Update from Anthill

Blog Poll: US fans, will you be getting the five-disc set from Best Buy? 76% vote 'Yes', 24% vote 'No'.

Another update on this five-disc US exclusive.

If you pre-ordered from Anthill, the official webstore, then your order will not be cancelled, after all. But no further orders will be accepted. It’s Best Buy only from now on.

Now, the real ‘Live in Gdańsk’ exclusive: ‘Wot’s… Uh The Deal’ on CD, only available from independent stores in the States…

Here are a few more, offering international delivery:

4,000 Holes (Spokane, Washington): the two-disc costs $19.95, the three-disc costs $34.95, the four-disc costs $49.95… and shipping within the US is $4.25, overseas $9.
Music Millennium (Portland, Oregon)
Shake It Records (Cincinnati, Ohio): the two-disc set is $16.99 with shipping at $7.95.

If you’re in Seattle, Washington, then don’t forget Silver Platters and Sonic Boom Records. They don’t officially offer international shipping, but the latter will welcome queries.

SoundStage Direct of Doylestown, Pennsylvania will be stocking the vinyl set and will ship worldwide (with free shipping on domestic orders over $99). The same goes for 4,000 Holes: their price is $139.95, plus $9 shipping for the US, $26 for overseas.

Details from more independent stores to come. Please give them your support.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

40 thoughts on “Update from Anthill”

  1. Something else to watch, which has only just been brought to my attention (otherwise it would have been included above) – from Amazon UK.

    It’s five minutes of David being interviewed, by broadcaster Paul Rappaport, about writing songs and playing the guitar, plus snippets from ‘On An Island’, ‘This Heaven’ and ‘Where We Start’.

    Click the link above to watch.

    Keep an eye on Play.com, too. They’ll have a similar thing shortly, which you can expect to see on all pages concerning ‘Live in Gdansk’. I’ll let you know when it’s there.

  2. I was wondering if the 5 disc version will be available in Canada? I’d order it from Best Buy in the U.S. but they don’t ship internationally. I’d also buy the U.K. PAL version but my player won’t play PAL discs.

    Are the fans in Canada being shafted since we can’t buy the 5 disc version?

    [Well, I feel shafted in that the only place I seem able to point you right now is towards the official online store. That said, click your name above for HMV. (Thank you, Kevin.) – FEd]

  3. That’s a (run out of superlatives) interview FEd.

    What continues to amaze me is that even the largest of organisation has problems with video aspect ratios.

    C’mon Amazon! Sort it out!

  4. Quel binze!

    Bon courage! Don’t forget, after tomorrow is…


    [Samedi. Bon sang… – FEd]

  5. Hi Fed,

    Do you have any knowledge if US version DVDs are Region 1 or this time all DVDs are Region 0?

    I don’t think that PAL/NTSC is a major problem. I have plenty US DVDs with NTSC and they are fine, real problem is Region 1.

    I’ve already preordered the deluxe box and vinyl and I’m thinking about ordering 2CD-1DVD version from the US to get the bonus Wot’s …Uh The Deal CD.

    BTW, merlin.pl has started to promote David’s art on its main music site (click my name).

    [I can’t be sure about the region encoding, sorry. If I can get an answer, I’ll let you know. – FEd]

  6. [Are the fans in Canada being shafted since we can’t buy the 5 disc version? – Paul Banks]

    The official store has a great price for the set and the shipping is comparatively cheap. I think a better price that what I have seen so far here in Canada.

    Cheers, Howard

    [Please let us know where in Canada you’ve seen the five-disc set, Howard. It’s only HMV, according to the ‘Best prices’ post (click your name for that). – FEd]

  7. Hi Fed…

    I’m sure if you had any hair it would be pulled out by now :-0 …. 😉

    I’ll probably order my 5 Disk version from an Indie store in the US and have it delivered/collected to/by my brother in Florida…

  8. Thank-you for the information everyone.

    [Please keep details of prices and stores coming in. – FEd]

  9. Pre-ordered from Anthill.

    £40 for the 5 disc set, extra £2 for guaranteed delivery by the release date. Seems a good deal to me.

    Going away on holiday on 24th in the hope of finding some sunshine at long last. Fingers crossed they arrive on time.

  10. How confusing!

    You’d think that David’s official online store would know what they can and can’t sell!

    I hope nobody ordered one from Best Buy thinking their original order had been cancelled.

    [You and me both. – FEd]

  11. Hi everyone

    Been a while since I could visit… have to say It Will Be of Interest to hear Gilmourauders’ accounts of their buying experiences: Mishaps/Great Deals and Help Me Fed

    Have a nice day y’all…especially you Fed (make the most of the ‘peace’ while you can!)

  12. I wonder how the folks at Best Buy feel about these orders being honoured even when it should never have been possible for them to be taken at all. If a deal had been made, then what on earth gave Anthill the right to take orders? Did nobody think to tell them of this deal?

    Forgive my frankness, but it seems that nothing ever goes as smoothly as it should around here.

    You have my sympathies, Features Editor.

  13. Just spoke with a nice fella at my local Best Buy store here in Knoxville (hi Glen, if you’re reading this).

    Anyway he’s willing to put a copy of the ‘Live in Gdansk’ 5 disc set, behind the counter for me so I can pick it up in the store.

    I don’t know if others will have such luck if they call, but it’s worth a try so you won’t have to wait for it to be shipped. 🙂

    [Speaking of Knoxville, I’ve just heard that Disc Exchange ship worldwide. Might be worth contacting them, seeing as you’re local, if you’re after the exclusive ‘Wot’s…’ CD. – FEd]

  14. Hi every one, my name is Maximiliano, and I am from Argentina.

    I have been expecting this DVD since the moment I heard it was coming out.

    One of the things that it has been on my mind is if the different versions of “Live In Gdańsk” will be arriving to South America. As you all must understand, I want to get the vinyl version of it or the 5 CD version.

    Well, if any of you knows or at least have some info, you’ll make my day happier. 😀

    [Hi, thanks for writing. I don’t think I can make your day happier; I don’t think you will find these in Argentina, sadly. Beyond Europe and North America, the only countries to order these sets for local distribution were Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Israel, Korea, New Zealand, Taiwan and Thailand. David’s (North American) webstore will be able to serve you, if you are happy to order online (and maybe wait as long as five weeks for it to arrive). Click the Fan Fare link on the homepage to visit their store. Together, here, fans are looking for alternative stores around the world which may be more suitable. (Would ordering from Brazil be an option?) Please click your name for our list of links and best prices. I hope you can find the version you want. – FEd]

  15. Fed,

    The Disc Exchange here in Knoxville will also be carrying the vinyl box set at $99, although it’s not showing up on the website. I spoke with John, the manager, and he has also agreed to put aside a copy of the vinyl set for me, and I’m certain he told me that the 5 disc set shows in their system as “import item only”.

    [They’ll be very lucky to get a local/NTSC five-disc set, but it’s not impossible. – FEd]

  16. On a more positive note…

    Thanks for linking to more indie stores and for urging us to give them our support. They need it.

    [It’s a pleasure. – FEd]

  17. Nice work F’ed.

    That’s a very nice interview that would have gotten by me if you hadn’t provided the link.

    Is it too early in the week to mention “the showdown” at the weekend ?

    [You know, with all this confusion, I haven’t even had time to think of it. That’s terrible. – FEd]

  18. Dear Fed,

    I ordered only 2xCD in one of indies, so I do not need region information.

    I hope I get a bonus CD, I asked about it and I assume they will be able to arrange one, if they don’t have. There is still some time to 23 of Sept.

    Thanks for your time.

    [You’re welcome, Tomasz. I would still like that information. It would be helpful. – FEd]

  19. Just a comment for other Norwegians out there.

    Platekompaniet ships every package with the 5-disc at 519 NOK ($90) and vinyl at 669 NOK ($116). Also, CDon.com ships the 5-disc from Norway at 529 NOK.

    Remember, if you buy from outside Norway, you have to pay a toll. Stupid, expensive country…

  20. I’m planning on being at Best Buy at opening on the day of release. Plan on buying the 5 disc set.

    I wish David the best on his next project. Did I just start a rumour? Maybe I should rephrase and say I’m hoping he has another project in the near future!

  21. Just to clarify, it’s only the 5-disk version that’s available only in Best Buy for the US? Are the other versions still available through the fan fare store? (And I’m assuming that things like T-shirts and what-not are still good…?)

    A tish confusing, yes, but I’m glad it’s getting figured out! 🙂

    [Best Buy only have the five-disc deluxe set as an exclusive item (they also have the other four versions, of course). All other versions are available everywhere else across the States and for delivery to the States, including the online store. Merchandise from the North American store is still available for delivery to the US and beyond (basically, they’ll send anything to the US, just not the five-disc set). – FEd]

  22. Hello, FEd & all~

    I was surprised and happy to see a half-page article about Mr. Gilmour and his upcoming Gdansk release in our little local paper here in Carson City, Nevada! It included a nice photo of Mr. Gilmour as well.

    Click my name above, if interested.

  23. I’ve been doing pretty well refraining myself from watching or listening; but this clip today is tough to resist, it’s DAVID TALKING (though he’s “lost for words” at the end a little bit) – and the snippets – just good enough to tie me over for 7 days without spoiling the surprises of the CD/DVD.

    Kudos to you FEd, for patiently answering all of our queries and to continue working diligently; and keeping us up-to-date on the vendors list and information.

    By the way, the detailed list you’ve provided us for each version in the table format is certainly a good gauge for me. Thanks for that.

    [Thank you, Veronica. I appreciate your kind words. – FEd]

  24. Fed

    Why can’t some one sell all 6 disc and that be and end to all the mayhem going on?


  25. I wish David would release on CD the music from the DVD, David Gilmour in Concert. This is a great acoustic gig that I just continue to watch.

    If anybody has any connections please put in the request. Or maybe release it on iTunes.


  26. Fed, I am so sorry to bother you. Best Buy is selling the 5 disc set, but I need to know will we still get Wot’s… in the set or will I have to go to Music Millennium to get Wot’s… with the special?

    For I called Music Millennium and they aren’t selling the 5 dics set because of the cost and they said its a import. But they are carrying the LP set so I did special order it.

    Again sorry to be a bother.

    [The five-disc set is a Best Buy exclusive. If you want that, you’ll need to go to Best Buy or order online from their website. You only get ‘Wot’s’ in the set – and all other sets, except for the basic two-disc version – via the web pass (i.e. you download it). You can only get ‘Wot’s…’ on a single-track CD from independent stores in the States, such as Music Millennium. And then you’ll only get it if you buy a CD set (vinyl does not count, sorry). If you ask the independent stores for a five-disc set, as only Best Buy have the right, if you like, to sell the Sony/Columbia/NTSC version in the US, you will be offered an EMI/PAL import (at considerable cost, no doubt). Please remember that imported DVDs may not play on your DVD player. So, in short: if you want the five-disc version and you’re in the USA, go to Best Buy (and download ‘Wot’s…’). – FEd]

  27. Thanks for getting the word out, Fed.

    I have to say my head is still spinning on all the package options for purchasing Live in Gdansk. I’m having a Palin moment…

  28. [I hope nobody ordered one from Best Buy thinking their original order had been cancelled. – Fran]

    I nearly did just that before giving it a little more thought and decided I’d better do a little investigative work first.

    The people at MusicToday said they’d be contacting all those who had ordered from the official store to let them know the status of their orders, but I haven’t heard from them yet. FEd, I’ll give them another call just to verify that they’re not giving you bogus information.

    FEd, this is one of those times when those of us who think that you’ve got the best freakin’ job possible are reminded that it’s not fun and games all the time. It can be a real pain in the ass sorting out ‘business’ issues. You seem to be holding up pretty well so far … keep up the good work!


    [Thank you. (They’re not giving me any information, by the way; David’s manager is.) – FEd]

  29. I agree with Fran. “Too much confusion, I just can’t get no relief.” Seems to be the issue here with all, even you Fed.

    Too many fingers in the pie is what I sense. This concert should be available to everyone, anytime. Let’s make it happen sooner than later.

    Just a thought.

    [Indeed. Some people just can’t follow a schedule. – FEd]

  30. Hello Fed!

    Thank you very much for this link to this amazing short interview with Mister Gilmour!

    It is nice to see him play drums and how our hero looks for the right words to give good answers.

    I ordered my 5 disc version weeks ago, Amazon Germany sent me emails about the pricing: the old prize was 63,99€ and the new prize is 57,95€.

    I wish you a relaxed weekend after the confusion during the last days.

    With best wishes from Berlin

  31. [Are the fans in Canada being shafted since we can’t buy the 5 disc version? – Paul Banks]

    Talking of fans in Canada, what’s the latest on there being any cinema showings north of the US border?

    [Sorry, nothing. There wasn’t really an earliest. – FEd]

  32. [One of the things that it has been on my mind is if the different versions of “Live In Gdańsk” will be arriving to South America. As you all must understand, I want to get the vinyl version of it or the 5 CD version. – Maximiliano]

    Just to update you, Mexico and Japan are two other countries committed to this release.

    So, these are the Sony countries – beyond North America – which should have the five-disc set available locally: Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Taiwan and Thailand.

    And these are the Sony countries – beyond North America – which should have the vinyl box set available locally: Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Korea, New Zealand, Taiwan and Thailand.

  33. I understand that Wot’s will be available as a download with the sets that have a web pass. I also understand that it will be one track per month that you can download. So my question is:

    If you buy or get the release in December, will you be able to download the December song as well as the other 3 from the prior months? Or does the cycle start with the first time you download (i.e. buy in December and start from the beginning with one song)? Or are you out of luck and only get 9 songs instead of 12?

    What did I say about spoon-feeding a few posts back??



    [Good question. From the date of the album’s release, you have exactly one year to obtain all the songs. So, if you bought your copy in December (of this year), four songs could be downloaded in that month. Thereafter, it would be one download each month until 22/23 September 2009. (The order of live tracks hasn’t yet been decided, by the way, but ‘Wot’s…’ is definitely the first.) If you bought your copy in December 2009, however, you wouldn’t be able to download anything. – FEd]

  34. Thanks for the interview. Almost forgot that we’ve got three brand new instrumentals to look forward to.

    This will probably be the first thing I watch.

  35. Thanks for clarifying the web pass feature. I was using December in the example for the sake of the holidays.


    [It was a good question. I’ll bet it comes up again at least once. – FEd]

  36. This new look is beautiful, Fed! Did you pick it out? It reminds me of Fruit Stripe chewing gum…mmmmm… I can almost smell it.

    I wanted to give my sympathies to Raymond and his family for their loss. I’m very sorry for you Raymond. I know it must hurt to lose your mom especially.

    Tomorrow will be 4 years since my sister died, so I won’t tell you that it gets better with time cause it still sucks as much as it did 4 years ago, but time does calm your emotions.

    I hope your bad days pass quickly.

  37. […You’re the kind of fan that Roger spat at. – FEd]

    Beautiful reply Fed. The manners of some people, or the lack of them sometimes is surprising.

    I have to say I want 5, 6 or even 7 CDs, DVDs or whatever I can get from this beautiful concert. Sorry but I am honest and greedy.

    I will get my Husband to go by the Best Buy in the town he works in, which is about 30 miles from our home, and keep my fingers crossed as to what is available to purchase. We don’t have Best Buy here in our little City so I will have to ask for his help. I’ll let you know what he comes up with.

    Oh yes, and about the new look of the blog. Does this mean David has changed the color of his socks also!

    It is very “Fat Old Sun” like. You know, green for the new mowed grass and yellow for the sun. OK, it is just a change, I get it. Change is good.

    Have a good week Fed.

    Barbara P

    [Thanks, Barbara. The same to you. – FEd]

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