Still a great day?

David’s record company people, in their usual excitement at times such as this, have set up two ‘official channels’ on YouTube to help promote ‘Live in Gdańsk’.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the ever-so funky ‘This Heaven’. (Not the best quality you’ll ever see, but it should do for now.)

The busier of the two channels can be viewed here.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

57 thoughts on “Still a great day?”

  1. terrific, again!! and a little guitar surprise.

    is it known why david used the black strat instead of the goldtop for the tune…?


    [I don’t, sorry. We need to get Phil Taylor back for another Q&A. – FEd]

  2. Hey Fed,

    Let me ask you something:

    The Gdánsk vinyl release will be on the same day of the CDs release ??

    [Yes, that’s right. – FEd]

  3. Maybe not the best quality, but fun nonetheless and good to have some vids in the same place.

    Though maybe they should replace the picture of Rick with one of David, since it’s ‘his’ channel. 😉

  4. Sorry, I think it should have been here first. Isn’t that what an official site is for?

    Still, I can look at all the bootleg footage taken by the annoying people with their mobile phones while I’m on YouTube anyway.

    [No comment. – FEd]

  5. Ooo YAY!! YouTube channels. I’m gonna go straight there and subscribe to them.

    All this is making me so happy! 😀

    Thank you to all at the DG camp for everything.

    Off topic now! I JUST GOT ENGAGED! What a great second half of the year!!!

    [Congratulations. – FEd]

  6. Looks good and worth getting broadband and a new computer for.

    Funny seeing the strings but hearing guitar shining through. The crowd seemed remote but there was a lot of them, eh.


  7. It’s still a great day. 🙂

    I’m loving the sneak previews. But do you think the record company that set up the “DavidGilmour” account realised that the person in the profile picture happens to be a certain Richard Wright?

    [Probably not. – FEd]

  8. Judged from these two songs, this promises to be a great record. IMHO Davids playing here is more forceful and improvisational than on RTN.

    Can’t wait to have “Live in Gdansk” in my hands finally …

  9. It’s always a great day at! Lol 🙂

    I can’t wait for “Live in Gdansk” to come out! 😀

    I’ve been looking forward to getting my hands on a Deluxe Box Set for quite some time 😉

  10. That’s an interesting article … braced as I’m sure we are for the obvious questions, it’s interesting that David re-emphasises the past nature of PF, but also expresses clearly that he now feels more liberated and better able to express himself through his playing in this more benign and relaxed atmosphere.

    This is demonstrably true when we see the quality of these performances .. it really does represent a great leap forward in tone and quality from 1994….

  11. I am so excited to see the great Gilmour play against a full concert orchestra, and I am already on the trail of ordering his classic Black Strat, it will be like having a piece of Rock History.

    Long Live the Floyd Experience!!

    [Sounds like a Floyd-Hendrix cover band, that. – FEd]

  12. Hello Fed, thanks to the crew and of course Mr G. and the world’s greatest band incl the symphony. Let’s all hope he does it again sometime soon with a new album and then tours with that air-tight band.

    This is going to be the best live CD/DVD to come along in a long time, at least since David’s last one. Wow.

  13. It is most definitely still a great day and it is still a great piece of performance. Thanks for the generosity.

    After all these years, I am happy to see that the well-deserved award and recognition “CBE” is properly noted on YouTube for Mr. David Gilmour.


  14. Absolutely fantastic!

    But my question, and I don’t know if anyone can answer this or not…. why did David use the Black Strat for “This Heaven”?? For all studio recordings and every live recording that I have seen to date he’s always used his Les Paul Goldtop, so why the change? And did he only use the Strat on this song this night only? I’m just a little curious! lol!

  15. “This Heaven” is my favorite track from OAI. Sounds like it could easily become my favorite track from “LIG” as well.

    Oooops, forgot about “Echoes,” perhaps my favorite track of any artist, ever. Tough call.

    Anyhow, both cuts (Great Day for Freedom and This Heaven” are great.

    I want the live album YESTERDAY!!

  16. Just wanted to mention… I played rock and roll guitar in my teens and in a few bands early 70s. Then, I did what most people do… got married.

    Well, throughout my marriage, raised two wonderful children. Also, throughout my marriage, I didn’t play the guitar because I was too busy with school, family and work… until a couple of years ago when I heard the album “On an Island.”

    Now, I’m 50 and I figure if Dave can do it, so can I. So I went out and bought a Strat, amp, computer recording equipment and now after a year of recording the tracks, am gearing to publish my own album – “Under a Moon.” With a few good musicians helping me along with the sounds, it appears to have promise.

    So wanted to thank Dave for that inspiration. I thought I was too old to think about writing, playing and recording, but now just at the dawn of something rather nice.

    [Good luck, Mitch. – FEd]

  17. Long time no see.

    I truly miss this site for I have checked in most everyday since Jan-Feb 06. My work has now blocked the site as chat and I can no longer check in out at work and I am at my wit’s end.

    With my work schedule, family life and vacations, it has been tough to check in the last month or two.

    Even though I did not post much, I felt like you all were part of my family. I truly looked forward to this site at my lunch break.

    Can’t wait for the new DVD, looks likes it is going to be a great wait. I will be first in line.

    Take care all.

    [Good to see you again, Wendy. (Work can be such an inconvenience, can’t it?) – FEd]

  18. Excellent 2 songs GDFF and This Heaven, David throws in something new on that, so typical and special.

    Thanks David.

  19. Fantastic, FEd!

    That’s all I can say when I looked in here this morning – lucky days are going on. 🙂

    And the idea of the working wire-man trying to fix the LED-segments to a complete screen… who made it? Great!!!

    BTW, somebody asked how big this LED-walls can be built. As big as you want it, but you need a lot of electrical power. Nothing for your living-room at home. But look for Barco I-lite on the web, if you’re interested.

    Have a lucky day,

  20. hey FEd, i have a few questions about david’s youtube channel.

    does he actually read/handle it? or does someone handle it for him?

    if i post a comment on it would i get a reply?

    if i did get a reply would it actually be from him or someone else?

    sorry to bother you with this FEd.

    [David’s record companies are solely responsible for that, so I wouldn’t expect a reply and I certainly wouldn’t expect David to read it. It’s entirely a record company thing, designed to promote the album, not to interact in any way. Of course, you could always try… – FEd]

  21. [Still, I can look at all the bootleg footage taken by the annoying people with their mobile phones while I’m on YouTube anyway. – Lorraine]

    I agree Lorraine! Of course it’s always GREAT to see David anywhere, but on YouTube?!! Isn’t that hypocritical? There’s not only footage taken with mobile phones but clips from official DVDs like “Remember That Night”. I’m surprised that David’s record companies haven’t noticed that.

    I hope we’ll see better quality video at David’s official site soon. As FEd says, “it should do for now.”

    [There will be more videos here, of a much higher quality, over the coming weeks. They just won’t all be as ‘exclusive’ as some of us may have liked them to be. – FEd]

  22. i’ve just watched the videos on youtube. great stuff. i hope the sound quality is better on the actual release though!

    (why haven’t you told us about the official video of ‘the blue’ that’s on youtube FEd?)

    [Because I’ve told you about the page itself. You can check it for yourself, can’t you? – FEd]

  23. Hey Fed,

    I get the distinct feeling that you have a low impression of record companies..LOL

    Cheers, Howard

    [Of anyone who doesn’t know how to communicate effectively, in fact. – FEd]

  24. Nice footage, I do second Lorraine’s comment about it being here first though. That YouTube is getting in the way more than Robbie Keane’s arse to Torres’ foot.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  25. Thanks for the sneak peak! Having heard so many wonderful things about the Gdansk show, I’m very much looking forward to its release!

  26. THE BLUE in YOU TUBE too!!! Very cool!!! TAKE A BREATH in Abbey Road on you tube too!!! Great!!

    Live in Gdansk is amazing!!

  27. You Tube? Powerful record company people can break all the rules… Funny or sad?

    “Life is much more than money buys…” ???


    [I have my doubts about that lyric from time to time. – FEd]

  28. It looks as though the ‘OfficialDavidGilmour’ username (click my name) is the one that is currently being updated and maintained.

    Perhaps the ‘DavidGilmour’ username was set up initially and then someone realised that David himself may actually want it, to post holiday videos and footage of gigs he goes to. 😉

    [The other one will catch up next week. – FEd]

  29. I just can’t wait…

    Great to see “This Heaven” with David playing the Black Strat! I love it!

  30. Hello fellow bloggers and Fed,

    Thank you so very much for the previews of what is to come with David Gilmour’s Live in Gdansk!! I already pre-ordered my 2cd/2dvd special and now with the clips that you are revealing I just can NOT wait. The anticipation is so exciting, the clips make it more enticing.

    Your site is and has been fantastic since its birth. Thank you Mr. David Gilmour for putting out this new Live from Gdansk.

    I do have some information regarding the release of Live at Gdansk for North America–I pre-ordered mine through Amazon and I recently received via email from Amazon that the shipping date has changed to 9/29/08? Just thought I would share this with the “family”.

    Linda (Williamsville, NY)

    [That’s strange. Thanks for letting us know, Linda. – FEd]

  31. Just brilliant stuff!

    Interesting that David opted to play the black Strat for This Heaven, but it does give the solos an extra `bite`.

  32. This is great! Now I am really excited and can’t wait for the release on September 22.

    Take care,

  33. Just watched ‘The Blue’ and . . .WOW!! I got some MAJOR goosebumps and all the hairs on my arms and neck stood up. That’s was amazing! I can’t wait to see what’s to come.

    Keep it coming, FEd. =)


  34. “The Blue” is awesome.

    I’m glad the videos are on here. It’s pretty obvious that those YouTube channels are not intended for us to interact with David, LOL! You’d have to be a sucker to sign up thinking that David is going to read your message. We know he’s always read The Blog. Not sure about MySpace though.

    [See the disclaimer half-way down the page (before the comments). – FEd]

  35. Fantastic how David plays “The Blue”!!!!! And the Trailer looks great as well!!!!

    Keep on playing David!!!

  36. [There will be more videos here, of a much higher quality, over the coming weeks. They just won’t all be as ‘exclusive’ as some of us may have liked them to be. – FEd]

    Good things are worth waiting for!

    I don’t know why there’s the sudden rush to show us so much of this footage anyway.

    [You don’t? – FEd]

  37. [That YouTube is getting in the way more than Robbie Keane’s arse to Torres’ foot. – Geoff Duffy]

    Geoff, what does this expression mean? I asked around today but no one seems to know.


    [It’s a reference to Liverpool’s new strike partnership, Veronica. Robbie Keane got in the way (was it his backside?) when Fernando Torres had a clear shot on goal last weekend. They’ll come good, Geoff, have faith. – FEd]

  38. [You don’t? – FEd]

    Ha ha! I am sure that EMI would like us to buy as many CDs and DVDs as we can afford. What I meant was, we didn’t get so much with “Remember That Night”.

    [There’s more money to be made from this one. – FEd]

  39. [Of course it’s always GREAT to see David anywhere, but on YouTube?!! Isn’t that hypocritical? There’s not only footage taken with mobile phones but clips from official DVDs like “Remember That Night”. I’m surprised that David’s record companies haven’t noticed that. – Fran]

    I agree that it is highly hypocritical, Fran.

    What saddens me most of all is the way that fans then collect these recordings and are given space to group them together, ultimately presenting them to others as if they were their own.

    Fans are fickle indeed.

    I would prefer to wait until the DVD is made available to see this footage the way David intends it to be seen. The quality here simply does not do it justice.

  40. ola querido Gilmour…
    Entre outras The Blue realmente é perfeita…
    O Mestre da musica, sempre em evolução!!
    Amo com toda minha alma.
    Nunca vou desistir de te reencontrar meu “Complemento Divino”.


  41. It’s a shame this is such a rip-off. have 2CD/2DVD for £11.99 and 3CD/2DVD for £39.99 and then we don’t get a track only on the vinyl.

    This stinks.

  42. Yes I agree, it’s always a great day when I can appreciate further sounds and clips of the coming new fantastic DVD
    because, also on YouTube (but this site is a genuine quality seal):

    “The music played, the morning sun streamed in
    I turned and I looked at you
    And all but the bitter residues slipped away…slipped away”

    Thank you very much Mr.David Gilmour ,and F.Ed. for all these anticipations. You’re all always on my mind really.

    Good night, take care.

    Ciao Elisabetta

  43. After a lot of thought, I’ve pre-ordered the 4 disc version from Play. I can’t really justify the extra £28 for one more CD on the 5 disc version.

    Although, if ‘Wot’s’ had been on it… but it isn’t.

  44. I’ve just checked Play again. I pre-ordered the 4 disc version (2CD&2DVD, I did look carefully, honest) this morning it cost £11.99. Since then they’ve changed the description to 2CD & 1DVD i.e. it’s the 3 disc set.

    If you’ve ordered from them it may be worth checking that you’re getting what you think you’ve ordered.

  45. A great day, indeed. Mr. Gilmour is true to his bliss and we as fans are better for his sharing with us.

    I was surprised to hear he only has 3 solo discs; and all are superb.

    A little triva for you, FEd. Have you heard the Berlin song that David plays an incredible guitar on? Name the song.

    Thanks for your time into this site, good work.

    [Thank you for that. That song would be ‘Pink and Velvet’. Very nice it is, too. – FEd]

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