US radio special

David on stage in Gdańsk, by Piotr Tarasewicz

I apologise that the following information is, well, sketchy.

A Gdańsk radio special is coming up in the US, and it’s either due to be broadcast sometime this weekend, or on Tuesday, so tune in and see what they have to say.

It’s an interview, plus live tracks, on the following stations:

Abilene (KHXS) Albany, GA (WJAD) Albany, NY (WPYX), Amarillo (KARX), Atlanta (WZGC), Austin (KLBJ), Bellingham (KISM), Bismarck (KBYZ), Boise (KRVB) Boston (WZLX), Brattleboro (WKVT), Cedar Rapids (KKRQ), Centralia (KITI), Champaign (WGKC), Cheyenne (KIGN), Chicago (WLUP), Clarksville (WZZP), Colorado Springs (KKFM), Columbus, MS (WSMS), Des Moines (KGGO), Detroit (WCSX), Farmington (KDAG), Florence (WMXT), Fort Bragg (KOZT), Fort Wayne (WFWI), Greensboro (WSMW), Hagerstown (WQCM), Harrisburg (WTPA), Huntsville (WTAK), Indianapolis (WFBQ), Kalamazoo (WRKR), Las Vegas (KMDZ), Lewiston (KOZE), Madison (WHLK), Manchester (WTBK), Memphis (WEGR), Mount Pleasant (WRFQ), Myrtle Beach (WYAV), Nashville (WNRQ), New York (WAXQ), Oklahoma City (KRXO), Omaha (KKCD), Philadelphia (WMGK), Portland (KINK), Raleigh (WBBB), Saginaw (WMJO), Salt Lake City (KZHK), San Diego (KGB-FM), San Jose/San Francisco (KUFX), Savannah (WGZO), Tallahassee (WGLF), Toledo (WXKR), Waterloo (KCRR), Wilkes Barre (WEZX), Wilmington (WBNE).

Also, Wednesday’s Radcliffe & Maconie interview has been cancelled.

Two more (Californian) indie stores, should you be looking for the ‘Wot’s…’ CD.

Prices for Mod Lang, El Cerrito are $16.98, $29.98, and $41.98. If anyone wants to pre-order, e-mail instead of using the site. The other is M-Theory Music, San Diego. Both ship worldwide.

The release date for Mexico is this Monday, Tuesday for Argentina.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

60 thoughts on “US radio special”

  1. Best Buy has lowered the price of the 5 disc set from $69.99 to $49.99. If you have already pre-ordered, you should be able to have them credit you $20.00 from customer service.

    I hope my set comes by Tuesday, although I doubt it.

    [That’s good news, Amedeo. I hope you all chase them up for that $20. – FEd]

  2. Thanks FEd, I am listening to it now on my PC. I’ll come back later, good day.

    Click my name to listen.

    [I wondered who’d be the first with a link to listen online. Thanks, Veronica. – FEd]

  3. FED, I have to say that the final solo of “Where We Start”, “High Hopes”, “A Great Day For Freedom” and “Comfortably Numb” belong to the history of the music! Truly wonderful!

    Claudio from Ravenna.

  4. The live versions of ‘The Blue” from RTN and Gdansk…both of them are some of the greatest Gilmour ever. That is THE tone from hell. I swear he was amazingly good in the 70s, 80s and 90s, but I believe he has taken his guitar playing to a whole other level. He really is just killing every note and his tone is the sweetest I have ever heard!

    I am absolutely speechless at what I have seen and heard and am just sick to my stomach that I didn’t see it in ’06. I can’t even imagine what that show looked or sounded like in those little theaters. I’ve never seen him with less than 30,000 people.

    That black Strat does sounds a lot better to me than the red one although I think the red one is the real ‘Gilmour Strat’ because of the consistency …and the addition of those EA cables.

    Blake in Nashville

  5. unisco il mio dolore al vostro.mando un frammento di “echoes”, brano che “sento” in modo particolare….”e nessuno mi canta delle ninna nanne,e nessuno mi fa chiudere gli occhi, e quindi spalanco le finestre per unirmi a voi per chiamarlo in tutto il cielo…

  6. I got my Gdansk Deluxe Box Set today!!!!

    It’s just fantastic!!

    For those of you that are still waiting, you have really something to look forward to!!

  7. Profoundly sad news about Richard’s passing-too young, so much more music left to play!

    Mortality is the the great stumbling block of our lot…

    Us and Them is perhaps my true favourite piece-thank you Richard.

  8. [Best Buy has lowered the price of the 5 disc set from $69.99 to $49.99. If you have already pre-ordered, you should be able to have them credit you $20.00 from customer service. – Amedeo]

    Thanks for the info. I get home delivery of the New York News and get the circulars on Saturday. I was confused when I saw the price of $49.99. It can get confusing with so many options.

  9. [I can’t even imagine what that show looked or sounded like. – Blake from Nashville]

    I’ve played guitar professionally and semi-professionally for longer than I care to remember and I left the Royal Albert Hall feeling very humble, Blake.

  10. Hi Ed

    David/Floyd night on BBC4 details: Fri 26th Sept.

    21:10 -22:10 David Gilmour Live at Gdansk
    David Gilmour of Pink Floyd plays live to celebrate the 26th anniversary of Solidarity.

    22:10 -22:40 Dave Gilmour: Gdansk Diary
    Documentary about David Gilmour’s unique concert in the Gdansk shipyard in August, 2006.

    22:40 -23:40 The Pink Floyd Story: Which One’s Pink?
    Film tracing the journey of Britain’s foremost ‘underground’ band, Pink Floyd (repeat).

    [Thanks for the reminder (it’s been on the calendar for a while now). – FEd]

  11. “Sketchy” is good, as is “woolly” and “vague”. I think “precision” is over-rated.

    All and any contributions most welcome and apologies not required. “Waiting” and “anticipation” is just as good and fine by me.


  12. Hello there,

    I was wondering if you know if any of those radios are stream radios so that I can hear the show online.

    Thanks for keep on giving us good music, through all this years, can’t wait to see you live again, last time in 2006 I flew all the way from Costa Rica to London just to see you and Rick in concert at the Royal Albert Hall, spent all my savings but what an experience it was to dance live to Echoes, hehe.

    God bless you David Gilmour.

    Cheers, and PURA VIDA! (pure life)


    [See Veronica’s comment above. There’s a link there. – FEd]

  13. Even though the Radcliffe and Maconie interview has been cancelled, do you know if they’ll still play Echoes?

    [I’d imagine so, but don’t know for sure. – FEd]

  14. Waiting for the crash and flutter! The one that causes a draft strong enough to give me a stiff neck! If I sleep longer than a hour, after Mr Postman has been…

    I know its only nature Fed, but the sky has been a wonderful shade of pink the last few evenings in the Midlands, UK.

    PS Sorry for the comp idea. I was only trying to raise a smile.

  15. Good news Fed, I called HMV again today and have my box set to purchase on Tuesday. They wouldn’t release one set today. I tried though.

    See ya.

  16. To David and all who know Richard as well as their families and friends,

    I wish to express my deepest and most sincere heart felt condolences on Rich’s passing. As a Floyd fan since the 70s my favorite musical artists and band as well as all of their music which forever they will be.

    He will be missed by all who not only knew him but knew OF him.

    Edward D.

  17. “This is David Gilmour and we’ll be right back” I didn’t expect that special line to come over the air, it felt up close and comfortable; nice touch, I must say; and how about the analogy of guitar and piano by David Gilmour! Well orchestrated radio special, in my opinion.

    I love the acoustic “Echoes”, definitely a fine representation of both David and Richard “musical telepathy” as David Gilmour had said on his tribute to Richard Wright.

    Well done promotion piece for Live at Gdansk – congrats.

  18. The article that Peter Mcconnell referred to (posted in “The web pass”) is a really nice one about Rick’s last interview. It shows Rick in the way that Rick would have wanted to be remembered.

    Thanks, Peter.

  19. Good to know FEd!

    I started listening using the link provided by Veronica (thanks very much to her). But I had to stop. I don’t want to spoil the surprise when I get my 5 disk deluxe version on Wednesday.

    Also, it’s going to be quite somber when I listen to it, and so I want to be able to listen to the music in full.

    Just a few more days!!

    Thanks again, and enjoy the weekend!

  20. Hello Fed,

    How do you mean with “on following station”? I read “Firenze (WMXT)” but what is this??

    Can you explain??

    Probably I don’t understand, but I know nothing about “Firenze (WMXT)”.

    Thank You.

    Have a nice weekend!

    [You’ve lost me, sorry. These are US radio stations. There’s a Florence in South Carolina. – FEd]

  21. I listened to a very interesting and moving tribute to Richard on Classic 21 radio station today (it lasted three hours!).

    They played many of Rick’s songs (solo and with Pink Floyd) and finished with the 25 min version of ‘Echoes’ from David’s ‘Live In Gdansk’.



  22. Hello David,

    I am one Pink Floyd fan in Iran.

    I am wondering why you have not ever come to Iran? We love you and we want you to come.

    I have a blog about Pink Floyd lyrics and music and express discussion about Pink Floyd. I will be so glad if you see my blog and comment an answer.


    [I don’t mean to appear rude, but timing’s not your strong point, is it? – FEd]

  23. Was it just me sitting with a tear in my eye during the introduction of the band on disc three? When David says ‘Richard Wright’ and the crowd suddenly start shouting ‘Richard! Richard!’

    A beautiful memorial!

  24. Hello from Quito, Ecuador, South America.

    I just want to thank you for the music you and the rest of Pink Floyd gave us all of this years. I have been your fan since I was 14. Now I’m an adult (well, sort of, je je je. I’m 33, but dad and mom think I’m a kid) and still enjoy your great music.

    I’m very sad for Rick’s death. One of my biggest dreams was going to a Pink Floyd show, and it was on the list of things to do before I die, with priority # 1. Now I know it will be impossible, since one of you passed away…

    BTW, Dave, when are you coming to Ecuador?

  25. WDR2 in Germany broadcast Pink Floyd Live, 1971: Echoes, Fat Old Sun, and One Of These Days, as a Rick Wright tribute.

  26. Hello everyone. :)))) A smile for each member.

    Anyway, this is my first time I have blogged here. I have never seen David live but I have his solo works-CDs and his 2 solo DVDs. His work has gotten better over time, I would think it has something to do with experience and dedication/love he has for his music. Being able to improvise on some of the songs if not most, and staying true to his music ability.

    So with that said, thanx for letting me blog.


    [Thanks for joining in, Kenny. – FEd]

  27. Hello, my name is Carlos Gervasoni and I’m 18, almost 19, in a few days (5 days exactly).

    Excuse if my English is so poor, I’m from Argentina.

    I’m a great fan of PF and of each one of the musicians of this great band, but as I am a guitar player, my favourite one is David Gilmour.

    You rock man! I hoped I could play the guitar very similar to you, I’ve got a Stratocaster and on the 20th of September I played my first song in public. It was “Samba pa ti” (Samba for you) by Carlos Santana. I was very nervous but my fingers were easy… It was a beautiful experience.

    I think it is very late to see PF live, I expected to see you in a recital here in my country.

    By the way, On an Island is just great! You’re a great musician…

    My condolences for the passing of Richard. The great Rick in the sky!

    A hug from Argentina:

    Carlos Gervasoni
    Posadas, Misiones, Argentina

  28. Fed,

    Thanks for the information and I did get to listen to it last night. Now I know I have to get the 5 dic set. Plus my wife is getting me the vinyl set for my birthday and it’s on the 24th of September. What a great gift to have.

    Take Care,

    P.S. Everyone can listen to this special of David’s Live in Gdansk by clicking on my name. It’s one of the radio stations posted.

    [Happy Birthday for Wednesday, Thomas. – FEd]

  29. Hi FEd,

    I know this is the wrong thread for tributes to Richard. I was away when it happened and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to pay my respects, but I see that the ‘Richard’ topic has been closed. So I’ll keep it short.

    I was deeply saddened when I received the news by text from a friend, I thought it was a mistake at first. But it was confirmed when we rushed back to our villa and saw it on Sky News.

    Richard will be truly missed and I think David’s tribute was spot on – he did seem a very unassuming man.

    Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

    David’s new live album will be so poignant and a wonderful tribute to Richard.

  30. Hi FEd, any news on what Mr Gilmour will be playing on Later…With Jools tomorrow?

    My girlfriend tried to get tickets for the live recording tomorrow for my birthday but we didn’t get picked in the draw (which I think gutted her more than me, as I am difficult to buy presents for).

    [Nope. Sorry. – FEd]

  31. I suppose there are some hidden easter eggs in LIVE in GDANSK DVD2 (maybe Barn Jam…) because I have noticed some delay between Jam sassions.

    Is there anybody which has found them?


    [If anyone has found them, please keep your comments until there’s a post for them, which will be plainly titled, ‘Easter eggs’. Comments submitted to any post other than this one will be deleted. That way, if people want to find the hidden extras for themselves, they can avoid the topic of Easter eggs until they wish to contribute to it, and I won’t have to hear the incessant whining that I heard over ‘Remember That Night’. Thank you. – FEd]

  32. Dear FED,

    There is no deluxe available in Poland, what’s going on? I preordered early and informed me that EMI Poland badly calculated demand for the deluxe version and they only have very few copies. Probably it won’t be enough for me. I went to normal shops but only 2 or 3 disks are available.

    I’m extremely disappointed, it looks that I will receive my US order first, tomorrow is the scheduled date for vinyl shipping. I’m afraid of another disappointment.


    [Nobody’s told me anything about this, Tomasz, so I’m afraid I’m as clueless as you are. – FEd]

  33. Hi,

    I bought Live in Gdansk the 5-disc-set on Friday. I have to say the set is beautifully designed and sounds fantastic (as you would expect).

    Unfortunately the booklet was missing. I’ve already contacted EMI because of this.

    Rick’s playing during the whole set ist amazing (as it was throughout the tour). I find a little comfort in the thought that the last Rock’n’Roll show he played has been documented this well. Thanks to David for this.

    “They’re never going to make it easy
    Of this you can be sure.
    You feel untied, beatified
    And loved for evermore”


    [I’m very sorry to hear of missing booklets, Henning. – FEd]

  34. Chuffed! Just checked the Calendar after it was rumoured that Mr G was on Jools this week, and sure enough he is. Not sure if tomorrow’s show is a shortened version of the one on Friday night?

    Anyway, I have passed the message on and look forward to it, although it may be a sombering occasion I feel.

    Richard’s still in my thoughts. I wonder when the funeral was? I guess it would be comforting to know that he is laid to rest now. I hope this doesn’t read as ‘prying’.

    I’d just like to add that having re-visited some of the photos in the gallery is brilliant. I don’t usually get much time to spend on here, but there are some beautiful moments captured by Polly, especially those with David and Rick. It’s nice to have somewhere to access them so easily.

    Big thumbs up from me..


    [Tomorrow’s is live, apparently. There’ll be one song tomorrow, two on Friday. More on this a little later, so keep your eyes peeled for a change of set. – FEd]

  35. i’ve just finished listening to all 3 cds. i can’t believe how good it is. it’s easily the best album i’ve heard all year.

    it is sad though hearing rick wright and knowing he’s not with us anymore.

  36. [I won’t have to hear the incessant whining that I heard over ‘Remember That Night’. – FEd]

    Right on FEd…that was really annoying.

    Cheers, Howard

  37. Hi FEd,

    something’s going wrong with the blog (software). Comments that appear in the “recent comments” box are not showing up on the appropriate pages.

    I noticed that already yesterday when you approved my comment on “web pass”, but I thought that it may be a side effect of the weekend. 😉

    Best regards,


    [No, it’s a stupid glitch that will be resolved soon (even if it means ditching pagination and a return to all comments being on the one page, which is the way it’s always been). – FEd]

  38. Two flyers for pizza. 1 bag for a clothing collection. My TV licence. A bill. And a brochure for women’s make up… I feel a bit wrong about having a moan about it though. It will be even better when I watch and listen to it tomorrow.

  39. And it’s also DG Strat Day…

    Too many good toys, not enough money and an overwhelming sense of loss.

    Just in case you’ve not seen this by any wild chance, click my name.

    Here’s the RRPs from Fender US:

    015-0069-806 David Gilmour Signature Stratocaster® Relic, Maple Fingerboard, Black: $4,799.99
    015-0068-806 David Gilmour Signature Stratocaster® N.O.S., Maple Fingerboard, Black: $3,999.99

    I’d remortgage for one – but mortgages are rarer than limited edition DG Strats these days…!

  40. I just read the Nick Mason interview… I’m still troubled over last week (Oh! I can’t believe it’s been a week).

    [The first meeting with Roger I wouldn’t lend him my car and Rick wouldn’t give him a cigarette. And really we just carried on exactly like that for the next 40 years. – Nick]

    You two make me laugh; I’m sorry FEd, I suppose the Blog is supposed to be ‘moving on’ but I’m really not interested in radio shows and release dates right now. I’m still sort of hung up over this (though listening to the live album may help… hear some of that lovely organ – and everything else, of course).

    Prayers for all those who knew and loved Richard – the organ player with the best sound and the most eyelashes! : )

  41. Fed…

    Can we make some sort of charitable donation to Richard’s favourite charity? I think at times like this that is much more useful than cards and flowers which there will be many, no doubt…

    [If you want to. – FEd]

  42. [There is no deluxe available in Poland, what’s going on? I preordered early and informed me that EMI Poland badly calculated demand for the deluxe version and they only have very few copies. Probably it won’t be enough for me. – Tomasz]


    I feel for you, Tomasz. I wondered how long before EMI screwed up again.

  43. Paul, nice article on Richard (I presume that you are that Paul Sexton).

    And yes, DG has left me feeling humble many times as well. I have to say that I enjoyed the indoor shows that I have seen more than the outdoor ones. I like that sound compressed. Maybe this is why I’m not as excited about Gdansk as some others are. I will def. buy it but I don’t think the sound can match RAH. We will see soon though won’t we?

    Can’t wait to irritate some music store employees with my loud and greedy use of their DG Strat.

    Blake in Nashville

  44. This is the first chance I’ve had to listen to this radio special. Thanks for the link.

    I liked Babe of the Day, LOL!

    American radio gets right on my tits!

    [Beautifully put, Ben. Thanks for that. – FEd]

  45. I heard the Gdansk premiere on Sunday online via internet stream on WZLX in Boston (although I am in South Carolina). Plus all of what I heard already (via YouTube, here and the radio) is already making it album of 2008.

    I had my dad order the 3-CD2/DVD set for me late last Friday/early Saturday on Best Buy’s website (it will be in tomorrow, he chose 2-day shipping and we refused to pay the 8% SC state tax).

    Gdansk is one of the best live albums I ever heard. Especially the wine glass intro to Shine On, which was moving.

    For those who need David Gilmour’s first two solo albums, come October 14 in the US you can buy them together in the David Gilmour X2 set (the set will have the 2006 remasters). The set lists at $18.98 whereas buying the CDs separately it runs you $25.

  46. Why release them again? I hate deals like this. It sounds like another way to screw us out of money.

    Will the packaging be different?

    [I’ve no idea. I’m still waiting for some official word on this. – FEd]

  47. Você David Gilmour é o heroi do meu Pai (João Angelo Ferreira) e meu heori também……….

    Nós amamos as suas musicas e a sua conduta como pessoa.

    Fique com deus!!!





  49. I got my Gdansk 5-disc in the mail from and I was missing disc 3 and the poster. I brought it back to my local Best Buy and they exchanged it and it was COMPLETE.

    Played it twice in last two days. FEd, thanks for granting my wish for a live album (I remember hassling you for a live album a few years back, glad all is forgiven). David spoiled the fans and I am happy that I got to see what I missed and see Rick’s swan song in front of many people.

    Those complaining about sliding the CDs/DVDs getting them scratched in and out of the sleeves (I saw one guy whine about it on YouTube) I just say just let the disc roll from the sleeve and make sure the label falls in palm of hand and slide back in and the discs won’t get scratched.

    Album of 2008 hands down (only rivalled by Metallica’s Death Magnetic and Rush’s Snakes and Arrows Live).

  50. I’m loving Metallica’s “Death Magnetic” at the minute. Still waiting for “Live in Gdansk” a week on, you see.

  51. Just to clear any confusion, Blake… I am not the journalist who writes for The Times, the article was very good though!

    Paul (From Co Antrim, N.Ireland.)

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