Concert premiere

Phil Manzanera in Gdańsk, 26 August 2006

Some of you have been hoping for this, I know.

To mark the release of David’s ‘Live in Gdańsk’ album, which comes with a concert DVD (unless you’re content with two CDs and/or vinyl, of course), there will be showings in select cinemas across the United States on Monday 22 September.

This event will take place in approximately 106 cinemas, and please note that the presentation includes several songs which won’t be on the DVD: ‘Speak To Me’, ‘Breathe’, ‘Time’, ‘Breathe (Reprise)’, ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ and ‘Wish You Were Here’.

Locations and ticket prices have yet to be confirmed, but the length of the show will be 108 minutes (I don’t know how many seconds, sorry) and the footage a hybrid of HD and SD.

The price of admission is likely to be somewhere around $12.

Please note that this is only happening in the USA. There are no similar plans for any other part of the world at this time.

You can expect more details as information becomes available, so please hold on to your questions until sufficient answers can be provided. I just wanted you to know that it’s coming.

Thank you.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

43 thoughts on “Concert premiere”

  1. I’m not in NY till December and am hoping Durham or Rahleigh North Carolina gets a screening!!

    Any help to get that to happen FEd? Pretty Please??

    [I’ll cross my fingers for you, how’s that? – FEd]

  2. please, please say that they are doing this in the UK as well or I might just cry and no one wants to see a grown man cry!

  3. Man, please do this in the UK! I would be there in a flash.

    It cannot be something else that’s just for Americans…

    Just a joke, keep your hair on! 😉

  4. I hope you all enjoy it.

    I don’t suppose you know about any special release function happening on your side of the planet Fed? Surely all the silence actually means something. I still can’t get there, but I’m sure our UK friends would get very excited.

    Have a good weekend everyone

    [It’s just the US, for the time being. – FEd]

  5. … hybrid of HD and SD ???

    [The footage is mostly HD, of course, but the large screens above the stage on which the band were displayed were standard definition. There are even a few shots on digibeta (Digital Betacam), so it’s a real cinematic experience. – FEd]

  6. Thanks for the news FEd! You’ve just made my day (been having a bit of a crap week).

    [A crap week? Sorry to hear that, mate. – FEd]

  7. HI FED,

    I READ THIS IN GUITAR WORLD TODAY: Pink Floyd-Themed Cruise to Set Sail in 2009.

    [Sounds nice. – FEd]

  8. I reckon there’ll be a UK one, no worries. Other countries should get this too of course. Whether this will be organised or not we shall have to see, we can cross our fingers for it.

    Sounds like another great evening at FACT in Liverpool to plan if it all gets the go ahead.

  9. I had tickets for the Leicester Square premiere screening of RTN, the one where DG was doing a Q&A and playing a song or two. Circumstances conspired against me in such a way that I couldn’t get there in the end, and I was about as gutted as it’s possible to get over such a thing. A certain member of my close family will remain in my bad books for a good while yet because of this – FEd, an evil emoticon would be handy here. 😉

    The only reason I bought the tickets in the first place was to see DG perform. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have bothered. Normally, I’d much rather get comfortable on the sofa and watch the DVD in the privacy of my own home, with the ability to pause the thing for the purposes of pouring myself another glass of lightly chilled red as I pleased.

    The same applies to the Gdansk release. I’ve pre-ordered the 5-disc version from and will happily settle for another quiet evening in the privacy of my own home.

    Unless… 🙂


  10. Very pleased for you guys in the States and hope you can all get along to a showing. Look forward to the reviews!

    Here in the UK we’re just waiting for tickets for David’s next Barn Jam at the farm!!


  11. Well, as I’ve been taught in Marketing, the place to be is the US. So, I totally understand to leave this premiere for the US.

    Happy Days!

    [And Happy Birthday, Simon. Have a good one. – FEd]

  12. This is great news!

    I really enjoyed both the Mermaid show and the premiere of RTN when they were in the theaters here in the northeastern United States. Both required a bit of a drive from where I am and both were very, very well worth the trip.

    Thanks for this extra treat.

  13. Excellent idea!

    Just something else to do the day before I buy the deluxe set and watch it the next day.

  14. That is just too cool for school. I love it.

    Thanks for sharing the good news, FEd.

  15. Today a large battle was won on behalf of many emigrant bakery and coffee house workers in Northern California.

    Solidarity works!!!

    Thank you, Mr. Gilmour, for your support of many fallen individuals that have had the courage and intelligence to sacrifice and establish the power of collective bargaining on behalf of the health and wellbeing of all working class individuals in their communities.

    Bless you!!!

    [Good stuff, James. – FEd]

  16. good news for the usa fans. i really hope he does the same for england like he did for RTN.

    thanks for the info. 😀

  17. You lucky shower of fuc…………… no, no, I’ll be nice.

    Great news for all you guys Stateside – enjoy.

    Rgds Geoff Duffy ( Dublin )

  18. Good Morning gang,

    If you want to listen to the full 30 minutes of Echoes live from Gdansk then tune in tonight to Plant Rock, the UK’s only classic rock DAB digital radio station. You can listen on line at “” on Sky T.V. channel 0110 or cable T.V. channel 924.

    DJ Nicky Horne will play it in full around 22.00 HRS in the U.K. (23.00 in Europe).

    Gary Hurley.
    London England

    [Are you sure it’s tonight? – FEd]

  19. Wow! Really happy for my US friends!

    Maybe I could organise an educational school trip with my pupils to North America around this date, isn’t it a great idea? – ‘Les voyages forment la jeunesse’, dit-on ici…

    Don’t know if they would hear ‘good’ English there, though… (just joking, eh?)


  20. That is good news for fans in the USA. No animosity here. 🙂

    I hope everyone who wants to go will be able to reach a participating cinema.

  21. I hope there will be a premiere in the U.K. Really, I mean I hope there will be a premiere in the U. K. & the man himself will perform as in the R.T.N premiere. Too much to hope for, on this occasion I fear.

    Initially I was not getting too excited about the Gdansk release, but after reading posts on here it’s getting under my skin & now I look forward to having to make a decision as to which package I should choose.

  22. Hi FEd,

    Just to let you know Nicky Horne from Planet Rock did say it will be tonight after 22.00 that he will be playing the full 30 minutes of Echoes.

    And on Sunday 28 September both David and Guy Pratt will talk about the Gdansk show in a Planet Rock special!

    Gary Hurley,
    London England.

    [Yes, that last part sounds right, but I’m sorry to say that ‘Echoes’ will not be played on Planet Rock tonight. However, three other songs will be played, so still tune in. Thanks for following-up, Gary. – FEd]

  23. UK premiere in my front room on 22nd. OK?

    Just back from International Festival of Glass and feeling “glassy eyed” so apols for any irreverence.


  24. There’s not been much reaction from Americans. If this was in the UK, I’m sure they’d be complaining about it, LOL!

  25. Great news FEd! I hope that I can watch it at the same theater in Tampa that I saw RTN.

  26. This is great!

    An opportunity for those in the US to see it on the same day as it’s released in the UK.

    I just hope I have my copy by then. 🙂

  27. Thank you Fed!

    This is definitely good news. It has really brightened my day! I cant wait to see if any of the local theaters in my area are doing it!

    Sorry I haven’t been here in a while. Been busy. But now that school has started I’ll be at the computer more and on here more perhaps.


  28. Excellent news! I look forward to the details and will hopefully find a theater nearby.

    I really hope future news will include similar premiere activities for the UK, Europe or beyond. Such a premiere deserves worldwide celebration. 🙂

  29. Here’s hoping there might be something in Toronto, as I finally emigrate out there in a few weeks time!

    [Really? The best of luck with that. – FEd]

  30. Perhaps now I will go see it on the 22nd, since the front page just today posted that there will be five unreleased videos shown!


  31. Wonderful news Fed. I will be watching for your details on this showing. I am just hoping it will be at a cinema near my home, so, I am trying not to get too excited until we find out just where it will be..

    Thanks again for the heads up! You really do a great job at keeping us informed.

    Have a good weekend.

    Barbara P

  32. What fabulous news to gear up my long weekend, thank you.

    I hope Miami is on the list for one of the theatre. FEd, you wouldn’t happen to know if the show will be in the afternoon or in the evening, would you?

    [Not yet, but it’s more than likely to be the evening. – FEd]

  33. Darn,

    I just realized that I will be in transit from airport-to-airport that day and will probably have to miss this wonderful opportunity.

    So it goes….



  34. This is very good news indeed! It will be just the incentive I need to make a trip to the ‘big city’ and take a much-needed break from the 24/7 grind.

    A darkened theatre, surround sound, David’s guitar … ahhhh, bliss.


  35. Hi Fed,

    I’ve been checking The Bigger Picture site regularly to find out which theaters will be showing Live in Gdansk. No info is provided yet, but I hope they’re working hard to affiliate with many more theaters then they’ve had for their past concerts.

    Recent past concerts they produced where only shown in a couple theaters in So. Cal – I’m crossing my fingers the theater list will expand greatly for David’s Premiere.

    Hopefully they’ll let us know which 106 theaters soon.

    It’s unfortunate Fathom isn’t the vendor again, like last year, they have far more theaters involved – it looks like they are showing the opening night/gala for the Metropolitan Opera on 9/22/08 – bad timing for us!

    [There should be news on that within the next day or two. – FEd]

  36. Fed, would we be breaking any laws or need to get a licence or anything if a group of us fans got together and hired a cinema, like we can for kids birthday parties, and did our own showing of the Gdansk DVDs?

    Is this a stupid question because cinemas don’t use DVDs anyway?

    Not that I feel desperate or anything . . .

    ash X

    [You would be, you’d need a licence to publicly broadcast it. DVDs always display a warning about unauthorised public performances, broadcasting, transmission, lending, hiring, copying, etc. being strictly prohibited. Any form of reproduction or distribution constitutes a copyright infringement. Get a group of fans to meet at the house of whoever has the largest TV instead. – FEd]

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