Best 'Gdańsk' prices

The cover art for 'Live in Gdańsk', released in September 2008

With many sites, and shops, now starting to take pre-orders for the assorted ‘Live in Gdańsk’ sets, which will be available on 22 September across Europe and 23 September across North America (probably later everywhere else, as usual, details to follow whenever they materialise), I thought it would be helpful to provide an easy price comparison for those that might appreciate such a thing.

If you know of a reputable site, or store, anywhere in the world, do let us know how much they’re charging for ‘Live in Gdańsk’. The more links, the better.

Any links are provided for your convenience, by the way. The Blog doesn’t do commission.

Admittedly, this is running a wee bit early, as details are still trickling out, but I’m sure you’ll agree: it’s always better to be early than late.

Don’t forget, you can easily bookmark this page for later reference. Simply click the button beneath Comments.

If you need reminding of what you get with each of the five versions, please click here for the basics in table form, or here for more detail than you can wave a big stick at.

Author: FEd

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131 thoughts on “Best 'Gdańsk' prices”

  1. Amazon UK have it but it is very confusing as they haven’t all the prices up and they haven’t described which set you are getting for your money – prices from £16.49 to £31.49 but I’m not sure which versions (2 disc, 3 disc, 4 disc etc.) cost what. I know I’ll be going for the 5 disc version anyway……

    Here’s the link:

    [Those are Sony imports, don’t forget. EMI’s prices should be more favourable. – FEd]

  2. Great idea!

    I buy most of my music from HMV and Woolworths (I’m in the UK). They don’t have any details yet but I’ll be asking at Woolies tomorrow. I will report back.

    Amazon UK has prices for imports only.

    – £16.49 for the 2-disc
    – £23.49 for the 3-disc
    – £31.49 for the 4-disc

    No 5-disc or vinyl.

  3. the only prices i can find are the ones on for those imports.

    still no word on the UK prices yet?

    of course i’m still wondering if it actually is coming out on the said release date.

    [Not so much as a whisper. – FEd]

  4. hi fed, i’ve forgotten my chat password, could you sort me out please?

    [Certainly. Please check your e-mail, Lewis. – FEd]

  5. Well here is an interesting one. Vintage Vinyl in New Jersey actually has the Live in Gdansk vinyl version on their website and showing as in stock. The price they have listed is $99. Wow!!

    Below is the link but to find it you have to input Gilmour,David with no space between the comma and first name in the search box in the upper right. You’ll also see some of David’s other releases in vinyl as well.

    Off topic briefly, I got to see Dweezil Zappa perform his Zappa Plays Zappa show over the weekend. Papa would be proud. Awesome show.



  6. [Why no price on the 5-disc? Team DG too scared to reveal the price again? LOL! – Ben]

    Are you beginning to spot a pattern here too Ben?

    Maybe there’ll be something in the ‘Latest News’ buried under a story about RTN being broadcast on the moon next March later.

    [Now, now… – FEd]

  7. CD-wow has the 2 disc listed at £8.99 but no other versions.

    Also the amazon prices are for imports from the States not the UK versions which remain non-priced.

  8. Great idea,

    personally I placed my order for the deluxe earlier today (I will have a second guitar pick, can’t believe, I can’t play the guitar, the first one was with other artist deluxe/special/limited edition DVD, although said artist plays very little on the guitar).

    As for Poland Pawel did a good job, I will only add that EMI Poland did something for fans, here, they simply cut prices of other David items and particularly Remember That Night DVD and On An Island CD are off by 50%.

    At the current level RTN is a bargain, so if anybody needs another copy, I think now the price is more than affordable (cheaper than standard 2 CD Live In Gdańsk).

    For those for whom sound really matters, I also looked for vinyl and I was told at that they won’t sell it. I saw LP link at and it is @ 219 PLN or exactly 100$ or 53 GBP or 66,5 Euro.

  9. [ are already listing the 5 disc set for €62,99. – bernhard]

    That’s about $94 US. My jaw dropped…Hope that isn’t right!

  10. bluesrpink – what did you expect it would cost? to be honest i figured it would about this price.

  11. I reckon it might lower a little until the day of release, it does most times with likely box sets on amazon, last ones for me were the first three U2 album reissues deluxe versions, they went down a wee little bit a few days before the def. release date.

    cheerio, b.

  12. On Best Buy’s website, they list Exclusive 5-disc set which makes me believe that Best Buy will be the only US store offering the 5-disc. The price is $69.99.

  13. [Maybe there’ll be something in the ‘Latest News’ buried under a story about RTN being broadcast on the moon next March later. – Lorraine]

    LOL! I hope it’s not on Pay Per View.

    I think the 5-disc will be £40-45.

  14. Here’s another place you can get the Live at Gdansk disk.

    It’s a bit pricey but you also get a guitar with it.



    [Wow, there’s even a case to put it in. Bargain. – FEd]

  15. Hey Fed,

    An Observation….

    This has been a very interesting question but for a different reason. It is only when you actually think about it…how few different music outlets remain either physically or via the internet.

    If you had asked me this question 20 years ago, I could have come up with dozens of stores that would be offering these for sale in Canada. Now with all the consolidations and chains going out of business over the years…there are about 5. And of these only HMV is a real quality bricks and mortar chain (sorry Best Buy and Future Shop). The others are like Amazon…purely internet.

    Our choice of where to buy music has dramatically decreased over the years.

    Cheers, Howard

    [Very true, Howard. Thanks for that. – FEd]

  16. [ are already listing the 5 disc set for €62,99. – bernhard]

    62,99 Euros = 49,4627482 British pounds.

    Would it really be as much as that?

  17. Dear F.Ed,

    here is a link to an Italian web-shop where I bought in the past and I found them quite honest. As you can see just two of the assorted sets of Live in Gdansk are now available, you can find as well as other Gilmour’s products; prices are in Euros of course.

    I wait for your “go” when this site will accept the pre-orders.


  18. @Fran

    Considering a normal (1) CD costs around €15 – €20 (in Belgium anyway) I’d say its an OK price, considering you get 5 disks and some very nice extras.

    Just looked around some Belgian shops, but they don’t show anything just yet. In any case you’re probably better off buying from Amazon UK.

  19. I just saw some great pictures of some of the covers and the actual CDs/DVDs of Live at Gdansk – they all look stunning! The picture disks look great!

    I can’t wait for this release!!!!

  20. I think GB £49 is a great price.

    5 discs with all the extras … what sort of price were people expecting?

  21. Funny, declares September 19th as the release date “Dieser Artikel wird am 19. September 2008 erscheinen.” for the 5 disc package.

    Anyway, I ordered one there, since there isn’t a serious shop around and the fuel is still so expensive…

    Best regards,


  22. is listing the 5 disc cd version for €54,66 and the vinyl set for only €43,77. Both decent prices.

    A shop in Holland,, is selling the 5 disc for €57,99 and the vinyl for €72,99. Postage in Holland is free, but I am not sure if they send outside of Holland.

    It seems some people are complaining about the price. But you do get 3 CDs plus 2 DVDs and extras. And a lot of memory flashbacks! What more do you want?

    Cheers, Robert

  23. I had a good listen to The Law CD today, Paul Rodgers could sing the phone book, great stuff!

  24. £50 for the five disk set sounds very reasonable to me.

    The thing I’m worried about is the 5 LP version.

    Led Zeppelin recently released The Song Remains the Same remastered on vinyl and that costs over £70 and that’s only 4 LPs.

    I’d really like the vinyl version and although no price has yet been mentioned it is a ‘limited edition’ so I’m worried that it’s going to be hard to find and very expensive.

    Having said that, the fact that it looks like the CD versions are going to be so reasonably priced does give me some hope but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

  25. [bluesrpink – what did you expect it would cost? – Lewis McInnes]

    Certainly not close to $100 US. The $70 that Best Buy is showing is a little more easy to take.

  26. in the U.S. has posted an interview today with David about Live at Gdansk in case anyone is interested (click my name above).

    [Thanks for that, Tom. – FEd]

  27. France –>

    – 2 discs = 16,99€
    – 3 discs = 22,99€
    – 4 discs = 32,30€
    – 5 discs = 54,66€

  28. I am hoping to get the 5 disc Deluxe set for my birthday, dunno how much it is going to cost here. Probably an arm and a leg considering how expensive CDs are in Canada.

  29. The 5-disc Live at Gdansk list is $70 at Best Buy here in the US (I knew it was going to be exclusive there).

    However, the price will drop to either $40 or $50 for the week the set goes on sale.

    Best Buy has been doing exclusive things with the last three David Gilmour efforts. The Island Jam single with On an Island CD. The AOL Sessions CD with the Remember That Night DVD. I found another OAI with Island Jam at a store in SC recently (keeping it, DG and PF collector here).

    I usually go indy store route but Best Buy add bonus CDs and so on so I go there when I can’t go indy route.

    [And the vinyl is just short of $109, I see. – FEd]

  30. Hi FEd, another Great Blog Topic!

    Thanks for that, this will come in very useful! As I too, have not seen the 5 disc version listed yet.

    thanks, joefromCanada

  31. I’ll just get the five discs at the most reasonable price I can get. How about here? Just send it with my payment pre – endorsed on Sept. 22nd. How easy is that?

    WTIO will be fabulous to see again from another venue.

  32. How about some prices from North America? Well… Here ya go! (OK, so nobody actually asked.)

    According to they are listing only three (3) different versions.

    The two (2) CD set
    $22.99 – “This item will be released on Sep 16 2008.”

    The two (2) CD & one (1) DVD set
    $30.99 – “This item will be released on Sep 23 2008.”

    The two (2) CD & two (2) DVD set
    @42.99 – “This item will be released on Sep 23 2008.”

    I will post if/when the five (5) disc “Delux” box set is listed. You can find the above listing at:

  33. [I think GB £49 is a great price. 5 discs with all the extras … what sort of price were people expecting? – RobM]

    I second that, Rob.

    In rip off Britain, one can never be too sure what we Brits will be charged.

    Kind regards.


  34. I think I will be ordering the 5 disc version from the cheapest place I can find. I have used a number of international suppliers in the past and will have a check on pricing nearer the time.

    The UK pricing is a real mess at the moment but I imagine that will get resolved in the next few weeks. Amazon UK are listing the release date as the 23rd!

    [Initially, Amazon get as much wrong as they do right, but it’ll come good soon. – FEd]

  35. Hello Fed!

    I placed my order for the deluxe 2 days ago at Amazon Germany (63€).

    Fed, there are any plans to release a blu ray DVD from the concert in Gdansk???

    We love our blu ray “Remember..” and it would be amazing to have also this gig in a blu ray version!!

    With best regards from Berlin

    [There are no plans for that right now, sorry. – FEd]

  36. I’m quite looking forward to this actually. When the live CD was first mentioned, I wasn’t all that enthused about it.

    However I would say it’s some shrewd thinking from DG and his people to make this set appealing. Well done I’d say!

    Can’t wait to get the 5 disc set.

  37. [Considering a normal (1) CD costs around €15 – €20 (in Belgium anyway) I’d say its an OK price, considering you get 5 disks and some very nice extras. – Bart]

    Hi Bart.

    New CDs are usually £8 in the UK and £8 x 3 = £24. Add two DVDs at £12 and you get a total of £48.

    I stand corrected, but I hope it’s not more than £50!

    I got nowhere at Woolworths when I asked about “Live in Gdansk”. The girl didn’t know what I was talking about!

  38. Interesting to see that there is such a great difference in prices between amazon France and amazon Germany (e.g. 2-disc-set: 16,96€/21,99€; 5-disc-set: 54,66€/62,99€).

    Same company and both countries in the Euro-zone, and VAT is even a little bit higher in France than in Germany. How could that be?

  39. Norwegian prices are (Platekompaniet): = 159 NOK = 29 USD = 219 NOK = 40 USD = 289 NOK = 53 USD = 519 NOK = 94 USD
    5.LP = 549 NOK = 100 USD

    [Thank you all for contributing. Your responses so far have been very revealing. – FEd]

  40. $99.83 at ezydvd in Australia for the deluxe set. So far that seems to be the only listing for the 5 disk set. 2CD set is $21.99 which I think is pretty good. Online sites are offering freight free.

    I like Best Buy’s price and it may be worth paying postage to here.

    It’s good to see how things are priced around the planet.

    Have a good weekend everybody

    [I think a few people might consider getting it imported from the States, actually. – FEd]

  41. Fed – is Anthill going to be stocking the 5 disc version? Thx!

    [I assume that they’ll stock all five sets, but have heard nothing further. – FEd]

  42. has prices for the 3 disk ($27.86 AND FREE SHIPPING) and 4 disk ($40.98 AND FREE SHIPPING).

    Barnes and Noble has
    1 CD, $17.99
    2 CD/1DVD, $31.49
    2 CD/2DVD, $44.99

    Circuit City has pretty much the same sets, same prices. Neither B&N nor CC has the 5 disc available (yet). For Your Ear (FYE) refers people to the Deep Discount site.


  43. Wow! On (France), it’s the first time I see this: the long box (Deluxe Edition) contents – click on ‘agrandir’).

    I wonder if it’s really the 5-disc version, but, if so, it’s the cheapest I have found : 54.66 € (and free shipping in France)!

    For the vinyl (5 LP, click ‘agrandir’) – 62.95 €


    [That’s what we want to see. Good spot. – FEd]

  44. [I wonder if it’s really the 5-disc version – Michèle]

    It is! Well according to Amazon’s pics it is the right version. I love detective work. 😉

  45. Here are the prices from (The Netherlands).

    They have three versions, 2, 4 and 5 CDs according to their site. I think that will be 2 CDs, 2 CDs + 2 DVDs and 3 CDs + 2 DVDs?

    The 2 CD + 1 DVD version is not mentioned on their site.


    2CD = € 19,99
    4CD = € 27,99
    5CD = € 64,99 offers:

    Double CD = € 19,99
    Double CD + 2 DVD = € 39,99
    3CD + 2 DVD = € 64,99

    Again the three-disc set is not mentioned, nor the vinyl set.


  46. Is anyone in UK taking orders on the 5 disc set? Will they ship on the 22nd? I am not sure if anyone local will stock the 5 disc so I think internet option is best and probably earliest (even if a day or 2 late).

    I might buy double disc on the day of release to tide me over until the 5 disc arrives, can always keep that in the car..

    Darran (Middlesbrough, England)

    [Sorry, I’m still waiting for news on the five-disc set. It’ll be here as soon as possible. – FEd]

  47. By the way, a very belated Happy Birthday to Melissa and wish you happiness always!

  48. [Is anyone in UK taking orders on the 5 disc set? – Darran]

    Yes, they are Darran and it’s a snip, a mere £39.99 at

  49. (a German online-retailer) currently has the following prices:

    2-disc: 19,99 (and the Sony-Import of this curiously for 17,99!)
    5-disc: 54,99
    5-LP: 79,99

  50. Sorry if this has been asked before but I can’t find reference to the release of ‘Live in Gdańsk on Blu-Ray.

    Any news would be much appreciated.

    [There hasn’t been any reference to a Blu-ray release because there isn’t going to be a Blu-ray release, sorry. However, if that changes, details will be here in due course. – FEd]

  51. i can’t believe americans are even thinking about ordering it from the uk or europe unless they have no other choice . the dollar exchange rate is still not so good i believe . you can lose so much money on the exchange rate alone never mind expensive shipping costs to the usa . it is expensive enough shipping things to ireland from english online shops !

    55 euros or there abouts is a very good price for a 5 cd version considering you are looking at 15-20 euros for a chart cd now .

    i am off to look at as they have a price list in euros unlike amazon .


  52. Thanks for the heads up on the 5 disc set – pre-order duly placed with Play…..

    ….and nice to be back amongst friends. 🙂

  53. I can’t believe how much we’re getting for our money!

    Thank you David and all your team.

    ash X

  54. just pre ordered the 5 disc set from – £39.99. bargain if you ask me.

  55. I said I thought 5-disc would be £40-45. Well done

    [They’re quick, too. I don’t think anyone will be able to beat them for price or speed of service. Free delivery, as well… – FEd]

  56. Must admit I’d been waiting on for what seemed like an age, there was no info the album at all and with a rather restless night ahead of me I just dropped in and found it and got my order in quick.

    Always a great service from them and a great price too.

    Roll on September. Now if only I can think of a way to persuade my wife not to put it away for Christmas I’ll be a happy man.

    [Good luck, Alan. – FEd]

  57. Thanks to this wonderful blog, I’ve pre-ordered the 5-disc from Play. I can’t wait! I never ordered anything from Play before, but that’s a great price and if FEd says they’re good, FEd is never wrong!

    As I said before in this thread, I’m glad it’s not more than £50!

    [I’m never wrong, that’s right. – FEd]

  58. How about

    They have it for 54.66 € as well… the picture shows the box with “2 CD + 2 DVD + 1 bonus CD” thought the description says 3 CD…

  59. At the Portuguese store :

    2CD : 22,85 €
    2CD + 2DVD : 42,85 €
    3CD + 2DVD : 72,35 €
    5LP : 82,35 €

    But they don’t have the 2CD + 1 DVD version available…I’ve searched other Portuguese stores and none had the 2CD + 1 DVD available for pre-ordering…

  60. I think I will get my 5 CD set from Best Buy for they have great deals for the first week of release and I bought Remember that Night at Best Buy the first week of release and it only cost $11.98. But anything can happen.

    Take care,

  61. Hey, Fed.

    Do you know why is showing the vinyl edition´s release date as November 25 and not September 23?

    I´ll buy both vinyl and deluxe boxes. have all of them. But only the vinyl edition has different release date.


    [Maybe they know something that I don’t, or they’ve messed up their dates again. I’ll find out, as all sets were supposed to be available on the same day. The best advice for the vinyl, by the way, is to pre-order if you want one. It’s likely to be the least popular format, there will not be as many made (as the CD/DVD sets) and, as it does take a fairly long time – at a greater cost – to manufacture, there’s no guarantee that a second batch will be pressed. In that respect, it will be a limited edition in all but name, so please do pre-order to avoid missing out. – FEd]

  62. And one more question:

    Will there be any exclusive thing on Best Buy this time (like the Island Jam CD Single)??


    [Not that I know of. More on ‘exclusive things’ soon. – FEd]

  63. As a Canadian I am starting to get a little frustrated as no Canadian retailers currently have the 5-disc listed.

    The price of $69.99 is fine by me, but they do not ship outside the USA.

    I can order the UK PAL version from for $105 US or from for £39.99.

    But where are the Canadian retailers???????

  64. Just received official e-mail from about Gdansk album and a little put off by the directing of pre-orders to Amazon which we now all know are charging more for all the versions than eg.

    Not exactly good for the fans is it?

    [Nope. – FEd]

  65. Just been looking and you can’t beat if you’re in the UK. Prices are still:

    5-disc = £39.99 | 4-disc = £24.99 | 3-disc = £11.99 | 2-disc = £8.95

  66. is now £39.98 for the deluxe set! 1 pence cheaper than!

    I’m not sure which would be best now though, I’ve never pre-ordered something from Amazon, but Play has always been reasonably reliable for getting something to me on release date, last time I got it on the Saturday beforehand instead of the Monday.

    Though Amazon seem to be quicker in general at posting things, and have sturdier packaging.

    Argh! Opinions?

    [Good price and good news. You can also recycle Amazon’s cardboard packaging, whereas Play usually favour padded envelopes. – FEd]

  67. Sorry for the delay in doing this message.

    Although Play package smaller stuff, like individual CDs or DVDs, in the past there have been a few issues with Play not packaging larger items, like box sets as well as they should do. It might just be my postman playing football with it, but Play’s packaging could still be better.

    Having said that I have no idea what Amazon’s packaging for larger items is like, and Play sometimes package things well, sometimes they don’t. It seems it’s all down to luck, and if you do have a damaged item Play are very quick and helpful in replacing it, so it’s not all bad news.

    On a side note, this might sound like a strange question but do you happen to know if the 5 LP vinyl release in France will be identical to the British one? From the pictures it doesn’t look like it’s anything different, the writing on the front is still in English.


    [Exactly the same, I should think (an EMI release). Maybe someone from France can comment on their ‘Remember That Night’ or ‘On an Island’? – FEd]

  68. [Just received official e-mail from about Gdansk album and a little put off by the directing of pre-orders to Amazon… – Steven Mclaren]

    I noticed that a popular PF fansite is doing the same with a note saying that using their links to Amazon helps with their running costs.

    They even call it a comparison chart! This is a real comparison. Thanks for providing space for this thread.

    I’ll probably get mine from Amazon, but only because it’s cheaper there, not because any website tells me that that’s where I should get it from!

    [I hope it’s been useful. – FEd]

  69. Another vote for £39.99 for the five-disc seems like good value.

    [Although Play package smaller stuff, like individual CDs or DVDs, in the past there have been a few issues with Play not packaging larger items, like box sets as well as they should do. It might just be my postman playing football with it, but Play’s packaging could still be better… Thomas Robinson]

    Everything I’ve ordered from Play, including bulky items, has arrived on time and in good condition. The only exception was a limited edition version of Halo3 for my 360, but that was clearly the result of poorly designed packaging on the part of Microsoft and/or the developer, for which M$ accepted responsibility.

    I don’t use any other web-based CD/DVD/game retailer these days.

    Oh, and Play’s padded envelopes can be reused if opened carefully (i.e. eBay). 😀


    [It’s always good to re-use… – FEd]

  70. I just pre-ordered my vinyl edition and my 5 disc edition of Gdansk from The prices listed were Euro 43.77 and Euro 54.66 respectively.

    However, once I put them into my basket, the prices changed to Euro 36.60 and Euro 45.70!! That would translate to £29.50 and £36.85 respectively, as opposed to £39.98 and £99.99 listed on Amazon UK!!

    I cross-verified to see if the correct versions were put into my shopping cart and all seems OK. I was pretty surprised.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes off well and I do get the right ones.

    [Yes, let’s hope so. – FEd]

  71. I’m in the process of contacting Indie stores to see who’ll ship the exclusive ‘Wot’s… Uh The Deal’ CD internationally.

    In doing so, I thought you might find the link above useful: The Coalition of Independent Music Stores (CIMS), covering some 59 of the best independent music stores across 21 states.

    Click my nom de plume above, if it’s of use to you. I’ll have some prices from the independent stores over the next week or two.

  72. [… do you happen to know if the 5 LP vinyl release in France will be identical to the British one? From the pictures it doesn’t look like it’s anything different, the writing on the front is still in English. Thanks. – Thomas]

    [Exactly the same, I should think (an EMI release). Maybe someone from France can comment on their ‘Remember That Night’ or ‘On an Island’? – FEd]

    I have 2 RTN DVDs, one comes from England and one from France (Anthill was so slow to send me my pre-ordered copy…). They are identical, except that the English one had a ‘The voice and guitar of Pink Floyd’ sticker on it and the French one had not (funny, that…).

    As for the vinyl version of OAI, I don’t know, I bought mine in France, I think it’s the same as in the UK. All is written in English, it’s a 180g LP, with a gatefold cover, inside the pic of David and Polly (from Where We Start on the CD). There is also a big poster of David, which has the OAI lyrics on the reverse side.


  73. Just to add to this thread…

    LUNA Music, an independent store (well, two stores) in Indianapolis: $32.98 for the three-disc and $46.98 for the four-disc, with exclusive ‘Wot’s… Uh The Deal’ CD included with either set.

    They also ship worldwide.

  74. Zavvi selling 5 disc for £39.00. Cheapest I have found yet.

    [Good find, Steven. (£26 for the four-disc, £13 for the three-disc.) – FEd]

  75. Wow Steven, that’s less than Play! Play is still cheaper for the 3-disc (£11.99).

    Re: LUNA Music

    $32.98 = £18.46
    $46.98 = £26.29

    If the 4-disc set is £26 in the UK, I think some people will feel that it’s worth buying it from one of the independent stores in the USA just to get the exclusive “Wot’s… Uh The Deal” CD.

    [Don’t forget the cost of shipping on top, but it’s a fair point (and a competitive price). – FEd]

  76. Hello FEd!

    News from Amazon Germany: end of last week I made my pre-order for the 5CD/DVD-set at €59,95. This afternoon I found a mail from Amazon, that the price will be reduced to €57,95.


    [That’s wonderful news, Herbert. – FEd]

  77. Funny, if we buy online on, the 5LP set costs 53.20€. I went to a fnac store in Lille yesterday, they suggested to me an American import 5LP set for 125.00€!!!

    Who could be stupid enough to buy it?


  78. Michele, thank you for your post a few days ago saying that previous French releases have been the same as British releases. It is very useful to know that in the past there has not been a ‘foreign’ version released in France.

    It should prove useful in an argument I am having with Amazon about foreign editions and copy-right laws.

    Earlier today I came across this website – – purely by chance. The Vinyl LP release is £60, the cheapest price I have so far been able to find from a UK supplier.

    They also stock the other versions, and the 5 CD/DVD deluxe box set is only £36. The other versions are priced at £10, £17, £22. They ship internationally and it looks as though postage is free to buyers in the UK, and only £3.50 to overseas buyers, and that’s for recorded delivery as well.

    [Good spotting, Thomas. – FEd]

  79. [I just pre-ordered my vinyl edition and my 5 disc edition of Gdansk from The prices listed were Euro 43.77 and Euro 54.66 respectively. However, once I put them into my basket, the prices changed to Euro 36.60 and Euro 45.70!! That would translate to £29.50 and £36.85 respectively, as opposed to £39.98 and £99.99 listed on Amazon UK!! ]

    This is because they removed the VAT charge.

    As a Canadian, my experience has taught me that if I order from or the price I pay is not the price listed on the website, but that price minus the VAT.

    So, as a Non-European I would always pick because, while their price is £39.98, once the VAT is removed I pay only £34.03.

    The various Amazons are the only European based retailers I have found that do this.

  80. [As a Canadian I am starting to get a little frustrated as no Canadian retailers currently have the 5-disc listed. But where are the Canadian retailers??????? – Deckard]

    For all the Canadians wondering about other Canadian prices, HMV has them listed as follows:

    Live In Gdańsk: 2CD
    Price: CDN $32.99

    Live In Gdańsk: 3SET
    Price: CDN $52.99

    Live In Gdańsk: 4SET
    Price: CDN $75.99

    Live In Gdańsk: 5SET
    Price: CDN $99.99

    The listing can be found at

  81. Fed, I ordered the 2CD/1DVD from LUNA in Indianapolis (with the Wot’s disc). It was only $29.73.

    It’s comical (well, maybe not to you) how complicated this all is. But, the bottom line is, it’s good to have all these choices.

  82. More from the independent stores:-

    4,000 Holes (Spokane, Washington):
    Two-disc set: $19.95 (includes exclusive ‘Wot’s… CD, shipping is $4.25 US, $9 overseas)
    Three-disc set: $34.95 (includes exclusive ‘Wot’s… CD, shipping is $4.25 US, $9 overseas)
    Four-disc set: $49.95 (includes exclusive ‘Wot’s… CD, shipping is $4.25 US, $9 overseas)
    Vinyl: $139.95 (does not include exclusive ‘Wot’s… CD, shipping is $9 US, $26 overseas)

    Shake It Records (Cincinnati, Ohio):
    Two-disc set: $16.99 (includes exclusive ‘Wot’s… CD, shipping is $7.95)

    SoundStage Direct:
    Vinyl: $139.99 (free shipping in the US, but will ship worldwide)

  83. From The Electric Fetus (Minnesota, USA), a CIMS (Coalition Of Independent Music Stores) member.

    2CD- $18.99
    2CD/1DVD- $33.22
    2CD/2DVD- $47.47
    5LP- $172.89 (seems quite excessive… I wouldn’t be surprised if this changes)

    No indication of the free Wot’s… CD on the site yet. Postage runs from $4.75- $6.80 in the US; $6.75 Int’l.

    [Many thanks for that. I haven’t received word from them to confirm that they’ll definitely have/include the bonus ‘Wot’s…’ CD, so please do check before you order. – FEd]

  84. Just a comment for other Norwegians out there.

    Platekompaniet ships every package with the 5-disc at 519 NOK ($90) and vinyl at 669 NOK ($116). Also, ships the 5-disc from Norway at 529 NOK.

    Remember, if you buy from outside Norway, you have to pay a toll. Stupid, expensive country…

  85. Other sources for Australia:-

    And whilst JB HiFi don’t have the deluxe set in their online store, I asked and was able to order a copy instore (they’d better have ordered it anyway, their ordering process is a bit casual, but has always worked for me in the past: Blade Runner limited edition, Sigur Ros ‘Heima’ limited edition etc).

  86. I wonder how the 5 LP edition comes so much cheaper on

    I’ve bought mine 43.77€ and it’s 85GPB in UK (107€) :-O

    By the way, excuse my English. ^^


  87. Hello,

    How does one get the 5 CD version AND the WOT’S… UH THE DEAL promo in America?


    [You get the five-disc set from Best Buy and the ‘Wot’s…’ CD from an independent store when you buy any CD version (vinyl is not included in this offer). – FEd]

  88. I was off for some days and I just wanted to announce a new price from for the 5-disc-set, which is now 55,97€ – shipping included.

    But what I saw entering the blog blew the happiness about Amazon’s last offer away in a second.

    A sad day, that Monday and a big loss for the music.


  89. For US buyers: has the cheapest 4 disc edition that I could find at $32.86.

    Amazon has it at $33.99.

    [I’d also like to add that the price of the vinyl box set – at SoundStage Direct – has been slashed from $139.99 to $99.99. Domestic shipping is free. – FEd]

  90. Waterloo Records, Austin, Texas:

    Two-disc set: $17.97 (includes exclusive ‘Wot’s… CD)
    Three-disc set: $31.47 (includes exclusive ‘Wot’s… CD)
    Four-disc set: $44.97 (includes exclusive ‘Wot’s… CD)

    They promise to let you know before your order is processed if they run out of ‘Wot’s…’ CDs.

    Please note that they have a pricing structure that’s different online from what’s in their store (a general 10% discount from list price).

    So, if you were planning on paying them a visit in Austin, Texas, please note that the prices in-store will be different: the prices shown here are their online prices.

  91. Best Buy has the 5-disc set listed at $49.99 now.

    How bittersweet this release will be, but life has to go on.

    Thanks for your efforts in giving us a forum to pay our respects, Fed.

  92. Small spelling thing:

    It should be Gdańsk not Gdánsk (though it looks quite similar). 😉

    [Where do you see Gdánsk? – FEd]

  93. Hey FEd,

    Just looking over my Chicago Tribune, Best Buy Sunday flyer. The deluxe set is $49.99 USD; 2-CD/DVD set $21.99; 2-CD set $11.99; On sale, Tuesday, 10:00a.m.!

    Can’t wait, so excited (all the bonus items as well)! Just thought I’d give all a heads up for this Big event here in the States!!

    Oh & by the way, GO CHICAGO CUBS, GO!!! 100 YEARS IS ENOUGH OF A WAIT!!

    You are doing a FANTASTIC JOB, keeping on top of things! Special commendations to You & Yours!

    105.9, The Rock, Nashville, TN. has the Radio special available online now.

    [Thanks, Keith. Click the link above for that. – FEd]

  94. I got an email from today that the five disc box is no longer available, and will not become available any more. Sold out. So it appears as if I won’t get the box, even after I have pre-ordered it weeks ago.

    I have to say that I am not really very happy about that… 🙁

    [Understandably so. – FEd]

  95. An update from EMI:

    The two-disc set will not be available in Spain.

    The three-disc set will not be available in Belgium, Holland or Italy.

    The four-disc set will not be available in Germany, Spain or Switzerland.

    The five-disc set will be not be available in Portugal.

    The vinyl set will be released in France on Monday 29 September.

  96. Finally ordered it online from Best Buy at 49.99 + tax, with free shipping and they shipped today.

    I´m talking about the 5 disc version of course.

  97. Hi all.

    Got my 3 disc GDANSK for £14:99 at HMV. Not a bad price for 3 discs.

    [It’s the Merseyside derby this weekend, Chris… – FEd]

  98. Hey FEd! Hope you enjoyed your long weekend, from all the hubbub, you definitely needed a break; (again, great job, keeping on top of things!)

    Just a note about B B prices, they have reverted back to MSRP; the deluxe box @ $69.99 USD, 4 set/$46.99, 3 set/$32.99, 2 set/$14.99. The deluxe box is soldout online, but the others are still available w/free shipping!

    All stores have re-stocked everything in racks so, that’s…Uh The Deal!!

    Oh and BTW, last Wednesday Fender sent the usual Newsletter; (have been a subscriber for years) with the Black Strat micro/update; excellent content, especially timeline/wallpaper, gonna go put my hands on one today at Naperville Music.

    Have a great Monday!!


    [Thanks, Keith, the same to you. – FEd]

  99. Sorry if this has already been answered, but I think that the bonus CD on the 5-disc version contains the tracks that can be downloaded via the webpass – therefore, is there a benefit to using the webpass for those that have the 5-disc set?

    The Gdansk table page says “YES” for the 5-disc set having both the hard copy & the downloadable form.

    Not complaining, mind you – it’s great that so much has been made available in so many forms. Thanks to all (Dave, FEd, and all who toil unnamed).

    [I think I’m the only one who really toils unnamed, but thanks for the thanks. There’s no benefit to using the web pass if you already have the 12 live songs on CD (apart from being able to download ‘Wot’s… Uh The Deal’, of course). You never know, something extra could be made available electronically in future. – FEd]

  100. G’day Guys/Gals,

    I got the 5 disc version today from Sunflower Music on the Gold Coast for $99.95 (Aus), I’m happy.

    Still looking for the vinyl version.

    Thanks again,

  101. Amazon France 5 LP boxed set shipped to USA for $64.26 total.

    Received mine on 10/07/2008.

    Very nice package indeed.

  102. can’t get the 5 disc. anywhere sold out here in dublin. tried amazon, no luck there either.

    can anyone help?

    [Sorry, John. It’s been fun and games trying to get the deluxe set anywhere, sadly. – FEd]

  103. Hi there,

    I have no idea where to post this, but I hope someone can redirect me to the right place.

    I was on my way to buy the 4 Disc set of the Gdansk concert. I live in PAL land (South-Africa), so naturally I bought the set with the PAL print on it, and was from the Australian region. Before I pay, I ask the attendant to open the package and sure enough to my disgrace, both the DVD discs were NTSC….

    I refused to pay, and left the store!

    Why is this? Why is there a NTSC DVD in the PAL printed booklet/folder from the Gdansk concert?

    Kindest regards

    [I wish I could tell you without causing offence to those who packaged the sets, Neil. Thanks for letting me know, anyway. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience and hope you are able to find a PAL disc. – FEd]

  104. To John and anybody else who could be interested, the 5-disc deluxe set is available (not delivered until 27 October) on (France) for 54.66€.

    + 10.80€ to deliver to the UK (‘colissimo’, delay=4 days) or + 18.00€, ‘chronopost’, delay=1 or 2 days)


  105. Hello, for your information I bought my Live in Gdansk pack today with 3 disc (2 CD plus 1 DVD) and the price in Brazil is R$ 69,90. It´s around 30,00 USD.


    [Thanks for reporting back, Antonio. I hope you enjoy it. – FEd]

  106. Just to let you know: The 5-disc set is now (and at last!) available online on (click my name), but it costs 75.61€ and I bought mine in September for about 54€ (at Furet du Nord). So, délai de près de 2 mois et près de 50% d’augmentation!) What a shame!

    And don’t be mistaken, 55.99€ is only for ‘adhérents’ (=’members’?), it will cost you 30€ to become a member.


    [Good news. Sort of. – FEd]

  107. The best price on the 4-disc version is £25.98 from

    My local HMV is selling it for £29.99.

    [It’s the same price at mine, but I ordered one on Friday from Amazon and it was £24.98. – FEd]

  108. It’s now £25.38 at (click my name).

    [Good thing I ordered mine when I did, then. More worryingly, if you scroll to the bottom and ‘What Do Customers Ultimately Buy After Viewing This Item?’, it says 2% buy ‘Mamma Mia!’ on DVD. – FEd]

  109. I had just received the 5-disc version, but I can’t get into the, every time I try I got a message “I have no permission to enter the server”. How can I get the bonus track.

    Regards from Peru.

    [I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing difficulties, Carlos. I just tried, and I have the same problem. Please click your name above for an alternative page. If you have any further trouble, please see the FAQ & Support link right at the bottom. – FEd]

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