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There have been reviews a-plenty added to the archives this week, if you’re interested.

Alternatively, if you’ve got your ‘Live in Gdańsk’ – or maybe just a vivid imagination and unwavering faith – and can write one of those snappy one-line reviews that you see on the back of DVDs and books (there’s probably a name for them, but I’ll be damned if I can think of it, hence the hopeful squashing together of words that make up this post’s title), don’t be shy. Some of us could do with a laugh.

Linda’s “It rocks a big one” will take some beating, mind you.

Remember: less is more and it should fit on the CD cover. (Those of you still without the deluxe set have probably pictured that large, smooth box quite enough, right? I don’t want to make it harder for you. Or easier, depending on which way you look at it.)

Besides, it needs to stand out alongside someone else’s five star rating and another’s unnecessary exclamation marks.

So, very briefly, sum up the album in a way that would suitably intrigue those who hang around shops, idly browsing, during their lunch hour.

Something else to look forward to on UK TV: the three-part ‘Imagine’ series, presented by Alan Yentob and entitled ‘The Story of the Guitar’, which David has contributed to, starts this Sunday at 22:20 (UK) on BBC1.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

144 thoughts on “Back cover reviews”

  1. “Even better than a Rick Astley show.”

    Just in case people wonder what I’m on about here, click my name!


    [High praise indeed. – FEd]




    [I like that one. – FEd]

  3. This just came to me…I love it:

    “It Blew My Knickers Off!”

    The reality is…It did! (Not literally of course.)

    Anything exciting planned for the weekend? I’m off to visit mum and dad myself. Happy Friday!

    [If you’d added half a dozen exclamation marks and were writing for The Sun, I could visualise that. – FEd]

  4. Glorious music
    Delivered effortlessly
    Achieving sublime
    Neoteric levels
    Strangely hypnotic
    Kaleidoscopic esoteric

    Less is more FED. 🙂


  5. FEd, if I may kindly borrow a few words from you, I would write my review like this:

    A wonderful walk down memory lane for Pink Floyd lovers plus some new memories to make with lovely new Gilmore creations. Worth raising a glass of Beck’s to and having a butcher’s!….

    Of course I would have a glass of cold sweet tea in place of the Beck’s but maybe you get my meaning.

    Have a good weekend FEd.

    Barbara P

    [I love the cynical (?) misspelling of David’s surname. – FEd]

  6. I do try not to read reviews of things that I really like. Nothing worse than a critic picking something you love to bits cos after I read it and then watch or listen to the material next I do so objectively. Which is annoying.

    One liner. Hmmm. “It’s like gold dust…” Hard to find. 😛

    TFI Friday everyone!! Hope you all have a great weekend.

    Weekend cheap beer tip FEd? 😀

    [I did pick up some Foster’s Twist for £1.50 (four bottles) at Morrisons… – FEd]

  7. I’m reading reviews for fun but I rather ignore their suggestions.

    My one-liner would be: “For a balanced diet listen to this record daily” or “Give your ears a break from the noise that surrounds them”…

    Best regards,

  8. Oct. 4th – Features Editor’s Birthday

    “Remember that F.Ed
    white steps on the web-line
    we walked here too
    on this loved site
    we felt right
    I don’t know this guy
    If tall or blond hair
    Whether blue eyes or grey ones
    Let the fans surround you
    We ‘re halfway to the Star
    It’s your day,
    Let it go
    Feel our warmth beside you”

    (I joked!)

    …..happy birthday dear F.ed. As I don’t know if tomorrow you’ll be there, my best and warmest wishes for your birthday. Have a great time.

    cheers / ciao Elisabetta

    [Thanks very much, Elisabetta. That tune sounds familiar… – FEd]

  9. Good grief, someone’s sold their guitar pick from the 5 disc set for just under £120 on eBay. There’s another one at £69 with a day to go.

    Sorry, I’m in a state of shock now and can’t think of a one liner.

    [Fools… – FEd]

  10. How about “FEd says it’s worth waiting for”? 😉

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow.

    [Thank you very much. – FEd]

  11. Have a nice weekend all…and a Happy Birthday to Fed.


    [Ta. Have a good one. – FEd]

  12. “See the music
    Feel the sights
    Indulge in these earthly delights – free credit accepted”

    Happy 21st birthday FEd!


    [I wish, Ian. (Thank you.) – FEd]

  13. “Like melted chocolate with more melted chocolate on top and perhaps a glace cherry for good measure”

    Though I will concede this particular phrase might be:

    a. Too long
    b. No good if somebody doesn’t like chocolate
    c. A bit messy

    At least it’s a bit better than my other one.

  14. “This set truly captures the magic.”

    Happy Birthday tomorrow, FEd. Enjoy.

    [Many thanks. – FEd]

  15. “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”

    I went to see Mary Poppins Stageshow with the wife and kids last night. I think something might have rubbed off.


  16. ‘All the medicine you need to survive the credit crunch’

    Fed……..have a wonderful weekend !!

  17. Seeing that David is like a fine wine, getting better and better with age, it would be:

    ‘Live In Gdansk, an exceptional vintage wine, to consume, or rather savour without moderation!’

    If you prefer, you can change ‘wine’ to ‘Foster’s Twist ‘, but only tomorrow…

    Penblwydd Hapus i Chi!


    [Diolch yn fawr. – FEd]

  18. [Happy 21st birthday FEd! – Ian]

    [I wish, Ian. (Thank you.) – FEd]

    Sounds to me as if you have a couple of years of experience being 21. 😉

    Anyway, happy birthday and stay healthy, in advance from me, too.

    Best regards,

    [Just a few years, Taki – thanks. – FEd]

  19. “Who needs a Pink Floyd reunion when you’ve got this brilliant box set?”

    “Even if John and George remain dead, Mr Gilmour proves that he’s still one of the FAB.”

  20. “…..trouser wettingly good……”

    Many Happy Returns for tomorrow as well. 😉

    [Thanks, Neil. – FEd]

  21. Hmmm, this one is from my mind’s eye as I do not own a copy yet, but knowing the usual top class quality that David and Co put into the work I would say:

    “Earthshatteringly beautiful and emotional”.

    Many happy returns for your birthday tomorrow, FEd.

    Best regards.


    [Thank you very much. – FEd]

  22. Review written March 13th 2013

    Finally got my 5 disker in the mail and but I have forgotten why I ordered it….but the tunes sound vaguely familiar and very nice. 😉

    Cheers, Howard

  23. How about:

    “Polished gold in front of (golden) Polish audience.”

    Happy Birthday tomorrow and happy weekend to you FEd.

    [Thanks, Sami. (I like that one.) – FEd]

  24. I posted this yesterday but I feel it also applies here as well…

    Just as with “Remember The Night” the phenomenal production, attention to detail and sheer class in which these CDs, DVDs and packaging are made serve as tribute to the inspirational musicians who appear on them as well as to all the background people who have made this release possible.


    They did Rick right!

    Happiest of Birthdays F*Ed.

    [Thank you. – FEd]

  25. Live in Gdansk

    ***** Gilmour and Wright at their best, for the very last time *******

    Happy birthday for tomorrow FEd.

    Just bought some binoculars so that I can see if the postman’s struggling down my Road with a LIG boxset in his sack containing my million dollar pick!!

    Love to all

    [Thanks, Paul. Let’s hope that it’s delivered tomorrow. – FEd]

  26. “It will make your naughty bits tingle!”

    Happy Birthday FEd, I hope you have a glorious day.


    [Thanks, Penny. – FEd]

  27. “The night of wonder”

    [or — “Better than Radiohead”]

    Sorry — I couldn’t resist that, FEd! I hope you have a truly wonderful birthday and a fun, relaxing weekend! Very best wishes to you!

    [Very well said, Lynn, and thank you for the greetings. That’s my new favourite. – FEd]

  28. “It’s not just a live album, it’s a David Gilmour live album” (copyright to M&S)

    Or a bit of hope for those who still haven’t got the deluxe version, of which I’m one so I’m just using unwavering faith:

    “Everything comes to he who waits, it just takes a bit longer that’s all.”

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow FEd.

    [Ta. – FEd]

  29. The word you are looking for to describe a snappy review on the back of a book or DVD is “blurb”.


    Dr Sub

    [I’m sure there’s another. – FEd]

  30. “The Pinnacle of what was Floyd”

    Have a great day tomorrow, FEd… and eat lots of cake. 🙂

    [I’ve just got back from a large lunch, so can’t think of cake. Tomorrow, however… – FEd]

  31. “So good, it’ll make your tongue slap your brains out!”

    Happy Birthday, Fed. I hope your birthday wish comes true.

    [Thank you. (Love that one, by the way.) – FEd]

  32. “The first David Gilmour solo live CD, the musical testament of Richard Wright.”

  33. Hi FEd,

    First of all Happy Birthday to you…enjoy – I keep forgetting you are a fellow Libra too…

    As for my one line review…

    Pure unadulterated ecstasy for your ears and eyes – now other body parts can experience the pure joy it can bring!!!


    [Cheers, Rob. – FEd]

  34. ‘The Echoes of his set will leave you Comfortably Numb for hours on end’

    Dear Fed have a lovely birthday and thanks for all you have done these last few difficult weeks….my birthday’s on Tuesday so I shall share a toast with you…have a lovely time and a good weekend to one and all.

    Best wishes

    [Have a lovely birthday, Heather. Many thanks. – FEd]

  35. I can only think of one, in view of Sony’s incredible distribution performance and virtuoso sales forecast work:


    (But where do you put a comment on a non-existent box?)

  36. Pretentious, self absorbed, long winded and melancholic to the extreme – everything we would expect from a highly privileged musician out of touch with the real world.

    [That’s not very nice, but you’re entitled to your opinion. (Did you listen to it, or are you just using your imagination?) – FEd]

  37. “David shows us just how pathetic the rest of our lives really are.”

    [I won’t publish the other ones you sent in, as they make you look like a sad case, but you did use some very imaginative names. Well done. – FEd]

  38. Sarah Palin’s review:
    “I’ll get back to you on that one…”

    Kevin Keegan’s review:
    “I LOVE it, I’d LOVE it!”

    Gordon Brown’s review:
    “It’s….what makes this country…..great.”

    Penblwydd hapus FEd.

    [Thanks very much. – FEd]

  39. LIG: The very definition of what a live album aspires to be — a rare rock-the-house revival and remembrance.

  40. I like Damien Cunningham’s…about stealing it and also Linda’s. 🙂

    “Aural Sex”

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow Fed, have a lovely weekend. 🙂

    ash X

    [Thanks a lot. – FEd]

  41. [Good grief, someone’s sold their guitar pick from the 5 disc set for just under £120 on eBay. There’s another one at £69 with a day to go. – Lorraine]

    I will NEVER EVER stoop down to that level and sell my extra pick!! So I hope no one will think I’m selling one!!

    Have an excellent birthday tomorrow together with your loved ones, dear Fed, and many, many happy returns.

    [Thanks, mate. – FEd]

  42. 24-27 of October is a new fresh timeframe release date for the Live In Gdańsk deluxe version in Poland. Rather disappointing, but there is little I can do about it now, so I have to wait.

    Happy Birthday and enjoy your day tomorrow, FEd,

    [That is disappointing… Thank you, Tomasz. – FEd]

  43. “Stop standing there reading the back of the box and go and pay for it and listen to the thing. What are you waiting for? Yours, that voice inside your head who talks when you read stuff.”

    Sorry, couldn’t resist slipping the Monty Python joke on at the end.

  44. Hey FEd,

    My wife, Kathy, came up with; “Seductively Complex!!!!!”, I thought; “G’day in G’dansk!!!!”

    My artist pass, #000315, ticket, #0000599110, Best Buy box WAS shrinkwrapped & ” MAY YOU HAVE THE B’EST B’DAY EVER!! YOU CERTAINLY DESERVE ALL THE G’OOD YOU CAN G’ET”!!


    Keith & Kathy

    [Thanks, both. I appreciate that. – FEd]

  45. Gilmour and band have a Great Day in Gdansk.
    Gilmour’s spot on in Gdansk
    Crowd will always remember that night in Gdansk with
    David Gilmour.

    This Yuengling’s for you on another 21st birthday

    [Thanks, Bev. – FEd]

  46. Hey FEd,

    Forgot one thing; hope I’m doing this right.

    Happy Birthday from The Dark Side of the Moon!! (Click on my name. Actual photo from the moon!)

    The World is Yours!!!

    Keith & Kathy Nelms

    Hope you like it!! Great screen background!!

    [I do. Thank you very much. – FEd]

  47. “Like a full Harvest Moon rising above the tree tops, Gilmour showers us with light from above, and confirms once again, that his talent and soul are unmatched.”

  48. “Discover the magic night in Gdansk with Gilmour – soft, wild and shipwrecking”

    How about something like that?

    Happy Birthday Fed, and a nice weekend.

    [Thanks, the same to you. – FEd]

  49. Another:

    “An old-school master delivering a knock-out punch, David Gilmour re-establishes himself as the Once and Future King…of Rock and Roll guitar.”

    [That works. – FEd]

  50. How about; “A Great Day for Gilmour Fans!”

    Happy b-day FEd! Hope you get that Black Strat you were asking for! 🙂


    [It would be wasted on me, really. – FEd]

  51. LOL – I really liked yours, Simon J.

    How about: “The real reason John McCain put his campaign on hold” or ” So extravagant, it can’t be bought with the US dollar”

    Have a wonderful birthday, FEd!


    [Thanks, Erin. (Are my thanks getting boring? It just seems rude not to thank you all.) – FEd]

  52. [“Official David Gilmour guitar pick (with bonus extras).” – Lorraine]

    I like that one, especially after having read the prices that were reached at dumbBay..


  53. Bought the CD & one DVD combo. Enjoyed it so much, went back to Best Buy and bought the 3 CDs & 2 DVD box set.

  54. Have a good one, FEd! Never seem to find the time yet?

    [Something like that. Thanks, Angelo. – FEd]

  55. [Even Bin Laden’s managed to get one! – Simon J]

    He should smoke a little herb, and then listen to this album. They all should and the world would be a better place.

    Happy birthday Fed and have a great weekend.



    [Thank you, George. – FEd]

  56. How about: “Red sky at night”?

    Happy Birthday FEd, have a great weekend!

    [Thanks, hope you enjoy yours. – FEd]

  57. How about:

    “The best just got better!”

    Amazon have shipped …. expected the 6th .. Hoorah!

    Happy Birthday F’ed … treat yourself to some quality time and a few of whatever is on offer …

    [Thank you, I will. – FEd]

  58. Sounds better than the studio version.

    Happy Birthday, FEd.

    [Thanks, Ken. – FEd]

  59. Back cover?????

    “A collection of great Gdansk songs.”

    “We had high hopes……. we can smile”

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  60. “If you don’t love this, someone has stolen your soul”

    Or alternatively…

    “Music to fall in love to (and with)”

  61. Wishing you a fantastic birthday Fed and a great weekend to all. 🙂

    [Thank you very much. – FEd]

  62. They were “Gdansking In The Streets”.

    Happy 30th Fed. LOL, is that closer?

    [Not far off, Frank. That’s close enough. – FEd]

  63. Olá Gilmour!!!

    Infelismente comentarios ridiculos…

    Falta respeito ao trabalho deste grande Mestre mndial da musica…

    Amo voce e tudo que faz… espero o tempo que for necessario para ter voce e Live in Gdansk…

    Como o sol que ilumina e aquece todos os dias… Voce eternamente irá brilhar em todo Universo.


  64. These are fun!

    How about a Bubba-type review?

    “Y’all, Gilmour has opened a big ol’ can o’ musical whoop-ass…it don’t GET no better than this!”

  65. OK, here’s one….

    “Stays crunchy… EVEN in milk!”

    Yeah, I know. Stupid.

    Ah well,

  66. [I love the cynical (?) misspelling of David’s surname. – FEd]

    No, not cynical at all, just posting in haste too late at night. Sorry David, no harm meant.

    Keep the Birthdays coming FEd!

    Barbara P

    [Oh, I was hoping it was intentional, seeing as it’s a correction I make often. – FEd]

  67. Happy birthday for tomorrow FED!

    But, (like my birthday), is your birthday every two years? Or I am wrong? 🙂

    Claudio from Ravenna

    [Every two years would be fine, Claudio… Thank you. – FEd]

  68. “In a world of crappy music, Mr. Gilmour shines on and will leave you comfortably numb for more!”

    And a happy Birthday to you Fed. Hope you have a happy one.

    [Many thanks. – FEd]

  69. Many happy returns of the day Fed. I was going to send you a cake, but I could not afford all the candles.

    Have a good one.


    [Cheeky. – FEd]

  70. Happy Birthday, FEd!

    I’ve just bought the 3-disc set and I’ll calmly wait for the deluxe set.

    [I hope it won’t be long now, Michal. As soon as I hear anything, I’ll let you know, although I expect you’ll find out more before I will. – FEd]

  71. If you are hanging ’round some record shop right now, wondering if you should purchase this… the answer is a resounding YES!!!

    Oh… and make sure you get the Deluxe 5 disc set… this is what collectors editions should all be like…

    In a word… PERFECTION!

  72. Hi FEd,

    hm, working on birthday *and* weekend?

    I just read about Featured Artists Coalition. I think this is a good movement and it’s great to see that DG is a member (and my favorite heavy metal band, Iron Maiden, too).

    From their chapter: … artists should retain ultimate ownership of their music …

    I miss a way to participate/sign up for others than artists to support the movement, though.

    Best regards,

    [Sounds interesting. – FEd]

  73. “Only slightly less exhilarating than a FEd Birthday Party bash at the ‘Pointy Stick Bar & Grill’…”

    Have a good one bro’….

    [Thanks very much, that’s funny. – FEd]

  74. Too busy to think about a slogan for the back-cover, but …

    Happy Birthday, FEd, you seemingly-never-to-get-tired master of communication! Take a weekend off and have a pint or two with your family and friends!

    [Cheers, Georg. – FEd]

  75. Absolutely, no doubt, this is an excellently recorded live album. The orchestration added a lush flow of grace around such Floyd classics.

    The five disc box is brilliantly executed with splendid taste and flair. Yes, a corner was created in the lounge to exhibit all items

    The 5th audio disc is a must have with such versions of Dominoes, On The Turning Away and for sure this unique Venice “Shine On Your Crazy Diamond”.

    Watching the respected Richard Wright delivering the words of “Wearing The Inside Out ” is now ……mesmerising.

    I’m wondering if the barn sessions of January 2007 were a last possible invitation by David for another one for the road.

    Now I get the full meaning of that musical partnership you described. David you’re great …and very humane.

    Here, in Australia, I’m expecting my order of the LP version to arrive by October 15th.

    Hesham Attalla
    Sydney, Australia

  76. “David Inside”

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag lieber FEd

    Have a great day!!!

    [Vielen Dank, Stephanie. – FEd]

  77. Happy Birthday FEd. Here on the left coast of N. America, we celebrate our Birthweek. It means you get to carry on like it’s your birthday (with hands raised in the air) for seven whole days. You more than deserve it. Really.

    My friend Matt spotted this little blurb from Mix magazine’s Blair Jackson. Blair has been one of the more fair and unbiased writers in music for many years. Click my name.

    [Thanks for that, Marcus. – FEd]

  78. For the vinyl set I just listened to:

    “Keepin it R E A L”.

    All the money I have sunk into my TT & Headphone set-up over the last few years has finally paid off.

  79. “Black guitars… Black t-shirts… Fog… Lasers… This is musical Viagra of the highest order… Please your ears – Please your woman!”

    Hope you had a great birthday FEd!

  80. Hi FED, I’ve had my Live in Gdansk (with bonus DVD) for a week now and the sound is dynamic on my car stereo system. Looking forward to watching the DVD soon.

    Cheers; Have a great day on your birthday FED, I must say.

    [Thank you. – FEd]

  81. FEd, hope your birthday is going along beautifully.

    Now just imagine a bunch of us singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to you…. 🙁

    Never mind.

  82. “Strap in for a sensory musical journey and bathe your senses in a serene ocean of blissful, magical and majestic music.”

  83. I still haven’t ordered my copy, so a one-liner from me would just be damn silly…

    But happy birthday to you, FEd, hope you’re having a good day.

    [Thanks, Liam. And thanks also for the link; I’m very happy to make use of it during the coming week. – FEd]

  84. “The orchestra was orgasmic!”

    Happy Birthday FEd!!!!

    Adrian J. Emond (A proud owner of the 5 disc set!!!)

    [Glad you got yours, Adrian. – FEd]

  85. “Sweet mother of all that is good and pure…..this DVD rocks”

    Bob Mitchell, Victoria, BC, Canada.

  86. “Live, Raw and Uncensored – a real jewel of David Gilmour’s!”

    Happy birthday FEd! I hope this message makes it on time to wish you a wonderful birthday and many more to come.

    [Thanks, Veronica. Much appreciated. – FEd]

  87. ‘the word magnificent was invented for this concert’

    eh FEd, congrats on another click of the turnstile, did you receive a 5/deluxe as a gift?

    i’m trying to get a quarterhorse to you for your BD and to keep around the office as a conversation piece but the airlines are dealing me grief with shipping, feed, water…i wish i had taped those calls, they were beyond funny, i had one lady so baffled she either quit or had to call “the crazy wagon” in unless of course she had a bottle of valium with her…….

    hope you had a good one…….

    [Thanks, Fats, I did. – FEd]

  88. “With music this groovy, you would think your drugs are on crack.”

    [That’s a good one, although – apparently – I shouldn’t say so. – FEd]

  89. Never thought I’d say it, but the pick of the articles seems to be from “the Sun”.

    Is that a white rabbit and a doormouse I see over there?

  90. If some moron buys a pick from eBay for 100 plus Pounds. Why doesn’t he/she buy 3 or 4 box sets and get them there?

    Wonders cease to amaze me.

  91. Off topic, sorry, but, is this an official site/contest where we can win a longbox, ou ce n’est qu’une arnaque?

    I really don’t know. This seems odd to me. Please, click my name.


  92. If colors were “sounds” then this is a rainbow, prism!

    Also bittersweet for those of us who miss Mr. Richard Wright–he is at his finest here as well as everyone else! Indeed it would be worth a prison sentence if one can not afford this 5 disc version it is filled with surprises….

    Linda P.
    Williamsville NY

  93. Polished performance, personified by the purest of players…

    Hope you had a great weekend FEd.

    [It was good, thanks. How was yours? – FEd]

  94. I just saw The Story of the Guitar on BBC1. Thanks for letting us know FEd.

    Hope you had a good birthday.

    [Very good, thank you. – FEd]

  95. Well Fed, I hear that it’s your Birthday and I hope it’s a great one. I just hope you’re not getting grey like me…

    Take Care Good Friend,

    [No grey hairs yet, surprisingly. – FEd]

  96. “a rock and roller coaster of precision performance”

    [Very good, that. – FEd]

  97. – Live in Gdansk- a vibrant, gifted and passionate David Gilmour in concert
    – Live in Gdansk- the admirable excellence of the poetry in the music
    – Remember that live:Gdansk and David Gilmour in concert
    – David Gilmour live: the voice, the guitar, the soul
    – The legendary guitar and voice of the maestro David Gilmour
    – Live in Gdansk: The live concert that every fan must have, what else?

    ———- bye / ciao Elisabetta

  98. My favourite sentence today:

    “This is a notification email to confirm your Order from What Records has been despatched.” 🙂

    [Mine is: “Contestants take part in the Sniffing World Cup in Schwarzenfeld, Germany.” (Thank you, Telegraph, and your Pictures of the Day. You’re always a source of amusement.) – FEd]

  99. “Wots…uh the G’Deal”

    Hope you had a fantabulous birthday weekend which included many complimentary brews from your friends.



    [Thank you, it was very nice. – FEd]

  100. it should simply say on the back cover “F*CK ROGER!”

    [A critic’s review – written in jest, that is – and not the opinion of David or anyone connected to him… before anyone kicks off with the same old thing. (And yes, it’s as valid as the less-than-complimentary comments about David and the album, which have also been published in the interest of fairness.) – FEd]

  101. Hi Fed,

    Happy belated B-day, by the way.

    How about “Live in Gdansk is a Gdamn fine show”

    or “You’ll wish you were there”

    Have a good day,

    [Thanks, Mike. I like the first one, but my first reaction when asked to sum up the concert in one word (by someone known for his cheesiness, I hasten to add) was a horribly corny and difficult-to-say-after-you’ve-had-a-few ‘Fan-Gdańsk-tic’, so who am I to comment? – FEd]

  102. hey FEd, didn’t know was ur birthday…

    Happy birthday…so did u need the fire brigade on standby with the candles..or u still at the stage when u don’t pass out trying to blow out in one go? lol. only kidding, get any good pressies??

    anyway my one liner as a review would have to be..

    “Gilmour pure genius..have to have a lunatic in your head not to get this!!”

    (bearing in mind not received yet so going by reviews myself)

    [Thanks, Julia. I can still blow them out in one go, I’m proud to report. – FEd]

  103. I’ve used this one before but my back cover review would be…

    “Magnets and Miracles!” fits well methinks…

    Saying that, I’ve not received my Deluxe CD/DCD boxset yet but I’m waiting patiently. I ordered it online from Borders in Canada so it should arrive some day soon…

  104. “When you listen to Live in Gdansk…you will wish you had been there”

    FEd, I think the word you are looking for is ‘Bon Mot’! Correct me if I’m wrong.

    All the best and belated birthday wishes,

    [Thank you, Chris. That works. – FEd]

  105. Gilmour on top of his Game in Gdansk – the stunning backdrop of this Polish shipyard makes this a very special souvenir visually and sonically.

  106. Live in Gdansk : “Live in my head more like!”

    A bit belated but happy birthday FE’d.

    [Thanks very much. – FEd]

  107. “For the love of all that is good and pure, this box set rocks.”

    Bob Mitchell, Victoria, BC, Canada.

  108. I don´t read reviews because if I like something (a musician, a movie or whatever) I don´t care what other people think, do not need the opinion from other one to buy a CD or see a movie for instance.

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