Fed and David are one in the same and that “DaFed” actually cannot stop posting on this site contrary to what has been stated in an earlier thread!

  5. Fed and David are one in the same.

    FEd, any chance of signing something for me and sticking it in the post…the headstock of a DG Strat would do.

    Thanks in advance.

    [You wish, Paul. – FEd]

  6. It’s interesting isn’t it? We all own all of the recordings (on multiple formats) and yet when something is played on the radio it’s somehow special in some way? Perhaps it’s your knowledge that there are many others listening at the same time?

    I found myself listening to Dark Side of the Moon on ‘listen again’ (at much lower quality than I have it encoded in iTunes) when Zane Lowe played it all on BBC Radio 1 last week. This show caused DSOTM to reach No.24 in the iTunes chart when I looked a few days after broadcast. The other albums featured in this series were at the same sort of level.

    Click my name if you want to listen to that 3 hour show (obviously produced for ‘the kids’ by someone with ADD!) which will be available until Wednesday evening.

  7. HI FEd,

    Was helping an antique dealer I know move some of his stuff around in his storage shed. Missed the chat.

    I want to listen to the radio show tomorrow night. Should be interesting.

    Enjoyed the “Guitar and Bass” article.

    Happy David got the Grammy nomination. Will be sending “good vibrations” that he wins!


  8. I wonder, has anyone heard any tracks from LIG played on commercial radio? I haven’t heard any.

    Also, I scanned through a list of the Top 1043 songs as voted by the listeners of a NY radio station. Lots and lots of PF representation but not one song from any DG solo efforts. Interesting and a shame.

    FEd, do they have similar fan lists put together in the U.K.? Does Stairway to Heaven also always end up as the top song?



    [I’m not sure, actually. Probably. – FEd]

  9. I am never sure just why, but there is something special about hearing a favourite song on the radio. No matter that the quality isn’t the same as the one you own, listening to it on the radio sounds better. Perhaps it is because you are sharing the experience with thousands/millions of others.

    Radcliffe & Maconie’s show is always worth a listen, not least because between them they know and enthuse about everything to do with music.

  10. CAPTION:

    “Let’s see… I know we needed milk, tea, and wild rice… pirate booty, ice cream… HUH, WHAT?!”

  11. For me, I think it is always a special treat to hear a favorite song on the radio. We have a wonderful radio station in our town that plays all the great older groups, Floyd, Beatles, Rolling Stones and many more. I listen all day at work.

    Forgive me while I visit the past.

    I can remember as a kid waiting to hear the top ten songs each day and also calling in to vote on what would be the top ten songs. We bought single 45s of the tunes we liked and played them over and over. Then, when you heard a song you had in your collection played on the radio you felt rich because you had that treasure and could play it in your own home, any time. Life seemed so much simpler and yes, I am old as dirt and proud of it.

    Thanks for the heads up on this one FEd. I will try and listen to the on demand replay.

    Barbara P

  12. Oh I don’t mind whether I have to stay up late at 3 in the am, I certainly won’t miss it Fed. Thanks for the reminder. It is always worth it to listen to my favourite music on the radio, although through online. Can’t wait for it.

    And BBC Radio has some good music tuning as well. I started to like it already.

  13. Hello,

    thank you FEd… it’s so nice to listen to the radio to David’s voice and … magic Echoes, 25 minutes of pure joy (a kiss to Heaven for you, Mr.Wright!).

    Have a happy day, all of you

  14. [FEd, do they have similar fan lists put together in the U.K.? Does Stairway to Heaven also always end up as the top song? – Andrew]

    Doesn’t ‘Wonderwall’ always come on top of the British lists? I have a magazine somewhere with the top 100 (or something) British songs, and there are 2 Oasis songs on the top 5, I think.

    A shame.

    [I quite fancy that for this week’s Random Nonsense. Thanks, both. – FEd]

  15. Hi Fed, I have a question for you.

    Where can I find the cover of “Albatross” made by David? I tried on the site of the BBC Radio but I can’t listen probably because I’m not in England (I’m Italian).

    Can you help me?


    [I can certainly try. Please click your name above, Emilio. (Did you visit this page already?) Does the link to ‘Listen to Albatross’ work for you – or anyone? It works for me in RealPlayer. Failing that, I’m sure it’s available elsewhere online, if you know what I mean. – FEd]

  16. I’m not fond of Radcliffe & Maconie’s radio show either, but I will be listening tonight.

  17. [Does the link to ‘Listen to Albatross’ work for you – or anyone? It works for me in RealPlayer. – FEd]

    Yup, it works for me too FEd.

    After yesterday’s chat FEd, it seems bizarre to hear of the sad news about Bagpuss, Clangers, Ivor The Engine and Noggin The Nog creator, Oliver Postgate passing away.

    [Indeed. Thanks for testing the Albatross link. – FEd]

  18. Echoes… I could listen to the Gdansk version for hours, especially the five last minutes, David and Richard …

    David said on 15 September: “The blend of his and my voices and our musical telepathy reached their first major flowering in 1971 on ‘Echoes’.”

    In 1971, and still so obvious in 2006…

    The link to ‘Listen to Albatross’ works for me too, and I’m not in the UK.


  19. [You wish, Paul. – FEd]

    I can dream, FED. If David should be signing anything in the near future please get one for me!! Eternally grateful and all that.

  20. [Does the link to ‘Listen to Albatross’ work for you – or anyone? It works for me in RealPlayer. – FEd]

    No, it doesn’t work… 🙁

    [It didn’t work for me at first. Re-open RealPlayer and you should still see ‘David Gilmour – Albatross’ listed at the bottom. Can you play it now? – FEd]

  21. hmmm. we used to cover that song quite a bit. that was back in college though. and i’m not sure anyone knew whose song it was, but it was always a crowd pleaser.

    [Syd Barrett’s ‘Here I Go’, you mean? If you haven’t yet seen the Latest News, David will be performing this track live tonight for the very first time, so don’t miss it. – FEd]

  22. LOL, I don’t bother with Latest News so I’m grateful for the blog update!

    Of all the Syd songs, “Here I Go” is a surprising choice. I can’t wait to hear it.

  23. [Looking forward to hearing David performing Syd’s ‘Here I Go’ for the very first time – tonight, BBC Radio 2, from 21:00 (UK). – FEd]

    That’s really cool! I almost spat out my bagel when I saw your tweet just now.

    I don’t read Latest News either but love getting surprises like this one on Twitter.

    I’m really looking forward to this radio show now and will listen live tonight.

    [Well, you should read it. You’d have seen the news there first, maybe even before you started eating that bagel. – FEd]

  24. O, that was Syd’s “Here I Go….” for a moment I thought that with all the recent chatter about cover songs David was going to do a cover of Whitesnake’s song.



  25. Hi FEd!

    Long time no see – or better read. Hope you are fine.

    Here is something “off topic” for your calender:

    German TV station “3Sat” will be broadcasting one hour “Live in Gdansk” on December 31, 2008 at 11.15 a.m.

    Can´t wait to hear David´s “Here I Go” for the first time. I love Syd´s songs and with David´s voice it can only be great.

    [Thanks, Stephanie. Much appreciated. – FEd]

  26. Off-Topic:

    I almost got a shock when I saw a subject in my e-mail account: “Ticketalarm: David Gilmour”.

    It turned out that the machine on the other side can’t differ between the Canadian author and the musician David Gilmour. 🙁

    For those who are interested click my name.

    Best regards,

  27. I love it! Great, brilliant and awesome.

    Listening to Syd’s ‘Here I Go’ for the very first time and the whole extraordinary 25 minutes of Echoes really made my day. Thanks David for the great music.

    Have a nice day all. Take care.

  28. Absolutely awesome show! And ‘Here I Go’ by Syd Barrett performed by David in a very touching way. I am totally struck!

    From Amsterdam, signal strong and clear. 🙂

    Thanks FEd for sharing this.

  29. I enjoyed this show, absolutely fantastic, a mixture of emotions from David talking about Rick’s illness to performing a Syd song and hearing ‘Echoes’ in its entirety. Well done Radio 2!

    And I must compliment Zane Lowe’s show on Radio 1 the other night, playing DSOTM in its entirety was emotional too, a record as old as me playing on Radio 1!

    I’m still speechless!

  30. I love it when Dave does Syd Barrett songs. There’s always a great (yet subtle) sincerity, gentleness, love and aching in his voice. It’s wonderful but it’s bittersweet.

    In one of the bios I remember reading a quote where Gilmour said that he taught Syd a lot of riffs and that he can hear himself in some of Syd’s playing. It’s true–it’s there, if you listen for it.

    Gilmour was the perfect guy at the right time when Syd… If the Floyd had gotten anyone other than Gilmour, I don’t think they would have turned into the megadinosaurmonstersupremous that they did.

    Thanks Dave for singing some more Syd! What a nice Christmas present to your fans!

    One other Barrett song I’d love to hear Gilmour do is, “Golden Hair.”

    Gilmour did such a wonderfully smooth, sprightly-light job of singing that Shakespeare sonnet, you know he’d blast James Joyce out of the water.

    I’d love to hear an album of poetry covers by Gilmour.

    Cheeriste, I daydream too much. Get off the internet and back to work – you wanker!

  31. It was a great show and I really enjoyed hearing David singing Syd’s song.

    Thanks Fed,

  32. It’s nearly 10:00 pm here, Tuesday night, and I’ve just listened to David’s hour on the R & M show.

    What a pleasure it was to hear his low-key chat on the Astoria, seeming relaxed and comfortable in his conversation.

    His performance of Syd’s “Here I Go” was fantastic. He seems so ‘at home’ with Syd’s compositions even when they are quite unlike what we normally think of as Gilmourish, if that makes any sense at all! Anyway, I thought it was lovely. 🙂

    I followed that up with another listen to “Albatross” and now feel as though I can go to bed with a song in my heart. The perfect way to cap off a crazy couple of days out of town, but that’s another story …

    Thanks, David!

    Peace and love,

  33. Cool interview and thoroughly enjoyable.

    David, a man composed for and of the moment. A credit and a good role model to all of us in similar positions, if you know what I mean.


  34. [Does the link to ‘Listen to Albatross’ work for you – or anyone? It works for me in RealPlayer. – FEd]

    It works for me, even if I’m in Italy, so it should work for Emilio, too. I only had to install RealPlayer first.

    As it happened to you, FEd, the first time I tried I had some problems, but when I tried again it worked.


    [Thank you for letting us know. (I hope you’ve got it working by now, Emilio.) – FEd]

  35. Hi everyone.

    If you haven’t heard it, the BBC interview with David is well worth a listen: very entertaining, poignant and rather revealing… thoroughly enjoyed the show… even the ‘lump in the throat’ Echoes sad bits.

    Best wishes to you all.

    [You can listen again by clicking the link above. You’ll see David’s picture. – FEd]

  36. I couldn’t listen live last night. Now I can’t make the damn thing work.

    The link is fine, but when it says “now playing” – it’s not. Is it only me? 🙁

    [It works for me. Anyone else? – FEd]

  37. [It works for me. Anyone else? – FEd]

    That made my try one more time..and now it seems to work, I’m FF to the 2. hour right now – sorry about the trouble.

    🙂 Happy

    [No trouble, Lene. Always appreciate the feedback and like to know if things aren’t working. – FEd]

  38. I could listen live online last night (thank you for the link, much appreciated), I didn’t understand what David said, but he seemed to be very comfortable and serene.

    I really enjoyed ‘Here I Go’ with the nice, subtle acoustic guitar, very sweet.

    And I just now tried it, the link ‘now playing’ works for me too.


    [Thank you, that’s good to know. – FEd]

  39. Well, I had hoped to have spent an hour listening to David Gilmour on Radio 2 via cyberspace. Instead, I’ve spent an hour loading some crap software onto my computer and then having to register that software by submitting a load of personal details to the Web. I then had to stop RealPlayer from taking over the running every other piece of software on my PC. Eventually, RealPlayer is installed and the Radio 2 ‘play it again’ malarky STILL won’t sodding work!!!!

    As Jim Royle would say, “RealPlayer, my arse!!”.

  40. The link works fine for me, thankfully.

    It’s great to hear the little ring in David’s voice these days. He seemed pleased with the relaxed mood of the whole thing.

    When I hear David performing those little snappy tunes of Syd’s (which comes so naturally), I wonder if that was the type of songs they performed whilst busking in the south of France, or did they play old lonesome, hound dog on the porch, blues?

    I could certainly imagine it both ways. I would like to know what they did sing, actually.

    ‘Busking in France’. There you go…how’s that for an album?

  41. Hi,

    here’s what I do (mostly because the most sites do not support my operating system of choice, Linux):

    I click on the link that leads to the BBC player, look into the source code (Ctrl + U for Firefox) of the new opened page and copy the http:// link to the RealMad stuff that ends with .ram (in our case http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/aod/playlists/pp/fv/f0/0b/RadioBridge_intl_2000_bbc_radio_two.ram).

    That link points to a location that includes only a link to the actual content (rtsp://rmv8.bbc.net.uk:554/radio2coyopa/radio_2_-_tuesday_2000.ra in our case).

    Either with the first or the second link you should succeed if entering them into RealPlayer or anything else able to reproduce such files. 😉

    Of course, the site could be more user friendly and offer an MP3 download but I’m sure that a legal department advised against it. 🙁

    Best regards,

  42. A great show. David still has what it takes and it is always a great pleasure to listen to him sing, play guitar and chat – a true star.


  43. I agree with the comment about wondering what songs Gilmour and Syd sang when they were young and “busking” in the south of France. None of the bios give more than a line or two to that trip.

    Apparently Storm was there for at least some of it. I wish some future biographer would flesh out the details–write a page or two. Did they camp by a river and drink cheap wine until they couldn’t tell the difference between fireflies and stars? (One bio says they read passages from Emmanuelle out loud for laughs.) It must have been magical youthful fun! David and Syd!

    I find the lack of info on that trip–in any bio–as frustrating as the lack of info on Hendrix and Neil Young either (a) hitchiking or (b) stealing a truck so that they could get to Woodstock (I’ve read sentences suggesting both). Or Jim Morrison visiting the Beatles. Or even Pink Floyd visiting with the Fab Four. You never get more than a sentence or two.

    The ultimate Floyd bio has not yet been written.

  44. A good listen – covered some old ground but it was interesting to hear a bit more about Rick’s illness.

    Nice version of a Syd song I didn’t know … I wonder if David knows how much we enjoy his impromptu performances. He seems a perfectionist but actually the rough cut, first take, under-rehearsed David is just as interesting. As he says, the first cut is often the best.

    Always nice to hear “Echoes” as well and, yes, we do like to hear this stuff on the Radio … I think it’s the sense that the wider public might just be sharing our own enthusiasm for it …

    One point though – Mark Radcliffe must have the most annoyingly mannered voice of any presenter I know … a kind of deliberate “dither” that says “I’m about to say something … errrrr … interesting”. Make that “grating” and we’re getting there.

  45. It’s Christmas before time… what a nice present, wonderful one, can’t stop playing “Here I Go”… never felt better for months just listening to that.


  46. I loved the fact that David played “Here I Go.’ It certainly made my cloudy day brighter! You can’t help but move to that song.

    It was also nice that David talked about Rick and his, unfortunate death. I’ll admit, I’ve had some questions, but I’ve respected the privacy of Rick’s family and friends.

    Thanks David, for shedding a little light on that for us.

    Peace and Love to you all,

  47. Listened to the interview/Echoes yesterday. How often on R2 can we immerse ourselves in 25 minutes of sheer musical genius? Not often at all.

    Stunning performance.

  48. I couldn’t listen to the show online, but I tried the link and it worked fine.

    I really liked David singing “Here I Go”.

    Thank you,

  49. [Syd Barrett’s ‘Here I Go’, you mean? If you haven’t yet seen the Latest News, David will be performing this track live tonight for the very first time, so don’t miss it. – FEd]

    yes, here i go was what we used to play. cause it’s one of our favorites. and cause i could sing it.

    david did a great job with it. sooo nice.

  50. Finally heard the radio clip. What a friggin mo-fo great Syd song rendition. David sounds like a 23 year old singing in your morning garden. His voice and phrasing are so young and soap-bubble-light and delightful. What a great song. Makes me feel like I am sweet-and-twenty again.

    Echoes is great too. I particularly love that section toward the end of Rick Wright’s solo where he seems to become possessed–almost manic. Mr. Hyde! Brilliant! He’s slapping the keyboard. It is so motherfriggin GOOOOD! He’s possessed by the music and the moment–there must be molten lava in his veins instead of blood! I wait for that moment whenever I listen to the track and bliss out when I hear it. It’s fantastic!

    Now at Christmastime I always feel a dull aching–I miss John and George, but now I’m going to also really miss Mr. Richard Wright. Life is so quick, so short… He made such wonderful music. Sigh.

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