'Wot's… Uh The Deal'

Blog Poll: Will you be downloading 'Wot's...' using the DVD web pass? 77% vote 'Yes', 23% vote 'No'.

Word gets around, doesn’t it?

You can now hear ‘Wot’s… Uh The Deal’ at David’s MySpace.

In less than an hour, it’s been played 113 times.

Remember that independent stores in the USA will be including a CD of ‘Wot’s…’ with pre-orders of all ‘Live in Gdańsk’ sets except for the deluxe and vinyl versions.

If you download the album in full (by that, I mean the two live Gdańsk CDs) from iTunes, they will include ‘Wot’s…’ free of charge. You cannot download it individually.

However, if you’ll soon have a DVD web pass, you will be able to download ‘Wot’s…’ by following the instructions provided. It will be the first download, the 12 live
tracks will follow.

You don’t get a DVD web pass with the two-disc or vinyl sets, although ‘Wot’s…’ is, of course, included on vinyl (and you can download all the concert tracks with the LP’s own web pass).

Do let us know if you’ll be downloading it using the DVD web pass, anyway.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

72 thoughts on “'Wot's… Uh The Deal'”

  1. Thanks for the update FEd, I bet that 113 listenings will rocket up now.

    For anyone wanting something to listen to, Guy Pratt’s just said that David will be on his show that’s on Planet Rock now until 10pm.

    [Really? – FEd]

  2. Really enjoyed this, thank you for putting it on MySpace.

    Oddly although I do like OAI I do find its old stuff to have a strange presence.

  3. Love it! It’s had 189 plays now.

    I’ll definitely download it now that it’s the first thing we get off the DVD web pass.

    However, I’m less than impressed about having to wait a year to get all 12 live tracks.

  4. Perfect!

    Opening Sunday Football and a nice little morsel from DG and company, what a perfect Sunday!

    Here’s to a great week for all!

    Go Packers!!

  5. [Really? – FEd]

    Well after I sent that comment Guy said that David ‘might’ be on the show, so I might have misheard him the first time round.

    Sorry if I’ve got anyone’s hopes up by mistake.

    [That’s OK, let them get their hopes up. – FEd]

  6. I thank you for posting it, too.

    Your music puts me in a beautiful place and lets me know that others are feeling the wrath of time. You say it much better than I do, though. All I have to do is close my eyes and I’m “there” again.

    Much love and respect,

  7. It’s wonderful! One of my favourite songs and David’s voice is delightful.

    Thank you for treating us early FEd! I wasn’t expecting it until tomorrow. It’s so much better than the sub par YouTube. I’m not going to watch any of those videos because the picture quality is not up to David’s high standards.

    As for “Wot’s…” then I wish we didn’t have to download it at all! It deserves to be on a CD. If it wouldn’t fit on the Gdansk CDs, why couldn’t it be added to the CD with the other live tracks?

    I just hope the download instructions will be simple. I’m an old fart!

  8. Didn’t want to listen (to keep the surprise intact), but temptation was too strong, and wow! Beautiful!

    What a nice way to end the weekend! (Except for you, of course, working on a Sunday night, that shouldn’t exist.)


    [Saturday afternoon, too… – FEd]

  9. Excellent, excellent, excellent!!!! You never fail to impress, David!!! Most excellent background music while watching Sunday Football and Nascar, thanks!!!

    Thank you for putting this song on MySpace and I will be downloading this one, just like I did for This Heaven and On an Island. Keep bringing it!!!!

  10. Weekend and late-night, too? Are you moving into the autumn/winter mode, FEd? Damn, I have some very fond memories of late-night chats in the good old days. ;^}

    Thanks for the head’s up on Wot’s … such a great song!

    Don’t work too hard, FEd or, if that’s not an option, sleep in tomorrow. Another rainy day, dream away …


  11. Releasing 5 versions of an album IS environmental vandalism! Offsetting the damage with tree plantations is laughable.

    You have lost a lot of fans with this irresponsible action. You should be ashamed Mr.Gilmour, I for one wont be buying it.

    Boycott this site!

  12. Sorry Fed to be off topic but I just had to share this moment.

    I was buying my groceries after work at the local Food World Friday night. Before I realized it I was singing along to On An Island playing on the speaker over head in the store. I couldn’t believe it. (They usually play some classic 60s to 80s music but not even Pink Floyd is included in this.) What a treat.

    It was very refreshing and it made a task I hate, buying groceries, much more pleasant. I hope they have more Gilmour music to play for future trips.

    Well, now you know what an exciting life I have! Some wild Friday night. Can anyone top this excitement? Ha!I don’t think so.

    Have a good Monday Fed and all…

  13. Ahh, great song. I’m so happy David played some ‘less known’ (well for the people visiting the blog this certainly isn’t true) songs. Really mighty stuff.

  14. I don’t know if anyone agrees, but this version sounds greater than the Albert Hall’s one. 🙂

  15. Hi Fed,

    I just have a technical question. What format will the downloads be? Any chance for FLAC? I’m not much interested in lossy files.

    [Don’t know, sorry. I haven’t had any information on the web pass. – FEd]

  16. The first time I heard ‘Wot’s…’ was on the bonus disc of RTN. I was hooked instantly. I ended up getting the Obscured by Clouds album shortly afterwards.

    Anyway, this version sounds brilliant. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that the song will be played over the credits on the DVD. Is this correct?

    BTW, the play count currently stands at 1190.

    [That’s correct, the full track is played over the credits. – FEd]

  17. A perfect day. Lots of free time from school, sitting at home, taking up the computer, and there finding a beautiful recording of Wot’s… Uh The Deal.

    Can’t wait for the 22.

  18. I can only second what the rest of you said – extremely beautiful…

    “So let me in from the cold…” 🙂


  19. Cool. Wish we’d had an OAI track at MySpace before the album came out. Thanks FEd.

    Will there be more, LOL?

    [Yes, there’ll be another added some time this week. – FEd]

  20. Think the song is great.

    Anyhow FEd, I have a lovely pic from The Ritzy performance last year, before the show. Thought it was bloody excellent. […]

    All the best,

    P.S. Good win for Wales, wasnt it?

    [Thanks. We’ll remember that night in about a week’s time. (A relieved win, I’d say, but the kids are doing us proud.) – FEd]

  21. I need an ‘I don’t know’ ticky box on the poll. 😉

    But having listened to it a slightly silly number of times I have to say…THANKS!

    I wonder why it is with this version I mist up during the vocals but don’t well over until the guitar solo at the end? Maybe I should listen again to see if I can sort that out…

  22. Cool. And the listings for theaters is on the main page! AWESOME!

    The one theater is right in my town and not too far away from the University I go to. It’ll be the perfect end to a Monday of class.

    Thanks Fed!

    [Have a good time, Diane. – FEd]

  23. Back in the 1970s, long before the internet and the digital age, I first became aware of this song due to Dark Side of the Moon. I bought the music book for Dark Side and at the end of the book was the music/lyrics for Wot’s and it was footnoted as from the score of the movie MORE.

    I was very curious to hear this song but even in the day of many small local record shops, they didn’t carry this soundtrack LP. And I never thought of asking them to order it either. It seemed like forever I was searching for this LP as well as Overnight Sensation and Apostrophe but that is another story.

    It wasn’t until the mid-1980s when CDs started to come out that I finally got a hold of the MORE soundtrack and got to hear this song.

    Too bad it took this long but so nice that this time around it is a shorter wait.



    PS – And I’m still bugged by the fact that I loaned that book to someone and have never got it back…

  24. Hi Fed – Great news indeed!!!

    I’m going to check it all out now…I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Been busy trying to sell our house and buy a new one – taking longer than I had hoped.

    Some good news…my oldest son just made the travel ice hockey team…at only 6!

    Hope all is well – looking forward to making it to a chat again soon!

    [Congratulations to your son, Rob. – FEd]

  25. Excuse me if I am a bit slow – but I cant understand if “Wot’s…” is one of the upcoming Gdansk CDs or not. Is it only on one of the vinyl LPs?

    Spell it out for me, Fed, if you don’t mind.

    (Yes I know, Lorraine – brain lamb today also, but I feel a bit more more sharp today than yesterday after all, thank god).


    [It’s only on the LP. But, if you obtain any CD version which includes a DVD (that’s all of them, just not the basic two-disc edition), you’ll have a DVD web pass which allows you to download it free of charge. As ‘Wot’s…’ will be the first download available, you won’t have to wait long before you can download it. If you go for the LP instead, even though there’s obviously no DVD included with it, there is a ‘web pass’ (well, more an invite to get yourself online and enter an activation code). You can download all the concert songs from the LP in this way. If you had no intention of buying any set, preferring to download the lot instead, get it from iTunes and get ‘Wot’s…’ included. – FEd]

  26. Hi,

    I don’t think I saw it mentioned here, but there’s a new video available on the “Live at Gdansk” page (High Hopes).


    [I knew you’d find it. – FEd]

  27. Ah, good to be home to the Blog. Now that camp is over, I have time to read through the entire blog instead of just catching up on twitter updates.

    I can’t believe how quickly September got here – I’m saving up for the release!!! : D

    How’s your summer been FEd? (Sorry that I haven’t been around the Blog… “I’ve been out in front of a dozen dead oceans.”)

    [A Hard Rain did fall. All summer, in fact. It’s not been the best of summers, but I do have loads of rainwater stored if anyone wants some. Welcome back. – FEd]

  28. Hello FEd & everyone.

    Great version for “Wots…Uh The Deal”…The wait is too long until next September 22nd!

    …But, below the player of “MySpace”, was it a dream or “Astronomy Domine” can be watched in that place?

    Anyway, thank you for these “previews” of “Live in Gdansk”: it helps all of us to be patient until the date release of the album.

    Thank you very much & have a good week!

    [‘Astronomy Domine’ is there, without any fanfare, as the quality is not good. Web browsers simply cannot do the lighting justice, but it’ll look superb on your television.- FEd]

  29. Does the acoustic outro (‘High Hopes’), that someone mentioned as being particularly long at Gdansk, go by the name of ‘Don’t you dare clap yet!’ 😉

    Keep on ‘dragging it out’ David. 🙂

  30. Sounds really good!!

    Jaysus Fed, you must be worth a fortune with all this OT, any chance of a tenner till pay day?

    [Good one. – FEd]

  31. excellent version but i don’t think i will download it as it plays on the credits of the dvd anyway and plus it’s on the vinyl version too. (and let’s be honest, the downloaded version won’t sound as good as the vinyl version will it?)

  32. It’s great to hear “Wot’s” on MySpace (current count stands at 1689) and now “High Hopes” too, via the Live in Gdansk page, things really are hotting up now FEd.

    I also see merchandise is available now too, but only in the US. Will it be available on the Europe site as well?
    I really do hope so.

    That RED T-shirt is a real stunner, it’s also the only way I’m likely to get to wear ‘the’ Black Strat.

    [Your guess is as good as mine, Ken. – FEd]

  33. Love this song a lot. Also what a great slide guitar solo (again). Seems to me that David has played more slide guitar on his solo tours than he used to with PF. Don’t know.

    Thank you FEd for keeping company to us on these last days few of waiting. This blog is a Christmas calendar to me, something to look forward to every morning. 🙂

    [That’s nice of you, Sami. (The chocolate’s behind the Twitter box, by the way. Pull hard.) – FEd]

  34. Hi FEd!

    Thanks for letting us know about the version of “Wot’s Uh The Deal?”. Have really liked this tune since after hearing it on the Remember That Night DVD.

    Have also seen the full version of “High Hopes” on the Gdansk page and it was one of the best I’ve heard. I have to confess that I cried as it’s a song which means a great deal to me and has helped when times have been difficult.

    Really looking forward to “Live in Gdansk”.

    All the best! 🙂

  35. More fantastic news, FEd. Thanks for the heads-up. At the moment however, I’m going to try and beat Michèle at the game of trying to resist the temptation, and waiting for the surprise of listening to it when I get my web pass. Wish me luck!

    Off topic, but I found out how to get a Java plug-in for Google Chrome – by downloading the latest Beta version of Java. It’s quite a nifty browser, so I have come to recommend it, now that I can use the chat room on it!

  36. Fed,

    I was at the airport in Nashville last Friday picking up my girlfriend. As I was walking in the front doors, I turned to look back and JAMES BURTON (Elvis and Ricky Nelson’s guitar player) was walking in.

    I did a ‘double-take’ and just blurted “Are you James Burton?” and he said ‘Yes’ and he stuck his hand out. I said ‘Oh my god, I was just listening to David Gilmour do some of your songs with Elvis on the way over here’. He said “I love David Gilmour…he is fantastic”. I said ‘Well, you are fantastic and just an amazing player and I am so honored to meet you. You are a genius.”

    He thanked me and that was about it but it was quite a moment for me I can tell you. Elvis LOVED James Burton and I think Gilmour does too.

    Then I walk up to see my girlfriend at baggage claim and Trace Adkins (the country guy who sings ‘honkey tonk bee-donk-a-donk) on the flight with her.

    I didn’t say anything to say to him! But that just shows how cool Nashville is at times.

    Blake In Nashville

    [Nice story, Blake. – FEd]

  37. I have one simple question:

    Why wasn’t this magnificent song put onto the myriad of CD versions of the ‘Gdansk’ set?

  38. Excellent….and I’m stoked to go to Brooklyn to see LIG…

    Go Giants! Go Jets! (Said as I eye the Packers suspiciously…)

  39. It’s not clear, will I be able to pre order from this website?????

    Everything else sounds great so far, can’t wait.

    [It’s not clear to me either, sorry. – FEd]

  40. Hey Fed!

    I was browsing the new stuff at David’s store, and I have to say that I LOVED the red strat-tee, the color contrast is great…

    I have to say some other T-shirts were OK, but I loved this one.

    Do you think I will be able to order the 5 disc deluxe set a couple of months after the release date? I’m kinda out of money at the moment… Of course, I’ll buy it at a certain point anyway, but the price is why I’m considering David’s store, that way, I may be able to order the T-shirt!

    [I’m sure you will, Pepe. The only one I’d worry about missing out on is the vinyl. – FEd]

  41. I’m losing track! I know there’s a page with a list of the different Gdansk formats and what they each include. I’ve checked it out a few times but it’s hard to keep track with so many other things going on here at home. I just hope on the 22nd I can find the most comprehensive version and I hope it includes “Wot’s…”

    That really is quite a few formats for the Gdansk album. It will take me a bit of time to review the options again when it is released.

    That said – I have seen a few blog posts about where to find the best deal on the cost of the album. Did I miss a blog posting on where I can find the most comprehensive and complete version of the Gdansk package? Is there one format, in any particular store or online merchant that will include just about everything being released in any format for Gdansk? (I’m aware stores like Best Buy sometimes have a unique perk thrown in). Or is this a thing where you’d have to buy more than one format to have a complete Gdansk set?

    [I don’t know if it’ll help, but please click your name above. – FEd]

  42. About ‘Wot’s’; I’m not interested in downloads at all… there’s really no value for me in downloads. It’ll just be another file on my PC, whereas an actual CD will be part of my music collection.

    Quality is an issue too. Most downloads will be low bitrates anyway, losing a lot of the original quality.

    I wish David would follow Neil Young’s example. When Neil releases a new CD, it is always a 2-disc release with an HDCD and a 96/24 high resolution DVD!

  43. I have a story related to how I first heard ‘Wot’s’.

    I bought the music books for most of the Pink Floyd albums, mainly to look at the photos and extra bits of information that they contain as I don’t play anything. I noticed the extra track in the Dark Side of the Moon book and had no idea at that time where it came from.

    I had an Acorn Archimedes computer at the time that had a musical application (Maestro?) on it which allowed you to construct music by dragging and dropping the correct notes into their correct positions on the score. I spent a long time doing this for the whole of ‘Wots’ and then finally pressed ‘Play’ to hear it for the first time.

    I still hear that sterile computer version in my head when I think of ‘Wots’. 🙂

  44. Hello FEd and all of you mates,

    back from summer holidays and with a job in a new office (PR and International Relations).

    Two positive notes from Italy:

    – A very special interview with David: click my name.

    – That’s incredible : Two PF DVDs in chart (The Wall and Live in Pompeii, Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana) – every two or three years an old DVD or gig is actualized by people’s and fans’ love.

    A very happy Fall to everyone,


    [The best of luck with your new job, Diana. – FEd]

  45. Just zany!

    I’m a big Pink Floyd / David Gilmour fan but I find all this “5+/America/Europe versions” matter just a big, big, big mess.

    I understand that business must have its toll, but please, for the fans’ sake, someone begin making sense.

    Unfortunately for this “Live in Gdansk” it is too late…

    A really disappointed fan.

  46. Andrea, I do not understand your disappointment.

    Imagine there is also the two version CD and buy that!! All the rest is a plus. IF the only version was the 5 disc extra expensive edition I would understand….

    Someone said that people in this site have understood how to sell stuff in the mp3 era. I think that these “tailored” versions are very very welcome.

    And now…Fed, listen. 2006: On an Island. 2007: RTN DVD. 2008: Live in Gdansk….. 2009: new album, right? 😉

    And I want to say more. Fed, please tell me if my idea is true.

    I have the feeling that we have a live album because…we asked through this site, through this site a potential for a business over those recordings has been recorded. Fans asked. And we have the disc. And RTN DVD would have not been like that without this site, without the negative comment on the P.U.L.S.E DVD. And we have the fantastic DVD we wanted. Flawless.

    So I think that this direct link between DG management and us, the fan base, have determined the nature of these products.

    Fed? Is this right?

    [I can’t speak for Management, but they do pick up on fan comments (both good and bad). – FEd]

  47. I’ve noticed several people saying that “Live in Gdansk” is too confusing, but surely it’s better to have too much choice than not enough!

    I chose the 5-disc version. I will not be buying it on LP. I don’t care for the tour memorabilia at all and I am disappointed that “Wot’s… Uh The Deal” is not on CD, but I am not going to order a copy from the States just to get the exclusive CD. I hope I will be able to download it.

    I still believe that management’s plan was to make fans buy more than one copy to get the songs they want, but at least we have several versions to choose from.

    [Releasing 5 versions of an album IS environmental vandalism! – Wenard Klemper]

    When I think of this, I start to change my mind. Maybe we shouldn’t have so much choice.

  48. [Releasing 5 versions of an album IS environmental vandalism! – Wenard Klemper]

    This is so ridiculous. They will obviously produce only the copies ordered. They will not print five times the copies of a single CD.

    And I hope that the one who complains is so consistent with his radical approach that has no car, no mobile, no electricity etc…..

    Please! It seems to me that we look the smallest things and we forget the whole picture.

    Now public opinion attention is diverted over the environment. Why don’t we speak of a war in Iraq that kills people, produces waste, only for oil? By the American Empire? Now our problem is the environmentally not sustainable 5 versions of Live in Gdansk….

    Oh my…..

  49. I think that, whatever you do, you get criticised. So, of course, the more you do, the more you get criticised.

    Maybe it’s why people sometimes give up… Sad.


  50. I disagree with fans who are complaining that all the versions are confusing or that its a greedy plot by management to get the fans to buy more than they want.

    I am firstly dead pleased that there is a live recording available.

    Secondly that it is available on CD. I happen to think audio is the most important because most people’s home cinema set ups probably won’t be good enough to do the work justice.

    Thirdly, we would all have asked for and they would eventually put out, a DVD.

    Fourthly, buying all these separately would have cost a whole lot more.

    Finally, HAVE YOU SEEN WHAT WE ARE GETTING FOR THE MONEY? It’s amazingly cheap! I expected to have to pay something like double what we are being asked.

    Stop moaning, don’t buy it. Disappointed indeed!

    ash X

  51. As fan we are asking for “perfection” and it seem that we will be never satisfied.

    BUT the proposed release of Gdansk is near perfect, isn’t it?

  52. Unfortunately I don’t speak English very well, so I wasn’t able to express myself clearly. I apologize for that.

    My disappointment is not for the wealth of material released. That’s only a blessing.

    I’m actually pleased there are both CDs and CDs+DVDs versions. I’ll surely buy the 3+2 one, for example (even if I’m not interested in memorabilia in themselves). I’m not a collector so I don’t feel the urge to buy everything.

    It’s just that I don’t see any “artistic” reason for the cut-and-paste done with the extras.

    Half “Mermaid” on “Remember That Night”, another piece in “Live in Gdansk”, for example. I can’t see a strong artistic logic behind including a CD with “Wot’s… Uh The Deal” in the USA version and not in the European one.

    What’s the artistic point in gifting only iTuners with extra videos from Gdansk? They just seem all market-driven decisions to me.

    That’s perfectly rightful, of course. But for me market-applied communication technology could and should be a different thing.

    [You expressed yourself very, very well, Andrea. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. – FEd]

  53. [Why don’t we speak of a war in Iraq that kills people, produces waste, only for oil? By the American Empire? – FEd]

    Not here, man. Can’t we just get away from that for 1 minute? Lots of ‘Americans’ here!


    I have to say that no matter what DG does, people bitch. It is unbelievable. The Strat…Gdansk. What do you people want? Seriously!

    I can tell you from someone who has followed Gilmour with a vengeance that this community is unbelievably lucky. I can tell you as a 15 yr old boy (I’m 40 now) who called ‘Britannia Row” (do you even know what that is?) monthly in the mid 80s and pestered DG’s receptionist.

    All of this in-flux of DG media is AMAZING!!!! He was like a monk for YEARS!!!! There was nothing about him out there. NOTHING!

    I am actually amazed that David Gilmour, the reclusive brilliant guitar player from Pink Floyd has an active blog and that his fans can hang out and tell stories and get all of the latest news AS IT HAPPENS. It would take weeks/months to get info. on him back then. A magazine article in a guitar mag. was like Christmas day.

    People, stop bitching so much! DG has a live disc and a Signature Strat out in 2 weeks!

    Now I’ll stop.

    Blake in Nashville

  54. I know the comment from Wenard Klemper, on 5 versions of a new release is “environmental vandalism”, is a couple of days old. (At first I didn’t know if it was I joke). Personally, I was a bit confused on “what’s on what” – (and “wot’s”!) – but that’s another issue. But to call this release “environmental vandalism” is totally far out.

    I do not think the global climate changes has much to do with releasing a CD – or five. We have millions of cars polluting the cities every day, causing asthma to our kids, big foresting companies clearing rainforests in South America, airplanes criss-crossing the skies polluting the air we breathe – come on…

    Of course we must all do what we can to contribute to a healthy environment, but your comment is so way out of proportions.

    Focus your own energy on the real, heavy problems – that’s just my suggestion.

  55. [Not here, man. Can’t we just get away from that for 1 minute? Lots of ‘Americans’ here! – Blake]

    As you like. But as a citizen of a Country whose government has been prone to United States of America being an ally in this Criminal War, I think I can speak without offending anybody. And I take my responsibility as someone who can influence politics.

    There are people of good will everywhere, obviously. But when an U.S. citizen feels offended by my words I have a suspect…..

  56. I am absolutely offended…make no mistake about that. I don’t think this is the place at all! I am a proud citizen and am not ashamed at all to say that.

    This site has been your ‘arena’ before and I have never said anything…however, STFU!!

    Blake in Nashville

    [Take it outside, please. Opinions are allowed. You don’t have to like them. – FEd]

  57. Fed,

    He addressed me SPECIFICALLY! That is the reason for my post. I have never commented on that lunatic’s past comments…he’s hijacked this site before btw.

    It is a very sensitive subject and you don’t have to agree with everything that your country does in order to be a proud citizen. I hate that fucking war…always did. The people that voted for it to secure their job and look politically strong and who have now changed their minds because that is ‘the thing to do’ are the one’s who should have stood up for peace in the first place.

    I don’t talk politics on this site EVER and the only reason I am now is because that idiot addressed ME! I am completely offended and you would be as well.

    And don’t forget what today is…September f*cking 11th.

    I come on here to get away from that stuff.

    I am actually shocked at your comments to me. Reread what he said to ME and maybe you will understand my position.

    And I repeat…I HATE THAT F*CKING WAR!

    Blake in Nashville

    [All I did was suggest that you ignore it. There’s a lot of emotion and I understand your position. I realise the date, but I happen to agree with Piergiorgio and, much more importantly, will never delete a comment that I consider to be useful, intelligent and relevant. It was about the environment – and the multiple versions of this live album being “environmental vandalism” – suddenly being of greater interest than however many millions of people have now died as a result of this war, including those who lost their lives so horribly in New York seven years ago today. I took that as being a criticism only of the fickle people for whom the environment has now become the fashionable cause to fight for, perhaps because the war is now old news to many. The real irony, of course, is that we’re here talking about music, which, with all due respect, should matter much less than the most minute aspects of any war or environmental concern. But this is a music blog, so I’ll take that point before anyone feels that they ought to make it. – FEd]

  58. Fed has perfectly rewritten and clarified my thoughts in good English. Thanks.

    I never used a single bad word here, Blake, and I am not starting now. It is too easy. And sad.

    I just write this to show that sometimes the best answer to violence, real or verbal, is calm. Violence over violence only produces a neverending spiral.

  59. A.) Take it up with the munitions cartels…they run the world.
    B.) I tend to agree with “Wernard Klemper”.

    You could have saved on all that packaging, plastic, cardboard, transport etc. Why not go 100% digital with the release???

    I find it hard to believe that someone so “environmentally conscience” would do such a thing…

    Carbon neutrality is just another way for the “corporations” to put a new “positive spin” on environmental destruction…

    The world is getting worse, not better…

    Hysteron Proteron hit the nail right on the head…

  60. [Why not go 100% digital with the release??? – Dr Phang]

    Now, if we really want to take this seriously (it is very hard for me with all the problems WE have in the world), I must say that too many of you are not informed or seem to absorb without any serious analysis what the media, the propaganda (whatever) is telling you.

    Why not to go 100% digital? A digital file is a train of bit which need a SUPPORT. A computer. A computer is HARDWARE which is (think a little) always OLD after a very little time. You throw your hardware which is WASTE.

    You know that the US sends its old PCs to China? Do you know that there is an entire region in China where poor people live over opining all this hardware and, by means of corrosive materials, extract the little gold and silver from the electronic junctions? Because as every technician can tell you gold, silver and precious materials are used in Electronics for their electric properties.

    The industry pushes us to change a PC all the time, a telephone… All electronic equipment is OLD after so little time. The corporations, the media want to convince us we need a new PC which makes exactly the same things (“word” is the same shit after 10 years) but sucking more hardware, energy, materials. It is a mountain of waste.

    But as Fed said, many (also here) follow the fashionable crusades.

    Folks, everything is waste, always. Let’s think and be really consistent with our predicaments. Am I the only one who is actually questioning things?

    Last but not least. Mr. Gore has a huge car, Ferrari look alike, but it is Hybrid. Hmmm… My compliments Mr Gore, very consistent with your crusade.

    And I say again: ooooh myyyy………..

  61. [Carbon neutrality is just another way for the “corporations” to put a new “positive spin” on environmental destruction… – Dr Phang]

    My thoughts entirely, but it’s better to plant trees than not to plant trees.

    First time poster here. (Hello FEd! You do a great job!)

    [Thank you very much for that, Jo. It’s good of you to join in. – FEd]

  62. I don’t want to rain on the parade of honest indie stores, but unfortunately with things like the Wot’s deal for indie stores there will be some using this promo in other ways. I know there will be some that will keep a stash that they could then sell on its own either through channels like eBay, record shows or even in their own store.

    I frequent a local record/CD show & among all the dealers that are reselling used records and CDs there is always several who have some kind of connection with a major label or distributor. They are selling all the promos. Many of them are connected to these indie stores.

    I guess everyone is entitled to make a living but I would have a problem if some stores are withholding the promo so that they could make another buck on it down the road.

    I am not accusing all of them but some do not play by the rules. There actually is a CD show this weekend and I may go to. I’ll let you know if I happen to see any prerelease of Gdansk or Wot’s.



    [Please do, Andrew. I hear what you’re saying. – FEd]

  63. Mr Gore has a monstrosity of a house which is about 2 miles from where I live, as well. How about that private jet?

    I really believe that the good that will be realized out of all of this will be the discovery of some REAL alternative sources of energy which will lessen the burden on the environment and individuals. There are many talented people working towards that and hopefully that will be the silver lining in this.

    I certainly hope that DG doesn’t stop playing and creating art because it is negative to the environment. It seems that is what some here are suggesting and that would be a shame.

    Blake in Nashville

  64. I guess it all comes down to what you want from life, Piergiorgio. Electronics???

    I think one version of Gdansk would have been enough. Environmentally, digital distribution far outweighs the “chemical” consequences of mass producing and distributing CD’s. DVD and CD players are also “reprocessed” in China etc.

    “Smart” people know they are powerless to change what has been instigated by the people with all “The Power”. Every ounce of good we do for the environment is instantly absorbed by the “corporations”… The factories keep “puffing” and the people keep consuming…

    Planting trees doesn’t offset the chemicals used to manufacture anything. It just equates to forests of dying trees in an ever growing sea of pollution… Robbing Peter to pay Paul…

    Environmental trendies are probably the best thing to ever come from “trendy land”… I hope it’s a trend that becomes bigger than all the Gods, Jesus and Nationalism put together.

  65. I think that we agree on the core of the problem, Dr. Phang. Maybe we don’t on the ways to get our goals.

    So what can we do? Accusing DG or this site and going on our life of waste? This is only to put our conscience at rest. We point our finger but we always think that we are not part of the problem. Others are creating it.

    What I mean is that I am responsible, you are, we all are. So we should be humble. And think what can we do in our everyday life to change.

    Would you accept to go back to the stone age? No. So we all are responsible.

  66. Dr Phang, digital only would have made the album inaccessible to a lot of people who are not part of the digital world.

    They would certainly not be getting my custom if the only way for me to get it was from the internet. Surely it would be a false economy anyway if everyone had to then transfer their download to a CD so they could play it. Same amount of plastic.

    ash X

  67. Whew! That’s quite a debate out there; although I enjoyed the read very much!

    Did you all notice the title of this post? “Wot’s …Uh The Deal” – what a coincidence!

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