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'Live in Gdańsk', as reviewed by Guitarist magazine

First, let’s clear up this confusion over where you can get the five-disc ‘Live in Gdańsk’ set in the USA.

Not the official webstore, sorry. Only Best Buy.

If you already pre-ordered through the Fan Fare link on the homepage, then I’m afraid your order will be cancelled. It should never have gone through in the first place. Sorry for the hassle.

There’s nothing extra included, by the way. The only real “exclusive” is the ‘Wot’s…’ CD, which you can only get from independent stores in the States.

Here are two more: Finest Record Stores in Colorado (with stores in Fort Collins and Greeley) and

The Record Exchange in Boise, Idaho. They’ll ship overseas, but they ask that you consider the cost involved in doing so.

Two new things to look at, and something to keep an eye on.

Barnes & Noble have ‘On an Island’ (also a preview, made up of several concert clips).

There are album reviews and interviews from Guitarist and Mojo magazines in Press.

And ‘The Blue’ will be at YouTube tomorrow. Unless it’s early again, so best keep looking.

If you can wait, or just have better things to do than refresh your browser, it will be here sometime tomorrow.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

32 thoughts on “Best Buy”

  1. So I’ll only find it at Best Buy? Ok. Thanks Fed.

    At least I know where to go. (Right now about the only place I’m heading to seems to be insanity. Only the middle of week three and I’m already seriously stressed about doing about three projects and not having the weekend to work on the one due Monday due to being out of town. And it’s program a flash thing that’s interactive, test it, and then record the responses and write a paper on it *bangs head on desk* It’s the Science and Math majors that get stressed this early, not the Arts majors…Hopefully I get everything done…Craziness…)

    [Hang in there, Diane. – FEd]

  2. [If you already pre-ordered through the Fan Fare link on the homepage, then I’m afraid your order will be cancelled. It should never have gone through in the first place. Sorry for the hassle.]

    “You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig” – Barack Obama

  3. Hi FEd,

    After reading yesterday’s comments from you regarding pre-orders from ‘the official store’ I decided to do some checking on my own rather than pestering you.

    I’ve just gotten off the phone with MusicToday which is the distributor for the official store’s orders. I gave the representative my order number information and she, along with her manager, are checking wot’s … uh the deal.

    As far as they are aware, they are doing the distribution in addition to Best Buy, but are going to do further investigation after checking the info on The Blog.

    Bottom line is, they will be getting back to me, as well as any others who’ve made orders, by email. If anyone has questions they should call the toll-free number showing on their order confirmation.

    I hope you’re not getting the BIGGEST of headaches from all this, FEd! Thanks for your hard work. 🙂


    [I’m just sorry for the confusion. – FEd]

  4. But ‘The Blue’ has been there from the beginning..

    [Quite right. Sorry, folks. I’m trying not to watch them, in truth, hoping that there’ll be something left to watch when the album comes out. Presumably it will be going up at the other YouTube page instead, just to catch up and confuse us all further. Either that or my schedule is simply out-of-date and pretty pointless. (What did I say about everyone being confused earlier?) Thank you, Michal. – FEd]

  5. Mojo magazine are such idiots saying that the live album is ”hardly essential’.’

    No true Floyd/Gilmour fan would say something like that!

  6. Exactly what I am doing FEd, trying to stop watching the videos to save some of the music for the release.

    By the way, do you know if the Best Buy stores will allow you to pick it up in-store? I live very close to one, but the website it says that the in-store pickup is coming soon. Is that just because the album isn’t out yet, or will it have to be delivered?


    [I’m sure you’ll be able to collect your copy in-store, Anthony. Might be worth calling in and asking them to keep one behind the counter for you. – FEd]

  7. Well, thanks for the info Fed.

    I’ve just ordered my disc set from Best Buy. Estimated arrival between 9/23-9/29.

  8. That’s a nice article and picture from Guitarist magazine. Thanks for that Fed.

    The ones sent by Eva and Lene were good too. Thanks.

    ash X

  9. Cheers FEd. We’re patiently waiting for news on how we can get our hands on the five disc set here in Canada.


    [It’s all about the USA, isn’t it? I hope I can update you soon, Jeff (preferably with more than a link to David’s official webstore). – FEd]

  10. [Mojo magazine are such idiots saying that the live album is ”hardly essential’.’ No true Floyd/Gilmour fan would say something like that! – david]

    I’m trying to agree with David, but I disagree in some terms.

    I know that Live In Gdansk is worth it, but I confess that show could be released with RAH, or maybe not, whatever.

    The only thing I don’t like about Live In Gdansk is the fact of different types of the product.

    Now here is the fact: I live in a country of third world economy, most of the fans here will buy, however, no one has conditions to buy the other versions from LIG… Do you know what I am trying to say?

    I know that LIG will be awesome, like I’ve said, I already ordered my copy of 2CD and 1DVD… But, all these versions are really necessary?

    True fan or not, this makes every fan without the necessary money to be outside of this reality.

    Sorry for any trouble…


    [That’s a very fair comment, Andrey. – FEd]

  11. Hey FEd,

    hang in there…Only a few more days to go. They better give you a hefty bonus for all the hassle they have put you through in regards to this album release.

    In other news, I read the MOJO interview, and I was not happy. A pig headed socialist? Way to skew the words of the man. I think it was a very poor interview on the part of MOJO and they should be ashamed. David was wonderful as always. Witty, Blunt, and to the point.

    I know its only Thursday, but here’s to a good weekend!


    [The same to you, mate. – FEd]

  12. Hey FEd.

    Thanks for passing on the link to the Gdansk chart a couple of posts ago. It does help – I just have one last question – if I read this blog posting correctly: Best Buy WILL include “Wot’s…” in the five-disc package? The chart seems to state it will exclude it but this post, unless I misread, states that it will be included?

    On a side note; I have to say that the political musings are interesting. At the end of the day, I think Francis Fukuyama really hit the sweet spot on the Iraq issue, our presence there, and the consequences. As a Yank, I’ve always been appreciative of the great friendship the folks on the other side of the pond have extended to us. We all have room for improvement and I’m glad places like the DG blog normally transcend the problems that set us apart from time-to-time. More often than not, I think we’ve come together for the best… Rock n’ Roll being a great example of that: From Elvis to the Beatles and from Dylan to Pink Floyd. Rock on.

    [It’s ‘included’ in the five-disc set – whether you buy it from Best Buy or elsewhere around the world – in asfaras you can download it for free using the web pass (as you can with all the other versions, except for the two-disc set, which doesn’t have such a thing). – FEd]

  13. I’m going to HMV to order mine.

    Easier and on the same day to boot. Preorder and pick up. Good enough for moi.

  14. FEd, I was just taking a look at The Record Exchange and decided to pre-order the 2, 3, and 4 disc sets from there (since I already ordered the 5 disc and vinyl sets from Amazon), but it doesn’t seem to say anywhere that the Wot’s.. Uh The Deal CD will be included.

    Am I right in assuming that every independent record store you manage to dig up for us will ship the CD when I order these discs? Thanks for any info you have!!

    [Not all independent stores will have it. I’ve heard from many that say they haven’t even been offered it, which is a shame. However, I’ve been in touch with The Record Exchange and they said that they will be stocking it. If in doubt, do ask them for your own peace of mind, but I’m only linking to stores that have got back to me with a positive reaction to this exclusive one-track CD. (Some have said that they won’t have it and some only sell records, anyway. If they’ll stock the vinyl, I’m happy to plug them as an alternative to the big chains.) – FEd]

  15. Hey Fed,

    I ordered through the link. Is this OK for Canada?

    Cheers, Howard

    [Fine for Canada and everywhere else, just not the US (because of the deal with Best Buy). – FEd]

  16. Seven years ago today…

    “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I am not sure about the former.” (Albert Einstein)

  17. Breaking news: If you are in the US and you ordered from David’s online store (Anthill) before the close of business yesterday, you will receive the five-disc set. It will not be cancelled.

    No further orders will be taken from US addresses, however. If you want the five-disc set and you’re in the US, you will need to order it from Best Buy.

    Anthill will still take orders for the five-disc set from outside the USA.

  18. ‘So you run and you run to catch up with the sun as its sinking
    And racing around it comes up behind you again
    The sun is the same in a relative way but you’re older
    Shorter of breath and ONE DAY NEARER TO LIVE IN GDANSK!!’

    We are so looking forward to this and especially having the new souped up version on CD of Fat Old Sun…..perhaps we could also have a picture of the sun to remind us what it looks like!!!

    Hard to believe that it’s a year since the Odeon Leicester Square and the Ritzy they were both fantastic evenings and a big hello to everyone we met…

    Hopefully one day we will have an opportunity to carry on the conversations we started.

    Best Wishes to you all,

  19. [The only thing I don’t like about Live In Gdansk is the fact of different types of the product… But, all these versions are really necessary? – Andrey]

    I absolutely agree with Andrey 100%. They are not necessary.

    Now there’s this mess over orders being cancelled and not cancelled. Does everything have to end up like this?

    I can laugh, because I’m not affected, but I wouldn’t be laughing if I got stuck with two $70 sets because David Gilmour Management’s right hand doesn’t know what its left hand is doing.

    Or was that the idea all along, to make us buy two of them?

    [Of course not. It was a silly mistake for which I can only apologise. – FEd]

  20. [“You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig” – Barack Obama – Parish]

    I don’t understand how this is relevant to the topic. Who is a pig?

    FEd, I feel sorry for you. You seem stuck again with everyone’s questions and no back up. I don’t know how you cope! Everyone is confused with all the “Live in Gdansk” versions and now Americans are told that they can only get the Deluxe Set from one store. Gosh!

    I’m sure it doesn’t have to be so complicated. I hope David is watching.

  21. I think what people have to keep in mind is that when David and his management came up with all these different versions of LIG (in my mind at least) they did it to reach all aspects of fans and music lovers not just David or Floyd fans.

    It was very closed minded of the reviewer in MOJO to write what he wrote about all the different formats but maybe he just doesn’t get it. David isn’t about the profits if he was he would tour more often either as a solo artist or with a certain band.

    Keep up the great work Fed!!!!

    [Thank you, Tom. That’s a good point, by the way. – FEd]

  22. Sorry, but I can’t imagine the more casual music fan making head nor tail of all this.

    I’m a regular Blog reader, yet I can barely keep up with it all.

    I hope David can forgive me for saying that I have grown quite tired of Live in Gdansk before it has even been released. For me, it’s been much too much.

  23. [I don’t understand how this is relevant to the topic. Who is a pig? – Fran]

    I’d like to know that too, LOL!

    Sorry Catherine, but I can’t understand how anyone can think this is too much. It’s great, LOL!

    YouTube is pants and there are too many LIG versions to choose from though.

    I agree with Andrey.

  24. So there is no truth to the rumor that Crazy Eddie’s will be offering an 8-track box set version of Live in Gdansk for $19.99? After all, his prices are INSANE!!!!



    [You wish. – FEd]

  25. [I hope David can forgive me for saying that I have grown quite tired of Live in Gdansk before it has even been released. For me, it’s been much too much. – Catherine]

    I’d have to agree with this statement, although I’ll love the thing when I’ve got it in my hands.

    Just how much of it have we seen already?!

  26. I’m going to agree with Bobby because I can’t quite bring myself to say that I’m sick of “Live in Gdansk” before it’s even in the shops!

    I know that it will be wonderful (and have told hubby that I expect the house to myself that Monday night, so he’ll just have to find somewhere to go so that I can get the wine and candles out and enjoy the concert in peace!) but I think too much of it has been shown online.

  27. Some people are saying there are too many versions of Live In Gdansk. I don’t think there are.

    If there had only been two CDs people would have asked for extras, they would because it’s happened before.

    If there had only been DVDs people would have asked for CDs, me amongst them because I happen to think listening to music is more important. (I also enjoy seeing the performances too from time to time though and I’m buying the five disc version!)

    If there had been no extras people would have asked for that too.

    However not everyone wants everything. I know a blind person who will NOT be interested in the DVDs. Some people won’t want the extras because they already have them from other issues.

    Sooner or later all this stuff would have been released. What’s wrong with having it all at once and choosing the bits you want?

    ash X

  28. Ten days left FEd!

    I’m sure it will be nice to have all of this confusion behind us. Eleven days for me, but one day never killed anybody.

    Have a good weekend

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