Charity auction

The Mexican Strat, signed by the members of Pink Floyd and hand-painted by Gerald Scarfe

The guitar mentioned a few months back – a Mexican Strat, painted by Gerald Scarfe and signed by all members of Pink Floyd – is being auctioned online from Wednesday 15 October. That’s next week.

If you’re interested in bidding, you will need to register first.

The winning bidder will also acquire the first edition of a limited box set containing eight prints from ‘The Wall’, each of which has been signed by Gerald, as well as a signed book.

A portion of the sale will go to a charity close to David’s heart, Crisis.

Don’t forget ‘Remember a Day: Richard Wright in His Own Words’ tomorrow night, BBC Radio 2 at 19:00 (UK). You can all listen live online, or for a full week later at your convenience, courtesy of the BBC’s Listen Again feature.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

45 thoughts on “Charity auction”

  1. Hmmm… it looks very nice, but I’m afraid I won’t have enough cash to spend for something that’s meant to hang on a wall without being played (“Collectible guitars are an investment in themselves”).

    Have a nice weekend all of you,

  2. My name is Marcelo Diaz….Here in chile, it hurt us so much, Richard’s loss, like you…

    David, come back to Chile please, we have been waiting for you, for decades.

  3. It looks really nice…..probably just out of my price range!

    Gary 🙂

    Hope everybody has a good weekend.

  4. FEd,

    Will people in America be able to use the listen again Feature on the BBC website? Or is that specifically for the UK?

    Have a lovely weekend!!

    [That’s available to everyone, I think. – FEd]

  5. Would like it but the budget and competition will be enormous. I don’t fancy butter and bread for 5 yrs.

    Just joking. Good luck to the winner and cause.

    Teacher, leave them kids alone.

  6. I would love to be the proud owner of that!! I hope it raises plenty of money for Crisis. 😉

  7. Just finishing up on disc 5. Amazing SOYCD, The Blue delay is fantastic. WTIO, wow, to hear Richard again. Love it. Getting to The Turning. I’ll get back on that one.

    Happy Thanksgiving to N.A. and a great weekend Fed.


  8. As a paid up member of the great unwashed I will have to see how my lottery numbers do on Saturday night before I put my bid in.

    Dream, dream, dream on.

  9. live in gdansk, 5 disc…..

    it’s arrived its arrrrrrrriiiiiiiived!

    big isn’t it? bit inconsiderate actually as it dwarfs the rest of my cds. 😉

    oh well. i was going to post up a triumphant picture of me holding the box – is that going too far?

    [Go ahead. – FEd]

  10. Where or how can I get the “Breathe/Time” & “Shine On” videos from Gdansk?!?

    I noticed you get them if you download the complete album from iTunes, but I have already bought the 5-disc and the vinyl so I’m not buying another one from iTunes just for those two videos.

    [That’s the only way you can get them (officially). – FEd]

  11. OK, I could not wait more for 4 or 5 disc edition in Brazil and bought, last Friday, the 3 disc version!!

    No words to describe, simply fantastic…the two CDs are amazing, great solos, much improvisation and it’s very cool, never heard Gilmour playing with so much freedom, energy and feeling; the orchestra participation is very nice too, Red Sky At Night is one example of this.

    DVD is fantastic too, very nice to see this band in front of 50,000 people screaming “David! David!” and emotional screaming “Richard! Richard!”


  12. Love what I’m seeing but I don’t think I could afford it with the flies in my wallet. Still, certainly curious as to how much it goes for.



  13. Do you think there will be a place we can download Richard’s interview? I missed it ALL….

    [You can listen to it – in full – as many times as you like until the weekend. – FEd]

  14. We’d all love to have this guitar, and I’m glad the $$ is going to a worthy cause.

    Thanks to all involved with this thing. It will make a big difference.

  15. OFF TOPIC:

    “Take a breath
    A deep breath now…
    This kind of love is hard to find
    I never got to you by being kind
    If I’m the one to throw you overboard
    At least I showed you how to swim for shore……”

    We went on holiday & left our teenage son alone for one night in the house, the inevitable happened, the house was trashed, money stolen from the house & he & “friends” went joy riding in my car.

    You try to teach them right from wrong & hopefully they grasp this knowledge go on to lead the life of a responsible adult. We feel so let down & somehow feel we failed them in how we brought them up.

    Sorry for the rant.

    [Ouch. – FEd]

  16. Looks nice.

    I guessed it would go for £20,000-£25,000 and I stand by that.

    But it could cost more now that Richard’s gone.

  17. [We feel so let down & somehow feel we failed them in how we brought them up. – Graham]

    Graham, in my youth I let my parents down big time lots of times.

    Nothing to do with the way they brought me up. They actually gave me a fantastic childhood, etc. And I loved them both beyond words.

    The problem was that then I was easily led.

    Don’t beat yourself up too much.

  18. I never liked ‘The Wall’, so depressing… and full of clichés…

    “Hey! kids! leave them profs alone!!!”

    Why not?


  19. Graham ~

    Don’t blame yourself too much. The fact that you are so surprised and hurt is evidence of how much time and effort you’ve put in to raise your son proper. Sometimes a bad decision is just that and it seems that teenagers have the monopoly on them.

    Your hurt is his hurt and this little episode will eventually make your relationship stronger.

    Just for the time being please stay away from any pneumatic power tools…

  20. I feel your pain, Graham!!!! My 14 year old daughter has just noticed BOYS!!!!

    Now…what did I do with that big stick??


  21. [We feel so let down & somehow feel we failed them in how we brought them up. – Graham]

    Well, if he starts paying a fiver back per week he should be quits (and lesson learned) by the time he’s 30.

    Or you could change your will ….

    If he’s old enough to party, he’s old enough to pay the bill.

    Gotta love ’em though, eh?

  22. Saw the BBC interviews! Thanks. Loved the intro to WYWH David played on the 12 string acoustic. Can we have another serving please?

    Nice Mexican Strat. Are there any pictures of the
    guitar totally assembled? Showing the autographs.

    [Nope, not yet, but the signatures are on the pickguard. – FEd]

  23. re: Richard’s interview

    I am getting it in Texas which means it should be available round the world either through the main page Latest News link, click on Sharon above, or click on Chris Dann above (this one takes you directly to the player).

    Tried all 3 and they work, you may get a “web site busy, try again” message but you should get in within 30 seconds after that. Don’t let the news at the beginning fool you, the interview show is right after that.

    I have to listen again tonight during quiet time as the Texas-OU game was a barnburner and distracted my attention during the original broadcast.

    So everyone should be able to listen in again at will until the weekend…………….

    Enjoy all…….Fats

    PS-Texas won 45-35, hook em horns.

    [The link above (“You can all listen live online, or for a full week later at your convenience…”) also works. When you’re there, you only need to click once more: ‘Listen to the programme’. – FEd]

  24. Probably this is not the right topic…

    But today I received the new David Gilmour Live in Gdansk…

    I see only a part of the disc (I buy 3+2 version) and it’s fantastic.

    Thank you again…

  25. You are a great musician. I am a Pink Floyd fan. Congratulations for your recent album “On an Island”.

    My question is: Will you ever play again with Roger Waters and Nick Mason?

  26. [We went on holiday & left our teenage son alone for one night in the house… – Graham]

    Go for a few nights next time so he’s got time to clear up before you get back?

  27. Nice axe. I’d be surprised if it went for less than £25k, TBH.

    A lottery would have been fairer. The winning bidder will probably be minted and will hide this beauty away for years. If it was a lottery, ordinary people would be in with a chance of winning it and Crisis would still do well.

    I enjoyed seeing David on The History of the Guitar on Sunday night, BTW.

  28. [If he’s old enough to party, he’s old enough to pay the bill. Gotta love ’em though, eh? – Tim_C]

    Oh, he will pay, don’t worry. We had the police come round last night to give him a short, sharp, shock. We just have to start to learn trust him again, not easy at the moment.


    What are the three strange holes below the routing for the pickups, etc.? Or is it part of Gerald Scarfe’s painting?

  29. [I’d be surprised if it went for less than £25k, TBH. A lottery would have been fairer. – JJ]

    Now that Richard’s no longer with us, the price will probably go up.

    A lottery would definitely have been better. One of those where you text your bid and the lowest unique bid wins. I’d have put a bid or two in then, but there’s no point going to an auction when you know that someone with more money than you will outbid you.

  30. Now that the blog breaks up into multiple pages instead of one long string, here’s an idea. For the first page stating More Comments is fine. But then when it goes past that, how about the link stating “Even More Comments” or “More Bloody Comments.”



  31. Hey Fed,

    Guess what just arrived on the weekend?? It was sealed and I have only had time to open and check out the contents…but so far very pleased.

    Cheers, Howard

    [Good to hear, Howard. (You don’t mean that awful smiley-faced sausage meat, do you? Because that’s just wrong.) – FEd]

  32. Hmmm! Who would I rather have seen at Glastonbury. JZ or David Gilmour? Eavis must be some sort of tw*t!

    Belated congratulations on your award David & brilliant that you should dedicate to Richard.

    God Bless to one & all,

  33. [One of those where you text your bid and the lowest unique bid wins. – Ben]

    That’d be good.

    Those who can afford to text a hundred bids would still have a greater chance of winning, but so would everybody else.

  34. [Good to hear, Howard. (You don’t mean that awful smiley-faced sausage meat, do you? Because that’s just wrong.) – FEd]

    You need help, Fed!

    It’s even better with Smiley Spaghetti things and little happy potato faces…..maybe I need help.

  35. Graham,

    Good question about the three holes… don’t think it’s part of the painting and the pickguard will cover them so the only thing I can think of is that they maybe for switches but that isn’t standard on a Strat so to summarise…

    No idea! 🙂

  36. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone from this blog actually bought this guitar? If anybody out there is wealthy enough go for it. You can then tell us all about it and show us some photos of it in action.

    Fed, no deluxe set yet, they keep saying Sony haven’t sent it. Thanks for holding off on Easter egg discussion.

    Graham’s problems with his son sends shivers up my spline as I’ve got 4 boys and the eldest is hitting 16 shortly and the others follow quickly. Can you have a Clayton’s Trust where you sort of trust without really trusting them? Fun times ahead.


  37. My son took one look at that and said, “Wow, can we bid???”

    I hated to bust his bubble. 🙂


    Hang in there, I lost my husband Richard to cancer 2 years ago and am raising our 2 teenagers alone. Our 16 year old daughter has a current fascination with the essays of Aldous Huxley and our 13 year old son is becoming a man (if you know what I mean) without his dad. It is scary stuff. I don’t think your son meant to betray you, he did something stupid. I will try to remember that myself when I’m in your position, I know it’s coming.

    On a better note, I LOVE this blog – it is so great to see so many intelligent people from all over the world brought together by great music! David (and Floyd in general-my son is a big Waters fan) have been a great blessing this year.

    Sorry for the long post.

    – Meg

    [No need to apologise, Meg. I look forward to your next one. Thanks for joining us. – FEd]

  38. [My question is: Will you ever play again with Roger Waters and Nick Mason? – thufirhawat]

    Too soon and just as stupid…sorry, tough love hurts.

  39. David Gilmour, sou um grande fã seu, desde os 8 anos acompanho o seu trabalho junto o pink floyd, quando começei a ouvir Você, Waters, Manson e Wright não imaginava que o Pink Floyd tinha uma História bem mais que “mágica e Magnífica”. Logo depois que Descobri o “Louco Diamante” Syd Barrett procurei viver outras músicas além de Eclips e Money (“meu empurrãozinho” para o mundo dos Floydianos)e hoje com 17 Anos ouvir as músicas brasileiras do sec. 21 olho para traz e vejo que com você o Rock ainda existe.

    Abraço a Todos

  40. I just now saw the notice about Richard Wright In His Own Words, but the audio is unavailable now.

    Did anybody record it by chance?

  41. Crisis is such an amazing charity and the perfect reason for David to bless us with his music.

    Do a big concert in aid of this fine charity, the whole world will attend and I would love to put it together.

    What do you think?

    [That David’s already chosen a much more subtle – and suitable – way to support Crisis, and that music fans just want another concert, no matter how it comes about? – FEd]

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