'Remember a Day'

'Richard Wright, by Liz

David will still be appearing on Later… with Jools Holland tomorrow night (and also on Friday night). He has changed his songs and will now perform ‘Remember a Day’ and ‘The Blue’ instead. He will also be talking with Jools.

Please see the calendar for times.

‘Remember a Day’ was written and sung by Richard Wright, who died last week. The song features on Pink Floyd’s second album, ‘A Saucerful of Secrets’.

Thank you, Liz, for the lovely portrait.

‘Live in Gdań„sk’ is out today across Europe, and also in Brazil, Israel, Mexico and New Zealand.

Tickets are still available for cinemas in the States tonight, if you want to see the Gdań„sk concert. Go to The Bigger Picture website and click the graphic at the foot of the page. When you see that image full-screen, you should also notice a link for THEATERS AND SHOWTIMES on the left, which will tell you everything you need to know about where this one-night-only event is taking place.

‘Live in Gdań„sk’ is out tomorrow in Argentina, Canada, Uruguay and the US.


  1. Bobby

    The perfect tribute to Richard, I salute you all.

    I noticed you left a space behind the keyboards for him.

  2. Giordano

    Good morning, I’m Giordano.

    Thanks David, thanks Richard for all. Special moments, unforgettable.

    I am here and my teacher is away, honor to him and his music.

    Vi voglio bene.


  3. julia

    watched the jools holland live (30 mins) on i-player. it’s also pre recorded for a longer version (1hr) with 3 songs friday nite on bbc4 and after they are having a few floyd programmes.

    want to say i was gutted when i heard about rick..felt dead inside… as you can tell i was named julia… after julia dream which is so cool.

    but have to say as a little girl my mum said she went into a trance at the great gig in the sky…..

    he has left a legacy that will live on!!

    i wish david, nick and roger all my love…as a huge fan all i can send you is a virtual hug (useless, i know).

    i hope his family and his fellow band mates will find some comfort knowing how many hearts he has touched.

    u will be missed by many….

    and a tribute concert when appropiate… for his fans to say goodbye might be nice (BIG HINT).

    love u all xxxxxx

  4. Rob Brazier

    I got ‘Remember That Night’ for my 50th birthday and have just finished watching the tour part of the ‘extras’.

    David Gilmour can feel good about how happy Richard Wright was on his tour. After the Pink Floyd disintegration he must have felt musically wrecked and to hear him say what a good time he was having playing and touring was very uplifting and moving for me, as I was watching the film just after his death.

    A Floyd fan from 16, I feel, like lots of people, a little light has gone out of my life. My last memory of him will be of his playing and having a good time on that tour with his friends.


    [Damn right, Rob. Just how well did he play on that tour? You play like that when you’re having the time of your life. – FEd]

  5. Isabelle

    Dear David,

    I am writing from Paris.

    I’ve listened to your music since I was 10 (in 1974) and, last evening, in tribute to Rick Wright, I have listened to More, Meddle, Wish You Were Here. It gives me thrills, as usual.

    How strong, rich and deep your music is!

    When I was around 30, I attended one of your shows for the first time and it was full of emotions.

    I have to confess: even if I appreciate Nick and Roger’s work, Rick and you were and are still my favourites. Your playing suits so well together.

    Wish Rick were here.

    I enjoy your way to compose chromatic spaces and atmospheres.

    By the way, David, are you interested in painting? Do you think painting is a part of your inspiration? Kandinsky and Klee put music at the top, they considered it as the pure abstraction. Do you have some favourite painters, visual artists?

    Very best, Isabelle

  6. Paulo André Bandeira

    David, you are a great man! Very nice tribute!

    I have reserved at a Disc Shop my “Live In Gdansk” 4 Disc pack, I’m waiting to see it and I have a high regard for it!

    Best Luck for you!

    A hug from Portugal!

  7. ash

    I didn’t get into the Blog yesterday until about 11pm so haven’t read everyone’s comments yet, certainly been busy in here!

    I saw David and the guys on Jools Holland. They did excellently well and it was obvious they were full of emotion. I really felt for them.

    David, Guy, Phil, Steve, Jon:you are all true star performers and professionals. That was a wonderful tribute to Richard. 🙂

    ash X

  8. ash

    I’m still waiting for my Amazon order. Sorry Nate, principals and all that, I went out and bought a five disc set (from an independent that only had one copy!)

    I listened to the first CD the minute I got home, the family was in so I couldn’t crank the volume up, but I got shivers, goose bumps and tingles. It was better than sex.

    I was out all day yesterday so couldn’t play anything. This morning however (evil glint in eye), I have the house to myself. I put disc two in and about two minutes in spoke out loud, “f*ck me this is good.” Turned volume up a little, a little later, kinell (thanks Rudders, that’s a great word), this IS good, turned volume up again. It’s so unbelievably good.

    I have never heard another group of artists able to reproduce what they did in the studio but this group do even better live!

    And finally we have an incredible live recording. Blowing the roof off my house at present. 🙂

    ash X

  9. Michael A. Adashefski

    One of the things I’ve found very moving about the DVD content is the Gdansk Diary with Lech Walesa.

    Part of my family ancestry is Polish and to finally see this type of artistic freedom in Poland after years of oppression is a hopeful sign of change.

    For many years rock musicians had to meet secretly to play their music or they’d be persecuted by the government, so maybe now things will turn around for the better.

    Let’s hope so.

  10. Mark Stay

    I thought the reinvigorated rendition of ‘Remember a Day’ was a wonderful tribute to Richard Wright.

    Here’s an idea – how about releasing it as a download single with the profits going to a cancer charity of Richard’s family’s choice? This would be a great way for his many fans to help others in the same terrible situation.

    I appreciate that there may be rights issues with the BBC that may make this impossible, so as an alternative, perhaps we could post a link to said charity on the site so we can make donations ourselves?

    What do you think?

    [If Richard’s family had a specific charity in mind, of course. – FEd]