David Gilmour, 'Live in Gdańsk'

I really am sorry that so many of you are still waiting for your copy of ‘Live in Gdańsk’.

If you have a question concerning its availability, please send it in and I’ll try to get an answer for you, but information will be here just as soon as I have it.

For now, I’m afraid I can only apologise for the uncertainty and confusion, and hopefully not patronise you by saying that I fully understand how annoying and disappointing it is to have to wait for something you have been looking forward to for quite some time.

I’m sure you’ll find that it will be worth waiting for, however; and hope you know that your comments, both while you wait and once you’ve enjoyed all there is to enjoy from Gdańsk as many times as you can manage, are always welcome here.

With regards to this weekend’s centenary tribute to James Bond author, Ian Fleming, which takes place at the London Palladium on Sunday and was briefly touched upon in a comment last week, please note that David will not be appearing.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

127 thoughts on “Apologies”

  1. Hi,

    I see that the charts don’t show such high positions for the last DVD of Dave, the reason is certainly that the 5-disc set is so hard to find. I want it like thousands of people, and it is impossible at the moment to find it. I live in Israel, and no one managed to find it here, only 2 and 3CD sets….

    Hope this month will be better for the David’s fans.

  2. It is indeed well worth waiting for.

    Just as with “Remember The Night” the phenomenal production, attention to detail and sheer class in which these CDs, DVDs and packaging are made serve as tribute to the inspirational musicians who appear on them as well as to all the background people who have made this release possible.


  3. Hi FEd,

    This is the second time I have posted today. I posted at lunchtime at the office today. It would appear that my posts are not being posted perhaps or I have a server problem on my end.

    Anyway, I received an email from HMV saying that they are out of stock of the 5 disc set and I will have to wait over six weeks for it. But being as I am a patient sort (sometimes) I will wait for them to arrive.

    So I ordered it last week and this is the response I got. I will wait as is “the English way”.

    Best regards.


    [No server problem at your end, Julie. Your comment was received and published, and can be seen at the previous post, timed at 13:13. (I hope you’re not superstitious.) – FEd]

  4. This is what EMI sent me, the other day:

    “Apologies that high demand for the 5 disc deluxe version has made it hard to find this week. It takes longer to produce, but it should be available again from 4th October;”

    I wish it was true but two of the Polish stores say that it’ll be on 15th October, one says 20th October and one 12th October.

    EMI Music Poland hasn’t given any information so far, so I’m wondering how the Polish stores know the date. Maybe they don’t and just wrote ‘anything’..

  5. Hi FEd,

    Can you tell me why the 5 disc set isn’t available in Portugal?! I was so happy to finally buy it but I just cant buy it here…



    [As I understand it, it would be because the record company didn’t want to make it available locally. Can you get one delivered from a neighbouring country? – FEd]

  6. I am enjoying Gdansk a lot. The songs of “On An Island” album sound absolutely amazing played live. My favourite (at the moment) is “The Blue”. A great laid back version of it.

    Regarding the PF songs I like “High Hopes”, amazing guitar sound and solos. The new acoustic ending is just fantastic. I can’t remember if it was there (the solo) in Hamburg when I saw David live.

    The whole album is just amazing. I will keep listening to it every day.

    I am still waiting for my LP. I ordered it from USA, so it might take a while to mail to Finland.

  7. I ordered my copy through HMV Oxford Street months ago, they never had it on 22/9 and have not even called since.

    I managed to track it down myself at HMV in Selfridges on 23/9. They only had one copy and it was not on the shelves, luckily an assistant remembered seeing a copy the day before and found it in the storeroom.

    I suppose I could have got it cheaper somewhere else but I would rather have a copy.

    How can EMI get it so wrong, even stores such as HMV (part of EMI group) don’t bother either.

    I think DG should ring EMI and give them a bit of a talk. EMI don’t deserve to have DG’s business.

  8. It surely won’t help those who’re still waiting, but it seems to me that bigger demand than stocks, is better than the opposite…

    Ian Fleming centenary: I’ve been reading his James Bond novels one after the other since a couple of weeks ago and although they were written some decades ago, I was surprised that they are quite up-to-date in many aspects.

    Best regards,


  9. Hi FEd.

    In Austria the 5 Disk version was also not available, but EMI Austria said that maybe this week it will be in stores! In the meantime I drove up to Bavaria and got it there without any problems.

    Thanx David for this wonderful live album, it’s fantastic!!!
    Watching the Gdansk DVD and seeing how Rick is playing and how he is enjoying himself, makes me sad of course!

    The Barn-Sessions are fantastic, and again it’s very sad to watch how David and Rick play together!


  10. Hi F.ed, hope you are OK. 🙂

    There is really no need to apologise, it isn’t your fault at all but still it was nice of you to do so.

    It’s slightly annoying to still be waiting but really putting things into perspective it’s not worth getting too annoyed about is it?

    At this rate I might have to pull a sickie when it does turn up though!

  11. Thank you for your thoughtful concern, FEd, but the delays are certainly not your fault.

    We just have to think of it like waiting for Christmas or Holiday!! It’ll be here…. and the anticipation is half of the fun!! I’m extra-glad that I haven’t watched any of the footage from it yet; although I will admit that I listened to a couple of ’em.

    Maybe we can start a “pool”, and bet on who receives theirs first!! Nate, I bet I get mine before you!! LOL

  12. I purchased the 5 disc Live at Gdansk set at Best Buy on the release date for $49.95. I thought it was a bargain.

    A great package from the DG Team. Keep it coming!

  13. Poland, Warsaw. “Live in Gdańsk” – 3CD/DVD – When or how long?????

    [I have asked and am waiting for an answer. – FEd]

  14. Hey FEd,

    With everything that’s been going on in the past 3 weeks, & the anticipation of “THE RELEASE,” compassion & understanding; along with a huge dose of patience, should have been on the forefront of everyones’ thoughts! Material things can be bought, CDs listened to, DVDs watched! The spirituality of our deepest souls should have been thinking about loosening the grip on material things (in light of recent events) and would be enough reason NOT to be apologising, for things out of someone’s physical control!!

    Understandingly enough, timing of the release could not have looked into the future, and foreseen what we all are dealing with!! Everyone at DG.com has gone above and beyond the call of duty; and more!!!!

    Patience all! Good things come to those who wait!

    Keep up the great work!!


  15. Just confirming what Fed has said: this CD, DVD, vinyl is well worth the wait and really very much different to RTN.

    Polly, start jotting down some lyrics for the big guy.



  16. Hello from Australia,

    My deluxe set arrived the day after its release here, and it’s a fantastic package. The only problem is, it was missing Disc 2, so I’m now waiting for more stock to arrive (I have my doubts about this actually happening).

    I’m assuming that in the CD only release, Disc 2 would be the same as in the 5 disc set. Is that right? Or is it unique?

    [It’s exactly the same. – FEd]

  17. Don’t panic Fed, we’ll eventually get it. That’s good enough for me.


    [I just think that somebody should apologise, that’s all. I care for David’s reputation and fan base and, although only words (as unhelpful as they may be), they are meant sincerely. – FEd]

  18. When I pre-ordered earlier, I was told 6-8 weeks for delivery. I cancelled and tried in vain at HMV. I got my set on the date release.

    I know it’s futile to wait, but not that long.

  19. Right…

    Well, ordered my lovely 5 piece set from amazon.uk a week ago… After a couple of days they’ve sent me a notification that the shipment has been delayed till 14th October…

    I’m really pissed… It was supposed to be a bday present. Bloody hell.

    Ah, never mind… guess I’ll wait a bit longer. 🙁

  20. Hey Fed,

    If you apologise, it would mean that everything that happens is you fault…which isn’t.

    Day after day, you manage to provide us all with very useful information about how to get the latest DG diamond.

    But it seems that all that is happening is down to those huge record companies that make enormous profits. The same ones who complain the record sales are going down every year…I wonder why!!!

    Thanks Fed for everything you do for us fans from around the globe. No need to apologise, well, to me anyway.


    [Thank you, Frédéric. – FEd]

  21. We are waiting eagerly here in India for Live in Gdańsk. We don’t have any idea when it will be available here. Hope it reaches us very soon.

  22. Hello FEd,

    I don’t know what signals from other corners on the globe come, but here in Poland where the gig took place – the distribution is shamefully poor.

    No aim to throw stones at anyone, but I wonder if people responsible for planning distributions in EMI here ever think. In regular stores it’s a dream to see the 4 disc edition, 5 disc deluxe pack is completely unavailable. I got two orders in e-stores opened, hoping that at least a copy for me somehow emerges (dates of delivery are set for mid-October). It’s been a gig of my life so far – therefore I desire to have the best memorabilia set from it one can get.

    To ease the waiting I bought the 2CD+DVD set. I will present to a friend as soon as I get my deluxe edition. This way I can enjoy the great memories.

    I love the sound of it and while I regret the edits were done (i.e. no introduction of the band added so all can hear the roar of applause for Richard) – this is a fine recording of David’s gig for me.


  23. Hello Ana,

    you can find all the versions in Portugal at CDGo (click my name above).

    I’ve ordered all the five and I received them last week. (The 5LP set is simply AMAZING!)


    [Thank you for that, Mihalis. – FEd]

  24. I have ordered and cancelled from every major retailer. They all originally said “ex-stock”, only to revise to “4-6 weeks” when in receipt of my payment. So a plague on all their houses (HMV, Play, Amazon, Zavvi).

    Meanwhile, I visted HMV Bolton last Tuesday, on a whim. They only had 2 and 3 disc sets, but as I went to ask…they had a 5-disc set behind the counter. The poor lambs did not know whether it was a DVD with CDs, or a CD with DVDs, and since it did not fit well in either racking, they put it behind the counter.

    It is now MINE!

    [Result! (It’s a bit like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, this, isn’t it?) – FEd]

  25. Yup, HMV have told me at LEAST 6 weeks till I get my copy. I have decided to wait it out and make do with the BBC 1 hour version in the meantime. That’ll learn me to order it a bit sooner.

    Can’t get over how good the Castellorizon and On an Island tracks are. When I listen it’s like Mr G and Co are tickling the inside of my brain! Fabulous!

  26. Hello Fed!

    I can say the same like Werner; here in Berlin (Germany) in big stores (for example Mediamarkt or Saturn) you can buy the 5 disc version from “Live in Gdansk” easily.

    Have a nice weekend!

    With best wishes

  27. like others, hmv sent me a message that it is delayed for 6 weeks.

    not that worried. knowing hmv slow anyway, 6 weeks will be more like 8-10 even when they have things in stock. waited for ages.

    but as my son is not very good at getting xmas gifts, be ideal 4 him to wrap under the tree.

    mum will be having a great xmas. he will be upstairs on his guitar and i will be downstairs with david and a xmas drink in my santa hat, lol. FAB.

    anyway sorry to have been misinformed about this sunday. am pleased. can’t imagine him doing goldfinger. be like hendrix doing sound of music. does not fit.

    cheers for heads up about guitar in guildford. did have a look, was too frightened to touch it. with my luck i would have snapped a string.

    hey, his smaller set is being sold in sainsburys. can u believe it..can shop..come back, pig out and chill. cool.

  28. I finally got my copy of the 5 disc set, amazing and really perfect in all its details, congratulations for your work! It took ten days to arrive in the shops here in Italy. The waiting was worth it.

    Have a nice day, hope everything is fine for everybody.

  29. No “golden ticket” for me yet FEd!

    Enjoyed the LIG show on BBC4 though. Such an electric performance. David was really blazing on those vocals and guitar solos. Certainly my favourite performance of Comfortably Numb. I did wonder if I had too many versions of that, but this is THE best so far.

    Appreciate your apologies FEd but we all know where the fault lies.

    Best wishes FEd, David and all in Gilmourland.


  30. FEd, it’s not your fault! You’re doing a great job with this blog!

    By the way, here in Italy I found the 5 disc set last week through Amazon France. They delivered it to me in two days. The music and the DVDs are wonderful.

    I hope everyone trying to get the 5 disc set will find it as soon as possible!


  31. Just a little word to all of you who are playing the waiting game.

    I was very fortunate to receive mine in the same week of release (via Play.com). Just wanted to re-assure all of you that this is worth the wait. Its a work of art from an amazing band, and to me, Mr. Gilmour’s best solo album.

    Dont be disheartened, it will arrive, one of these days.

    Happy Days,
    Simon J

  32. Hi FEd,

    There really is no need to apologise.

    I’ve no doubt the 5-disc set will be well worth the wait. Hope mine will be in on Friday.

    The 2 and 4 disc editions are widely available here in Belgium, the latter going over the counter for about 35 euros.


  33. Hmmm… yep. I am still awaiting my Amazon 5 disk edition. But I am lucky cos my friend does have it so have seen it. And oh yes, it is worth the wait!!

    I did even travel around Portsmouth town looking. HMV were a no, the staff hadn’t even heard of Live In Gdansk let alone the 5 disk version!!! Hehe. But did offer to order it in. Woolworths didn’t even stock it. But again offered to order it in. But my Amazon order still stands, I shall wait on, hehe. 😀

    Cheers for the updates FEd.


  34. I must say that someone has got it wrong somewhere. It seems like the estimated demand for this 5 disc set was hideously underestimated!

    By the way, can anyone help? I did see it in a shop last week but it was not packed in a protective wrapper. I did not buy it because I have been victim to buying other people’s returned items before.

    Should I only buy this deluxe box set if it comes in a sealed protective wrapper?


    [I should expect it to have been shrink-wrapped. Those who have the five-disc set, was yours sealed? – FEd]

  35. Just found one in south London – off to pick it up now.

    If anyone lives near Harrow, the HMV store has one there too – so hurry your socks off!

  36. I’m still waiting for my ‘Golden Ticket’.

    Susan, I am running a book on who will be the last to get it. I think the chaps in India or some other far off land may win that one though. 🙂

    I am sticking with my original order, from an independent. I am not reordering it from Amazon as just after September 15th they raised the prices of the three Pink Floyd CDs (A Saucerful of Secrets, Obscured By Clouds & Ummagumma) that I had saved in my basket.

    Such wanton opportunism is abhorrent.

    [Isn’t it just? – FEd]

  37. Hi guys,

    Most copies of Gdansk except the 5-disc are in stock at play.com if people are interested.

    I ordered, well my girlfriend ordered the 5 disc set from play and I will hang on in quiet desperation (couldn’t resist) in the hope that it will arrive on my birthday which is next week.

    Enjoyed the telly on Friday night even if my temperamental Sky+ box didn’t record Jools Holland or the Gdansk Diary.

    [Mine was playing up for the Tuesday broadcast. Bloody technical fault. And it decided that I might like it to record Rebus last night. – FEd]

  38. So there I was tucked up in bed early last night (9.30) with a nice cup of tea, watching ‘Family Guy’ with my kids, waiting for ‘Desperate Housewives’ to come on when an advert for Live in Gdansk appeared on FX. My kids were well impressed.

    I spent a lot of the weekend listening to/watching LIG, it’s brilliant. ‘Then I Close My Eyes’ is stunning as is that last Barn Jam – the rest ain’t too shabby either.

    …and the number on my pass is 000315.

  39. It’s not your fault FEd, but I’m glad that someone cares about DG’s reputation and fans. His management and record company sure as hell don’t look like they give a toss.

  40. [No server problem at your end, Julie. Your comment was received and published, and can be seen at the previous post, timed at 13:13. (I hope you’re not superstitious.) – FEd]

    Actually, 13 is a rather lucky number for me, FEd. 😉

    Maybe my eyes are playing me up again.

  41. Ciao David,

    excuse me for not speaking good English.

    I ordered the Sept. 20 vinyl box at Amazon France, not here yet – nothing – and no one knows when it will come, but is this possible?

    Hello and thank you for your music.

    Stefano from Venice (Italy)

    [It is possible and will be with you as soon as possible. I’m sorry that you have to wait. – FEd]

  42. Don’t know if you can answer this one. I was looking over the chart results and two questions come to mind.

    First, are all the variations of the releases considered for the chart results or is it just based on one type of release (i.e. the basic two disc)?

    Second, which chart result is the most impressive? In other words, is it more impressive to be number 14 in Switzerland than number 26 in the USA? I’m guessing there are a lot of factors at play here as it does all depend on how many of the item was made available in each country.



    [I can only speak for the UK charts, but presumably it’s the same around the world: an unlimited number of formats are considered in the placing of an album in the album charts when released simultaneously. When not released simultaneously, there’s an 80% cross-over rule which states that 80% of the featured tracks must be common to all formats. This rule also applies to CD/DVD sets (the set must feature 80% of the tracks featured on the standalone CD). Box sets, apparently, do not count and are eligible for a chart position in their own right. However, the five-disc set is classed as a deluxe, not box, set; therefore it does count, as it complies with the 80% rule. A digital album is eligible when there is a chart eligible CD variant of the same album – with the same title – on general release, so downloads also count. Imports, too (again, only when they contain at least 80% of the tracks included on the domestic product). So, sales of all five physical versions – including vinyl, as well as downloads and imports – count towards the (UK) chart position of ‘Live in Gdańsk’. I’ll pass on your second question, if that’s OK. – FEd]

  43. I’m regularly checking two big stores in my area (Warsaw, Poland), trying to find 5-disc edition, but it’s still not there. Last week they told me it was going to be on 30th Sept., but I have checked yesterday and it is still not there. In both stores they’re waiting for shipment and no-one can tell me when it will be available. For the time I’m lowering my hunger with the “Remember That Night” DVD. 😉

    I’m waiting with patience, I regret I could not be at the concert that night, although I had this luck to see David in Gdansk Old-town from 2m distance. 🙂

    I think he was going to a press conference shown on “RTN” extras.

  44. as said above, u do great job on here… it’s not ur fault yet u get the flack.

    still, best things come to those who wait. and worth waiting 4 by all accounts/reviews.

  45. […Those who have the five-disc set, was yours sealed? – FEd]

    The one I got (from Amazon UK) was not sealed.

    [I see… – FEd]

  46. You asked if it was wrapped up, my 5 disk version from HMV was not in any way wrapped up. I checked all the 5 discs and saw the white envelope and assumed all the goodies were in there.

    Everything was in the box.

    [Good to know. It can’t be too good for the environment, that horrible plastic film. – FEd]

  47. I purchased the 2 (for the car) and 3 disk versions on release day from my local HMV and have just ordered the 5 disc version from the same company……their reply states that it will be approx 6 weeks before delivery.

    Frustrating but well worth the wait!

    Gary 🙂

  48. Having pre-ordered the 5-disc set from the DG store, I now know to never pick standard shipping from Musictoday ever again. In addition to being really slow, they issued a useless USPS tracking number (and are unable to provide one that can actually track the package).

    Hopefully it will arrive soon…


  49. For Londoners –

    I actually ended up buying my 5 disc set today from Zavvi, on Oxford Street, London. I’m not sure if they have any more left but it may be worth ringing their HO branch and they can do a search.

    The only reason I point out Zavvi is that no one has really heard of them despite them buying Virgin stores. Borders book stores may also be a good bet.

    Even if you don’t live in London there is nothing to stop you ringing HMV, Zavvi etc and getting them to do a nationwide 5 disc search. Then, once you have found a 5 disc set you could always pay over the phone and get them to post it to you. This way you will get your set within the week!

    By the way, I know that Harrow HMV had the set in stock today so unless someone else has beaten you to it, give them a call.

  50. Can I just say how wonderful the ‘Live in Gdansk’ vinyl set is? I’m very pleased with my decision to purchase it.

    There’s something to be said for switching on the turntable, turning the lights low, burning some fabulous incense and having a nice bottle of the red.

    Believe it or not, I still haven’t watched my DVD set!

    [But you have downloaded Bob Dylan’s free offering, ‘Dreamin’ Of You’, I hope? – FEd]

  51. [Those who have the five-disc set, was yours sealed? – FEd]

    My set was shrink wrapped. So, did they only shrink wrap the ones in the US?

    […and the number on my pass is 000315 – Lorraine]

    Mine too. I guess there won’t be a contest using that.

    Have a great weekend everyone. I’m going to see Plant and Krauss on Sunday. Really looking forward to that show.


  52. I brought the 2CD version, I have the live DVD, Remember That Night, and I think it is enough. A CD and a DVD are different in terms of sound.

    I think there are too many live versions of Pink Floyd music.

    I’m waiting, of course, for new material from David – as many of us.

  53. [Mine was playing up for the Tuesday broadcast. Bloody technical fault. – FEd]

    yeah, mine is not working properly because i only have one sky input (sky+ usually uses 2) unfortunately in my flat i am unable to put up my own dish, or have any extra cables run from the communal dish.

    as i have found sky+ defaults to input 2 for recording – as there is no signal the recordings fail. so i have a workaround now whereby i set a dummy recording to take up input 2 thus any other recording is forced onto input1 which is live. bingo. couldn’t have worked that out on friday though, could i…?

  54. Hello Fed,

    I have just received my 5 disc version and all I can think to say to David, Polly, Rick, (and you Fed of course), all the band, EMI and everybody involved in this, is a seriously big “Thank You” – I cannot fathom how such good value for money can be achieved – there is no doubt that everybody’s objective was only to do their absolute best – this set is class.

    Well done all of you – I’m so proud to be a David Gilmour/Pink Floyd fan.

  55. [I should expect it to have been shrink-wrapped. Those who have the five-disc set, was yours sealed? – FEd]

    Nope, got mine from Play (which seems to have put me very much in the minority) and it wasn’t sealed in any way.

    The only part I’ve yet to listen to is the 5.1 mix of ‘On An Island’ – just waiting for a suitable moment (like when the kids are out!) for that – but it’s a terrific set, well worth the moderate cost in my opinion.

    I’ve seen the odd cynical comment in some of the music paper reviews – the bloke in ‘Uncut’ must still be hiding in the hole he’s dug for himself – but they have missed the point by a country mile if you ask me. Gdansk is a totally unique performance and therefore more than worthy of this release – I’m bloody grateful to have the opportunity to possess such a superb recording of the show and, actually, it’s my choice what a buy anyway so raspberries to the lot of you, you naysayers!

    Right, off to lie down in a darkened room now……

  56. Re FEd’s reply to Andrew at 13:11:

    Too funny, such a paradox, the only time you used numbers/Maths (80% and co…) in your reply, I didn’t understand anything… Just kidding, it doesn’t matter, I don’t care about charts and how they work!

    More seriously, I know it’s easy for me to say that, since I got my 5-disc set the day it came out (there was only one, though), but I really think that it’s not ‘the end of the world’ if people have to wait one or two weeks more before getting it.

    There are more important things in life, no?


    [Andrew, if you’d held on for just two minutes, we’d have had another 13:13… – FEd]

  57. Hi FEd,

    Thanks for the apologies but as others have said it is not your fault for the delays. Fans being fans will ALWAYS be true to David.

    Was talking to one of the public bus drivers yesterday. His 16 year old son brought home an album not too long ago. The son thought that it was just recently made. When Darryl saw what it was he told him it had actually come out 20 years ago. The album… “The Wall”. Son said: “No way. You didn’t have such cool music”. Darryl convinced him.

    I told Darryl about David’s new CD/DVD.

    New fans being created all the time, David. That is why we love to hear and see you sing and play.

    And I second the motion about Polly writing lyrics to the music that David has that was not on the OAI CD.

  58. [But you have downloaded Bob Dylan’s free offering, ‘Dreamin’ Of You’, I hope? – FEd]

    Nope, I had not. “The light in this place is really bad”, so thanks for the tip, Fed. It’s now in my super chill arsenal of tunes. 😉

    [Really good, isn’t it? (Can’t Bob be president? We could save ourselves all this hassle…) – FEd]

  59. […Those who have the five-disc set, was yours sealed? – FEd]

    I got mine from HMV.com, and it wasn’t sealed either.

    It came in the usual jiffy bag thing with bubblewrap inside, so now if you look at the packaging in the light, you can see little bubbleprints all over it, like a spotty pattern.

    At least I think it was the bubblewrap that caused this, although I’ll have to say it’s never happened to me before… :-S

  60. […there is no doubt that everybody’s objective was only to do their absolute best. – Ken]

    Some of them failed big style, LOL! The people who made it (the band, producers, technicians, camera men, crew) did a great job, but the people who put it out and promoted it (management, record company) didn’t. It’s been a farce, LOL!

    Its chart position will suffer because of this. It’s at 10 in the UK charts now, but would be higher if we didn’t have to wait more than a week for the 5-disc set.

  61. I suppose that the fact that the paper(?) envelope inside the 5 disc set is sealed has saved on the need for the box itself to be sealed in cellophane.

  62. Still waiting and not going to buy another copy. That’s exactly what they want us to do.

    [That’s a bit harsh, but I am sorry that you’re still waiting. – FEd]

  63. Dear F.Ed,

    After these last days rich with sadness, I ‘m now very happy as I’ve received the 5 disc set yesterday (I ordered one week before the release). The delivery and the service from DG’s store has been perfect, as usual (it’s the third time for me, and every delivery was all right).

    What to say: opening the package has been so exciting and more discovering the many gadgets, and those pictures, so very well known and nice and my very first thought was for Richard Wright, looking at him. I can say that I had the time to listen ¾ of the two CDs (at very high volume, in my new home finally I can do it! And all my children were really surprised and pleased to listen to so many lovely sounds). In fact the sound, although the live-recording, is so brilliant!

    Of course at the attack of Castellorizon and RTN I felt shivers and how these two ones (my preferred of OAI) describe in a perfect way the sense of life. On these two songs and on “High Hopes” of course, as usual for me, I left many tears again……

    OK, but how can I say that all the music is so well arranged and the best edition of many classic PF song are so new, so beautiful, so lovely and so long, that I think with this concert and release David Gilmour out-did himself?

    Many congratulations for this further great work and many thanks for this gift that DG once again gives to the fans. I am sure that also Richard Wright is very proud of this work and he is playing right now the keyboards in the sky.

    Take care,
    Bye/ciao Elisabetta

  64. [I should expect it to have been shrink-wrapped. Those who have the five-disc set, was yours sealed? – FEd]

    My 5 disc set was shrinkwrapped, packed in a bag from the online store I bought it from and in a sturdy cardboard box!! Talk about a well wrapped present!!

    It did contain 2 guitar picks, is that the same for all 5 disc sets??

    Didn’t the Reds do well eh??

    [They did, and it should have been just the one guitar pick, so well done. – FEd]

  65. Mr. Gilmour,

    thank you very much for your music and your guitar, they are part of the soundtrack of my life.

    I love the way you are playing guitar, and my favorite song is Echoes.

    I saw you play in 1973 in that video, one of the best things in life…peace and love from my heart.

  66. [Andrew, if you’d held on for just two minutes, we’d have had another 13:13… – FEd]

    That’s too funny. I’ll have to play both combinations tonight and see if I win the lottery.

    Also, thank you for your explanation on charting. Even if it is just the UK definition, it is probably very close to being the standard around the globe. Others may find the info as ho-hum or trivial but I appreciate knowing this type of info.

    I guess from a marketing perspective it was good that the 5 disc version got the tag of being deluxe rather than a box set. Such a fine line though if you think about it.



    [Definitely. – FEd]

  67. hey Fed,

    still waiting on the vinyl from amazon.fr…… any ideas on when they’re getting their order/act together and mailing them out?

    thanks for the sympathy! taster on bbc4 has not quenched my thirst!



    [Well, it was supposed to be available in France on Monday, then someone here said they had it on the previous Friday, so you should receive it any day now… I hope. – FEd]

  68. Hi FEd,

    I pre-ordered the 5-Disc version from Amazon about 2 weeks ago now and it still hasn’t arrived.

    Any word on when they may be able to ship?

    [You’re not alone, Chris. Lots of retailers are waiting on more stock, sadly. – FEd]

  69. Just checked my mail and Amazon have dispatched my 5 disc set.

    Crikey, I wasn’t expecting that, nice surprise. Maybe no need for a sickie after all, lol!

    It might be a chink of light for anyone else who ordered from Amazon, just be patient. 🙂

    [Great timing, Veronica. (There you go, Chris. Here’s hoping that you’ll have yours soon.) – FEd]

  70. Hi Fed and all,

    I’m still waiting to hear back from my fishing partner in Northumberland with regards to the 5CD set. I expect he’s too busy fishing but I’ll let you know.

    Apologies for rambling as usual, but I like to utilise this wonderful site as much as possible. As the old saying goes: use it or lose it.

    I’m taking my nieces round Blackpool illuminations on Friday night. I wondered, if it was offered, would David turn them on next year? Just a thought.


    [Interesting thought. (Would Marc Brickman be involved, too?) – FEd]

  71. My 5 disc was sealed and all intact, thankfully!!

    Great result for The Pool last night, but I wish Robbie Keane would stop doing that tumble over after he scores…

  72. Re Marc Brickman

    You have me thinking now Fed. I was born in Blackpool. Maybe we could get Marc to design a new light show for next year, could call it something with Floyd origins or something like, A Night To Remember! in honour of David, who will turn it on.

    Regards Damian

    [You could be onto something with that. Then again… – FEd]

  73. I’m still waiting for the deluxe, but I received the vinyl version (large booklet is fantastic) last week and downloaded the whole content in mp3 format and yesterday the 2 disc version of Live In Gdańsk arrived from the States with bonus CD. So currently I’m busy with listening to what I have, and do not complain too much. In the end it is a live CD not a DVD release.

    As to the concert footage it is brilliant, I think it is the best of all Pink Floyd/members’ live releases in the sense of sound mix and production. In one of the recent interviews in the Polish press (Teraz Rock) David was asked about overdubbing and fixing of Live In Gdańsk. He answered that were no overdubs, he meant that nobody entered the studio to record his part. But there were some fixes, but only very few. Some small parts were taken from earlier concerts and pasted here. He explained:

    “You know, I’m not keen to listen to an awful mistake, round and round to the end of my days. One or two mistakes were fixed, but most of minor ones were left on the album. I repeat one more time: nobody entered the studio to record this part. I think, however, that it’s not a sin to take a word or few bits from another concert.”

    I remember that many people talked about it earlier, so they may find it worth knowing.

  74. [Really good, isn’t it? (Can’t Bob be president? We could save ourselves all this hassle…) – FEd]

    … being able to think straight is not a big asset when one runs for president in the U.S.A, as far as I have noticed.

    But you’re right, the U.S. Americans deserve a better admin. 😉


  75. But EMI Music Poland are having a fantastic time as Live In Gdańsk has platinum certification. What’s more interesting, they stressed sales of all formats including the 3CD-2DVD version, which of course is still not available.

    What a shame!

  76. Hi Fed,

    Hope I’m not being a pain.

    I know some people see the illuminations as a bit tacky, but Blackpool is trying to move forward and I think the council would jump at the chance to get someone like Marc on board and the prestige of David turning them on.

    I was born in the north shore area, Bispham. If you have seen the lights, Bispham is the top end where the bigger displays are placed.

    Regards Damian

    [To my great shame, I’ve never been to Blackpool. – FEd]

  77. Hello…

    I was fortunate enough to lay my hands on the 5 disc set last weekend and was just wondering why ‘Wish You Were Here’ isn’t on the DVD, yet it is on the CD and from what I remember, it was on the BBC4 show last week and I just thought I’d ask, as I worship anything released from Dave and although I absolutely loved the DVD, I couldn’t help but wonder why that particular song wasn’t on it.

    I already have the extras in the boxed set framed and on the wall but this particular question is bugging me.

    I thought Comfortably Numb was extra special as Rick seemed to be really enjoying himself and it was brilliant having the camera on each member as it was something I hadn’t seen before and it made it extra special that a camera was on Rick.

    And a big kudos to Dave doing one of Rick’s songs on Jools Holland last week as well.

    Thanks for the brilliant show…..

    [Something had to be left off the DVD as there wasn’t room for anything else. Plus, it gave the TV and cinema broadcasts something extra. – FEd]

  78. I waited for a really long time to get ‘Remember That Night’, so I guess I can wait for ‘Live in Gdańsk’ to come to Brazil. I hope it will arrive soon…

    Still missing Rick…

    Shine On.

  79. So, did I understand well? Do I have to wait until November to get the 5-disc set (Poland)?

    [I’m afraid I’m still waiting to hear from DG Management about Poland. – FEd]

  80. [It did contain 2 guitar picks… – Emiel Schuurman]

    Hey,that’s good. One for playing with and one to keep. LOL.

    I’ll be satisfied with just getting my 5 disc set in the fullness of time. But that how it has always been when waiting for good things. Wait, wait, wait and it has always been worth it.

    [Andrew, if you’d held on for just two minutes, we’d have had another 13:13… – FEd]

    Ha, ha, FEd, you are so funny. Are you superstitious?

    [No, not really. (Good thing I’m not, actually, as I reckon I’m mildly obsessive-compulsive.) – FEd]

  81. Put it like this, even though last weekend’s entertainment was replays of RTN..DGIC..LWJ & BBC4s LIG set. After a three week pre order IT landed on Tuesday morning. And I am glad not on my cat! For the five disc set is a mighty wedge”, from HMV.

    Rest assured it will arrive & you will be amazed. In fact a few of my friends and myself are still recovering after melting during the barn jam bits.

    In brief (if there were a couple of sweets included) the box set is like opening the best lucky bag you’re ever going to get.

    Off topic: I hope all has passed as well it should. Still gutted.

  82. Had to go down to Canterbury today (the home of more great music, you know).

    Played through the 2 CDs on the way. Really excellent. ‘Shine on’ just seemed to be sung with even more emotion than ever.

  83. [I guess from a marketing perspective it was good that the 5 disc version got the tag of being deluxe rather than a box set. – Andrew]

    It’s precisely because of this kind of hypocrisy/trick that I don’t care about chart positions.

    De façon plus générale, (ex, politics), on fait dire aux chiffres ce que l’on veut, on fait croire aux gens ce que l’on veut, ce n’est qu’une question de manipulation.

    Si seulement les gens étaient moins influençables…


    [Yes, you can manipulate figures so that they say whatever you want them to say – and make people believe what you want them to believe, as a result – at times. I think that’s a valid point. – FEd]

  84. So sorry for you guys, but here in Canada it seems easy to get Live in Gdansk. Called 2 or 3 stores to see the price and they all got it.

    It’s gonna be one of my birthday presents from my sweet man. And my brother in Quebec City got it easily too!

    Can’t wait to see it (in 3 weeks)!!!

  85. Just a thought about chart positions, does it make any difference? Supply and demand, great or a waste of money, number one or hundred? Never did and should never mean more than people think it means for themselves.

    In my view LIG is joint number three with Neil Young’s Heart of Gold film and Talking Heads’ “Stop Making Sense”.


  86. Inspired by Veronica, I just checked my Amazon status.

    Order date 23 Sept
    Delivery estimate: 1 Oct 2008 – 8 Oct 2008 … so I’m not shipped yet …..

    As my plan is to watch the DVD on my birthday … that’s the 9th for all you bloggers who want to celebrate ;-)…
    but I have a cunning plan if it fails … I’ll just borrow one!

    It’s been said ample times already F’ed but I don’t see what you are apologising for … taking on board your wish to empathise … but I think we’re all grown up enough to take responsibility for ordering / obtaining a CD/DVD, right?

    Personally I’m more disturbed about the man (of approx my age) who got kicked to death for standing up for a homeless guy and his girlfriend in Norwich at the weekend. I’d like to think I had the courage. I’d prefer to think that wouldn’t make me stupid.

    So I can bear to wait a few days longer .. it might give me some time to think.

  87. RE: Gdansk

    I checked with Hastings books & records here in Amarillo, TX (Panhandle) and they have the 2, 3 and 4
    CD/DVD combos in stock. I talked to the Mgr and the 5 deluxe and vinyl show not in system which indicates none are ordered or will be stocked.

    Hastings has a good saturation in 20 central and western states so anybody that can locate one should be in luck.

    I know the 2 guys that started these stores years ago and I have a hook out for one of them. Will quiz him about the 5 & vinyl and let you know…..

    [Remember that the five-disc/deluxe set is exclusive to Best Buy in the States. – FEd]

  88. Hi FEd, any update on the vinyl release in France?

    Amazon.fr shipped my 5 Disc set on time but the vinyl is still to be shipped. They said that it should ship between 26/09 and 07/10. Well, it’s almost 07/10, so let’s see!

    The 5 disc set is really amazing. I am yet to watch the DVDs, but it’s just really nice to have!

    My copy did come sealed in shrink wrap with a French sticker giving details of the set.

    [I’m still waiting for an update, sorry. – FEd]

  89. That’s excellent news. I’ve ordered mine from Amazon with Express Delivery for tomorrow.

    I was so disappointed when my original order with Amazon wasn’t sent out on the release date and then they didn’t have it in HMV on Oxford Street!

    So the 4-disc set (in perfect condition) that I bought on the 22nd September while I waited for the 5-disc set to arrive is being eBay-ed if someone wants to snap up a bargain.

  90. Hi f.ed,

    Well, Amazon were good to their word, it arrived this morning. *cheers*

    Just for the record, no shrink wrap.

    I hope I get a chance to look at it sometime over the weekend, picking up another furry friend tomorrow (cat).

  91. Just to follow up.

    1313 didn’t come out in the lottery here last night. However, (Michele would appreciate this) if I would have added the two 3s and two 1s and added a few zeros, I would have come up with 6200. That was the winning number and I would have won enough to buy a DG Strat.

    But I didn’t think of that strategy. So no winnings for me.

    Such is life.



  92. Hi FEd,

    This is the same Chris from before, and I am very happy to say that I have just received an email confirming that my 5-Disc has been dispatched and will arrive tomorrow – can’t wait!

    [I’m happy to hear that, Chris. Enjoy it. – FEd]

  93. [Still waiting and not going to buy another copy. That’s exactly what they want us to do. – Bobby]

    [That’s a bit harsh, but I am sorry that you’re still waiting. – FEd]

    I don’t think it’s harsh. I figure that if half the people who are still waiting buy the 2-disc because they can’t wait for the 5-disc, the overall chart position will be better off for it. I think that’s what they wanted all along and why the Latest News shows chart positions not an apology for cocking this up.

    Yes, I’m still waiting for my 5-disc set.

    [That’s nonsense, frankly. I’m sorry that you’re still waiting, but to imply – if you are, forgive me if I’m wrong – that this delay is somehow a calculated trick to make you buy two copies is ludicrous. The delay can be attributed to incompetence, negligence or laziness, but it is not a deliberate ploy to boost the chart position. – FEd]

  94. Fed, FYI:

    The 5 disc is in stock at Amazon. I ordered mine on 01.10.2008 and it was dispatched today. Still showing in stock 5 mins ago.


    [Good to know, thanks. – FEd]

  95. I got the 2 CD + DVD, but web content cannot be accessed using Linux.

    Is there anything I can do for this?

    [Please click your name above, then the FAQ & Support link at the foot of the page. – FEd]

  96. [I’m happy to hear that, Chris. Enjoy it. – FEd]

    I will do. Happy birthday tomorrow by the way, I hope you have lots of fun! 🙂

    [I’ll do my best. – FEd]

  97. The last track on the second disc of Live in Gdansk (Comfortably Numb) has a little problem, in the last part, when I import it to iTunes. Do you know why?

    [Sorry, I don’t. Has anyone else noticed this? – FEd]

  98. re: gdansk / texas panhandle report

    best buy does indeed have the 5 spot in stock at $69 which is fair considering the exclusive (jack up) deal. also 2 in stock and 1 other. they were unclear if it was the 3 or 4 and the vinyl shows at $108 but backordered…1 or 2 weeks? but it will show up.

    hastings as before has the 2, 3 and 4 in stock and will carry the 5 after the time limit and vinyl is ordered.

    “uncle” and i know there are alot of old cowboys looking for an excuse to dust off the old “garrard” and fire up the system one more time and the DG 4 pack LP is as good as any…besides harvest is in and they have a little coin to spread around “uncle” knows this…that’s how he got hastings where it is today…

    take care FEd, good job keeping the ship upright.


  99. Hi! I’m from Argentina and I would like to know if the 5 disc edition will be available here! Cause I’ve already seen the 4 disc edition, but I’m really interested in the 5 disc edition (3 CD and 2 DVD).

    Does anybody know?

    Thank you very much!

    [Hi Ariel. The five-disc/deluxe version is difficult to find everywhere right now, but the only versions you will find in Argentina are likely to be imports. Only the following Sony territories have ordered the five-disc version for sale locally: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Taiwan and Thailand. – FEd]

  100. I’m sitting here in rainy Germany, but the Live in Gdansk DVD has been running for several hours now and I can’t get enough of it!

    As David said at the end the concert “It’s been terrific”!!! There’s no better version of ECHOES than on this DVD, and all the other versions on the several CDs and DVDs were already great! But I got a bit sad when I saw Rick Wright knowing that I can never see him on stage again.

    All in all: A fantastic concert and interesting background information, and I hope it was not the last one…

    David, come back to Germany, too, we are waiting for you!!!!! But don’t forget to bring all your fantastic musicians with you!!!!!

  101. Dear friends,

    I’d like to know when David Gilmour is coming to Italy on tour. And I hope he will come to south Italy and not only to Milan or Bologna etc. etc.

    Thanks much.

    [There are no concerts planned right now. – FEd]

  102. Feedback on vinyl order in US:

    Sept 19 order, Oct 1 received, Oct 2-4 floored.

    There’s a nice “!” in the dead wax, 1st Mother pressing! Very professional and collectors presentation. However, 3 of the LP covers came with serious ring wear, 3rd LP had a split seem and the face of the 1st cover had wet spots and smears all over it.

    I mention this not to complain but to log a possible concern for future shipments with repeated comments. Who is doing the packing?

    Quality Control has done an outstanding job, from the audio utility plugging in the XLRs, the on-site recordists to post re-mixers and finally the Mastering Engineer transferring the brilliance of tape to the rich lushness of vinyl. This is definitely a release done right. The small things like LP cover damage on a new item seems more glaring than it should be, the music is enjoyed nonetheless.

    [I appreciate the feedback, Steve. – FEd]

  103. Hi!

    Now I know my 5 discs edition will arrive next week and I’ve no doubt it will be worth waiting for it!

    You don’t need to apologize, because you are doing a really good job!

    Have a good weekend!

    [I’m so glad to hear that it’s finally on its way, Alessandra. – FEd]

  104. hi all,

    i have had my 5 disc boxset on order at jb hifi, brisbane, australia for 4 weeks. no one knows when it will be get here.

    could anyone shed some light on this please?


    [I wish I could, Les. There’s been a shortage of five-disc sets, unfortunately, but they’re starting to appear now. Please wait another week and update us, if you can. – FEd]

  105. Talked to a guy who works in Zavvi here in Scotland. He said that not one shop in Scotland has the 5 disc set and he wasn’t (I think) meaning only Zavvi shops…

    Amazing, neither wonder Macca left EMI!

    Went to Amazon.com, they will get some in by the end of Oct so I just ordered mine that way.

    Will be waiting patiently.


  106. Olá Fed…

    Quero dizer-lhe que faz otimo trabalho no blog, sempre respondendo e atencioso com todos que esperam noticias de Gilmour e em especial Gdansk…

    Obrigada por tudo.

    Gostaria de saber se estes comentarios chegam até David Gilmour???

    Ou de e-mail para comunicar com Ele. Tenho palavras particulares e urgentes a Ele.


    [David does read, but I don’t know how good his Portuguese is. – FEd]

  107. [I’m still waiting for an update, sorry. – FEd]

    No need to apologise FEd. Good news is that my vinyl set is on the way from Amazon.fr. They had dispatched it on Saturday, so either they finally got stock of the vinyl set in France, or they just imported a few sets to fill the pre-orders. Anyway I should get it on Thursday, so I am pretty excited!

    I also ordered the 2 and 3 disc sets from an Indie store, who promised to ship 2 copies of “Wot’s… Uh The Deal?”, so I am really feeling pretty happy!

  108. Hello,

    I have, finally, my box set (from Amazon UK). It’s impossible to find it in my hometown, Bilbao (Spain). Here you only can buy the 3 disc version in stores.

    Box set is amazing, photographs, guitar pick, etc. CDs and DVDs sound better than Remember That Night.


  109. 5 disc arrived today and only ordered on 01.10.2008. What’s all the fuss about?

    It’s as good as it looks by the way.

    When using the web pass don’t panic when it appears that Shine is the only one currently available because if you continue Wot’s appears with it.

    Happy listening/viewing,

  110. Hi,

    just purchased the 5-disc box. It’s brilliant!

    Thank you so much to all who’s responsible for making this happening.

    Estonia, Tartu

    [Thank you for writing, Andres. I’m happy that you like it. – FEd]

  111. It’s a bit hard to get the 5 disc version and LPs downunder at the moment.

    The first music retailer I tried said that it already had been deleted, then rang me back and told me that they MAY be able to get me the vinyl version and all the 5 disc sets that they have ordered are already pre-sold.

    I rang another retailer and they did have the 5 disc set, with the help of a credit card I think that I have got it, but I wont know for certain until it’s it my hand. I asked if any more would be available and the answer was “not sure”. Talk about a HOT item.

    I can hardly wait, your crew make the BEST music DVD I’ve ever seen. Thank goodness you re-released P.U.L.S.E on DVD because my VHS tape was just about worn out.

    Thanks guys/gals and of course David.


  112. It’s obvious that the availability of the 5-disc set varies a lot. I’m quite amazed that it does actually.

    I bought mine in a record store here in Norway September 23rd, just one day after its release. So I guess I’m a very lucky guy compared to those who have to wait a lifetime for it.

  113. OK, I picked-up my 5 disc set today from Sunflower Music.

    I asked how many they had left, the answer was “1”.

    I asked if they were getting some more in, the answer was “not sure”.

    I asked if the LP version was available, the answer was “not yet”.

    So I have the feeling that at the moment in the land downunder the 5 disc set & vinyl set are a bit like rocking horse droppings, but I don’t care because I have 5 disc set and I can’t wait to play it and I will buy the vinyl set if it becomes available.

    Personally I think that all David, Richard (RIP), Floyd & the crew fans are after this last release featuring the late Mr Wright.

    It was great to see him perform in “Remember That Night” and then a big shock & loss when he passed away.

    Thanks again to all the crew,

  114. Hi,

    I ordered the 5-CD set at Best Buy on-line (in the US) for the original price of $74.99. I received a $21 credit today to reduce it to the sale price, which is nice. So check your e-mail!

  115. Hi from France !

    I have pre-ordered the vinyl set in mid-August and it was sent a few days ago so it should arrive very soon now. I ordered the 5-disc set on Sept 22nd and I was lucky enough to receive it 3 days later!!!!

    Disc 5 offers great versions, and I’m quite disappointed that one of these tracks (Shine On You Crazy Diamond) is available as a bonus download. Instead, I wish it were the version played in Paris on March 15th…

    Another thought : I just find it is a big shame that some people order some sets just to put it on damn eBay…

  116. If it’s any use to anyone, I ordered my 5 disk set on 28 Sept at Amazon UK, it was shipped on 6 Oct and arrived today, hence my sitting here like a smug child. But it does seem as though it is available from that source for the time being. I’m about to pop it into the DVD player shortly…

    My birthday was great incidentally, 5 disk-set being the last of my presents. Unless, that is, I do find a shop storing the Gilmour Edition Fender…

    [Happy hunting, Neil. – FEd]

  117. All right!

    Better if it had happened in Brazil, ok? It would be unforgettable …yeeessssssssssss.

  118. Wie kann ich das 5-dise Set kaufen oder beziehen in Deutschland ich hoche sei den 70 schon Pink Floyd und bin ein groß vehn von David Gilmour.

  119. Hi, just thought I’d alert those of you wishing to purchase the 5 album boxed set to the risks involved!

    I happened to be in New York & wandered into the Virgin megastore, there in front of me was the limited boxed set. Naturally I picked this up. I was then followed & approached by 5 different people asking me “Is that the new David Gilmour?” (implant NY accent). They demanded to know where I had got it, were there others (no, it was the last of 2 that store had received), could they hold it?!

    I took to hiding & planning my approach to the cash desk. Even there one of the staff started to look at it longingly, declaring how great it was (I know, that was why I wanted it!). They had been playing it in store all week in the run up to the launch apparently.

    It was with great trepidation that I managed to sneak it through airport security & hide it on the aircraft.

    So now under lock & key in West Sussex I’m almost scared to play it as it’s SOOOO BRILLIANT!

    Thx David et al 4 a gr8 album,

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