'Where We Start'

David performing in Gdańsk, 26 August 2006Advance warning… for a change.

‘Where We Start’ is coming later today. Expect it here at about 15:00 (UK).

When you’ve seen it, do come back and let us know what you thought of it.

You’re not tiring of video footage from Gdańsk, are you? Hope not.

In addition to the two YouTube channels, be sure to keep an eye on Best Buy and Borders, as they should have ‘High Hopes’ and ‘Take a Breath’ videos
appearing any time now (Borders today, Best Buy tomorrow).

You might also have caught ‘A Great Day For Freedom’
at AOL and Yahoo.

More videos will be popping up all over the place next week, so stay tuned for updates.

The chatroom is open and will remain so until 14:00 (UK), should you wish to drop by. First-timers are most welcome, but please notice the rules – written in red – on your way in.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

76 thoughts on “'Where We Start'”

  1. Keep ’em coming.

    Where We Start is probably my favourite song of the album. Such a beautiful song…

  2. I can’t wait! Not long to go. You sure build great suspense, FEd!

    I love this song and I expect the video quality will be better on David’s site than YouTube.

  3. Just looking at today’s picture and thinking about listening is driving me nuts. The anticipation is . . . it’s too much !

    Lucia, I couldn’t find you. Sorry if I left you in the lurch. I tried the Lobby and the Barn. My screen said you were still there. Nice chat, thank you, bye for now.

    ash X

  4. That’s so beautiful. I agree with Bart, it’s probably my favourite song from “On An Island” too.

    This will be a wonderful DVD.

  5. Now, that’s more like it.

    Looks and sounds stunning. That velvety blackness works really well.

    I think I’m going to have a ‘lost’ weekend when this comes out.

  6. Beautiful.

    This is one of the songs from OAI (“A Pocketful of Stones” is another one) where the strings really add another dimension to the music, compared with the versions without orchestra.

  7. Love these video clips. They are getting me so excited for the forthcoming Gdansk releases.

    I’ll be on vacation when it is released. Guess I had better get myself off to a shop to reserve.

    I’ve been noticing that regarding the subject of ‘finger speed’ that Mr. Gilmour’s move at the PERFECT speed.

    OAI. What beautiful music to listen to. It is one of the CDs that will be going on vacation with my husband and I.

    Recently someone mentioned David’s work on The Final Cut. I have to admit that I finally purchased it because of his contributions.


    [How about that title track, Jan? David’s guitar work aside, I always thought that Roger sounds particularly emotional on that song. For me, it’s a great vocal. – FEd]

  8. Such a beautiful song. 🙂

    Keep these videos coming! 😀

    It’s going to make an awesome DVD.

  9. This a great way to start surfing on the internet, to start my weekend, to wake up, to start drinking a beer, to start… ah… whatever comes to my mind…

    Thanks for the great video clips of a great quality!

    Mmm and yes Fed, I was extremely happy with “A Great Day for Freedom”.


  10. [How about that title track, Jan? David’s guitar work aside, I always thought that Roger sounds particularly emotional on that song. For me, it’s a great vocal. – FEd]

    I agree with you there FEd. Roger at his best.

    [Beautiful song, that. – FEd]

  11. A beautiful song and a maybe a little laidback version of it.

    You don’t see Gilmour that often playing a Gretsch guitar, actually this might be the first time for me. I remember him playing a Les Paul on tour and on the “Remember That Night” DVD.

    I love this song, it is one of my favourites.

  12. I thought Where We Start was simply wonderful. Thanks FED!!!

    As if we could get tired of seeing more Gdansk clips, lol. All the clips have been awesome and I loved A Great Day For Freedom!!!

    Looking forward to even more!!!

  13. Hi Fed,

    You must enjoy feeding us D.G. fans with these clips, I am so much looking forward to its release. This live W.W.S. in Gdansk is absolutely beautiful- faultless all the way through. David’s guitaring is wonderful as always and the orchestra adds so much feeling and emotion, it almost brings a tear to my eye.

    I can’t praise David enough for the enjoyment of listening to his music, thank you so much.


    PS. Would never tire of any footage of David.

  14. Hi FEd,

    Haven’t posted in a bit. But don’t worry I do check up on here as often as I can!!!

    These videos are wonderful. It must have been a magical night. Very excited for the new CD and Guitar!!!!

    Cheers FEd.

    Adrian J. Emond

    [Hi Adrian, good to hear from you again. – FEd]

  15. Great! “Where We Start” is my favorite OAI track. To my ears, this song would fit seamlessly into Obscured By Clouds.

  16. ohhhh, i cant wait!

    where we start is my favourite song from OAI!

    so far ive been blown away by the gdansk songs, particularly ‘a great day for freedom’.

  17. Hi FEd

    Never tire of seeing David playing. Video was great. Didn’t like the long shots. I’m all for the closeup and medium shots.

    Ready for something upbeat next, please?

    Thanks bunches FEd!!!

  18. That Gretsch Duo Jet and David were made for each other. Such exquisite tone!

    This show was clearly filmed and edited for the purpose of release somewhere. Apologies if this has already been discussed, I don’t get the opportunity to visit the site much. Is David planning on releasing the video of this show?


    [Yes… The forthcoming ‘Live in Gdańsk’ album, due to be released next month, will include the concert on DVD. Please click your name for an overview. You need it. – FEd]

  19. Well, wonderful music, more than seven minutes of laying back and relaxing. I watched it on my notebook, so I won’t give any comments about audio and video.

    But what I already recognized while watching the first clips (on my desktop-PC with a CRT) is, that the video-quality seems to be much better than on the RTN-DVD. Of course, a MPEG4 video or a Quicktime-file is not subject to discuss video parameters, but I didn’t see any of the (fixed pattern) noise, which is visible on some camera shots on the RTN recordings.


  20. Beautiful song, beautifully played. I can hardly wait for the release!

    Side note — it appears that Stevie is delving deeper into his Robin Hood fantasy! Or is it possible that someone in the band gave him the arrow-motif shirt as a means to keep him from wearing the v-neck-style shirt. ;^D

    How the heck are you FEd? Nice job with the slow-but-steady release of information and video! Are you just as excited about the release as the rest of us?

    Peace ‘n’ love!

    [I’m probably a little less excited than some of you, to be fair. I mean, I’m not squealing or crying… – FEd]

  21. Such a wonderful, fantastic night!!! This clips brings my memory back!!!

    David – thank you very much for coming to my country!!! Thank you for a beautiful concert!!! And thank you for the upcoming DVD!!! It will be a wonderful souvenir from your concert!!!

    Thank you very, very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Of course all of the good news occurs while I am on a short vacation in New Jersey. Wonderful playing by David and the band on those sample videos. The emotion in A Great Day for Freedom is intense, and the Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra adds another dimension to the song.

    I can’t seem to find Leszek Możdżer, however, in those videos.

    Also, does anybody know if Live in Gdańsk is in 5.1 surround?


    [No, but I’ll find out. – FEd]

  23. Fed,

    I love the clips! I’ve been excited about the Gdansk concert for some time now, though I was concerned about having listened to Live At The RAH so much that it would take away from the CD release of this music. Not to worry… David always seems to be able to play differently enough that each version is essential.

    I have a question… I’m sure I could find the answer by digging but I’m far too lazy for that… were Crosby and Nash at Gdansk? I love their vocal parts on SOYCD at RAH. If not, is that why the decision was made to have SOYCD on the 5th CD with a version in which they sang with David?

    Either way, can’t wait and you are making me drool with the clips! Thanks Fed!

    [They weren’t at this show, no. – FEd]

  24. Have to agree with what others have said about the strings adding that little extra ‘something’ in the live setting – quite marvellous.

    Only a few more weeks to go eh?

    [Not long now. One month tomorrow for Europe. – FEd]

  25. I’m inclined to agree about The Final Cut.

    Sure, it’s melancholy but I remember I bought the album when it was first out purely on the basis of the lyrics when I read them in the local music store … “what happened to the post war dream” strikes me as a very valid question and as a statement about the Britain of the early ’80’s the whole piece has great merit.

    The guitar breaks that David added are some of his “angriest” I think … and that’s no bad thing either.

    The title track is really very touching.

  26. Where We Start is probably my favorite song on the album, but of the videos we’ve seen, The Blue has been the best IMHO.


  27. ‘The Blue’, ‘This Heaven’, ‘Where We Start’, strange… they all are songs from Vienne on the Live bonus CD.

    Surely a coincidence, but I can’t help thinking that the next video will be ‘A Pocketful Of Stones’… Awww… Vienne…


  28. Thanks for letting us see these clips in advance, even watching them in a tiny window sends shivers down my spine!

    I just came back from recording guitars for a song for my band. seeing David perform, and listening to his tone and watching him play, watching his body language, witnessing his intensity of concentration, makes me realize time and again how incredibly good this man actually is. I feel joyful and humble at the same time.

    And naturally this extends to the rest of the band also, they go together so well, it’s hard to believe.

    So much looking forward to the DVD!

    All the best,

  29. No worries FEd, the more the merrier with the footage.

    I will never get tired of David’s music although I am trying to refrain myself from watching the bootleg ones; there are just so many of them. I was tempted to watch a few yesterday but I decided to avoid them all together.

    I don’t think those videos are doing any justice to David’s music. Hope I didn’t offend any one.

    [If you did, I’d appreciate it if any comments saying so could be saved for another time and place, as I’m only interested in those videos that have been put online by David’s management and/or record companies. Thanks. – FEd]

  30. Thanks for the WWS video clip Fed, really quite marvellous. Those jazzy piano licks of Jon’s are a nice addition; and Richard, as always, the perfect sympathetic support. Just look at the languid body language as he moves through those chords.

    A lovely rendition of a beautiful song.

    gordon phinn

  31. This is a beautiful song. The band and the orchestra really compliment each other flawlessly; the performance and collaboration was fabulous.

    I also like the lighting effects in this clip, mellow and warm, fit the song perfectly.

    Thank you.

  32. WWS has David again rearranging the song and bringing his Blues into the frame with perfection. He is the Ultimate Chameleon, always changing.

    This finale is great thus far. Wish I was there!

  33. Wow! The Home page is outstanding!

    Thanks for all of the goodies and there could never be too many. This is what we have all been waiting for, right Fed!

    I don’t have the Final Cut, so now I must get it after your talk above.

    Can’t wait to see what is to come next on this wonderful site. I do love a good surprise.

    Thanks Fed and I hope you have a restful weekend!

    [Thank you very much, Barbara. I wish you the same. – FEd]

  34. [How about that title track, Jan? David’s guitar work aside, I always thought that Roger sounds particularly emotional on that song. For me, it’s a great vocal. – FEd]

    Roger is very emotional during the whole album. The album is very powerful to me and it makes me cry too.

    Lyric of the day: “You can relax on both side of the tracks and maniacs don’t blow holes in bandsmen by remote control, and everyone has recourse to the law AND NO ONE KILLS THE CHILDREN ANYMORE.”

    I am sorry, David. Your guitar work is equally as fabulous on this album. Your emotion comes through very strong and this is the very album that first introduced me to your guitar playing.

    Kind regards.


  35. Hey, I just got my Availability Alert from Amazon for the Live In Gdansk (3 x CD Albums + 2 Bonus DVD) [Box set].

    Weird thing is tho it’s still saying that it will be released on the 15th of September (click my name).

    Are they wrong? Or will I really be able to get it in that date?

    [I’m afraid they’re wrong. They do tend to rush to put things on their site(s) so that you get your orders in nice and early. They’re not so quick to acknowledge changes, unfortunately: in this case, a delayed release of one week. You might get it a few days before 22 September… – FEd]

  36. FEd, do you think we might get it early from Play too?

    [Quite possibly. I often receive titles on the Friday or Saturday before a Monday release. – FEd]

  37. Magical…these clips makes my hair stand on end. What a special tour that was.

    My best to all and wishes for a great weekend!

  38. FE’d:

    I love the home page with the selection Gdansk concert music bits. That is the best.

    [How about that title track, Jan? David’s guitar work aside, I always thought that Roger sounds particularly emotional on that song. For me, it’s a great vocal. – FEd]

    I got this very recently, so have only heard it a few times. So far, I am still not a fan of Waters’ voice. I do like some of the melodies, and I do agree that some songs he has written lend themselves perfectly to his vocal ‘style?’ (still feels like nails on the chalkboard to me, but I need more time).

    I hope this does not sound unkind of me, especially as I like Dylan. With him I can only listen just so long too. Unless it’s ‘Don’t Think Twice’. Wonder what ever happened to Tiny Tim? (shudder).

    There are some really bad singers that get airtime and some really good ones that don’t. Sad, but I guess it’s beauty in the ear of the beholder.

    All my best,

    [Fair point. – FEd]

  39. Jan’s post got me thinking of The Final Cut.

    The disc has some really good tracks. Though this may not be the most popular thing to say in this forum I have always thought of it as the 1st Roger solo record. David and Nick make some strong contributions. It is the only Pink Floyd record which doesn’t have Richard. The late Michael Kamen is very good on piano. What I heard is David wasn’t too happy with the lyics though I have always though the Roger’s words are some of best writing.

  40. Hello All.

    Just watched the video. What can I say!

    I’ve always thought that lyrically and as a musical composition, Where We Start is Gilmour’s finest hour.

    It was perfect.

    Happy Days,
    Simon J

  41. I have so far watched Great Day For Freedom and The Blue. Great Day is one of my favourites and this version is magnificent. I think I am going to try to not watch anymore, just to save it until the DVD comes out. This may, of course, prove too difficult !


  42. [I need more time. – Jan]

    I gave up after 25 years Jan, round about the time of Live 8 in fact.

  43. Hey Fed!

    I’ve been enjoying the videos a lot, but it seems that the Borders site hasn’t been updated yet… Is it?

    [Not that I can see, Pepe, but it should be there soon. (The danger with telling you about anything up-front is that these things don’t materialise, of course. Sod’s law, I guess.) – FEd]

  44. On the topic of The Final Cut, I’ve always enjoyed that ‘Not Now John’ track.

    Does anyone know who ‘John’ is, in the track?

  45. any ideas when the ‘high hopes’ and ‘take a breath’ videos will be on youtube FEd?

    what are the chances of a video of ‘echoes’?

    [Slim. The retailers I’ve mentioned have exclusives on ‘High Hopes’ and ‘Take a Breath’, so don’t expect to see them at YouTube – officially, anyway – for a while yet. I’ll let you know. – FEd]

  46. [Is David planning on releasing the video of this show? – Peter]

    [Yes… The forthcoming ‘Live in Gdańsk’ album, due to be released next month, will include the concert on DVD. Please click your name for an overview. You need it. – FEd]

    I envy Peter. Here we all are, been agonising over the wait for ages with tongues hanging out. Peter has just found out, he’ll be really pleased and he only has a month to wait!

    I hate queue jumpers (not really Peter)! 🙂

  47. Lindo… lindo…

    Como o sol que nos envolve e aquece a cada amanhecer em seu eterno amor e bondade…

    Gilmor é magia!!!

    É liberdade para minha alma


  48. [I need more time. – Jan]

    [I gave up after 25 years Jan, round about the time of Live 8 in fact. – Lorraine]

    Lorraine: I so agree. Time has not helped his voice and Live 8 was very sad to watch, except for the others. David was as good as it gets and Rick Wright will always have a spot in my heart. (Thanks, Lorraine, you made me laugh.)

    Since Final Cut is an old record, I am giving it a fair try to see if I can appreciate the nuances of his style. Which is difficult since I am so stuck on Mr. G. (not really nuts over his lyrics…always bitter and sad).

    I am very happy with where David is in his music with On An Island.

    I’m off for a week. Catch you all later. Everyone take care.


  49. For me this is the best track of the album. I’m listening now, while I write this message.

    Bye Bye FED.

  50. Hate to be a pest, but I just searched the Best Buy and Borders websites for the videos you mentioned. I can’t seem to find them there yet.

    Could you, or someone who is reading this and knows how to find them, provide a link for the rest of us?

    [Sorry, Kevin. – FEd]

  51. Hey Fed,

    This may be “old news” but I received a news letter from Planet Rock and it seems they are having a special Pink Floyd The Wall thing for a Bank Holiday on Monday 25th and Saturday Aug 30th (click my name).

    What is a Bank Holiday by the way? If you participate, I certainly hope you have a good one!

    Barbara P

    [Thank you. (It’s a public holiday, when banks are legally closed.) – FEd]

  52. what great videos.

    i really liked the part in a great day for freedom when zbigniew preisner looks over at david during the solo and there’s this great big smile cause he’s so blown away by that tone.


  53. Maybe not that interesting, but just to let you know, I found this info/link on Classic 21 radio station. (Please, click my name.)


    [No, that’s very interesting. And next time, David might even ‘say’ “whadyamean?” and “innit?” Please. I saw a French film over the weekend with equally irritating, lazy subtitles. Very annoying. Good find, anyway. Expect more interviews to pop up soon. – FEd]

  54. Once again, the goosebumps are all down my spine.

    Where We Start is most definitely my favorite song on OAI and while I enjoyed the RTN version (although not my favorite) it has to be played with an orchestra. Adding the strings really rounds out the sound and is so beautiful. And again, David makes that Gretsch Duo Jet sing!

    I loved it! I can’t wait for Live in Gdansk! It’s definitely shaping up to be one of the best sounding shows on the entire tour.

  55. Well Fed, I finally made it home from being in California for 2 weeks because of my dad’s funeral and I already miss him. But I he isn’t suffering anymore.

    While in LA I found the Manics in a record store and it’s great, its the one with Indian Summer. Plus I went to a concert where this guy named Joe Bonamassa played and if you get a chance please listen to his album Sloe Gin for I know you’ll love it.

    Plus the record store I was at was advertising David Gilmour’s new release. They can get the album by special order.

    Well I hope that you and all the bloggers have a great weekend.

    Take Care,

  56. Dear Mr. Gilmour,

    I work with Jimi Hendrix family, with Leon Hendrix in his band. I had the good pleasure of informing him that you are wearing Jimi’s strap from Isle Of Wight as presented to you by your wife Polly as a birthday present.

    I send my prayers and love to you and your family from “The Leon Hendrix Mysterience”. Playing in this band is a rewarding experience in that aside of playing, that I may exercise the conveyance of info such as this to you and to Leon likewise.

    Leon didn’t know who you were which was a double pleasure of mine to tell him that the guitarist of Pink Floyd is again putting out his own albums and is adorned with the Hendrix reverence holding his own guitar in place to be making more legendary music.

  57. Hi Fed,

    I suddenly remembered that Pink Floyd was awarded the Polar Music Prize earlier this year. It is supposed to be next Tuesday – August 26 – PF receives the Prize. Can you provide us with any details, whether David and all living PF members will attend?

    [Pink Floyd will receive the prize from His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden at a gala ceremony at the Stockholm Concert Hall to be followed by a celebratory banquet at Grand Hôtel on Tuesday 26th August. The event, which is broadcast on national television (TV4), attracts international media, members of the international music business, celebrities, artists, musicians, government ministers, politicians, and leading members of society and industry.]

    Martin de Montréal

    [I can’t, sorry. (These things are meant to be a surprise, aren’t they?) – FEd]

  58. Gilmour’s live tone on these videos is just so big…a ‘dripping wet wall of sound’ which is my holy grail as well. I mean it is ‘THE TONE”!

    On ‘A Great Day…’ I love how he struggles a little at the beginning of the solo and then just finds the sweet spot…and just scorches it. It really is an amazing bit of music.

    I love the Final Cut. Gilmour’s solos…er, guitar breaks (a lot of words on this album) are ANGRY and they are pretty bad-ass to be honest. If you haven’t heard this album you are missing way out! You can hear some angst in his playing and tell that he may have been pissed as he was tracking some of that stuff. It is the album that finished off the band.

    That is what I have always gotten from that album. Just my opinion!

    Blake in Nashville

  59. Just a heads up to anyone here with Charter Cable: go to Concert TV in the “on demand” section and you will find a very nice performance by David Gilmour to watch…

    It features a few songs by him from his 2006 tour and Crosby/Nash are also there with him. The performance is from the “Later with Jools Holland” show.

    Paul Simon also play a few songs if you’re a fan of him, they are nice performances.

    PS. For some interesting reason it is listed as “Crosby, Nash and Gilmour”.

  60. Fed,

    I was reading some interviews with Waters and I know he is a huge philanthropist. We all know what Gilmour and family do for social causes and that they are always raising money for different charities and doing great work.

    Just curious and wanted to see what others opinions may be on this question. Why wouldn’t Gilmour and Waters resurrect Pink Floyd for $100 million or whatever it would be?

    I’m not personally saying that they should but I’m curious as to why that they haven’t come up with that idea themselves. They could truly do so much good with the money.

    I am not judging them at all either. I was just curious because I know how involved that they are. There is a lot of money on the table for a Pink Floyd North American/European tour (just got shivers).

    They could all get buses and face them to the outside of the circle and never see one another except during the chorus to Young Lust…they would have to do that one.

    Just random thoughts.

    Blake in Nashville

    [Wouldn’t be an enjoyable experience, would it? There’s no need for anyone else to add their thoughts, thank you. This is hardly the time or place to discuss Pink Floyd reunions. – FEd]

  61. [How about that title track, Jan? David’s guitar work aside, I always thought that Roger sounds particularly emotional on that song. For me, it’s a great vocal. – FEd]

    I think this is the first time I’m hearing you say something positive about this release. I realize the stigma this release carries for DG but I’m pleased to hear your objective opinion. I realize this recording was done under less than perfect circumstances but it is still a great recording that unfortunately gets little recognition.



    [I’ve had no reason to comment on it before, so that’s probably why. You make it sound as though I’ve done nothing but criticise the album previously, which is not true at all. – FEd]

  62. Only David Gilmour can release material in 2006 and keep it fresh and exciting and wanting you to continue to listen and watch for more. What an amazing artist.

    Oh by the way, Where We Start is fantastic.

    Thanks, PK

  63. [I’ve had no reason to comment on it before, so that’s probably why. You make it sound as though I’ve done nothing but criticise the album previously, which is not true at all. – FEd]

    Didn’t mean to come across that way, sorry for the miscommunication. But I know this release was mentioned many times before and you kept mum on it (which you explain well above). Plus we all know the circumstances around it for DG. In fact, I don’t think that DG has ever performed live even one track from that release. A shame but understandable.



    [Absolutely. I probably like it more than ‘The Wall’, to be fair. – FEd]

  64. Sorry Fed. I didn’t realize the can of worms I was cracking open. After reading my post, you definitely made the right response to my post.

    Sorry about that.

    Blake in Nashville

    [No problem. – FEd]

  65. [Since Final Cut is an old record, I am giving it a fair try to see if I can appreciate the nuances of his style. Which is difficult since I am so stuck on Mr. G. (not really nuts over his lyrics…always bitter and sad). – Myself]

    I just got back from a visit with my dad and am attempting to catch up on the blog. I see that this looks like I am saying that David’s lyrics are bitter and sad. Which is not the case. I was referring to Roger’s.

    I did not see any flack regarding that so hopefully everyone took it the way it was intended. But wanted to make sure I set this straight.

    Thank you,

  66. This is one of the few David Gilmour songs I have found on ultimate-guitar that hasn’t had the solo tabbed out for and it’s the one I’m trying to learn right now, haha.

    David Gilmour has been my inspiration to start playing music and he will always be my favorite guitarist.

    The OAI album reminded me a lot of The Division Bell which is one of my favorites.

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