Easter eggs

David on stage in Gdańsk, by Piotr Tarasewicz

If you don’t want to know, please don’t read on.

There will be no further mention of Easter eggs on any page other than this one, so you only need to avoid this post (and, if you want it, bookmark it, because comments left anywhere else will be deleted).

Did you find any? (You have to find a copy of ‘Live in Gdań„sk’ first, I know…) 

‘Live in Gdań„sk’ is released today in Argentina, Canada, Uruguay and the USA. It’s out in Australia on Saturday (and the vinyl will be available in France on Monday, apologies for the delay).

If you missed my notes yesterday, I’m sorry to say that the two-disc set will not be available in Spain; the three-disc set will not be available in Belgium, Holland or Italy; the four-disc set will not be available in Germany, Spain or Switzerland; and the five-disc set will be not be available in Portugal (and is proving hard to find all over Europe, it seems, due to insufficient orders having been placed).

Don’t forget Later… with Jools Holland: BBC2 and BBC HD, tonight, 22:00 (UK).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

127 thoughts on “Easter eggs”

  1. I haven’t found the 5 disc box set anywhere. I could not pre-order it at the time as I had to wait for pay day. Yes, money is THAT tight.

    Is it recommended to obtain this through Amazon, FEd?

    I normally just like to go to shops and pick them up in person, but some people in these shops haven’t a clue about this album. Yes, really HMV Solihull had no records of this album.

    It does not look like it is still available via Anthill.



    [I’ve never had any problems with buying from Amazon, but I don’t think they have any five-disc sets in stock. Click your name above and see Rob’s post about HMV: £39.99 with free UK delivery. I’ve never had any problems with ordering from their site, either. (Well, that’s not true. They did once send me a DVD that didn’t have a snazzy cardboard slipcase, as illustrated, but they were very good in taking it back and issuing a refund, so I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.) – FEd]

  2. Without ruining it for anyone, all I can say is I have found 3 if I’m not wrong.

    [Very good. – FEd]

  3. [Did you find any? (You have to find a copy of ‘Live in Gdań„sk’ first, I know…) – FEd]

    I’m really pissed off with this. What’s the problem? I expected it on Saturday.

    This has never happened to me before.

    [According to David’s manager, it’s all down to retailers making orders and not ordering enough. – FEd]

  4. Hi FEd,

    As mentioned I found three: two on the main DVD (included with the 3 disc version) and one on theDVD (with the 4 and 5 disc release).

    These three should be: a) some Hammond Leslie talk about Richard’s ping, back when Echoes was recorded; b) a further look behind the scenes and the build up in Gdansk (both on the main DVD, and I was I able to enter only the later egg), and c) some very nice barn talk hidden somewhere on the extra DVD.

    Wireman leads the way to the egg I mentioned second, at the end of credits for the Gdansk diary on the main DVD.

    As for the other two I do not have the slightest clue where they could be hidden, but well, I know they exist.

    I hope it’s OK, to give all that info away..


    [If it means that no one asks me where they are, it’s more than OK. – FEd]

  5. If it means anything to anyone, yesterday I went to Newcastle’s branches of HMV & Zavvi, and neither of them had the 5 Disc Special Edition, ‘Live In Gdansk’ but they both had the vinyl version, which I thought was odd.

    But, there’s a good independent music shop called ‘Reflex’ in Newcastle just near the ‘Monument’ and that had just about everything you’d want from not only the special ‘Live In Gdansk’ packages but everything Gilmour related, so if you’re a North-Easterner, I’d go there.

    Also, I must say that the 5 Disc Boxed Set, is spectacular!

    – James.

    I haven’t found any Easter eggs yet 🙁

  6. Poor FEd, apologising again for someone else’s mistakes.

    No 2-disc set in Spain, no 3-disc set in Belgium/Holland/Italy, no 4-disc set in Germany/Spain/Switzerland, no 5-disc set in Portugal… and not enough 5-disc sets everywhere else even if you pre-ordered yours!

    How could EMI not order enough? That is absurd.

    David, I know you’re probably only thinking about your tribute to Richard, but you deserve better than this.

    I’m still waiting for my 5-disc set. I ordered from Play.

    [I know, and I recommended them to you. Sorry. – FEd]

  7. hi people,

    i ordered my set from play.com on friday when it said in stock ready for dispatch, and they said they delivered it that day.

    however, people expecting deliveries in the uk may have to wait until the end of the week due to a 3 day postal strike.

    i still haven’t received mine yet. i don’t want my first time seeing the dvd concert to be on bbc4.

  8. Off topic and I don’t want you to call me a ‘nag’, but I found it far easier to read the blog when all comments were on the same page.

    And also, we could read the last ones by clicking the names on the ‘recent comments’ box, which doesn’t seem possible now when there are more than 50 comments.


    [Yes, I know that. – FEd]

  9. [According to David’s manager, it’s all down to retailers making orders and not ordering enough. – FEd]

    What next, blaming the fans for ordering them in the first place?

    Sorry, I don’t buy that one (no pun intended).

  10. Cheers James, you just made my day. I am going to cancel my Amazon order and pop into Reflex, I am stopping through Newcastle tonight as I’m off to Academy to see The Ting-Tings.


    [Enjoy, Darran. (Another victory for the independents… Get in.) – FEd]

  11. [What next, blaming the fans for ordering them in the first place? – Lorraine]

    I don’t buy it either. I’m also waiting on Play.com and I’m getting increasingly annoyed.

    EMI stands for Employs Mostly Idiots.

    [That’s a bit harsh. (Better not tell you about the possible problems with Sony and downloading the deluxe set from iTunes, then.) – FEd]

  12. […due to insufficient orders having been placed – FED]

    Insufficient? Record companies totally missed. EMI Poland ordered only 10% of all the number of prepaid individual orders for deluxe here, I don’t know the exact figures, but it suggest that demand was 10 times bigger in electronic retailers.

    On more positive note, vinyl edition is ready to dispatch, so at least I will have this one tomorrow.

    I saw a TV advertisement of Live In Gdańsk, it impressed me, really good, and some new interviews with David occurred in the Polish press.

    On another note, not all posts appear on the blog, I can see total number 87 and the last one is Kieran’s entry on the Remember a Day post.

    [Click the ‘More comments >>’ link beneath Kieran’s message, Tomasz. There are 50 comments to each page now, so the rest will be on a separate page one click away. – FEd]

  13. I received my 5-disc-set from jpc here in Germany right on the spot on Friday, 19th without any problems.

    And what a great set it is, both design – and – most of all – content-wise. IMHO the Gdansk concert really reaches yet another musical dimension in comparison to the RAH performance.

    But with regards to the sad events of last week what touched me most are the pieces where the magic, and, as David said rightly in his tribute, almost telepathic interplay between David an Rick comes to the fore, esp. on “Echoes”. The version here really takes you back to the 70s, but without being nostalgic in any way.

    One of the Easter eggs (approachable by going to “Barn Jam 166” on the second DVD and then clicking not right, but left, gives a confirmation of this symbiotic interplay between David and Rick in their own words.

    This short passage – and the Gdansk-Set as a whole – is a fitting and lasting tribute to Ricks central contribution to Pink Floyd and David’s work and also a tribute to their apparently deep personal friendship. Too sad the new work they are hinting at in this short clip now cannot be completed anymore, at least in this personal constellation.

    The second “egg” is hidden at the end of the “Gdansk Diary”-documentary on the first DVD. Just click “Enter” when the wireman appears.

    The third one is also on the first DVD; go to “Track Selection”, then to “Echoes” and then click when “Echoes” starts to blink slightly. Don’t know if there are more of these …

    All in all: This concert is really a must have – by it (esp. the 5-disc set, while stocks last)!

    [Thank you, Georg. I’m happy to hear that you got your copy on Friday, as scheduled. – FEd]

  14. [I know, and I recommended them to you. Sorry. – FEd]

    Don’t be silly FEd! It’s not your fault. I blame EMI. This wouldn’t have happened with you in charge of orders!

    [Well… – FEd]

  15. Does any of you know when it will be released in Argentina?

    [Today. It says so right there. – FEd]

  16. Hey FEd,

    a while back you said there would be an iTunes exclusive version with videos. The only thing iTunes has now is just the 2 CDs of Gdansk (w/o Wot’s…Uh The Deal).

    BTW: I’m referring to the US store.

    Do you know when the deluxe version will be up?

    [Damn, I hoped that this wouldn’t come up until tomorrow. The standard version (with ‘Wots… Uh The Deal’) is apparently fine, but there’s a problem with the deluxe version (and the videos). When you download the deluxe set, as you rightly say, you’re supposed to be able to download several videos free of charge: ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ and ‘Wish You Were Here’ (from Gdańsk), ‘Wearing The Inside Out’ (from the Mermaid Theatre) and ‘Take A Breath’ (from Abbey Road). This isn’t working at the moment, but the hope is that it will all be sorted sometime today. More on that when I get an update. I can only apologise for now, sorry. – FEd]

  17. Shame on you, EMI!

    Can I suggest a petition, a march through the streets, strikes, riots, … a revolution? Ahah!


  18. Official Statement of EMI Poland, in short they have rescheduled the release date of the deluxe box to the moment when they manufacture enough copies for every fan.

    At least something is clear, deluxe sets will be available, that’s good.

    Szanowni Państwo,

    W związku z bardzo dużą ilością zamówień, które wpłynęły w ostatnich dniach na Edycję Specjalną wydawnictwa Davida Gilmoura /Live In Gdańsk 3CD+2DVD , nr kat.2354842/, znacznie przekraczającą wyprodukowane przez nas wstępnie ilości, postanowiliśmy przesunąć premierę tego formatu do momentu wyprodukowania ilości, która zaspokoi potrzeby wszystkich naszych Klientów.

    O dacie wysyłki albumu poinformujemy oddzielnym komunikatem i za pośrednictwem naszych przedstawicieli.

    Z poważaniem,
    Dział Sprzedaży
    EMI Music Poland

  19. No Gdańsk 3+2 sets in Poland.

    I’m pretty sure that “Live in Gdańsk” is GREAT but, for Christ’s sake, why can’t I buy it as I did with “Remember That Night”?

    Why are there so many problems with publishing? Too few copies or what…. traffic jams? Publisher sucks at all.

    The fact that I can’t buy the 5-disc edition makes me angry. How long must I wait?

  20. Got my 5-disc set yesterday from Play. A mate, who ordered it from Play at around the same time didn’t – said they were sold out and that he’d cancelled his order. HMV in Bangor (Wales) had them this morning, so he got his there.

    I need some extra DG guitar picks, not going to use the one in the box set. Any ideas? I think Fender make the closest match, but not sure.

    Not bothered looking for any Easter eggs yet, tho.


  21. Got my 5-disc set today (wife bought it for me) and I can’t wait to see it when I get home.

    Easter eggs…love it! Keep them coming!

  22. I got my 5-disc set yesterday from Play, also. Although I don’t appear to have the 2-sided poster in the box…Which is a little odd.

    Anyone else not get the poster in their 5-disc box?

    [Please inform EMI. Henning remarked yesterday that his was missing the booklet. – FEd]

  23. I’m waiting for the 5 disc set, and I hope that it will be here soon, they told me the next week. Unfortunately, I just have to wait.

    Have a nice day, even if there is always a veil of sadness in my days for the loss of Richard.

  24. [I need some extra DG guitar picks, not going to use the one in the box set. Any ideas? – Kev]

    Try this link, Kev (click my name).

    The teardrop pick is hard to find in tortoise shell.

    Hope this helps.


  25. Haven’t found any Easter eggs yet, but then again I’ve barely had enough time to watch the first 4 tracks on the DVD. I managed to find the 3 disc set yesterday in Mexico which was rather exciting considering dates for releases are rarely met over here.

    FED, is there any way to catch Jools online? I get the show here on HBO but episodes are always rather random, so the devil knows when I’ll be able to catch David’s set.

    I had a huge smile on my face last night watching a bit of the DVD, a big closeup of Richard and his shy little smirk popping up. He will be greatly missed.

    [Only on YouTube, Paul, I expect. – FEd]

  26. I’ve read the webpage and it says that it was released on 23, today.

    But I have asked some places and they didn’t have any idea. =S

    [I’m very sorry. This does seem to be quite common. – FEd]

  27. I’ve just been watching some of the Gdansk videos on the official YouTube channel and it looks and sounds amazing. I absolutely love the orchestral arrangements.

    Looking forward to getting the album soon (I’m going for the 4-disc set).

  28. Just got the 5 disk set from Best buy for $49.99. No problems, everything was inside, and EVERYTHING IS BRILLIANT! I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SET!

    Thanks Gilmour and co for making this set a reality and thanks FED for keeping us all up to date – you do a GREAT job!

    Now, I’m just waiting for the call to tell me to come and pick up my Gilmour Strat!!!!

  29. I missed offering my condolences last week, as I was out of town on vacation.

    I am very saddened that Richard is no longer with us. My thoughts go out to all those who knew him and loved him. For those of us who simply knew OF him it is hard enough.

    I’m wondering if we are going to talk about the theatrical release of Live At Gdansk last night? It was fantastic, by the way! Quite bittersweet as well.

    Goodbye, Richard. You will be sorely missed.

    Thank you, FEd, for everything you do for us fans. I know this last week has been difficult. Thanks for hanging in with us.

    [Thanks. Do tell us where you saw it and how it went. – FEd]

  30. Okay FED, here’s “the deal”.

    In the U.S. on iTunes there are currently two versions: a standard and a deluxe both priced at $16.99. Both versions are missing “Wot’s…Uh The Deal”, the deluxe version is missing the 12 live tracks (not a big deal), and the four videos for the deluxe are as follows:

    1) Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Gdansk)
    2) Speak To Me/Breathe/Time/Breathe (reprise) (Gdansk) (NOT Wish You Were Here)
    3) Wearing The Inside Out (Mermaid)
    4) Take A Breath (Abbey Road)

    Question 1: Why are the Gdansk videos “album only” and yet the other two videos can be purchased separately? ‘Cause I really do not want to rebuy Gdansk for just these two videos (however great they may be) when I am purchasing the 5-disc.

    Question 2: Why is SOYCD video only 5 mins. when the track on the CD is 12?

    Question 3: How long will the “Wot’s…Uh The Deal” download be up for because so far that’s the only track I need to download from the webpass and I have not bought my 5-disc copy yet.

    [Without any updated information from either DG Management, Sony BMG/Columbia or iTunes, I’m afraid I can’t say. But yes, the videos have changed. When they changed, I don’t know, because today’s the first I’ve heard of ‘Wish You Were Here’ being replaced. The only thing I can say with any degree of certainty is… Scratch that, I daren’t say anything other than that you should be able to download ‘Wot’s… Uh The Deal’ – using the web pass – at any time until 23 September 2009. That was true a week ago, anyway. If I can get answers to your questions, I’ll let you know. Sincere apologies again for the uncertainty. – FEd]

  31. [Cheers James, you just made my day. I am going to cancel my Amazon order and pop into Reflex, I am stopping through Newcastle tonight… – Darran]

    No problemo Darran, I just hope more people haven’t gone in today and snapped them up, it’d be bad if they were sold out when you pop in!

  32. […and the five-disc set will be not be available in Portugal (and is proving hard to find all over Europe, it seems, due to insufficient orders having been placed). – FEd]

    Is this just a temporary situation, or will there be a shortage of the deluxe set (not enough orders meaning that not a lot were manufactured)?



    [I can only say that there will be more deluxe sets available – wherever they’re required – as soon as possible. – FEd]

  33. For those in USA, Best Buy has 5 Disc Special Edition for $50 this week only.

    I just got mine today from store without any problem. They had many in store but online it is backorder! So it is better you get it soon before it goes out of stock in stores or they change price back to $70 original price.

    If you can not find it in store shelves ask them. This edition doesn’t fit in store shelves so most probably they have it somewhere else.

  34. Not great news for Portugal, well I will try to get the 5 disc set no matter what…here in the corner by the sea it is always hard. =D

    Hope David comes to Portugal one day to make it worth all the “suffering”. =)

    Just kidding, not the David part though!

  35. hey FEd,

    i ordered the vinyl boxset from amazon.fr about 3 weeks ago and they e-mailed me today to say that they hadn’t any! apparently i’ve to wait til 2 Oct at the earliest to get it sent out… don’t suppose you’ve any info on this???

    sorry for annoyin ya, but i was really lookin forward to listenin to it today and now i feel cheated and have to vent somewhere!!! did ya hear of anyone else in the same boat?

    Thanks man,

    [All I’ve heard is that the (vinyl) release date has been pushed back to Monday 29 September for France. – FEd]

  36. Thanks Fed for all your help. For I just bought the 5 disc set at Best Buy for $49.99 and I really love the way it is packaged with so much information. But now I have to wait for tomorrow so that my wife and I can watch it together on our birthday for we have the same date just the years are different.

    Take care,

    [I hope you both have a very Happy Birthday. – FEd]

  37. Hi,

    The 5 disc was available in the lovely South of the Netherlands on Friday; 68 euros (and the old loyal customers get 5% rabat on top; so 65 euros). Nice one.

    Easter eggs, I stopped looking for them when I became 10 or so…

    But it’s great! Thank you all!

    Nick from…

  38. this very afternoon i got the 5 disc version in hmv , grafton street , dublin . i think it was about 67-99 (euros of course) . not as cheap as the net but i was guaranteed to get it .

    from talking to a sales guy yesterday night they did have 4 of them in stock . i bought one and i don’t know if any more have been sold . so if you are a dubliner who can’t get it on the net , try hmv grafton street . the only thing is they can’t hold them as they are in the middle of a sale (i thought this applied to sale items only but apparently it doesn’t) .

    the reason why i did something as old fashioned as going to a shop and buying it instead of buying online as i usually do was that as of yesterday (monday) evening play.com were sold out , amazon take 6-12 days to send it out plus the time it takes in the post . it is also made harder when you don’t have your own credit card !

    i hope that the information in this post might help an irish fan looking for the 5 disc version.

    i have only listened to a few tracks as i am transferring the 3 cds to my ipod . it rocks a big one . i am listening to echoes with a huge smile on my face .

    thanks to all concerned . it is a very fitting epitaph for rick as well .


    [“It rocks a big one.” Why don’t they have that on the back as one of those catchy one-line reviews, eh? – FEd]

  39. Off topic but a mystery……..

    I had a letter in post today. It contained a Richard Wright interview from last Sunday’s ‘Times’ paper. (I don’t buy newspapers.)

    No idea who sent it but if it was anyone from here………….thanks!!

  40. [Any Easter eggs on the vinyl? – Koen]

    Cute one there, Koen! You gave me a laugh.

    Hi FEd:

    For all my Canadian friends, I was able to get the 5-disc set at the local HMV this morning. I went in right when they opened and got the first one. The manager told me he had received five in total in spite of the fact that he had ordered dozens more. He also had some of all of the other sets as well.

    So far, I’ve listened to the main DVD and as with everything David does, it has exceeded my high expectations. It brought a few tears to my eyes to see Richard on the stage in fine form, obviously loving life and the chance to share the stage with David, Guy et al again.

    Thanks to David for bringing Richard on tour with him and for giving us the chance to enjoy his artistry one more time before. He truly was the glue that held the Pink Floyd sound together.

    Rest in peace, Rick. You will live long in our memories.


  41. Thank you so much FEd for providing whatever answers you could.

    I am actually very happy with the decision to include The Dark Side of the Moon tracks instead of Wish You Were Here as a bonus iTunes video mostly because it’s more for your money. I only wish I knew why SOYCD wasn’t full length, but I completely understand if there’s no answer now.

    Thanks again!

    [Cheers, Ryan. I appreciate your understanding. I’m just sorry that I don’t have more knowledge at my fingertips, so to speak. No word yet, and I don’t expect to hear anything until tomorrow, due to the Jools Holland recording tonight, but I will report back ASAP. – FEd]

  42. I just want to send my best to David. Don’t be sad, Richard made his job and made all fans love him that much.

    Come play for us here in Brazil.

    With love.

  43. FEd, do you know how much time it can take EMI to ‘produce’ the deluxe sets in Poland? (See Tomasz’s post).


    [I’m afraid not. I’ve not heard a word on this other than what Tomasz’s post says. – FEd]

  44. I grabbed my copy of the 5-disc version at Best Buy in the US today for $50. To make my life easier I ordered it on their website but selected “in-store pickup” so I just had to go in, give them my credit card and ID and was pretty much good to go.

    Still in the office so I’m listening to the disc-5 audio to get warmed up. It just sounds majestic and wonderful and makes me sad Richard is gone. “Wearing the Inside Out” is gorgeous…glad it is on there. I love David et al doing the backing vocals rather than the female vocals on the album. I can’t wait till I have time to digest the whole thing but there is so much, it is like the gift that will keep on giving for some time.

    Now I just wish I had the money to drop on the vinyl version…where’s the cheapest place in the USA to get that? Amazon.com has it for $92 and I think free shipping…

    [Please see the link on the right (beneath the album cover) for best prices. From memory, I don’t think anyone could beat $92, but do check. – FEd]

  45. Well, I had to pay 58 euros for the 5 disc version, and got it this morning.

    All in all a fine deal I think. A fitting tribute to a wonderful musician indeed!

    Shine on, Richard!!

  46. OK, its not even April yet and we’re talking about Easter eggs already? Oy vay!!

    On a more serious note, I just got the 5 disc special today at Best Buy (near my office) and have just taken off the wrappings. It’s a slow evening tonight, here at work, so I’ll be previewing most if not all of this DVD set in a few seconds.

    As one should expect from Mssrs Gilmour and associates, this box set is lavished with more than enough goodies to shake a (pointed) stick at. The box is manufactured in book format (the cover is attached and opens out like a book cover).

    Inside all the goodies are heaped up carefully on top of one another. First comes the booklet, followed by the sealed grey envelope containing the faithfully reproduced ticket, postcards, backstage pass, and some great photos (including a great one of the late Rick Wright). Just below that is a double sided tour poster (!!). The crown jewels follow at the bottom, last but not least.

    This is a labor of love, folks!

  47. Best Buy in Milpitas (next to San Jose) has five 5-disc sets, and four 3-disc sets as of about noon time today (Sept. 23rd). I am hoping my set is in the post when I get home. I am very anxiously awaiting that moment.

    [Any Easter eggs on the vinyl? – Koen]

    When I get my vinyl copy, I will play it backwards to see if there are any. You never know . . .

    FEd, are you going to the Jools performance?

    [No, sadly not. – FEd]

  48. Kinell…

    HMV, Grafton Street: 67.99 Euro = $103.57 Canadian
    Best Buy, US: 49.99 $US = $51.75 Canadian

    Both for the deluxe set…

    At least Highwaymen had the decency to wear masks as they robbed you…

  49. I have just set the video to record Jools Holland’s later show for what is likely to be a sombre performance. I did apply for tickets a couple of weeks ago from the BBC, not surprisingly I wasn’t successful, but I am not sure how I would have felt if I had been.


    Please accept my apologies for sending the following, but it has resided on my computer since last Tuesday with no place to go. I had typed it as a word document at work during lunch, with the intention of sending it that evening, but of course there were just too many posts that day and the opportunity was lost when you closed entries. I doubt many would have had time to read it anyway.

    Last weekend was warm and sunny (summer had finally arrived) and I was reminiscing about similar weather in Brixton exactly one year ago. My local newsagents didn’t have the latest edition of Uncut magazine (a Floyd special), but we were able to fly our Pink Floyd flag outside our beach hut, after all we felt good about life; but what a difference a day makes.

    I had no idea that Richard was ill, so it was a great shock to hear of his untimely passing. The suddenness and surprise of the announcement left me feeling almost numb.

    It’s sad, so very sad, 65 is much too young, and it leaves a sense of unfulfilled chapters, which can’t now be added to the inevitable biography. Of course his musical legacy will shine brighter with his passing, although it is a great shame that it takes a person’s death for their significance to be fully recognized and to be rewarded with the now obligatory “legendary” status. However, I suspect that is a tag he would rather have done without.

    Syd was the catalyst for so much of Pink Floyd’s work and elements of Popular music in general, but whilst Rick’s contribution may have been more subtle, it was massive. He could achieve more with one note than most musicians create in a life-time. His style could be jazzy, spacey, but in my opinion his real strength was the ability to give the Pink Floyd sound an all embracing warmth; a creative atmospheric fluency, that allowed the music to ebb and flow. Put simply, without Richard Wright the Dark side of The Moon would not have been the greatest piece of music ever put to vinyl.

    Hopefully, everybody who enters this site will own a copy of Dark Side Of The Moon and will therefore be aware of why Rick Wright is so highly regarded. Almost all will also be familiar with Echoes and Shine on you Crazy Diamond, but if I could recommend an early example of Rick’s writing and vocal style, it is Paintbox; which is just beautiful. It may come as a surprise for those who don’t know it; you will find it on Relics or the triple CD version of Piper at the Gates of Dawn.

    In the history of popular music it would be hard to name a more influential keyboard/piano player whose abilities were accommodated within the restraints of a group; never an easy role, but Rick did it with almost regal precision. He always struck me as having the aura of a charismatic gentleman; dignified and charming with a stage presence that was the epitome of cool. It was easy to imagine him behind the wheel of his yacht with a refreshing drink in hand, lapping up the sun whilst taking in the warm breeze, under the gaze of a clear blue sky, with a big smile beaming across his face.

    I wish he could have had the time to add to his musical output, for us and for him; but his legacy is secure for all future generations of quality musical fans and life is a much better place thanks to his outstanding contribution to culture.

    We mourn the loss of a most cultured man.

  50. i’m a journalist.

    i just got my 5 disc box at best buy in winston-salem, nc, and i just put it on my ipod and can’t wait to put it on my HDTV. i looked for a blu-ray, but i’m happy with the last DVD blu-ray for now.

    what a deal! i saw PF in Raleigh, N.C. without roger waters, and they were great with stadium stereo diving planes. the pre-release videos online everywhere helped me make up my mind i’d raid the family cookie jar during our US depression.

  51. It is a very sad irony that the original planned Gdansk release date was the day Rick passed away. It doesn’t bare thinking about if this release date had stood.

    Not found the 5 disc set yet. Fopp were always good value but they went bust.

    Remember A Day seems absent from any of the PF 1968 set lists. Written records would seem to show it was only mimed to for a French TV session in 1968, so David’s performance on Later… should be riveting and moving.


  52. Yesterday I bought the 5 disc format in HMV £46.99, guess I was very lucky as they only had one in store, couldn’t get home quick enough to play it. Excellent package, well worth the money.

    Looking forward to Jools Holland tonight.

  53. Hello mates,

    yesterday I got my “Live in Gdansk” 2CD and 2DVD here, in Rome.

    A drop of sadness, but the sound and the tune of heaven are wonderful as ever, when it’s a David’s matter.

    Excuse me… I’m not in the “pink” mood yet but I’m in the blue even for few days… FEd, thank you for all, really.

    A hug from Italy, but I wish I were in London in these days.


  54. [Any Easter eggs on the vinyl? – Koen]

    If you put vinyl number five into your computer, you will hear a nice hidden track. 😛

    Aah, sometimes I love Norway. Got my 5-disc two days earlier than expected, even though I wasn’t at home on Saturday so I got it on Sunday. 😀

    [Track or crack? – FEd]

  55. Easter eggs in the shops already – not even Christmas yet…

    Just going to get comfy on the sofa with hanky at the ready.


  56. OK… So I purchased BOTH 2 CD sets that iTunes was offering. I DID NOT receive Wot’s… Uh The Deal with either one!!!!

    Were we not told that Wot’s… would be included when we bought the full 2CD set??? Is this a problem with iTunes or did I somehow misunderstand???

    Would someone clarify please???

    [It’s a problem with Sony and iTunes. See Ryan’s comments above. (I’ve still received no update on this issue, by the way. As soon as I do, I’ll let you know what’s going on.) – FEd]

  57. Hi all!

    Well, I must first say I’m sorry for those who have been unable to get their hands on the set as yet. Keep hunting… it’s worth it!

    Now on to my experience…

    Had to be at work this morning at 5:30am. I had arranged with my boss to leave work at 9:30 am to go to “an appointment” (that is, Best Buy, which opened at 10:00am). Of course TODAY I had to do some testing with a pack of engineers watching/scrutinizing every minute detail of the test (I work in the testing lab at an aerospace company).

    Finally at 9:00am the last one went off to a meeting. I handed the job off to another guy and went to fill in my on-line timecard.

    Wouldn’t you just know it? I get an email from my manager telling me to take a mandatory on-line hazmat training class, deadline today, sorry about the late notification. No problem.

    5 minutes go by and I finish the little test associated with the training.

    To Be Continued… (Oh, I know, some of you may not care… feel free to ignore me!)

  58. Georg, thanks a lot for the egg explanations. I just watched them. Really, really great!! I def. second your sentiments..

    I was very near finding them, and it’s all quite logical in the end. I guess somehow my patience must have left me after hours of searching yesterday.

    all the best,

  59. …So by 9:38 am I was in my car, crossing town to Best Buy. When I asked them a week ago if they had any 5-disk sets on order, they said they had 8 coming and I wanted to be one of the first in the store to get mine.

    A quick stop at the grocery store for a beer (I know… by then it was 10:00am- a little early for beer, but it was a special occasion!). I made Best Buy by 10:05 am. On the shelf I saw one copy of the 5-disk version (I didn’t see any others, but I didn’t look very hard either… I was looking at the outside of the box!).

    I got it at the amazing price of $49.99!

    I went out to my car and opened the box to see if everything was there (I even pulled each disk out of its cardboard holder to see that the correct disk was there). Then I popped disk 5 in my player for the drive home… track 12 “On the Turning Away”.

    To Be Continued… (Those who took the time before may not care now… that’s OK!)

  60. Wot’s… Uh The Deal can currently be purchased by itself on iTunes in Switzerland and France.

    Best of all, it’s in “iTunes Plus” format!

  61. …I love how it seems someone forgot the lyrics on “On The Turning away”, then following a group chuckle, carried on! No overdubs or studio corrections here… just raw music as it happened, warts and all.

    OTTA was nearly finished when I got home (except for the final guitar solo… I would have to wait until I drove to the library to write this post to hear it).

    I popped in the first DVD. This is an amazing concert with amazing performances. But I really see why David chose to perform the tour in small hand-picked venues versus the stadiums. The presentation comes off better (but then it would be really hard to top the RAH shows, in fact I would say impossible… the music and presentation are the best). But the music of Gdansk is different enough from RAH to make it essential.

    I’m glad this show is the one that made it to CD.

    OK… now to the part I was really looking forward to (and I was not disappointed). The second DVD: it’s nice to have all the bits and pieces in one place (Abbey road, AOL… some of these are on my copy of the limited edition DVD from before RAH came out). But the Barn Jams really stand out here! The first one is good. But it is the next two that really shine!!!

    After hearing these jams (as well as the background music to the menu items on both DVDs) I really hope all the more that David will consider one day making an instrumental album! In fact, one of the jams shows David in a role I’ve never seen him in! It would be interesting to see him make an album on which he plays ALL instruments himself.

    OK- running out of time here. I came across an egg by accident. It was a very good one. Hope to find the others.

    Great job David and all involved! Thank you!


  62. Here’s the information from Germany:

    I’ve bought my 5 disc set (limited edition) in Media Markt Store, Wuppertal. Price 59,90 Euro.

    They have ordered – one. It’s the truth. (AND IT WAS MINE!) No other store in my hometown has it in stock. On amazon.de the limited edition is not available to buy.

    The set is wonderful, the art work is great and I love it so much! ( … But the poster is not mine. It looks not very professional, just my opinion.)

    I love the nice idea – the tickets, the plectrum. That’s very special.

    The video production is awesome, the sound is so great and warm and my DVD player wants more energy for its extra work these last days.

    I feel so happy and comfortably listening to it. Thanks a lot for this fantastic piece of artwork!

    I’m looking for the Easter eggs, too. Found 3.

    (Sorry for my rotten English.)

    Thank you, FED, for your information.

    [Rotten English?! Where? Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, Jenny. – FEd]

  63. Great performance on Jools!!

    I cant imagine how difficult that must have been for the band, well done!

  64. Hello David! Guy! Phil!

    I just viewed the Jools Holland show and how wonderful it was to see you all performing live! (Very nice song.) Keep it going strong lads as there is so, so much more yet to be written and sung…….

    David, as I mentioned to Mike Clements, you’re looking well! All the best and my never ending positive vibes going out to you!

    Love and Light to you David and the lads! 🙂

  65. [“It rocks a big one.” Why don’t they have that on the back as one of those catchy one-line reviews, eh? – FEd]

    thanks fet ed. i have been described as a person with an interesting turn of phrase (when i can spell it right !)

    see you at the chat tomorrow (wednesday) i hope.


  66. Hi,

    I’ve been reading all the entries about the Live in Gdansk set and thought I’d let you know of my situation.

    I pre-ordered the 5-disc version from HMV.co.uk on 14/09/08 for £35.99 (inc. discount). I received an e-mail from them on the 18th telling me that my order is in the post, estimating that I get it within 2-5 days. Well today is the 4th day, so if I don’t get it tomorrow I’ll be even more annoyed than I already am. The status on the website says it’s been completely shipped, therefore I take it I will actually receive a copy soon.

    Can’t wait to get a hold of it, it’s a shame there are so many set-backs and problems for something you’d think is relatively simple.

  67. Hello from Hamilton Canada.

    I made the trip to Niagara Falls, New York this morning and picked up two 5 disc sets, at Best Buy for $50.00 each. The store had quite a few of these and I am aghast to hear of the shortages mentioned above.

    Kind of fun to hear about the hidden material, I’ll be checking discs and if I find any more will post them.

    May we all enjoy this great set of music and seeing Richard at his very best.

    Cheers from a happy Canuck!

  68. RE Later with Jools Holland

    A very moving, personal, and fitting tribute played tonight. Played beautifully.

    Damian and Katrina.

  69. Hello Fed, just pick up my copy the the 3 disc set from my local record independent Encore Records. Great store and I have ordered the vinyl as well.

    No complaints here Fed because this is another masterpiece, especially with Richard being there.

    Hopefully David well forge ahead making music. What the hell, B.B. King is still doing it.

    Later everyone and enjoy this concert.


  70. FED, as Paul McCartney once said ‘Help’ I need the deluxe 5 disc set with the ‘Wot’s… Uh The Deal’ CD.

    Best Buy (USA) is sold out.

    The others mentioned do not give much info as to whether you get the bonus CD or not.

    Any ideas???????

    By the way, cracking performance by DG on Jools. Didn’t expect the whole band to be there, what a tribute to Rick. Brought back a lot of fond memories!

    Bless you Rick!

    [Best Buy never had the ‘Wot’s… Uh The Deal’ CD. I’m afraid you only get that if you buy a CD set from one of the many independent music stores in the US. There have been links to select stores included with many of my posts over the last two weeks, and the majority of stores mentioned ship worldwide. As the deluxe set is only available at Best Buy in the US, that means buying two copies: a five-disc version from Best Buy and any CD set from an indie store (to get the bonus ‘Wot’s…’ CD). Please check with your indie store of choice that they still have the bonus CD, as supplies are limited. If you can get a five-disc set from Best Buy, remember that you can download ‘Wot’s…’ – free – using the DVD web pass included. – FEd]

  71. Beautiful, simply beautiful tonight on Jools, folks. Great job.

    As for the 5-disc set, got mine yesterday no probs. Also got a 4-disc last Friday to be on the safe side.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  72. I pre ordered the 5 disc special edition on Amazon.co.uk last week. I thought it would have been dispatched on Monday as that was the release date here.

    I decided to e-mail them today to find out what was going on, and they told me that they back ordered it, and won’t be in stock until at least October 4th!

    I was baffled, but now I know why. I’m glad I am not the only one affected by this. I was so looking forward to receiving it this week.

    Richard, it’s so hard to believe you are no longer here. You will always be remembered and loved.

  73. Greetings Everyone,

    First off I would like to say that I am very sad to hear about the passing of Richard. May he RIP4EVER.


    I also would like to say, what a truly amazing job everyone did on the “Live In Gdansk” set.

    I found the 4 disk set yesterday in an small indie record store, and have not turned it off since. I will tho be getting the 5 disk set ASAP.

    The Easter egg ideas are a very cool idea, I have only found one so far. Any help in finding the others, would be appreciated. : )

    I would just would like to say, thx to everyone who was involved in making this DVD possible, and also the “Remember That Night” DVD. Just got my hands on the Blu-Ray edition . It is nothing short of stunning. David and the rest of his band members really SHINE on both of these releases.

    David has been my favorite guitar player ever since I was a boy, many, many years ago.

    Thank you all again, it’s great to be here!!!

    [It’s great to have you here, Justin. Thanks for the kind words. – FEd]

  74. Hi FEd, hi guys.

    Watched and heared most of the 5-disc-set and it was AMAZING and very BEAUTIFUL!

    The 25-minute “ECHOES” with a longer intro by RICHARD (R.I.P. Rick…) is the HIGHLIGHT for me!

    Also the “other stuff” is FILMED and RECORDED GREAT and so this is a GREAT added ONE to the “Remember That Night” DVD!

    Will watch the “Barn Jams” later today, I can`t wait to see more and also find the EASTER EGGS.

    Really hope DAVID will not wait too long for another tour… without RICHARD who I, of course, will really miss…!!!

    PETE from Germany

  75. To David,

    I didn’t know him and he didn’t know me, but he was your friend.

    My sympathies at Richard’s passing.

  76. I got the five-disc set today and have been viewing the first DVD for the last hour or so. “High Hopes” is playing now.

    All I can say is, Wow………. (Well, I can also say that David has nice hands.)

  77. Hi FEd,

    Just thought I’d mention to my fellow Canadian friends that HMV is selling the 5 disc set. I’m gonna pick mine up this weekend.

    I watched David’s performance of Remember a Day. it brought me too tears. Absolutely great. (AND STEVIE CUT HIS HAIR!!!)

    Cheers FEd. (You do such a good job with the blog and everything else you do around here. Thanks for being the hand to the fans of DG!) =)

    Adrian J. Emond

    [Thanks very much, Adrian. – FEd]

  78. Grrr!

    Confusion at the record store. Reckless Records in Chicago gave me the 2 disc set instead of the 2 CD/1 DVD that I wanted. It had been labelled by somebody at the store as the 2 CD/1 DVD.

    Also, they claimed to know nothing of the “Wot’s….Uh, The Deal” single. Have to go back tomorrow.

    [You’ll be surprised at just how many of the stores that I contacted were equally baffled. – FEd]

  79. My Lord, so much to react to. Let’s see…

    First, sounds like we need to organize a “Blog Solidarity” movement considering all the Live in Gdansk problems. We can call you ‘FEd Walesa’….

    I got my 5 disk version from Best Buy in Yonkers, NY on Central Avenue (all the goodies were in the box it seems). There was one more left in the front display case.

    I’ve viewed/listened to the material in chunks and: HOLY CRAP! I’m going to Poland! Maybe it was the crowd or history of the place they were feeding off of, I don’t know. All I know is that whatever the band ate and drank, make mine a double!!! Tomasz, got room for me?

    Thank You doesn’t do it for me. There are so many goodies and gifts on here that I think we should be more apt to say “You’re Welcome” to David…’Live in Gdansk’ feels like one “big thank-you” from the man himself. The bugger snuck in some narration on the documentary! Ha!!! And he talked about his creative process…son of a bitch, I’ll be damned!!!

    Last Night: The Pavillion was an old community theatre you don’t see anymore…at least not in NYC. There were only about 30 fans there…I kept to myself and didn’t feel the impulse to ask if anyone was a DG blogger. Though the place could hold about 250, I appreciated the intimacy. Quite a diverse crowd I must say for a small group.

    The show was wonderful, and I was tuned in to every bar of every measure watching David, watching Richard. It felt like good-bye…at least for me. The details of the show seem unimportant because on the whole it was the very best: it was both large and small, stadium-like yet intimate and personal, and Richard and David at their peak.

    I passed by ‘Ground Zero’ on the way home…perhaps I was feeling morbid, or maybe it was something else. Life is so precious, family so important, and our freedoms and right to exist so endangered by so much. As always, David Gilmour’s music was there to comfort me, and so was ‘Live in Gdansk’, a brief reprieve from the dull ache of loss and worry…

  80. Imagine my plight here in India! Maybe a month from now we will get the 2 disc set, if lucky! I don’t even think they have a release plan for the sub-continent!

    Sometimes I don’t get simple stuff like RTN but sometimes we get 20+ sets of “Oh, By The Way…”!

    Anyway, my 5 disc set is on the way and the 2 disc set with “Wot’s.. Uh The Deal?” single should be here sometime next month. I am just waiting for Amazon.fr to ship the vinyl now, which FEd said would release on Monday. No hurry, as long as I get it!!

    Once I do get them all, then we’ll look into the 3 and 4 disc sets!

  81. God Bless You, FEd! Fielding all these questions has got to be driving you nuts.

    I’m so sorry for those of you having trouble getting a copy. I’m happy to say I was at Best Buy this morning when they opened, got the first of 9 available 5 disc sets. I’d still rather go to the store, and get something I can, physically, put my hands on. I know a couple of people who ‘pre-ordered online’ and are still empty handed today. I think some people put too much faith into these little boxes in front of our faces. But I’ll save that tangent for another day.

    I opened my box and went straight to the ‘new’ stuff. The goodies are FANTASTIC. Love the picture of Rick and the plectrum. First thing I had to watch were the Barn Jams. I was excited to see them numbered as: 166, 192, & 121. (How many are there? Let’s hear the rest of ‘em, I say!) Without giving anything away, I like 192 for reasons that will be obvious when you see it. Musically, I like 121 the best.

    I haven’t made my way through the set completely yet, but I felt compelled to comment. This is so exciting, and who else would I want to share this with, than other people who understand my excitement.

    First, I must say, I’ve never been a big fan of ‘A Pocketful of Stones.’ I thought once I saw David perform it live that feeling would change, but it didn’t, and neither did watching it on the RTN DVD. Well, I can now say that has changed. Seeing David perform this with the Orchestra, really made me like and appreciate this song in a new way. I certainly am a fan of it now…

  82. … It seems this DVD shows Rick more, which I was happy to see. Then again, I suppose it could be that I’m just looking for him more.

    Finally, I’d like to say thank you to David. Not only for this set. But for really listening to us.

    At first, I was frustrated, as many were, with all the options. However, it is very clear to me now: after seeing everything in the box set, the fact that there are 3 barn jams, OTTA, Easter eggs and SO many other extras. It seems obvious to me, that David really listened to us. He really gave us so much, and so many options.

    A lot of things I’ve seen posted here (both pre and post RTN) are now part of this set. That to me, means a whole lot, as a ‘fan.’

    So, thanks for actually caring, David. It just goes to show your stand-up character. You make being a ‘fan’ easy. =)


    P.S. Does everyone have the same replica ticket number? That would be one helluva way to throw a contest, FEd!

    [I’m sure it would be. – FEd]

  83. I went to HMV and got my order from Sat. Took it to work and showed it to the gang.

    Love the photos of Richard, Polly and the gang. Beautiful! The souvenirs and a plectrum made my day. I’ve just watched OAI set and haven’t searched for Eggs yet. Loads of time to enjoy all of the 5 discs.

    Thanks David, Fed and everyone.

    P.S. What do the jam numbers mean?

    [Nothing much. That’s how they’re numbered. – FEd]

  84. I’ve got lots to say but not enough space to say it all, so for now I’ll just say this:

    At about the five minute mark of the Barn Jam 121, I just started bawling uncontrollably for like ten minutes.

  85. We bought our 5-disc box set from Best Buy for $49.99. Great value based on all the goodies in the package. Best of all, “Wot’s …Uh the Deal” is included on the DVD at the end of the Gdansk concert when they rolled out the credits; what’s a pleasant surprise for us.

    It is evident that Live at Gdansk was a phenomenal concert. I am totally enchanted by the slightly altered version of “Then I close my eyes” and “A Pocketful of Stones” – just fabulous.

    Thanks for this wonderful release and we have many more discs to enjoy, not to mention the fun of looking for those Easter eggs.

  86. The Portuguese shop CDGO has all 5 versions available. All are in stock except for the 5LP edition, which takes 3/5 days to arrive.

    All editions are referenced as coming from EMI PT.


    [So even their information for Portugal was incorrect. Good to hear that you can get the five-disc set in Portugal, after all. – FEd]

  87. I’m very pleased with this set after having been confused by all the different versions. I got the 5-Disc Best Buy version and still am foggy on what would have been in the regular 5-Disc version.

    I learned about Rick Wright’s passing last week via text message from my brother. I was on vacation in Mexico. When I got the news, I dropped everything I was doing, lay down in my king-sized overpriced Cabo Resort bed and listened to “The Great Gig in the Sky” on my iPod. It was very poignant. My wife was baffled until I told her the news when the song ended. Rick is missed.

    Thanks for all the good work, FEd. I was glad to see your name on the DVD credits. They even spelled FEd right.

    [That’s nice of them. – FEd]

  88. I was totally choked to see David on Jools last night. What a performance a truly wonderful 10 minutes of TV gold! Stevie D really nailed that drumming, coincidently enough I was listening to the original yesterday.

    As for the late arriving Gdansk goodies – hey folks, it’s been a year in the waiting, surely a few extra days isn’t going to be the end of the world as we know it?

    P.S. Thanks very much for the Great Day For Freedom MP3 – it’s currently on repeat and it’s staying that way for the next 3 hours (with a bit of Remember a Day in between.)

    I will be checking out the Adobe package as soon as I get to a non work PC.

    Am hoping that HMV and the like will have copies of the 5 disc deluxe set in store over the weekend (pipe dream?).

  89. That was a lovely tribute to Richard on last night’s Jools Holland show. Performed with such grace and dignity and heartbreaking to watch.

  90. Just got the 5 disc set, thanks to my dad!

    Quite, quite wonderful. Really quite a different performance from the Albert Hall shows, David’s guitar playing is really rather spectacular and the solos are definitely different enough to make this a worthy purchase.

    Spine tinglingly good.

    [That should also be on the back, along with with Linda’s “It rocks a big one…” – FEd]

  91. Hi, David.

    Today 24/09 I received by mail the 2CD/2DVD live in Gdansk.

    I have no words, it’s fantastic, and it’s fantastic to see the very important work of Rick on keyboards and voice. Every time I listen or I see your song I dream with open eyes!

    I remember your gig with Pink Floyd in Cinecittà (Division Bell tour 19/9/1994), and unfortunately I can see your Tour in 2006 just by DVD.

    You’re simply the greatest!

    David….. we wait for you in Sardegna! When will you come here??

    Ciao David,
    Palau – Sardegna (Italy)

  92. Right on time last Friday at noon I received my 5-disk set bought from Amazon Germany for 56 Euros. Great price for a great music experience.

    The CDs are magnificent and the DVDs are brilliant. After the sad days last week, the weekend with this package was fantastic except two things:

    The first one in my opinion are the long played tracks on the Gdansk documentary. It´s nice to hear but they are included in the concert, so some is doubled and I would be more interested in one or two more tracks on the concert instead to more complete it.

    The second thing was: I had to make a break of enjoying the discs because of a concert of Queen here in Berlin on Sunday for which I had bought a ticket in Spring this year. Of course I like Queen very much, especially that it is possible at all to see them still alive and the concert was great, but it was the wrong time for it due to David’s package.

    All in all the 5-disk set is one of my best concert memories I have together with RTN and P.U.L.S.E.

  93. To Ryan and Robert (and anyone else who’s wondering what’s going on over at iTunes),

    I’m really sorry to have to tell you that the iTunes offer of ‘Wot’s Uh… The Deal’ is now only open to EMI territories.

    For Sony regions, which includes the USA, downloading the whole album for $14.99 gets you a free digital booklet (no, I don’t know, either).

    For $16.99, you get the digital booklet and the videos.

    Again, I can only apologise profusely for the confusion surrounding this release, particularly the lack of updates concerning obvious changes to the iTunes deal.

    If I’d been made aware of these changes, of course I’d have updated you through this forum.

    I really am sorry.

  94. As far as I’m concerned, I can’t imagine why you would have to apologise for something beyond your control, but I know there are those who swing by for flippant shallow requests and complaints (we know who they are).

    Regardless, it is rather annoying that after two years of ticket fiascos and release complicatuons these powers-that-be can’t get one right. Too many chefs mixing the pot perhaps….

  95. well, i didn’t get my pre ordered copy (5 disc set) yet. but i’ve received an email today that they have sent it already.

    i’m looking forward to opening my mail box tomorrow.

    everyone who is not satisfied, please hang on, that’ll be just a few days. better a few days delay than “p.u.l.s.e like” waiting for years.


    [Good point, Marcel. That was a very long wait. – FEd]

  96. To Michal, Pawel and Tomasz,

    It’s very, very hard to believe, but apparently the new release date for Poland is Monday 29 September.

    That’s what I’m told, anyway. I’m taking it with a pinch of salt, so you might want to do the same. I just wanted to update you.

  97. Hi,

    I’m really chuffed to be the proud owner of the five disc box set which came today and is even better than I dared hope.

    Just one thing, when I tried to download “Wots… Uh The Deal” with the web pass it keeps crashing my computer!!!

    Has anyone else had any trouble accessing the site? Bit gutted about this. My PC is pretty new and has no viruses or bugs……


    [I’m sorry to hear that. Have you contacted Support? If not, please click your name above and see the FAQ & Support link at the foot of the page. – FEd]

  98. Hello!

    I’m still waiting for 5-disc set in Russia. Hope it’ll become available this week. 2CD and 2CD+2DVD are available in Moscow since last Friday.

    P.S. Here you can see 2 press articles in Russian newspapers about Rick: […]

    F.Ed. Maybe you’ll find a place for them in the “Press” section. Russia misses Rick too.

    [Thank you for those. They’ve been passed on to the webmaster. – FEd]

  99. I wrote in yesterday regarding the Live in Gdansk set. Well, fortunately I received my copy today, and what a treat it is.

    5 discs packaged in such a beautiful way, it’s awesome! Can’t wait to watch/listen to it all, I’m particularly excited about the 5.1 version of On An Island. I’ve listened to the barn jams so far and they’re incredible, especially the first one.

    Hope you all receive your copies soon, it’ll be well worth the wait!

  100. God bless you, FEd.

    Angelo, whenever you want.

    [Let’s see if it really will be Monday. I hope you won’t have to wait much longer. – FEd]

  101. I ordered the 3 disc set through my local (Warminster, Wilts.) branch of Woolworths last Tuesday and it arrived in the post on Saturday.

    I have listened to both CDs it is a brilliant concert.

    [I think some of us forget about Woolies these days. Shame. – FEd]

  102. Found the 5 disc set, they only had 2 at the store I was at, so I snatched one (don’t worry I paid for it).

    Now if I could only have the patience to find the eggs!! 😉

  103. I never thought about pre ordering and having it sent to the store. Duh…. What a good tip.

    I just opened my 5 disc box and wow! Very nice. I am proud to own it and will start listening and watching a little at a time. That might sound silly but I want to make it last.

    I like the way it is packaged and the photographs are really a nice touch, especially the one of Richard and the one of David smiling at Polly. They are such a lovely couple… I appreciate the fact that they give us a glimpse of their lives together. Thank you David and Polly.

    Hang in there Fed with the complaints. They will all iron out soon. Everyone knows the problems are not your fault. If it counts, I couldn’t be happier.

    Barbara P

    [Thanks, Barbara. – FEd]

  104. I just wanted to thank Georg for the tips on the Easter eggs and I found them and they were really good.

    Again thank you Georg,

  105. [Let’s see if it really will be Monday. I hope you won’t have to wait much longer. – FEd]

    Polish fans had waited for David to play in Poland for so long, that now it is not really important if it will be this coming Monday or another (only mere few weeks). What is important, Gdańsk is released and the content is great.

    BTW merlin.pl lists 15th of October as a release date and rockserwis.pl 20th of October, I mean of deluxe boxes.

    EMI Poland said the release date will be declared later for deluxe, when they got enough stock for every customer. Maybe some kind of reserves were shipped to Poland and it will really be available on 29th of September, but retailers don’t know it at least now.

    The more important thing in my view is crisis management, EMI Poland they did not properly inform retailers and individuals, most people received emails that their orders were cancelled and the links to deluxe version disappeared. They did not know what to do, buy an alternative version or wait.

    I received my vinyl version yesterday, and I can only say State Of The Art, it is wonderful. I bought it at merlin.pl where you can buy vinyl with shipping within 24 h. I recommend vinyl there, as it is currently about 90 $, due to the weaker zloty, and shipping is not too expensive about 10$. (If you enter on that site scroll down to the bottom and you will find links Merlin In English and international shipping. Click my name for a direct link.)

    It is shipped properly packaged 2xCD with bonus Wot’s… Uh The Deal from Portland, Oregon’s MilleniumMusic is in the post, and now I’m more relaxed and patiently waiting. Reviews here are positive, and so many people can’t be wrong. That’s good.

    Thanks for your time Fed.

    [Always a pleasure, Tomasz. – FEd]

  106. I purchased the 5 disc Special Edition from Best Buy for $49.99. I have not found any Easter eggs yet. I am very impressed with it. I love “Dominoes” and “Echoes”.

    This is a very impressive live CD/DVD set with some neat collectibles (pick, poster, booklet, replica ticket, pass, etc). I highly recommend getting the special edition if you are a big Gilmour fan. I love it.

    The only problem for me now is I wish I could afford a black Strat. 🙁

    I don’t know if or how I will ever be able to afford one.

  107. Why can’t we anti-digital people get a, say, 3LP vinyl set with a selection of tracks sans the whole ‘On an Island’ regurgitated live?

    The last two live “Floyd” albums had no ‘Wot’s… Uh The Deal ‘ or ‘Echoes’ or ‘Fat Old Sun’. That is the real gear !!!

    Moreover I’d be happier to hear ‘Murder’ and ‘ There’s No Way Out Of Here’ as a more balanced solo play list.

  108. Best Buy delivered the 5 disc box to my door yesterday, and I am loving it !!!

    This all started a couple of weeks ago while buying music DVDs for my collection. Being a 35 year fan of Floyd, I ordered both David’s and Roger’s DVDs. Who knew I would go absolutely MAD for the music David is making now? I was wearing out “Remember That Night,” & “Meltdown,” now I’ll be playing Gdansk constantly as well.

    My deepest sympathies for the loss of a friend, Richard as well. I was shocked the day the sad news was announced.

    Thank you to anyone who can enlighten me as to further purchases of such beautiful, peaceful music.

    Thank God you’re still with us David…I mean that.

  109. What a great set! I got the 5 disc special edition! Another great concert from Dave and the band.

    It is very sad watching perhaps the last images we will get to see of the amazing Mr. Wright. : (

    The Barn Jams are a great extra (especially 121). Great having “Echoes” on CD and DVD!

    I have downloaded “Wot’s…Uh The Deal” on two computers. Unfortunately, at around 1:55 (“Stone after stone”) it skips. This happens on both of my computers, so it appears to be in the track itself. Is there any way they can upload the corrected track?

    Besides this small complaint, very happy with the set.

    [Have you contacted Support about that, Lance? Please do. Click your name above and you’ll see FAQ & Support at the foot of the page. – FEd]

  110. fed, i would like to ask: what about greece? have you got a clue about our little country?? 😛

    i need to know if the vinyl and the 5 disc will arrive, because i’m still searching for them, and i cannot find them anywhere! so, if you know, please tell me. 🙂

    [If I can get any information for Greece, I’ll be sure to tell you. – FEd]

  111. Question for all…

    I purchased the 5 disc boxed set at Best Buy in CT, USA. Unfortunately, I was disappointed when I opened it. The booklet had a few pages that were inserted upside down? I can send pics if anyone would like to see. I’m assuming a machine puts together the packaging and somehow these pages got inserted upside down and then stapled.

    Secondly and more importantly, Disc#5 was missing? The sleeve was included but no disc!?!?

    The box was completely sealed when I purchased and there were 5 more boxes on the shelf at the time.

    I am curious to see if anyone else had this problem and what I can do to get the missing disc along with the booklet w/ all pages going the same way. I assume I can try returning to Best Buy but I fear they may not take it back since it has already been opened and I no longer have the receipt…

    Please help.

    [I’m very sorry to hear about this, Rob. Please do take it back to Best Buy and let me know if you have any trouble getting a replacement or your money back. – FEd]

  112. With respect to any “Easter eggs”–I’m a 51 year old grumpus, a loyal fan of David and the Floyd from the first time I heard “Dark Side of the Moon” as a 15 year old runaway in San Francisco. I’ve bought the box set and I’ve bought the music only version for my car. And I own insane amounts of David and Floyd music and stuff.

    That said, I hate “Easter Eggs.” I don’t want to waste my time trying to find stuff, and wondering what I’m missing. I shouldn’t have to. I’m a grumpy old fart. If I pay 80 bucks for a deluxe box set, I want to be able to click my remote and have access to everything on the discs without having to hunt. I don’t have time for that. It pisses me off when I have to hunt.

    And while I’m at it, the graphics on “On an Island” in the lyric booklet sucked. There is this bizarre lettering that gets superimposed on dark backgrounds and it’s nearly impossible to read. It may be artistic, but I want to F-ing read the lyrics. Crazy!

  113. wow, what an awesome package!!!!

    well, the 5 disc package is wonderful!!! i really don’t know with which words to describe it!!! by far the buy of 2008!!!!

    i have found only 3 easter eggs… 🙁

    are there supposed to be some more? or am i wrong?
    fed, will you help me. 😛

    [I will tell you next week if you remind me. That should give more people a chance to receive their copy. – FEd]

  114. I was able to pick up the 5 disk set at Best Buy in the Orlando Fl. area this week, they have plenty of copies.

    Brilliant work and a welcome addition to my extensive collection of all things Pink.

    How very sad Rick didn’t live to see how well received Live In Gdansk has been.

    My husband runs an ‘Open Mike’ on Monday nights at a local college bar and had heard the sad news on Monday afternoon. When he went in to play that night, all of the college kids that came in played Pink Floyd songs in honor of Rick. Comforting to know that the younger generation appreciates Rick and his contribution to the PF sound. They may be confused about the details, or simply not care about the band politics that surely hurt Richard deeply during the period Cap’n Jolly “I’m a genius” Roger had lashed himself to the mast (at least it got him out of The Final Cut sessions…) but the young players loved Rick and his style. That is as fine a legacy as any player can leave.

  115. Greetings from OZ!

    Just got my 4 disc version today from eBay…Au$39.99. Great price and a great set.

    Started off with the doco first and am now listing to the 5.1 On An Island.

    Saving the main concert till the weekend to watch on the Overhead with DTS….COOL!!!!!!


  116. Further to Rob G’s comment on his missing disc #5, in my copy which I got from Amazon UK the #5 disc has something totally different on which is also terrible quality so not even sure what it is!!

    I am sure I will get a refund but it has put a bit of a dampener on what is an otherwise excellent package.

    They don’t have any more copies either, so hoping I can get one somewhere else. It was a hunt getting that one after HMV decided it would be 6 weeks before I got my order with them.

    PS, have any more Easter eggs been found??

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