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David on stage in Gdańsk, by Piotr Tarasewicz

With ‘Live in Gdańsk’ released across much of Europe today, and a good chance that the postman will deliver a few copies over the weekend, here’s what you should know about the web pass.

You get one with the vinyl set and also if your version comes with a DVD.

It’s your ticket to bonus content. In the case of the vinyl, that means you can download the entire concert; with the DVD, 12 live tracks and, of course, ‘Wot’s… Uh The Deal’.

You get a new track on the first of every month, starting with ‘Wot’s…’, which you can download now.

Insert the concert DVD into your computer’s DVD drive, go to and follow the instructions. Be sure to click Yes (or Run) to run the validation software, then OK to validate your DVD.

No personal data is collected. A cookie is left on your machine, but it expires within the hour. Therefore, you will need to re-verify your DVD each month.

With the vinyl, your web pass is more unique number (or access code), which you need to redeem online. Again, go to and enter an e-mail address. For future visits (as there’s a lot to download), the number and address must match.

Instructions are in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. There’s also a multi-language FAQ, should you encounter any problems, as well as e-mail support.

The release date for Brazil, Israel and New Zealand is Monday 22 September.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

75 thoughts on “The web pass”

  1. Have a nice weekend after a very difficult week! Hope all is well, Fed.


    [Thanks, the same to you. – FEd]

  2. HI FED and all good folks,

    Heartwarming to get the chance to hear Wot’s… very,very special in the circumstances.

    Have a good weekend everyone.

  3. Thank you for making it sound easy FEd. I’ve been worried about downloading “Wot’s… Uh The Deal” for a while and am still not sure that I’ll know what to do! Hubby is even worse than I am!

    You’re always so helpful with these things. Now I feel more confident about downloading.

    Do you think the postman will deliver mine today? I ordered from Play.

    [Tomorrow, more like. If you have any problems with the web pass, by the way, all you have to do is ask and I’ll try to help. – FEd]

  4. Hi FEd,

    Thanks for all the info. I found a store in Israel which sells the DVD (click my name above).

    [That’s great, Omer, thank you. – FEd]

  5. That’s one of my all time fave songs. And the first one I have learnt to play on the guitar. 😀

    Can’t wait to get the Gdansk version. 😀

    And FEd, you are doing an amazing job with the blog mate, seeing how hectic it’s been for the past days. Thanks for keeping it all running smoothly.


    [Thanks for that, I appreciate it. – FEd]

  6. Hi FEd,

    Thanks to Fran above that it’s not just me with this downloading issue! I hope when the web pass arrives I don’t have to ask my 9 year old daughter for help!

    Off to see Roger Daltrey and friends play in a barn tonight in Milton Keynes!

    Have a nice weekend all.

    Gary Hurley.
    London England.

    [Enjoy yourself, Gary. – FEd]

  7. Hey Fed,

    I think we are all looking forward to this weekend to be able to fully come to grips with the weeks events. I know Richard will be missed terribly by all his fans but I think you are different. I think he was your friend as well.

    I would like to see you off the blog for the take some more time for yourself. I think we can cope with all the Gdansk permutations and possible hiccups till next week.

    Cheers, Howard

  8. a great album after such a hard week, let´s enjoy live in gdansk, particulary rick who luckily is in there and must have done a terrific job like he always did.

  9. We are looking forward to hammering on the doors of our local HMV at 9am Monday morning to get our 5 disc set (and large box of tissues) which has been reserved for us.

    Dear Fed, you have done an incredible job this week. It must have been one of the worst times ever for you and although I didn’t have a chance to post anything it was a great comfort to know so many hundreds of other bloggers out there feel as sad as I do.

    All good wishes to one and all out there….its the first Friday for a long time that I’m actually looking forward to a Monday!

  10. FEd, great work under very trying circumstances.

    Looking forward to picking up Gdansk next week in Vancouver, Canada. It will have new meaning following what happened this week.

    I know we all want to move on, but I’d just like to say one more thing on Rick if that’s OK.

    In football, the highest non-competitive honour special players are accorded is the testimonial match, where invited fellow players take part. The equivalent in rock is the tribute concert. There is simply no doubt that Rick was a legendary giant of rock and fully deserves one.

    I hope David will take the lead and organize one. I’m certain rock royalty, past and present, will gladly take part.

  11. I have just got my Live in Gdansk CD/DVD set!! Me and my son [who is just 3 years old] have been listening to CD nr 1.

    Just one word: wonderful!!

    Two years ago I travelled all the way down from Holland to Gdansk, which was a great experience. The whole concert was great. I think I was the nearly the only foreigner at that moment…

    Just one remarkable thing is that during the song Time, there was a little mistake from Richard Wright; after the solo he started to sing the verse again, so at the end of that verse usually David had to start his solo, but he didn’t. After all I think it was Jon Carin who solved the problem with some good piano work…. On the CD they removed that occasion for one reason.

    Have a good weekend with some good music from Live in Gdansk!!


  12. I feel for you FEd, and everyone at DG HQ. It’s hard enough coming to terms with Richard’s death, let alone in the context of a major DVD release.

    I’m trying to think of it more as a celebration of his talent and life, but I can’t help thinking of it as a eulogy. It’s just so very very sad, and really unfair if I’m honest.

    I hope he’s jamming with Syd as we speak…

  13. Daft question but:

    Is there a time limit on when the web pass can be used?

    [Yes. You have exactly one year on from the date of release to download all the tracks. – FEd]

  14. F*ED ~

    Not sure if this site has been stated yet (click my name) but it’s a very good site to buy from with free shipping.

    Try and smile this weekend everyone…

    Peace to you all,

  15. And Mexico?

    Dave, you have to come to Mexico…U have a lot of fans here.

    I have to buy your DVD from the US. 🙁

  16. By the way, if you need confirmation, ‘Live in Gdańsk’ was released today in the countries I’d listed yesterday (Austria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the Republic of Ireland).

    It’s also out in Belgium today.

    (Sorry, Belgium. EMI only thought to pass the details on today…)

  17. Home, home again, I like to be here when I can…

    Came home from work and the pedal steel guitar of David filled the hall (“High Hopes”)… “Hi darling x .. wauw… dank je wel” … a glimpse of Richard … and now “Echoes” is playing with again a nice shot from Richard (disc 3).

    Jeemie, what great box with a few really good goodies and my birthday is in December… excellent!

    Must go and watch, listen and get shivers … thank you all who were on the shipyard… and specially Richard… will miss him.

    Remember that Night!

    Have a great weekend,
    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  18. Just in case you had any doubts I’m gonna get me a copy of the 3cd 2dvd ASACP (as soon as cash permits).

    Been wearing my Floyd tees all week as my little tribute to Richard. Hope everyone is picking themselves up. The show must go on as they say.

    Have a good weekend!

  19. Some drinks this weekend FEd? Me definitely.

    Take care.

    [Definitely. It’s Brahma this week. – FEd]

  20. Chaps…

    Toronto’s Q107 radio station has a full weekend tribute to Richard Wright starting today, Friday…

  21. Life is so preciously short. To do things that make us happy and that touch and inspire others is all we need to strive for. That’s the crux of the matter. A simple concept that Rick embodied, but it’s one that so many do not get. Until it’s too late.

    …let our pain and sadness be our awakening.

    May Rick rest in peace and may his family and friends find it.

  22. I have an older computer without a DVD drive. I have the 2CD + 2DVD version on order.

    Is there any way I can get the downloads?

    [Please click your name above and see the FAQ & Support link at the foot of the page. – FEd]

  23. [It’s also out in Belgium today. (Sorry, Belgium. EMI only thought to pass the details on today…) – FEd]

    It’s not like EMI to be slow with information, LOL!

    Wish I could get my hands on a copy today. Hope it comes tomorrow. One time I ordered a DVD that was out on Monday and it didn’t come until the Tuesday! If that happens with this, I might have to go out on Monday and buy another copy, but I have a feeling it’ll come tomorrow.

    [And the postman’s getting later and later, isn’t he? It could be a tense wait. – FEd]

  24. Hey FEd, hope you talk a long nice weekend for yourself! You did an amazing job through all of the craziness from the Gdansk release, as well as keeping the blog running smoothly after the sad loss of Richard.

    Cheers for you, Mate!

    Anyways, I was wondering if you knew whether or not we would be able to put the downloaded tracks onto MP3 players, like iPods. Will this be possible?

    Thanks, and enjoy the weekend!


    [I should certainly hope so. Again, please see the FAQ & Support section, which should be able to tell you more than I can. You can submit any questions that you may have, too. – FEd]

  25. Really looking forward to getting my 5 disc set delivered from the chaps at Amazon (UK) not sure when it will land but I got the week off anyway…

    As mentioned numerous times in this post already but no appologies for mentioing again, great work Fed on what has been a difficult week.

    Have a great weekend everyone,

  26. I just wanted to send you a big weekend smile, FEd, I know it’s nothing, but at least it’s a ‘sincere nothing’!


    [Thanks very much. – FEd]

  27. Fed,

    When you download the tracks, you mentioned they can go on one computer only. Can these be played thru an iPod or similar device, and does it allow you to choose the file destination of the song?

    Also, what is the bitrate, and quality of the download?

    (The reason I ask, is I’m deciding whether to buy the deluxe edition from Best Buy, or get the four disc version from my local independent store, and get the downloads.)



    [All I can say (without putting any noses out of joint, that is) is that the bitrate is 192kbps. Please click your name and scroll to the bottom of the page, click FAQ & Support and send your questions there. And please bring your answers back to us, if you can. – FEd]

  28. Hello Fed!

    I’m sorry I upset you for asking about the status of the Gilmour Strat…my apologies!

    Also a little off topic, but what is the story behind that little stuffed animal that is shown in the booklet of Remember That Night? I seem to remember Richard being very fond of that little bear! Also, that little bear seemed to get his own little backstage pass!!! The picture I saw with Richard and the little bear was great – he seemed so happy about it!

    Is there a cute little story about how this bear that joined the tour?

    [If there is, nobody shared it with me. (And you didn’t upset me, Johnnie, so there’s no need to apologise. If I’d stumped up all that cash to put in one of the first orders, I’d want it sooner than bloody December, that’s for sure.) – FEd]

  29. Hi Fed,

    Can’t wait for my 5 disc set to arrive. I will be off for a few days next week because I’m having a certain part of my anatomy adjusted so there will be no more little me’s running around anymore! It will be great to put my feet up and watch/listen to the discs.

    Hope that brings a smile to your face in this terrible week….


    [Enjoy, Jon. (The discs and putting your feet up, I’m not that twisted.) – FEd]

  30. Hi

    I just wanted to know when Live in Gdańsk is going to be released, here in Mexico.


    [I wish I could tell you, Manuel. I have asked. As soon as I hear anything, I’ll let you know. (The same for Chile and Argentina, which I hope will be Monday or Tuesday of next week, and Finland, Sweden, etc., which I suspect will be Wednesday.) – FEd]

  31. [We are looking forward to hammering on the doors of our local HMV at 9am Monday morning to get our 5 disc set – Heather]

    This has conjured images in my head of Gilmour fans gathering en masse outside the record stores of the nation on Monday morning singing ‘Run Like Hell’.

    “And the hammers batter down your doors/You’d better run!” (At least wait until we’ve bought our albums.)

    Well, we’ve been waiting since 09.44 on November 26, 2007 for this album. Now here we are, three days away from G-day (Terrible, I know). It’s been a long ride, hasn’t it? And not the happiest of endings either, but life goes on. I won’t be getting the album right away, but it’s top of my wish list.

    Anyway, enjoy the weekend, FEd and fellow bloggers. I think, with all due respect, I’m glad to see the back of this week.

  32. I just reread my earlier post FEd.. It sounded a bit heavy was just a suggestion.

    Cheers, Howard

    [Ah, bless you. That’s alright. The web pass-related questions should go to Push Entertainment, anyway. I’ve been giving up my evenings and weekends to try (probably failing miserably most of the time) to offer tech support here for long enough, so let them earn their money. Besides, I don’t think I’ll be able to comment on the controversial issue of downloads without saying the wrong thing. – FEd]

  33. Hi,

    the parcel arrived and now the still sealed deluxe package waits for me in the kitchen. It was a long day (just came from the office), so I’ll enjoy reading the goodies while eating and do a late night session listening…

    Have a nice weekend all of you!


    [I’m so pleased to hear it, Taki. Enjoy it. – FEd]

  34. Found my 5-disc set in the mail this afternoon. It is just a fantastic package; very nicely done, very high quality!

    I spun up disc 3 and staight away to Echoes. Beautiful and different from the RAH rendition. A true masterpiece.

    But seeing Rick playing his keys makes it now a very different experience…It’s such a shame, it saddens me no end…

    Well…let’s enjoy the (his) music!

    J M Hoogebben

  35. I’m very happy to announce that there are Easter Eggs on the DVD!!!!!!

    I’ll let FED decide how and when to discuss them…….

    [As was the case last time, let’s see who can find them for themselves (and how much time must pass before it’s released everywhere). Ideally, we’ll discuss them some time next week. – FEd]

  36. Doesn’t look like I’m gonna get my set by Monday, is listed as having all but the Deluxe set in stock.

    I’m looking forward to it though, even though I’ve got a feeling I wont get it until the end of the week. The post has been ridiculously slow with me this week, I’m still waiting for another 2 new releases to arrive and they’ve been in the post for 5 days!!

    Jackson Browne’s new album comes out Monday too, but Live at Gdansk will most definitely be my priority …whenever I get it…

    It seems like just yesterday it was first announced that there would be a live album of some form this year. Every year is getting shorter indeed…

    Hope you have a restful weekend FEd, that goes for all my fellow bloggers too! 🙂

  37. The loss of a loved one in a very humbling experience, and should make us appreciate what we have, but it makes me damn mad about what I have!

    I don’t feel like some of us deserve the world we live in, actually.

  38. Today I’ve found the 2-disc and 3-disc version in some shops in Poland. But I was told that the deluxe version would arrive tomorrow, so I’m waiting really excited.

  39. Oh, you lucky people. Many of you will get the discs this weekend. I have to wait until…??? Amazon Germany is sold out for the moment, don’t know, when they will have new disc-sets in stock.

    Nevertheless, have a nice weekend with the music from Gdansk.


  40. hi FEd

    i can’t remember my login details for the chatroom. i have been on before, a long time ago now. is there anyway of finding out what my details are please?

    many thanks

    stephen dobson

    [Please check your e-mail, Stephen. A reminder of your username and password has just been sent. (Actually, you had two, so please choose which you’d prefer to use and I’ll delete the other one.) – FEd]

  41. thanks for inspiring my life with wish you were here and animals, although i have not got the jag yet and don’t know if i ever will.

  42. From…

    “Your order for Live In Gdansk (3CD & 2DVD) – David Gilmour has been posted.”

    Doubt that it will be here before Tuesday, though. Play’s delivery estimates have become notoriously optimistic of late.

    I’m in the UK, BTW.



  43. […on the CD they removed that occasion for one reason – Teon Thönissen]

    i’m probably misunderstanding but are you saying they’ve removed the entire guitar solo?

    [No, don’t worry. – FEd]

  44. The question is: will it work in Linux? 😀

    The other thing is… I have just heard the sad news. I will be missing Rick… But the music is still with us.

  45. Hi,

    Have a nice weekend after a very difficult week! The Pink Floyd never dies.

    An embrace the size of Brazil.

  46. so sorry that rick has gone. lovely man. love the floyd music.

    watching eclipse, would like to come to the celebration of his life but understand if not possible.

    thanks for the music.


  47. Realmente es una tristeza muy grande, lo recordaré con una sonrisa al escuchar “esos” acordes.

    Hasta siempre Rick.

    Buenos Aires

  48. I look forward to buying the entire 5 DVD set and it feels more important now to treasure it as Rick Wright’s farewell performance.

    Since I could not post my condolences on the blog about Rick, I hope David reads this at some point and knows that like all countless Pink Floyd fans, I offer my heartfelt condolences to Rick Wright’s family, band members, fellow musicians and all fans.

    Rick was one of a kind in terms of music and personality and comes along only once in a lifetime.

    He will be terribly missed, but thankfully the music and memories will always live on.

    Shine On, Rick and I hope the Live at Gdansk CD/DVD will be a smashing success…

    And on a more positive note, hope to see a new David Gilmour album in the near future.

  49. For 40 notes I’m going for the 3CD/2DVD set, been drooling over it for a while at Amazon, amongst other pre-Christmas droolings

    If it’s not already been mentioned FE’d, for those that want to, click on my name for The Roxy Music Story on BBC iPlayer.

    Excellent, a welcome alternative for some at the moment? Lots of bands, some surprises, were influenced by Roxy, Ah radio. I learnt to play the sax because of Roxy Music.

    Also the Discovery Channel is promoting its new NASA series with Great Gig.


  50. I waited all week to settle in tonight and played Wearing The Inside Out from RAH. I broke down. I love that song.

    Fed, Any Colour You Like is fine by most of us right now.

    P.S. I have a feeling HMV won’t carry the box set on Tuesday here. I’ll wait as ever and enjoy it when the time comes. I’ll let you know soon.

    Take a break, sit back and reflect this weekend Fed, you most certainly deserve it.

    Rudders mentioned that Q107 are paying tribute to Syd and Richard all weekend. Peace!

  51. David, I am a fan of Pink Floyd since 1973, when I met the group here in Brazil.

    It is the Internet! I can send a message to you, after 40 years of listening to your music.

    The death of Rick Wright shocked us irreparably.

    I am now constantly communicating with you. How do I know you appreciated aircraft and know I have been producing aircraft here in Ribeirão Preto, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil?

    I do not believe that I am sending a message to the biggest musician, of the biggest rock group of all time.

    Be very happy David Gilmour!

  52. I just read this article about Rick and thought it one of the better pieces I have seen about him since his death. I thought I’d share it with you, though you may already have seen it.

    I know we’ve moved on from the memorial post, but this article is one of the few I’ve read that had any warmth and insight to the man. Most have been generic death notices cut and pasted from AP.

    At any rate, here you go (click my name).

  53. Received my 5 disc set this morning from Anthill. So glad I chose not to buy from a store on Monday.

    Can only comment on the presentation for now, looks great…..

    Anyhoo have to rush as I have some DVDs to see. Let you hear my comments later.


  54. [I just wanted to know when Live in Gdańsk is going to be released, here in Mexico. – Manuel]


    I’m pleased to say that will be released in Mexico on Monday (and in Argentina on Tuesday).

  55. F’Ed, you always provide such fantastic information. Thanks for that. And thanks for the really cool pics that decorate these pages. This Blog and the one before it feature great pics of David and his famed Black Strat.

    This Blog is, in my opinion, one of the great musician’s sites anywhere on the Web. There can be no doubt as to why that is so.

    F’Ed, your hard work and tireless dedication to David’s fans makes this place special. Thanks for all that you do.

    [Thanks, Dan. – FEd]

  56. Did I hear “Easter eggs”? – another generous release from David – thanks.

    Thanks for the big help, I too have a PC that doesn’t have a DVD drive, the information will be of great help to me.

    Enjoy the weekend all!

  57. [Also a little off topic, but what is the story behind that little stuffed animal that is shown in the booklet of Remember That Night? I seem to remember Richard being very fond of that little bear! Also, that little bear seemed to get his own little backstage pass!!! The picture I saw with Richard and the little bear was great – he seemed so happy about it! – Johnnie Floyd (Chicago)]

    That bear is Rupert. Rupert the Bear is a British children’s (and grown ups’, LOL) favourite.

    Please click my name for an article on the history behind Rupert the Bear.

    Looking forward to the 5 disc Gdansk set. I suspect my dear husband will be giving it to Santa though. Not that I mind.

    Have a lovely weekend, all.

    Best regards.

  58. [The question is: will it work in Linux? – Celi]

    No, it won’t as I found out last night. The applet is Java, but those who programmed it seem not to have heard that Java applications are meant to be operation system independent. Anyway, I already sent an e-mail requesting a working version but I (of course) did not hear anything yet.

    I’m not sure what I’ll do to download “my” files, but there are a few days left. 😉

    BTW: Their FAQ state that they support MacOS so a Linux port shouldn’t be too difficult…

    Best regards,


  59. Got mine, very well presented and a lovely insight into a fantastic gig.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy (Dublin)

  60. [No, don’t worry. – FEd]

    good to know then.

    please tell me that all twenty five minutes of ‘echoes’ is on the cd as well.

    [You’ll have your own copy soon, I’m sure. – FEd]

  61. I found it very therapeutic reading all these wonderful posts from everyone. Many of the posts are encouraging and uplifting which is what I need at this time. Thanks.

  62. [Been wearing my Floyd tees all week as my little tribute to Richard. – Ripper]

    Me too . . .

    Looking forward to getting my disc set in me hot little hands. 😉

    Thanks for everything you do, FEd!


  63. Hi Dave.

    I come from Brazil and am so sorry about Rick.

    I was a kid enjoying Pink Floyd. I am 43 years old today. I have a band and play the guitar too. But no better than you!! You are a very special guitar man.

    Can you just say to me one “Hi, Sergio”??

    Thank you very, very, very much !!!!

    São Paulo — Brazil

    [Sorry, Sergio: David reads, but doesn’t write here. Thank you for your message. – FEd]

  64. [Received my 5 disc set this morning from Anthill. So glad I chose not to buy from a store on Monday. – Alex Paterson]

    Can’t believe that Anthill got it out this quick with their track record, LOL!

    [That makes two of us. – FEd]

  65. Hi FEd,

    so is it correct to see only comments until 2008-09-20 2:40 on this page?

    Anyway, you still do a great job here, and having administered some sites, I can imagine what you have to do to keep things going on and us happy. 😉

    BTW: No answer about how to download the files using Linux. I’ll probably have to activate Windows and Network on one of my machines…

    Best regards,


    [That’s a shame, Taki, I’m sorry about that (and you’re right about there only being 50 comments per post/page now; the next batch is visible if you click the More Comments link beneath the 50th comment, but I might change this back to how it used to be if the issue with Recent Comments cannot be resolved). – FEd]

  66. [Can’t believe that Anthill got it out this quick with their track record, LOL! – Ben]

    [That makes two of us. – FEd]

    Me three.

    I’m actually quite suspicious. I wonder if this is why other retailers don’t have enough to go round.

  67. I’d just like to update you directly if I can.

    Everyone that pre-ordered with the official DG UK/Europe store will receive their deluxe editions, we did not take any orders we could not fulfill.

    All UK customers that chose priority shipping should have received theirs on a next day delivery – if you didn’t please email us so we can look into it.

    All standard UK and Europe orders have been despatched – I’d have expected most UK orders to have been delivered for release and most European deliveries should be with you this week, there will always be exceptions unfortunately and unless we personally deliver each item we are at the mercy of your local postal system.

    The vinyl sets to Europe are delivered via UPS due to the weight of the set.

    The only items subject to a slight delay were the t-shirts as they were shipped in from the USA but they have mostly shipped out now.

    I hope that helps anyone wondering what the status of their order placed with us is.

    Thanks for reading.

  68. Hi FEd, thanks for the clear instructions, everything worked!! It’s great to hear ‘Wot’s….Uh The Deal’.

    Can’t wait to see David tonight on Later….

    Take care,

    [Happy to hear it, Gary. Thanks for the feedback. – FEd]

  69. After seeing Gdansk on the big screen last night (in a big theatre w/ only a few people – where was everyone?), I can imagine the heaven it will be to spin the vinyl on my Linn thru a lush tube headphone amp into my grados resting on my ears. Gilmour’s playing is soooo clean and delicate.

    As someone who had worked on music and film/video related events, I’m impressed by the production value for an outdoor LIVE show, both visually and soundwise. Wondering if it was shot on the RED.

    Cheers to another successful release and the remembrance of an original diamond now shining w/ Syd.

  70. I received my Live in Gdansk in the mail at 1pm Monday PST. Thank you…really on the ball.

    What can you say about the brilliance of David Gilmour and Richard Wright? As a fan since the ’60s it is everything I had hoped for and more.

    I listened to Jools Holland over the phone with my brother in Morden at 2pm PST yesterday and just saw the live performance. My brother recorded it on DVD and will add the Friday show and mail it to me.

    What a great legacy, thank you David. It is obvious that a great deal of hard work went in to this album and DVD.

    Thank you also to the moderator of this blog. What a great job you do. Who are you, where are you and thank you, thank you, thank you? Being 6,000 miles away in the Sonoran Desert it really helps me to feel so connected.

    [Thanks very much, Cathy. I’m just another fan, really (in Wales). – FEd]

  71. Gotta say I’m feeling quite ripped off here in NJ.

    Purchased Live in Gdansk today at Target for $31.95 but had NO idea of the 2DVD version’s existence, or of the existence of a surround sound ‘Island’ mix.

    As a huge fan of 5.1 sound, and of “On an Island”, finding out that I’ll need to shell out all over again to get a copy of the second DVD is a huge bummer.

    This is fan abuse of the 1st order. Packaging should be more clear on multiple formats.

    Probably the last of my $$$ to Gilmour product/concerts.


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