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Blog Poll: Have you seen the extra live concert footage from Gdańsk, not included on the DVD? 26% vote 'Yes', 74% vote 'No'.

You have three more opportunities to see the extended ‘Live in Gdańsk’ on VH1 Classic in the States this week: at 01:00 (EST) this morning, at 17:00 (EST) on Thursday, and at 19:00 (EST) on Saturday.

Please check those times for your own peace of mind, as there is some confusion over listings.

If you’ve seen it already, what did you think of the additional tracks?

Extra songs included in the broadcast are ‘Speak To Me’, ‘Breathe’, ‘Time’, ‘Breathe (Reprise)’, ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ and ‘Wish You Were Here’.

If you haven’t seen it, do set your TiVo.

Who has TiVo, or something like it, anyway? I’d love to know.

Still with the USA… Coming up on RAVE this week, ‘Scotty Moore and Friends: A Tribute to the King of Rock and Roll’. That’s Wednesday afternoon at 13:00 (EST). David performs ‘Don’t’.

Then, on Saturday 25 October, an hour-and-a-half from ‘Remember That Night’, starting at 17:00 (EST). It’s repeated in the early hours of Sunday morning – at 03:00 (EST).

Author: FEd

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56 thoughts on “LIG on VH1”

  1. Looking forward to watching LIG on Thursday night!!

    Ohh, I have TiVO (or my Cable provider equivalent). I don’t watch a lot of Tele, but it’s nice to be able to skip through commercials, record shows that I would normally miss, and save shows to watch again.

    By the way, is the version of “Don’t” that David is performing a new one, or is it the same version that he did on his Live in Concert DVD?

    [It’s a different one: this one’s at Abbey Road with Bill Wyman and Albert Lee. – FEd]

  2. To answer your questions FEd:

    No, I did not see it, because I can’t receive VH1 Classic (anymore).

    And, no I don’t use TiVo or similar stuff. I do not appreciate the (yet) low resolution.

    Nice timing, btw (00:00), FEd. 😀


  3. I realized that Vh1 classic was playing it before the site was even updated!

    My cable has a recording feature like TiVo so I recorded it the first night. This is great because I have the 2-CD set of Gdansk and now I can watch the concert with the bonus material whenever I want.

    I hated how they cut out a bunch of songs because of commercials.

    I already saw the bonus songs on the “bigger picture” presentation of it in Savannah, GA the night before it was released in the U.S. But some of the songs like “On an Island” were cut out the first night, I don’t know about any other nights.

    PS. I don’t get RAVE.

  4. I was SO LUCKY to catch the Saturday showing of LIG! I missed the first 25 minutes or so, but I was glued to my seat for the rest of the show and I loved it! I kept saying, “Oh I love this song!” over and over. It really was a nice surprise.

    It was followed up by Classic Albums Dark Side of the Moon episode — a must watch as well.

  5. I watched it on VH1 Classics and I am really thankful to own a TiVo for there were so many commercials. But it still was a great concert to watch.

    Take Care,

  6. I have TiVo! I’ve programmed it to automatically record anything with “David Gilmour” or “Pink Floyd” and lo & behold, I just checked and ‘Live in Gdansk’ has been recorded. Woot! I think I’ll go watch some of it now.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  7. Fed, I’ve heard of VH1 here several times. What is it and how do you receive it?

    I’m not familiar with it in Canada.

    [Please click your name for their website, but I don’t think it’s available in Canada. – FEd]

  8. Unfortunately in Italy there’s nothing like this. Sky doesn’t show extracts from any concert, except for something on the HD channel.

    The Strat is really well done, it seems perfect! Lucky owners! Enjoy it!

    How are you? Hope everyone is fine and that things are doing well for all of you.

  9. I don’t have Sky Plus but I would like to see the extra songs, especially “Shine On”.

    Are there plans to show it in the UK?

    [Not that I know of. – FEd]

  10. Happy birthday to John Carin today and thanks for your work on LIG. A most underestimated musician commercially.

    Many thanks friends for my birthday wishes yesterday and sorry I couldn’t make it back to the chat room last night. I’m afraid friends came ’round and forced me to drink alcohol with them all night!

    Best wishes everyone,

    [How rude… Happy Birthday to Jon. – FEd]

  11. Looking forward to watching it tonight. Many thanks to David for making LiG extras accessible to so many of us.

    Many thanks to FEd for all the hard work he’s put in getting the news out and getting the fans together for the chats.

  12. Fed,

    Why is this extra footage not included in any of the LIG Box sets??


    [I guess there just wasn’t enough space on the concert DVD, and the various versions required that the concert footage be on one disc or else the prices would have been greater. Besides, there probably had to be an extra incentive to get people into cinemas in the States, so some extra songs added interest in, and length to, the cinema presentation. – FEd]

  13. Thanks for that!

    Sorry to be a pain….do you know if it will be available in the future to buy as a complete concert DVD?


    [Sorry, I don’t, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was. – FEd]

  14. Happy b-day to Jon.

    Nice pic Melissa, I believe those are Richard’s hands playing A Saucerful of Secrets on the Royal Albert Hall organ.

    Good day to all.

  15. I really would like to see the extended Gdansk, but I can’t do it in Italy!

    For the moment I would be happy to see my ordered 5 discs edition, too! The shop had some problems with the stock (which had to arrive from Germany) but it seems there are hopes for this week…I wait patiently!

    I couldn’t read the blog last week, so I knew about Blog Action Day in late. I would have been very happy to take a part in it and I surely will do it next time!


  16. I got an idea FEd, let’s release an extended version of the concert on Blu-ray!!!

    The concert is amazing!!!

    Regards from Chile.

  17. [Why is this extra footage not included in any of the LIG Box sets?? – Paul]


    David was asked about it in Teraz Rock interview. He also mention time constraints, but he also said: ”it is a live album release (audio) and one should remember that we already released a live DVD from the tour, a year ago from the Royal Albert Hall… we decided to pick the best things, primarily those ones with the orchestra to make to extra DVD. I’m sorry that you are disappointed, but there are some limitations, which we had to deal with.”

    The very next question was about Wot’s Uh the Deal missing on the double CD. David said: the Gdańsk concert was very long, and there can only be 79 min. of music on a single CD, so the whole concert could not make it. We had to cut something. And unfortunately it was Wot’s Uh the Deal… Maybe you would cut a different song, but still the fact is that CDs had not such a bigger capacity…

  18. [Why is this extra footage not included in any of the LIG Box sets?? – Paul]

    That is so in a few years they can re-release LIG again with all the bonus features included. It will be remastered and improved. It’s marketing.



  19. Thank you Fed for letting us know that this was on.

    I watched most of the October 18th broadcast. I thought Shine on You Crazy Diamond was out of this world and now wish that the whole concert had been included on the DVD. I would gladly buy another DVD of it if it was released. I would also pay to download these missing songs on my computer.

    Thank you David for making them available to us on this broadcast. Just wish I had TIVO so I could have recorded them.

    I plan to catch the last three performances tonight and later this week again.


  20. Maybe we can get the whole concert some day on Blu-ray minus of course Wot’s… Uh the Deal.

    That track could be made available via iTunes or as a DVD single from some obscure retail outlet as a bonus to buying the entire set twice or thrice as it may be.

  21. Can we do a fav Horror Movie thread in honor of the impending CD release by Jessica Simpson….err, I mean Holiday?

    [We should have something suitably silly for Hallowe’en… – FEd]

  22. Happy Birthday Jon!

    VH1 isn’t available in Canada as you’ve mentioned. Perhaps it’ll be available at a later date. Love to to see SOYCD though.

  23. The official release date for Poland (5-disc set, seen on EMI Music Poland’s site) is 3rd November.

    Speaking of the live extra footage, it would really be awesome to be able to download that. I was at this concert and the beginning of it was the most exciting moment of my life, so I’d be happy to have an opportunity to go back to it somehow.

    Thanks. 🙂

    [Thank you, Michal. Let’s hope this time the release date is real. – FEd]

  24. In the time of “global communication” this is quite strange that only a small part of the world is allowed to watch the extra LiG while the vast majority remains on the dark side of the moon.

    Me too, I am convinced that the full LiG will see the light one day on DVD with one or two extras (Island Jam performance at the RTN premiere, for example).

  25. Happy Birthday to Jon Carin!

    VH1 Classics LIG concert was good even with all the darn commercials. Some different shots (it seemed to me) with more of Richard playing. The VH1 version showed Phil, Dick and Guy playing the glass harmonica.

    Nice picture Melissa! Richard, correct? I recognize the watch and ring and the keyboard.

  26. [That is so in a few years they can re-release LIG again with all the bonus features included. It will be remastered and improved. It’s marketing. – Andrew]

    Isn’t this what we’ve had all along? They know we’ll keep on buying.

    I think it will be months, not years.

    Happy Birthday to Jon Carin.

  27. My congratulations to Jon Carin, who celebrates his 44th birthday today.

    Actually I am from 1964 too.

    Cheers, Ernest 🙂

  28. Happy Birthday to Jon!

    We share the same birthday, but not the same year. Haven’t gotten any presents yet. Unfortunately a black Strat is not in the cards for me.

    Nice guitar, Johnnie. Hope you enjoy it forever!

    Nice topics recently, but I haven’t had time to post.

    Bye for now.

    [Enjoy your day, Andrew. I hope you get some presents soon. – FEd]

  29. I was joking with my last post however I have to agree with what someone on here said earlier. If you don’t want it or if you have a number of versions already, then don’t buy it. No one is twisting your arm.

    I have to also say that to me and agree with David, that this one has more to do with the live recording. And from that perspective it is also different as there is an orchestra accompanying the band. So it really is not like other releases.

    Actually, once LIG is released worldwide, I think it could be an interesting discussion and poll as to which did you prefer, RTN or LIG? And why?

    Personally, I actually don’t even own a copy of LIG. I’ve seen and heard some stuff here and there. I look forward to getting this at some time but unfortunately right now is not the time for me to purchase this.



  30. I got to watch Live in Gdansk on the 17th which is my very birthday. So, cake and concert which was perfect.

    Every time I see a performance film of David’s I’m struck by a song I knew but suddenly it’s my new favorite. Maybe it’s that particular performance. All I know is I walked around humming “Smile” under my breath for the following two days. Not a bad thing at all.

    I thought it was wonderful and I loved seeing Rick like that as well as David and the guys. Everyone was enjoying themselves and that’s very special, a wonderful thing to share with the fans.

    I’m now more determined to get a DVD than ever. I need to see some special performances again and again especially since there are extras.

    [Belated birthday greetings to you, Jill. – FEd]

  31. I’ve watched it a couple of times already, loved it…scrumptious I might add!

    How are you FEd? Long time no chat.


    [Fine, thanks. Yourself? – FEd]

  32. Speak To Me/Breathe/Time/Breathe (Reprise) and part of Shine On You Crazy Diamond (both from Gdansk) are available as video downloads from iTunes as part of the Live in Gdansk album (the videos are album only, unfortunately).

    They are also on YouTube..

    FEd, do you think that the missing songs on the DVD could maybe be downloaded as QuickTime videos as part of the DVD webpass? I think that would be an excellent idea, and there would be 4 videos.

    1) Speak To Me/Breathe/Time/Breathe (Reprise)
    2) Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    3) Wot’s… Uh The Deal
    4) Fat Old Sun
    5) Wish You Were Here

    This way, there wouldn’t need to be a reissue on DVD, and we could have all of the missing songs (and even burn them to a DVD for our own use at home).

    [Good idea. – FEd]

  33. I’ve been baffled why the entire concert wasn’t available for the box set. I appreciate the fact that you posted Mr. Gilmour’s comments on the subject i.e. David said there were time constraints–due to limitations of the CD/DVD formats, but I beg to differ.

    All he would have had to have done is added an extra CD and DVD to the set. I would guess that every last person who bought the deluxe set, would have been more than happy to shell out an extra 10-20 bucks for one more CD and DVD to be included.

    I can’t imagine why–in his wildest dreams–Mr. Gilmour didn’t think that if people were buying a giant box set, they wouldn’t be disappointed not to be getting the entire concert. If I’m buying an 80 dollar box set I want the whole darned concert. I know several people who did, who are disappointed. If the d–ned box says, “Gilmour, Live in Gdansk!” and it’s only 3/4’s of the concert, it’s a bit of a fraud.

    I love what I got, but I do feel a little ripped off!

  34. I forgot one other thing to rail about while I’m in a grumpy mood: the subtitles.

    I put on the subtitles for “Live in Gdansk,” and there’s David talking, this and that, but whenever he sings: NOTHING. No lyrics. The lyrics for Echoes and a number of songs are simply beautiful, but the minute David starts singing, the English language vanishes below. And it’s frequently difficult to figure out what he’s singing.

    So what fool decided that songs shouldn’t have subtitles? Was it the same one who decided to use a dark, difficult-to-read font on dark backgrounds in the lyric booklet with the CD?

    Cheeeeristalmighty! When I buy a big box set for a concert, I expect to get the whole concert. When I click on the subtitles, I expect to see the words when the singer sings.

    And I HATE EASTER EGGS. I’m 51 years old, and I don’t want to waste precious hours of a short life hunting for them. Bah Humbug!

  35. No TiVo or its ilk here. I still know how to program my VCR and will do so for tonight.

    Can’t wait to see the extra songs.

  36. Happy birthday Andrew!!! Happy birthday Jon Carin!!!

    And today is my birthday too, and i received a lot of presents and one of my favorite is the 5 discs of David live in Gdansk!!!

    I am so happy so I’ll try to find time to listen all that music, but I will, for sure… Thank you David!

    [Happy Birthday, Sylvie. Enjoy your day. – FEd]

  37. [Interesting… – FEd]

    Very interesting indeed… Is there anything Photoshop can’t do?

    Where did you get the photo of the David Clark S1030 PPA from, Melissa???

  38. Wow – Dr Rock is having a major whinge!

    I can understand where he’s coming from, but I only bought the first ‘LIG’ set I saw released, 2 CD + 1 DVD so feel very short changed and now realise I need the whole caboodle!

    Also the free downloads refused to work, with the CD or the DVD in place! I gave up.

    But it inspired me to buy the DVD ‘RTN’. After going to see David market the DVD live in London (The Odeon Leicester Square), I didn’t think I’d enjoy the disc even half as much as actually being at the Royal Albert Hall. As I missed the tickets going on sale, I missed out on the gig, so the DVD is brilliant and far exceeded my expectations. Ditto ‘LIG’……

    I’m NOT a fan of subtitles on songs. But if there is an option to turn on/off, then perhaps they could have been left on for people like Dr.Rock!

    I’m now looking forwards to my Christmas present this year. The Live in Gdansk 5 Disc Box Set!

    [Thanks for the feedback, Avril, but I need to get those downloads working for you. Can you be tempted to try again? Maybe you could visit the chatroom today – between 1 and 3pm (UK) – and I could talk you through the process? – FEd]

  39. Thanks Fed.

    I had a nice birthday yesterday. I didn’t get the black Strat, but I did receive a book about the black Strat. Wow, it is so great! Lots of photos of our favourite musicians (Roger, too). I highly recommend it!

    Almost forgot to mention how well Liverpool are doing. By all accounts they are struggling in their games but they still manage to come up with the points, something they had trouble doing last year.

    And how about Rooney this year? I’ll wager that one of the top four teams will be interested in him, for sure. Maybe Hull City? (heh-heh)

    [Going bald has been great for his form, it seems. – FEd]

  40. Dr. Rock, you won’t make it to “61” if you keep stressing about things like that… Relax and enjoy!!!

  41. I agree that the lyrics should be included with the subtitles. Why weren’t they?

    [Pass. Nothing to do with me. – FEd]

  42. Go Dr Rock.

    I was talking about missing stuff from the concert ages ago. I received assurances that these songs would not be made available at a later date. It would appear from recent comments that this is now moving.

    Why don’t they do the decent thing and allow them to be downloaded, like Wot’s, through the web-pass?


    [Maybe they will. – FEd]

  43. *Bon anniversaire, Sylvie! Comme le temps passe, n’est-ce pas?

    *Subtitles when David sings? What a strange idea, I never thought of that and I personally wouldn’t like to be distracted by subtitles while watching a concert.

    There are plenty of websites that offer you lyric translation.

    IMHO, the subtitles are perfect on LIG (as they were on RTN), and without any spelling mistake (at least I could notice that for my own language). Thanks to all involved in making it possible.

    Amazing, there is always someone to complain about something, whatever they get…


  44. [I agree that the lyrics should be included with the subtitles. Why weren’t they? – JJ]

    I recall something I read when the RTN blue ray disc was released. It was about not having the rights to publish lyrics for a song. Maybe it was something similar this time, but hey, we all know the lyrics of those song, or have them printed on some of our records, or have access online, so why spent those bytes there?


  45. I need help. I live in Poland. In what way can I watch this set of songs from Gdańsk in my country?

    [Officially, sadly, it’s not possible. Unofficially, you could try looking online. – FEd]

  46. Maybe I need to elaborate on why I’m slightly miffed at the editing of the DVD.

    One of the best, most magical moments of any concert, are the opening moments. Where the crowd first catches a glimpse of their beloved band! It’s ecstasy. You’re so incredibly glad to see in person, the magicians who have entertained and provided the background music for some of the happiest times of your life. And there’s always this tremendous roar of pleasure that breaks like thunder over a crowd. It puts you in the “zone” when you hear it, and when the music first starts its like the liftoff of an Apollo rocket.

    Without the opening and the first few songs I feel as though the DVD is like sex with no foreplay. It’s great, but it’s not as fantastic as it would have been had it been longer and drawn out.

    No “Wot’s… Uh The Deal?” No “Time?” It makes me want to scream! I would have happily paid 200 dollars for a box set of the ENTIRE CONCERT!!!

    And no downloads. I HATE DOWNLOADS!

    [I take your point, but lots of people wouldn’t have been happy paying a dollar more. – FEd]

  47. we HAD a TiVo. we sold it though because we already have a DVR which is basically the same thing anyway.

  48. [I feel as though the DVD is like sex with no foreplay… – Dr. Rock]

    I’m grateful for anything……..

  49. I am with you, Dr Rock. Lyrics should be there. People can turn off subtitles if that is distracting. But give people a choice.

    And leaving out songs is a bit disappointing especially when in the extra DVD (4th) there are songs that appear multiple times.

  50. wow… i feel so poor. 🙁

    i don’t get vh1 classic or have tivo.

    oh well, i’ll just keep saving up to get the 3 disc set.

  51. I thought the version of LIG that aired on VH1 Classic was much better than what was on the DVD. It was just a stronger presentation of the music. You got a better balance between the best of the solo material and the best of the Floyd classics.

    However, I would like to see it broadcast in HD. Maybe on the Palladia channel?

    Oh and by the way…

    The Directv HD-DVR is exceptional. I can’t detect any loss of resolution when I record an HD broadcast.

  52. [I love what I got, but I do feel a little ripped off! – Dr. Rock]

    I have to agree with Dr. Rock.

    I bought the deluxe set & the vinyl – cost over £100.

    What about the missing stuff on a download?

  53. TIVO is the greatest. As I have said many times before, “If I could make love to my TIVO box, we’d be in bed smoking cigarettes.”

    I TIVO’d the Gdansk concert from VH1 Classic and it will happily sit on there for a long long time (until someone buys me the DVD!)

    Seriously, if they don’t have TIVO over in Europe, you should consider moving to the States. It’s a life changer.

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