Grammy Awards

David on stage in Gdańsk

As you should have seen by now over at the fast-as-lightning Latest News page, David has received a Grammy nomination – for the live version of ‘Castellorizon’ from Gdańsk, in the Best Rock Instrumental Performance category.

Well done, David.

Grammys, considered the highest accolade in music, are presented each year by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (of the United States) for outstanding achievements in the record industry.

See for all the categories and nominees.

Does anything catch your eye? (No, I haven’t heard of half of them, either.) Who would you give the key awards to?

If you have any interest in any category, be it Best Polka Album or Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals, let us know.

The 51st Grammy Awards will be held in February in LA.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

43 thoughts on “Grammy Awards”

  1. To be honest, I think the On An Island album should’ve been nominated for last year’s Album of the Year, but oh well.

  2. Maybe I’m getting old and out of touch, but the nominations don’t seem to reflect the past year’s releases??! I guess I am old. 🙂

    Grats to David for Castellorizon, but IMHO there are other better tracks from LiG….still, a Grammy nomination is a Grammy nomination.

    Also nice to see a Zappa in there with a cover of dad’s Peaches en Regalia (an all time personal fave).

    I really think Pendulum’s album “In Silico” is worth a Grammy for the past year’s real stand out musical contribution IMHO.


  3. I agree with Michael and I hope that this year David gets what he deserves.

    How are things Fed? I’m glad for your Liverpool!

    Have a nice weekend everybody!

    [Thank you, Piero. I hope you’re well. – FEd]

  4. Is it me or are there more nominated people than there are actually people in the recording business?

  5. Just win it David.

    Listened to DSOTM on Radio 1 last night as part of their masterpiece series. At the end Zane Lowe paid tribute to Syd & Rick by playing Comfortably Numb. Nice touch & very moving.

    Well done to Zane & Radio 1 for identifying the album in the first place!!!

  6. Blech. The majority of that list of nominees just reminds me how bleak our music scene is these days… Adele, Coldplay, Radiohead, KATY PERRY FOR GOODNESS SAKE. (Although to be honest, I never got to the end of the list, it depressed me too much. Apologies if there’s something amazing I missed!)

    I’m so grateful for David, for making music that makes me want to take the earplugs out. If he doesn’t win… Recount! If he still doesn’t win… it’s a fix!

    Anyway, enough of my ranting, well done David, you deserve it. On An Island is a musical treat that I will never tire of listening to, and Live in Gdansk is, in my view, one of the best live albums of all time. Every track on it is done probably even better than the actual studio track.

    So thanks David. Oh, and thanks FEd for keeping this place going, I still visit everyday to see what the latest “Random Nonsense” is. 🙂

    [There’ll be more soon, don’t worry. – FEd]

  7. Can you tell me what kind of universe can exist where the Foo Fighters are convinced to cover (and then humiliate themselves with) Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain”?

    Oh yeah, the same one that allowed Celine Dion to cover AC/DC…

  8. Well I feel well and truly out of touch.

    I can speak with authority about “In Rainbows” and “Raising Sands” but I’m stumped by a fair few.

    However I take this as a challenge to get listening so I’ll follow a few leads …. particularly intrigued by “Rufus does Judy at the Carnegie Hall” … hang on, isn’t that a movie?

    Oh and I rather like “I Kissed a Girl” Davie110 – I wouldn’t describe that as bleak …

  9. I think the grammys are pretty worthless (kept lower case on purpose). How they could ever justify snubbing Pink Floyd for all those years (Marooned aside) is beyond me; moreover I’m a Metallica fan and how they could award Jethro Tull for best “metal” album or performance or whatever it was is downright ignorant. I mean Jethro Tull is fine and dandy but Metal they are not.

  10. Pink Floyd lost many times (Dark Side lost to Innervisions, The Wall to Christopher Cross amongst others).

    Another band snubbed by Grammies were Queen, who along with PF, lost to Bob Seger in 1980 for Best Rock Performance by Duo or Group.

    I was happy to see PF finally win for “Marooned” (one of the best instrumentals in rock history). Most groups I like won for non-televised categories (Genesis’ Land of Confusion video won Best Short Form Video, PF for Marooned).

    I think David Gilmour will win. Rush will lose though they may have a chance. Metallica won’t win. Zappa Plays Zappa and the other dude, who the fluck cares?

  11. Main Entry: Gram·my

    Pronunciation: ˈgra-mē

    —term affectionately used when referring to something that’s old and out of touch.

    That’s about right.

  12. Congrats to David, although it does seem a bit odd that a song originally released in 2006 on OAI and performed in Gdansk a few months later would qualify.

    No matter. Hope it wins, for what it’s worth (and to me the Grammys aren’t worth much).


  13. I’m a little gobsmacked by how many people on my f-list have nominations.

    Seriously. SERIOUSLY. And (as far as I can tell) none of them are in direct competition…different categories.

    Congratulations, David. And speaking strictly for my selfish self, I don’t have to have mixed feelings about any of them. I hope they all win.

  14. Addendum: Crap, the Priest, the Crue and Rob Zombie are all staring against each other in the hard rock category. Along with Metallica and the Priest in another category. Oh, dear. They’re all on my f-list and I’m pretty sure Death Magnetic is gonna sweep.

    Well, I’m still glad David was nominated. I mean, the Grammys are usually such a crap fest and judging by some of those nominated (what is the deal with Sheryl Crow?) they still are.

    But there’s some good stuff on there. Maybe Raising Sand will win one. Maybe David will win one. That’d be cool.

  15. Congratulations to David, but I’m pretty much with most others on here. I personally couldn’t care less about The Grammys. Still, I hope David wins. He certainly deserves it.

    As for the lists, I’m either too biased or ignorant to make any sound decisions on who deserves awards, so I’ll stay out of this one.

    However, I have to mention this (my apologies if I’m going off topic). I saw ‘Under My Thumb’ on there and had no idea Ministry had covered it (part of that ignorance I mentioned). So, I had to have a listen of course. I didn’t make it a minute into the song. Rubbish.

    Has anyone else heard it? Opinions?

    [I’ll have to pass. It doesn’t ring any bells. – FEd]

  16. Sorry to say this but I like Coldplay. Never the less, obvious best wishes to David. The big question is what difference will it make? Win or lose. I think we are all winners here.

    Off topic, a big thank you to whoever it was, (apols for not remembering) that put me on to “Good Gifts” catalogue. Just received all my pressies this year to hand out and it was easy and I feel good about giving. Hope that doesn’t sound too selfish.

    Good weekend to you all.


  17. [Off topic, a big thank you to whoever it was, (apols for not remembering) that put me on to “Good Gifts” catalogue. Just received all my pressies this year to hand out and it was easy and I feel good about giving. Hope that doesn’t sound too selfish. – Ian]

    Ian, that would be me, old chap.

    Doesn’t sound selfish – sounds great. Go on everybody, treat yourself (and a village somewhere) to a nice goat…

  18. I also like ‘Suicide & Redemption’, but Castellorizon’ and that instrumental by Metallica are not at all comparable, I think. How can they put them into direct competition?

    It would be nice if David won, of course, but, for me, it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t.

    He doesn’t need (at all) that kind of award to be recognised.


  19. Jimi Hendrix’s guitar strap that he used at Woodstock is going up for auction on Dec 11 and I think David should bid on it. Since he already owns of Jimi’s guitar straps why not one more?

    Plus I’d much rather see it in the hands of someone like David than some unappreciative billionaire who will probably stick it in his or her home museum and forget about it the next day.

    Come on David, what do you say? And don’t try to sell the excuse that it’s Christmastime and the budget is too tight cause I won’t buy that one.

    Click my name for more info.

  20. It was fun chatting for a bit today in the chat regarding the Grammy nominations. As I mentioned in the chat room, it is nice to see some classic artists get nods aside from David, like The Eagles, Robert Plant (event though it is with Alison Krause), and even James Taylor.

    Of course we all know that the Grammys are political and many times extremely odd as to how they nominate and who wins. Personally I think the greatest reward for a musician is the applause at live shows and not the awards given out by the industry.

    Anyway, I would still love to see David win along with some of the other classic artists.

    The next question would be if he plans to attend the event in February and maybe dust off the Black Strat for a television performance. If you think about it, that would be fabulous exposure for David to a new audience.



    [The Eagles received four nominations. I do hope they win Best Pop Instrumental Performance for ‘I Dreamed There Was No War’. A beautiful piece of music, that. – FEd]

  21. Congratulations to David for the nomination!

    But I agree with Michael, Live in Gdansk should have been nominated for album of the year.


  22. Congratulations David, you and Floyd should have been winners before now.

    I think it will come down to David and Rush, very good songs for myself to consider. Alex was kind enough to give David a credit on their last album as an inspiration.

    I hope they’ll meet at the Grammys and who knows what will transpire later? Fingers crossed.

  23. On other news FEd, Live in Gdansk will be broadcast tonight 5 December on Portuguese national TV RTP2, starting 00:30, finishing 02:00.

    In reality it’s on 6 December, it will be shown after midnight.

    It’s a shame that it’s a shortened version.

    [Thanks for letting us know. – FEd]

  24. [Oh yeah, the same one that allowed Celine Dion to cover AC/DC… – Parish]

    And David covering Dick Van Dyke??

  25. Congratulations to David´s nomination.

    Would be great if he would win a Grammy. Especially for Castellorizon which is one of my favourite parts from On An Island. But if not, it would be okay, too.

    A nomination is still a great achievement and the winners in the last couple of years seem to prove that the Grammys going mostly to acts which are the flavour of the day (and often tomorrow already forgotten).


  26. Cool! I hope David wins.

    This is my prediction: Best Rock Song for Coldplay’s “Violet Hill” but Metallica to beat them to Best Rock Album.

    Just how many times is Leona Lewis nominated?!!!!

    [That’s Simon Cowell for you. ‘Long Road Out Of Eden’ will win Best Pop Vocal Album, surely. Although I see that Duffy is also a contender… – FEd]

  27. Congratulations, David!

    In my humble opinion, there is no one more deserving than you! You’ve had a major influence over our entire family’s lives, and we can’t thank you enough!

  28. I would have given the Strawbs the prize for best reissue. That 1st album of theirs is wonderful. I bet the people who put this fest together would not have even considered it though.

    I would have given The Pineapple Thief second best album.

  29. Let’s see:

    Sgt. Pepper–didn’t win a Grammy but regarded as a classic piece of music and essential listening.

    Dark Side Of The Moon & Wish You Were Here–didn’t win Grammies either but also regarded as 2 of the greatest albums ever recorded.

    Add any other albums you love and respect to this list and chances are they never won a Grammy either.

    Although I’d love to see David win that attractive doorstop in the shape of an old Victrola, it really matters nothing if he does or doesn’t. What matters is that he’s continuing to make great music, play great guitar and keep us all listening and coming back for more.

    Our collective opinions are more valuable and more accurate than those of the music industry anyway so who cares what they think!

  30. I also think the album should have been nominated. It’s hard to be objective as a fan, but this was indeed a well crafted album by any standard…

    Well done, David! Now I have a reason to watch other than idle curiosity…

  31. I am a HUGE Floyd admirer and a HUGE admirer of Rush so I am really happy to see both David and Rush nominated. My two favourite guitar players in the same category!!!

    Good luck David, I really hope you receive the award. On An Island is still stuck in my CD player, as is LIG. Remeber That Night also has a hard time leaving my DVD player – only when my wife wants to watch a movie!!!

    Truly inspirational music, thanks David!!!

  32. With very few exceptions: what a list of nominees… (I should have used …—… to end my sentence).

    Of course I feel happy to see DG and some good songs/artists there, but I really can’t tell if a Grammy award for them is more than 2 cent worth knowing that someone of the usual gang will also get one…

    At least it is a good promotion and may lead some people to listen to OAI/LIG!

    Best regards,

  33. A few days late with this post, sorry about that.

    I just wanted to say congratulations on yet another Grammy nomination. I’m not surprised by it, I’m simply elated that the people responsible for such nominations have taken notice of such a wonderfully talented musician. Not many of those going round these days.

    Live in Gdansk is a true work of art, but I still can’t express my true feelings for it with mere words.

  34. I am positively surprised by most of the nominations, there are some of my favourites like Kings Of Leon, Rush, or Beck, and Duffy!

    She is one of the most powerful and distinctive voices I’ve heard since ages!

  35. Hi there

    I think David truly deserves his Grammy nomination and if it goes to him or Metallica I’d be well happy.

    As other bloggers have noted the Grammys and certain nominations do seem somewhat bewildering at times..but hey..another award on the shelf. GO ON David, collect it for you and your great band (including Richard Wright, RIP).

    Best wishes.

  36. As I am reading this blog Pink Floyd is playing on the radio.

    I used to watch the Grammys when it seemed that some were awarded to those who were deserving of it. Lately that does not seem to be the case, so my interest in the show has waned. However, with a nomination for David, I will be in the cheering section.

    I agree that Pink Floyd being over looked when such a huge influence and lasting impact in music, that it is hard to understand why. But, Pink Floyd music will outlast the Grammys.


  37. I’d be surprised if Castellorizon doesn’t win. I can’t think of a single guitar solo in any other song that’s come out in the last five or more years that even comes close.

    It’s got the bite-and power of something an adrenaline charged 20 year old would come up with, and yet the kind of world weariness and wisdom you’d expect from someone who has been around the world enough times to have done it all.

    It transports one into other times and places. I feel like I’m dreaming even though I’m awake, when I listen to it. It makes me feel like I’m floating when I listen to C. in my car.

    Good Luck Mr. Gilmour! You deserve to win!

  38. Faster Pussycat also covered “You’re So Vain” almost 20 years ago and actually had a fairly big MTV hit with it.

  39. Hello David, nous nous sommes rencontre a Duxford en 2002, tu te rappelle peut etre, un francais qui te parlais de beaux avions (merci Steve!) et de Bonne music (merci le Floyd!).

    Toute mes condoleances pour le deces de Monsieur Wright, mes Amities a sa Famille et a Vous, ses compagnons de route. Tu fera toujours partis de mes guitaristes prefere, alors bonne route, et continues de nous faire fremir. A un de ces jours, peut etres a Duxford!


  40. happy christmas david, polly and family . and a big thank you for giving me the inspiration for my music .

    i started playing guitar at the age of 7 . that gave me 4 years of practice. and then dark side came out and that for me as a kid change my life not going out after school not getting up to no good . but hard practice. it was a long musical road . now i’m 46 and have grandchildren and they hear me play and sing all the pink floyd tracks .

    thank you for being the music teacher i have never met . and the dream of thanking you personally lives with me .

    sorry about richard . you don’t have to know someone personally to mourn their loss .

    paul roberts and family

  41. Ciao…sono un grandissimo fun dei PINK FLOYD…

    mi piacerebbe molto che faceste una grande serata a Venezia con uno spettacolo di luci e di musica mai visto prima d’ora…

    P.S nn cono co l’inglese cmq rispondimi pure in inglese che me lo faccio trdurre aspetto con ansia la risposta.

  42. David, I hope you win, brother! Pink Floyd is the best band of all time. And Solo… you’re as amazing.

    Cant wait to see you in concert. Hopefully tour with you as a roadie. A dream would come thru!

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