Flashback: Leicester Square

Frank and Steve DiStanislao at Leicester Square, 6 September 2007

As difficult as it may be to believe, many of you were loitering around Leicester Square this time last year, waiting for the European premiere of ‘Remember That Night’.

If you were there and have anything to say on the matter, please go ahead.

And if you were watching in cinemas around Europe, we’d also love to hear from you.

Today’s photo, kindly sent in by Frank, is of him meeting Steve DiStanislao inside the Odeon.

Thank you for sharing it with us, Frank.

Sky Arts will be broadcasting 75 minutes from ‘Remember That Night’ tonight. So, if you’re a Sky customer, tune in to Sky Arts (channel 256) or Sky Arts HD (channel 257) from 21:00 (UK).

Last, but by no means least… If you’re still waiting for details on those US cinemas involved in the ‘Live in Gdańsk’ premiere, all I can say is that the full list will be on the Latest News page as soon as possible.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

47 thoughts on “Flashback: Leicester Square”

  1. Was that a year ago already? What can I say- the best £20 I’ve ever spent! Front row seats and Guy almost trod on my foot- there’s my claim to fame!

    It was an incredible show, and Marc Brickman’s lights were another bonus – I’ll certainly remember that night.

    Sorry for the terrible pun.

  2. I was there, it was great fun. When you walk into pub, several hundred miles from home, and find a man standing at the bar with ‘Find the fake bearded FEd’ on the back of his T-shirt – you just know you’ve found a blogger.

    PS. Great T-shirt Ralph!

  3. I saw the premiere at one of the other cinemas, Stratford upon Avon. It was a nice sunny day, unlike today when Britain seems to be in the midst of torrential downpours.

    We arrived early at the cinema and collected our tickets then went for a wander and bite to eat. We returned and headed up to the really nice bar, it’s a very nice cinema, small, clean, lovely staff who saved the poster for me. 🙂

    We were allowed to take drinks into the cinema! How civilised! Staff brought us our programmes. We’re not used to this kind of treatment, the cinema was a treat in itself never mind the film!

    Remember That Night was the next best thing to being at a show. Watching my copy at home is nothing like as good, still the best concert film I’ve ever seen, but the big screen experience was something else.

    I am so jealous of our American friends who have a premiere of the Gdansk show to look forward to.

    ash X

  4. I was one of the few caught up in the double booking fiasco for the Leicester Square premiere.

    However if I hadn’t been, I may never have joined in with the chats and posts here, wouldn’t have been in London a week later for the US premiere either. Never forgot the support we received regarding my missing tickets, thanks for that.

    We had a good night out, all 3 of us. Hope to do it again sometime.

  5. I was one of the lucky members of the audience and it was a very special night made more memorable by the live performance. It remains a privilege to say I was there, but it doesn’t seem like a year ago.

    I seem to remember it being a warm and sunny day, perhaps it was just a dream.

  6. It’s been actually one of the three most beautiful nights of my life.

    I had my sit in the first row, in front of David, I couldn’t believe that I was there, I did many sacrifices to be there that night from Italy, but for David and his music it’s worth it.

    Now I’m studying, instead. But hopefully in February I’ll be graduated.

    How are you doing? Have a nice Saturday night you all!

  7. This is an olive branch. Happy Birthday to Roger Waters, who (according to the newspaper) is 65 years old today.

    [Whose olive branch? I think you’re in the wrong place, sorry. – FEd]

  8. Yes, I do have something to say about the show premiere at Leicester Square!

    My wife and I came over to England from western Canada for a holiday, and we were to take in two shows, the second one being David Gilmour. We were to meet up with some fellow bloggers have a meal and a drink and off to the show.

    Mid afternoon we were standing on the platform of the Birmingham International train station, and suddenly there was a bomb scare, we were herded like cattle into the car park behind. Up went the yellow police tape, and armed guards showed up with sniffer dogs and suddenly it looked like this was the beginning of a bad day.

    I was right. Three hrs later we got released from the car park and off home we went. We missed all hope of connecting with our blogger friends, and seeing the amazing David Gilmour, Richard Wright and all the others who played there that night on stage with him.

    The Gods were against us, that day of all days! I’m still fed up! Damn and blast! 🙂

  9. Hi FEd,

    I feel rotten for alerting you to RTN on Sky Arts, and then the s*ds go and cancel it, substituting The Who [sorry, bad pun].

    When will it be shown, do you know? Perhaps the weekend prior to LIG release?

    Anyway sorry!!

    [No need to apologise, Roger. I thought it was too good to be true, what with the timing falling so perfectly on the anniversary of the Leicester Square premiere. We’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled. – FEd]

  10. Wow. An entire year ago?! I remember that night so well as well (no pun intended, seriously).

    Everyone at FACT in Liverpool clearly had a great time watching the premiere. People behind me were singing along, people in front were clapping wildly when they recognised a song after the first 3 notes – it was clearly the closest to a David Gilmour concert I’m ever going to get, unless another tour commences at some point in the distant future.

    A lovely night out, which I’m sure was the same for everyone else who had the pleasure of seeing it.

  11. Well, I should say I remember it well but it was all like unreal if you know what I mean.

    I have several photos from that night framed on my wall.

    Howard got me better tickets than I had and I knew my question was one of the chosen ones but had to keep quiet. I still remember the buzz above all buzzes that I got when I saw myself on the screen.

    The meet up beforehand was very special and because it was my birthday on the 10th which it is every year apparently then loads of people signed a book for me which I am very grateful for and apologise to you all for I can never repay you for that. We, or at least I, drank the pub dry of Laphroig that night.

    It was so great to meet up with people like Nate, Frank, Matt, Val and Mat, Pete, Mike, Nickster, Neil, Ralph, 5 Times, Penny, Linda and Geoff, and loads that I haven’t mentioned cos I can’t read yer writing. (Don’t they teach you anything at school!!!!!!!!)

    It was indeed a night to remember.


  12. It sounds preposterous, but given that the first time I’m conscious of seeing Messrs Gilmour, Pratt and Carin was on my dad’s VHS tape of the first ever ‘live’ broadcast of a Floyd concert (Venice 1988), and that since then I’d only seen them in video footage until the Royal Albert Hall and Munich, getting up close in the foyer of the Odeon served as a pleasant reminder of the fact that although they’re at the top of their league, these were perfectly ordinary people who didn’t feel the need to pretend that they were in need of bodyguards; they just happen to be extraordinarily good at what they do.

    It’s a very attractive quality.

  13. Well, you can’t please everybody, can you?

    I congratulate those in the US whose cinemas are listed in the “Live in Gdansk” premiere. Enjoy the show and YES, I am jealous.

    My best of luck to those who live up on the east coast of the US – stay safe from Hurricane HANNA.

    We in South Florida are doing the same to try to defend against the fierce IKE which is estimated to pass through South Florida and Cuba some time on Tuesday.

    [Take care, Veronica. – FEd]

  14. Cool photo.

    Couldn’t make it down to London so I saw it in Stratford upon Avon. Not a bad turn out, but plenty of empty seats. It wasn’t advertised well at all IMO. Lots of my mates said they would have gone if they’d known about it.

    It was nice to able to take our drinks in and unlike the RAH they didn’t cost the earth, LOL!

  15. I Remember That Night indeed. I was at the Odeon premiere – flew from the United States for it (and other business in London, of course).

    It was quite a remarkable experience. I had been to the first two nights of the Albert Hall shows so it was quite surreal to be at the Odeon premiere as well and to experience that in person too.

    I had the chance to meet Guy Pratt near the Groucho Club after the event and he was very kind, as usual.

    My only regret: my fiancee Marie couldn’t be there! We nonetheless went to a cinema a week later in West Jordan, Utah, to watch the American broadcast with El Magnifico acting as the host of that event. It was quite an exciting and historic event.

    Now that we live in New Hampshire we plan to go to Boston for the cinema premiere of Gdansk!

    [Enjoy, both. – FEd]

  16. @Frank – great picture, thanx for sharing (thanx for programme)! It was a great night for us!!

  17. Hmmm… Just saw the list of cinemas in the US that will be showing “Live in Gdansk.” The nearest location to me is listed in Albany, about twenty miles away. However, the theater is actually in New Hartford, which is over 100 miles away. The nearest major city is Syracuse.

    Maybe they will expand the offerings to include a theater that actually is in Albany. Until then, I just can’t drive over 100 miles for this cinema screening.

  18. I remember that night as it was the first time I have experienced David live. The speck I could see moving from side to side from the back of Wembley Stadium in the late eighties just doesn’t quite have the same effect!

    I also had the first opportunity to meet a lot of the lovely people that I had virtually ‘met’ via this blog and chatroom for the first time. I am sure that I have made some friends for life and for that I have to thank both David and yourself, FEd. 🙂

  19. Was this a year ago? Bloody hell, time flies!

    What an amazing night it was too, watching the DVD extras while people took their seats, then the spectacle of David playing Castellorizon followed by the segue straight into the Remember That Night showing.

    David’s jam at the end was awesome too, calling time on a particularly memorable night! 🙂

  20. – Thanks for sharing your photo with us, lucky, lucky Frank!

    Steve seems like such a nice and easy going guy, always smiling…

    – The premiere of RTN at the Odeon… I have found this article on the net, please, click my name.

    – As for the Odeon performance of ‘Island Jam’, it would be very nice to get it one day on CD or DVD.

    No, I didn’t ask any question,… but a reply would be much appreciated! 😉


    [Sorry, but my reply is the usual: an unobjectionable (hopefully) shrug of the shoulders. – FEd]

  21. I wasn’t there because I knew nothing about it! I wasn’t ‘netted’ up back then and I’ve been told that the Internet was the only place that even mentioned it.

    I would have been there had I known about it! I think a lot of people missed out because of this.

    I’d be interested to see if this “Live in Gdansk” premiere is advertised better in the USA. David should not play to empty seats! From reading your reviews, there were lots of empty seats.

    Great photo Frank!

  22. In stores in Brazil the deluxe box version of Live In Gdansk (3 CDs and 2 DVDs) don’t appear in any stores, nothing of this package from pre-sale, only other versions appear.

    What’s the problem? The date of deluxe box is different?


    [If I can find out, Marcos, I’ll let you know at once. – FEd]

  23. Good day to you Fed,

    I just can’t believe it’s been a year since that day, the greatest day of my life. I went down with my sister Amanda and arrived in time to see David arrive. We watched him being interviewed and Polly politely signed my O.A.I. album, I did ask David but he declined saying “Sorry, no”.

    We watched VIPs greet each other inside which was wonderful. The show itself was mindblowing and David’s opening Castellorizon was awesome. The film was brilliant and the finishing Echoes was magical. The lightshow was truly amazing.

    What a wonderful night to remember, thanks to David and all who were involved in making it special for everyone.


  24. [If I can find out, Marcos, I’ll let you know at once. – FEd]

    OK FEd…thank you very much for your answer and I am waiting for news. Thanks again!!

    [I hope you will not have to wait long. – FEd]

  25. Thank you very much for sharing your photo with the rest of us Frank. I love it!

    I do have a relatively “stupid” question to ask—-but is this Frank Par?

    The reason why I am asking is because I used to write in the blog almost daily since it was born and I remember a Frank Par who always had nice messages for me in his blogging especially when Mr. David Gilmour announced he was touring and the ticket situation was horrible at least for me.

    I never received the opportunity to see David & his band in concert back in 2006. Thanks to the release of On an Island and Remember that Night Live at the Royal Albert Hall DVD release I was able to share in the experience and I am so excited to have already preordered my Live at Gdansk released and filmed, thank goodness, by his tour staff and musicians.

    I am really excited and also I am also awaiting the announcement of when the ONE NIGHT ONLY David Gilmour live from Gdansk will be seen in the theatres here in Western New York on 9/22/08.


    [It’s a different Frank. – FEd]

  26. Was it really a year ago? Seems like it was only last week. I didn’t have the best of seats but in such a small place like that you can never be very far away.

    I won’t go into a long recount of what happened because other people can put it much better than I can, but it was a truly special night. I never thought I’d actually get to see David play, even if it was just the one track, or so I thought. Like most others, I wasn’t expecting the superb ending.

    Thank you David and band for a special night.

    Hope everyone’s weekend is going well, is the weekend almost over already?

    [Too short, aren’t they? – FEd]

  27. Nice photo, Frank! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Interesting list of US cities for the Gdansk premiere. Possibly better suited for a McCain/Palin campaign blitz? No offense meant to those living in those regions but it just seems to be heavily marketed in somewhat unlikely areas while not marketed at all in the more obvious places. Does that make any sense at all??

    I’d be perfectly willing to make the 400-mile round-trip to Seattle and was actually looking forward to an excuse for taking a 24-hour holiday … who knows, maybe things will change up a bit before then. If not, I have pre-ordered my 5-disc Live in Gdansk with guaranteed delivery on 23 September so I’ll be happy with that.


  28. Hi All,

    This whole weekend was very surreal for me well before I got to London. I mean I have never jetted overseas before for a long weekend in my life. All my previous trips had been planned months if not a year ahead.

    Yet there I was on the day the Odeon started selling tickets saying to myself I will just see what is available…LOL Next thing you know I bought tickets saying to myself this is absolute madness…and you know it was divine madness that led me to one the most enjoyable times of my life.

    I was honoured and pleased as punch that my idea of meeting at the Imperial pub beforehand was taken up with so much enthusiasm by so many. Friends I made here will be friends forever.

    My personal highlight came not at the show as most would think but earlier at the Pub. A certain Mr. Ian Pearson presented an inscribed glass guitar he had made for me as a thank you for giving him a ticket. Sorry Rudders…but your ticket went to a good cause. 😉

    This was a wonderful moment for me and I treasure it still. Thanks again Ian!!

    Meeting all those folks from the blog was a really special time for me. To put names to faces and to really take in how extraordinary our community is was perfect.

    Thanks to David and to you Fed for even making this possible.

    The concert was all I expected and more…and to see sneaky Ian’s face when his question came up on the big screen was priceless. A Kodak moment for sure!!

    I hope down the road to do it all over again with all of you.


  29. Wow, it is already a year ago, how time is flying! Will never always Remember That Night, what a wonderful day we had in London, meeting all the nice fans, and then this fantastic premiere of RTN, with the wonderful performance of David and his gang, what a nite!

    I wish there would have been an event like that this time too for the release of Gdansk, and I wish we would have the old way of chats, when also those busy at day could take part.

    My best wishes for the release of Gdansk, and all lucky you in the US who can attend, have fun!

    [Spare me the guilt trip over the chatroom opening times, please; it really is tiring. – FEd]

  30. Crikey, a year ago. Pretty scary.

    But yep, the thought of it does raise a smile this Monday morning.

    Apart from the event, which left me jaw dropped, the meet up was a wonderful idea.

    I am not the greatest at thinking ahead so it never occurred to me to take a camera. Thankfully Tomasz did and some pictures were taken outside the Odeon. I now have some permanent memories to remember that day by.

  31. Hello FEd, Irregulars, Gilmourettes and bloggers,

    “Loitering around Leicester Square…” – I remember that. 😉

    Meeting up at the pub, seeing back the RAH meet-up gang and a bunch of new faces, that was really nice. It really was a bunch of friends getting together, all geared up and excited about what was to come.

    It was great fun keeping an eye on the DG/PF T-shirts walking up to the pub, going “oh look, there’s another one, who would that be?”

    Mat had made an event-dedicated t-shirt which we all got to sign, as we did Ian’s book.

    Michele, we missed you there.

    Standing outside the Odeon at the right time and by pure coincidence when David came out with his guitar for press photos.

    The show was really good, enjoyed every second of it, with highlights being David’s Castellorizon intro, Echoes with a little extra touch from Mr Brickman and the Jam. David calling his fellow musicians from the audience and taking it away… Enjoyed every single moment of it.

    Had the chance to have a pleasant chat with Andy after the show and while hanging around outside after the show, Guy Pratt and Gerald Scarfe were so kind to autograph my programme.

    Closing the evening at the pub was nice, yet I think there was still a fair amount of Laphroig left when the landlord closed the pub, Ian. 😉

    It’s hard to believe it has already been a year. High time for another meet-up.

    Kind regards,

  32. Half empty in Edinburgh’s Cameo, but a great night nonetheless.

    Got there early, had a few bevvies and saw what turned out to be DVD extras.

    Sound quality immense. Loved the Island Jam at the end.

    Good venue and good value all round but poorly promoted. If there’s ever another one of these, try advertising it.

    Looking forward to Live in Gdansk,

  33. Ah yes, I RTN that night most fondly indeed, the whole day actually. I met some great people, had light refreshments, watched a masterpiece, more light refreshments and the aftershow party back in my hotel (even though I did get lost).

    One of the best nights of my life.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  34. I was present at the Leicester Square performance and actually bumped into David just before he was due to go onstage for the Q&A part of the show.

    I have to admit that I was totally gob-smacked and just stood dumbly as David and his security went downstairs!

    Brilliant evening.

  35. I do remember a good few of the faces I met that day.

    But Ian Pearson’s seems to stick more than most. Reading this blog I get the impression that I am not alone.

    Ian, you are small in stature but you must be mighty in personality.

  36. Hi!

    I too remember that night!

    The show was awesome as was meeting up with the blog irregulars – hi Ralph! I also met Frank (above photo) who kindly sent me all of his pics from that day – the kindness of strangers!

    I had my photo taken as I stood next to Jon Carin and Steve whilst we all took a picture of the front of the Odeon.

    I also met Gerald Scarfe and scrounged fags off Guy before and after the show!

    Phew, what a day – let’s have another!!!


  37. This was such an excellent night. Seeing Leicester Square all done out in the RTN posters was great. Meeting up with everyone was fantastic.

    The show was superb with the added surprises of the incredible laser show and the Island Jam.

    I also seem to remember that it was nice and hot too. Hard to believe now!


  38. Ah, looking at the venues for previous Bigger Picture events, I was afraid there might not be a theater relatively close by, and unfortunately that’s the case.

    I was hoping to take visiting family from Holland to the show, but So Cal is too far away.

    Instead I can just cruise over to a local record shop and hopefully pick up the Deluxe set so at least we can watch the DVDs the next night. I’m excited to see the documentary and all the extras included.

  39. I will never forget the RTN premiere at Odeon, Leicester Square. It was an enchanting evening for me and it was more than I expected.

    Not only did we witness every single piece of signboard being lifted and mounted on the Odeon Theatre on that early morning, we also spotted the truckloads of equipment marked “Pink Floyd” wheeled in to the theatre – did those men work hard!

    It was fun meeting the wonderful bunch of bloggers at the Imperial. Regrettably, we missed the sighting of David Gilmour outside the theatre early that afternoon.

    There were many highlights on that evening and I just couldn’t account them all. From the dramatic powerful instrumental piece “Castellorizon” to the glittering light effects that were strategically placed onto the audience during “Echoes”, I thought I was at the live concert for a moment.

    The Q&A interview was fun and it really brought us all closer to David Gilmour. The event concluded with a very upbeat, energetic and rhythmic jamming session performed by David Gilmour and the band – LIVE, what a pleasant surprise and what a night to be remembered.

    Thank you.

  40. [Whose olive branch? I think you’re in the wrong place, sorry. – FEd]

    It’s my olive branch, and mine alone. I am not trying to be provocative. I am trying to say something peaceful.

    In a sense, we form personal connections with the musicians who influence us. It is strange to say that about someone that we never get to meet, someone who doesn’t know us at all. Sometimes we begin to dislike a celebrity based upon things that you get via the media.

    Several such people spring to my mind. I forget I don’t actually know them.

    When I read it was Roger’s birthday, my first response was a negative one. But I thought about it all day and realized that I’m the one who has harbored a negative attitude all these years. Hence, the olive branch.

    It never occurred to me that my comment could be taken in any other way. Again, I am trying to say something nice to Roger through this blog — nothing more, or less, than that.

  41. I missed out on this one. Not to worry and not worth mentioning the reason why, it’s great to share other people’s memories through this superb site.

    I have been very lucky to see David with the Floyd and more recently the OAI tour in sunny Manchester.

    I’m looking forward to Live in Gdansk. It will give me an excuse to unpack my DVD player.

    Kind regards as ever,

  42. I also was there, and I really remember that day/night. I was quite early and have some difficulties to find the proper Odeon first (there were 2 others nearby), but when I noticed banners at the front everything became clear.

    Just after a few minutes I managed to notice David himself on the balcony and shortly he did a photo session in front of the Odeon with the black Strat.

    After that more and more bloggers appeared on the horizon. First was Geoff, who asked El Magnifico to take a photo with him when he and some more people from David’s entourage went out of the building. Then Ian appeared and others quickly filled in so it was decided to move to the Imperial.

    In just a few quarters of an hour there was quite big crowd there and it was more and more difficult to talk to all these people who came later. It was a particular pleasure for me to meet Pete and talk a bit. In such occasions time is passing fast so it was time to get to the Odeon for the premiere of the Remember That Night DVD.

    When I entered the venue already Breaking Bread, Drinking Wine Documentary was screened and just in a few minutes the proper show was started with a live performance of Castellorizon. As it occurred later it was not the last one, but the first proper presentation of the DVD took place…

  43. ….Of course Echoes was the most memorable moment as the venue was filled with smoke and also real lights and lasers were used to knock us down. Great result. Picture as well as sound was perfect and I enjoyed that part very much.

    After that the Q&A session was held and what I like about that, not only recorded questions were answered but also some live ones too.

    During that time I noticed that band members are leaving their seats, but very few were prepared for what was ahead. Exclusive, the only one, public performance of Island Jam. I think it was great and this performance alone was worth the price of admission not to mention other expenses.

    After the performance we were asked to leave as an official party was held there. Most people kept waiting at the doors, but soon somebody suggested that it would be a better idea to come back to the Imperial. And so we did, at least some of us. Unfortunately this was shortly closed, so the party was continued at Geoff’s hotel, but it took some time when we got there.

    I would like to stress that weather was excellent during the whole afternoon and night. So I have extremely positive memories of the night and I hope there will be more occasions to meet those beautiful people in the future. But for now I have DVD and some photos.

    Thank you all for organizing such event, making it available to fans and especially to all who managed to get there.

  44. Ah well, I cannot access the chat room today, says no plugin available. I just threw my cordless mouse down the stairs, as it’s crap. I bought it with this keyboard off one of them shopping channels, the same one that sold me an airbed that was full of holes.

    See you all later, I’m just off downstairs to put this keyboard on the wood burner.


    [Hope to see you soon, Damian. – FEd]

  45. A year already? Wow, that went by fast!

    I remember the show very well, how Echoes gave me the tingles throughout. And to just hear David’s personality penetrate the air with his wonderful guitar work at the start of the show.

    Still got the programme somewhere…

  46. [In stores in Brazil the deluxe box version of Live In Gdansk (3 CDs and 2 DVDs) don’t appear in any stores, nothing of this package from pre-sale, only other versions appear. – Marcos de Vargas]


    All sets should be available locally in Brazil (also Australia, Hong Kong, Israel, Korea, New Zealand, Taiwan and Thailand, where it has been ordered).

    If you still cannot find it, please consider David’s (North American) online store, Anthill. Click the link above to visit.

    But first, please ask your local stores why they are not stocking it. They should be.

    Please note that ‘Live in Gdansk’ has not been ordered by any other countries – outside Europe and North America – than those listed above, so you will need to make arrangements to have it imported if you live anywhere else.

    A blog post highlighting all of this will follow soon.

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