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'David, and black Strat, at the Odeon (Leicester Square, London, September 2007)If you haven’t yet seen it, Fender’s microsite for the David Gilmour Stratocaster is now up, so have a butcher’s.

A break from the fine Piotr Tarasewicz Gdańsk shots for today. This one’s another of Frank’s, from Leicester Square last year.

You too could be striking that very same pose with your own black Strat soon (ish). Probably not a good idea to try striking it in Leicester Square, though. You know what crowds are like.

Thanks again, Frank.

Just a reminder that there’s more from Later… with Jools Holland tomorrow night on BBC2, as well as an hour from the Gdańsk gig and a 30-minute documentary (on BBC4).

That might interest a few more of you now that many poor souls are still waiting for their postie to deliver their five-disc bundle of joy. (You’ll have yours before Friday night, I’m sure.)

For those of you thinking of downloading the album from iTunes, now you’ll only get ‘Wot’s…’ if you’re in Europe. (Sorry!)

The word is that the new release date for Poland is Monday. Please take that with a pinch of salt, just in case. It does sound wildly optimistic, no offence to EMI Poland.

Saturday is still the all-important day for Australia, and Monday for France and the vinyl.

By the way, SoundStage Direct‘s price for the LPs is now $98.99 (US).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

91 thoughts on “Fender microsite”

  1. FEd, you’re up so early!!!

    Thanks, I love that site. The wallpapers are great!!


  2. “You too could be striking that very same pose with your own black Strat soon (ish).”

    FEd, do I smell a contest???

    [No. – FEd]

  3. Beautiful Fender site and it is bitter sweet to see Richard start the video, but “have a butchers”?

    Help me Fed. What does this mean?

    Barbara P

    [Rhyming slang, Barbara. ‘Butcher’s hook’ means ‘look’. Excuse my quirkiness. I shouldn’t write so late at night when I’ve been drinking beer. I just don’t care what I write then. (It’s Beck’s this week, by the way, if anyone’s taking notes. Half price at Tesco.) – FEd]

  4. Looking forward to Friday….more of David and the band on Later….plus Gdansk Show Documentary on BBC 4….a great night in!

    Gary 🙂

  5. Wow FEd, for a minute there I thought that that was you posing with the guitar. 🙂

    But still it’s a really a good picture of David and I hope there will be more.

    Take Care,

    [The resemblance is uncanny… – FEd]

  6. School fees and a new computer for my daughter have taken their toll on my DG Strat and I doubt if Mr Claus will bring one…I’ve already stamped my feet and jumped up and down but to no avail.

    [He’ll never get that plush case down a chimney. – FEd]

  7. Yeah! Well, I will have to save some money for the Strat, but I WILL HAVE IT!!!

    By the way, I can’t find LIG anywhere in Barcelona. Spain always gets the worst part!


  8. That’s a lovely picture. Now if they ever make a left-handed version of the guitar…

    And thanks for writing about Poland. According to Rock Serwis the 5 disc version will be available on… 20th October! Info here (click my name).

    [That sounds more likely than Monday. Thanks for that. – FEd]

  9. Oooooo… there are some nice desktop wallpapers on the ‘Download’ section of the ‘Media’ page of that Fender Microsite (click my name).

    Hopefully that should ‘get you by’ and stop you buying a cheaper, inferior guitar that you don’t actually want, while you wait for your black Strat that you ordered months ago to arrive. 😉

  10. Hi Fed.

    Thanks for publishing one more of my photos. It is amazing to see it here.

    I’m still waiting for my favorite photo and I think you know which one it is 🙂

    May you grant a request.

    Is there a chance to get the Live in Gdansk cover as wallpaper? I’d like to change my On an Island wallpaper to Live in Gdansk.

    Freundliche Grüsse,
    Frank Graebener

    [I think that would be good, Frank. I’ll ask the webmaster. – FEd]

  11. THAT is a great pic of David with his legendary guitar. I always love the pictures that accompany F’Ed’s blog postings.

    And today I am remarking on the differences between American English and British slang. “Postie” is pretty easy to figure out, but “have a butcher’s” is much less obvious. It means “take a look,” right?

    [Sure does. – FEd]

  12. hi,

    after some initial preconceptions towards the relic version, looking at the photos on the microsite i have to say the guitar looks stunning, even the heavy scratches near non existent backplate, on those pics these look better than on other relics i have seen so far. i am still very happy to have ordered the NOS model though, i’d definitely make my own cuts and scratches into the guitar over time!

    the microsite is quite nice I think, what would have been really interesting though is a closer look at the manufacturing process of the relic, or the NOS. i wonder whether phil taylor’s updated book will cover some of that?!

    needless to say I am really, really looking forward to the guitar; my local dealer told me I was so far the only one in austria ordering the guitar, which sort of made me blush after all, haha. ;))

    all the best,

  13. Hi FED

    Not sure if it’s an up-to-date listing but Planet Rock is advertising the interview between Guy and David for 5PM Sunday.


    [Sounds about right. – FEd]

  14. I found my bundle of joy waiting for me, yesterday when I got home. They hadn’t updated the tracking info, so I really wasn’t expecting it.

    It looks great, and everything seems to be there. Now, I just need the time to go through it. I few beers should help.

    [Beer always helps. – FEd]

  15. Hey everyone,

    Fender has done a really good job making a minisite and certainly worth a look. I hope to get the Stratocaster soon and it is a really nice instrument.

    I have still not received my 2 CD and 1 DVD set from Play.com which I ordered on Friday and now is displaying out of stock. Things are looking ominous for them sending an apology email.

    I hope you are all enjoying your Gdansk sets and thank you David for your beautiful tribute to Richard on Jools.

  16. Unfortunately, at Later’s page, the videos are not available outside the UK, but I found ‘Remember a Day’ performance. It’s great.

    Thanks to David and the band for this great tribute to Richard…and Syd, indeed. Wasn’t he at the slide guitar on the record?

    Hi all,

    [I believe he was. – FEd]

  17. Have yet to see my 5 disc version but all good things come to those that wait, don’t they?

    Been lots of emotions expressed here over last couple weeks which is great. From my point of view, (widower-lurvely word!!), I hope no one is feeling guilty about saying what they have or scared to open up. Being sad is not negative and bereavement is a natural process to be “enjoyed”. Of course no one knows at the time but you will, trust me. As I say all good things come to those who wait.

    On a separate note, just got notification of an exhibition in London next year called “Glass Echoes”. Can’t think of two words that sum up my life so well.

    Enjoy weekend FEd and all.


  18. And I’ll also mention that I got an e-mail from Fender yesterday promoting the DG Strat and directing you to their website. So promotion is working.



    [It’s never a bad idea when you want to promote something. Thanks, Andrew. – FEd]

  19. My copy didn’t show up today. Thanks for screwing this up royally EMI.

    Fender’s site is cool, Frank’s photo too.

  20. Just wanted to say that David’s playing on A Great Day For Freedom is just a different class.

  21. Maybe that’s a stupid question, but I just don’t know. Who is FEd?

    [Some nobody. Does it matter? I’m just a fan, like you. – FEd]

  22. If any one wants to buy the 2CD-only “Live in Gdansk” then pop along to Morrisons the supermarket.

    It is the “Great buy of the week” at just £6.99.

    Offer valid untill 5/10/08. Available in most stores. Subject to availability!

    Gary Hurley, London, England.

    [Another reason to shop at Morrisons. Thanks, Gary. – FEd]

  23. [You’ll have yours before Friday night, I’m sure – FEd]

    Which Friday though, that’s the million dollar question. I might have my copy by next Friday if I’m lucky, but tomorrow? Can’t see it somehow. I’d be very happy if I was proved wrong though.

    I liked the way you slipped a bit of slang in earlier (or was it more a case of the slang slipping out?). I’m so used to hearing that kind of slang that I didn’t even notice it was there until people were asking what it meant.

    [Which Friday…? Ye of little faith. – FEd]

  24. Loved Remember a Day on Jools Holland last night (BBC iPlayer). Spine-tingling stuff.

    All the best to everyone,

  25. I think I’m fed up with this waiting. If it’s not available on Monday, I’ll order it. But would you be so kind and recommend me a good store from where I can order the deluxe set?

    Thanks a lot,
    Michal (Poland)

    [I can’t, but lots of people can. Please click your name above. – FEd]

  26. [So promotion is working. – Andrew]

    [It’s never a bad idea when you want to promote something. – FEd]

    Tell that to whoever promoted the one-night-only US cinema event! It’s a sin that so few fans saw this on Monday night, but it was the same last year in England.

    Poor attendance is not a reflection on DG but on his people. DG has a great reputation, but it won’t fill cinemas unless people know where and when to go.

  27. hello FE’d

    fantastic download – very stylish indeed :o)

    hopefully they won’t have sold out of the 3+2 before christmas

    great later with jools, very raw performance for all concerned

    hope things are getting better for all

    have a great weekend

  28. Drooling over the black Strat, I wouldn’t mind but the only thing I can play is the spoons. I’m gonna get Kat to have a look at the site when she gets home. You may hear her laughing rather loudly when she sees the price.

    Guy was on digi TV last night he was voting for the most annoying song of all time, had something to do with a ship sinking, and a French Canadian lady who sounds like she’s having a gargle with TCP.

    Kind regards

  29. It was great watching David the other night on the live Later programme. ‘Remember A Day’ was amazing, a great tribute. I can’t wait to see more on Friday night.

    The Strat microsite is wonderful, but I couldn’t see any prices, do you know how much it will cost FEd?


    [The suggested retail price(s) are $3,999.99 for New Old Stock (NOS) version and $4,799.99 for the Relic. – FEd]

  30. Hi again Fed,

    I just noticed you gave David Gray an idea of the price for the Strat. I am right in thinking there are 6 US dollars to the UK pound!! That would put it in my price range.


    [I hear you. – FEd]

  31. I am not a guitarist, but found the Fender microsite very interesting to visit.

    And when you click ‘Story’ and then ‘In Memory’, you see a page dedicated to Richard Wright. A sort of tribute, well done!

    Today, in my local daily newspaper (!), there was an article about David and ‘Live In Gdansk’. I know, I know…. they could have chosen a better title and another photo… (Click my name.)

  32. Nice to get a look at the Strat.

    I placed an order and put a deposit for one at the Guitar Center…they tell me I won’t get it until December!

  33. hello, my name is marcelo diaz from chile.

    my condolences to david’s floydian family for the death of richard.

    rest in a pillow of winds, rick, for ever and ever……

    shine on rick….

  34. I got my copy of “Live in Gdansk” today! I could have kissed the postman, I was so happy to see him!

    I’ve listened to the CDs this afternoon but I will have to wait for a night alone to watch the concert DVD. I kicked hubby out of the house on Monday hoping I’d be able to enjoy it in peace that night. Even the cat was looking forward to watching it with me and the wine was ready… I hope EMI feel very bad about that!

    I love the CD. The sound is so clear, I can imagine being there.

    Thank you David!

  35. [Nice to get a look at the Strat. I placed an order and put a deposit for one at the Guitar Center…they tell me I won’t get it until December! – George Gipe]

    Sam thing happened to me – I ordered mine from Sam Ash the very first day the sku was released – in fact, I have the very first order placed with the Sam Ash Chain!

    Last week we called the Fender custom Shop, and some lady on the phone said it won’t be delivered until late December. I decided to call back again, and then I was told that the first batch of orders are going to start shipping out on September 22nd.

    Basically to summarize, I have no idea when this guitar will arrive!

    You would think Fender would be more helpful when the customers are paying $4,000 for this guitar. As of now, I am not happy about this whatsoever.

  36. Is there any truth to the net rumor that Roger lent his old Rickenbacker bass to Guy to use on Remember A Day (possibly the one used in recording the original version)?

    [You’d be better off asking Roger or Guy about that. – FEd]

  37. [(It’s Beck’s this week, by the way, if anyone’s taking notes. Half price at Tesco.) – FEd]

    [Beer always helps. – FEd]

    Now you’re talking my language. 🙂

    [Some nobody. Does it matter? I’m just a fan, like you. – FEd]

    …you are too humble, LOL…

    [True, though. (And the comments about beer are very, very true.) – FEd]

  38. Did I say something I should not have to get my comments non-posted on the “Polish Press” entry?

    [I can see them. There are two: one at 21:35 and one at 21:44. – FEd]

  39. One thing that I noticed is that David’s signature i.e. autograph of sorts is not on the headstock like the other signature guitars. Is there a reason for this? I just thought that it was interesting.

    I wish I could purchase this guitar. I did sell my motorbike in the summer but I bought a piano and a 1938 Ingersoll Mickey Mouse (as featured in The Wall film) watch with the proceeds back in the summer.

    Still one can dream and at least I have got Eugene.

    Whilst on the subject of “Eugene”. I played the fabulous ‘Careful with that Axe, Eugene’ last night and burst into tears over the loss of Richard.

    Best regards


  40. HI GUYS,



    [There’s no Blu-ray version anywhere, sorry. – FEd]

  41. I would love to buy a Strat but not sure how I could keep the cost hidden from my wife!!

    I also agree with Frank’s earlier comment about Gdansk ‘wallpaper’… It would look great!

    Gary 🙂

  42. Info #1

    Classic 21 radio station will be promoting David’s ‘Live In Gdansk’ everyday from Monday 29 September to Friday 3 October (between 11AM and 3PM).

    An interview with David will be included.

    Click my name.


  43. Info #2

    Classic 21 radio station will be broadcasting a David Gilmour ‘Speciale’ on Sunday 28 September (‘Les Classiques’), between 9AM and 12AM .

    Click my name.


  44. Wow. I’ve got a huge lump in my throat again….

    I’ve just finished watching the first appearance of David Gilmour on Jools Holland’s television show.

    How incredibly moving it was for me to watch the pathos of David Gilmour and company’s performance of the poignant number Remember a Day. I couldn’t think of a better song to play in memory of the sadly departed Rick Wright.

    A minor surprise, during the interview portion of the show with David, to see Jeff Beck sitting across the table from Mr Gilmour and waving off Jools claims that the two greatest guitarists were sitting at the same table (I’m sure there won’t be any arguments from this lot!).

    The performance of Rick’s song seemed less of a celebration as their last appearance was where the band performed a rousing version of Arnold Layne, Rick on vocals.

    I look forward to seeing Dave’s next outing at the same show, this time for the majority of the evening.

    For what it’s worth,

  45. [That sounds more likely than Monday. Thanks for that. – FEd]

    Come to think of it, 20th Oct is a Monday. I guess EMI Poland are using the Peter Gabriel method… 😀

    Anyway, my girlfriend is in Holland right now and is coming back next week. If she can find the 5-disc version in Gorningen she will pick it up for me. And screw EMI PL!

  46. Did I say how nice it is to have other people to enthuse with?

    Erin, you said something that set me thinking. I was one of the fans who commented at the time of RTN that I’d like CDs of it too. Lo and behold, here are live CDs!

    Thank you David. I still can’t get over how GOOD it is.

    ash X

    [Musicians do tend to put out live CDs every now and then, of course. – FEd]

  47. I picked up Live at Gdansk today at Newberry Comics in Avon, MA. They were including, at no charge, the bonus single. I’m listening to it now and I gotta say, “It’s a keeper!”

    I find it very rare to find anything worth listening to the past few years. I know we’re all getting old, but it doesn’t mean artists our age can’t continue to make meaningful, listenable music. I know it might sound close minded, but the music has to speak to me, not hit me over the head.

    Rock on.

  48. Hello Fed!

    I just want to take a moment and say how great of a job you are doing Fed – Greatly appreciated.

    However, I really wish to stress that I feel that David should do whatever the hell he pleases with his time. He has earned the right to do as he wishes, and to do what makes him happy. Period. I am grateful that he made the On an Island studio album. I am grateful that he did 30+ live concerts. I am grateful he released “Remember that Night” and “Live at Gdansk. I for one am happy to have witnessed the best live concert ever!

    David, bless you for doing what you do. Once my black Strat arrives (whenever it does – no worries, there is more to life than a guitar) I will do a tribute to you.

    May everyone who is involved be blessed…..

  49. hey fed, i’ve got a suggestion, kinda like the 90s and noughties favourite albums, what about:

    top 5 side 1, track 1s?

    (p.s yes, it is nicked from high fidelity!)

    [I can certainly add it to the list. – FEd]

  50. Happy Days!!! Saw John today. Also saw that the package I have been awaiting may be delivered on Friday (tomorrow). Will be a beer and music filled weekend this weekend if all the stars align.

    Saw David on Jools (won’t say how). Hope to see the show he does Friday in some fashion or form as well.

    Cheers to David and band and here’s to Richard.

  51. I got to see the “Remember A Day” performance on BBC (won’t say how). It brought tears to my eyes. They all looked so sad.

    What a loving tribute to Richard.

  52. The deluxe set just arrived in the mail and the music is absolutely wonderful. Lots of happy memories. And it’s a beautiful package, just very well done.

    Glad to hear you’ve been enjoying a Beck’s or two, F.Ed. I remember offering to spring for a round or 3 if you ever found yourself on the east coast of America, and the offer still stands.

    [Cheers, Gus. – FEd]

  53. Just saw the Later with Jools…omg, no Richard. When was the last time that you saw Gilmour without Richard? A 5 piece. I mean that was really sad. He will be so missed. It really sucks!

    The live in Gdansk, of what I have seen which isn’t much, looks awesome. I like Gilmour’s Strat in the (big) house. It is very fitting that they did 1 big ‘arena concert’ and the irony that it was Rick’s final gig. That concert will be much happier than these ‘later with Jools’ shows. That was kinda hard to watch.

    Blake in Nashville

  54. Amazing news, FINALLY !!!

    I will save my money for this one, or maybe SANTA will bring me one, hahaha!

  55. In case anyone’s interested, the Gdansk video of SOYCD on iTunes is edited down from 12 mins. to 5. It begins right on the verse lyrics and ends at the end of the song.

    I myself, like many fans, want the entire song in the video.

  56. Hi Fed, I’ve posted a few times and haven’t seen any comments. Just need to know if it’s being received. Thanks.

    [Yep. The last one was about the fans in Gdańsk listening attentively to the quiet parts of the concert and not behaving like banshees. – FEd]

  57. Great picture of David, thanks for sharing Frank. Wish we were there when David was outside the theatre at Leicester Square that afternoon; instead we went touring the Tower of London…

    The microsite for the David Gilmour Stratocaster is very attractive and is quite informative too. Cute design on the “timeline” page.

    [Very nice, isn’t it? – FEd]

  58. They say every collector should collect the whole package but this new Strat, hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    I ain’t got the jazz bands to play the darn thing, you see.

    Yep, we can do Cockney slang here too.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  59. Hello FEd,

    Belgian French-speaking radio “Classic 21” will be focusing on LIG next week. Click my name.

    Hope I’ll have my copy today.

    Enjoy the weekend,

  60. Nice pics of the Strat, thanks.


    A work mate from Slovakia heard us talking in rhyming slang & was obviously confused even when we tried to explain but being a man of endeavour came to work armed with a Cockney rhyming slang translation book & spent all day talking to us in rhyming slang in heavily accented English but with a Dick Van Dyke Cockney slant (think Mary Poppins). He was then converted to “Only Fools & Horses” (an English comedy programme that often used Cockney rhyming slang) & says it is the best ever comedy programme.

    I’m on the wind down, I’m off on holiday next week.

    Rhyming Slang for Pink Floyd Fans:

    My Roger Waters wont eat up their Syd Barretts & that ain’t Rick Wright. They say they will lean over the Nick Mason if I make them, they don’t want to eat David Gilmour.

    I really am on the wind down to my holiday (can you tell?).

    [Enjoy yourself, Graham. – FEd]

  61. Wake up! Wake up Fed (jumping on bed and shaking Fed).

    I need to enthuse some more!!!!

    I’ve listened to all the CDs now. (What manic look in my eye? Yes, I brought coffee, WAKE UP!)

    ash X

    [Sleeping at 10:24? This week? Are you having a laugh? – FEd]

  62. I got a price quote in Antwerp for 3000 euros.

    Takes a sheet of paper and writes: “Dear Mr. Santa…” 😉

  63. Dear Fed,

    I got in a panic about David and Guy’s interview on Planet Rock because the calendar says it’s this evening.

    Please see the link above, the show is on on Sunday.

    ash X

    [It did and it was. It’s now been changed. – FEd]

  64. Ciao,

    how can I speak of the Disc in these days? It is very difficult.

    I didn’t know Richard Wright. But I can say that his music, heard again and again, has been the company of a lifetime for me and will be for the years to come. Since I was 14 I actively listened to Pink Floyd while before I was “perceiving” them since my infancy (because of my elder brother).

    The news struck me. I felt and feel a lot of commotion listening to his music again now. And “Live in Gdansk” is both so beautiful and so sad.

    If someone of Richard’s family is reading this, the only meaningful thing I can say is that your dad, brother, husband touched the heart of millions with his music.

    I hope Rick will feel this and see us from were he is now.

  65. Nothing from the postman again today. I hate EMI. You are idiots. I should have had this on Monday.

    David, you need to get a new record company because EMI are pants.

  66. [(It’s Beck’s this week, by the way, if anyone’s taking notes. Half price at Tesco.) – FEd]

    Haha! Thanks for the tip FEd. Tesco order sent. 😀

    Don’t know of anywhere selling half price DG Strats do you? 😛 Hehe. Only joking mate. I couldn’t even afford it at half the price!! 😀

    Still no DVD. But in light of the recent events it don’t really bare importance.

    Doing a great job with the site FEd!


    [Thank you. I’m sorry I missed you, and our other first-timers, in the chatroom yesterday, by the way. I hope to catch up with you all when things are less manic. (£2.79 for six, I think it was. With those arty labels. How could you not buy them?) – FEd]

  67. Fed, I forgot the sugar in your coffee. 🙂

    Kisses kisses, sorry. You need a holiday.

    Err, dare I say it, the calendar is still wrong.

    ash X

    [No, I’m glad you said it. (Is it Saturday yet? How about… now?) – FEd]

  68. [I would love to buy a Strat but not sure how I could keep the cost hidden from my wife!! – Gary Ashton]

    Get rid of her and buy the guitar…..joking of course, ladies!

  69. Hey FEd,

    I am not sure why there is so much whinging about the price of the guitars. This a very special edition probably hand made and approved by the man. If it was $1000, it just wouldn’t be special.

    As my parents say, you get what you pay for and in this case they are dead right.

    Cheers, Howard

  70. I didn’t get my copy in the post today either. I’m very disappointed and hope some heads will roll over this.

    I also want to add that I really like the blog’s colours now. I wasn’t sure about them at first but said they would probably grow on me.

    I hope everyone has a good weekend… unless you work for EMI or your name is Kamal.

  71. I have to wait another 6 days until the Reflex store (via Play.com) dispatch my Live in Gdansk special edition! 🙁

    Then another week to receive it.

    I am not happy about this, at this rate I will be lucky if I receive it before Christmas.

  72. Just had an email from Planet Rock confirming Guy’s Interview with David is this Sunday ( 28th) at 5.00pm.

    Also, Snowy White is on My Planet Rocks On Saturday 27th at 6.00pm repeated on Tuesday 30th September at 6.00pm talking about his career. Think his contribution on ‘The Wall’ Live shows may just get a mention…

    Gary 🙂

  73. This may apply to anyone who has already downloaded “Wot’s… Uh The Deal”.

    I downloaded “Wot’s…” yesterday and noticed a stutter at about 1:54 (“mile after mile, stone after stone…”). I contacted technical support and they have now replaced the file. I’ve downloaded it again and it’s fine.

    You may want to check yours and do the same.

  74. Hey Fed,

    How come people have no patience any more? I haven’t received my 5 disker yet but I refuse to get my knickers in a twist 😉

    [Also, Snowy White is on My Planet Rocks On Saturday 27th at 6.00pm repeated on Tuesday 30th September at 6.00pm talking about his career. Think his contribution on ‘The Wall’ Live shows may just get a mention… – Gary Ashton]

    Also his work on Rick’s Wet Dream solo effort. That would be interesting to hear.

    Cheers, Howard

  75. Hey everyone, just a clarification on the Strat prices.

    Here in Canada the NOS is going for about $3300 while the RELIC tops up at $4000. Before taxes.

    We have one store near Toronto that is actually getting the RELIC in so hope to have a good look and maybe a tryout before I mortgage my car and cat!!!

    The 5 disc package is phenomenal, as is the sound and David’s new takes on the solos are amazing.

    Gdansk is a keeper!!

  76. FEd! Just to let you know that I found the 5LP vinyl set this afternoon (26 September) here in France!!!

    There was only one in my little local store, ‘Le furet du Nord’, and none at Fnac (so, I cancelled my preorder at fnac.com). I paid 50.80€, it’s a good price, isn’t it ? and the boxset looks beautiful, wow!

    Et demain, c’est…

    Je vous souhaite un weekend radieux (à plusieurs matins, peut-être…?)


    [Merci beaucoup. (Out today, not Monday? Why am I not surprised to hear that?) – FEd]

  77. Thanks for letting me know the Strat prices FEd. I’ll need to save up for a long long time to get my hands on one of those babies!


  78. does anyone know where in the surrey area the guitar might be?

    my son wants a guitar. i know it’s prob well out of my price range but i would like to look at it b4 getting him a cheap crappy model under the tree.

    [Try Anderton’s in Guildford, Julia. Please click your name above. – FEd]

  79. [I hope everyone has a good weekend… unless you work for EMI or your name is Kamal. – Bobby]

    LMAO – three cheers to that sign off!!!

    Ditto…have a great weekend everyone (except for noted exceptions)!!!

  80. Your doubts about the new release date for Poland seem not to be unfounded.

    When I phoned EMI Music Poland they told me that I shouldn’t expect the deluxe set until mid October.

    That’s really sad but I’ll wait. First of all, waiting strengthens excitement and second of all, I’ll practice my patience.

    [Monday seemed too good to be true. Sorry, Michal. – FEd]

  81. [I downloaded “Wot’s…” yesterday and noticed a stutter at about 1:54. – LynnR]

    Not another one, LOL! Has anything gone right?

  82. I think it speaks volumes that Fender has put so much effort on the site for David’s replica. This no doubt is in large part to the high demand as well as the greatness of the guitar.

    I’m not a betting man but if I were I would bet that this model (combo of NOS and Relic) will be the top seller for some time to come.

    Also, it won’t be long before we see some band who is just cutting the edge on widespread notoriety wielding the DG axe, I just hope when that day comes that band (whomever they may be) doesn’t suck.

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you.

  83. I agree that Fender’s microsite for the DG Strat rocks and agree with Josh about which young guitarists will be using it somewhere down the line.

    [It would be interesting to see it hanging down by the knees somewhere, with some spikey-haired pop/punk-type hunched over it (gurning, probably), wouldn’t it? – FEd]

  84. [It would be interesting to see it hanging down by the knees somewhere, with some spikey-haired pop/punk-type hunched over it (gurning, probably), wouldn’t it? – FEd]

    Yep, that would be fun…


  85. I really liked to have the money to buy one replica but I’m comfortable with my Fender Stratocaster Highway 1 in Krimson red and white, made in USA. GHS bullets.

    David was the inspiration for me to buy my first Stratocaster, and the sound I like most is the clean sound of it without distortion, plenty of reverb and compression of course.

    I’m going to buy a Fender Blues Junior or a Fender Princeton 65, I don’t have the money for a twin reverb.

  86. Hi,

    There’s a small but important error on the Fender microsite.

    In the timeline, the entry for 1982 states that the Final Cut featured Richard Wright on keyboards. This, as we all know, was not so.

    Thought you might want to give them a little shout out.


  87. FEd, in the U.S. there was a box set of 60s and 70s rock songs that you were able to order from the TV in the 1980s. It was called Freedom Rock and the catch phrase was, “Is that Freedom Rock? WHILE TURN IT UP!!!!!” yelled by an actor dressed as a hippy with a very bad wig and outfit. That would be a great one liner on the back cover.

    If I had a copy I would send it to you for your birthday. Have a safe and happy one!!!!

    [Thank you, Tom, that would be perfect. – FEd]

  88. Olá…

    A Fender realmente fez otimo trabalho, a guitarra esta linda… perfeita para Gilmour.

    Felicidades ao Mestre Gimour e sua Blackstratcase.

    PS: Cerveja é sempre bom!!


    [Cerveja é sempre bom… Brahma especialmente. – FEd]

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