The Law

The Law's self-titled debut album, re-released in April 2008In between discussing wildfires, utopian communes and bad parenting in the chatroom yesterday, we touched upon Dream Academy (anyone spot the connection?); a fine band, it transpired, that some people were not too familiar with.

So, I thought it might be worth pointing out some of the many artists with whom David has worked down the years, starting today, with The Law.

The Law was Paul Rodgers’ supergroup. Formed in the early ’90s with drummer, Kenney Jones, they called upon David, Bryan Adams and Chris Rea to compliment bassist, Pino Palladino, and guitarist, John Staehely.

They only released one self-titled album, a deluxe edition of which has been remastered and was recently released in some areas, including Australia and the United States – on the Friday label. It will be released in the UK later this month.

David plays on the track ‘Stone’. Do you know it?

The chatroom next opens its doors at 13:00 (UK) on Monday, should you wish to join in.

Author: FEd

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37 thoughts on “The Law”

  1. Utopian Communes? Bad Parenting? Looks like I missed a good chat.

    As for The Law, I am not familiar with them. However, with a lineup like that, I am sure they were awesome.

    Have a good weekend FEd.

    [The same to you, Ax. – FEd]

  2. I never really liked anything that David Gilmour had done in the 80’s apart from some tracks on A Momentary Lapse of Reason. I found The Stone and I was surprised to like it “vocals and guitar-wise”. I saw it had been written by Chris Rea (who was quite popular on radios in France in the late 80’s and early 90’s, with the albums The Road to Hell and Auberge).

    I think the typically heavy and mechanical 80’s rythmic section has aged badly, I’d love to hear how it would be performed today.

  3. I know ‘Stone’ by The Stereophonics (it’s rather good). Sounds very Coldplay.

  4. Sounds like a great line up FED. I can’t wait to hear it.

    Enjoy your weekend, I know I am. I’m on the balcony of my beach house now enjoying the breeze and listening to ON AN ISLAND.

    It was nice catching you in chat FED.

    [It was very nice to catch you, too. – FEd]

  5. The Law I have never heard of but sounds like it will be good to listen to and purchase. Do you know if the CD will be released in the States or will it have to be a special order?

    Well anyway, I hope that everyone is having a great weekend and that everything is going well for you, Fed. Plus I really want to thank you for all your help and I know that I will really enjoy seeing your wonderful country for I am leaving this Thursday and will be in London on Friday.

    Take Care,

    [I hope you’ll enjoy yourself, Thomas. (By the way, the Law CD is actually available in the US right now. Click your name for all the necessary details.) – FEd]

  6. I have had a run in with ‘The Law’ (just a little underage drinking thing, you see), but not this album.

    I’ve heard David play on ‘Standing Around Crying’, with Paul Rodgers: ‘Muddy Water Blues: A Tribute to Muddy Waters’. It’s so good I just can’t stand it! But I keep trying! 🙂

    Is ‘Stone’ as good?

    [Hard to say. I prefer ‘Standing Around Crying’, but it’s a good tune. – FEd]

  7. I really know that song as I have many, many CDs with our David as guest musician.

    The song STONE is very good, I like the double guitar between CHRIS REA and DAVID here!

    Will be great to read that this CD was not forgotten and a remeastered release will come out these days.

    By the way: The best known solo as a guest guitarist (for me) from DAVID is the end solo on “PINK AND VELVET” from the US band BERLIN – but this is another story…! 😉

    PETE from Germany

    [I might have to agree with you about ‘Pink and Velvet’, Pete. I do like that one. – FEd]

  8. Sounds like I missed a good chat (echoing the words of Ax, above). I have a lot to do these days, and it is hard to find a couple hours of time for a chat. It’s been forever since I’ve been there. I really miss the chatroom and all of the interesting personalities who inhabit it.

    ’80s music is generally not my taste, given its reliance on synthesizers and drum machines. What doesn’t rely on machines is very “over the top,” lacking in subtlety and bereft of substance. Something in me doesn’t feel it is “legitimate” music. That’s not true of all the music of the ’80s, and I’m writing in broad generalities, but the majority of music from that era is not for me.

    So when I hear of an obscure ’80s band, it doesn’t make me want to seek out the music.

  9. I bought this one when it came out as I love Paul Rodger’s voice. The album is a bit of a disappointment save for Stone which along with David also features Chris Rea and the track Miss You in a Heartbeat which is a great Paul Rodgers ballad.

    I played the album about a month ago and suffice to say it has not held up all that well being a bit “eighties”.

    Interesting to hear there is a remastered version on the way which no doubt I will buy for the two tracks mentioned above. Are there to be any bonus tracks FEd?

    [Just the one: ‘That’s When You Fall In Love’. – FEd]

  10. Yes, I am familiar with that album. I bought it because David was on it, and I am glad that I did.

    Here’s a great story for you….

    I happened to go to a charity rock auction for the homeless, and Paul Rodgers and Kenny Jones were both there. I had that CD with me, and Paul and Kenny were kind enough to autograph it. I was also lucky enough to bid and win one of Paul Rodger’s custom made gold platted Shure SM58 microphone with the Bad Co. Logo (which Paul was kind enough to autograph as well).

    What a great night that was!

    [Sounds good. – FEd]

  11. Know nothing on the Stone!

    Couldn’t believe my eyes yesterday though. There I was in town, minding my own, and who walked in to Body Shop? Sir David in his regulation black Tee shirt and black jeans, the gorgeous Polly and a couple of their offspring! They bought 4 bars of soap and disappeared into M & S!

    Tempted as I was to say hello, I left them to their own!

    How normal is that!!!

  12. didn’t know about the law collaboration, but i’ve been hunting tracks and records from the 80’s that david had collaborated on.

    favourites? hmm, boys and girls with bryan ferry is extra special, as are the tracks he has done with kate bush. absolute favourites though are “we got married” and almost too obviously “no more lonely nights” with macca, great, great tunes.

    also the more recent tracks with chris jagger are absolute class, love them.

    all the best,

  13. … interesting. I didn’t know it, but I’ll give it a try when the re-release is available.

    Thanks for pointing me to that, FEd!

    Best regards,


  14. “Stone” is a good song with David’s unmistakable tone. You can listen to it online.

    Sorry FEd, but I had to give up on my list of Strat players. It was driving me mad but I enjoyed the topic.

    [That’s quite alright. I gave up on my list of dinner party guests because it was having much the same effect. – FEd]

  15. Something else to think about…

    The rising cost of food is being blamed on grain supplies being diverted to create more bio fules.

    There’s way too much food and fuel available to us, and we want it all!

    I’d be interested to know if more grain is used in making alcoholic beverages, or the amount being used to make fuel.

    ‘There’s no way out of here…’

  16. I never heard of ‘The Law’, but was curious enough to try to listen to ‘Stone’ somewhere on the web…

    Oddly enough, the guitar part immediately reminded me of David’s guitar playing in the VHS ‘La Carrera Panamericana’ (‘Pan Am Shuffle’? or ‘Carrera Slow Blues’?)- but maybe/surely it’s just me.

    Et ce weekend? ensoleillé ou humide? Tout bon pour le jardinage ou pour les limaces?


    [Pour les limaces, fâcheusement, mais aussi pour mes… récipients d’eau de pluie. Après la pluie, le beau temps? – FEd]

  17. Hey FEd,

    I must commend you on the topic you have chosen to delve into.

    The Law – how could I forget! It was one of those projects that churned out solid music but faded as grunge began to monopolize the charts.

    Another band that I felt had put together some decent music was The Zoo (not the Journey cover band that brought current Journey vocalist Arnel Pineda into the spotlight, but MICK FLEETWOOD’S The Zoo). The Zoo released their own CD around that time… maybe 1992?

    It also reminds me of Arc Angels – the band that had a couple of the guys from Stevie Ray Vaughn’s Double Trouble after he passed away. These bands each had their own unique sound and shared the common trait of bringing outstanding musicians to the table. They all released a CD around the time The Law came out and then disappeared, largely due to a changing music scene.

    I was really suprised to see The Law’s record cover as I opened the blog. It’s always great to know someone else remembers!

  18. Great track.

    I remember buying The Law album on cassette for “Laying Down the Law” which was a huge rock radio here in the US on April 18, 1991 (I was 15 at the time and loved bands as diverse as Pink Floyd (plus David Gilmour’s solo albums), Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Rush, Megadeth, The Eagles, AC/DC, Queen, Styx, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Queensryche (a metal band influenced by Pink Floyd and Judas Priest) and still love those bands to this day considering most of my peers were into “flavor of the month” crap at the time).

    I always liked Paul Rodgers’ work with Bad Company (David employed their guitarist Mick Ralphs for his 1984 About Face solo tour) and The Firm (Rodgers’ collaboration with Jimmy Page). Then, being the hardcore Floyd/Gilmour fan I am was shocked that DG appeared on “Stone”. When I heard “Stone”, I loved it!

  19. Well, FEd. DG’s spot on The Law’s “Stone” is one of my Top 10 Gilmour guest appearances. Here’s my list.

    1) “No More Lonely Nights” – Paul McCartney (solo still moves me 24 years later)
    2) “Brother Where You Bound” – Supertramp (if you heard this it rocks, if not go out and buy it DG steals the show on the epic title cut)
    3) The Unknown Soldier – Roy Harper (DG plays throughout and co-wrote six of the tracks including a rework of Short and Sweet)
    4) Run Devil Run (album) – Paul McCartney
    5) Deep End Live (2-CD version) – Pete Townshend (full show was great)
    6) “Stone” – The Law
    7) “Is Your Love Strong Enough” – Bryan Ferry
    8) “Jealous Guy (Live at Live Aid)” – Bryan Ferry (shame that the mixer dude had DG’s guitar buried but I can hear well)
    9) “Run Straight Down” – Warren Zevon (DG’s guitar here was phenomenal and DG did the video as well)
    10) “Smoke On the Water” – Rock Aid Armenia (playing with Tony Iommi, Brian May, Alex Lifeson, Ritchie Blackmore was a sight to see)

  20. Shine on, Syd.


    [I’d like us to talk about Syd today, as it’s the second anniversary of his death. A new post is coming soon. – FEd]

  21. I don’t know it.

    There seems to be another band called ‘The Law’ on UK iTunes. Could cause some confusion later this month. 😉

  22. That is an album that takes me right back to my teenage years when I was more of a AOR listener. Think I must have had it on tape, as I cannot remember seeing in my CD collection, but will double check when I get home.

    From what I remember it is very 80’s sounding ‘light’ rock a la Foreigner and Thunder. Don’t ever remember realising that DG was on the album, but that just might be the fact I haven’t thought of that album for decades.

    Fave guesting by DG? No More Lonely Nights (though it irritatingly fades just as Mr Gilmour hits his straps in my opinion) and Brother Where You Bound with Supertramp.

  23. * 07/07/2006 *

    Look at the sky, look at the river
    Isn’t it good?
    Winding, finding places to go.
    And then one day – hooray!


  24. [I thought it might be worth pointing out some of the many artists with whom David has worked down the years – FEd]

    I didn’t know The Law, but I love a lot this new opportunity to know bands I didn’t know! Great FEd!

    I suggest a petition: medal of honor for FEd. I will sign it, you can rely on it!

    [Only a petition? You won’t march through the streets with banners and placards? – FEd]

  25. [Only a petition? You won’t march through the streets with banners and placards? – FEd]

    Of course! I am also ready to occupy the Government Palace and turn it in a barn, if it needs this good cause. I am sure people won’t notice the difference between sheep and pigs in the palace and Government members…

    Can you delete this last comment, if you think Italian police will come to arrest me, reading it? 😉

  26. I know this one! I love Paul Rodgers, especially with Free. What a voice!

    [Sorry FEd, but I had to give up on my list of Strat players. It was driving me mad but I enjoyed the topic. – Ben]

    [That’s quite alright. I gave up on my list of dinner party guests because it was having much the same effect. – FEd]

    I’d love to know some of the names you chose before you started going mad, FEd!

    [Well, being a bit obsessive-compulsive, I wasn’t happy with one list of ten; I wanted separate lists for politicians, musicians, footballers, historical figures, serial killers, etc. In the end, I thought a bottle of brandy, some Cuban cigars, and a long, uninterrupted evening spent with George Galloway, Aneurin Bevan and Tony Benn would be absolutely wonderful. – FEd]

  27. Here are a couple of his guest performances that perhaps are not as well known which I really enjoy:

    Warren Zevon – Tranverse City: scorching solos on ‘Run Straight Down’.
    David Courtney – David Courtney’s First Day: Very beautiful playing and typical of his style in 1975 on ‘When Your Life Is Your Own’.

    My favorite solo of his as a guest artist has to be ‘No More Lonely Nights’. It says something about David’s playing that he was able to add weight to a typically sappy, syrupy, fluffy and otherwise disposable Macca love song. The riffs throughout the song, and particularly the searing solo at the end of the song infused a big dose of soul into that song.

    [And couldn’t you scream when DJs talk over it? – FEd]

  28. Can I mention an album by Sam Brown called “April Moon” which has backup vocals by David on a song called ‘Troubled Soul’? He certainly has a beautiful voice. Lovely of him to back up one of her songs. This is a good album of her works.

    Timbo!! Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

    Later all,

    [That sure is a lovely song. – FEd]

  29. Great suggestion FeD! Wíll look into it.

    I can highly recommend the work that David did on Elton John’s track Understanding Women for “The One” album. Classic Gilmour sound on that one!


  30. No one spotted the connection, then?

    Wildfires, utopian communes, bad parenting, Dream Academy…?

  31. [No one spotted the connection, then? – FEd]

    Wildfires, utopian communes, bad parenting, Dream Academy…?

    Nick Laird Clowes?

    ash X

    [It’s good, but it’s not (quite) right. – FEd]

  32. Did I have to say why I thought it was Nick Laird Clowes FEd?

    Laird-Clowes spent time in a himalayan monastery retreat, the utopian commune?
    Forest Fire- a Dream Academy track, David had involvement on the album.
    Fierce People- a film featuring bad parenting, Laird-Clowes did the sound track.

    Poles Apart- the topics appear to be.

    ash X

    [Damn, you’re good. I was only thinking of ‘Forest Fire’. – FEd]

  33. [No one spotted the connection, then? Wildfires, utopian communes, bad parenting, Dream Academy…? – FEd]

    It’s a game?

    I’m not good at riddles, but, just for fun:

    Dream Academy wrote ‘Forest Fire’ / Utopia = kind of Dream / Dream Academy is also an after school program (US) that helps children who have a parent incarcerated.

    Bon, Ok, je donne ma langue au chat…


    [Very good. – FEd]

  34. [No one spotted the connection, then? Wildfires, utopian communes, bad parenting, Dream Academy…?]

    All can be correlated with tracks from On An Island?

    Wildfires = Red Sky At Night
    Utopian Communes = This Heaven
    Bad Parenting = Take A Breath
    Dream Academy = Where We Start

    I don’t know. I guess I’m just a bit obtuse on this one. Sorry.



    [Obtuse, but I like it. – FEd]

  35. Life without the computer – restful, relaxed and stress-free …BUT life without – sad, gloomy and uncomfortably numb … it’d been a tough week without a computer at home.

    I missed a lot of good topics. The chats on July 4th was enlightening and definitely opened up a whole new horizon to many bands that I am not familiar with, e.g. Dream Academy. Thank you for that, by the way.

    “wildfires, utopian communes and bad parenting … Dream Academy – anyone spot the connection?”

    I read the posts from Ash, Michele and Andrew regarding that – they are good, aren’t they; but what is the connection in your version, FEd?

    [They were better than mine. I was just thinking of the song, ‘Forest Fire’. – FEd]

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