I’m so sorry to break the sad news that Richard has passed away after a battle with cancer.

I really don’t know what to say other than that he was such a lovely, gentle, genuine man and will be missed terribly by so many who loved him.

And that’s a lot of people. Did he not get the loudest, longest round of applause at the end of every show in 2006?

If you wish to add anything, feel free.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. i was so shocked when i got an e-mail with the link to the bbc article in it.

    just want to say that richard will be missed and his memory will forever be honoured where pink floyd’s music is played and enjoyed.

    my sympathy to his family at this time.



  2. My thoughts go out to Richard’s family and friends and I do sincerely regret hearing of his passing.

    It is a sad day for keyboard players around the world to hear we have lost one of the best.

    Richard, you will always be loved. Thanks for giving us the reasons.

  3. It is a big shock! I will miss you and your music.

    Thank you very much for everything. I hope Pink Floyd will give you the right tribute.

  4. Richard Wright. I have always had and always will have the greatest respect for the man and his music.

    My most emotional and exciting moments in music were at the Earls Court DSOTM in 1973 – the Earls Court DB in 1994, when I introduced my first son to the wonders of PF – the Albert Hall OAI in 2006 with my second son.

    Today is a sad day.

    I want to celebrate Richard’s magnificent, powerful, often subtle and mighty contribution to the wonderful music of Pink Floyd, music that I have loved for the past 41 years of my life.

    Thank You, the quiet genius, your music lives on.

  5. Richard,

    I never met you but you touched me with your wonderful warm music and your gentle way.

    Thank you and my thoughts reach out on this sad day to your family and those that worked and played with you.


  6. I am almost too stunned to think of an appropriate reaction. All I can think of is the first time I saw Pink Floyd in 1988 at Nassau Collesum in New York as the spotlight faded in on Rick as he opened the show with the chords of “Shine on You Crazy Diamond.” The texture of his playing and voice will be sorely missed.

    Rest in peace Rick.

  7. This is really sad news. 🙁

    Also, from a purely selfish point of view, I’m sad that I’ll never get to see Dave and Rick performing Echoes together. I was hoping that to be the defining moment of Glastonbury 2009.

  8. richard wright, we love you! we will miss you!

    “we said goodbye before we said hello” (from richard wright’s summer ’68)

    rest in peace richard, we’ll be listening to you! all the floyd albums and your albums, wet dream and broken china.


    calvin s. bennett
    brooklyn, ny

  9. A sad day for every PF fan. What a beautiful person and musician has just passed away…

    RIP Mr. Wright.

  10. Devastated for his family. I loved Richard and this is terrible and shocking news. 65 is no age. He was always so kind and the most brilliant keyboard player, and David’s friend.

    Oh this is horrible and very, very sad. I can’t ever imagine anyone else playing keyboards for PF and for David.

    Richard was a special person, a legend, and he will be greatly missed. I am so sad.

    Love Cori xxxx

  11. Thank you Richard, for you music and your great personality that shows in your work. Although I’ve never met you, you seem such a nice man…

    I wish Strength to your family and loved ones and I’ll play -Summer ’68- in remembrance this evening. Rest in peace…

  12. I’m in total shock. I had no idea he was sick. Rest in peace Richard. You brought much happiness to many.

  13. Such very sad news. All thoughts with Rick’s family and friends right now.

    So many great pieces of music, you will always be remembered.

    R.I.P. Rick.

  14. One of the true “Greats” of British music passed away, never forgotten.

    Thank you for being a big part of my youth, God bless you.

  15. I am just to lost for words and shaken up at the moment. We lost not only a great musician today but a great spirit.

    My condolences to his family and friends.

    Wish you were still here.

    Best Regards

  16. I still can’t believe it!

    While I’m writing this my eyes are filled with tears… Such a great musician and human. His effort in Pink Floyd will be never forgotten. Rick – we wish you were here!

    Rest in peace and I hope I’ll have a chance to hear your great sounds…

  17. A sad, sad day indeed. R.I.P. Richard. My condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.

    Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!

  18. When my brother was killed in 1992 the music of Pink Floyd gave me great peace…..I have been a fan since the early 70s…I wish his family Peace in this most trying time…

    Wish you were here.

  19. May the good Lord bless Richard for the joy he’s brought to millions over the years through his music, and may He comfort his family as they grieve the loss of this most beautiful, talented, gentle, and humble man.

    Rick will be missed, but will live on forever through his music.

  20. Absolutely gutted. One of the world”s greatest musicians!

    First saw Rick with the Pink Floyd at MOTHERS CLUB in Birmingham in 1968 along with Dave, Roger & Nick.

    It is now impossible for the band to ever consider reforming. Without Rick there is no PINK FLOYD!

    You will never be forgotten Rick. Now you will be with Syd.

    God Bless you Rick.

  21. I’m shattered… the day is sad…

    Thank you Richard for all the moments of pleasure with your music. Now, I’m listening The Great Gig In The Sky like a tribute for you.

    Thank you Richard.

  22. I am so shocked to read the news about Richard Wright.

    I don’t really know what to say at this time except that he was a true legend and will be missed greatly by his many millions of fans around the world.

  23. Sincere condolences to Richard’s family, friends and colleagues.

    This is terribly sad news, I liked Richard very much, he seemed like a very nice person. I have been in tears too.

    Thank you for the beautiful music Richard you will be missed.

    ash X

  24. This is a very sad day for all music fans. Richard was a great keyboardist and composer and from all accounts, a very good and decent man. I was fortunate to see him play in Pink Floyd during the 70s, 80s and 90s. He will be missed by many.

    Rest easy, Richard. The Great Gig In The Sky awaits you now.

  25. I’m shocked. I don’t know what else to say at this moment:

    Rest in peace, Richard! Your music lives forever!

    In memoriam Richard Wright:

    “Every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time
    Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines
    Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way
    The time is gone the song is over, thought I’d something more to say”

    Some of his unforgettable lines from ‘Time’.

    Condolences to his family and friends,
    Thomas from Hungary

  26. Pink Floyd has been a staple of my music library for decades…when all other music fails to move me, I can always count on them to inspire.

    My thoughts go out to Richard’s family and friends…he will be sorely missed.

  27. Thank you very much indeed Rick for being here on this planet and for sharing your special kind of fantastic music with us.

    I´m really thankful to had the occasion to see you live on stage twice, 1994 in Berlin and 2006 in Munich.

    No more Echoes live….. Now only remains your spirit and your sound and voice on my CDs, DVDs and in my mind….. I´ll never forget you for the rest of my life.

    Now the upcoming “Live in Gdansk” will be strongly hard to watch and with other feelings like happened before.

    You´ll be missed, man – shine on, wherever you are…..

  28. I just heard the bad news of the death of Richard and it pains me a lot!

    My most sincere condolences to all his family and his friends!

    A strong hug from a fan from Italy,

  29. Hopefully Richard’s family and friends can somehow take solice in the fact that he was loved by so many people all over the world who never really knew him, due to his contributions to music, and Pink Floyd specifically. He was the master of his craft, a keyboardist extraordinaire. The emotions evoked from his chords and melodies are truly haunting, yet wonderfully emotional. It’s hard to watch and feel time slip by and along the way all our heroes eventually fade away….

    You will be greatly missed Richard, R.I.P.

  30. A quiet, modest gentleman but so talented.

    We will miss you. Thank you for being such a part of so many lives.

  31. very sad news! my condolences to his friends, family and bandmates.

    as long as memories remain the soul is immortal. shine on rick!!!!!

    peace and love,
    mark and debbie.

  32. Listening to the Gdansk set will be a strange and very sad experience now.

    It’s hard to come to terms with, especially since I was unaware that Richard was not well.

    The BBC seem to be qouting Fed’s words as David’s. These are your words, am I right Fed?

    I think I’ll listen to ‘Great Gig’.

    [Yes, those are my words. The BBC people have a habit of doing that. – FEd]

  33. I’ve just heard the very, very sad news. I grew up with the brilliant music of Pink Floyd and always admired Rick’s superb keyboard skills.

    On this sad day I will be thinking of Rick’s family and friends.

    Thank you Rick for some great, great music and a legacy of which you can be truly proud.

  34. This is a sad day, as Pink Floyd has been with me since 1972, when I discovered them at the age of 11. And strange really, as it was only yesterday when I sat marvelling at Richard Wright’s play on Animals (1977), one of my all-time favourite albums.

    A great musician has gone off on his last journey, may the good forces be with him…

  35. A very sad day. Forget the financial woes of the world, this puts everything into perspective.

    Richard, you brought us some wonderful music and you legacy will live on. Just played Great Gig, probably too loud. Miss you already.

  36. A very sad day. A true gentleman and a truly gentle man. A shining light in a dull, dull world.

    WYWH Rick. Your craft changed my life.

  37. I love you Rick.

    I am so sad you had to go so soon. You looked so happy on tour with David and I am grateful you got to hear the loudest of applause every night. You were unbelievably essential to the soundtrack of my existence. And millions of others.

    This week I will cry.

    Next week when I am watching your soulful brilliance on the Gdansk dvd, I will be smiling ear to ear, remembering a day before today.

    Have fun jamming with Syd, I bet it sounds great!

  38. Shine on Rick. I am 52yo. All I can say is that the music of PF saved my life (literally) on so many occasions over the years. Though I’ve mellowed somewhat, it continues to do so.

    David, thank you. There is a spiritual dimension to all this that I have given up trying to understand. Now, it is good enough just to listen.

    Carry on David, us old guys need you!

  39. I feel like someone just punched me in the chest. I’m blown away. I’m too stunned to say anything more right now than thank you Rick for all you’ve given me.

    My sincerest condolences to his family. One of the unheralded giants of the music world is gone.

  40. Such devastating news. You will always be remembered as a great musician. Richard you will live forever through your music.

    RIP Richard

  41. I can’t express the deep sorrow to hear this sad news. Rick was so talented and always in the background almost invisible yet so deft.

    Thank you Rick for reaching up to me and so many other PF fans over the years through your music, love and inspiration. We will never forget you!

    “And after all we’re only ordinary men.”

  42. Very sad indeed. He created beautiful, moving music. He had a touch and sensitivity unlike any other in his cohort. I’ve seen the Floyd and Gilmour’s band perform over the years since 1977 through the “On An Island” tour, and his presence was always felt in a most positive, emotive and enchanting way.

    Steve, NYC.

  43. Very sad news, I spent my whole life listening to Pink Floyd.

    R I P Richard. You will be missed.

  44. Grazie Rick per la tua musica, orgoglioso e felice di averti ascoltato nel 2006 a Milano e Venezia.

    Ci mancherai.

    Rest in peace, we’ll be missing you… :’-(

  45. I am deeply saddened by this news.

    Rick’s distinctive keyboard playing is the first music I remember truly loving as a young teen in the early 70s. His work on DSOTM and especially Wish You Were Here brought me great solace during periods of depression, and still do so to this day.

    Rick’s playing not only takes you to dark places of the soul, proving his own intimacy with pain and despair–more importantly, it helps you define the way back, mapping forgotten inroads through the heart.

  46. “Remember a day before today
    A day when you were young.
    Free to play alone with time
    Evening never came.

    Sing a song that can’t be sung
    Without the morning’s kiss.
    Queen – you shall be it if you wish
    Look for your king.

    Why can’t we play today?
    Why can’t we stay that way?

    Climb your favourite apple tree
    Try to catch the sun.
    Hide from your little brother’s gun
    Dream yourself away.

    Why can’t we reach the sun?
    Why can’t we blow the years away?

    Blow away, blow away
    Remember, remember”

    Rest in peace.

  47. C’est avec une grande tristesse que je viens d’apprendre la mort de Richard Wright…

    «Climb your favorite apple tree, try to catch the sun» (Remember a day, 1968)

    Shine On Richard, your music will be your legacy!

    We’ll be missing you!

  48. I’m shocked and saddened. Rick you were fantastic when I watched you on tour with David recently, I’m going to miss you as will many others. RIP.

    “Dreamers may leave but they’re here ever after.”

  49. Rick was Pink Floyd. Try to imagine Echoes, or any Dark Side song without him. It would be impossible.

    The underrated voice that just complemented Dave’s so well. The textures and sounds he created will never be duplicated.

    This is a truly sad day in my heart and the music world.


  50. Very sad day for all Pink Floyd fans. 🙁

    My condolences to his friends and family.

    Thank you so much, Rick…

  51. Es una noticia demasiado lamentable…

    Quizás el tiempo lo alcanzó, mas su legado se inmortalizó…Quisiera agradecer por dejarnos su herencia musical para siempre bajo el nombre de pink floyd, el mejor grupo musical de la historia.

    Su musica me acompañó cuando ya no quedaba nadie ni nada…haciendo por mi, lo que nadie mas pudo.

    mis respetos a su familia.


  52. A very sad announcement indeed.

    So few will ever realise the depth of musical wisdom and soul that Rick contributed.

    Never the same……

    Go and surprise Syd, Rick.


  53. This is such terribly sad news. I am truly saddened by it.

    My thoughts are with Richard’s family and closest friends, particularly Gala and Guy.

    David, if you’re reading, I’m also thinking of you. You’ve lost a dear friend and I hope you can take comfort from knowing that On An Island brought much joy to Richard’s life. You all seemed so happy together.

    A lovely picture, Features Editor.

    [Isn’t it? It’s from Abbey Road. – FEd]

  54. Another nail in the coffin of our youth as arguably one of the most under-rated members/contributors of any band moves to the Great Gig In The Sky.

    Us and Them…one of the great anthems of the 70s. F*ck.

  55. It’s really shocking…

    Just to think that we’ll never be able to hear another of his notes.. of his beautiful melodies..

    Rest in peace friend… you reached the eternity.

  56. This is truly a very sad day in Pink Floyd history. The greatest rock band ever has lost a great man.

  57. My thoughts and condolences go out to his family and loved ones as well as David, Nick and Roger.

    His music will echo forever – one of the great keyboard players of all time and he will be missed so much. Thanks for all the fabulous memories, not least Live 8 – RIP Richard.


  58. I’m crying as I write this, the one who deserved the most respect.

    Goodbye Richard, thanks for helping make Floyd the way it was, the best. Say hello to Rog. Rest in Peace.

    I’m absolutely blown away, I don’t know what else to say.

  59. OMG, what for sad news, I am totally shocked, and extremely sad, my heart goes out to his family and friends.

    Actually I didn´t know that he was suffering from cancer, he was looking just fine when performing with David last year and 2006.

    Besides David, Richard was my other fave Pink Floyd member. What a terrible loss for all of us.

  60. I had the privilege to see Richard twice in Munich (1994 and 2006) and in Frankfurt (2006). Always magical evenings.

    Pink Floyd would’ve been nothing without him.


  61. This is so sad. Thank you, Mr. Wright for all you gave the world. RIP. You will be missed.


  62. I am truly surprised and saddened to hear this news… He was a man honestly and rightfully adored by many.

    We’ll miss you, Richard.

  63. Con profondo sconforto apprendo questa triste notizia.

    Grazie Richard per le fantastiche emozioni che mi hai regalato e che continuerai a donarmi.

  64. “May the road rise up to meet you,
    May the wind be ever at your back
    May the sun shine warm upon your face
    And the rain fall softly on your fields
    And until we meet again, May God hold
    you in the hollow of his hand”

    Thanks for your wonderful, true music !

  65. First saw the Floyd 1969 at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon, been a fan ever since. This 55 year old is devastated. I took my girlfriend to see them at Knebworth in 1975, a year later she became ”The Wife” so I have a lot to thank them for.

    I always found Richard’s keyboard melodies almost hypnotic and I feel privileged to have grown up listening to his contribution to the band’s music.


  66. Truly sad news.

    Recently saw the “On An Island” documentary, and he came across so kind. An artist and a gentleman. He will be missed.

    Condolences to his family and friends.

  67. Completely devastated, without doubt the saddest day in music since John Lennon was taken from us 28 years ago. Pink Floyd would never have achieved what it did without his creativity on the keyboards, Great Gig and Us And Them are the two finest piano chord sequences ever written by man. A quiet and shy man of music stardom, greatly understated, but his talent will never be forgotten.

    It now brings into context how significant the reunion at Live 8 was, and I’m sure that the three remaining members will look back in several years time and be glad that they did it, one never knows when one’s time is up.

    I will never forget having had the pleasure to see “Reeeeechard”, (yes, he did always get the loudest roar) four times on the last tour David did, it was an honour and a privilege, it’s so sad that we’ll never meet again.

    RIP mate, and I can only send my deepest condolences to his family and closest friends.

  68. I don’t even know what to say. My heart is bumping, I’m out of nerves.

    He was maybe one of my favourite musicians. The most quiet Floydian, the one who gave few interviews, the different one. Not everyone knows what role he had in forming the Floyd sound.

    Anyway – his fingerprints on David’s album and subsequent tour are really easy to recognize. It’s a big pain. No one seemed to notice. Or maybe some did..but sometimes he did not look healthy.

    I can imagine how his family feels..And how David, Nick and Roger do…

    The musical world lost someone who was precious. RIP, Richard..

  69. The gentle soul of Pink Floyd. He’s been forever in my ears, and now in my heart.

    Bless you Richard, and rest in peace. Your music will live forever.


  70. This is devastating news. God damn it, cancer . . . go away.

    I am, however, thankful that so much of his talent and brilliance was captured so masterfully with the rest of the Floyd, and will live on.

    Shine on.

  71. I am shocked and saddened.

    His contributions to Pink Floyd are immeasurable. I loved hearing him play and loved seeing his quiet smile and demeanor in the videos I have of PF and DG. They have been a big part of my life for 35 years, listening to the songs that resonate in my heart.

    Bless his soul. Condolences to his family and friends.

    To “Reeshard” (as David Gilmour introduced him affectionately!)

    Victoria, BC Canada

  72. My deepest condolences to Richard’s family and friends. We all have lost a great man.

    He will be missed.

  73. Just shocking news.

    The DVD showed just what great chums they were.

    I remember vividly Rick being introduced at the Albert Hall on the first round of Dave Gilmour being back in the saddle. Fab song and what a response. Only just yesterday I lent my 2007 DVD out and told them to check out the Extras cos it was so honest of a great show behind the scenes.

    Naturally thoughts with David, Nick and Roger and above all the family. What a terrible loss of a fine Gentleman.


  74. There are many of us, Richard, who liked to “stay home to watch the rain”. That rain is now our collective tears of sorrow in hearing the news of your sudden passing.

    I hope that you’ll get to see Syd again.

    Thank you for some of the best music of my life.

  75. Such a sad loss.

    My condolences to everybody who is struck by this terrible news.

    (Utrecht, NL)

  76. I am devastated beyond words right now. I’m shaking with sadness over the loss of the one and only hero of mine. My heart has been shattered over this shocking news and I cannot even fathom what his family and friends must be feeling right now.

    I wish for the comfort of his family and continued beloved memories to help them through this very difficult time.

    Rest in peace Richard. You will ALWAYS remain in my heart and soul and I will miss you terribly.

  77. NO! I’m shocked… He was a great man. I love his Wet Dream and Broken China. I expected a third album…

    Rest in peace, Richard. You will be always in my heart, in my mind, in my ears.

    Your admirer from Poland – Chris.

  78. I was speechless at this very sad news. I’ve never met him but I feel that today I lost my very close friend. I was brought up with Pink Floyd music and Rick’s play has accompanied me since I was a kid. My eyes grow moist with tears…

    My condolences to his family and friends.

  79. My wife told me the news twenty minutes ago. Since then I have read all the comments before this.

    Richard, you were truly one of the most gifted of musicians. Thank you for all the wonderful music you have produced and played for us.

    My thoughts and prayers are for Richard’s family, and indeed for all his friends and fellow musicians.

    A truly sad, sad day.

  80. You will never be forgotten, for yourself and your tremendous talent. God’s blessing.

    My deepest sympathy to your family and friends.

  81. Wow, shocking news! I was really looking forward to seeing many more performances. I really hope that his current project material still makes it out to public.

    Tonight, I will burn a candle in my window and send his music soaring through the night. The city wakes for Richard Wright.

    You and your creative talent will be missed very much.

  82. I’m terribly shocked. I’m so sad about this, it’s just terrible news.

    Thanks for the music. We love you.

  83. Dear, dear Rick…how terribly sad. From your beautiful introduction to Shine On You Crazy Diamond and graceful piano of Great Gig, to the wistful charms of Summer ’68 and Echoes, your contribution to some of the greatest music of all-time remains unforgettable and we will always remember you.

    I was honoured to meet and chat with you a number of times, such as in Amsterdam on David’s last tour, where I could sense the joy you felt at playing the music you made together once again. Your smile said it all.

    My thoughts are with your family at this tragic time. God bless you.

  84. Immense sadness. Richard we will miss you. Thanks for all the music and joy you gave to the world, your legacy is immortal

  85. I’m just petrified with sadness. Don’t find the words to tell you more …

    Bye Richard, thanks and I won’t forget.

  86. Thank you so much for the great music and wonderful moments you have given us!!! Your music will always be part of my live.

    I know for sure your great gig in the sky will be wonderful!

    Rest in peace beautiful diamond!!!

  87. It was too soon for Richard Wright. It is fortunate, however, that he did live long enough to know his contribution to the success of Pink Floyd was essential – particularly from his former band mates.

    In fact I would say, in spite of the talents of Roger Waters and David Gilmour, that Wright was the true (and first after Syd Barrett) lead singer of the band. His music brought comfort and joy to many.

    For any artist that is mission accomplished.

  88. I am totally numb, but unfortunately not comfortably.

    I can’t believe it, really shocked at this terrible news. Such a tragic loss. I was only listening to ‘Wearing the Inside Out’ a little while ago. Love that song and Rick’s vocals.

    I’m devastated I never saw him in concert. He’ll be desperately missed.

    RIP Richard.

    Huge condolences, firstly to his family and friends and to David, Nick, Roger and all fellow Floyd fans. xx

  89. This is a truly sad day for music.

    I was just listening to Raving and Drooling and You Gotta Be Crazy yesterday. I was thinking how great his keyboard playing was on those songs.

    I also saw him on the tour a couple of years ago and thought his playing was outstanding!

    One of the great inventive musicians of our time. There will not be another like him again.

    I wish him peace… Wish he was here.

  90. Sad news. 🙁

    Thoughts go out to his family.

    Old enough to have been with PF from the start. He will be sorely missed.

    Off to his Great Gig In The Sky. 🙁

  91. Rick Wright is the reason I got interested in Pink Floyd in the first place when I was learning the keys over 30 years ago. I was so happy he was part of David’s tour in 2006, and he seemed so pleased to be there.

    My condolences to his family and friends. We will all miss him a great deal.

    Martin de Montréal

  92. This past weekend I listened to The Wall and Dark Side in their entirety while house cleaning. Something compelled me to listen to some Pink Floyd.

    Thank you Richard for all you have left behind – you and the rest of your bandmates will go down in history as one of the best bands to grace this world .. RIP.

    Tonight I shall fire up “Remember That Night” on BluRay in your honour.

  93. Such a sad, sad day. A true gentleman, so quiet, modest and unassuming.

    My condolences to his family and friends.

  94. Such a very sad day!

    Richard will be missed by millions around the world. In some way, we spend so much time listening to his music, it’s like losing a close member of our family.

    Thankfully we have his legacy to soothe our souls.

    Godspeed Rick!

  95. go in peace, rick… you were such a great bloke. we all here in brazil will be praying for you.

  96. I woke up this afternoon to such sad news.

    My first thought was for Richard’s family, including the inestimable Guy Pratt, remembering how cheerful he was Sunday on his show.

    My second thought was for this family here, the bloggers, and our collective sorrow that such a talent and fine gentleman was no longer with us.

    My third was of the Odeon in London, where many of us had the good fortune of seeing him perform and do what he did best, the surprising bearhug he gave David at the end of the Island Jam.

    When I see the Gdansk premiere at my local theatre next Monday, I know there will be tears in my eyes then as there are now.

    Richard Wright was the reason I wanted to learn keyboards, because his sound touched my soul in ways no other pianist or keyboardist ever did. For that, I will treasure his memory forever.


  97. Rick composed the soundtrack of my life like the other Floyd members. Today a part of me died with him.

    Thanks for all, Rick!

  98. Rick – thank you so much for being part of some of the most beautiful music I have heard on records and in concert halls. So sad to hear today’s news.

    Hope you are joining Syd now for one last Great Gig …

  99. I was stunned to hear the news just now.

    Rick, thank you for giving me such delight every time I heard your music. You will be sorely missed.

    My condolences to his family and friends.

  100. Sad news. My thoughts are with his family and friends.

    My memories of that Shine On intro at Versailles and Echoes at the RAH will live with me forever. Thank you Richard.

  101. A great shock and sadness. Rest well Rick you will be well remembered.

    Thanks for the wonderful music. You touched us all.

  102. Sad. Very sad. Very bad news this evening…

    Here in France we’ve loved Pink Floyd for a very long time, and we love Rick too. He brought so much to the band…

    For us, he’s a very talented, but too modest musician; We could read his kindness on his face, and see his great talent in his fingers…

    Rick cannot die. His music lives forever.

    Goodbye Rick, rest in peace. You live in our hearts.

  103. I am so shocked! I loved how he played those keyboards as I am a pro player myself. I am nearly in tears.

    Christopher Mills

  104. Sad news I heard on the 6 o’clock radio.

    Pink Floyd have been in my life and their music in my head since I bought Dark Side of The Moon when I was 12. I’m 48 now and there hasn’t been a day gone by when I sought solace in their music, it’s been my rock and support when life was tough and I introduced all my children to it as they grew up. My latest Oscar will be no exception (8 months) although Richard has gone he will always be there in my headphones…

    Go quietly to a better place and watch over us all, God Bless.

  105. I am in complete shock. I had no idea he was even sick.

    From the best band of all time, thanks for all the beautiful music which has been the soundtrack to my life.

    You will be missed.

  106. Rick – your music shines on and your friendliness will always be kept in mind. Rest in peace.


  107. I’m saddened and upset by the news of your passing.

    I listened to “The Great Gig In The Sky” just this morning, and thought of you as I heard your beautiful chord arrangement.

    Rest in peace my friend, your music lives on.

  108. My condolences to Richard’s family, friends and Pink Floyd staff. And to all of us who loved Ritchie’s GREAT music.

    First time I heard Pink Floyd in 70s when I was only four (my dad loves them as well) and during 30+ years the band has been my favourite one.

    Very sorry to feel that the greatest musicians of the last century are passing away.

    R.I.P., like we Russians say, “let the ground of his grave be easy as feathers over him”. We’ll remember you, Ritchie……

    Respect, Vadim (Odessa, Ukraine)

  109. Go make a great gig in the sky Rick. Your music will always be loved and appreciated by many.

    Thanks for all you did and for changing lives with your beautiful piano and vocals.

    You will live forever!

  110. I’m totally lost for words.

    I also had the privilege of seeing Rick with Dave at the RAH in 2006. It truly was a night to remember and the standing ovation he got showed how appreciated he was.

    R.I.P. Richard, you’ll be missed by us all.

  111. I am very sad. A part of me just died too.

    I had no hope seeing the Floyd together anymore, not more than a childish fantasy, but I am affected as someone, being the member of a band I listen to on a daily basis, has just vanished. Along with Dave, Nick and Roger, he is the foundation of my life as a musician.

    I know he will live on through all of us.

    My dearest condolences to Richard’s family and to his closest friends too.


  112. What can I say that hasn’t been said already a hundred times in the last hour?

    Lucky enough to see Rick on many occasions with band and lastly with Gilmour at Clyde Auditorium Glasgow in 2006 – epic Echoes will live long in the memory.

    Condolences to Rick’s family and extended Floyd family.

    R.I.P Rick and say hi to Syd!

  113. Como admirador incondicional da banda Pink Floyd, acordei hoje mais triste! Richard Wright, célula vital desse organismo musical que é o Floyd, passou para o mundo espiritual.

    Sabemos que não há explicação para este fenômeno, apenas que todos teremos nossa hora, mas, ainda assim ficamos inconformados e perplexos quando acontece com quem queremos bem.

    Richard, esteja você onde estiver, saiba que seus “climas” e acordes musicais já estão fazendo falta a este planeta!

    Esteja com Deus e até breve…

  114. I got the call from my drummer this morning; we’re going to put our usual set on hold a rehearsal tonight and just play Floyd tunes in memory of Richard.

    I just want to say that I’m so grateful to have your music, Richard Wright, because I was never gifted with honor of seeing you perform live – my kids will know all about you.

    I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon; God bless you and your family.

  115. Dear Rick, your spirit lives on through the beauty of your music. You will never be forgotten. May you rest in peace.

    My condolences to his family.

  116. Nós brasileiros Pink Floydanos, estamos de luto com a morte do R.W, é muito triste saber que o fundador da banda que mudou a minha vida, meu modo de pensar, faleceu.

    Ele estará agora tocando teclado no céu, fazendo seus dedilhados psicodelicos sendo acompanhado pelos anjos em harpas.

    Descanse em PAZ R.W, e obrigado por sua música.

  117. Such a sad day! We will miss you Rick!

    The ping of Echoes, the drone of Shine on and the Great gig will sound all the more poignant now.

    Our thoughts go out to his close friends and family, but in particular to Rick!

    Have a beer in the great old pub in the sky for me!

    Cheers Rick, thanks for sharing your talents with us. We won’t forget it!

  118. Dear Richard, may you know peace in that Great Gig in the Sky! You will be missed by your many fans and even more so by your loved ones. You will always be remembered as a gentle man with a kind and expressive soul.

    I have always maintained that the greatness of Pink Floyd was embodied in the musical synergy of you and David Gilmour. As David said, you are irreplaceable. Now, in your absence, Pink Floyd is truly past. I remember my excitement in hearing the opening bars of “Wearing the Inside Out”. To me, it meant that Pink Floyd was back, in earnest. As much as I idolized David as a guitarist, I knew you were an intrinsic part of Pink Floyd’s soul.

    Such a pleasure it was to see you performing with David in 2006. We were all so lucky to have shared.

    Thanks for the music and the memories.

    With sympathies to your loved ones,
    Michael Orzek

  119. I just, just don’t know what to say, I’m really shocked and moved! I didn’t know he had suffered from cancer, unfortunately I didn’t make my best to see him live in concert last time in Gdansk! Gosh I am so sad.

    Please FED we should make website and blog black and white! We have to show we respect him as much as we can!

    Mr Wright, rest in peace. Poland misses you so much from now!


  120. Hi, I am from Brazil!

    We are all sad here, with the loss of music muldial. Without doubt one of the greatest keyboardists in the world!

    Richard, thanks!


  121. It’s the end of a dream.

    Shine on, Rick. You’ll be always with us. The man dies, but the magic remains.

  122. Pink Floyd are very much a part of my teenage memories. It is so sad that Richard has succumbed to this terrible disease.

    My condolences to his family and friends for their sad loss.

  123. I can’t describe the heartache I feel right now. I can’t imagine the heartache his family and friends feel…

  124. Rick will be having a great gig in the sky forever now and smiling down on us all.

    My condolences to his family and friends.




    I’m devastated. =(

  126. I’m absolutely gutted to hear of such sad news. Light and Love to all Rick’s family.

  127. First of all my heart goes out to Richard’s family.

    A last note to Richard: If only you knew how many times you moved me to tears with your unbelievably beautiful music. It really hurts that you’re gone.

    Through your music you have helped me through many dark times in my life and you have been responsible for many of my most joyous.

    Simply put, you have touched my soul.

  128. watched live in pompeii only last night for my fav track of yours, echoes. very sad. followed you guys since 1970.

    rick was a REAL keyboard player, a funny, honest and genuine guy. a great loss to music.

    R.I.P RICK.

  129. Je suis u fan des Pink Floyd et je suis peiné par cette disparition, condoléances à ses proches.

  130. The news is too much – such sadness!

    God Bless you Rick. May you Shine On forever and ever in the Great Gig in the Sky.

  131. My sincere condolences to all his family, friends and people whose lives he touched. This man will be truly missed!!

    Dear Mr Wright, may your star shine forever!

    R.I.P dear Richard…….I’m lost for words.

  132. Such sad news. Don’t know what to say.

    Rick, we will miss you.

    My condolences to his family & friends.

    Ernest Peske

  133. My sincerest condolences to Richard’s family and his extended family of fans all around the world.

    When I first heard this news it felt like I was kicked in the stomach and I have been trying to hold back the tears.

    The sheer beauty that Richard gave to the world can never be equalled and I feel especially honored that I was fortunate enough to have seen him perform more than once over the years. David’s Radio City Music Hall show in 2006 was the last one and being able to share that memory with my son makes it even more poignant.

    I love Rick Wright. Sail on my friend…

    “Sail on
    Sail on, across the sea
    Ride the waves, feel the breeze
    Sail on
    There’s no other way I’d rather be…”

  134. I don’t really know what to say. All my thoughts go to Richard’s family and friends at this difficult time.

    He may be gone but I’m certain that he won’t be forgotten. I for one will be listening to Broken China tonight in his memory.

    RIP Richard.

  135. I feel like I’ve had the breath kicked out of me. I am so sorry to his family and everyone that loves him.

    Is there a memorial fund, perhaps a favorite charity we could contribute to?

  136. Sad. Were watching him last night in the Albert Hall gig with Gilmour.

    We’ve lost one the best.

    With love from the boys in Syria.

  137. Terribly sad news today. Richard’s music will live on forever, but he will be dearly missed.

    My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends during this difficult time.

  138. I’m so sad. With Mr. Wright we lost one of the rare masters. Pink Floyd is not Pink Floyd without him.

    From musician to musician – respect, thanks and love.

  139. Such a massive loss to all music lovers the world over.

    When you look deeply, no one ever had a harsh word to say about Richard.

    Watch the DVD of Remember That Night (the documentary) and you’ll see a man happy in his own skin. He deserved that happiness.

    But most of all remember his family. Us lot were just his fans, so imagine how his children and grandchildren and loved ones feel.

    I’ll say a thank you tonight for his life, but my thoughts are with his family.


  140. I can still remember living in a moderately strict pentecostal home here in Michigan, However, I wanted to listen to rock ‘n’ roll. Nearly at the same time, we had just gotten MTV (the parents didn’t know yet) and Pink Floyd, The Floyd I grew up with, was introduced.

    My brothers had gotten me into pro wrestling, and their influence played another role – the introduction of The Floyd. Here they were, giving away a Pink Plane and Flying Lessons, the MTV Weekend was dedicated to them and they, at that point began to assist with setting the bar for me, so to speak. Here were David, Rick, and Nick, with these other young hip musicians and this lineup of backing singers that blew me away.

    Take into consideration the lasers, flying pigs, cutting edge video, etc. (you all know what I mean). I had to learn more and bought about every book I could find (on them).

    Through bootlegs, interviews, and the rarely written article I started to learn more about media…

  141. This is desperately sad. I have been a devotee of the Floyd since 67 and they have been such an influence in my musical taste that this really cuts me up.

    As David Gilmour says, Richard always gave the impression of being such a lovely, gentle man.

    I remember being at the Usher Hall concert in Edinburgh during the seventies and it remains to this day to be the best musical experience of my life.

    I hope Richard’s family get through this terrible time.

    Thank you Richard for 41 years of absolute pleasure and not a little peace!

  142. I’d also like to add that it was a pleasure seeing Rick on these last tours he did. Without knowing him personally he finally seemed at easy with himself and his playing was among his best ever.

    You will always be remembered.


  143. I heard the news a little earlier this evening and I’m still in shock. This is very sad news for anyone who loves Pink Floyd and understood what a part Rick played in their music. It was clear during David’s 2006 tour how much Rick was loved by fans.

    My sympathy to his family on their tragic loss. Shine on.

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