'Remember a Day'

'Richard Wright, by Liz

David will still be appearing on Later… with Jools Holland tomorrow night (and also on Friday night). He has changed his songs and will now perform ‘Remember a Day’ and ‘The Blue’ instead. He will also be talking with Jools.

Please see the calendar for times.

‘Remember a Day’ was written and sung by Richard Wright, who died last week. The song features on Pink Floyd’s second album, ‘A Saucerful of Secrets’.

Thank you, Liz, for the lovely portrait.

‘Live in Gdań„sk’ is out today across Europe, and also in Brazil, Israel, Mexico and New Zealand.

Tickets are still available for cinemas in the States tonight, if you want to see the Gdań„sk concert. Go to The Bigger Picture website and click the graphic at the foot of the page. When you see that image full-screen, you should also notice a link for THEATERS AND SHOWTIMES on the left, which will tell you everything you need to know about where this one-night-only event is taking place.

‘Live in Gdań„sk’ is out tomorrow in Argentina, Canada, Uruguay and the US.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Well, my 5 disc pack hasn’t arrived from PLAY yet but hope everyone else is enjoying theirs! Just thought I’d post FEd as they are all probably busy with their Gdansk sets and might ignore the blog today!!

    Hope you had a good weekend FEd and regards to David for what is going to be a difficult week.

    Best Wishes

  2. Hey, hey, hey!

    Just got home from work to find a lovely package on the doormat containing the 4 disc edition of Live In Gdansk!

    Have to say the cover and packaging look fantastic, but it’s what’s inside that counts. Not had time to watch and listen just yet, but having devoured all the previews I know it’s going to be something special.

    A fitting tribute to Richard indeed!

  3. Hi FEd,

    Hope your weekend wasn’t too bad, all things considered?

    I failed in the ballot for tickets to ‘Later…..’ but as I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve I’m not sure I’d have handled it very well, it’s bound to be an emotional occasion for the audience let alone for David – and what a wonderful tribute to his friend…….

    Gdansk dropped through the letter box today (with a mighty thud as it is the 5 disc version!). Had only 15 minutes at lunchtime so threw the DVD on and watched C. Numb, in 5.1, very loud. It’s stunning, simply stunning!! David’s lead just flys out the speakers at you, just brilliant.

    Tinged with sadness of course, but lovely to see Richard performing – anyway I’ll settle down and have a proper play tonight.

    [It was too short, as always. When are we going to switch to a three-day weekend? – FEd]

  4. What a beautiful picture by Liz!

    And a tip of the hat for Mr. Gilmour to change his choice of songs.

    And, back to the rush of today, “Live from Gdansk” is getting massive promotion on Dutch radio station Arrow Rock. If you tune in it will be hard to miss (click my name).

    [Thanks for that, Ivo. – FEd]

  5. I’ve just paid £46.99 for the 5 disc version at my local HMV.

    Isn’t that a bit pricey – I coughed up as the chap who served me reckoned that there aren’t that many 5 disc sets around. Any truth in that?

    Delighted with what I got though – really well put together package. Particularly like the postcards!


    [It does seem as though EMI under-ordered. – FEd]

  6. [It was too short, as always. When are we going to switch to a three-day weekend? – FEd]

    That reminds me a line from SNL when they put in the mouth of Doubleyou: “24/7, that means 24 hours a week, 7 months a year.” 😉



  7. Fed, I hate to bother you with stupid questions but I really didn’t know who to ask.

    How do I get Jools Holland’s show on internet?

    [You don’t, unless he puts a clip on his MySpace page. BBC iPlayer is for UK viewers only. I’m sure it’ll be on YouTube eventually (no links, you can find it for yourselves, thank you). – FEd]

  8. Hello Fed. How are you doing?

    That’s amazing, Liz. Nice work! Perhaps I should start doing portraits to submit sometime.

    Looking forward greatly to tonight’s premiere. Hopefully they don’t sell out before I get there. I wonder how many irregulars I’ll meet at the Wilkes Barre showing?


    [Have a good evening, Diane. – FEd]

  9. Hi FEd.

    Thanks again for another useful update on things, and may I say you have been absolutely wonderful over the past week, frantically updating the Blog at such a hectic and emotional time. Thank you. I also like the jazzy new layout.

    Watching Remember A Day will certainly be an emotional experience for us all, though I am in great anticipation at the same time.

    I haven’t ordered my copy of Gdań„sk yet, due to a lack of money, although hopefully I will be able to order the 5-disc set today from hmv.com (coming to £35.99 when 10% student discount comes into play!).

    [You’ve got to love student discounts. – FEd]

  10. Well, I came home today after school to discover my Live in Gdansk 5-disc box set has finally arrived! 😀

    What a beautifully designed package. Thank you very much David! This has made my day! 😀

    And what a lovely portrait from Liz. 🙂

    Thank you Richard. For the music and the memories. 🙂

  11. Phew…um.. er. Live in Gdansk!

    David, each release just gets better and more sublime every time. Very polished and professional. Some amazing sounds, and emotional moments for me over the weekend. This set is an absolute classic.

    I bought the 5 disc set and it gets a 10 out of 10 from me my friend.

    The Barn Jams were a nice wee extra, I could listen to them all day.

    BTW. I found an egg.

  12. [You don’t, unless he puts a clip on his MySpace page. BBC iPlayer is for UK viewers only. I’m sure it’ll be on YouTube eventually (no links, you can find it for yourselves, thank you). – FEd]


    [Sorry it wasn’t a more positive answer. – FEd]

  13. Here’s an update, which I’ve just this minute received from EMI (I’ll leave it up to you to comment on how late this update comes and how helpful it is now, as I’m trying to be good):

    The two-disc set will not be available in Spain.

    The three-disc set will not be available in Belgium, Holland or Italy.

    The four-disc set will not be available in Germany, Spain or Switzerland.

    The five-disc set will be not be available in Portugal.

    The vinyl set will be released in France on Monday 29 September.

  14. What a beautiful picture, Liz! Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

    I hope the Jools show makes it to YouTube. That’s going to be something special.

    Hopefully this week is better for everyone.


    [If it does make it to YouTube, remember: I don’t want to hear about it. – FEd]

  15. Great news about David performing on Tuesday, I also tried for tickets, no luck though.

    Re: Ruan’s post about the five disc set at HMV.

    I contacted Zavvi and HMV on the city high street on Saturday. Zavvi weren’t carrying the five disc at all. HMV had one copy. When I discovered the price was going to be at least a fiver more than their internet price and neither store would allow me to order online for in-store collection, I ordered from Amazon instead. The bloke I spoke to at HMV very kindly offered to keep the set for me.

    So I’m waiting a few days as I couldn’t get into the city today anyway.

    I am very surprised though that the major chains have either no or only one copy !

    ash X

    [It’s funny how supposedly harsh, unfair, untrue comments critical of the people behind these decisions are picked up on so quickly, yet a poll which showed that the five-disc set would be by far the most popular among fans wasn’t worth paying attention to. Shame, really. – FEd]

  16. Hi,

    here you have some press notes (in Spanish) about Richard that have been published here in Chile (click my name). If you want you could read it, and notice that here we were very sad with the bad news too.


  17. Fed,

    the DJ on Planet Rock just announced that David will be on the station on Sunday afternoon talking about the making of Gdansk.

    ash X

  18. I truly wish I could hear David perform Remember A Day although I’m certain it would bring me to tears.

    I got A Saucerful of Secrets in 1969 and Remember A Day is the song that can still completely transport me right back to that time. I’ve always loved it and am moved knowing that David chose that song to remember a day before today, a day when we were young … I can, too.

    Peace and love to you all,

  19. Lovely drawing from Liz, the perfect tribute from David.

    It will make me cry, just like Dark Globe for Syd was so moving.

  20. I got my set today!!!!

    What a fantastic set it is, packaging, CDs, and the extras are top drawer, another fantastic release from David.

    I’m listening to Shine On as I type this, it sounds very similar to the P.U.L.S.E version so far, I love it!

    I think singing ‘Remember A Day’ is a great idea. I look forward to hearing this. What tracks did he intend to play beforehand? I’ve completely forgotten.

    It will be a great tribute to Rick anyway.

    [It was going to be ‘Astronomy Domine’, ‘Fat Old Sun’ and ‘This Heaven’. – FEd]

  21. “Remember a day before today
    A day when you were young,
    Free to play alone with time
    Evening never came.
    Sing a song that can’t be sung
    Without the morning’s kiss,
    Queen, you shall be it if you wish
    Look for your king.
    Why can’t we play today?
    Why can’t we stay that way?
    Climb your favorite apple tree
    Try to catch the sun,
    Hide from your little brother’s gun
    Dream yourself away.
    Why can’t we reach the sun?
    Why can’t we blow the years away?”

    [Makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up now, doesn’t it? – FEd]

  22. My local stores only stocked the 2 and 3 disc version, they didn’t order any 5 disc ones. I am off on holiday tomorrow so just had to buy the 2 disc one for now. I don’t trust the mail order companies as stuff so often goes missing, i.e. nicked by the postman.

    Bit of a pain really, but sure it will be excellent.

    [It will be. Hope you enjoy your holiday. – FEd]

  23. My 5 disc set also arrived today, what a superb package this is! Absolutely stunning.

    I don’t know, there’s so much heart in David’s releases, you don’t get this with anybody else really. I’ve been sitting over the box like a little boy.

    Many beautiful moments there with Richard. I somehow try and partly see this release as a tribute to him. The little extras added on the DVDs are also fitting perfectly in that manner.

    Regarding those (eggs), I found 3, 2 on the main DVD, 1 on the extra, I’ve been only able to access one on the main DVD though. Very hard to find them.

    Are we supposed to give them away yet? (Kind of a dumb question sorry, just asking because I don’t want to spoil it for anybody.)

    Have a great evening you all,

    [There’ll be a post for Easter egg discussion tomorrow, so please wait for that before saying anything else about them. (Three, eh? Not bad.) – FEd]

  24. Hi FEd & everyone,

    The wait is over: I have mine!!!! My “5 disc special edition” of “Live in Gdansk”.

    It’s a great deluxe set. When I see all that’s in, I can’t imagine which songs will be available with the web pass each month (may be “The Great Gig In The Sky” with Sam Brown in Paris, “Echoes” from Vienne….

    The Gdansk concert sounds great with the presence of the symphony & Z.Priesner & M.Kamen’s wonderful arrangements.

    But I’m very pleased with the 3rd CD that contains some of other great moment of the summer Tour (Vienne, Vienne, Vienne! lol).

    I haven’t seen the DVDs yet & I will do some comments in my next post.

    This live album is a great souvenir of this tour for all of us & beyond this, it pays a large tribute to Rick Wright’s magical & wonderful collaboration with David Gilmour & to his very important involvement & influence in the Pink Floyd’s work.

    Thank you very much David for your music. Rest in peace Rick. Both of you are in my heart forever.


    [I hate to tell you this, but, if you have the deluxe set, then you have all that’s to be made available through the web pass: 12 live songs from Europe (on CD). Of course, ‘Wot’s… Uh The Deal’ is the first download, so be sure to help yourself to that. Please click your name above for a list of those 12 live tracks. – FEd]

  25. My hunch is that where I ordered my five disc set from (cheapest in UK) has no stock as the item is now not listed on their website and my order status remains as “We have received your order and are waiting to process it”. They had no trouble charging my card though as usual!

    I’ll wait until tomorrow’s postal delivery, at whatever time in the afternoon they can be bothered, until I take action.

    By the way, amazon.co.uk are now listing shipping as 6 to 12 days and play.com are saying it’s out of stock completely.

    Congratulations to Ruan for getting hold of it today which must surely be worth the £8 extra that he paid.

    As it happens I am not really that bothered. It would be nice to get it this week sometime but if not, a large proportion of it will be on BBC4 on Friday night anyway.

  26. Hi,

    I’m very happy to say that David will sing Wright’s songs at Jools’ Later.

    I think it’s the best tribute that David can make for his friend Rick.

    Thank you David.


  27. It’s a lovely song and I’m sure David will make the best of it.

    BTW, don’t know where to post it but it seems that the Polish release of Live In Gdańsk has been pushed back due to technical problems. Although there’s no official info on it yet, it’s not available in any stores and I’ve been told that there probably must have been a technical error.

    Irony, huh?

  28. I am really happy with the Gdansk CDs and DVDs. Also, the extras are lovely.

    I hope I can see Jools and David sometime here in the Netherlands. “Remember a Day” and “The Blue” are two lovely tributes to Richard. Thank you, David.

    Very nice portrait from Liz…

  29. That’s great that David will still be appearing on Later, I can’t wait to watch what will surely be a touching tribute to a great man.

    That portrait of Rick is stunning! You have an amazing talent there Liz.

  30. Hello, I’m back from hiatus because unfortunately my internet access is only available (for the moment) when I’m at university and school is back in session.

    That is not what is important at the moment, it is with great sadness that I learned of Richard’s passing.

    There can only be two emotions for this sort of thing sadness and gratitude. Sadness because the world no longer has Richard Wright and his talent in it, and gratitude that we all got to take part in varying degrees of his skills and musical imagination.

    Music lovers everywhere whether they know it or not or indebted to Richard. He was the one that made the Floyd different with his own special sonic nuance and subtlety and also when called for gave the group a harder edge, from his keyboards no less!

    Thank you Richard for all you did and I will have an even greater level of appreciation for Live in Gdansk.

    Thank you very much indeed (Richard), good night to you.

  31. [It was too short, as always. When are we going to switch to a three-day weekend? – FEd]

    If you need my signature for this demand – you can get it FEd.

    I think only at EMI they have to work 5 days a week to have enough time to make all these decisions about which disc set will be available in which country.

    BTW: I´m now the proud owner of the 5 disc set and it´s more than great.

    I also hope I can find a way to see David´s “Remember A Day”, but where there´s a will……

  32. FED,

    Just to inform you that in Ravenna it’s already impossible to find “Live in Gdansk”: it’s sold out!!

    In only 2 days….is it a record?

    Good week to all.

    Claudio from Ravenna

  33. Sigh. I am so sad to learn of the premature death of Richard, he contributed so much of the sound of Pink Floyd, along with with Dave and Roger.

    Some overlook his contributions when compared to Roger and David, but really, without Richard’s soft touch on keyboards and smooth melodic-gentle voice, Pink Floyd as we know it could never and will never be the same again.

    I’m not that good at writing these kinds of things, but I really wish to send my love and condolences to Richard’s family, friends, former band mates, and fans.

    Love You Rick.

  34. The portrait is very lovely, Liz. I know you were a special fan of Rick’s, and it’s very nice of you to share this with us.

    Crazy day today at work, so I haven’t had time to read through all the blog posts, but I have read enough to know that there’s a lot of disappointed people with empty hands out there. I’m sorry you don’t have your copies of ‘LIG’, it’s a real shame. I hope they will arrive soon.

    I’ll be seeing the premiere of ‘Live in Gdansk’ tonight in my home town, and I’m wishing all of you could be there with me. You’ll be in my thoughts (until the show starts).

    If Martin S. would ever invent that teleportation machine he goes on about…

  35. Hi FEd

    Very excited for the Gdansk CD!!!!

    It shall be interesting to hear “Remember A Day” performed live!!! A fitting tribute for Richard!!!


  36. Well, just had a good listen to my 5 Disc set and all is as usual of a very high standard.

    Steve DiStanislao really does stand out for me, and I thought drummers only hung out with musicians, shame on me!!!

    A fitting tribute to Richard!

  37. Hello FEd,

    I haven’t received my copy of Gdańsk yet, nor will I likely get it tomorrow. Hope all of you out there who do have it today, or tomorrow, are enjoying.

    Do you know if any channels over here in the U.S. will be broadcasting “Later…”? If not I will try to find it online.

    Best of luck to David and the band,

    [BBC America? Ovation TV? It’s been on both channels in the past, as well as on Fuse. Please check your listings. – FEd]

  38. What to do when a good friend of us dies? Life goes on…

    Great song choice for David.

    When will you come play in Brazil?

  39. That’s a great song and I remember seeing Pink Floyd perform Remember a Day in 1968 and watching them play Remember a Day. David’s guitar playing and Richard’s organ playing was really great together and that’s when I became a big fan.

    Thanks David for playing a great song for Richard Wright.

    Take Care,

  40. Rushed home to open my mystery package. Well, for those who haven’t got theirs yet let me tell you it’s worth waiting for!!! The best music package I’ve ever bought without doubt.

    I look forward to seeing David et-al and Remember a Day – fine tribute (still feel as if I’ve lost an uncle).

    Well done to Liz, great potrait.


  41. Pre-ordered 5 disc set from Play over a month ago…checked today and they are saying they are waiting for stock…What’s the story behind that?!

    Can’t wait to hear it so picked up 3 disc edition from Zavi in town to tide me over until Play get their act together…..

    Disappointed to say the web link won’t work for me….despite having java correctly installed the download site says I don’t. I have emailed them to find out why. I tried on my laptop and it won’t work on there either…It doesn’t seem to like Firefox.

  42. Hi all,

    Seems there’s been a bit of a feeding frenzy for the Gdansk box set. I’m in no hurry at the minute.

    I’m still going to watch David on Jools Holland even though I imagine it will be a very difficult session for him. I’m sure he will know that we, his fans, will be with him all the way.


  43. Got my 5 disc set today, one word describes it: FANTASTIC.

    The artwork on the cover is brilliant and I’ve just blasted out the first CD and half of the second in my garage and both me and my dad were silent when the slide comes in on High Hopes.

    Made my day.

    Richard Wright RIP.

  44. I had much difficulty in finding the 5 disc long box today in France. There were none in our largest store, ‘La Fnac’ and it’s no more listed on their website either. It’s really stupid.

    Funnily enough, I found one in a small local book/music shop, called ‘Le furet du Nord’, it was already their last one! Lucky me!

    I had not yet time to listen/watch, but I saw there was ‘The story of the Solidarity Movement’ in the booklet, great idea!

    What made me smile, is that SOYCD on disc five is from ‘Venice, August 12/ Vienne, July 31’ – Hmmm…

    “A post for Easter egg discussion tomorrow”, you said?
    I hope you won’t tell us tomorrow how to discover them!


    [I won’t, but I can’t guarantee that others can keep quiet. – FEd]

  45. Well, the 4 disc edition arrived here in the desert today. It is truly stunning and a fitting eulogy for Richard.

    I do hope we will get to see the Jools Holland interview over here. As far as I am concerned Monday, September 15th was the day the music died…

  46. A lovely tribute to a lovely guy. I’m pretty sure that there’s going to be a fair bit of passion when David plays on the show and I’m pretty sure there are going to be a few wet eyes by the end of it.

    David’s example should inspire all of us to be better people and share this planet in a more peaceful way.

    I love the sketch by Liz.


  47. Nice work Liz and the kind of classy gesture we have become accustomed to from David.

    It’ll be a difficult show I’m sure but there’ll be a good few bloggers sending love and respect back down the cathode ray tubes … or whatever the modern equivalent may be.

  48. Rck Wright, without doubts, leaves the certain that is missing someone in the world. Like the world, my heart is more empty. It’s impossible to forget.

    We love you so much, Rick. Thanks for everything.

    Mayara Verissimo, from Brazil.

  49. So I’m here at Connecticuit Muffin directly across from the Pavillion Theatre in Park Slop/Prospect Park West neighborhood of Brooklyn. The vegetable chilli is good as is the scenery: pretty brownstone buildings, gaslight street lights, tree lined streets, and beautiful Prospect Park, Brooklyn’s ‘Hyde Park’, across the traffic circle (round-about?) from me. It’s relaxing here though quite off the beaten path from more traditional venue’s in Manhattan.

    Remember a Day is a good choice. I had wondered what David would play when the opportunity came to provide a musical tribute to Richard.

    I’m alone here, just me, the chilli, the view and my thoughts. I’m thinking of 2006 and how great that tour was, and how little we anticipated the loss of Richard so soon afterwards.

    Well, the chili is done and I’m ordering a coffee (no wine here). Off I go for a walk in the Brooklyn twilight before heading in for one last OAI tour event, the most poignant yet…

  50. Hi FEd,

    I hope this week happens to be a better week for you!

    I did try to get tickets as well, but it was just hopeless.

    I am so glad that David is honouring Richard. It must be so hard for him. It definitely shows his charisma.

    I will not miss those dates for anything.

    I am also waiting for my DVDs. It is taking so long, but it is good because it means that it has been a success.

    Best regards to all,

  51. David is all!

    The first time that Remember A Day will be played live, I mean, I don’t have any RoIo (bootlegs) of Saucerful of Secrets Tour where Pink Floyd played this song live!

    We don’t have BBC here in Brazil, that’s why I say: YouTube saves lives!


  52. I love “Remember a Day”. It was a beautiful song from Richard. What a great way to pay tribute to Richard.

    Is it true that “Paintbox” and “Julia Dream” were both from Richard as well? I think Richard sang “Paintbox” but I am not sure who sang “Julia Dream”.

    [David sang ‘Julia Dream’. Roger wrote that one, but ‘Paintbox’ is entirely Richard’s work (as is ‘It Would Be So Nice’, another of Pink Floyd’s early singles). – FEd]

  53. FEd!

    We just got back an hour ago or so from the Live in Gdansk cinema presentation – brought back memories of the Remember That Night premiere!

    It was GREAT. Well attended, sound was perfect, the picture even better. It was a great way to remember Richard Wright as well as he is featured so prominently in this particular release.

    We saw it at the Londonderry, New Hampshire venue.

    Hope some of our other American fans had a chance to see it.

    Ed and Marie

    [That’s good to know, thanks. – FEd]

  54. Hey, just a question for all of you folks.

    Does the sound on the DVD match that of the teaser trailer on http://www.davidgilmour.com?

    I love the echo you hear that is presented on that little teaser thingy. Please tell me that when the final DVD was mixed it was done like that as well, it’d be glorious and really give you that concert feeling.

  55. Looking forward to tonight’s performance…..Live In Gdansk is on constant play on my iPod…Fantastic!

    Lovely portrait by Liz…..Great Job!

    Gary 🙂

  56. David: I have been following Pink Floyd’s music for many years, and it is sad for me to say God Bless Richard, we will miss you and you greatly.

    I, like many people in the world, will miss the great sound that Richard created through his life. I would have to say in my opinion there is no one that will ever replace the incredible sounds of Richard Wright.

    David, another note… I have an idea for your next album, barn yard jam session like what is on your DVD: Remember That Night – Live At The Royal Albert Hall DVD # 2.. That sounded great, please create more.


  57. Only a few hours to go to pick up my 5 set.

    Nice picture Liz, you the man.

    RAD should be great to watch, hopefully I’ll see it. Richard always has reminded me of a lion. He was a Leo to boot also.

    Fed, Q107 has started the promo, don’t know for sure which song has been released, haven’t heard it yet.

  58. And Brazil, is not in your plans?

    [I’ve mentioned Brazil more than once. Unless my information is incorrect, it was released in Brazil on Monday. How easy it is to find in Brazil is anyone’s guess. (Unless you meant a concert or tour, in which case, no, Brazil isn’t in David’s plans.) – FEd]

  59. So stunning…So beautiful…So sad….So very, very precious………

    Our 5 disc set was ready and waiting for us …..an absolute gem…Thank you David and thank you so much for all you did for Richard in the last few years. He definitely went out on a high.


    Best Wishes from Heather.

  60. Liz, beautiful, just beautiful.

    My husband tried to get the 5 disc set for me today at Best Buy, a day early, poor sweet man. Of course they told him he had to come back tomorrow but they only have 6 of them. Can you believe that, just 6??? They are supposed to be holding one for him so keep your fingers crossed that this happens.

    I will let you know if I am smiling or crying on Tuesday!

    The price is $49.99 and they even let him hold the box but would not let him purchase it due to it being “too early”. Too early! He is a Police Detective and I requested that he arrest them all on the spot, but ….

    I could not go to the movies to see the presentation today due to it being around 150 miles round trip on a work night (old age is such a bummer, have to have my rest!). I am sure all that got to go had a wonderful time.

    A great pick of art for today Fed! A wonderful tribute to Richard. Thanks to Liz for sharing with us.

    Have a good week all.

    Barbara P

  61. It looks like no shops in London or even the UK have the 5 disk version. I pre ordered mine but has not arrived at HMV in London.

    Very disappointed, hope it arrives.

    [Nice one, EMI… – FEd]

  62. hey fed,

    just a quick note to say what i believe is the 5 disc version of gdansk (2dvd/3cd) is on hmv.co.uk for £39.99 with free delivery. bargain.

    hope all is well with you.

    [Not bad, thanks, but I’d feel better if people didn’t have to wait for something that they paid for weeks ago and really should have by now. – FEd]

  63. Dear Fed,

    Do you know if “Later …with Jools” can be seen online somehow?

    From Lene, a non US-citizen

    [Well, it’s a programme for UK citizens first and foremost and, as I’ve already said, it’ll probably be on YouTube eventually. There is no way to watch BBC programmes online outside the UK (within the UK, if you miss it on TV, there’s always BBC iPlayer), unless clips appear on Jools’ MySpace or the BBC’s ‘Later…’ site. – FEd]

  64. Hi,

    First time poster….love the blog!

    I went to the theater screening of Live in Gdansk on Monday night here in Las Vegas. What a joy!! I had been looking forward to it all week and it didn’t disappoint! I’m sure the DVD will sound awesome with my surround system, but seeing the concert in the theater was just awesome!! The only thing better would have been to be in Gdansk myself!

    It was very bittersweet as I had to fight back a tear or two. The highlight of the evening was seeing my girlfriend, who has never been a Floyd fan before meeting me, being exposed to many of the songs for the first time. She loved it!!

    The only very small downer of the evening was the fact that I only counted 21 people….in a theater that could seat 260! I’m not sure if there was any advertising, but I only found out about the special one-night screening through this web site.

    Regardless, it was a wonderful evening! Thanks so much for this great blog.


    [Thanks very much, Rob. It’s good to hear from you. – FEd]



  66. Hello everyone.

    Looking forward to watching David on Jools tonight… Listening to ‘Cirrus Minor’ at the moment. Oh well, why not?

    By the way, a lovely portrait by Liz of Richard.

  67. [BBC America? Ovation TV? It’s been on both channels in the past, as well as on Fuse. Please check your listings. – FEd]

    …You don’t happen to know of any TV channels in Canada that might show the Jools Holland programme? As a new resident to the country, I’m more confused than ever by the masses of completely pointless (aka ‘shite’) TV stations!!

    [I’m afraid I’ve no idea whether or not it’s ever been broadcast in Canada before. Anyone? – FEd]

  68. [Can’t wait to hear it so picked up 3 disc edition from Zavi in town to tide me over until Play get their act together….. – Andy Neale]

    This saddens me. The fact that people are buying more than they need. I can’t help thinking this was all part of the master plan. Those of you with more money than you have patience are falling right into the trap IMHO.

    Right… I am going to now make a phone call to find out where my 5 disc is…

    [Kick ass, Nate. – FEd]

  69. Daft question time, again:

    If there are shortages of the 5 disc set (which most people seem to want) won’t this effect the position it reaches in the music charts?

    [Pass. I’m more concerned – and am sure that David would be, too – that his fans don’t yet have what they’ve already paid for. (The cynic in me says that people buying a more basic copy from Woolworths, or wherever, because they can’t wait for their five-disc set to arrive, won’t do its chart position any harm at all.) – FEd]

  70. I feel uncomfortable posting this information (and my last 2 comments to be honest) in this ‘Remember a Day’ post. I have been thinking about what David et al will be going through this evening and I wish them all the very best.

    Anyway, back to some trivial matters. Latest Chart positions on Amazon.co.uk are as follows:

    9 – 3CD/2DVD
    34 – 2CD/1DVD
    51 – 2CD
    94 – 2CD/2DVD

    No comment.

  71. I’m kind of looking forward to tonight’s show, although I’m certain to have a tear in my eye.

    I had only been reacquainting myself with Remember a Day about 2 days before last week’s sad news, it’s such a fitting song to play.

  72. [Can’t wait to hear it so picked up 3 disc edition from Zavi in town to tide me over until Play get their act together….. – Andy Neale]

    We shouldn’t have to pick up a copy to tide us over. That’s what they want us to do.

    I’m really pissed off to still be waiting. I won’t be buying a copy to tide me over.

  73. Liz, that is a great portrait of Rick.

    “Remember A Day” is another of those underappreciated songs from the Floyd catalog. I’ve always thought it was a highlight of “Saucerful of Secrets,” and I think it’s great that David is going to sing it. I’m sure he’ll make it his own.

  74. I have just got off of the phone after a nice ten minute conversation with the guy at ‘What Records’ (click my name) who I found via this blog. What a pleasure it was to speak with a real person who certainly knows the business. He also has plenty of 5LP sets in stock. 🙂

    I am not due my 5 disc set yet as I missed the cut off date for the pre-orders which is entirely my own fault of course. He is still awaiting more stock to fulfil all of his advance orders and then the load that came in afterwards. He said that he should know more by next week and will email those who have ordered. If any of his customers are able to source from alternative suppliers in the meantime he will refund the money paid.

    The fact is that EMI didn’t allow for enough of this version and are having to manufacture more units. The ‘pick/plectrum’ was also mentioned as contributing to the problems.

    He described us David Gilmour fans as being a more intellectual than those of some of the other bands that he stocks. We are apparently more likely to understand and discuss the problem than scream down the phone at him demanding a refund. 🙂

    [Because you’re used to delays, perhaps? – FEd]

  75. […if you have the deluxe set, then you have all that’s to be made available through the web pass: 12 live songs from Europe (on CD). – FEd]

    Hi FEd!

    No problem about it. I misunderstood the bonus material “downloading thing”. But I’m very happy with this deluxe set. All that I’ve dreamed about is available in this format. It’s a great job done by David Gilmour, all his crew & the record company & I’m very happy to finally have “Wot’s… Uh The Deal” as a bonus track to this package!

    In these pages, I was one of the first to ask if a live album from this tour was possible to do at the end of the “OAI Tour”. I’m so pleased today, 2 years after, being able to listen to those fantastic versions of the DG and PF songs.

    “Echoes” is my favorite: no doubts about it. “Take a Breath”, “Astronomy Domine” & “Fat Old Sun” are very powerful & impressive in their “Gdansk versions”!

    Thank you very much FEd for your great job in this web site.

    P.S. “Remember a Day”: perfect for paying tribute!

  76. [Disappointed to say the web link won’t work for me….despite having java correctly installed the download site says I don’t. I have emailed them to find out why. I tried on my laptop and it won’t work on there either…It doesn’t seem to like Firefox. – Andy Neale]

    Now I’m worried. I use Firefox… I think! I’ll have to invite my 7-year old niece round to play on my computer when Play finally deliver my 5-disc “Live in Gdansk”! She’s much more advanced than me!

    Rob, I’m so happy that you had a good time at the premiere last night. Welcome to The Blog! Everyone is so nice here. I was new a month or so ago but now I feel right at home. I hope you will too.

    But only 21 people? That’s a shame. I guess David’s management didn’t learn their lesson last time.

  77. [just a quick note to say what i believe is the 5 disc version of gdansk (2dvd/3cd) is on hmv.co.uk for £39.99 with free delivery. bargain. – rob]

    Please note: ‘Availability: back in stock in 7 days’.

    Sensing the picture here? As it happens, I am happy to wait.

    PS: All these Robs are confusing, more so even than the LiG release. Can we gather them all together and arrange a numbering system? 😉

  78. I got it… now only remains for me a question, or rather a plea.

    Please present a live concert in Mexico. We have many fans of yours here.


  79. [I’m really pissed off to still be waiting… – Ben]

    I know it’s disappointing, annoying even, but putting things into perspective it’s not that much of a big deal. You’ll just have to wait a little longer. 🙂

    I’m still waiting too by the way, but since Amazon haven’t extracted any funds yet I don’t really mind.

  80. What a great performance of ‘Remember a Day’ tonight on Later….by David, Phil, Jon, Guy and Steve.

    A fitting tribute to Richard….


  81. Hello FEd,

    I just checked to see if “Later…” would be available to me. It, unfortunately, wasn’t available on BBC America, or Ovation TV (which I had watched it on before, though as a “marathon”).

    Apparently BBC has Monty Python on, which I’m not complaining about, but I would rather watch Jools.

    Just wanted to let you and all other fans across the pond know.


  82. My 4-disc set arrived here this afternoon and, like everyone else, I’m loving it!

    I started with the 4th disc first as I couldn’t wait to hear the acoustic Echoes from the Abbey Road sessions and that was worth the whole ticket! It is beautiful how it all falls into place and works well in that impromptu arrangement.

    And the jams show how beautiful an improviser Richard was (hard to say that now without choking up). His keyboard textures are so beautiful and this shows how irreplaceable a musician he is, but at least we have this valuable footage to see and hear him one last time.

    Thanks for releasing this!

  83. Here’s a link to a review of last night’s Jools Holland show, particularly for those unable to see it (click my name).

    Kind regards,



  85. Kudos & thanks to the whole band. Great great rendition of a great song, despite the circumstances.

    It was awfully emotional… I had tears in my eyes…

    That’s a beautiful tribute to Rick.

  86. The perfect tribute to Richard, I salute you all.

    I noticed you left a space behind the keyboards for him.

  87. Good morning, I’m Giordano.

    Thanks David, thanks Richard for all. Special moments, unforgettable.

    I am here and my teacher is away, honor to him and his music.

    Vi voglio bene.


  88. watched the jools holland live (30 mins) on i-player. it’s also pre recorded for a longer version (1hr) with 3 songs friday nite on bbc4 and after they are having a few floyd programmes.

    want to say i was gutted when i heard about rick..felt dead inside… as you can tell i was named julia… after julia dream which is so cool.

    but have to say as a little girl my mum said she went into a trance at the great gig in the sky…..

    he has left a legacy that will live on!!

    i wish david, nick and roger all my love…as a huge fan all i can send you is a virtual hug (useless, i know).

    i hope his family and his fellow band mates will find some comfort knowing how many hearts he has touched.

    u will be missed by many….

    and a tribute concert when appropiate… for his fans to say goodbye might be nice (BIG HINT).

    love u all xxxxxx

  89. I got ‘Remember That Night’ for my 50th birthday and have just finished watching the tour part of the ‘extras’.

    David Gilmour can feel good about how happy Richard Wright was on his tour. After the Pink Floyd disintegration he must have felt musically wrecked and to hear him say what a good time he was having playing and touring was very uplifting and moving for me, as I was watching the film just after his death.

    A Floyd fan from 16, I feel, like lots of people, a little light has gone out of my life. My last memory of him will be of his playing and having a good time on that tour with his friends.


    [Damn right, Rob. Just how well did he play on that tour? You play like that when you’re having the time of your life. – FEd]

  90. Dear David,

    I am writing from Paris.

    I’ve listened to your music since I was 10 (in 1974) and, last evening, in tribute to Rick Wright, I have listened to More, Meddle, Wish You Were Here. It gives me thrills, as usual.

    How strong, rich and deep your music is!

    When I was around 30, I attended one of your shows for the first time and it was full of emotions.

    I have to confess: even if I appreciate Nick and Roger’s work, Rick and you were and are still my favourites. Your playing suits so well together.

    Wish Rick were here.

    I enjoy your way to compose chromatic spaces and atmospheres.

    By the way, David, are you interested in painting? Do you think painting is a part of your inspiration? Kandinsky and Klee put music at the top, they considered it as the pure abstraction. Do you have some favourite painters, visual artists?

    Very best, Isabelle

  91. David, you are a great man! Very nice tribute!

    I have reserved at a Disc Shop my “Live In Gdansk” 4 Disc pack, I’m waiting to see it and I have a high regard for it!

    Best Luck for you!

    A hug from Portugal!

  92. I didn’t get into the Blog yesterday until about 11pm so haven’t read everyone’s comments yet, certainly been busy in here!

    I saw David and the guys on Jools Holland. They did excellently well and it was obvious they were full of emotion. I really felt for them.

    David, Guy, Phil, Steve, Jon:you are all true star performers and professionals. That was a wonderful tribute to Richard. 🙂

    ash X

  93. I’m still waiting for my Amazon order. Sorry Nate, principals and all that, I went out and bought a five disc set (from an independent that only had one copy!)

    I listened to the first CD the minute I got home, the family was in so I couldn’t crank the volume up, but I got shivers, goose bumps and tingles. It was better than sex.

    I was out all day yesterday so couldn’t play anything. This morning however (evil glint in eye), I have the house to myself. I put disc two in and about two minutes in spoke out loud, “f*ck me this is good.” Turned volume up a little, a little later, kinell (thanks Rudders, that’s a great word), this IS good, turned volume up again. It’s so unbelievably good.

    I have never heard another group of artists able to reproduce what they did in the studio but this group do even better live!

    And finally we have an incredible live recording. Blowing the roof off my house at present. 🙂

    ash X

  94. One of the things I’ve found very moving about the DVD content is the Gdansk Diary with Lech Walesa.

    Part of my family ancestry is Polish and to finally see this type of artistic freedom in Poland after years of oppression is a hopeful sign of change.

    For many years rock musicians had to meet secretly to play their music or they’d be persecuted by the government, so maybe now things will turn around for the better.

    Let’s hope so.

  95. I thought the reinvigorated rendition of ‘Remember a Day’ was a wonderful tribute to Richard Wright.

    Here’s an idea – how about releasing it as a download single with the profits going to a cancer charity of Richard’s family’s choice? This would be a great way for his many fans to help others in the same terrible situation.

    I appreciate that there may be rights issues with the BBC that may make this impossible, so as an alternative, perhaps we could post a link to said charity on the site so we can make donations ourselves?

    What do you think?

    [If Richard’s family had a specific charity in mind, of course. – FEd]

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