Flashback: Ritzy

'The Ritzy in Brixton, as it looked on 15 September 2007 (photographed by Becky)

The North American premiere of ‘Remember That Night’, in Brixton, was one year ago.

If you were part of it, let us know.

Thanks to Becky for providing today’s photo, which you can click to see more clearly.

If you’ve missed the list of cinemas showing ‘Live in Gdańsk’ across the States next Monday (yes, just one week left to wait, folks), they can be found in:

ALABAMA: Birmingham, Decatur, Huntsville, Mobile; ARKANSAS: Little Rock; CALIFORNIA: Buena Park, Los Angeles, Redlands, Vista; COLORADO: Colorado Springs, Fort Collins; CONNECTICUT: Lisbon, Westbrook; FLORIDA: Bradenton, Cape Coral, Datona Beach, Pensacola; GEORGIA: Columbus, Savannah, Snellville; ILLINOIS: Bloomington, Champaign, Chicago, Decatur, Naperville, Niles, Peoria, Skokie; INDIANA: Evansville, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Plainfield, Schereville; IOWA: Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Sioux City; KENTUCKY: Glasgow; LOUISANA: Baton Rouge, Lafayette; MASSACHUSSETTS: Revere; MICHIGAN: Birch Run, Canton, Fort Gratiot, Grand Blanc, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Midland, Mount Pleasant, Muskegon, Novi, Southgate, Sterling Heights, Traverse City; MINNESOTA: Apple Valley, Coon Rapids, Oakdale; NEVADA: Las Vegas; NEW HAMPSHIRE: Londonderry; NEW JERSEY: Toms River; NEW MEXICO: Hobbs, Las Cruces; NEW YORK: Brooklyn, New Hartford; NORTH CAROLINA: Greensboro, Greenville, Morgaton, Raleigh, Statesville, Wilmington; OHIO: Columbus, Mentor, West Chester; PENNSYLVANIA: Gettysburg, Greensburg, Hanover, Philadelphia, Reading, Wilkes-Barre; SOUTH CAROLINA: Columbia, Myrtle Beach; TENNESSEE: Chattanooga, Franklin, Gallatin, Kingsport, Knoxville, Murfeesboro, Nashville; TEXAS: El Paso, Hickory Creek, Houston, Hurst, Tyler, Wichita Falls; VIRGINIA: Charlottesville, Fairfax, Fredericksburg, Lynchburg, Midlothian, Roanoke, Wytheville; WEST VIRGINIA: Beckley, Charleston, Huntington, Tridelphia.

Many cinemas require that you buy tickets from their box office, but several allow you to book online. For all the necessary details, visit The Bigger Picture.

If you’re going along, we’d love to hear from you.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

46 thoughts on “Flashback: Ritzy”

  1. Oh yes, I was there a year ago in the Ritzy in Brixton and sometimes I still can’t believe it. It was magic; a wonderful night. I’d seen David live many times before, but there he was: playing Castellorizon not more than two metres away…wow.

    Thank you so much once again FEd. A year already, eh…?

    [Scary, isn’t it? It’ll be Christmas soon. – FEd]

  2. One year since the Ritzy… One week until Live In Gdansk… Happy days in Gilmourland.

    Interesting new colour scheme FEd.

    BTW ‘Three Men In A Boat’ featuring David, gets another airing on BBC2 TONIGHT at 11:50.

    [Thanks, Ken. They’re showing that off, aren’t they? – FEd]

  3. Ow my eyes! 😉

    Thanks to Safari’s shoddy caching I didn’t see the full effect of the colour change until I hit refresh this morning. 🙂

    Ahhh… The Ritzy… much has been said about this occasion… need we repeat any of it? 😉

  4. That was very exciting last year. I remember feeling like I was going to another one of David’s shows. (Which of course I was, but you know what I mean.) The Q + A was better with Phil I thought, rather than the week before. A bit surprising for me, but that’s a different story.

    I remember thinking that they were going to show the video stream of David and Phil’s Q + A session, do you know what ever became of that idea, FEd?

    Unfortunately, Brooklyn is too far for me to go to a movie premiere this time, so I’ll have to wait for the box set. Still excited either way.

    [No, I don’t know what happened to that, sorry. – FEd]

  5. FEd, I love the colours! The Blog feels so fresh and happy. It’s perfect for this happy time for music fans!

    Just one week to wait… I can’t wait! Hubby has made arrangements to visit a friend so the house is all mine next Monday! It will be cat, candles, concert and wine.

    I wasn’t at either “Remember That Night” premiere. I wish I had been. I wasn’t online back then and didn’t even know there was a premiere. I’d have been there in a flash if I’d just known about it. (Why wasn’t it better advertised? Seems the cinemas in the UK were hardly full.)

    I’m happy for everyone across the pond who can catch “Live in Gdansk” on the big screen and hope it goes well.

    [Cabernet sauvignon, I hope (for the sake of alliteration). – FEd]

  6. The Ritzy, it was the opportunity of a lifetime. Remember That Night on a big screen was wonderful.

    I hadn’t been able to go to the Royal Albert Hall, I had tickets but domestic circumstances meant I couldn’t use them, so seeing the film was particularly wonderful for me.

    Added to that however was that David was present, he played, he answered questions, he passed within four feet of me as he returned to his seat to a standing ovation from our crowd.

    It was a tiny cinema too, that added to the whole feeling of intimacy.

    For me it was also the first opportunity to meet some of the bloggers. That was also a fabulous experience. I remember your faces, the things we said, I remember people I didn’t speak to but wish I had. 🙂

    Special hello to Little Alex from Scotland 🙂 and another Hello to the two little boys I spoke to about the cybermen and Battersea power station. 🙂

    I’ll always remember that night too.

    ash X

  7. Yep, remember it well. Had brought my whole family into NYC to view it. It was a wonderful day.

    With respect to the screening next week, although I will be on a plane at the time, I found it a bit odd that no theatre in New York City is on the list. Just one in Brooklyn (which is good for Angelo). Certainly not complaining just find it odd.

    By the way to follow-up from last week. Good news is that there was no sight of Gdansk or Wot’s at the CD show I went to this weekend.

    And, I want to mention that I did see some posters hanging in NYC promoting Gdansk release.



    [Good to know. Thanks, Andrew. – FEd]

  8. Yep, I went to that one too. Great fun & lovely to meet up with some new, some familiar, faces again.

    It’s very surreal sitting at a bar, watching David walk past (I was sober, honest) but I could get used to it.

  9. Hello Fed! I hope you are doing well, given the circumstances…..

    Do you know if the Gilmour Strat is running on schedule? I called Fender yesterday, and I was told by some lady that my order won’t arrive until late December – and I had the very first order from the Sam Ash chain in the U.S.!!!

    I’m very concerned……

    [I haven’t heard anything, but have passed your concern to Management. – FEd]

  10. This just in…

    There’s a delay for Australia, sorry. ‘Live in Gdańsk’ will now be released on Saturday 27 September.

    It will be available in all formats and there will be a TV campaign starting on Thursday 25 September.

  11. Does anyone care about the Live in Gdansk premiere anymore?

    I didn’t feel there was much enthusiasm from the USA before we heard about Richard’s death. Now I wonder if anyone will turn up at all.

    If it was in the UK, I’d go.

  12. Hello Fed! Thanks again for the Reply on the Gilmour Strat. I’m just hoping that the lady I spoke with was just misinformed. Since I placed the very first order with Sam Ash (a huge chain of stores) all should be well – I hope!

    PS – It was great to see you get some credit during the end credits of the Live at Gdansk DVD – I was very happy to see you mentioned!

    By the way, I love the Gdansk DVD – the whole show was just awesome, and it was filmed very well!!!!! Everyone is going to love it!!!!! I sure do!

    [That’s nice to know. According to David’s manager, it is running on schedule, but please be reminded that the manufacturing process is very slow and that the number of orders far outweighs the supply. According to Fender, all orders to retailers will be fulfilled by the end of October, so the lady you spoke to is probably being cautious with her estimate. – FEd]

  13. [Does anyone care about the Live in Gdansk premiere anymore? – Fran]

    I’m sure we’re all excited about it, Fran, but considering that none of our friends in Europe will get to share the same experience it’s difficult to gush about it.

  14. Yes, I was there, had a great time but I’d still rather think about Richard.

    I did not expect such news.

  15. I’d like to say that I had a smashing time at the Ritzy and the whole thing was one of the best, most fun things I’ve ever done! (Even if that Murray person did make fun of the way I talk!)

    Thanks to David and FEd for making it possible; thanks to Martin, Melissa, Tracy and Christine (and all the folks I met at the Ritzy) for making it a swell ride.

    I’ll be looking back–and smiling–on that short and sweet trip for the rest of my life.

  16. Front row for what was a special special night, with friends surrounded from the previous meet up, a truly great night.

    I thank you still to this day Fed for the opportunity of being there. Oh and my little filmed interview that has made me a superstar in my household anyway. Me and David on the same piece of film footage. One for the grandchilden, that.

    Considering what has occurred around that date it is with bittersweet fondness I look back.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy & Natasha ( Dublin )

  17. I remember the day very well. I was in a bit of a, how should I put it….non-sober state of mind, however I still loved every second. I was on the edge of my seat for the whole night. (Not because I was drunk, btw!)

    David’s performance was my first live performance, and hopefully not my last.

    I met some fantastic people, namely Lorraine, Geoff Duffy and who could forget the Gilmourettes!

    It certainly was Happy Days!

    Simon J

  18. I’m happy to see the blog open again Fed…but that is about all the happiness I can muster this week. Still thinking of everyone affected by Rick..

    Cheers, Howard

  19. Ahhh… The Ritzy Premiere.

    Howard and I attended our local cinema to watch it and I was gobsmacked when El Magnifico said we have a video question from Rudders of Burlington, Ontario and DG said “We’ve heard of him.”


    And a big thank you to my friend Geoff Duffy for sending me a programme from that show… it has pride of place in my media room… and is also a reflection of the camaraderie we have on this blog… during the good times and not so good times…

  20. I’d go and see “Live in Gdansk” in the cinema if it was showing in the UK. That’s where Richard lives on.

    I’ll remember Richard on stage having fun. From the “Remember That Night” documentaries, the tour was a lot of fun.

    Sorry, but I never thought there was much buzz from Americans about this premiere. If it was only in the UK, you Americans would complain about that, LOL!

  21. [And a big thank you to my friend Geoff Duffy for sending me a programme from that show… it has pride of place in my media room… and is also a reflection of the camaraderie we have on this blog… during the good times and not so good times… – Rudders]

    Seeing as I got 2 (the 2nd been on the Mrs’ chair I thought I gotta give this to a deserving fan, someone who contributes to the blog, someone whose witty banter brighten up the blog, someone whose captions cripple me sideways half the time.

    You are very welcome sir and thank you for the nod.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  22. Wow, amazing how fast that year went by…sigh.

    Anyways, I had a lot of fun with the Ritzy event, and appreciated having the chance at the Q and A stuff, and I was also totally amazed at seeing everyone in England at that time…ahhh, the good days.

    Anyways, just stopped by to say hi to everyone, and reminisce.


  23. This week’s news has of course dampened all our enthusiasm for remembering our own little adventures, which of course seem trivial by comparison….

    That said, I remember the Ritzy evening very fondly and when we’re all a bit flat it’s nice to remember that sense of community, some friendly faces and shared excitement … an all-round warm feeling … because when all’s said and done, that’s why we’re here, isn’t it?

    Oh and by the way I remember seeing some truly great performances that were still shiny and new … including a version of Echoes that demonstrated perfectly that bond of musical empathy and friendship that David has highlighted with Rick.

    Remembering our experiences on the blog is part of remembering Rick. That’s good and we shouldn’t be shy about it.

  24. Hi, I cannot seem to find the locations in PA for Monday’s show. The links are dead. Can you help me find them? I want to buy tickets today…Thanks.

    [That’s handy, isn’t it? Did you click the image at the bottom of the page? Then, when that image appears full-screen, THEATERS AND SHOWTIMES at the bottom-left? The locations are Gettysburg, Greensburg, Hanover, Philadelphia, Reading and Wilkes-Barre. – FEd]

  25. The Ritzy was awesome and I really enjoyed meeting all the bloggers and touring around before the show to see the Battersea Power Station with Becky, Melissa, Tracy and Martin S.

    Everyone was so happy – it was an exciting time.

    Phil hosted a great Q&A, but I sometimes cringe when I think that I actually asked David about his sax playing and was on the big screen. I do hope we’ll get to hear him play sax again in the future tho.

    Spending time in London was a great adventure and I’m grateful I could attend the premiere.

    Thanks. Christine

  26. Yes, I was there. When I got the tickets I thought all my birthdays had come at once. Had seen David many times but never so close up.

    Fantastic night, I will always remember.

    Thanks FED, I will always be grateful.

    [It was a pleasure to be able to dish out those tickets, Anthony. – FEd]

  27. It is hard to think about the new album or the cinema premiere. I just keep thinking about Rick.

    I was in the middle of writing a post about Rick when the Blog closed. After a long, arduous day, I had sat down to relax in front of the TV and there was a “teaser” for the evening news. A blurb about “A founding member of Pink Floyd.” What a way to learn about this.

    I’ve written before about the way that we “get to know” celebrities, even when we never meet them. For me, Rick has always been an intriguing figure. It always seemed like he would be a good person to chat with.

    Anyway, it is a little odd to feel sad about the passing of someone I never met. That said, Rick and his loved ones are in my thoughts and prayers.

  28. Greetings FEd;

    Well, I saw the premiere in Houston, Texas. There were 10 of us in our group. I think I had my mouth open in stunned silence through the whole thing. (Now, that’s a miracle!)

    Have a Blessed weekend.


  29. [Sorry, but I never thought there was much buzz from Americans about this premiere. If it was only in the UK, you Americans would complain about that, LOL! – Ben]

    I have to agree with Ben, but that’s only because everyone wants as much of David as they can get! We can all understand that!

    I would like to go, but I’m interested to hear who would prefer not to go now that Richard has died. It almost feels like it’s coming too soon after his passing to me and I wonder if people would stay away because they couldn’t face it yet.

    I don’t have the choice to go or not, so I don’t have to think hard about it, but I think I’d go. It will help with our grief.

  30. We only decided to go at the last minute and didn’t regret a minute. It was a wonderful evening seeing David and Phil so close up you could see the whites of their eyes!!

    Phil’s interviewing was brilliant and the Q and A with David was great he was so relaxed and on the anecdotal questions he was really in his element, such a quick sense of humour as well.

    The really funny bit was getting a replacement bus for the Tube to Victoria with a driver who couldn’t decide whether he wanted to be Lewis Hamilton or Bob Marley as we sat nervously in the front seat…. Happy days!!!

    And meeting all the bloggers of course.

  31. What a smashing venue to have the show in, by invite only made it a great privilege to be there. Row 6, centre. Thanks FEd.

    It was like watching David play live in your living room. Very intimate and I thought the Q&A was much better with Phil in the chair.

    It was a great experience for wee Alex and his first time seeing David live. He didn’t know where we were going until we were on the flight down to London. I just wish I had taken a picture of his face when I told him, it was absolutely priceless.

    Met some interesting people (inside and outside the venue) and it was good to put some faces to the names I see posting on the blog.

    Big thanks once again to everyone involved in making that night possible.


  32. When you look at the list again, you come to realise there are not many cinemas for a land mass as large as the United States. How many more were involved in showing “Remember That Night”?

    [160-odd, including some in Canada, wasn’t it? I can’t remember off the top of my head, but the Categories on the right will help you find out, if you care to look. There are slightly more participating cinemas involved in this one than there were for the Mermaid Theatre event back in May 2006, if memory serves me well. – FEd]

  33. When I walked into the pub at ‘The Ritzy’, the bloggers’ days of sharing a drink in the barn, while listening to ‘Echoes’ simultaneously, had become a reality. I’ll never forget how good it felt to be sitting there. I felt David had invited us over to watch his big telly.

    Although some of you were connected by technology, you were there just the same. I know you must have felt it more when David stood up and played for us all, and after the premiere, when he patiently answered our questions to him. I shall never forget that either.

    I’m hopeful that someday, his management will find a way to make the transcript available to us, as was done for The Odeon, but if it never happens, at least I have my memories.

    Physically we were a smallish group, but there wasn’t a building that could have contained the emotion which was present.

    PS. Did I ever say ‘thank you’ for not making this premiere open to the public?

  34. A lovely sunny day in London it had been too.

    Some nights one just remembers, and the one in Brixton will be one for me.

    There is one drawback with having being at the Ritzy, watching the DVD at home is somehow never going to be the same.

  35. Sim… o blog está com cores bem brasileiras… Gilmour nunca veio ao Brasil!!

    Saiba que te espero eternamente.


  36. I can’t believe it’s being shown in Alabama, Arkansas, California and New Mexico but not Arizona. It’s because of John McCain isn’t it?

  37. Sou brasileiro e ñ sei falar o inglês. Fiquei muito triste pelo acontecido! Desde 1982 qdo tive noção do que é música, descobri que música era Pink Floyd! Hoje porém, música se resume a David Gilmour!

    Seria muito + feliz se recebesse de David uma palavra escrito…hi!

  38. There’s a thought that I like to share with you.

    Rick is not dead, he is just on another tour.

    Musicians like him never die, he will be remembered as one one of the greatest musicians of this era.

    You move so many things in me that you become part of me. You will be always with me.

    Thanks for your music.

  39. We are so sad. Richard’s dead was a terrible notice for us. I have loved PINK FLOYD since DARK SIDE OF THE MOON and today my children, I have 2, love you too.

    We send our love to you and thanks for the great music you make.

    Our hopes are we can see you in ARGENTINA sometime, if GOD allows it.

    Until next time,

  40. The Ritzy was superbly informal and intimate. You could feel the close relationship between David and Phil. Loved every minute of it, even the over-enthusiastic fans next to us.

    Thanks very much for the invite,
    Chris & Caroline.

  41. Yes, I will be going to Live in Gdansk tonight right here in my hometown of Southgate, Michigan..I got advanced tickets on Friday, worried of a sell out.

    Does anyone know the details of it?

    It shows the running time of 120 minutes which tells me that all the songs of the tour setlist may not be included.

    I was just curious if it was edited down for time reasons. Will we get all of the OAI songs? Will Echoes be dropped?

    Guess I’ll find out tonight, but I can’t wait!!! I think I’m just as excited for this as I would be for any concert in person. Maybe even more..

    [Enjoy yourself, Jake. There are a few songs missing, but I won’t tell you which ones. – FEd]

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