A few things

David on stage in Gdańsk, by Piotr Tarasewicz

‘Live in Gdańsk’ is out in some parts of Europe tomorrow. Likely countries are Austria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the Republic of Ireland and Switzerland, but please check before you head out.

The release date for Australia has been pushed back to Saturday 27 September.

The vinyl set is now $99.99 from SoundStage Direct (with free domestic shipping).

Waterloo Records – of Austin, Texas – have prices of $17.97, $31.47 and $44.97. This includes the ‘Wot’s…’ CD while supplies last, although they promise to let you know before your order is processed if they do run out.

The Disc Exchange (Knoxville, Tennessee) and Euclid Records (St Louis, Missouri) ship worldwide, so contact them for a price.

‘A Great Day For Freedom’ has just been added to David’s MySpace.

Tickets are still available to see the Gdańsk concert at the cinema. That’s on Monday night.

The DG Strat is still on schedule, but please don’t expect to get your hands on yours until at least October. The manufacturing process is a very slow one and demand has been great.

The ‘Flashback: Ritzy‘ post has re-opened, so, if you want to talk about that…

And finally, the chatroom will be open tomorrow, between 14:00 and 16:00 (UK).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

80 thoughts on “A few things”

  1. Just a quick thank you FEd for being here and doing what you do, if you know what I mean. I hope you are OK as I hope everyone here is.

    Take care

    [Thank you, Ian. I appreciate that. – FEd]

  2. Hi FEd,

    I got an e-mail form amazon.de that the parcel with the deluxe box is on the way…

    Best regards,


    PS. I don’t want to criticize your choice, but I’d use a more decent colouring for the blog, for at least a few days… Something greyish would do. 🙁

    “Black and Blue
    And who knows which is which and who is who…”

    [That would have been appropriate for Monday, Taki, but I’m afraid it was impossible to do so. I simply didn’t have the time to piss about with colours when hundreds of messages were coming in every half-hour (not just here, by the way, but also to MySpace). What you all had to say seemed far more important and meaningful than a few colours at that point. And, with respect, Richard wasn’t a ‘greyish’ person, so I don’t see why the colour scheme should now be so gloomy when the reality is that Richard brought much colour to people’s lives. (For how long should it be grey, anyway? A week? A month? It would never satisfy everyone.) For me, that’s the end of the matter. But I would like to say that, personally, I don’t feel like talking about CDs or cinemas. I didn’t want to add a new post today and I don’t want to open the chatroom tomorrow. I don’t care who’s selling what or how long anyone has to wait for the Strat. When someone dies, how horribly insignificant these trivial things seem. However, as some have said, life goes on and painting things black does no one any good; on the contrary, it makes things worse. That’s why I’ll be opening the chatroom tomorrow, and why the colours will stay as bright and cheerful as the memories of Richard remain in the hearts and minds of whoever cared about him. – FEd]

  3. I love David, of course, but this is the most confusing purchase of recorded music I have ever experienced. I don’t know which way to go.

    Oh, also, this may have been posted earlier, but…. can you please give me the phonic spelling of Gdansk? I apologize, but I’m in the midwestern US and there isn’t a lot of conversations around here about cities in Poland. I have never heard it spoken and when I’m calling record stores they have no idea either.

    Thank you,

    [Think of Crocodile Dundee bidding someone a hearty “G’day!” and you’re almost there. – FEd]

  4. I want and WILL get me a DG Strat for myself!!

    DG…..you are THE REASON I play guitar. Your soul pours out into every note and I use that inspiration at EVERY show our band does.

    Thank you so much for that gift David.


  5. Hi,

    I want to know if this DVD will be released here in Brasil… and, I don’t know if David will read it, so I want to say to you, and everybody, be strong for Rick..

    I can’t believe it yet.. he’s gone, but we must be strong!


    [I’ve just heard that it will be out in Brazil (also Israel and New Zealand) on Monday 22 September, Bruno. So that’s the same day as much of Europe. – FEd]

  6. Thanks for all that you do FEd. As far as I’m concerned you are the best.


    [There’s no need for that, but thanks. – FEd]

  7. Re: What FEd said to Taki above

    I agree completely. Let this be Richard’s ‘Technicolour Dream’.

  8. Hi Fed,

    You wrote : [The Disc Exchange (Knoxville, Tennessee) and Euclid Records (St Louis, Missouri) ship worldwide, so contact them for a price.]

    But you do not mention if they will ship the CD single. Did you check it also with them?

    [Of course. I wouldn’t mention them if they didn’t. – FEd]

  9. […the colours will stay as bright and cheerful as the memories of Richard remain in the hearts and minds of whoever cared about him. – FEd]

    Any Colour You Like, F*ED…hope you’re holding on as best you can for now. All our thoughts are with you as well…

    [Send those thoughts to Richard’s family and closest friends, please. It’s terribly sad losing a much-loved musician, artist, public figure, role model… But to lose a father, grandfather or dear friend is obviously something else. – FEd]

  10. “A Great Day For Freedom” is beautiful. Thanks for putting it on MySpace.

    Must have been a surprise when this one started up in Gdansk.

  11. Yes, I quote “tre” for the complicated type of purchase.

    But probably I will choose the set with three CDs and two DVDs.

    I live in Italy, and tomorrow or Saturday, I will try to find the CD set.

    Bye Bye

  12. Welcome back, FEd. I’m glad to see things are starting to get back to normal, and nothing has been delayed or anything (not that it would matter at a time like this.)

  13. *sigh* Seems i made it through a terrible week of projects and stress only to find at the end of it this depressing information.

    [But I would like to say that, personally, I don’t feel like talking about CDs or cinemas. I didn’t want to add a new post today and I don’t want to open the chatroom tomorrow… When someone dies, how horribly insignificant these trivial things seem. However, as some have said, life goes on and painting things black does no one any good; on the contrary, it makes things worse. That’s why I’ll be opening the chatroom tomorrow, and why the colours will stay as bright and cheerful as the memories of Richard remain in the hearts and minds of whoever cared about him. – FEd]

    I’m sorry if I’m a bit late but I only heard yesterday of what has happened.

    I am sorry for the loss and send my condolences to his family and close friends as well as the fans and especially you Fed. Thank you for keeping things going in these sad times.

    PS: Please don’t be upset for my post. I don’t want to upset anyone. I really should pay more attention to TVs and radios and newspapers….

  14. I think I was being led away by my almost habitual collecting of David’s and PF associated music, vinyl, video, CD, DVD.

    Strange when I buy David’s new CD. I don’t know how I will feel. I must say that from what I have seen on the YouTube sites it looks like a good show. Reminds me of the 1988 tour. It has that feel of simplicity. Enough for the little people at the back and those up close, wow!

    Anyway, chin up and trust me, Time is a healer.

  15. Nie mogę się doczekać aż wspomnę tamten wieczór w Gdańsku słuchając Live In Gdańsk.Dziękuję David za to, że pozwoliłeś mi przeżyć tyle emocji z muzyki jaką stworzyłeś w Pink Floyd jak i grając solo.Dziękuję również, że za pośrednictwem tego koncertu mogłem usłyszeć to jak gra i śpiewa Rick Wright.

    I can’t wait to remember that evening in Gdańsk on CD. Thank You David that you let me feel emotions from music you created in Pink Floyd and solo. Thank You also that I could hear Rick Wright playing and singing. I’m sad that he’s gone. Thank You David for everything.

    Sorry for my English,

  16. Good choice adding ‘A Great Day for Freedom’ to David’s MySpace, Fed.

    I’ve listened to it many times today because it sums up exactly what I feel like on the inside. Some may look at that song in a different way, but I only know what means to me when I hear it.

  17. Hi FEd,

    thanks for being here, I lost a very good friend last year to cancer and I found it really helped to keep up with day to day things.

    I’m going to do a painting of Richard soon to go with the one of Syd I have in my hallway, so I can see their faces every day.

    Anyway, stay strong and keep up the good work!

    stephen dobson

    [Thank you, Stephen. I appreciate that everyone has their own way of dealing with grief, of course, but I happen to think that it’s usually best – for me, anyway – to get on with life and keep busy. I’m sorry to hear about your friend. – FEd]

  18. Hi FEd, & everyone else,

    To be honest I wouldn’t have minded waiting a bit longer for the new offering from David. Perhaps there could have been a sticker or some such on the box “Featuring & dedicated to…”, as a lasting acknowledgement of Richard.

    Anyway, sorry, just had to get that off my chest.

  19. Just like to echo Ian Pearson’s words FEd, and also concur with your heartfelt reply above about not feeling like doing any of ‘this’.

    Our thoughts must be for Richards family in the hope that they will find the strength to see them through the coming days, weeks and months.

    It’s 3 years ago today that my Dad died as well…..what a crap week (sorry for using that word, seemed to fit though….)

    Take care. 😉

    [My condolences, Neil. – FEd]

  20. FEd, I sent a heartfelt tribute I wrote about Rick (which I posted on my MySpace page) to US radio show In the Studio host Redbeard and he was so moved that he’s going to air a previously unheard/unreleased/unedited interview with Rick on the week of September 29 – October 4 as Echoes : A Tribute to Rick Wright, 1943-2008.

    In my tribute, I mentioned that between 1967-81, Rick’s keyboards, songwriting and lead/harmony vocals were a key factor (especially in the 67-79 frame). Plus when he returned in 1994, the Rick of the 1970s had returned and also made two great solo albums which were wrongly overlooked but deserves listens.

    Anyhow, back to topic on Gdansk, I’ll be at Best Buy to buy the new Gdansk box next week. Can’t wait for it.

    [Very good. – FEd]

  21. Got your point FEd and on second thoughts you may be right, that cheerful colors are more appropriate for him…

    As you said, life goes on, so I’m looking forward to see DG, RW and the band on the Gdańsk DVD this weekend, and I’ll raise a glass of good malt in memory of RW.



    [That’s not to say that I didn’t understand your point entirely, of course… – FEd]

  22. Hi FEd,

    I rather like your mango/kiwi motif — feels sort of tropical to me.

    I can understand your lack of enthusiasm regarding the business at hand, and you couldn’t have said it better than you did above.

    I think many of us have ratcheted it down a notch, too. As much as I’ve been looking forward to the Live in Gdansk release, I’m much less in the jumping-up-and-down, giddy-in-anticipation mode at the moment. It will, nonetheless, be welcomed with open arms and great appreciation for the magical moment in time that it was/is.


  23. Fed,

    How about the wearer of the best shirt. As a competition. On the up and coming CD/DVD. And the winner gets a black T-shirt as a prize.

    I think Magnifico has an eye for a shirt. But Richard knew how to wear one. Ummm..

    I’m off again..sorry.

  24. FEd,

    I, like many others here, want to say thanks for the job you do. I post infrequently here but am a very regular lurker! It’s been a tough week and I thank you for the way you have handled it all.

    I found it very cathartic and heart warming to read all the posts after Richards passing. To listen to like minded folks who, like me, have a genuine affection for a person we have never met, was as I say, cathartic. We all move forward now…but our hearts won’t forget this lovely man.

    Can’t wait to get me ‘ands on the RTN live in Good bloody ‘dansk. 🙂

    Bob Mitchell, Victoria, BC, Canada.

    [Thank you, Bob. – FEd]

  25. Is David postponing/cancelling his appearance on next week’s Later…with Jools Holland show?

    I wonder if Rick was scheduled to perform with him.

    [There’s no word on that, sorry. – FEd]

  26. Hello FEd,

    Hard to believe that the big day is less than a week away. Seems like ages ago when it was first announced.

    Hope you don’t crack over pressure in the next few days (though I’m sure that the hard work is diminishing).

    Keeping Rick’s family and friends in my thoughts,

  27. I just want to say thanks FEd, for doing what you have done for us this week. I know it can’t have been easy to keep going about business as usual, but I also understand that it has to be done.

    I think Monday will be a bittersweet day for us all. It’s been such a long run up to it, but it’s also been a very sad week. I guess it caught us all off guard, none of us expected it to happen.

    I frequent quite a few other artist’s/music forums, and on every single one of them this week there has been a thread with shocked fans of Richard’s clearly distraught at the news.

    To have touched so many people’s hearts, and to have influenced so many lives, and from such diverse musical backgrounds, is no small feat, and truly is testament to such a great man.

    My thoughts are with Richard’s family and friends. I know how much I am hurting, and that can only be a fragment of what they are feeling right now.

    [Thanks, mate. Well said. – FEd]

  28. Hi Fed,

    Needless to say I am looking forward to L.I.G. It will be both a happy and sad occasion whenever I play it…I’ll smile and also shed a tear. In a way it will be a fitting tribute to Richard.

    My thoughts are with Richards family and friends.

    God bless you Richard Wright, hope you’ve bumped into Syd.


  29. Man, the passwords of the chatroom are so… complicated.

    I give up, maybe I’ll try tomorrow!

    Oh yeah, FEd, do you know how your clock (UK) acts here in Brazil… I don’t know!!! Help me! XD

    [There’s no password when the chatroom is open. The link above might help you with the time difference. – FEd]

  30. If anyone is interested, Classic 21 radio station (French speaking) will be broadcasting a tribute to Richard on Sunday 21st September from 9:00AM to 12:00 (CET). Please, click my name. (Click 128k to listen online.)

    As for the colours, I think that they have nothing to do with the intensity of a pain, black and grey are only an exterior (and sometimes even hypocritical) sign of sorrow, nothing else.

    Even tears, I think, are an exterior sign of pain, people don’t all react in the same way when confronted to pain and sorrow. Some people are very sensitive but never cry.

    Hope that what I say makes sense, and I don’t want to offend anyone, of course.

    So, viva yellow! (sun), and green! (hope), and ‘Live In Gdansk’!… and FEd!


  31. [I didn’t want to add a new post today and I don’t want to open the chatroom tomorrow. – FEd]

    Yes, they should have let us just see only Richard for some more.

  32. Hi FEd,

    Thanks for opening the chatroom tomorrow. As someone
    else said above it will be a good release for a lot of us who were stunned by the news of Richard’s death.

    You are right to use bright colors in celebration of his life.

  33. Well said indeed, Davie101!

    [It’s terribly sad losing a much-loved musician, artist, public figure, role model… But to lose a father, grandfather or dear friend is obviously something else. – FEd]

    I’ve thought much the same, FEd. On Monday, when I started to cry about Rick, I thought ‘I feel this sad about his death, and I only knew him through his art. Imagine the sadness his family and close friends are having.’ My thoughts are with those that were closest to Rick.

    Incidently, I only started to cry after I read the short, simple post Guy had on his blog.

    How come the cinema gig is so limited this time, FEd? I can’t believe the only place it’s playing in California is Los Angeles.

    The release next week will be bittersweet. Since Monday, I’ve grown much more appreciative of the setlist from this tour, songs that we’ll never listen to the same way again, the bits of treasures we get to hold onto.

    I’m starting to ramble, so I’ll close. It’s been a long, hard, sad week.

    Peace, Love, & Happiness

  34. Nice to see you back FEd. Best wishes to all the many thousands of people affected by this week’s news but particularly to David, and may our love give you strength for the many interviews (and stupid questions!) etc. coming your way over the next few weeks!

    Enjoyed seeing the “Three Men in a Boat” episode again. Amazing when you think how much water has passed under Astoria since then!

    Looking forward to “Gdansk”,

  35. Fed,

    I came down pretty crook on Saturday and have spent most of the time in bed since then.

    On Tuesday morning I heard about Richard on the radio and my heart dropped. I made my way to my computer to check the blog and found the that the post had been closed. I actually felt gutted at the time, but then noticed the huge amount of comments attached. Absolutely incredible, and then I thought about Fed having to monitor such a pile.

    I know this post is off comment, but I really needed to say something. I actually heard a radio guy (ABC) make the most appropriate comment. He said Richard Wright’s keyboards were such an integral part of the Pink Floyd sound that without them the music wouldn’t be the Pink Floyd we know today. Shine On mate.

    Hey, it’s Friday today and the week’s almost gone so have a good weekend Fed and let’s look forward to whenever that CD/DVD will arrive here in Australia.


    [That will be Saturday 27 September, Charles. – FEd]

  36. Just saying hello Fed, thanks for helping steer this ship through rough seas.

    Looking forward to the live album, it has way more meaning for all of us now.

    Thanks again Fed.


    [Thank you, George. – FEd]

  37. Agora que Rick não está mais entre nós, senti a necessidade de dizer a vocês:

    Obrigado por toda a alegria que me deram estes anos, e ainda darão. Thank you!

    PS. When will you come to Brazil?


  38. Dave! How are you? Are you OK after these days? Rog and Nick?

    I’ll buy your DVD (sure!) but you have to promise that you’ll play for us with the others just one time…

    Yet another movie, Dave, only one… Remember a day….

  39. Olá Gilmour…

    Neste momento de grande dor, minha alma vai de encontro a tua, para confortá-lo e amá-lo.

    Obrigada por existir, espero nosso reencontro para cumprirmos juntos Nosso Plano Divino aqui na Terra.
    Complementos Divino que se dividem e se reencontram para Liberdade Eterna.

    Somos Uno em Amor Puro.


  40. Hi Fed

    I live in Israel, do u know if BEST BUY would send the 5 disks pack here, with all the bonus that they add to it?

    Lately I read an interview of Rick, about his years with Pink Floyd, solos CD etc…

    All the time he only said that he can’t read music tablature, he is a bad singer, his CDs are not good, etc…
    An incredible artist and such a modest and humble guy at the same time… This is really amazing to see that such man could exist in the show business…

    For example in another interview, the guitarist Mick Taylor said that he is the best blues guitarist far before Clapton and BB King. :)))

    best regards

    [I don’t think Best Buy will ship outside the States, but do check with them. Also, if you missed it, the album is released in Israel (and Brazil and New Zealand) on Monday: the same release date for Europe. – FEd]

  41. First off, another hearty thank you to FEd for going above and beyond the call of duty yet again. Giving us fans both a place to grieve and a means to send condolences to Rick’s family and friends without invading their privacy in this difficult time was the absolute best thing you could have done for us while also probably being the most difficult task you could take on. We won’t forget it.

    Second, I know just about all I talk about whenever I post these days is getting to hear new music. However, given that the barn jams will probably be the last original pieces we get to hear Rick play, I don’t know maybe I’m just being selfish but listening to those pieces is going to be both exhilarating and bittersweet at the same time.

    I’m so grateful for all the music David and Rick made together and even more grateful for these last little tidbits, yet all I can think is that this will be the last of it.

    Yeah… I am being selfish. Rick’s family have lost so much more.

    [It’s still OK to think like that, Michael. It’s only natural to wonder what magic might have been created further down the line. We did the same when Syd passed away. (Actually, didn’t many of us spend 30-odd years wondering when Syd retired from public life?) Thank you for the kind opening paragraph. – FEd]

  42. I, as always, will be buying the latest from David. I only discovered him and the Floyd in 1986 and have seen them twice but David has been inspiration for me and has influenced my own writing style.

    On another note, my heart goes out to Rick’s family and David. I gained a lot of direction from Rick’s self taught style as I am self taught. Long live the music and in honor of Rick, I just re-learned “Great Gig in the Sky” by ear to have a remembrance of his greatness.

  43. Una gran perdida para el mundo de la musica… mi mas sentido pesame para Pink floyd y la familia de Richard Wright, nunca existira un musico y compositor parecido a el.

    Descanza en paz Rick Wright.

    A great loss for the world of music.

    My deepest condolences for the Pink Floyd team and the Rick Wright family. Never in history was there a musician and composer like Rick Wright.

    Rest in peace R.W.

  44. I had been avoiding music for a few days until yesterday. I cued up a few tunes, and played various snippets from my ‘Remember That Night’ DVDs. I’ve been quite moved seeing certain segments.

    That said, I’m looking forward to a bittersweet Monday. This whole OAI experience (from 2005 to present) seems to be rooted in tenderness and appreciation for family and friends with a tinge of mortality and loss throughout: the musical and lyrical thematic elements of OAI, the tour, the Blog, the ‘Remember That Night’ DVD and its various goodies and memories, and yes ‘Live in Gdansk’ and the loss of Richard Wright.

    I can’t think of a better way to book-end this whole experience than with a couple of glasses of wine, a cinematic release of ‘Live in Gdansk’, and a slow walk through Brooklyn streets at night…lost in thought, singing to myself, reminiscing, and being thankful for my blessings of family and friends.

  45. Where can I purchase the DG Strat in the US?

    Thanks for everything FEd, you’re the man!

    [If you click your name above, there’s a ‘Find a Dealer Now’ link down on the right. – FEd]

  46. Hello Fed,

    I couldn’t log in the past days because the blog closed up shop understandably of course.

    I would like to say that my most cherished memory of Richard, having seen him play many times was in Toronto at Massey Hall, first show. When David introduced him, the place erupted for at least 4-5 mins. They were clearly awed by the applause, you could feel it in the air.

    How ironic that Richard was a creative genius on Dark Side and on his passing, the Bright Side of the full moon shone on us all here.

    Condolences to the Wright Family and Friends.

    Thank You.

  47. I must say if you are a praying person, pray for a cure to cancer. What a horrible thing, cancer. You may not have it yourself but it has touched all our lives in one way or another.

    So this is what I do in times like this, pray for a cure to this horrible, horrible robber of life.

    One of my most favorite parts on the DVD of RTN is the birthday celebration for Richard. Everyone was so happy and David so freely told Richard he loved him. We should all do this for people we love while we can.

    Well done David, you stated your feelings for this sweet man while he could still enjoy the meaning of the words and you will have this memory to cherish for life.

    Barbara P

  48. It is definitely tough to get back into the swing of things based on the news of the week. And of course this loss is going to hang over this website for days, weeks and years to come.

    I thought David did a wonderful job on the Latest News page and it was nice to see David contribute in his words.

    Having said that, you are right that life goes on. But I also have to say that as you get older, you really do realize how insignificant some things are, especially possessions.

    The irony is that today I got the signed Storm Thorgerson poster from a charity donation I made several months ago. It is very nice with a beautiful signature. Yeah, I’ll display it but if I could trade it in for my brother to be back…that would be a done deal.

    Of course that’s not happening, so I have to settle for his memory to live inside me and enjoy the family that is still here and around me. That is what is really important.



  49. I know it has already been said by others, but thank you FEd for keeping things running as smoothly as they can under the circumstances. My thoughts continue to be with Richard’s family and friends, as do those of us all I guess.

    As far as anything else goes, I dare say my viewpoint is mirrored by that of myriad others when I say that I personally will be partially viewing Gdansk as a fitting tribute to the contribution Richard made both to Pink Floyd and to music in general.

  50. Anyone who is truly loved never dies. They live on in the memories of those whose lives they touched.

  51. FEd, I want to join the thanks that you have been taking care of this place these very very difficult last few days, you did, and always do, an outstanding job!

    I am lost in music, and very much with the families and friends, they have my deepest thoughts and respect.

    take care everybody,

  52. By the way, it was released today in all the countries listed above.

    It’s also out in Belgium today.

    (Sorry for leaving you out, Belgium. EMI only thought to pass the details on today…)

  53. Quick update from Waterloo Records:.

    They have a pricing structure that’s different online from what’s in their store (a general 10% discount from list price).

    So, if you were planning on paying them a visit in Austin, Texas, please note that the prices in-store will be different: the prices shown above are their online prices.

  54. I’m listening to my Deluxe Set for the second time, and I’m waiting for some friends for the DVD with several bottles of red wine.

    Concerning the CDs, what a wonderful sound for a live performance. Almost perfect for Shine On.. and High Hopes.

    [Have a good night. Red wine and fine music is a great combination. – FEd]

  55. Hey Fed

    Kudos on a job well done during a crappy week.

    I don’t know if this appropriate, but I came across this article online (click my name). I thought it was a nice remembrance of Richard.

  56. Hello FED,

    “Live in Gdansk” reminds me of the gig in Venice of the 11.08.2006…I met in the afternoon David and Polly hand in hand and a few hours before Rick in St. Marco Square.

    I am sorry but I can’t stop thinking about that day.

    I love you Rick.

    Claudio da Ravenna.

  57. Cool photo, Fed. That’s a keeper.

    Tough week. It really is sad and life is strange. It is ironic that Rick’s last show is out on DVD less than a week from his passing. I’ve been sick all week about the loss of this very sweet and talented individual.

    Everyone take care of yourselves…DAVID too!

    Blake in Nashville

    [The last three photos, as well as the next three, will be in the Galleries soon, so you’ll be able to see them in all their glory. They were taken by Piotr Tarasewicz. – FEd]

  58. Where can I get the DG Strat in the U.S.?

    [Click your name above and then the ‘Find a Dealer Now’ link. – FEd]

  59. Obrigada por postar meu comentario… fiquei muito feliz… aMo Gilmour mais que minha propria vida!!!

    Cheguei a enviar uma carta em seu 60 aniversario… mas provavel que nunca a tenha lido…

    sou brasileira e não falo nada em ingles, desculpe.

    Quem é FEd???

    beijos eternos!!

    [I can’t answer in Portuguese, sorry. (Who is FEd? Just another Floyd fan.) – FEd]

  60. I visited the blog on Thursday evening and was very happy to see the new post. I had an urge to write a post but my heart went sour and my thoughts went blank…I couldn’t write, I was and still is very sad about the passing of Richard.

    Forgive me but I am trying very hard to snap out of it…

  61. Hi Everyone,

    I can’t remember the last time I posted here, it’s well over a year, probaly a lot more than that, I must apologise for my tardiness (if indeed that is a proper word).

    I just wanted to add my condolences to the family and friends of Rick, I am truly sorry for your loss.

    I so wish somebody would find a cure for this wretched disease, goodness knows I would even run around Cambridge science park in sub-zero temperatures starkers if it would help to find a cure…

    R.I.P Rick.

  62. Richard

    Um tijolo a menos no muro…

    A viagem psicodélica perdeu boa parte do brilho. O som progressivo, claro, finamente elaborado e hipnótico do Pink Floyd, silenciou de vez no dia de hoje. Sem qualquer aviso, calaram-se os teclados de Richard Wright. No meio do susto, percebemos que os ídolos não são imortais. O rock progressivo, clássico e harmônico, recheado de viagens alucinantes, porcos infláveis e muros, refugiou-se em definitivo no lado escuro da lua.

    Jefferson Dieckmann
    Curitiba – PR

  63. it’s about time david got off his high horse and reunited with roger and nick for a farewell tour before the next one passes.

    by the way how come you guys – david and roger – never play ‘pigs (3 different ones)’? it’s the perfect time with our lousy government and it’s your best song. i don’t get it.

    pink floyd is still the greatest in my book.

    [What I don’t get is how you petty little morons call yourselves fans, profess your undying love for this precious relic of the past (accept it, Roger left in 1985), yet have the bare-faced cheek to tell David what he ought to do a mere week after he has lost a very, very dear friend. Have you no heart? No shame? No brain cells in that bloated, vacuous, Floyd-obsessed head of yours? Do you really think that David wants to perform right now? Would you? There’s no high horse. It’s called having more in one’s life than the self-indulgent merry-go-round that greedy fools like you can’t get off. A Farewell Tour… God, how unbelievably stupid does that sound right now? How unbelievably stupid do you sound? If that book of yours has anything other than Pink Floyd in it, look up the word ‘compassion’ and don’t even think of posting here again until you understand its meaning. You empty-headed, shallow, self-absorbed graspers really make me sick. – FEd]

  64. J’ai 49ans et toute ma jeunesse a baigné dans le son des Floyds, maintenant c’est sûr on en les verra plus ensemble, mais combien de chef-d’oeuvre nous restent-ils?

    Merci à EUX TOUS et merci Rick pour ta gentillesse et surtout pour ton talent, bon vent et amuse toi bien avec Syd. 😉

    Que ce soit n’importe où le monde perd beaucoup, et personne ne pourra jamais vous oublier…

  65. Hello, I am new around here..

    Just wanted to say that I am excited that my hometown of Southgate, Michigan will be carrying the Live in Gdansk film version tonight at MJR Theatre at 7:30pm.

    I bought tickets in advance on Friday. To my surprise the clerk told me I was the first person to buy tickets for it. I assumed for something so rare and special like this (especially for my area which never has indy or concert films only blockbusters) that it would have been selling quickly. The clerk said management was a doing a poor job promoting it but ads would be in the paper all weekend. And they indeed were.

    I will have tons of friends and family members joining me. The tour didn’t come to Detroit in 2006. We thought watching RTN was as close as we’d get to ‘being there”. This film will be a great treat and I also have the 5-disc set coming in..

    We will all have tears no doubt,listening to the wonderful music while paying respects to Richard Wright this evening.

  66. FEd, nice way to let fly at Mike, LOL!

    I don’t know where some fans get off talking like this. No respect.

    [In one breath they’ll say that Richard was the soul of Pink Floyd and is irreplaceable… – FEd]

  67. [it’s about time … book. – mike]

    [What I don’t get … really make me sick. – FEd]

    Didn’t see that post, due the split comment pages earlier.

    I’m always saddened (and partly surprised) how selfish and shallow-brained fellow humans can be…


  68. FEd,

    The DG Strat is NOT on schedule. Mine is one of the first 30 due in the UK.

    Today is the 22nd of Sept. The due date.

    It’s not here! In fact no European Strats have yet left the US, as apparently the Yanks didn’t realise Europe was actually overseas (perhaps they thought it was a small enclave of Texas?) and therefore would need prior shipping.

    What a let down. All the noise about launching it with the Gdansk album and yet again Fender have royally cocked up.

    They have no idea when it will arrive but hoping next week. And mine is one of the first 30 ordered.

    I am furious.


    [Tell me about it. It is on schedule, but it seems that everyone was wrong to expect it before October because they take so long to manufacture. I am sorry, James. – FEd]

  69. FEd,

    Thanks for your response and for sharing my frustration. I am also pleasantly surprised and totally respect that you are prepared to post my annoyed comments.

    I spoke to Fender at length today and apparently DG’s and Phil’s attention to detail has slowed the production slightly- but that’s a good thing as seemingly they wanted perfection!

    I am annoyed at Fender’s big promises and lack of delivery yet again!

    FEd, I am assured by Jake @ Fender (the Custom Shop rep) that the first 30 or so are being air freighted ASAP and with a following wind (or should that be tailwind!??!) will be here next week sometime.

    All digits and limbs are firmly crossed and when I get it I’ll post a review if that’s OK.

    Will I still get my Gdansk bonus tracks? 😉

    (Lastly, I felt a heel looking at all the Rick tributes and then moaning about something as trivial as this- so I would like to pass on my sincerest condolences for the quiet man of rock.)

    [Please do post a review, James. Until then, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. – FEd]

  70. I must admit the blogger a few down (up?) is right. This is just too confusing and time consuming.

    It’s not that it’s complicated but I don’t have time to follow all instructions and directions to get special bonus features, etc.

    Can we just have the DVD with bonuses and call it a day?

  71. I liked your comment Fe’d, at the beginning of this…how you said how insignificant trivial things seem, and they do. But we do have to go on, for them if for no other reason. “dreamers may leave, but they’re here everafter”. Truly.

    On another note, I had thought to have my order cancelled, since I ordered (I thought) through the site. amazon.com.uk emailed me to say it’s on the way, though. I don’t really mind how it gets here, I am honored to have this last memento of Richard. And of course, to have David’s playing soothe my cares.

    Thank you F’ed, and all the rest of you for what you do. Hugs to all, and Happy beginning of Autumn (since I missed happy first day of Autumn, lol).

    [A fine season, this one. – FEd]

  72. why is it not on here that david is playing at the 007 ian fleming tribute on oct 5th?

    and wot bond song will he play????

    details might be nice on a fan site.

    [It’s not on here because David doesn’t want it on here. And this isn’t a fan site. It might be good if you stop every once in a while to ask yourself why some things are not mentioned, or why they are not mentioned quite as quickly as you would like. This blog is part of an official site, which I run for David. I’m not interested in blurting out the first sign of a rumour just to please fans who, frankly, might turn an event such as this one into a circus. I’m not interested in being the first to bring you half-baked stories. That’s what fan sites are for (and why, quite often, their thoughtless tabloid-style can be extremely unhelpful from an official, professional point of view). In case you hadn’t noticed, Richard passed away last week and future engagements could well be deemed unimportant as a consequence. Telling you about this event doesn’t matter half as much as a lot of other things that are keeping me very busy right now. I hope that answers your question and that your next one, if there has to be another one, is not as rude. – FEd]

  73. i wasnt being rude. it’s on the london palladium site who’s showing up on the ian fleming tribute.

    i know rick passed away and have a heart, did not mean to sound rude. it was meant as a quick question.

    i have felt dead inside myself. i adore floyd and will miss him greatly. he has left a lecacy to us all that we will never forget.

    please accept it was a quick question and i will read any future posts more carefully.

    [Thank you. (If it’s on the London Palladium site, you all now know about it now, so nobody need ask me any questions. Please?) – FEd]

  74. that’s cool, cheers.

    personally cant stand 007 but my brother asked me to find out about tickets etc, he likes it all (each 2 their own) ashamed to say i used to like bros. now that’s worse, lol. that’s how found out about david appearing.

    least money is going to british heart foundation so not all bad.

    anyway, anyone who does not know, jools holland is being repeated friday – an extended pre recorded version that’s an hour long. then the david gilmour gdansk diary after, then the pink floyd story which i watched b4…it shows back to the days when syd was involved. was interesting to see all the old black and white pictures. so anyone who has not seen it, watch it.

    and i am going to say goodnite before i annoy you again. glad we’re sort of cool now.

    [We’re cool, don’t worry… even though you used to like Bros. “Drop the boy, drop the boy…” I really shouldn’t remember some of these ’80s songs. – FEd]

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