Another award…

Q Magazine awarded David an Outstanding Contribution to Music award at yesterday’s Q Awards, which he dedicated to the late Richard Wright.

You can hear what David had to say as he accepted his award, here.

You’ll find a link to Q Awards with Russian Standard Vodka Highlights – Monday – 18:00 on the right, under LISTEN AGAIN. You may wish to jump to 01:10:00.

You can also catch the awards ceremony on Q TV every day this week. See the calendar for details.

Well done, David.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Congratulations to David on the Q magazine award . What a beautiful speech he gave too . Outstanding Contribution to Music ? Too darn right, both with Pink Floyd and in his solo work .

    That was a beautiful speech of tribute to Rick Wright he gave too . May his memory ever be honoured .


  2. Fantastic David.

    Richard was the centre of the Pink Floyd sound, and rarely stepped forward for any applause.

    Thanks to Q for providing an outlet for what we are all feeling.

  3. Well done David on your award. This is very well deserved, and a very touching tribute you paid to Richard. I can never stop saying thankyou for all you’ve ever done.



  4. Yes, well done.

    The bond between David and Richard was clear to see when they performed together.

  5. If you would like to listen to what David actually said at the ceremony, click my name and then click on ‘Q Awards with Russian Standard Vodka Highlights – Monday – 18:00’ on the right hand side under ‘Listen Again’.

    If you would like to skip to David’s speech then click on the Fast Forward icon – (>>) repeatedly (in 5 minute increments) until you get to around 01:10:00 and then wait for the Grace Jones song and interview to finish.

    The presentation of David’s award starts at 01:13:30.

    [Excellent, Nate. That deserves to be up top. – FEd]

  6. Michael Eavis is an ass, LOL!

    Well done David. You deserve it and it was a nice tribute to Richard.

  7. congratulations david and -once more- thank you for everything….!

    live in gdansk is wonderful, a really great work..

    we miss you richard…

  8. Congratulations David. You have truly given so much to so many. Your dedication to Richard was a deeply moving personal tribute.

    Let’s hope we see you again very soon.


  9. it’s about time. david deserves this award and i’m not surprised that he turned his acceptance speech into a toast to richard.

    rip and shine on.

  10. Congratulations to David on the Q award 2008!

    “There’s all sorts of music I won’t be able to play without him which is a source of great sadness for me,” Gilmour said.

    This sentence makes me very miserable but on the other hand this is right. Nobody can replace Richard’s voice and the piano/keyboard playing.

    Great memories at CD/DVD Live in Gdansk!!

    Best regards

  11. Congratulations on a well-deserved award and thank you for keeping Richard in everyone’s thoughts with a fine tribute.

    I am a bit confused by this story on the Guardian website though (click my name). Surely David and the band would have played at Glastonbury – not Pink Floyd?

    “Pink Floyd were rejected from this year’s Glastonbury festival, it has been confirmed, due to the logistics of major festival programming. And although one of Rick Wright’s last wishes was to play the festival, organisers could not fit the band on to the bill at the last minute.”

  12. Good Morning FEd!

    Hat’s off to David for ALL his achievements in the past 40 years; awards come as a result of his selfless hard work, dedication, sacrifice & perseverance!! His humanitarian work should be recognised as well (homeless, solidarity )!!!

    Keith Nelms

    BTW, my wife Kathy is celebrating her birthday!

    [Have a good one, Kathy. – FEd]

  13. “There’s all sort of music I won’t be able to play without him…”, David said.

    I can’t help thinking about that when I listen to/watch the last five minutes of Echoes (LIG), such a moving, subtile, magical moment, the guitar and the piano alone… Le chant du cygne…

    Excuse my ignorance, but, Q Music, … Q Magazine? Does it mean that there will be an article in the next Q Magazine?


    [I wouldn’t like to say for sure, but there is usually some sort of winners’ special feature (if not full-blown edition). – FEd]

  14. [I am a bit confused by this story on the Guardian website though. – Graham]

    Anyone who knows the ‘Grauniad’ of old will realise that they are quite well known for their almighty cockups.
    Most are grammatical, spelling, incorrect use of punctuation marks, etc.

    Anyway terrific news about the Q award, well deserved and a lovely speech from David.

    I’m so sorry that Rick did not get to fulfil one of his final wishes.

  15. Well deserved.

    I’m even more disappointed with the Glasto organisers now I know it was Rick’s last wish.

    Why is an edit of David’s speech being used, including on this site?

    [I don’t write the Latest News, but have included a link from which you can hear David’s speech in full. Please see above or click your name, as it was added belatedly. – FEd]

  16. “There’s all sort of music I won’t be able to play without him…”, David said.

    David certainly is more human than Pete Townshend and Roger Daltry. Did it take Pete and Roger about a week of mourning John Entwhistle’s death before they went right back out on the road?

    Congrats on the award.



  17. Well deserved award and, as always, David is a class act for dedicating the award to Richard Wright.

    We are all fortunate to have had the benefit of his artistry for all these years. He will be greatly missed.

    We are also fortunate to have David and Richard’s fantastic live performances of Echoes from Remember that Night and Live at Gdansk recorded for posterity.

    I remember that the band played Echoes on some of the early shows of of the Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour, but they dropped it from the set list before the tour reached New York. I was disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to see it performed then. Later I heard a recording of one of those performances from early in the tour. Although it has always been my favorite Pink Floyd track, it somehow sounded self-concious and out of place. Not so in 2006! What a difference two decades make.

    Anyway, thanks to David and Richard for recapturing the magic and getting it down on tape and film for us to enjoy.

  18. Yet another recognition and again a long time coming in my mind anyway.

    Rick’s passing is the end of an era, a truly massive loss to the world of real music. I hope I’m not saying this out of turn but it must be immensely difficult for David to carry on.

    I think I was one of the first to have a bit of a moan when David announced his new album and tour, I thought “What? No Pink Floyd?” Then I warmed to David’s solo career! I was over the moon when I found that Rick was with him. It was a wonderful thing for Rick. I know that as I remember an interview he held for Q magazine in 94.

    I’m not sure what I’m trying to say here other than I am thinking of David still in this shitty time and Rick’s family and I hope our musical hero gets through this.

    Sorry to waffle. David’s speech moved me again to tears. I’ve lost very close friends, I understand what he is going through. I’m sure a lot of us do.


  19. [Anyone who knows the ‘Grauniad’ of old will realise that they are quite well known for their almighty cockups. – Veronica]

    veronica is right . they even have a corrections and clarifications column .

    people who admire david gilmour will know the truth . what others think is out of anyone’s control .


  20. Congratulations David on the Q magazine award.

    Beautiful speech David, thanks.


  21. Thanks for the link.

    Great to hear the full version of a very touching tribute and congratulations on a well deserved award.

    Loved the cheers of ‘Reeechard’ at the end.

  22. Congrats to David on another award. It was a lovely toast to Richard.

    I still don’t have my deluxe box set yet. 🙁

  23. Loved the link. Thanks Nate and FEd for giving us this.

    I see the award was sponsored by Gibson guitars. Good job it wasn’t Fender or we’d still be waiting another 10 years for it to come to fruition. 😉

    Well done again David. I’m always proud to call you my hero!


  24. really chuffed for him.

    mind you can’t think of anyone else who comes close to him musically.

    thanx for link..will look forward to watching later..been a bloody awful day so be nice end. xx

  25. David’s speech was just on Belgian TV ‘Eén’ in a programme called ‘De Rode Loper’ (click my name).

    Will try to figure out if replay is possible and report back later.


  26. not sure if u put my brain somewhere but not with me!!

    paged tv channel. the Q awards being shown on sky 364 2morrow from 12pm-1pm and the Q winners on from 1-2pm.

    but we all new david was great anyway…and well done to him. xx

  27. Grrrr… another link that just don’t work on my (linux) laptop.

    I’ll have to try my luck elsewere.

    Best regards,


  28. I’m a big lad over forty. And not ashamed to say that, after the many glasses raised over the past few weeks, listening to DG’s dedication at the Q awards made me bawl.

    Well done and thank you to David and his team.

  29. Congratulations to David for the Q award. It´s good to see that he gets finally some recognition for his work. And that he dedicated the award to Richard has touched me very much.

    I got finally my copy of Live in Gdansk and I love every second of it. A beautiful tribute to the wonderful, almost magical music David and Richard (and the rest of the band) played together on this tour.


  30. Congratulations David. Your speech meant a lot, to a lot of family and fans.

    Here’s to you!

    Happy Days,
    Simon J

  31. Don’t know if anyone’s aware in the UK but the Q Awards are on “4Music” TV channel at 23:00 tonight. Channel 18 digital TV or channel 360 on SKY (subject to subscription).

    It’s only 1 hour of the ceremony so may not include David. It’s also repeated over the next few days at various times.

    Am I as worthy as Nate FEd to be posted “up top”?


    [On the calendar, too. – FEd]

  32. Many congratulations, David, on this very well deserved award, and a lovely tribute to Richard.

  33. well done to david and and all who have supported him. what a great award! i found the speech very emotional and heartfelt.

    let the memories soothe the pain of richard’s passing. x

  34. a very moving little speech there, sends shivers down my spine, especially the ending of it.

    the warmest of congratulations to david!

    good night,

  35. “…We’re just, two lost souls swimmin’ in a fish bowl, year after year, runnin’ over the same old ground, what have we found? The same old fears, Wish You Were Here…”

    Love You, Rick.

  36. Nice link chaps and a nice sentiment …

    I must confess I am curious as to what “all sorts of strange reasons” could be … I can’t think of many good ones off the top of my head.

    Are you able to enlighten us at all F’ed ? I prefer to ignore what I read in less reliable sources. This one even made the Eastern Daily press … there obviously weren’t many tractor-based stories today.

    [I just feel it’s in the past now. David took enough of a personal bashing when The Sun ran an ignorant non-story a few months ago, so he’s perfectly entitled to set the record straight now. If he wanted to say more publicly, he had the ideal platform from which he could have done so. He didn’t, we know the gist of it, it didn’t happen, so that should be enough. – FEd]

  37. Congratulations, David.

    A wonderful tribute to honor your friend. We have come to expect nothing less from you.

    Thank you for recording so much of his and your music. Playing this music now has a new tone of melancholy. I am so glad that you and he toured together and had a wonderful time. Precious memories, I am sure.


  38. Congratulations David, for an award that is well overdue.

    David`s tribute to Richard was quite moving, a testament for their great friendship, which was obvious to see in that picture of them larking about on that sun lounger on the 2006 tour.

    When will the cure be found for this horrible disease that robs us all of our greatest people?

  39. Hello FED and All!!!!

    Whilst I was listening to David’s speech, I couldn’t help but be moved. “There’s all sort of music I won’t be able to play without him.” moved me deeply. Frankly, the waterworks started afresh.

    Richard will be missed by so many. His contributions to music will never be forgotten. They are emulated by many, but there’s only one original.

    Shine on, Richard! The Heavens will be a little brighter with him.

    Live in Gdansk, well what can one say? Superb, sublime and poignant [sigh]. Long may the reigning Supreme Keyboardist shine!!!

  40. the real story about glasto was that gilmour said he wanted to play, but eavis couldn’t fit him in.

  41. Just heard David’s toast to Richard…and I heard the crack in his voice…heartbreaking.

    Cheers, Howard

  42. Congrats David, Richard would be enamoured for that.

    I was so glad to see him play WTIO live for the first time, it will always be special to me.

    Thanks Fed for the quick link to BBC on Sat. for us outsiders.

  43. Congratulations to David, most definitely well deserved recognition.

    Somehow, I wasn’t able to tune in David’s speech via the link. All other links worked but the “Russian Standard Vodka Highlights”. Nevertheless, I was touched and moved by David’s speech posted on the Latest News and his tribute to Richard Wright.

    David is indeed a “Big” man; Richard, you are dearly missed.

  44. apparently my 5 disc set was posted by on the 3rd.

    yet to arrive…

    although this could be down to our postman who tends to leave people’s cds on top of the post boxes in the communal area as they don’t fit inside, so being the top quality release that this clearly is, someone could have stolen it. 🙁

    bloody royal mail!

  45. I’ve tried to listen to the Q Award link more that a dozen times, and now I’m just pissed!

    It refuses to work. 🙁

  46. Apparently I am unable to get access to the aforementioned speech on my PC. So be it. Having read what was posted tells me that it was a very moving event.

    All the same , I would have loved to have heard David speak.

    Thank you for posting anyway and am glad some got to hear it.

    Just back from a long vacation and now need to get my copy of Gdansk. Which is now a memorial for that wonderful tour and Richard’s lovely keyboards. The evident friendship of David and Richard, the duets (instrumental and vocal). Poignant, someone said. And that was the word I was searching for. The perfect word now for Gdansk. I know we are all thankful to have it.

    I am glad that Richard and David had such a wonderful time on that tour. More memories added to their relationship.


    Meant to post my sympathies to Gala and Guy as well.

  47. Beautiful speech, David. Felt like I had to toast him too just listening. The quote “There’s all sorts of music I won’t be able to play without him” is very saddening indeed. For everyone.

    Currently listening to “Live in Gdansk” at the moment, like most. Seems fitting.

    On a side note, I’ll be seeing a Floyd tribute band tomorrow night locally. I’m really excited. I’ve heard great things and seen videos, so I’m looking forward to an excellent night.

    [Enjoy, Diane. – FEd]

  48. I had trouble with the link too. I finally got it to work, and went to the time point FEd and Nate said, and David’s interview wasn’t there. I finally found it around the time 1:32:00. Maybe they changed the link, but I thought I’d let y’all know in case you are still having trouble finding it.

    Very touching speech, David. Congrats on your award!


  49. How many awards do you want?? Isn’t it about time you gave some to the less talented bands, you must have them all!


  50. Look what I found (click my name).

    Finally, the completely unedited version of the speech is available and I hope those that have had trouble with the horrible Q Radio player will be able to view the video. If you thought that the audio version or even that ‘official quote’ on the main page was emotional then seeing this is even more so.

    I forgot, in my rush to get the link of the audio onto the blog, to congratulate David on the award and giving another fine tribute.

    [Very good. – FEd]

  51. Seems like a lot of people have found and love that picture of David and Richard on the sun lounger from two years ago (nice job Polly).

    From what I have read of Glastonbury from its sheer size and the fact that it runs three days, space and TIME could have been found for David and the band. I have a hunch that PF might have inspired these so called “headliners” that Eavis said they could not rearrange. If groups dropped just one song they could have the space to get David in. Or… maybe build another stage. Where is the creative thinking nowadays? And COMMON SENSE. That was not very nice what Eavis did.

    Hey David, you can always start up your own festival and invite who YOU WANT. Can you have it here in the States, pleaaassseeeee??

    Nice job on the digital film for “Live”. Glad that you had a crew record the concert, jams, and behind the scenes footage. Was fun watching you and the guys in the barn and you on the drums.

    Sorry to be long winded FEd.

    [You voted it your favourite photo in November 2006, as it happens. – FEd]

  52. Just to add.. I tried to listen to David’s speech at around 1:13:something and it’s not there.. at least I found the audio at 1:32:something.

    It was very moving. Well done, Dave! Rick deserves that and much more.

    Cheers from Brazil!

  53. Congratulations David on the award and for the dedication to Richard Wright. I toasted along with you.

    RIP and Shine On Richard.

  54. Hey FED! I just got my October 16th, 2008 Rolling Stone magazine & on page 18, an article on Richard’s passing.

    Couldn’t find a link, hopefully you can update that item to the blog!!

    Keep up the good work!!

    Keith (Thanks for the wife’s birthday wishes!)

    [Thanks, Keith. – FEd]

  55. I know how David feels. I have had a bad few weeks myself. First Rick Wright’s passing and just a week ago, I lost one of my very best friends of ten plus years Daniel Kelley drowned after having a seizure. I am extremely devastated.

    Congrats to David and Rick deserved his last concert. Shame we won’t get it now. 🙁

    Plus me losing my best friend, one year after my mom’s death, has forced me to take drastic measures and try and visit friends and family as much as I can.

    Speaking of Rick, I listened to the Rick Wright interview from 1994 that he did with Redbeard on the US show In the Studio and was Rick’s last US nationwide interview which Redbeard did as his tribute to Rick. Redbeard said it best at the end “the time is gone, the song is over, thought I’d something more to say. God bless Rick Wright”.

    [My condolences, Terrence. – FEd]

  56. I’ve been wondering if there was a place to comment on Richard… perhaps in the haze of the aftermath I missed it.

    I have been engrossed lately with Broken China… it just pains me that we lost such a talented individual with such a kind soul.

    Live 8 was special for a plethora of reasons and now… it has even more meaning.

    Thank you David for On An Island and the resulting tour… the memories of Richard on stage with you again and the music that flowed so sweetly between you two was, at the time, and will forever remain, most cherished.

    Dearest Richard… know you are missed…

  57. I’ve tried the radio link 4 or 5 times to no avail but if you click on Nate above, I got it the first time, just the speech, no searching and no fuss. You can see and feel David’s pain…….well done Nate.

    FEd, thanks for the heads up on BBC 2 link Oct. 11 that will put it on here at 1.00 PM CST in the States and since I’m usually up at the crack of noon that will be perfect. It will put it right in the middle of the red river shootout (the annual Texas-Oklahoma game) but I can record that and watch it later…….

    Take care all

    [Ah, the Latest News latest. Click your name above for a direct link to the broadcast. – FEd]

  58. I too had difficulty hearing the Q awards but Nate came through as a knight in shining honour.

    Very nice speech and toast. If David plays again, he stated that certain songs would not be played. That is understandable.

    Jon Carin would be a perfect fit somewhere down the road. I’m not being rude, he has learned from 2 great Masters.


  59. Hi David, I know you will read this sometime.

    I simply cannot fathom my life without your music … and now with Rick gone, I feel even more desperate to put my request to you.

    Please you guys, consolidate your band again – you, Roger, Nick and everyone else… play two bassists with Guy Pratt even, but just don’t let time slip by without striking the power of your music as the full PINK FLOYD band…


  60. It’s a shame that Richard could not have his wish, but in a weird way it might have been a let down for them if they had.

    I think Glastonbury changed so much it’s not what it use to be, the whole atmosphere changed… It became so commercial which is what I felt changed the vibe..either that or I am just getting old (prob the latter).

    Got a field out the back of me if he wants to start a new festival.

    The Q Awards on today between 4-6pm for those who do not know.

    Hope u well today FEd. xx

  61. HI FED and gang. Saw the speech by David. Thanks for the link!

    ECHOES would be a great name for a festival in memory of Richard Wright.

    One year in England and next in the States. I know of a farmer who has land in Gettsyburg, PA.

    Bob Geldof – help to organize?

    Just a thought I wanted to share in case you haven’t thought of it already.

  62. You know, people will grieve whatever way they see fit. But continually asking for the “band” to get back together at this time is just wrong and selfish. And I bet it disgusts the owners of this site as well.

    In the end, this will only lead to even less of a chance to something happening anytime soon with or without the band.

    Think about it.



  63. hey FEd,

    visited to check on things and found under album: top rock albums (chart) week of 10/11/2008… #12…..peak #12…..weeks 1 David Gilmour, Live In Gdansk

    this is not the hot 100 or billboard 200, but it is a good start, it should hit the other 2 within 2 to 3 weeks?

    ta ta for now…………fats

    [Thanks for that, Fats. – FEd]

  64. […continually asking for the “band” to get back together at this time is just wrong and selfish. – Andrew]

    For what it’s worth I agree with Andrew, it is really rude and quite sickening in a way.

  65. David’s moving and heartfelt comments about Richard both at the award ceremony and on his website shortly after Richard’s passing stand in stark contrast to the rather awkward and curious tribute that George R. Waters finally posted on his website in which he alternately professes his great fondness/admiration for Richard’s first wife Juliette (?) and grudgingly concedes that Richard did after all play a role in the development of the Pink Floyd sound “during the 60s and 70s”.

    Roger who?

    Love you Richard, Love you David, and we are also quite fond of you, Nick! If George W. was the “lyrical genius”, we know full well where the heart and soul of the band resided.

    Rest in peace, Richard. “Live In Gdansk” was as fine a curtain call as any player could have had. You are sorely missed by all.

  66. Congratulations David on the award, I thought the speech was a wonderful tribute to Richard who none of us will ever forget.

    I think it is sad for all of us that there will be some music you will no longer be able to perform without Richard, but a big thank you for the last 40 years of outstanding music you have given us, it has always been a privilege to be a fan, and I will never stop listening to your music. I am sure there will be more in the future.

    Thanks again,

  67. Olá David and Fed…

    Nada a ver o que vou comentar com o tópico!!…

    Mas penso que desde que os seres humanos passaram a considerar a natureza algo desnecessário… A Natureza incomoda aos HuMaNoS.

    Estamos em processo de auto-destruição. ou será que nossa tecnologia avançada nos alimentará??? Alimentará nossa alma???

    A terra com todo amor… nos acolheu para que desenvolvessemos rumo a liberdade eterna!! E nós seres humanos, a destuimos…

    Com toda inteligente Divina, estamos destruindo nosso Planeta.

    Neste momento em que digito estas palavras… quantos seres morrem de fome??? ou sede??? ou morrendo por falta de Amor entre os povos.

    O pior, pior de tudo… é que estou aqui digitando e faço parte deste grupo de seres humanos…

    Haverá tempo para todos???????????????????

    Amor eterno a Gilmour!!!

    Rosangela de Fatima Emidio

  68. hey FEd,

    i was unable to get to a response for blog action day
    and i suppose i would have said plenty but i did want to pass on a quote i’ve been hanging on to that would fit this theme quite well…….

    “be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle” (author unknown)

    if we all practiced this don’t you think we all would be a little better off?……i do.

    take care…….fats

    [I do. – FEd]

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