'A Great Day…'

Leszek Możdżer on stage in Gdańsk, 26 August 2006

Today we have the first of what will hopefully be many exclusives, as we count down to the release of David’s forthcoming live album (22 September in Europe, 23 September in North America).

Click here to watch ‘A Great Day For Freedom’ from Gdańsk, where Leszek Możdżer (pictured) was one of several special Polish guests.

Of course, we’d love to hear what you think, so don’t hold back.

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Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

70 thoughts on “'A Great Day…'”

  1. This first coverage (except from the ones on Remember that Night) of this concert really makes me look forward to the rest.

    Waiting …

  2. Really great. I can’t wait to see the whole record.

    But one thing amazed me… ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ in this short film on the homepage. This song apparently won’t be included in the DVD. Maybe some surprise? 🙂

  3. GREAT, I hope the time will go faster – I can not wait for it.


  4. …’For Freedom’.

    What a terrific track.

    I can’t get over how large the video screens above the stage are. The orchestral arrangements augment the band wonderfully well.

    Roll on the 22nd of September…

  5. What a WONDERFUL surprise! I can’t wait. (Thanks for getting up so early for us, FEd!)

    [You’re welcome. (Thanks for noticing.) – FEd]

  6. A very moving and powerful version of what ‘should’ have been ‘A Great Day For Freedom’.

    I’m speaking of the fall of the Berlin wall. Are ‘they’ all really free and happier, now? I have always a feeling of disillusion, bitterness, sadness when I listen to this song, but maybe it’s just me…

    What an amazing guitar solo, enlightened by the orchestra, sublime!

    Off topic, but don’t know where to put this info:

    Belgian Classic 21 radio station will re-broadcast ‘David Gilmour live at the Mermaid Theatre in London’ (March 2006) on Friday, August 22, at 10:00 PM (CET). Please, click my name. To listen to online, click on ‘128k’.


    [Good to know. Thanks for that. – FEd]

  7. Blimey! That was incredible! Fantastic in every way- I would list everything I liked about that but I may go over the character limit… Instead I will list what I didn’t like: nothing.

    He knows what he’s doing this David Gilmour chap, doesn’t he? 😉

  8. Well, that was a good start to the day. Nice crisp video & the sound is stunning. I love the shot near the end with the light going out in front of David.

    Looks like the straight to Blog button on my Yahoo toolbar will be getting a little friend that goes straight to Gdansk. 😀

  9. incredible, visually very cinematographic (you say that?!), plus the audio is overwhelming! for me personally certainly the best performance of this song I have heard/seen so far. this will be a feast. david’s smile at the end says it all.

    also always interesting to filter out the differences in solos between the active emgs and the non-active pus on the black strat.

    most beautiful!

    sunny greetings from vienna!

  10. It seems a bit cruel only to give us this one – like giving someone a couple of nuts and bolts from a Meccano set while telling them there’s more on the way. 😉

    …not that anyone should take that as an incentive not to provide us with more in the run-up to the release date!

  11. Hello Fed!

    Great first track!! It makes hungry for more. Can’t wait for the release date!

    In the evening we await Neil Young, last Friday we saw Eric Clapton. Great performances these days in Berlin!

    Best wishes

    [Enjoy the Neil Young concert, Ina. You are lucky. – FEd]

  12. This is perfect. A great song for a right moment there in Poland.

    David has made some changes to his guitar solo and the sound may be a bit more overdriven than usually (?). I like it a lot – the performance and his guitar solo.

  13. This is beautiful. I’ve come to expect nothing less from David Gilmour.

    Hey F’Ed, great news!! I have previously written about being a teacher for children who were suspended from their regular classrooms. It’s not the kind of teaching I really want to do. The great news is, I just got the teaching job I’ve always wanted! It entails teaching younger children at a newly-opened public school. It’s double the salary, it’s a tenure position (meaning that after three years, it’ll be very hard to get fired) and, above all, it is a chance to work with the kind of children I have wanted to teach all along. In every way, this is a much better job.

    [Excellent news, Dan. All the best with that. – FEd]

  14. That’s wonderful…really wonderful.

    Even if thinking that “now life devalues day by day as friends and neighbours turn away and there’s a change that, even with regret, cannot be undone. Now frontiers shift like desert sands, while nations wash their bloodied hands. Of loyalty, of history, in shades of grey” were not the thoughts I hoped for waking up today!

    Wonderful lyrics…but a little sad.

    I hope there will soon be a Fat Old Sun video to cheer me up. 🙂


  15. I hope it’s not top secret but… […]

    [Not just yet, thank you, but soon. – FEd]

  16. [Enjoy the Neil Young concert, Ina. You are lucky. – FEd]

    Hey FED, Neil is coming to his hometown Toronto on December 4th…come on out and see the show with Rudders and me..

    Cheers, Howard

    [I’ve used up my air miles for this year, sadly. Should be a great gig, though. – FEd]

  17. Oh, this is a great day! This will be a fantastic album, judging from the first clip.

    Thanks again for this, F.Ed!

  18. David, I would love to write something brilliant to show you my appreciation for your giving me the opportunity to relive such a magnificent moment in my life, but I’m unable to find the words to tell you how it makes me feel… I have noting but tears to express my feelings at the moment.


  19. Wow! Thank you so much for that. Sent shivers through my body. So beautiful with the orchestra playing. An amazing song and piece of music.

    I was really looking forward to buying this. Now I can’t live without it. Time is gonna drag and drag till I can get my hands on a copy.


  20. Jeepers, seeing the video and reading the Gilmour interview about the upcoming release it appears to me that he saved the best for last!

  21. Oh what lucky days….

    On Sunday I joined an open-air gig of Hubert von Goisern, 3 hours of fine music free of charge.

    Yesterday I got two airline-tickets to Athens free of charge.

    Today another piece of excellent music free of charge.

    What else will come this week? It will be hard to wait for Sept. 22nd.


  22. That was an absolutely incredible version of A Great Day For Freedom!!! The homepage was outstanding too!!!

    Thank you for all your work FED and you too David!!! Keep up the great work!!! I wait in suspense for more videos!!! I am looking forward to Astronomy Domine.

    Please let there be easter eggs, what a tease that Shine On video was. I hope for On The Turning Away video, yes, I know I am dreaming now!!

    Thanks and have a nice day FED!!!!

  23. That sent little shivers down my spine when the solo came in. I can’t think of another guitarist who’d sound that terrific alongside an entire string section… You can tell everyone enjoyed playing that number. Zbigniew did a fantastic job as well.

  24. David is awesome, the music is awesome and I’ll be in line @12am to purchase my set.

    Telling the truth isn’t patronizing, so I’ll tell the truth: David, you’re the best!

  25. Ok, at 3pm I am a more awake! I watched the video again and I’d like to add some little comments.

    Wow! I love the dark, enlightened only by few reflectors, which – joined to the clouds of smoke – give to the stage the image of something which is happening in the sky.

    I love the orchestra and the power that all its elements adds to the performance and the images.

    I love the foreground to David’s guitar during the solo, that I am sure all the fans and – above all – all the guitarist fans will appreciate. Maybe there’s some secret of David’s talent that they can get from that foreground!

    Lucia, waiting for new surprises!

  26. Hey All,

    We have to get some unofficial release parties going..if you don’t mind FED. Nothing as grand as the DVD releases and I am sure more regional but parties nonetheless. I enjoyed the Imperial gathering so much last year and I would love to see more of you. I know Rudders and I can represent one for Southern Ontario.

    Let’s see what we can do shall we? Let the blog know what you think

    Cheers, Howard

  27. What can I say? This is spectacular. A very moving performance by David and the band.

    Cheers to all involved (including you FEd) for such a great treat for fans.

    I missed you in the chat today, look forward to the next one.

  28. A great teaser of a great show. Really can’t wait to hear and see it! Thanks for this.

  29. What a terrific performance! The looks on David’s face when playing…priceless!!

    Thanks for sharing this…counting down the days!

  30. Absolutely stunning! What a great way to start the morning!

    The audio and video were awesome, topped off by that gorgeous at the end, wonderful!

    September can’t get here quick enough. I may have to take that week off work so I’m sure to have plenty of time to take it in.


    [That gorgeous…? – FEd]

  31. I am … speechless! What more can I say?

    [Nothing, if you’re speechless. That always works for me. – FEd]

  32. This is a great time to be a David Gilmour Fan!

    This is the exact style of DVD I was hoping for. There is something magical about an outdoor show with 50,000 people in attendance. This in conjunction with “Remember That Night” is a great representation of his 2006 world tour (plus the other 20 DVDs I have from his 2006 tour).

    What a great job for all involved (including you, FED)!!!! What a great time to be a fan!

    Thanks everyone…without the music of David Gilmour, my life would be boring!!!! May you all be blessed! Cheers everyone who visits this fine place!

    I can’t wait for Sept 23, for my new Gilmour Strat and Live at Gdansk!!!!

  33. [That gorgeous…? – FEd]

    Just a guess that Erin meant that gorgeous smile from David at the end, you know.

  34. That was amazing. I had forgotten how well he played in Gdansk. Looking forward to the rest.

  35. Stunning! Absolutely brilliant performance that moves me deep in my heart and soul!

    Thanks for the opportunity to preview some of the upcoming and much-anticipated DVD.

    David, you have given so much to so many over the years. Thank you very much for that!

    Peace ‘n’ love!

  36. Goddamn! This is amazing!

    Will we see David in Stockholm next week for the Polar Music Prize?


    [I couldn’t possibly say. – FEd]

  37. Each time I see one of these clips for the first time it leaves me transfixed.

    We really are enjoying the best of times with this album and tour …. this clip encapsulates so much of it.

    The quality of the playing, the recording, the production, the presentation, the staging, the lighting … it’s all just as good as it could be.

    Everyone involved should be (and I’m sure is) justifiably proud.

  38. Loved it Fed. It might not have been technically perfect, but it had so much feeling. You could see it on David’s face – he put a lot into this performance.

    The online DVD websites here are saying that the Live in Gdansk release will be around Sept 16. I wonder if this means we’ll be able to get it at the same time as everybody else and have the usual long wait.


    [Well, that was the date, of course, before the Strat pushed things back. It would be nice if all the areas where fans usually have to wait weeks and weeks after fans in North America and Europe have worn out a copy got it a week early. I can’t see it happening, though. – FEd]

  39. Love it! Thanks for such a privilege, I truly enjoyed the clip and the performance. The special 6-screen design was pretty chic.

    I also enjoyed the medley along with the various clips on the Home Page today – cute idea with the cranes by the way.

  40. I’d like to add that the individual screens of the band high above the stage was a great idea. Who thought of that one? That’s a first for me.

    [No idea, but they’re good, aren’t they? – FEd]

  41. Wonderful! Thanks so much for allowing this preview of what is to come. As you can see we are all counting the days until we get the rest of the goods in September!

    September is really getting to be a special month if you are a Gilmour fan. I hope this gets to be a regular September event!

    Everything going well for you Fed? I hope so.

    Barbara P

    [Thank you, Barbara. Everything’s going, well… – FEd]

  42. [That gorgeous…? – FEd]

    [Just a guess that Erin meant that gorgeous smile from David at the end, you know. – Melissa]

    Of course, my fellow Gilmourettes understand. . . I knew they would. It’s all about that smile! I was so blown away by the clip, I couldn’t even type. Plus, watching the clip was the first thing I did this morning.

    Next time, I’ll wipe the sleep out of my eyes first and have a cup of coffee. =)

    Regarding viewing parties: I love the idea; but it is a school night. . .


  43. Hi to everyone & FEd !

    “A Great Day For Freedom (live in Gdansk)”… What a GREAT moment ! It’s such a pleasure to listen “live” the genius Michael Kamen’s wonderful string arrangements on this tune, one of my favorites since a very long time.

    Thanks for teasing us this way. Like many others, I’m looking for more now, lol

    Have a “great day”,

  44. [Regarding viewing parties: I love the idea; but it is a school night. . . – Erin]

    Rudders and I were thinking of doing it the following Saturday..not on the day…to do it proper justice of course. :-))))

    Cheers, Howard

  45. Simply a stunning piece! Thanks for posting FEd. I can’t wait to get this one!


  46. I am lost for words to describe how amazing that performance was! Electrifying, Emotional and Enthralled!!!

    Thank You David Gilmour!!!

  47. I’m no musician, but I know what I like. Has David Gilmour ever sounded better? This looks and sounds just great.

    Keep going, David!

  48. Dear David,

    The Gdansk performance of A Great Day For Freedom is absolutely beautiful. I have never seen or heard anything as good as your work. The clips on the home page were a wonderful taster of what is to come.

    I wish you continued success.

    ash X

  49. Lindo Gilmour…

    Que Deus abençõe você sempre!!
    Sua voz é de um ano,
    Seus solos me levam a descobertas e revelações, rasga minha alma e enlouque esta vontade de encontrar meu Complemento Divino…
    Seus olhos!! ahhh seus lindos olhos me levam a te encontrar nos sonhos.

    Maravilhosa é sua última criação.

    Beijo eterno!

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