Hendrix covers

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We’ve already done this for the songs of Elvis and Bob Dylan.

As it would be Jimi’s 66th birthday today, which of his songs do you think David could cover?

As before, as this is the stuff of fantasy, do bear in mind that David would obviously have free-rein to perform them however he wanted to. It’s not necessarily a Karaoke-type copy that you should have in mind. Indeed, the more interesting your ideas, the more interesting reading them will be.

You really don’t have to list 66 ideas, though.

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The Blog will be closed over the weekend, but will re-open on Tuesday. If it closes before you get a chance to have your say, don’t worry, the topic will resume next week.

Lastly, Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it.

Author: FEd

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73 thoughts on “Hendrix covers”

  1. ‘Wild Thing’- that would be great fun.

    Then again, I may have just drank too much coffee this morning.

    Belated Happy Birthday Ralph!

  2. I think “Hey Joe” would be good.

    [Already performed with Seal, of course, at an Amnesty International benefit (in 1991). – FEd]

  3. I would be grateful if he did “Room Full of Mirrors”, in his own way of course. I’m already grateful anyway.

    God bless all of us from this despicable terror.

  4. Don’t know about the songs, but it would be such great fun to see one day David perform in Jimi Hendrix style!

    Imagine, David playing guitar with his teeth, wearing a Hippie style/exotic silk long shirt, a big scarf, a red bandana, rings, necklaces and medallions… then destroying his guitar on stage… Wow!

    I wonder if Polly would allow that!


  5. ‘Red House’
    ‘The Wind Cries Mary’
    ‘Little Miss Strange’

    This is not an easy one.

  6. Voodoo Chile. It’s a shame Rick Wright is no longer with us but he would be the obvious choice to accompany David.

    Rainy day, dream away & still raining, still dreaming. Recorded back to back, David could even do the sax parts.


    My wife & I were involved in an incident in March with a rather unpleasant character who confronted us. A week later this man went on to murder his neighbour while on bail from the incident with us.

    I have just read on the BBC News web site that he has been convicted of the murder & was today sentenced to a minimum of 17 years (click my name).

    [“Rather unpleasant character” is putting it mildly, Graham. What a nasty piece of work. – FEd]

  7. “Are You Experienced?” would fit nicely.

    Sorry to hear that Mitch Mitchell passed away last week.


  8. [FED! Obviously not a hint at a Pink Floyd reunion, but who could he be hinting at? – rob]

    Why couldn’t it be PF? I mean who else would the biggest band be in the ’70s after LZ?

    Cheers, Howard

  9. How about a version of England’s national anthem like Jimi’s Star Spangled Banner?

    [Nice idea. (I’m struggling to resist the urge to regrettably point out that ‘God Save the Queen’, at least in my humble, biased and unhappy-that-it’s-also-the-anthem-of-Great-Britain-and-the-Commonwealth-when-so-many-would-rather-see-her-overthrown-than-saved opinion, is so terribly dull.) Jimi had a go at the Isle of Wight. I vaguely recall David working part of ‘La Marseillaise’ into ‘Run Like Hell’ at a gig in France on the last Floyd tour. Or was that another bizarre dream? – FEd]

  10. Dolly Dagger, for a wild one.

    My Friend, with all of us in the bar in the background doing sound effects. 🙂

    ash X

  11. The Wind Cries Mary is on the top of my list. Maybe Purple Haze could be fun?

    That “pre-punk 70’s”.. I’m thinking either Floyd (hope not with Richard gone) or Genesis with Peter Gabriel.

  12. [Already performed with Seal, of course, at an Amnesty International benefit (in 1991). – FEd]

    I didn’t know about that. Thanks FEd!

    [I’m sure you can find the video online in 0.24 seconds. – FEd]

  13. I didn’t know about the David/Seal cover either, went and found and listened. 🙂

    Really nice isn’t it?

    ash X

  14. Sorry to post again, but I forgot to mention that I saw Guy Pratt on Top Gear Monday night.

    James May said he was the bass player for Pink Floyd whilst they are arguing.

    Must have been a rerun.

  15. Howard… hopefully the hint could well be ‘Genesis ‘with Peter and Steve back on board.

    It is here…..it is now!

  16. A Happy Thanksgiving to All!

    It was on a Thanksgiving in 1987 that I saw Pink Floyd at the LA Sports Arena, one of my most cherished memories of this joyous day.

    As for A Hendrix song–Angel, Manic Depression or House Burning Down are 3 that I would love to hear David play.

  17. “Little Wing”.

    Today is Thanksgiving in the US and I am thankful that I just got to watch Live from Gdansk on VH1 Classic.

    Thank you, David, and it was a joy to watch Richard Wright performing with such joy.

  18. My favourite Hendrix covers would be:

    1. All Along the Watchtower
    2. House Burning Down
    3. Still Raining, Still Dreaming
    4. A Merman I Should Turn to Be

  19. [Imagine, David playing guitar with his teeth, wearing a Hippie style/exotic silk long shirt, a big scarf, a red bandana, rings, necklaces and medallions… then destroying his guitar on stage… Wow! – Michèle]

    Michèle, I’m not sure I find that a dignified image but at least we could substitute a tribute Strat for the real one … and avoid burning the strap (which Polly would definitely not allow).

    I think David could properly cover most Hendrix songs but the following spring to mind:

    Little Wing (there’s always room for that)
    Third Rock from the sun
    Red House (straight blues)
    Voodoo Chile (deconstructed a la Shine on)
    Hey Joe

    … any chance of an EP release? 🙂

    So the Red Machine rolls on, F’ed …. even though some of us were singing “La Marseillaise”.

    [Well, you can’t exactly sing ‘If You Hate Scousers, Clap Your Hands’ anymore, can you? – FEd]

  20. [I vaguely recall David working part of ‘La Marseillaise’ into ‘Run Like Hell’ at a gig in France. – FEd]

    By Jove, even David was at it …

  21. 27% are non-fans of Hendrix? At least that’s an improvement on 90% of my work colleagues who don’t like Mr Cohen. I despair at times.

    My better half has just informed that she has bought another Christmas present, for our 9 year old son. “But, we’ve already bought him enough” said I. Then she showed me a worn vinyl copy of DSOTM, excluding posters or stickers. I was then informed that it cost all of £1. This I agreed was a better purchase than anything that could be obtained from shops of the less than one pound name. It doesn’t matter that we already own three vinyl copies and another 3 CDs. I just know he will treasure that beat-up record for the rest of his life.

    Currently listening to Hendrix and so far I would like to hear/see David play The Wind Cries Mary and Voodoo Chile (Slight Return).

  22. [I vaguely recall David working part of ‘La Marseillaise’ into ‘Run Like Hell’ at a gig in France on the last Floyd tour. Or was that another bizarre dream? – FEd]

    Hmm… I can’t imagine you dreaming of ‘La Marseillaise’…

    It really happened, David began to sing our National Anthem in Strasbourg, at La Meinau Stadium on September 9, 1994.


  23. Purple Haze would be fun as Calibwam already mentioned. I can totally visualize David belting out: Scuse meee, while I kiss the sky!

    I really like Manic Depression as well (the song that is).

  24. Ah yes, I’ve seen that Hey Joe cover, it’s terrific. Seal sounds really good on it as well.

    I think it’d be interesting if David merged Echoes with 1983…(A Merman I Should Turn to Be). I think the two would go together rather nicely…? They seem to be in a very similar key as well, and about the same tempo. I’d pay good money to see that.

    Performed on the guitar that Jimi famously burned on stage would also be a bonus (I believe it now belongs to Frank Zappa’s son).

  25. Dear David,

    I’ve got no idea if you’ll read this, probably not.

    This is not some made up idea, it’s the truth. I’m 14 and live in Brazil, and my English father has introduced me to Pink Floyd.

    I’d like to say that I’m a huge fan of you, and admire you eternally. Although I hope you won’t, I’ll cry buckets of water if you die.

    I hope you always continue to be this humble and welcoming person you are.


    [Thanks for that, Matthew. I hope you enjoy the music for many years to come. – FEd]

  26. “POLLY-GAP”……yes he did! Off the sound track to the Rainbow Bridge film. I’m not just saying that for the title, it’s actually one of my favorite riffs he did, a lot like the mellow way David plays.

    “Captain Coconut” if you want to count the post material from Polydor Records.

  27. Such a tough call, but I’d have to say ‘Drivin South’ or Voodoo Child (Slight Return.

    David interpreting Jimi’s already incendiary playing-like tossing gas on an open flame. Burn baby burn!!

  28. Greetings FEd,

    There’s too many to choose from! David, being the consummate master that he is, could tackle any of them.

    I hope all who celebrated today had a great day. I’m so full, just thinking about food is making me nauseous.

    By the way, Tuesday, December 2 is our 25th anniversary and my 50th birthday! (Wow, I have been married half of my life.)

    Have a lovely weekend FEd.

    [Congratulations to Penny. – FEd]

  29. I would have to say Red House which apparently has some very long versions out there as well. Some that rival Echoes in length. Stone Free might be good as well.

    Another one that could be interesting is Hey Joe. But that was not a song that was written by Jimi.

    So how many are going to say All Along the Watchtower when in fact that is not a Jimi song but a Dylan song??



  30. One Rainy Wish would be perfect.


  31. People beat me to the punch, good choices by all.

    Little Wing would be perfect.

    Red House, wow, that would also be huge.

    Side Note: I noticed that the U.S. has their contest for The Black Strat also (click my name). Why can’t Canada have one? I’m sorry to complain but this really has hit home to myself and probably others as well. What’s up wit dat???

  32. Off topic,

    there will be a day when human beings will get a bit better than the shit they are? There will be a day when religions, beliefs, ethnicity, colour, social status won’t be the excuse for killings, and wars?

    Mahatma Ghandi said something like: “I am prepared to die, but there is no cause for which I am prepared to kill.”

  33. Good morning all, hope you are OK.

    I’d like to listen to David’s version of Angel, my favourite Hendrix song.


  34. [Rainy Day Dream Away. – Ash]

    Cracking choice. That would be what I would go for segue’d with 1983.

  35. hmmm, quite surprised i’m the only one going for Machine Gun, haven’t you guys heard it!!!?!?!!?!

  36. [Obviously not a hint at a Pink Floyd reunion, but who could he be hinting at? – rob]

    ABBA of course! 🙂

  37. Voodoo Chile or … eh.. there’s quite a few David could do when you think about it.

    Still love Hendrix’s stuff.

  38. Hello FED!

    I love the 3 new Live Clips at the Live at Gdansk page. It’s a pity that they are not on the DVD. But I hope that one day the DVD “Live in Gdansk” we could buy as a blu ray DVD with all songs.

    While there’s life, there’s hope!

    A very nice weekend to you!

    Best regards from Berlin

  39. Hi!

    I think “Little Wing” would be really perfect.

    Good weekend to everybody,

  40. Hello mates,

    back again to the blog…. I think just one: Machine Gun.

    Have a nice week end all of you

  41. Anyone hear Snowy White play ‘Little Wing’? Awesome!

    It is on a couple of his albums.

  42. With regards to the cover versions I can’t think of any specific songs but I think cover versions of less obvious songs usually work better than cover versions of the obvious choices.

    Have a good weekend, although I’m afraid this is one weekend where I don’t want Liverpool to win.

    [You haven’t become a Hammer, have you? – FEd]

  43. Among many favorites of mine, I’d like to see David perform:

    Burning of a Midnight Lamp
    House Burning Down

    I also love Little Wing, and wish it was a little longer.

  44. [You haven’t become a Hammer, have you? – FEd]

    Become? I’ve always been a Hammer. Not that it’s ever given me much cause to celebrate.

    [Sorry, Thomas. I was thinking of the other Thomas for a moment (which is why I deleted the first part of your comment, thinking it didn’t make sense). Excuse me. We’ve been psycho-analysing Charles Manson in the chatroom, and now we’re listing history’s most influential women, so my head, for want of a better expression, is in the shed. Please check your e-mail. – FEd]

  45. Definitely “The Wind Cries Mary” and “1983…(A Merman I Should Turn to Be)” – imagine how cool that would be.

  46. No Question. No further debate please, it would have to be Little Wing.

    You know the solo would suit David. I would love to hear him take that on.

  47. […and now we’re listing history’s most influential women. – FEd]

    Louise Michel?

    [The red virgin of Montmartre… I was sure to mention Joan of Arc, by the way. – FEd]

  48. I have seen many times the video for ‘Hey Joe’ with David and Seal. But just by thinking about listening to David playing ‘Voodoo Chile’ or ‘Purple Haze’ will give me goose bumps.

    It would be great, and I think he would do it perfect.

    Thank you.
    From Argentina.

  49. Purple Haze (Yep, David could do it)
    The Wind Cries Mary
    Little Wing*
    Castles Made of Sand
    Red House

    *Personal note, if there ever was a song David thought about covering this is the only one I would implore David to do. I would hope it would be more along the lines of the Stevie Ray Vaughn version though; that version is great but I’d bet my bottom dollar that David’s would be awe-inspiring.

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you.

  50. Here are a few songs by Jimi Hendrix that I think David could make his own:

    1983 (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)
    Little Wing
    One Rainy Wish
    Rainy Day, Dream Away (with Dick Parry on sax)
    Spanish Castle Magic
    Burning of the Midnight Lamp
    Sweet Angel
    Voodoo Chile
    Voodoo Chile (slight return)

    I held that thought for four entire days! Remarkable …

    Another noteworthy achievement is the third anniversary of The Blog. Congratulations on that, FEd! It’s been such a special addition to my day-to-day existence — fun AND informative on so many levels. I’ve met so many people with whom I feel a true sense of connection and friendship (that includes you!).

    I truly appreciate the opportunity to share the many things we have in common, as well as what we don’t, whether they be musical, philosophical, environmental, geographical, political, comical, or gastronomical in nature.

    I hope you had a refreshing weekend, FEd. Now, back to the old grindstone!


    [Thank you very much for that, Gabrielle. Much appreciated. – FEd]

  51. I’m with ya Rob, Machine Gun is one of my favorites on Jimi’s Band of Gypsys album!

    The DVD of it is great too, old school black and white with about 3 camera angles. David could rock it!

  52. I’m a huge Hendrix fan, and a huge Gilmour fan, particularly his time with Floyd. As a result, David doing a Hendrix cover would be pretty amazing.

    Can you imagine Hendrix doing a Gilmour cover? If only he had lived. 🙁

    Machine Gun would be cool, but it would inevitably be compared to the one that made Band of Gypsys. Since that one is pretty much the best live performance with an electric guitar ever, could David match it?

    Maybe he could do Little Wing? That’s a pretty amazing song, and the solo in it would be easily adapted by Gilmour.

    Maybe 1983… (A Merman I Should Turn to Be). It’s a pretty epic song, with lots of room for David to do his own thing.

  53. I’m going to have to say Wild Thing! I can already picture the music in my head.

    But if you did it it would most likely be way better then I am picturing it.

  54. I’m happy I can still leave a comment on this, I’m a great Hendrix fan.

    I would say “Drifting”, for being so atmospheric and softly sung, with guitar parts that are so intense and touching but never overdone, just like David’s style.

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