Press from Poland

'David in September's Teraz Rock magazineThere have been many articles added to the archives lately, including some from the Polish press. (Thank you, Tomasz, for sending these in.)

If you spot anything interesting, particularly if it’s not in English, let me know.

There hasn’t been much talk of the free ‘A Great Day For Freedom’ download, so here’s that link again, just in case you haven’t been paying attention to the Latest News. (Tut, tut.)

I’d also like to know two things.

1. Who went to see the Gdańsk gig on the big screen on Monday, where did you see it, and how did it go?

2. Do you have your copy of ‘Live in Gdańsk’ yet? Whether your thumbs are up or down, speak to me.

As some people are still waiting for theirs, please remember that discussion of DVD Easter eggs should take place here, not here, or anywhere else. Some like surprises, apparently.

And finally, the chatroom is open today from 13:00 (UK), so feel free to drop in and talk about whatever you like… Almost. Don’t forget those red rules on your way in.

There’ll be updates on the various delays, and all this trouble with iTunes, just as soon as I know anything useful. Until then, as ever, I can only sincerely apologise for the confusion and disappointment caused, and ask you to be patient while these issues are being resolved.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

140 thoughts on “Press from Poland”

  1. Hello Fed,

    Unfortunately I’m still waiting for my 5-disc package to arrive, but going by what I’ve read about it on the Blog, it will be well worth the wait. I hope it will be waiting for me when I get home from work.

    David was awesome last night on Jools’ show and he paid a nice touching tribute to Richard, still hard to believe isn’t it?

    Good day to you and all.


  2. Hi FEd,

    I drove to Switzerland today for business and had the pleasure to be accompanied by disc one, two and five… (which answers your second question, yes I got the deluxe set).

    I’ve been listening to the album(s) since the weekend, but in my car with the appropriate volume, my only comment is: what a band, that was!

    Of course there is more than one excellent solo from DG but the more I hear it, the more I’m impressed by the band performance. Obviously there weren’t a lot bands that could perform a song 25 minutes long, and now that that band cannot exist anymore, I’m really glad to have seen them and that their great work is documented in Live In Gdansk.

    Best regards,


    P.S. You just have to listen to Live In Gdansk to realize the difference between craft and art…

  3. my media player has changed its name to agreatdayforfreedom.mp3 player coz that’s all its getting to do today. 😀

  4. I count myself lucky to have received my box set on the release date (unlike my experience with RTN). So far I’ve listened to the 3 CDs and watched the documentary. It’s all superb. I’m looking forward to the weekend when I can watch the rest of the DVDs.

    David, Guy, Jon, Phil and Steve did Richard proud last night. They played ‘Remember a Day’ with passion and it was made all the more poignant by the space left on the stage where Richard would have been.

  5. BIG, BIG, BIG, BIG thumbs up for the 5 disc version!

    Great package – absolutely worth the money! Got mine yesterday evening – and I just can’t stop listening to those CDs! The sound quality is just superb!

    Thank you so much David, for making this one available! And of course many thanks to the rest of the band! You all did really well!

    But besides that, the box also reminded me of Richard’s talents – and his great personality too – listening and watching him playing his heart out … What to say? It may be a stupid thing to say, for me, being an outsider but a Floyd & Gilmour fan – but I just felt a terrible sense of loss!

    Anyway, again: many thanks David!

  6. I had mine pre-ordered from for over a month and then the release day came and they were out of stock! What’s that about!!!!

    I checked amazon, they were out of stock. Zavvi was out of stock. Everywhere else was expensive!!

    So I went to and they were the same price as Play, so I ordered it on Monday and it was sent the same day, but I’m still waiting to receive it.

    At least it’s on its way I guess. 🙂

    Looking forward to it!!

  7. two and three discs sets are easily available here in austria, I haven’t been looking for the 5 disc set, as I had been ordering it through, and received it on the day of the release. no sightings of the 4 disc and vinyl sets as of yet, both again should be easy to obtain from…

    by the way, as I predicted many weeks ago, the price for the 5 disc set at went down significantly in the days before the release… it’s being sold for € 57 at the moment…


    [Good to know. Thank you, Bernhard. All local updates are gratefully received. – FEd]

  8. I watched David on Later with Jools Holland last night and it was very good. David was very good at “Remember A Day”. He handled the interview very well too. I admire him so much.

    I loved his butterscotch yellow telecaster.

    Best regards.


  9. Still waiting on the 5 disc set. Best buy shipped it Friday, and as of this morning, it’s still in Pennsylvania.

    I could have gone yesterday to Best Buy and picked it up, however I didn’t want to take the chance back when I preordered.

    I’m really looking forward to it. I figure the next day or so. I guess I’ve waited this long so…

  10. Hi FEd,

    This is my first post, I have to say you do a great job!

    I wanted so badly to go to the Gdansk event on the big screen but the only theater showing it in Kentucky was in a small town 90 minutes away. Of course if it hadn’t been for my daughter’s guitar lesson after school I would have driven the 90 minutes.

    I ordereded the 4 disc set from, got an email saying it should be here Friday. It will be bittersweet but I am excited to see it.

    Watched David and all last night (I will let you assume how). It was a beautiful song for Rick, very hard to watch them all there with an empty key board. Well done guys.

    [Hi Meg, good of you to join in. – FEd]

  11. Oh, how rude of me!

    Thanks to the powers that be, for the ‘A Great Day for Freedom’ download.

    I am not convinced that the “new kind of all-in-one download package” is that revolutionary considering that you have been able to create interactive full screen PDF presentations that have embedded multimedia for years.

    I suppose these efforts do go some small way to make up for the delays in getting hold of the version of ‘Live in Gdansk’ that I actually want.

    Fortunately there has been enough content available both on line and still to come on UK TV this Friday for me to ‘make do’ until I get my 5 disc set. I now predict that this will not be until the end of next week at the very earliest.

  12. Dear Fed,

    Here’s a review of “Gdansk” and an article about Mr. Wright, from the Danish press.


    [Thank you, Lene. Maybe they’ll be in the Press archive soon. – FEd]

  13. The N.M.E. website have just posted a news item about last nights T.V. show “Later with Jools Holland” along with a video clip from the show.

    Gary Hurley. London England.

  14. I got my copy from, but since I live in Brazil it’s going to take a few days for it to get here.

  15. I fear that going to see Live in Gdansk at a theatre in Reading, Pennsylvania will be the closest I might ever get to seeing David perform.

    The concert was perfect. Preisner and the orchestra were fantastic, as was David and the rest of the band…It was a terribly emotional experience, seeing Richard on stage with smile and enjoying life.

    Would anyone happen to know where I can watch David on Later…with Jools Holland? I’ve got a terribly jones to see this one. I was shocked when I first read that David would perform Remember a Day…I absolutely love that song.

    [You’ll have to use your imagination and go to the place where all sorts of video clips end up, most of which shouldn’t be there for legal reasons, which is why I’m not providing a link. – FEd]

  16. Hi FEd,

    I watched the Jools Holland show last night – a great piece and David and the band were obviously very moved and emotional playing Remember A Day. It was a pity that due to the show going out live, Jools had to move things along. But I assume, being a very private person, David would have wanted to keep it short. I’ll be watching this Friday’s show too.

    I got my 5 disk version of Live in Gdansk yesterday from Amazon. Wow!!! I was truly amazed when I opened the packaging. What a beautifully produced set.

    I have only managed to listen to the 3 CDs so far, the DVDs will be tonight’s viewing pleasure. The sound quality and performance are probably the best yet. There are some really striking moments on it. In particular ‘Then I close my eyes’. It’s ethereal.

    The bonus disk has some lovely moments too. Hearing ‘On The Turning Away’ is something special to me, as well as the ‘Shine On’ intro being at the Venice gigs. I’m sure a lot of people will get a high from hearing tracks from the concerts they attended. It’s funny when you can hear David laughing as they muddle the words for OTTA!

    As for the extra items in the envelope – guitar pick, back stage passes, photos, posters, tickets – yikes!! I nearly had a heart attack!! This is without doubt, one of my most prized possessions. And the ‘Wot’s…Uh The Deal’ free download ahhhhh!! It’s just too much!!

  17. I have had my 2 CD/1 DVD set since Monday. I went to get it at the fnac here in Paris. They didn’t have that many copies: no 4 or 5 discs sets and only a handful of 2 and 3 discs sets.

    I’m waiting for the 5 vinyl ordered from, but it seems that I will have to wait one extra week to get my hands on that one.

    Anyway I am lucky, it seems, to enjoy it from my MP3 with my thumbs up!! 🙂

  18. Hello Fed!

    I got my 5 disc version last Friday from Amazon. I’m very
    happy with my copy. The DTS version from OAI works very well.

    My wish for the future is a Blu-ray version from “Live in Gdansk”.

    I know you told me there are no plans to release a Blu-ray version, but sometimes our wishes come true. It is the last great live gig with David and Rick Wright and it would be amazing to see this concert in Full HD with 5.1 surround.

    With best regards from Berlin,

  19. I went to the premier of the DVD at the Kirkorian Theatres in Buena Park CA USA.

    The theatre was beautiful and the presentation of the sound and image was superior.

    Unfortunately there were only about 25 people in a 350 seat house. When I went to the showings of Remember That Night and the Mermaid theatre show, both were sellouts.

    I’m sorry more did not come because it was a great show and I think with Richard Wright’s passing that there will be less incentive for David to tour.

    Anyway I appreciate the opportunity to see David on the big screen with a megawatt sound system.

    Sorry about Richard.

  20. I’m still waiting for mine, but that’s OK. There is more to life than a CD.

    I thought David and the band did so well to keep it all together last night. My thoughts are with them.

    [Very well said. – FEd]

  21. Nope, not got my 5 disc version from Amazon yet. I pre-ordered at the end of August. They did email me on Saturday to say that it had been dispatched.

    I’m sitting behind the front door, waiting to pounce on the postman as I type.

  22. I thought last night’s performance was very sad, but also very beautiful.

    I have not yet received my 5 disc set from Amazon. I am hopeful that it will arrive in a week or so. I just popped to my local independent. They didn’t have any, but they did have the vinyl, so anyone in Birmingham that wants it, pop down to Swordfish Records.

    The interactive PDF thing was very exciting! Can’t wait to see this on the full quality DVD.


  23. Don’t have my copy yet, as it’s still not available in the country where it was recorded! The last update is that it will be vailable next week or the week after that. Grrrr… grrrr… grrrr…

  24. Thought the ipdf thing was brilliant … lyrics, music, information, video … and it was actually a beautiful design. Why can’t albums be like this ?

  25. Hi,

    Picked up the 5 disc set yesterday and it’s simply amazing.

    I buy mostly Blu Ray discs these days but for a DVD the picture quality of these DVDs and of course the sound quality is just pure reference quality. (Of course,… if a Blu Ray version was to be released I would be happy to buy it again.)

    This set is just terrific… I already said something like that didn’t I? Anyway… I love it sincerely. Thank you to David Gilmour and the band and all that made this production possible.

    Good luck to all those still hunting for a copy or waiting for a copy.

    I drove through 4 states to see the OAI tour at NY’s Radio City Music Hall and cherish the memories. I thought when I discovered Pink Floyd in 85 that I had missed everything but was happy to learn it wasn’t over. I never picked a side but instead snapped up every chance to experience anything related to Pink Floyd including of course solo works and collaborations.

  26. Hey FEd,

    Went out to get my deluxe set of LIG last Saturday, yet all of them had already been sold.

    Ordered it at my local music shop and it is supposed to be in on Friday. As you probably can imagine, I can’t wait for the weekend to come.

    ‘Great Day’ is for tonight, when at home.

    And dang, missed ‘Later’ yesterday. That too will have to wait until Friday. *sighs*


  27. I tried to find anything in my local store (the clerk was a David Gilmour clone, lol), but it hadn’t arrived yet.

    I live in Brazil’s 3rd largest city (Belo Horizonte).

    At, the largest e-commerce website, they were saying it will be out only Oct-3rd.

  28. I saw ‘Live in Gdansk’ on the big screen. I am so grateful for the experience. I enjoyed it so much and it meant a lot to me. It was awesome!

    Thank you to David and the band for the beautiful music!

    Sending my love from Minnesota. 🙂

  29. [I suppose these efforts do go some small way to make up for the delays in getting hold of the version of ‘Live in Gdansk’ that I actually want. – Nate]

    They don’t! We should all have LIG by now.

    The waiting is a joke and DG should find new staff who won’t balls up everything.

  30. Hello all,

    I purchased the 5 disc set from Best Buy last evening for $50 and I’ve watched most of the DVDs. I must say that they are brilliant in sound, video and the performance is top notch as always with anything that David does.

    I had a tear in my eye more than once when Richard was on the screen with that smile of his.

    The set is packaged very neatly and ticket, passes and everything are of the highest quality.

    Thanks for all of the info FEd, it made the purchase go smoothly knowing where to go and the price.

    Best to all,

    [Thanks, James. I hoped it would help someone, somewhere. – FEd]

  31. With mixed feelings I’m still anticipating my 5 disc version, ordered @ Amazon (UK). Mixed feelings because all the excitement for this release clashes harshly with the feelings of last week.

    Reading all the comments, “Life in Gdansk” is probably the ultimate tribute to Richard Wright, with the Later…-show being a very nice addition.

    Well, I checked the Amazon-site and they are “in process” of packing and shipping my copy. Whatever that means, it certainly means that it will be a couple of days more before it will find it’s way to my CD/DVD-player… That’s fine with me at the moment.


  32. I pre-ordered mine from and it still hasn’t turned up. I was a bit disappointed when I got home on Monday only to find it hadn’t been delivered but now I just think that the delay will only make me appreciate it more when it finally arrives.

    It would have been nice if Play could have sent me an email quickly saying what had happened and when they expected more stock though. Instead all I had to go on was on their website it said ‘temporarily out of stock.’

    I thought that David’s appearance on Later with Jools was a very touching and emotional tribute to Rick. You could see just how much he meant to them all. Hopefully there will be a longer interview on Friday.

  33. Hi Fed,

    I received my 5 disc version yesterday, just in time for my time off work after my ‘sensitive’ op! Brilliant. What a package!

    But despite all the wonderful packing and music, the parts that have touched me the most are the barn jams. I feel like (as a fan) I have been ‘let in’ and that I’m allowed to see these private moments. I feel very grateful for these small clips. And its made all the more poingant by seeing Rick there literally days after his diagnosis. There is a message in that for everyone I hope…


  34. Hey Fed,

    Saw Remember a Day off of Jools Holland and I had forgotten how good that song is. Beautiful version by the band…a very fitting tribute.

    Cheers, Howard

  35. Quick update, my (very nervous) postman has just been. I’ve now got my copy of LIG.

    So, that’s my weekend sorted once I’ve bought some more Polish beer.

  36. I went to see the premiere of ‘Live in Gdansk’ Monday, and it was beautiful. The camera work is brilliant and a big thumbs up on totally capturing the spirit of the occasion.

    I knew I had seen something magnificent that night in Poland, but watching the premier made me realize just how magnificent it really was.

    I haven’t watched the DVD yet, but the premiere allowed me to see some performances which are not included on the DVD such as: ‘Breathe’, ‘Time’, ‘Shine on You Crazy Diamond’ and ‘Wish You Were Here’. It’s a shame really because they’re all wonderful.

    If I had to pick only one to have on the DVD it would have been ‘SOYCD’. I have never seen such a great version. The wine glasses hauntingly set the tone and Rick played with such enthusiasm, it couldn’t be ignored. I didn’t feel sad at all watching him play because it was obvious that his mind was soul was fully lost in the moment, and that must have given him a great sense of joy.

    I remember from being in the audience, and I saw it again at the premiere, that David’s voice never sounded better. It was strong and flowing in a way that was very different from ‘Remember That Night’. Sometimes, in watching ‘RTN’, I felt like it wasn’t always so natural, and maybe a bit rehearsed. Maybe it was because the intimacy of being in such a close proximity to the audience, I don’t know. I only know that this performance shows a very relaxed David singing to the top of his voice and never faltering.

    It’s hard to explain how good David’s guitar and voice sounded with the orchestra, but I did come to understand that David’s talent has far surpassed Pink Floyd, although I do love all the PF music and will always desire to hear David play it.

    I hope David will do more work with an orchestra because it is definitely a huge compliment to his ability, and witnessing this performance again has convinced me that David has not reached his full potential yet.

  37. Has anyone got the “Wot’s…” CD? I’m still waiting for mine to arrive…

    JJ, try de-caffeinated instead…

  38. Haven’t got it just yet….but the wife is picking it up for me today….so this evening promises to be very special.

    I also want to say how sorry I am for the loss of Mr. Richard Wright.

  39. Ordered mine on Friday (26 Sep). Anxiously awaiting its arrival.

    Thoughts with Richard’s family and David and the rest of the band.

  40. David, Jon, Guy, Steve, Phil…. I thought you were absolutely wonderful last night on the Jools Holland show.

    Remember a Day was a beautiful tribute to Richard. I’m sure he would have been very proud of you all!

  41. To anyone who’s wondering what’s going on over at iTunes (should you have missed my recent update at the previous post),

    I’m really sorry to have to tell you that the iTunes offer of ‘Wot’s Uh… The Deal’ is now only open to EMI territories.

    For Sony regions, which includes the USA, downloading the whole album for $14.99 gets you a free digital booklet (no, I don’t know, either).

    For $16.99, you get the digital booklet and the videos.

    Again, I can only apologise profusely for the confusion surrounding this release, particularly the lack of updates concerning obvious changes to the iTunes deal.

    If I’d been made aware of these changes, of course I’d have updated you through this forum.

    I really am sorry.

  42. Hi Fed and all,

    I felt David and the band performed so very well on Jools Holland’s BBC 2 show last night. It can’t have been an easy thing to do.

    If anyone missed the ‘tribute’ number they can view it on the BBC website via the iPlayer or the Virgin On Demand digital channel (and I presume Sky).

    Best wishes.

  43. FEd,

    I am sorry to have confused you about my question. I wasn’t concerned with not being able to download “Wot’s” from iTunes because of the webpass.

    The question I did want you to ask was Why is the SOYCD Gdansk video only 5 mins. when it’s 12 on the record? Because I’m waiting on a gift card for iTunes I haven’t downloaded it yet because like the other Gdansk video it’s album only, but I’ll put up on the forum what the edit actually is once I have watched it.

    [No confusion, Ryan. That was more for Robert’s benefit, but I didn’t want you to think that I’d forgotten about you. Please check your e-mail. More when I know more. – FEd]

  44. Recieved the five disc edition on Monday morning from Amazon UK, not had time to watch the DVDs yet, but the audio discs are just stunning, the sound is great and the performance is just perfect. Hoping to view the Gdansk DVD tonight.

    Well done one and all for this most excellent package.

    Oh, and the PDF download is something else, very good indeed.

    Last night’s performance on Jools I found very moving, and was a fitting tribute to Richard.

  45. The CD and DVD is great, got the 5 disc version yesterday in London, it took a lot of calls but was worth it.

    Downloaded ‘Wot’s.. ‘, thought that was only with the vinyl version. It also came with some sort of sticker.

    The whole thing is just fantastic.

  46. Well, since you asked. No, I haven’t gotten any version of the Gdansk release. Haven’t even ordered one yet. Funds are just a wee bit tight right now and I have to hold off for a bit. I will pick it up eventually but sorry I can’t add to hum going on.

    But I will add that I don’t think many realize what value this blog adds. Just for the fact that you can bitch about delays as well as get many accurate answers. What other musician website provides such a conduit??

    Finally in spirit of my last paragraph. Personally, I don’t like the pagination feature that was added to the blog. I can see how it could be very useful when you have an entry like the Richard Wright one where there were thousands of posts. But typically I would prefer just one long string.

    I know, I know, when I have my own site I will do as I want.



    [Accurate answers, you say? – FEd]

  47. I’ll be getting the deluxe set this weekend, if I can find it in the backwaters of Hertfordshire, so I’ll save any comments for then.

    Just wanted to say it was good to see David and the band with Jools last night and I’ll make sure to catch Friday’s edition too. A fitting tribute to Richard, I think.

    I thought I caught a glimpse of David heartily applauding Elbow at the end of their song ‘One Day Like This’ (from my favourite album of the year so far). It’s always interesting to see the interaction between the bands on Jools’ programme, throwing such diverse acts onto the same small stage.


  48. Saw it on the big screen at Rave Cinema in Hickory Creek, TX. There weren’t all that many people (20 at the most).

    The concert was breathtakingly beautiful, both to the eyes and to the ears (although, I must say that the volume was not turned up high enough till the very end, for Comfortably Numb).

    I saw RTN on the big screen last year and I think Gdansk is a much better production.

    I’m waiting for Best Buy to deliver my 5 discs set pre-order.

  49. My first thumbs up goes to the Luna indie store. I received my copy, with the “Wot’s…” disc, yesterday. I wasn’t even expecting it to be shipped until yesterday!

    This live album is just incredible. Everything from the packaging and content to the performance and production are first rate.

    I feel for those still waiting on their copy, but it’ll be worth it.

  50. Well, a note from the States … The 5 disc set is supposed to only be available at Best Buy stores, $49.99 this week only and then jumps to $69.99 after Sunday.

    But online says that it is sold out (after 1 day !) & won’t even take back orders … But there are enterprizing people out on selling the 5 disc set from $69.99 to $115.00 …

    I did get mine Tuesday at the store (they had about 10 on the shelf) and I must say I love the packaging, the extras but most importantly, the music is awesome!! I haven’t watched the DVDs yet due to making sure my TV & stereo are synched up to make for a memorable Friday night!!

    But I have listened to all 3 CDs and it gets better with every song and the previous song was incredible.

    Bravo David, you have made an absolute gem with this set. I wished I would have seen a show while you were on tour, but this is really just like being there. And to provide the show recorded at Gdansk, made it all the better!! I LOVE IT!!!

  51. Ordered (and cancelled) the 5-disc set with everyone (Zavvi, HMV, Play, Reflex) they are all numpties. They say they have stock until they see your credit card. It then becomes 4-6 weeks.

    I have an order with Amazon placed 6 weeks ago, and their latest estimate is 2-12 October despatch.

    The whole thing has been a logistical nightmare. There are no copies on eBay – even at a mark-up – so I presume the UK has totally undercooked the supply side.

    There is plenty of evidence that the stock of 5-disc ALL went to USA.

    [Sony just handled their orders better than EMI did theirs. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the Sony five-disc sets are in the US, leaving other Sony territories with a shortage. – FEd]

  52. I am still waiting “patiently” for my set to arrive in the mail. Fortunately I opted to see Gdansk in the theater.

    There were only a handful of people there, which was disappointing, but I am very happy I went. Quite honestly it gave me a new appreciation for OAI. I was so pleased with the amount of footage Richard received because I love watching him play for one, but it’s more footage in a performance than ever I feel.

    One of the most notable parts of the show, in my opinion, was ‘Shine On’. I say this because it is now my favorite live version of the song. Everything about it was just…perfect.

    Melissa says it all. =)

    David’s voice was incredible throughout the entire show, the orchestra gave me chills, I loved the energy, and when I expected great sadness with the performance, I found myself smiling instead knowing how happy everyone was.

    Really I could go on and on about the show, but I’ll simply leave it at I was very pleased and impressed with it (ran out of room to boot).

  53. It is really frustrating. We wait all Summer long, just to be told that we have to wait indefinitely.

    EMI need a severe rocket.

  54. Monday night’s premiere was FANTASTIC! It was really breath taking. I walked out of the theater amazed and excited for the release the next day.

    Though I was very surprised that the turn out was very small. I got there 20 minutes before the show and there was one other person in the theater already. And it wasn’t until ten minutes till the show that some other people showed up. There weren’t more than 25 people in the theater and more than half came in late.

    Perhaps advertising was the issue. Many people were complaining to the local radio station that there wasn’t enough advertising and that they didn’t play David Gilmour that often, if at all. However I did end up winning the CDs, which was awesome.

    I went out and bought the 5 disk set last night after finding out that Best Buy had it on sale this week. Haven’t really gotten a chance to look at the extras. Watched a bit of it when I got it home, and am looking forward to the rest of it.

    [Well done, Diane. – FEd]

  55. Anyone else have a Gilmour Hangover?

    Definition of a Gilmour Hangover: Stayed up WAY too late, watch/listening to Gdansk, the night before and had to wake up early the following day.

    Symptoms of a Gilmour Hangover: Exhaustion with a feeling of exciting euphoria, that makes you feel like you are floating in a dream-like state.

    I love disc 5! Take a Breath, and Coming Back to Life, were my favorites, and of course, On the Turning Away.

    The Easter eggs on disc 3 & 4 are fantastic. Thanks for inviting us to your table, David.


  56. Hi Fed et al.,

    I thought I would drop a note about my purchasing experience.

    I went to a store in downtown Montreal yesterday, only to be told it was NOT there, although I had reserved it some time back. They had everything but the 2CD/3DVD version. I was really disappointed, especially as I was told the next delivery may not come until October sometime.

    I gave a call this morning to HMV near my home in St. Bruno (Quebec), about 20 km outside Montreal. I was told they had 80-80-80-80-80 in store for each version of the product. How the heck?

    In any case, I went there and I got the desired version and there was a dedicated rack for all versions. At least one retailer in the world was able to anticipate something.

    I got the 2CD/3DVD version for $CND69.99 (add about 13% tax on the final price). All is completed as “advertised”

    I really enjoy it!

    Martin de Montreal

    [Crazy, Martin, isn’t it? Thanks for that. – FEd]

  57. FEd, Gdansk gets a MASSIVE thumbs up from me, it is fantastic from start to finish.

    I love listening to ‘On An Island’ in its entirity. It is simply awesome with the orchestra!

    Gary 🙂

  58. Big thumbs up for the 3-disc set. That’s all I managed to get my hands on in Mexico right now, but will definitely be upgrading to the 5-disc set when it becomes available.

  59. Hey FEd! What a difference a day makes!

    1st off, the deluxe set is that & more, beautiful packaging, awesome bonus materials & a poignant historical reminder of how significant the Gdansk shipyard movement was & how it changed the face/course of the modern free world as we know it today!

    The eloquence of the Baltic Symphony, coloring the articulate keyboards of Mr. Wright! The Diary Documentary, in my eyes, is worth a nod by the movie industry for an award that this justly deserves & the possibility of a Grammy Award, for this excellent endeavor, for all who participated! The music was excellently filmed and produced!! Kudos to David/Phil/Gavin!!

    About Best Buy, I bought mine at 10:00 A.M. yesterday, they had 14 deluxe boxes & 2, 3 & 4 disc sets in stock. By last evening the deluxe box was sold out, but others on the store locater still had stock. Best bet is Best Buy; you won’t be disappointed!

    Found some eggs as well!

    My Polly/David pic is damaged, bad scratches over faces.

  60. Fed…

    You’ve been called a conduit again! Took a while… 🙂

    [Oh dear, not again. Where’s that? – FEd]

  61. Bill, I bought my 5 disc set at Best Buy yesterday and the sticker price was $69.99, but it rang up as $49.99, so I’d investigate that further!

  62. [Apologising again. – FEd, Twitter]

    Vous n’avez pas à vous excuser sans arrêt, FEd, bien au contraire! Que ferait-on sans vous?

    Est-ce que tous ‘ces fouteurs de merde’ (sorry for the swear word, mais ça fait du bien), les vrais fautifs, s’excusent auprès de vous ? Ils devraient…


    [Pas du tout, mais il y a de l’eau dans le gaz, non? (Merci pour l’expression, Lorraine.) Mince alors, et excusez-moi, mais je suis en marre de tout ce bazar cette semaine. – FEd]

  63. Me, again….

    I just wanted to add that I got a new pair of shoes to go with the boxset. 😉 I feel very comfortably numb from head to toes now listening to and watching the concert.

    Thank you so much for so much greatness David and everyone. Special thanks also for the Richard Wright picture included in the set.

    Martin de Montréal

  64. I’m blown away by the whole Gdansk package. It’s so well done, everything from the sound quality to the packaging and extras, well worth my money.

    On another note, David’s tribute to Rick last night was very moving. It was a great performance and the band really did Richard proud.

  65. The ‘Remember A Day’ performance was moving. Thank you, David and band.

    I ordered both the 5-disc and 5-LP sets from Anthill/Musictoday and both arrived yesterday. So that’s good.

    My only complaint about the 5-disc set is a very minor one- why did they have to seal the envelope that all the goodies came in? I’m a neat-freak when it comes to caring for my music. I try to keep all of it in tip-top condition and, as I opened it, it really ate at me every time I peeled the envelope and tore some of the paper off!

    Anyhow, perhaps the best item in that envelope was the photocard of Rick. I certainly looked at that one longer than the rest.

    Over a week later and I still find myself thinking about his music’s impact on me. I can honestly say that, and with no trace of hyperbole, Pink Floyd’s music changed my life. Rick obviously played a significant role, and I am forever grateful for his contributions to the band that has helped shaped certain facets of who I am today.

  66. 7 of us saw the Gdańsk gig on the big screen Monday night in Niles, IL. It was my grandaughter’s first exposure to DG live other than the PF classic rock hits and she loved it, especially the orchestra. We all LOVED it and had a delightful time. What a performance!

    I picked up the 5 disk Gdańsk set at BB yesterday. I have not had a chance to view it but the CDs are spinning as I write this. BIG thumbs up from this music fan – especially for “Astronomy Domine”, “Fat Old Sun” & “Dominoes”. I am REALLY looking forward to listening to the surround mix of “On An Island”.

    Another top notch job – thanks!

  67. Hi,

    Long time no post!

    Just so you know, my five disk package arrived safely yesterday with all parts present and correct! It came from Amazon UK which I ordered about a month ago.

    What a fabulous job the designer has done, all credit to him, the packaging and contents are excellent. I’ve only had a chance to listen to the CDs on my Mac whilst at work so far, but they do sound good. Tonight I’m mainly going to be listening to Echoes on my proper hi-fi, very loud, and then later on, after Corrie, I’ll watch all the DVD content back to back as the missus is out with the girls!!! Tops.

    I’d just like to add my belated condolences to the many that have flooded in for Richard. I thought David’s tribute last night was a lovely gesture for a lovely man.


  68. Monday night’s premiere was fantastic. I saw it in Culver City, CA. There were only about 30 people in the theater. I was surprised because the theater was mostly full for RTN.

    Melissa said it best. David’s voice, the song arrangements, the camera work and editing…all were wonderful. David looks so handsome too. Saw your name in the credits, FEd!

    I had lost some of my enthusiasm for seeing the show because I was feeling sad about Richard. I’m glad I went anyway, because I left the theater feeling much better. It’s a really inspiring show.

    I went out and got my 5 disc deluxe version last night. It was like Christmas, opening and looking at all the goodies. I cued up Echoes, turned off the lights, sat down in the sweet spot and really enjoyed myself. I’m really, really grateful to have this.

    I’m going to wait a bit to buy the vinyl version, and I expect I’ll enjoy that even more. Once again I have to say thank you to David for continuing to make releases on vinyl. Thank you!

  69. Hello,

    I hoped I could buy my Deluxe set straight away so I went to Zavvi on Oxford St. in London on Monday and was the first one that stormed through the gate at 9:00a.m. – to my disbelief the did not have any of those.

    I went to check HMV – the same story. So I ordered at Zavvi although they did not have it in stock and got an email today that the’ve just sent it to me.

    At first I wanted a vinyl set as well although the price (£86) threw me off a bit – so I logged into and bought it for 50Euro (with P&P) – talk about price difference – and I’m waiting for this one as well.


  70. I really hope mine will be delivered tomorrow (from Amazon UK). I haven’t looked if it’s in the shops as I don’t want to be tempted to buy two copies.

    FEd, I don’t know if you know Swansea well, but I was there today visiting a friend from Uni and we managed to walk past HMV without going in!

    I just wanted to say that I agree with everyone who said that the release of Live in Gdansk has been organised piss-poorly (sorry!) and that David and the band were brilliant on Later with Jools last night. It was the perfect tribute to Richard and sat watching with tears in my eyes.

    [Not that huge HMV in the Quadrant? Damn, Siôn, I’m impressed. – FEd]

  71. I got my 5 disc version on Monday.

    Great concert DVD and CDs. Amazing 5.1 DTS / Dolby audio version of OAI. Lovely extras (I love the Barn sessions).

  72. [There is plenty of evidence that the stock of 5-disc ALL went to USA. – Phil]

    CD Wow (in the UK) are only selling the imported Columbia 5-disc version.

    [But they also say it’s in PAL format. I don’t think they know what they’re selling. – FEd]

  73. Watched David and band on Jools Holland. Very emotional, I was almost expecting Richard to be sitting at the keyboard. Beautiful and obviously emotional tribute to Richard with Remember A Day.

    I’ve not received my copy of LIG yet…and I did not go to the premiere of LIG on the big screen as the closest one was in L.A. 🙁

    Worse things in life though.

  74. I was lucky enough to receive the 5-disc set before last weekend, so I had some time to give things a spin.

    And a fantastic package it is! Superb quality overall.
    What struck me this time is how beautiful all those songs without the “bells and whistles” are: no lights or whatsoever, just the music (AOL for example and certainly the barn jams; three of them. Those three alone a are worth the price!). Amazing…

    A great performance on the BBC last night! It was a shame though that Jools Holland had to rush things tremendously. It didn’t do David right in my opinion!

  75. Being slow on the uptake in Norfolk, I finally got round to ordering my 5-disc set last night thro’ Amazon (panicked by talk of shortages….). I haven’t found my way into Norwich yet to see if there is stock on the ground …..

    Amazon tell me they will dispatch between 1st and 6th … in which case my plan of spending my birthday on the 9th watching the DVDs and generally wallowing around just about hangs together.

    Of course the BBC have provided me a cunning Plan B as I shall record the Friday broadcast and save it as back-up should Amazon cock up.

    Respect to David and the Band for the Jools show … I can’t claim that the song is any favourite of mine but the emotion and sincerity of the performance spoke volumes.

  76. Hey FEd,

    got my deluxe set yesterday. Only got to see one of the DVD discs (the one with the 5.1 On An Island). It sounds great. You can hear a lot more going on in the album than previously. I’m going to listen to the live album soon (right now).

    Everything in the package looks good, all the memorabillia is nice to have. I’m kind of thinking of using the pick but I think I’ll refrain from doing so. I’m also thinking on where to put the two sided poster.

    Anyway, I got my set.


  77. I had an interesting experience trying to purchase my LIG. I went to Best Buy [dot] Com to find the nearest location. They said there was one in downtown Boston, so I went and took a walk to buy it. Turns out that this Best Buy is non existent.

    So instead I went to Borders and bought the 4 disc version which is more than enough for me. All I can say is: FANTASTIC!

    The video looks like it was shot live, rather for a film which I love. The band is on their game, the sound is fantastic. The extras are amazing. Its such a great package! Thanks David. The wait was well worth it.

    Also, I was able to watch “Later…” How I watched I will leave to the imagination. But I have to say, it honestly did not feel the same without Richard there. I felt kind of empty watching it.

    They played great, but nothing can replace the classic lineup of David, Jon, Phil, Steve, Guy and Rick.

  78. Greetings from Alta, Utah, Fed.

    I went into my local music shop and bought my 5 disk yesterday morning ($50). The barn jams were worth the price of admission themselves.

    Overall, two thumbs up. But, was disappointed that the “Live in Gdansk” DVD (disk 3) did not contain the entire show.

  79. We went to see the Gdansk show at the Krikorian Theater in Vista, CA (north of San Diego).

    We were thinking it would be sold out, so we showed up early. As it turned out, they only sold about 20 tickets, but we didn’t mind.

    After about 15 min of “silence your phones now” messages, the concert finally started. It was great. But I admit, watching Rick play and knowing it was his last gig, made me cry several times. He sang Comfortably Numb reaaaaaally well. During “Take a Breath” I believe, we saw images from the shipyard from 1980 which was very moving.

    I received my 5 pack last night, but I have to wait until my bday (Monday) to open it according to my husband. So I can’t wait to watch it all over again.

    Fed, here is a picture of the Theater we went to, in case you want to share it (click my name).

    [Thanks, Eva. – FEd]

  80. Saw Live In Gdansk on the big screen in Grand Rapids, Mi Monday night. Wish I could have been there in person. What an amazing show!

    Still have to get the 5 disc set. My birthday was Sunday and my wife will not let me get the mail as of today. So just maybe a little late present.

    Hope everyone has a nice rest of the week.

    [Belated birthday greetings to you. Glad you enjoyed your Monday night. – FEd]

  81. My co-workers and I went to Best Buy on our lunch break and picked up our copies of Live at Gdansk (the 3 disk version) and it was excellent as usual.

    I just wanted to tell you, David, and everyone else involved with the release of Live at Gdnask – thank you.

    I tried to watch David and Co. on Jools Holland but only got about half way through “Remember a Day” and had to turn it off. I didn’t think seeing only Jon Carin at the keyboard was going to affect me as much as did. I think I’ll have to try and watch the performance another time.

    Anyway, thanks for everything. =)


  82. I’m from Germany. There was no chance to get the 5-Disc Box here in Germany. Even at Amazon (Germany). So I ordered it at I’ll get the box tomorrow.

    A friend of mine got the 2-Disc edition at the store without problems.


  83. Well, I just went to my local Best Buy at lunch and picked up the 5 disc special edition and I’m playing disc 2 right now and loving it…I thought nothing better than starting with SOYCD…it was the last copy that they had on the shelf and it was on sale for $49.99. Earlier today, I went to their online shop they were sold out so I thought I’d try the store.

    My wife is going away this weekend so I’ll be sitting down with the little ones watching David and the band as a marathon event. 🙂

    It still saddens me listening to Rick, but I’m glad that we have this AND Remember That Night to continue to look back on.

    Again, thanks for all of your work and efforts Fed – I had to go back to your “cheat-sheet” diagram to remember which version I wanted…now to go home and download Wot’s…

    [It’s been a confusing one, hasn’t it? – FEd]

  84. 1) No, I didn’t, it wasn’t possible here in Finland.
    2) Yes, I have got 2 CD, 4 CD bought and vinyl ordered from States. I will also buy the 5 disc version. I am loving it.

    I also feel sad when I see Rick playing on stage, but I also feel good about it. Mixed emotions. I love to see that he loves his music and playing the piano, but I do miss him even though I never met him.

    FEd, there is also a new page for Mr Gilmour (click my name). There is a video player and information about the guitar.

    [Ah, it’s finally ready. Thank you for letting me know, Sami. We’ve been expecting that. – FEd]

  85. I pre-ordered the 5 disc set from Best Buy and still have not received it. I did check to see if it was shipped and it has but I discovered that the price is now only $49.99.

    So those of us who faithfully pre-ordered for $69.99 have been screwed out of $20!

    [From what I can gather, you can ask for that $20 back. Please do. – FEd]

  86. Still waiting for my copy which is annoying as I cannot wait to watch/hear it!

    Hopefully it will arrive soon!

  87. Still waiting excitedly on my Gdansk goodies, but in the meantime…

    What an incredible version of Remember a Day David played on Jools. It’s such a great and under appreciated song, and the band nailed their rendition. I don’t think I’ve seen David play slide on a regular guitar since Pompeii.

    One question, was that Guy playing the bass? I couldn’t tell from the video I saw (from that repository of video clips that are sometimes illegally on offer).

    [It certainly was Guy, along with Jon, Phil and Stevie. – FEd]

  88. Got my 5 disc package today from Well, I should have received it yesterday if the post officers were not on strike….

    This box set is very nice The postcard with Richard is touching.

    I’ll watch the DVDs this weekend… if the kids let me watch it.

  89. Amazon have been kind enough to let me know they are having problems with sourcing the 5 disc set. I don’t mind waiting, life’s really too short to get annoyed about CDs and DVDs, as good as they are.

    Great performance on Later… by everyone, it wasn’t that easy to watch so heaven knows how difficult it was to actually do.

    Rick would have been proud I’m sure.

  90. Hi again FEd,

    As for the “A Great Day for Freedom”, I did the “lite” version. The video was good. Did not like the way the lights were turned off when David was playing his solos. (Wot’s the deal with that?) The lyric page was nice. Type could have been a size or two larger (hey, I’m getting old, the eyes ain’t as sharp as they used to be!!).

    Waiting on my 5 disc set coming via snail mail. Hope to have it by Sep 29th. Will have a toast to Richard, as well as Steve Centola and Randy Pausch, who also were cancer victims whilst I listen.

    Forgive me if I went off on a tangent.

  91. Hey everyone,

    I saw Gdansk on the big screen on Monday. I was so excited that I bought my tickets several days early so we’d have seats. Much to my surprise, there was only me and my two friends and 3 other people in the whole theater.

    However when it started it was great. My only disappointment was there was no “Echoes!” My friend and I wanted to see “Echoes” on the big screen so bad. I had seen it when I saw “RTN” in theaters and it was great. It was replaced with “SOYCD” which isn’t on the DVD.

    And I bought the 4 disc version and wish that “Time” and “SOYCD” were included on the DVD. Them playing with the wine classes was really cool, and I would’ve liked to have seen that again.

    But the good outweighs the bad and I’m so happy I saw the film in theaters and own the 4 disc set. It’s so great!

    Thank you DG for releasing this!

  92. FEd, purchased my 5-disc set yesterday (Tuesday here in the States) and I give the whole package two very enthusiastic thumbs up!!!! I wish I had another thumb to point it skywards as well.

    The sunset side of the poster is spot on and is currently hanging on my wall. Haven’t had enough time to thoroughly watch the DVD(s) yet but I’m confident they are just as astounding as the rest of the set.

    Had a spot of trouble with the “Wot’s… Uh The Deal” download which lead me to ask that very same question but, it resolved itself out a few hours later and it is now resting very comfortably indeed on my iPod.

    Also just a slight twinge of disappointment but I emphasize slight of the exclusion of the “Shine On” and “Dark Side” suite videos and perhaps given the current circumstances “Wish You Were Here” would have been appropriate but I nor any one else need be greedy and I am very happy and grateful with what I got for my money.

    As always, thank you very much indeed and good night to you.

    [“I wish I had another thumb to point it skywards as well…” Love that. – FEd]

  93. On another note, I watched the clip of David and Co. performing “Remember A Day” on Jools. Great performance, but I was struck by a very thick and rather horrid sadness by the absence of the main man on the Keys.

    Watching Jon Carin alone on the keyboards sent shivers down my spine for all the wrong reasons.

    Thanks again Rick, for your talent, and I hope somewhere along the line you finally realized why you got so much enthusiastic appreciation during band introductions. You deserved every minute of those standing O’s.

    …and now I’ve stated exactly how I feel….goodbye Rick.

  94. Hi FEd! Good evening…

    My 5-CD/DVD-set is on the way, should arrive by Friday, that’s what Amazon mailed.

    Download of the PDF-package was OK, no problems with the big file. Looks very nice.

    I’m off to Athens for a week, more when I’m back.

    Take care,

    [Have a lovely time, Herbert. – FEd]

  95. Melissa you should be a journalist. What a wonderful account of the premiere night. Your enjoyment was such that you’ve given me a bit of it too!

    Still waiting for Play to deliver my box set.

    This really isn’t fair as the actual volume of sales in its first week is not going to be properly recorded and the album won’t get the chart position it deserves.

    Best wishes all,

  96. Hello FEd,

    Yesterday was so special, I got my 4-discs. I left early from work to watch the DVDs, leaving time to watch David’s performance at Later.

    So hard to describe the feeling I got when watching that concert. Awesome! David took the music to a new level, songs like “High Hopes”, Echoes and “Wish You Were Here” were just redefined.

    Those “jamming-like” licks and improvisation that David did on stage, pure talent! Plus the orchestra, the textures given by the pianist, Richard licks, Dick Parry, Guy, Jon… no words.

    I loved when people shouted Richard’s name over and over! I got emotional right there!

    Overall it is a piece of art. Even my two year old enjoyed it, she remained clapping and smiling all throughout. I wish I could have shared her face smiling when listening to David’s solos.

    BTW, I loved David’s performance on Later, truly emotional, just wished Jools would have kicked out the other acts and leave David alone. Why Kate Perry when you have David there? Grrrr.

  97. Sad scene:

    “Can you imagine playing one more time with Roger Waters?”

    Gilmour: “Is that the time? I must to go.”

    Why it on the DVD? Boring.

    [Not half as boring as being asked the same damn thing for 20-odd years. – FEd]

  98. How difficult it must have been especially for David and Guy to perform ‘Remember A Day’.

    Richard must have been proud, wherever he is…


  99. Hey David!

    Are you waiting for another Floyd guy to die to do a tribute? Tsc tsc tsc. Forget the past, and do a decent tribute to Rick Wright, with the guys that brought you success: Waters and Mason. 🙂

    [I’ve posted this bile, before anyone asks (don’t), because it shows you all just how greedy, insensitive and downright moronic so many of you disgusting, fickle fans are. Go away, Kamal. Don’t bother with another comment. As soon as you (all) realise that your spoilt, selfish needs count for absolutely nothing, the better. You sucked the soul out of Pink Floyd with this sickening, self-centred attitude. Can’t you see that? As I said to some clown just the other day, you’re the kind of fan that Roger spat at. The funny thing is, you’re too stupid to see the irony in the lyrics you love so much. I hope you never get the reunion that obviously means so much that you can look upon even death as a positive thing. Shame on you. – FEd]

  100. Got the 5 disc set from Best Buy. Went through the live DVD and I am quite impressed.

    My highlight has to be the solo from “A Great Day For Freedom”. Goose bumps all around for that one. One of my all time fave Gilmour live solos. And that’s a high compliment.

    The introduction of the band members was also a touching moment, especially considering the circumstances. Glad it was in there.

    Also the extras are all top notch, with the Gilmour pick taking number 1 spot.

    Kudos all around for a solid product.

    If only it came with a discount coupon for a Gilmour signature Strat…..

  101. Hi FEd!

    I received my 5-disc Live in Gdansk Tuesday the 23rd. Having been one of the few in the States that ordered from the DG official store (when, in fact, we shouldn’t have been able to in the first place), I was pleasantly surprised.

    Of course, after placing that initial call to the distributor and finding out via FEd, aka ‘The Conduit’, that orders already placed would be honored, I was still not convinced that they’d make the ‘date-of-release’ promise that I’d paid for. I checked my order status on Monday and saw it was ‘in progress’, so I called once again and, after being put on hold for a few minutes, was told that I’d have ‘red status’ UPS delivery on Tuesday. It worked!

    I did pay the original $69.99 price, but it sounds like it was worth it given problems that others are having. Live in Gdansk is worth every penny!! I’m having to get my fix in dribs and drabs, but I am thrilled with every little bit.

    Peace 🙂

  102. Best Buy had a great deal going and fortunately I was able to pickup the 5-disk set yesterday.

    I love to go over every goody included in the set – excellent ephemera yet again. The Solidarity info was very interesting to read and made the poster of David’s silhouette facing the memorial very poignant, as well as beautiful.

    We’ve made it through the documentary, an egg extra and several select tracks – with more to watch tonight.

    I would have liked to see the show on the big screen, but unfortunately LA was way too far to go for this one.

  103. Yes, as planned 5 of us went to the big screen showing on Monday here in Southgate, Michigan. We had a blast!!! Sadly there were only 17 ppl in the theatre for it and that included us. The clerk told me they can seat around 450 in each room.

    I was talking to an older couple in the row ahead of us. They asked me how I heard about the screening. Told them I come to this site for updates. They told me they are regular movie goers and only got word about it a few days prior by seeing it listed on the marquee inside.

    During the opening of “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” my uncle leaned over to me, and referring to Richard Wright he said choked up, “Tough break ain’t it Jake? Makes you wanna cry doesn’t it?”

    My 5-disc set came in the mail just today, a day after the release date here in the States. I ordered it from Best Buy two weeks ago and I guess they owe me money back as I was still charged $70 plus s&h.

  104. 1. Who went to see the Gdańsk gig…?

    Saw it in Huntsville, AL. Was really great. Nice to see the closeups of David playing his guitar (minor downside, the right surround speakers didn’t seem to work…).

    2. Whether your thumbs are up or down, speak to me.

    Got my 5 disc version in today. It’s fantastic. 2 thumbs up.

    The only two ‘minor’ issues that I have is that:

    a) The DVD concert has the same annoying flashy stage lights as on the “Remember That Night” DVD. Maybe I just have a low tolerance for those things, but it makes watching Echoes (the middle part) almost unbearable. (This DVD really should have a warning for those people who might have epileptic-like seizures.)

    b) Echoes acoustic was already on the Remember That Night DVD. Maybe fill it up with something else…

    c) DTS track for the live concert would have been even better. No complaints though about Dolby 5.1 track. 🙂

    [Thanks for the feedback, Sander. Much appreciated. – FEd]

  105. Well, Best Buy came through and put back a 5 disc box like they said they would and my husband brought it home to me last night, $49.99.

    I feel very fortunate to have it after reading about some of the other people still waiting.

    It is beautiful package but I have not opened it yet. I must find enough time to fully take in all the features. There is so much to pick from I don’t know what to listen to first and I have to have time to hunt the “Eggs”.

    I just wanted you to know I did get lucky, since they only had 6 boxes to sell.

    Hang in there everyone and good luck getting your selection.

    Thanks for the Best Buy info Fed. I feel like it was a good price.

    Barbara P

  106. Hey FEd,

    I went to Londonderry, New Hampshire to see Live in Gdansk on the big screen and it was great (mentioned it on an earlier post). Marie and I really enjoyed the detail and clarity of the picture – as clear, if not clearer, than Remember That Night.

    There’s a particularly special meaning to the show in Gdansk so I’m glad that although the set is similar to the RTN DVD there are so many reasons why this particular release stands out on its own. The history is quite compelling – you just hope fans can all appreciate the historical meaning behind it all.

    We picked up the 5-Disc set at Best Buy the next day and used the Web Pass to download our first online track.

    Best part of the movie theater release: it was hard not to pay closest attention to Richard Wright and to somehow see this as HIS show… what tied it all together was Shine on You Crazy Diamond. I would say the one thing that REALLY stands out on the CD is having that version of Echoes live!

  107. Listening to the 2nd half of disc 3. Echoes should be a doozy.

    I’d like to add that the audience were exceptional especially at the end of David’s acoustic solo in peace without 50,000 fans interrupting.

  108. I ordered the vinyl set from the Fan Fare store on the website here about two days, maybe, before the post was left here that that wouldn’t work anymore. I haven’t yet received my LIJ yet, but Chicago mail is really tricky, especially with my building, and as I never got the one prize-thing from way back when, I expect there to be some problems getting this, too.

    All a matter of time, though, I’m sure.

    Waiting with bated breath…perhaps a week? Seven days, seven more days she’ll be comin’. I’ll be waiting at the station for Live in Gdańsk to arrive. Seven more days, all I gotta do is survive.


    P.S. Weak segue into that lyric, sorry FEd… 🙂 Perhaps a week…

    [Where’s “that travellin’ (‘Live in Gdańsk’) salesman that I have heard about” when you need him, eh? Have you heard that Bob’s donating partial proceeds from ticket sales in Canada to help fund local literacy groups? Ah, the days when kids are reading his poems in classrooms all over the globe are a-comin’. Can’t come soon enough, Bob, believe me. – FEd]

  109. The Freedom PDF file downloaded very quickly and I think it’s great!

    I really like the idea of having all that stuff available on my computer at any time, all in the one spot. I like how it works even without a live net connection. Nice one!


  110. My wife and I watched David’s DVD last night and it was really enjoyable. Plus I really love listening to the CDs.

    I notice your name mentioned in the credits, FEd. You deserve it and there were no problems with downloading the song.

    Thanks FEd and Take Care,

    [David’s always been extremely generous with credits. Just look at them. – FEd]

  111. Nothing I can add except to say what an inspiration the pdf thing is. Whoever thought of using that format like this deserves an accolade.

    To endorse another comment – why can’t albums be like this? The amount of information that can be put onto a DVD would make this pdf idea the natural successor to the vinyl album us oldies used to love so much.

    Great presentation of great music.

  112. As I mentioned in a previous post, I caught the premiere on Monday night at the Rave cinema here in Las Vegas.

    20-30 people seems to be the average attendance based on the others who have chimed in. Even though I am so grateful that I attended, it saddens me a little to think of all of those fans here in town that probably just didn’t know about the event.

    Aside from omitting Echoes, seeing the concert in the theater is something I won’t soon forget. It was truly a special/sad night for me and I thought the $10 ticket was a steal!

    Unlike others who pre-ordered the 5-disk set, I just waited until after midnight on Monday night/Tuesday morning (the morning of the release in the USA) and purchased the deluxe set from Then, instead of having it shipped, I chose the “pick it up in store” option, which meant that it was set aside for me as soon as the store opened at 10am to pick up at my leisure.

    I LOVED the 5.1 DTS version of OAI!! Just spectacular!

  113. I’m a bit confused….how limited is the 5 disc version?

    I had a preorder with a store here in Australia, where it’s due out on Saturday….got a call from them today to say it’s so limited it’s already been deleted and they can’t get any in, so none for me.

    I’ve now placed an order with a site called (not sure if it’s related to, where they say it’s due out on Monday, the order has a status of ‘Not Available’ (not sure if that means not available yet, or at all).

    What I’m not clear on is if it has actually already been deleted (either here or elsewhere) and how many people I should crawl over to get my hands on it….or if it’s a case of it’s hard to get now but there’ll be more later? If it’s the latter then I can wait. I’m used to waiting for limited stuff. 🙂

    Sorry for the rambling!

    [Ramble away, mate. If it’s any consolation, lots of people are still waiting for their five-disc sets. (That’s no consolation, is it?) It hasn’t been deleted, the record companies and/or retailers (er, all over the world) have just made a pig’s ear of getting enough of them ready on time. Even though taking pre-orders weeks in advance should have given them an indication of how many they’d need… Duh. They will be available, but it’s a matter of waiting on stock now. I’m sorry about that. – FEd]

  114. […with the guys that bring you success: Waters and Nick Mason. – Kamal]

    I think someone (Kamal) has been brain dead since 1985.
    Tsc tsc tsc.

    BTW, thanks to you Paul_C. Thanks for reading it and for your kind words.

  115. Good grief F.ed sometimes I read stuff on here that makes me wonder which planet people are on. No respect for other people’s feelings, no respect for Rick, grr!

    Your reposte was first class though, keep your spirits up eh? *ruffles hair*

    [It’s nothing short of despicable the way some heartless oafs will try to seize even the saddest opportunity. – FEd]

  116. Maybe I missed something but… what are those pdf downloads that some people are talking about??

    [Please click your name. – FEd]

  117. Hello again Fed,

    Just to let you know I received my 5-Disc L.I.G.

    I would just like to say the whole package is awesome including the the extras. The live Gdansk concert is just spell-binding, the orchestra adding a wonderful flavour to the whole experience.

    And seeing Richard – what a memorable tribute to him.
    Nothing and nobody has ever given me so much pleasure as listening to David Gilmour, I can’t praise him enough.

    Thank you David for what you do.


  118. i have it! so beautiful. best echoes ever. and everything else is amazing.

    why the delay in the shipping of wot’s… uh the deal? any word on when i can have that?

    keep me posted. though i can just watch the end credits for now.


    [You’re having it shipped from which US independent store? – FEd]

  119. I picked up my 5 disc set at Best Buy in Richmond, Virginia and was very surprised to find the packet of goodies from Gdansk.

    Thank you very much for those of us unable to travel abroad. Well worth the money spent.

    Thank you for all of the years of enjoyment that you have provided to date, and I hope that there will be many more………


  120. Thank you very much again for the opportunity of being able to watch and listen to another fantastic concert of the top most quality. Fantastic again. Thank you for the extras in the 5 Disc pack, as well.


  121. Apparently I’ll receive my deluxe set next Friday and according to the Sanity people it is a limited release and will be hard to get if you didn’t pre-order.

    Anyway Sanity are selling it for $89.99 AUD which is cheaper than all the Australian websites that I’ve looked at. The reviews that I’ve read all give it a good rave which is what it deserves.

    From what I’ve read from this post the Jools Holland show went down well. As I said before it must have been an emotional time for the band and David.

    Thanks Fed for keeping us in the loop.


  122. I saw Live In Gdansk in Fort Wayne, Indiana at the CarMike 20 theatres on this past Monday night.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see about 60 people there enjoying the evening with me. Surprised, because there was little if any promotion for this spectacular showing.

    It was by far the best of the 3 big screen events that David shared with us. The picture quality, sound, and performance was superb. The theatre did an excellent job of cranking up the sound, I felt as if I was there live in Gdansk.

    I purchased the 5 disc set at Best Buy. They had 10 in the store and I bought one for me and one for my dad. I believe I got 2 of the last 3 left and I was there when the store opened its doors at 10am Tuesday morning.

    The CDs are simply amazing. Best sound quality I have heard on a CD ever. I was very impressed with the picture and sound quality of the DVDs as well. Picture Up converts on the Sony PS3 system to 1080P very, very well. The camera work on the concert, great!

  123. SHOWPLACE 12 in Shereville Indiana, maybe like 5 people total in the whole theater, very gritty LCD projector, no talk after “On an Island” no “Red Sky at Night” or “When I Close My Eyes” – 2 of the best songs on the Island record in my opinion. Nice “Astronomy” addition though.

    Great to see Rick close one last time, determined if I was going to shell out the bucks for DVD. I’m a loyal fan, think I will pass and stick to the first DVD.

  124. [Have you heard that Bob’s donating partial proceeds from ticket sales in Canada to help fund local literacy groups? – FEd]

    NO, I had NOT heard that – that’a way Dylan! I’m sure it’ll do more good than Mrs. W. Bush ever did. Have you seen I’m Not There, FEd? I’m curious as to what you thought of it…

    My package just arrived this afternoon and I must say, it is absolutely worth the wait. Not only is the music itself superb, the real product I was buying, the packaging is gorgeous and fantastic! I opened it while I was at school, unaware at what I was actually holding until I pushed aside the brown packaging paper, and Floyd/Gilmour fan and unwashed masses alike were oohing and aahing all over the place.

    The school librarian and I were flipping through the booklet together and he had mouthfuls of praise for David and the band and the staff that work with and for him (including those wonderful, patient webfolk, FEd) for the amazing ship that they all run.

    Thanks David, Rick, FEd, EVERYONE (a HUGE list) for putting yourselves into this. It shows, it absolutely shows, and it made my day out of this world and capped off my week in a wonderful way.


    P.S. I saw what you said to/about Kamal, FEd, and all I have to say is ‘Well said,’ and ‘Hear, hear.’

    [Thank you. (Can you believe, I’m still waiting for a chance to watch it?) – FEd]

  125. FEd,

    thanks for the posts to those demanding a reunion. Are people so self-centered that they will use death as an excuse for their selfish needs?

    Apparently these fans look at David as nothing more than a puppet on a string, there to satisfy them at their every whim.

    I’d be curious to see their reactions if people were making selfish demands after one of THEIR best friends died.

    Pink Floyd ended on a high note, and we are all lucky that we could witness it. People need to stop with the selfishness and enjoy the fact that these musicians have decided to even share their works with others.

    Sorry for the rant. I just find it sickening, especially after one of the recent posts I read on this entry.

  126. [I am not convinced that the “new kind of all-in-one download package” is that revolutionary considering that you have been able to create interactive full screen PDF presentations that have embedded multimedia for years. – Nate]

    mmm … so why haven’t we seen this in the music industry then? and it does seem that this one actually works beautifully!!!

  127. I was shocked after reading one of the previous posts about David playing with Roger Waters and Nick Mason as the only tribute to Richard Wright. I don’t want to comment on it, but it was a real shock. Some people will never realize that we can’t always get what we want and we should be happy with what we have got.

    Still waiting for the deluxe set but I’m sure that patience of fans will be awarded as soon as possible. I was in Gdańsk and I think that the 5-disc edition will be the best souvenir of this unforgettable concert.

    Lucas from Znin

  128. FEd, thanks for the link to the PDF download, but I can’t open the big file. 🙁

    Also, I’ve downloaded “Wot’s… Uh The Deal” from the web pass and it’s awesome!

    Now I’m wondering what’s the use of downloading the other songs since they are included on CD from the 5 disc set… (they are same tracks).

    [Has anyone else had problems with the PDF file? – FEd]

  129. FEd, thanks for the info on the 5-disc availability, there seems to be an awful lot of misinformation coming from the various stores here in Australia, from being told it’s been deleted, to having an online order charge and then refund an order as it’s not available….one store gave me a figure for the number of the 5 disc set that came into the country, and it wasn’t even into 3 figures!

    I’ve now got orders with two stores, but no idea if they’ll ever be able to get it for me….from what you’re saying though it sounds like it will come good, which I’m keeping my fingers crossed for. 🙂

    Thanks for doing an excellent job. 😀

    [I’m afraid to say anything, to be honest, because I never know if the information I’ve been given is up-to-date. But people want the five-disc set, so, as there’s money to be made, I’m quite confident that everyone will be able to get one eventually; they’ll just have to waste a lot of time and energy finding a copy, for which I truly am sorry. Now that I’m ranting, I’d like to add that I’m particularly sorry for those who do not live in Europe (well, the catered-for parts, anyway) and North America, because it always seems as though you don’t matter quite as much. In a twisted sort of way, and really not meaning to cause any offence to those who are still waiting for theirs, I hope you’ve allowed yourself to chuckle at how better-served fans are now getting a taste of what you’ve always had to put up with. It’ll all come good in the end, I’m sure. – FEd]

  130. I watched the concert DVD last night and was very impressed by a few things.

    First the audio mix is incredible! For a live concert disc to sound this good is like having the band play in front of you with the best seats in the house–namely mine!

    Secondly the band plays like a house on fire! Turn your amp up and crank this baby because it’s a great performance. The orchestra adds some great atmospheres to the arrangements and all of the band members play just incredibly. Astronomy Domine cooks on all burners and this is the absolute best live Echoes that you’ll ever hear anywhere–period! The interplay between David & Richard is stunning and had me in tears again!

    My only question is now what will happen to this band? With Richard now absent some of this music can’t be performed without 2 keyboard players as Jon Carin played slide or additional keys alongside Richard, and Richard’s absence in both body and soul will seriously affect the musical dynamic of the band.

    What happens next?

  131. Anyone having trouble with the pdf files should just check that they’ve downloaded Acrobat 9 – there’s a link on the same page – the thing won’t work with previous versions of Acrobat.

    Hope this helps.

  132. [Do you have your copy of ‘Live in Gdańsk’ yet? Whether your thumbs are up or down, speak to me. – FEd]

    Just to let you know that I preordered a 5CD longbox at on mid September for a friend of mine who has no internet, and I just received an e-mail today (26 September) telling me that my order is cancelled (“rupture de stock et pas de date prévue pour réappovisionnement”).


    [Il y une couille dans le potage, je pense. (Lorraine, these expressions are perfect. Thanks again.) – FEd]

  133. Hello FEd, Jabeye, David & Band,

    After going thru the whole deluxe set, the package is simply amazing! The show/music/5.1 OAI, living room live quality! The booklet/poster/pick/passes/pix/tix, great souvenirs! The Webpass/PDFs/Easter Eggs, BIG SURPRISES! Gifts that keep on giving!

    Once again, I’ll say; “This justly deserves a Grammy/Music/Film Award, for an outstanding endeavour,,, for all who participated!! This project was excellently conceived, filmed and produced!! Kudos to David/Phil/Gavin”!

    To me, this Labour of Love, is the most fitting tribute to our fond memory of Mr. Richard Wright!!

    Enough said; keep the faith, and carry on with your great work!!

    Keith Nelms

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