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'Paul Sexton and Guy Pratt

Just as the month is drawing to a close, here’s one for September: our very own Paul Sexton with Guy Pratt.

Thanks for sharing it with us, Paul.

If you missed David talking to Guy on Planet Rock over the weekend, by the way, you can still tune in until the week is through. Simply click LISTEN NOW, followed by Last 7 Days: Guy Pratt and you’ll see details of the Gdańsk special directly underneath.

If you didn’t miss it, have already said all that you wish to say about it, and have nothing much left to say about anything of relevance, the chatroom is open tomorrow – yes, that’s Tuesday – between 15:00 and 17:00 (UK).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. Well FEd, don’t I feel like a wanker? I failed to recognize the “more comments” button on the “Plish press” page and I got kinda pissy for no reason, my humble apologies.

    On to better things, I watched the concert DVD and it was great I even like the style better than RTN. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate David Mallet’s efforts to make RTN cinematic but LIG just seems more authentic and with Marc Brickman’s presentation and David’s music it’s plenty cinematic on it’s own. The Orchestra is GREAT especially on, TAB!

    Also, my condolences to Bryan Morrison’s family. In large part responsible for bringing Floyd to the masses in its early days.

    Finally, on a completely unrelated note, I’m really digging Muse. Over the past week I picked up H.A.A.R.P., Absolution, and Origin of Symmetry. “Hysteria” is a favorite, as is “Hyper Music” and “Feeling Good”; and on H.A.A.R.P. check out those acrylic drums. They seem vaguely familiar.

    Thank you very much indeed.

  2. Just thought I’d say that I got the 5 disc set. (And had no problem getting it. There are lots of them in Canada!!)

    It is great. Kinda ticked that DG didn’t include all of the show on the DVD. But other then that great!!!

    Glad to see your name in the credits FEd!!!!


  3. Just wanted to say that I couldn’t wait and bought a 3 disc set.

    The sound is amazing, the DVD is great, but the package disappointed me… I’ve been waiting for two years for this and the booklet is just.. I didn’t like it.. I feel like it lacks something..

    The booklet for the Remember That Night DVD is amazing, lots of pictures of all sorts of things. This one simply lists the songs with a few pics… Dunno.

    Anyway, when I went to the local music store to search for the 5 disc set, they didn’t have it. I remembered that you mentioned that it was ordered in Mexico. Anyway, when I asked if I could order it and searched in the supplier’s site, they only listed imported European versions, as well as a Japanese version.

    That was the moment when I thought “It should be available someday”, so I bought a provisional version until I get the cool one.

    Then I check my email today, and read that there will be new supplies on October.

    Do you think it will be available in the near future over here?

    [Well, I thought it would be available right now. – FEd]

  4. Way to go Paul.

    I watched Disc 3 and enjoyed Acoustic Echoes especially at the end when David and Richard sang their individual notes for the ending loop. That was amazing to see how that was invented originally.

    Also, what do the numbers that signify the Barn Jams indicate?

    [That’s just how they were numbered. – FEd]

  5. I’m not the journalist!!!

    This was taken at the Fringe Festival before Guy’s stand up show, which was very good.


    “One glass of red wine, a glass of slightly pale Guinness and a copy of ‘My Bass and Other Animals’: £15,20.

    A signed copy of the book, a good laugh and a beer with the writer: priceless!”

    Hey FEd, any thoughts on the game tomorrow? PSV is heading to Liverpool with weak knees I think, given the last results in the national league over here in The Netherlands…


    [I think Ryan Babel will score. He likes playing PSV. – FEd]

  7. FEd,

    Lovely, touching performance on Jools. Was that Dick Parry and Polly I glimpsed in the background showing support by helping out on keyboards?

    Tom from NE Scotland

  8. I enjoyed watching the concert at Gdansk on BBC4 last Friday (followed by the documentary, followed by Jools Holland…), but I do have a question.

    During ‘Wish You Were Here’, I couldn’t help noticing that at the beginning of the second scat vocal (after the chorus), DG was nowhere near the microphone, and his mouth wasn’t open, but his voice was quite plainly to be heard. I take it this was a bit of overdubbing?

    It’s a pity whoever was editing the video made it quite so obvious, in that case.

  9. Hi there!

    I tried to listen but I run my computer on Linux and it says one needs Windows to listen. So, anybody cares to share a bit of what went on there?


    Is the weather as miserable there as it is here In The Netherlands? Brrrrr…

    [It sure is chilly today. – FEd]

  10. Just a quickie to say received my deluxe box set of Gdansk concert thingies and like the poster. Fixed it on my office window thus taking advantage of the double sidedness of said poster.

    The documentary was good as well. Liked David’s comments on art being selfish and can identify with the importance of satisfying the creator rather than others, for if the reverse was true than no one would be happy.

    Loved the cranes at the dockyard and ironic that concere is expressed on property developers moving in. Any redundant shipyard elsewhere would be covered with “affordable housing” or an Olympic venue!

    Oh and of course the music, sounds and visuals were great. The orchestra did in my opinion add something to the result.

    Not sure what to do with other souvenirs though. Still in envelope, but might give guitar pick (is it called that?) away to a deserving cause.


  11. Interesting interview.

    The bit where they were talking about the six screens over the stage and Guy commented that he was often not visible in his screen but kept appearing in other people’s made me chuckle.

  12. OFF TOPIC:

    Just reading Mike’s post in the Few Things slot and I had to comment simply:

    “For shame Mike, for shame.”

    Sorry again, it’s off topic but I had to say that.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  13. Nice photo, Paul, who drinks beer and who drinks wine? (If it’s wine, not sure…)

    Speaking of radio stations, we can now listen to David Special on Classic 21 via podcast. Click my name, then in the box, scroll down and select ‘Classic 21 Les Classiques 28/9/2008: Marc Ysaye’.

    It was about David’s career, his favourite songs and his collaboration with many other artists. It started half an hour after the broadcast beginning.


  14. This week, still on Classic 21, everyday, at about 12:35 (CET), we can hear an extract of an interview that David gave them, about the realisation of ‘Live In Gdansk’ and then they play songs from LIG. Click my name and then ‘128k’


  15. Welcome back FEd. Nice photo Paul.

    Just for you to know, I got my 5-disc Gdansk set at long last from It turned up today – a week late. Due to work commitments I’ll have to wait until the weekend before I can watch the DVDs, but I’ll be playing the CD in the car (I can’t listen at work unfortunately because headphones are not allowed).

    From what I’ve heard, the comments about the sound quality are right on the money. Great job with the production as always. I never expected less from Team DG.

    As for the time it’s taken to get this, I can’t fault, who have never given me any trouble before. This is down to the record company and management.

    If this sort of thing happened where I work, someone would pay with their job. It’s not the first time they’ve screwed things up between them and it won’t be the last.

    I don’t want to sound like us fans made David or that he owes us anything, because that’s rubbish, but we have been loyal down the years and the people behind the scenes should appreciate that they have a good job because of David and get their act together.

    I was really looking forward to this release and although there’s more to life than music, all the delays have put me right off.

    If there’s ever another one, I’d be interested to see if it could be released without any mistakes!

  16. Dear Fed,

    I suddenly had a thought the other day, some could say a moment of panic!

    For the last two and half years we have had so much to look forward to. First was David’s first album since 1994, then was the live tour, then there was a live DVD and then to top that a new live album. It has been a fantastic few years.

    The problem is now what’s going to be next and will David give us something else to get excited about or will we have to wait another 12 years for the next album?


  17. Hello FED! I hope you are doing well….

    Just got a call from my guitar dealer and after I pulled some strings at the corporate level, I just found out that My Gilmour Strat will be arriving this week!

    I’ll let you know as soon as I get it. Thanks for all you do!

    [Great news. I’ll look forward to hearing from you, Johnnie. – FEd]

  18. Nice picture Paul.

    Hope you had a relaxing weekend Fed. Can’t make chat today, I’ve got my grandbabies. Hope to chat again soon.

    [It wasn’t very relaxing, but it was very, very good. Hope you enjoyed yours. – FEd]

  19. Although I don’t have my Gdansk copy yet. And I’m ticked that I can’t find the 5 disc version at Best Buy. Yet there are plenty of touts who are selling on that auction site for twice the price. I did have a Gilmourish weekend anyway.

    I downloaded the full-version of A Great Day for Freedom as well as the MP3. That is a very cool freebie indeed. I didn’t check out the ‘lite’ version but imagine it is the same as the full just that it doesn’t run on its own without an internet connection.

    Then I listened to OAI as I cleaned my fish tank. Isn’t that appropriate???



  20. [This is down to the record company and management. If this sort of thing happened where I work, someone would pay with their job. It’s not the first time they’ve screwed things up between them and it won’t be the last. – Ben]

    I agree 110% with Ben. Really sloppy work by David’s people on this. I hope they’re embarrassed.

    I’m still waiting for mine.

  21. [The wine is mine… – Paul]

    Good choice, Paul!!! (Sorry, FEd…)


    [There’s nothing wrong with wine… – FEd]

  22. Hey FEd,

    Just browsing the new music charts, & LIG comes in at #10 in the UK & Amazon shows it at #28, pretty good showing considering the competition.

    Couldn’t get any other numbers, but my hat’s off to all, who made this happen!!

    Keep up the GREAT WORK!!


    [Thanks, Keith. – FEd]

  23. I’m a veteran fan of PF and Dave, so I must extend my condolences to the entire PF family. I’m really glad that I got a chance to meet Rick once and got his autograph.

    Regarding Dave’s new solo album – I did get to see him live in 2006 and my favorite performance was “Echoes” – I have to admit. I’m very sad that Dave chose not to perform “Murder” and other stuff from About Face – also “On The Turning Away” and “One Slip” from AMLOR.

  24. Hey FEd,

    Forgot a couple of things.

    1st, about the Gdansk shipyards; is there a movement to preserve them as a National Historical site, saving it from future over-development, and if anyone can donate to said cause?

    2nd; on a previous post about Guy appearing in everyone’s screen except his, ever since the “Lapse” tour, he seems to do a little jig/dance while jammin’ with the rest, who basically, stay put! I’ve told my wife about this, & I’ve dubbed this, “The Pratt Prance”, thought I’d throw a little humor into my posting today, maybe I could get a couple of chuckles out of it!!

    Again, all the Best,

    [Very good. – FEd]

  25. Hello FEd,

    I received my copy of Gdansk on Thursday. Then I Close My Eyes with Leszek Modzdzer was wonderful, and very jazzy. Echoes was probably the best I have ever heard it. It was also very nice to see you in the credits, FEd. You surely deserve it after the complaints, questions, etc.

    I like the pick included quite a lot. Is there any way to buy these in some music shops or online, or is it just a one time only thing?


    P.S. Perhaps releasing more Barn Jams through the web pass online would be possible, as some the ones on the disc are labelled 194 and such (if I remember properly).

    [They’re not available anywhere, sorry. Maybe that will change in future. – FEd]

  26. As the late summer winds caress the everlasting soul of Mr. Wright, warm thoughts glow with love and joy.

    His musical ways with Pink Floyd shall always be remembered with admiration.

  27. My five disc set came last Friday. Had a good time this past weekend listening and watching!!! (Got it from Best Buy online.)

    The pastors at the methodist church I go to has started a series of sermons that will be using Pink Floyd songs as a starting point, base, source, etc. It started Sep 14. Breathe in the Air, Time, Money, A Great Gig in the Sky and others will be used. Series goes through Thanksgiving. Thought David might get a kick out of that! I am trying to get a archival copy of the sermons as they are used.

    In an interview David did two years ago he wondered why people want to see men in their sixties playing old tunes in stadiums. He actually answered his own question later in the same interview. To paraphrase he said that when listening to the album he can’t help but think, “This is $%^ brilliant”.

    I can only say that untold fans wholeheartedly agree and THAT is why we are excited about this latest release and look forward to more!!!

  28. Hi, says that the 5-disc set will not be available before Oct 27? Is it true?

    I pre-ordered it from a Swiss online shop, but they say they are still waiting for it to arrive.



    [If it is true, nobody’s told me. I’ll try and find out for you. – FEd]

  29. I watched David and co on the Jools Holland show and found David’s tribute to Rick quite moving. It certainly did not look right only seeing Jon at the keyboards.

    On a brighter note my LIG box set has arrived in the post and I’m chuffed to bits. Great package and good value for money in my opinion.

  30. Nice picture Paul…..

    I enjoyed the Planet Rock interview between Guy and David……Guy is quite correct, watch the Gdansk DVD and he does disappear off ‘His Screen’ quite a few times!

  31. Is it OK if I talk about the ‘Live in Gdansk’ realease here?

    I pre-ordered the 5-disc special edition from Best Buy; got the package last week and I’ve got to say, what a deal! I can’t believe it cost me only 50-something bucks!
    I love it! I wasn’t expecting all the goodies that came with it, such as the photographs! And the packaging looks really nice.

    Haven’t got the chance to watch the DVD yet, but looking forward to doing that this weekend.

    And, in case Andrew sees this message, I’ve just checked Best Buy online and they have the 5-disc set for $69.99…

  32. Hi Fed and all,

    My fishing partner up in Northumberland owns the local indie record store. He is trying to get hold of the 5 CD set for me. I’ll let you know how he gets on.

    Kat and I went for a walk on Sat. when we had some sun. The harvesters were out in the fields and I snipped a couple of ears of corn, they weren’t quite ripe yet. I can now imagine what inspires David to write great songs.

    Lit a candle for Rick on the way back in the village church.

    Kind regards

  33. I think it would be quite a privilege to buy Guy a beer. He has an Aussie connection and his father in law was an amazing man who had his life cut short.

    Fed, I know mentioning PF tribute bands here is taboo, but when I took my 14yo to see one last Friday night in Brisbane it was great to see them pushing ‘Live in Gdansk’ by handing out flyers at all the exits and including them in any merchandise bought. ‘Wish You Were Here’ was also dedicated to Rick and got a big reaction.


    [Nice to hear. – FEd]

  34. I’ve been playing Gdansk for a few days off and on and WHAT A LIVE ALBUM (now in my Top 10 live albums of all time list).

    The basic 2-CD version of David’s Live at Gdansk album debuts at #30 here in the US this week (very good for a live album these days), I guess SoundScan didn’t count neither the 3-disc, 4-disc nor Best Buy 5-disc (which I have) nor vinyl LP versions. If they did, the sales of all versions and charting would be higher.

    David now has the distinction of being the only Pink Floyd member who has had a successful solo career as all FOUR of his albums have hit the US Top 40 (1978’s self titled racing #29 in 1978, 1984’s About Face reaching #32 in 1984, On an Island peaked at #6 in 2006 and Live in Gdansk reached #30).

    Metallica (another great band, though I guess not your cup of tea) is still #1 with their awesome Death Magnetic album here in the US.

    [I quite like some of their stuff, actually. – FEd]

  35. I’ve listened to Gdansk several times now and I have to say that Echoes alone justifies making the purchase.

    Aside from hearing OAI live, which is very nice, I love the Floyd rarities (Fat Old Sun, Wots…. Uh The Deal) and the slightly different version on SOYCD.

    If he tours again, I’d love to hear him dust off a few more of those obscure Floyd tunes as well as stuff from his first two albums as well.

  36. O pouco que vi, ainda não tive oportunidade de comprar. Esta perfeito Live in Gdansk…

    Como a luz nos revela e evela o Espirito… Gilmour irradia e encanta… por tudo que és!!

    Amo eternamente… obrigada!!


  37. I got my 5 disk version about a week ago. A stunning presentation of what is truly a masterpiece.

    Have found two eggs on the DVDs so far, and enjoyed both very much.

    I like David’s solo work as well as his Pink Floyd stuff too. Watching David and Richard work together on this project was deeply touching for me. Thanks to that 40 year love and friendship they have.

    Especially moving, and I’m sure most would agree, is the conversation between David’s guitar and Richard’s keyboard in the final movement of Echoes. Like two old souls having a gentle chat. Loved it.

    Bob Mitchell, Victoria, BC, Canada.

  38. [Finally, on a completely unrelated note, I’m really digging Muse. Over the past week I picked up H.A.A.R.P., Absolution, and Origin of Symmetry. “Hysteria” is a favorite, as is “Hyper Music” and “Feeling Good”; and on H.A.A.R.P. check out those acrylic drums. – Josh]

    Josh – put Black Holes and Revelations on your list of Muse titles to buy. Not quite as good as Absolution, but stunning all the same.

    Anyway, I’ve never had my photo taken with anyone I’d consider to be both famous and absolutely-fuggin-cool. Lionel Blair in a VeeDubb Beetle is the closest I ever got. 🙁


    [What, THE Lionel Blair? – FEd]

  39. Hey Fed, just a quick question.

    Was there supposed to be 1 guitar pick in the 5 disc version? Cos mine had 2. And the numbers on the pass/ticket, are they individually numbered as in a production serial number?

    [Hey, that was two. Give me a break. (You should have had one guitar pick and I should imagine that the numbers on each pass are unique, but don’t know for sure. The quickest way to find out is for you all to include your pass number with your next comment, then we shall see.) – FEd]

  40. We thoroughly enjoy the new release and thank you for putting “Dominoes” and “On the Turning Away” on the CDs.

    Have a good day.

  41. Hi Fed,

    I really enjoyed the Later appearance. Well, I say ‘enjoyed’. As much as you can enjoy something like that under the circumstances. I have to admit the interview cut me up a bit especially the part when David realised he wouldn’t be able to do ‘Echoes’ again. His sudden change of tack in wanting to get the clip played showed everything I think…


  42. What a great weekend after the last dark few weeks. The Jools performances were sublime.

  43. Still no sign of my boxset from Play.

    I wonder what the chart position would be if the record company had fulfilled all orders!

    Bought myself some Seasick Steve to keep me going!

    Regards to all,

  44. I’m still yet to receive my copy of live in Gdansk & I ordered it from over 2 weeks ago!?

    [I’m genuinely very sorry about this hold-up, everyone. – FEd]

  45. Hello everybody,

    maybe I’m out of topic here…I hope you’ll excuse me!

    Last week I was looking for the 5 disc edition in the music shops of my city (in Italy) and they told me it’s not available in Italian shops and it will never be, so I asked them to order it for me.

    They also asked if I was looking for the 3CD + 2DVD version or for the 5 CD version and it seemed quite strange to me, because I never heard about this second one, but the man in the shop seemed so sure… Does it really exist??

    Thank you very much! It’s only the second time I write in the blog and I really like it!


    [Hi Alessandra, thanks for writing. There’s no version with five CDs. Maybe he meant LPs? – FEd]

  46. Well, I ordered the Live in Gdansk 5 disc set from HMV and they confirmed that they have none in stock and it could take over 6 weeks for them to have more stock.

    Patience is my middle name.

    Best regards.


  47. Chart positions…hmmm. Seems premature really. They should actually release it first, then worry about that!

    It would be interesting to know if other artists under the same management/record company have the same trouble with their releases.

    Does anyone have a spare sunny disposition I can borrow for a while?

    [Nope. Sorry. – FEd]

  48. [Hi Alessandra, thanks for writing. There’s no version with five CDs. Maybe he meant LPs? – FEd]

    Hello again,

    I thought it, too and I told him, but he was really sure!

    However…I hope I will have my 5 discs soon!!

    Thank you for your answer!


    [You’re very welcome… and I do hope you will have them soon, too. Please let us know when you have them and what you think of them. – FEd]

  49. [ says that the 5-disc set will not be available before Oct 27? Is it true? -P] and say the same: ‘available on October 27’ – same price: 54.66€.

    Charts: Seeing that the 5-disc set is impossible to find in the largest music store in France (Fnac), even online, I think that this chart position there -10- is great! Yeah!

    Click my name.


  50. Thank you Ayako, I’ll have to check it out.

    It still gets my goat about people trying to scam this set at twice the price. So it goes.

    By the way, I did pick up an interesting item at a used CD shop yesterday. It was the self-titled release from The Dream Academy. I know that DG produced it but don’t remember if he contributed to it as well. Haven’t listened to it yet. I believe I’ve read some good stuff about them right here on the blog.



    [Good choice, I really like it (and ‘A Different Kind of Weather’ even more so). Listen out for some funky bass-playing on ‘Bound To Be’ and a lovely lyric in ‘This World’. As with one or two other releases, David’s contribution to The Dream Academy is something of a mystery. Nick Laird-Clowes, of course, has returned the favour with several contributions of his own (on Pink Floyd’s ‘Division Bell’, for example). – FEd]

  51. Loved the later performances and tuned into the BBC Four night. All good and my five disc set is on its way.

    Wish You Were Here was on the BBC Four version and I am glad as it would appear as the only way to “see” this particular song from Gdansk.

    Even my wife enjoyed it.


  52. Irregulars,

    How do you all compare The Albert Hall concert to Gdansk in terms of your personal taste?

    I have to say that I feel that his playing is much better on Albert Hall based on the ONE TIME that I have watched Gdansk. I love the big stage and the orchestra but I think ‘Albert Hall Dave’ smoked “Gdansk Dave’.

    I like both quite a lot but I was wondering if anyone noticed that?

    Blake in Nashville

  53. Wow, Live in Gdansk is a fabulous album, many hours of great listening.

    Any chance that Dave and the band might be thinking about a US Tour?

  54. Well… I am still waiting for my 5 disc edition from

    In the meantime I decided to purchase the 2 CD edition!

    I am BLOWN AWAY!! The sound quality is absolutely stunning to say the least, the performances are flawless. The band were most certainly ”in the zone” in Gdansk, I think it is THE best live album I have ever heard, in terms of sound quality and musical performance.

    There is of course Richard sounding in his element, hearing him sing the line ”you are young and life is long” from Time, choked me up.

    There are many moments when I get the goosebumps, Echoes obviously being one of them. This is the greatest version I have ever heard and is indeed very special. Something we will never hear again.

  55. Greetings all,

    Richard passed away on the day of my father’s funeral so this came at a particularly grim time.

    I recall about 1 week ago my son called to let me know he had just listened to “On an Island” at a friend’s house and being onboard for some 35 years now myself we chatted for several minutes about that. I got him hooked early starting with “The Wall” and we now share a favorite PF song in “High Hopes”.

    The night I called to let him know about Richard he took it as well as he could, he called the next day to let me know he had watched David Gilmour in the Royal Albert Hall/”High Hopes” (the 9:38 version) and got a little misty…I told him I had dialled up the same video also but that many tears had fallen on my end and we both noticed the same thing: right at the end of David’s slide solo Richard appears for 10 seconds or so in an eerie orange haze…nice parting shot of him.

    David… sorry for your loss. Please let Richard’s family know how much we all loved him.

  56. [How do you all compare The Albert Hall concert to Gdansk in terms of your personal taste? – Blake]

    I think his playing on A Great Day For Freedom is worth the 5 disc price alone.

  57. When I click the listen now button, the media player starts to play whatever is currently on. There is no Last 7 Days option that I can see.

    I’ve tried a few different browsers with the same result. Any ideas with what I might be doing wrong?


    [Do you get a pop-up and do you see LISTEN AGAIN at the top-left (next to LISTEN LIVE)? Once the player loads, you should see a link to Guy’s last show. – FEd]

  58. My last post was a bit rushed, Blake, but I meant it all the same, serious playing on that song.

    Thankfully we can have a discussion like this as most guitar players rattle of the same note for note dribble night after night. Fat Old Sun on LIG is a bit quicker, I think, with Phil’s guitar higher in the mix. The solo is different and it’s hard for me to say just what’s better as they are both really nice but slightly different.

    I also notice David likes to keep all the wee mistakes in and fair play to him for doing it… On The Turning Away is off the cuff I believe, still sounds great, wee slipsies included…great stuff.

    On my iPod is LIG but next week it could be RTN, a great complaint to have, which one??????


  59. [I think his playing on A Great Day For Freedom is worth the 5 disc price alone. – Paul Sexton]

    ‘a great day for freedom’ is a definite highlight and perfect for the occasion. love it.

    nice photo.

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