The DG Strat

The David Gilmour Signature Stratocaster, by FenderHere it is: the long-awaited Gilmour Signature Strat.

It has the same maple neck, black pickguard, shortened tremolo arm and custom electronics as the original and comes presented in a black case with centre pocket, snazzy green lining and Fender Custom Shop embroidery.

First, the good news.

It will be released on 22 September. That’s September this year.

Now, the bad news.

‘Live in Gdańsk’ will be pushed back a week for a same-date release.

However, the three-disc version (live double CD, plus concert DVD) will be stuffed into said centre pocket.

The hardback edition of Phil Taylor’s ‘The Black Strat: A History of David Gilmour’s Black Fender Stratocaster’ will also be released on 22 September, a signed, softback copy of which will also be found inside the guitar case.

A set of GHS strings will also be included, as well as an Evidence Audio cable, as used by David. You even get a deluxe Fender strap and a David Gilmour plectrum thrown in.

And, before you ask… No, I don’t know how much it will cost, but hope that a firm date and photo will be enough to deter the doubters.

Please click the image for a closer look and, if you think you can take it, see Latest News for more excitement.


  1. Johnnie Floyd (Chicago)

    “Andrew”, from all the pictures I have seen from that show, it looks like he was playing the N.O.S. version.

  2. Blake From Nashville

    Andrew, that Strat WAS dead according to Mike Eldred…the guy who is head of the custom shop and worked with DG… Gilmour wasn’t happy with the original…thus the long delay. That actually makes sense when you think of it,right? I never said that it would never happen.

    My friend, the same guy who Robert Plant went up to backstage at the Plant/Krause concert and thanked for all Fender/Gretsch had done for the tour. He absolutely knows how much Fenders cost and $4,000 is on the cheap side for the relic considering there is a cheaper version available. You must get a life and not spend all of your time on here.

    Chris, single-ply black pickguards are all over the place. They are vintage and that is how you have to search. I have had 3 in my life…one white and 2 black. You can get them at any ‘Guitar Center’ or major supplier of guitar instruments.

    Blake in Nashville

  3. FEd

    Some comments that belong here, from other entries:

    [I sent an e-mail to Fender about the price of the DG Strat and was told that the New Old Stock will be $5000 and the Relic will be $6000. – John, ‘Flashback: Munich’, 29 July]

    [Finally they have announced it on the Fender site… :-) – Rudders, ‘Kate Bush’, 30 July]

  4. Rudders - Toronto


    Just spray your existing pickguard black – use a plastic spray paint and it works perfectly… That’s what I did…

  5. Andrew

    I checked out the Fender website and saw the DG Strat announcement. By the way, there is also a very interesting article/interview about the Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) Strat. I believe David would agree with some of what Billy said.

    Also, looking forward to more clarification on the pricing when it becomes available. The $1,000 difference between a N.O.S. and Relic just doesn’t sound right. I would have thought the Relic would be twice as much with the N.O.S. being between $2,500-$3,000 and the Relic being closer to $6,000.



  6. Johnnie Floyd (Chicago)

    I can’t find the price on Fender’s site! I want to order my guitar today! Anyone know the street prices yet? I am excited!

    Thanks FED and all other members here who made my dream a reality! Now help me with some positive feedback to help me write that BIG check!

    Much Love to all,
    Johnnie Floyd (Chicago)

  7. Kurt

    Reports are coming in that the street price of the NOS version is going to be $4000. This is really making me wonder for whom the Strat is supposed to be “affordable”.

    I’ve been looking forward to this Strat since it was first mentioned on this blog more than a year ago. Back then the $4000 figure was mentioned, but I had hoped that was the *list* price. This means the list price is actually $5700 or so.

    That’s not affordable. That’s expensive. :(


  8. Johnnie Floyd (Chicago)

    “Affordable” should not have even been mentioned on this site from day one!

    I have contacted Fender and the list price for the NOS is $4,999.99. With that in mind, the actual selling price for this guitar is going to be $3,999.99. I am very disappointed, and may actually just pass on this guitar altogether.

    That price is absolutely ridiculous – I guess I may just buy a couple 69 pickups, and a Seymour Duncan and put them in my current guitar.

    Fender is doing Gilmour a HUGE injustice on this one….it is a shame….

    [I’m sorry, Johnnie. I’m not trying to mislead you, or duck out of confirming these figures. I’m still waiting for DG Management to let me know what’s going to be printed on the price tag. Maybe they never will, if this is the likely reaction to what I agree is a ridiculous price. – FEd]

  9. Paul Sexton

    Can we just not wait till Fender release the actual price rather than just speculating about it?

    I’m sure it will happen soon enough….we have waited this long so another few days will hardly make any difference.

  10. Johnnie Floyd (Chicago)

    FED, thanks for your honest words. As a guitar player and borderline obsessive Gilmour fan (ha ha) I would pay as much as $2,599.99 for this guitar. Maybe that can be passed along to DG mgt….

    Like I said $3,999.99 is just not “affordable”….I am going to do all I can to get this guitar, but Fender is making it very difficult for me. I know this is a professional grade instrument, but seriously, that is an extreme amount of money! This guitar would sell a lot more if it sold for $2,000 – $3,000 (street price) – which is borderline “affordable” for any individual who makes an ‘honest’ living, such as myself….

    [You’re preaching to the converted about the price. I have absolutely no interest in owning one, but I really hope that these figures are way off, because I happen to live in the real world and know that that’s simply too much. I look forward to hearing from DG Management. – FEd]

  11. Johnnie Floyd (Chicago)

    Paul Sexton,

    Fender has already set the prices officially, so no, I am not speculating about them! The list price for the NOS is $4,999.99 – The dealers (such as Sam Ash and Guitar Center) are the ones who set the actual selling price. Trust me, I used to work in this business for 5 years…

    Fender custom shop models are exempt from standard Fender dealer pricing, thus providing a lower discount off of list price. I’ve done my homework, trust me. I hope I am wrong, but $3,999.99 seems like that will be the “stickered” price on the NOS version.

    The reason why I am so determined to nail down pricing is the fact that the first 500 sold of each model will get the signed copy of the book from Phil Taylor, and Fender has already been accepting orders for this guitar as of yesterday. If I end up ordering one, I want one of the first 500….

  12. Andrew

    So there is no truth to the rumor of Best Buy packaging a free DG Strat with every purchase of the Gdansk live CD?

    Nor will there be $2,000 coupons in certain Gdansk live CDs that could be used toward the purchase of a DG Strat?




    [You wish! – FEd]

  13. blake from nashville

    I think that is in line with other Strats of this caliber. I don’t think many will buy it but I’m glad they are available.

    I really don’t think that $1500-$3,000 was ever an option. I don’t believe it will be mass produced like the first SRV or the Clapton with the gold lace sensors. This is a collector’s guitar, guys.

    If you want a player’s guitar, modify one yourself using Phil Taylor’s book. Isn’t that what Gilmour did originally…took an ordinary Strat and modified it? That’s what I did and I’ve had a “Gilmour Strat’ since 1989. That tremola is easy to cut using a vice and hack-saw and then just bend it until it fits nicely.

    This isn’t the end of the world. Supply and demand…and I’m sure it’s Bush’s fault ultimately!

    Blake in Nashville

  14. Mike from Michigan

    As many of us are excited about the release of the Strat, I am not surprised if Fender wants to charge $3-5000 for it. I am confident that David and his people did all they could to get the best price.

    Fender’s marketing group has apparently determined people will pay that much, so that is what they will charge. But, it’s top shelf stuff you re getting, I’m sure.

    On the other end of he scale, Fender has the Geddy Lee Jazz bass that sells for $800, that is Japanese made, if memory serves. It’s a great value, but not much special about it. Tony Levin had a signature OLP line, not even MusicMan, that was around $350, but they had their issues.

    The point is that on one hand, they could have charged cheaper, but if DG has his name on it, it’s gonna be top shelf, not only materials, but build quality. That isn’t cheap.

  15. Paul Sexton

    Johnnie Floyd,

    Why didn’t you buy the book from Phil’s website when he was signing them if you wanted one that bad???? I did.

  16. Johnnie Floyd (Chicago)

    Well, I finally placed my order today!

    The actual selling price of the N.O.S. guitar is $3,999.99 (I was dead on correct!), the relic is about $800.00 more. I will be selling in my current American Strat for $500.00 to my brother to help with costs – and I will be saving as much as I can each month to help pay for this gem once it arrives in late September. My theory is – you only live once!!!!! I am excited, and this instrument will definately holds its value.

    FED, can I send in a picture with me and my new guitar once it arrives?

    [Please do, Johnnie. The same goes for anyone reading this, of course. – FEd]

  17. Mark

    Ahhh! I really want one! But it will probably be too expensive for me. :(

    I’m trying everything I can to save up the money for this guitar.

    I would treasure it for every waking moment of my life.

  18. Kev

    Hmm. If the figures quoted above are as reliable as we’re led to believe, I’m disappointed. No, gutted.

    A US street price of about $4000 for the NOS translates to over £2500 GBP with taxes and all the other overheads considered. Probably nearer £3000, which is twice what I’d originally hoped.

    In the words of a certain band “…the price has grown, the dream is gone…”. Ahem. Sorry. :-)


  19. Paul Sexton

    I’ve been thinking about this price issue and as much as I am sympathetic towards those who really want one (myself included) I was brought up with this in mind, “If you can afford it, buy it, if you can’t afford it, well don’t.”

    That may seem a little harsh, but it works. I saved for 2 years to buy a PRS Custom 24, great guitar with an ever greater price.

    I really hope this guitar has a lower price than Johnnie has sourced, but as another blogger posted, you get what you pay for.

    Best wishes and if I get one of the first 500 with a signed book, Johnnie, you can have mine.

  20. Mark Nutto

    I’ll have to agree with Johnie Floyd here. $2,000 to 3,000 is within my expected price range as well.

    Love the extras and packaging but at $4,000 the closest I may come to one of these guitars is going into a Sam Ash Music store, play the leads to Echoes and Comfortably Numb (with an evil grin on my face), sadly smile, and put the guitar back in its case.

  21. Mike Garvey

    I have absolutely no doubt it’ll be an excellent quality guitar especially as David wouldn’t let them release it until he was happy.

    I am a massive Gilmour fan and quite simply would not be a musician today if it wasn’t for him and his music, but as much as I do love all things Gilmour I simply cannot justify spending all that money on a copy guitar.

    Gilmour’s guitar is priceless because of the records and songs it has been used on. Had it been owned by Joe Bloggs from down the road it would be worth nothing. As Gilmour stated ‘It was just an off the shelf guitar’.

    Are people just going to buy it and put it in a display stand? What’s the point? A guitar’s for playing not just ogling and at that price it’s too expensive for a piece of furniture and too expensive to use as a gigging instrument.

    They will sell like hotcakes I expect so Fender wins but ordinary folk like us who would like a quality guitar with that Gilmour association lose out. Although there is another way…..

  22. Mike Garvey

    If you do want a budget Gilmour Strat then….

    – Get a Fender Mexican Standard Strat in black with maple neck and fretboard. £300
    – Buy a black scratchplate, knobs, and other parts. £30
    – Buy a set of Seymour Duncan SSL-1 single coils. £150
    – Shorten your trem arm with a hacksaw and bend to shape. £3
    – Buy a switch from Maplins and find the wiring diagrams on the internet to wire the guitar to select the neck and bridge pickups. £20 (including switch and soldering iron)

    Should cost no more than £500 and you’ll have a guitar that looks like Gilmour’s (admittedly without the dings and other marks), sounds and plays great and won’t have cost you an obscene amount of cash!

    [More fun than taking all the things that you don’t want (the three-disc version of the album, because you’ve just bought the four or five-disc set, Phil’s book, because you’ve already got a copy…) out of the plush case and putting them on eBay, I’d imagine. – FEd]

  23. Erin

    I, too, am disappointed to hear the price (if it truly $3-5000), especially after all the hype here that it would be “affordable.”

    It seems to me, by the time you have honed your craft enough to be successful and afford a guitar of this price, you’d have tweaked your own guitar and found your own likes (strings, pickups, etc) and wouldn’t need or even want to buy David’s guitar. But what do I know? I’m just a beginner . . .

    Being a beginner guitarist, and obviously a huge fan of David’s, I was really looking forward to this guitar. I’ve been plotting and planning how I was going to be able to afford it, and that’s when talk was $1-2000.

    However, the reality of being a single parent, college student, the failing economy and the price of gas almost guarantees, the closest I’ll get to this guitar, is playing it in the shop.

    I hope all this price discussion is speculation. I’ll keep the hope until I see something directly from Fender or from DG Management, here.


  24. John nff

    Can’t wait for a Nadal signature tennis racket so then for sure I will be able to play just like him!!!

  25. Paul Sexton

    [Well, I finally placed my order today! – Johnnie Floyd (Chicago)]

    Go, Go Johnnie….health to enjoy etc.

  26. Johnnie Floyd (Chicago)

    Thanks for the kind words Paul! Yeah, I definitely got one of the first 500, so I will get the signed copy.

    Luckily, I ordered it from the store I used to work at for 5 years, so they will help me out on the selling price, otherwise there would be no way I could afford it.

    I will treasure this guitar for the rest of my life. It probably won’t make it out of my house, but I will play it everyday!!!!

    One other minor point – you would think that they would throw in the deluxe 5 disk version of “Live Gdansk” instead of the 3 disk version for the amount of money we are paying!!!!

    FED, when I send in a picture of me with the guitar, please post it so all can see, so I can get my 5 minutes of bliss (ha ha)!

    [Will do, Johnnie. – FEd]

  27. Anjum Jamal

    It is final… I received an e-mail from Phil Coad the manager at Manny’s (where Gilmour originally bought his black Strat), the DG Strat will debut at Manny’s Music on Sept. 22nd!

    The price of the two guitars:

    The NOS: $4000
    The Relic: $4800

    I am certainly disappointed by the price as I waited for over 2 years for this guitar.

    I missed out on an opportunity to get a new Fender Strat and a customized Strat which was quite close to what the NOS is like. My suggestion to other players is to go for the the red Strat and do some slight modifications.

    First get a Fender 1983 ‘57 Stratocaster (originally with Fender vintage reissue pickups).

    – Original Fender candy apple red alder body with a white black 1-ply 8 hole pickguard.
    – Original Fender ‘57V reissue maple neck with Gotoh tuners.
    – EMG-SA pickups with EXG mid-cut/expander and SPC mid booster.
    – Shortened tremolo arm to 4.25″.

    This guitar is far more affordable, it will cost you around $1,629.99 – $1,649.99 and it was used by the man himself (P.U.L.S.E).

  28. George Gipe

    Well, I did it. I put my deposit down and reserved myself a Black Strat. I have to thank David for taking so long to approve the final product, as it gave me more time to save up for it.

    My wife bought me the replica Hendrix guitar strap for my birthday, so I had to get something proper to go with it!

  29. Joey M

    Deposit in at Sam Ash for the Gilmour Relic. Cost = $4799.

    A side note: I put my deposit in on Tuesday morning, by chance I was at Sam Ash and asked about the Fender DG. He called his guy at Fender and they said I was officially the first order placed for the Relic.. AWESOME….. Deposit $1200, Cost $4799 (they were just allowed to start accepting orders as I called).

    My deposit receipt doesn’t even have the SKU on it just the name cause Fender didn’t even have a SKU number yet. They also said the guitars will be random serial numbered so there will be no 0000001 serial number, but just for my own sake and knowledge (with the receipt and letter from Fender) that mine was the first ever order which is not necessarily the first one to be made. :(

    Woulda been cool if the first order was guaranteed to be the first one made, oh well……..

    Also, the Fender Custom Shop just got the parts in this week to start production so hopefully this will be done Sept 22nd and not pushed off like most of Gilmour’s projects (all awesome but usually not on time).

  30. Ben

    Looks like my mate was right. He said that it won’t be anything less than £2k.

    Why isn’t the price listed here yet? The information is already out there.

    [Indeed. You’d have to ask Management about that. I just relay the news to you and pass unwelcome opinions. (It keeps me busy whilst twiddling my thumbs, waiting for delayed reactions.) – FEd]

  31. Kev

    The more I dwell on this, the worse I feel. I don’t need a DG Strat, but having bought and listened to the guy’s music and adored his playing for the best part of 25 years, I would have loved to own one. Can’t justify spending that much.


    Does anyone remember the rumours about the Digitech Gilmour pedal from a couple of years ago (Guitarist Magazine, roughly the same time as the Strat was announced)? I wonder if anything ever came of that?


  32. Randall

    What I meant about the fans giving David his 40 year + career was exactly what you said in response.

    In an age of illegal downloads, borrowed copies, etc. Pink Floyd and David Gilmour, still have support from the fans. There are very few artists out there that compel me to still buy albums, and not just albums, but other merchandise. Dark Side still sells like crazy, and anyone could easily borrow a copy to burn, rather than buy one.

    Let’s face it, and don’t crucify me for saying so, but David’s playing is not difficult. He is in some ways, traditional. He really wasn’t innovative like Hendrix, or to some degree Syd (who was a fairly poor guitarist by most standards). David had soul and played his ass off! He came through and connected, and that’s what matters.

    David pulled everything together in a most graceful way. He can do more with one note, than most do with an entire fretboard, and for that, he deserves our respect and support. He wrote the soundtracks to our lives.

  33. Anjum Jamal

    Another interesting point to note:

    If you visit the Fender Custom Shop website, click on the price list of the existing guitars, you’ll notice that not one of the guitars is in the price range from $1500 – $2000… too bad David meant ‘affordable’ in his own-terms rather than thinking in terms of guitar players/fans living in other countries. So conclusively David’s ‘affordable’ was no different than the rest of the prices already in the Fender Custom Shop price list.

    So my question to David is: how did you influence the price of the guitar and how did you maintain/justify your statement of affordability?

    I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but on the other hand I won’t believe that other Custom Shop guitars have gone through lesser modifications. I mean if David tells us the original price was meant to be 6,000 and he influenced it to be 4,000, it would be hard to believe it.

    Are you trying to tell me that the DG Strat went through more customizations than Eric Clapton’s “Blackie” or the other well known Fender Custom Guitars? Of course not…

    So I would say that the prices are not justified and certainly the term ‘affordable’ has lost its context.

  34. Rune Nyhus

    Sad, for me who lives in Norway.

    The price I have to pay for it in the store is $7547 for the NOS model.

    Way too much. :-(

  35. Johnnie Floyd (Chicago)

    God, I hope Gilmour doesn’t do anything with Digitech!!!! The only pedal from them that he uses is their “whammy pedal”.


  36. Saman

    why david, why???

    why did you have to give us a dream and a hope when you were going to take it all away from us?


  37. Rudders - Toronto

    As has already been said… if you can afford it, buy it, if not then don’t…

    This guitar is a copy of David Gilmour’s legendary Black Strat. DG has a history with the guitar, he’s played some iconic music on it, he’s tinkered with it, it was on loan to the HRC for 10 years, Phil Taylor wrote a book about it… it has history!

    My opinion is that it is the same as a tribute band playing DG/PF music… DG/PF wrote the music and the tribute band are playing it. The guitar you are buying is a copy and you have no historical attachment.

    So all I would add to my opening statement is, “then don’t… but build your own and it will look the same and you’ll have a history with it.”

    Plus you can say, “yeah, it does look like Gilmour’s.” I did… click my name.

    Wasn’t it Abraham Lincoln who said “You can please some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not please a Floyd fan any of the time…”?

    Or something like that… :-)

    Fed… Maybe this guitar should come with a crash helmet and cricket pads just to protect you from the brickbats flying around… :-)

    [Maybe, but is there room in the case for anything else? – FEd]

  38. Andrew

    I’m going to defend the pricing on this guitar and I do believe that David did what he could to make it affordable. It’s just that the definition of affordable is open to interpretation. Just like music and art, different people have different opinions on what it means to them.

    Anyone who knows anything about the guitar market, knows that this is really not priced out of line for an Artist guitar. In fact, as I’ve mentioned on this blog in the past, some Artist guitars have had retail prices of 3 to 5 times the price of this one. Just look up the Andy Summers Telecaster, the Paul McCartney Epiphone Acoustic or the Jimmy Page Double Neck Gibson to name a few.

    And remember, this is not a limited edition as some of the other guitars were. Hang in there and you may be able to buy an N.O.S. that got relic’d from some use at a great price in the second hand market in a few years. Who knows, Fender may also decide to release a Squire DG model (though I doubt it) kinda like Gibson did with the Slash guitar they recently released. That one is available as a Gibson Les Paul or an Epiphone model.

    At the end, people are allowed to make money. Or do you really think that David should also just give you the shirt off his back??



  39. Happo

    Maybe Squier should release a truly “affordable” edition for us, ordinary men…

    I wish prices weren’t $4000 for NOS. I’d pay $2000 with pleasure. I only hope $4000 reflects a very high-end guitar indeed!

    Maybe my beloved Guitar Master is trying to teaching us that we don’t really need an instrument like his to make music, to play music.

    After all, if I buy two black Strats, I don’t think I could play like him. :'(

    I must continue learning!

    Gracias Maestro Gilmour! Saludos desde México! Eres inspíración para muchos!

  40. Scot

    Well, according to to Fender’s summer price list, the prices are:

    NOS: $3,999
    Relic: $4,799

    [If anyone’s waiting, hoping, that these will change, please don’t. Fender have put the prices out there, so they’re as good as carved in stone now. Please don’t wait for DG Management to confirm or comment because, clearly, they aren’t going to. For that, I apologise. You can see the Fender Custom Shop’s catalogue by clicking Scot’s name above. – FEd]

  41. Andrew

    Hmmmm….if Rudders would have put a PG Tips sticker on his strat instead of Jack Daniels then it could have been really a DG tribute guitar.



  42. ash

    [Hmmmm….if Rudders would have put a PG Tips sticker on his strat instead of Jack Daniels… – Andrew]

    I’d rather drink Jack Daniels with Rudders than tea. :)

    Very nice looking display Rudders.

    ash X

  43. Nate

    [Well, according to to Fender’s summer price list, the prices are: NOS: $3,999 Relic: $4,799 – Scot]

    Due to no other information being forthcoming from any other official sources (thanks for your efforts in trying to get this to us though FEd) I used those US prices and the current UK price lists to calculate possible UK prices for the two models.

    My considered guesses (including VAT) are therefore:

    NOS: £2,349.99
    Relic: £2,799.99

  44. Taki

    [If I can afford, I’ll take a ‘New Old Stock’… – Taki]

    … well, as for many on this blog, it looks like I can’t afford it. I’m sure it is worth each penny, and I hope that a lot good guitar players will buy it, but I won’t unless a good promotion is in sight.

    I hope they’ll still build it when I can afford it. 😉

    Best regards,


  45. Ben

    Come on, who can afford to blow £2,349.99-£2,799.99 on a trophy guitar with everything going up? That’s more than my car is worth, LOL!

    [Mine, too. Let’s be realistic here: the people that thrashed out this deal (if that doesn’t make them sound far more passionate and lively than many of them really are) live in a very, very different world and, frankly, don’t give a stuff if you, or I, can afford to play with their toys or not. They’ll still do very well out of the deal, just as they’ve done very well out of all the other items that fans have been invited to snap up at regular intervals. It’s the same old story and always will be. It’s all very well saying, “If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it.” That implies that you actually have some say in the matter. If you can afford it, but think you’re being fooled into buying a whole host of things that you don’t want, either because you already have them or plan to purchase a more extensive version, don’t buy it. If you can afford it and think it’s a good deal all in all, good luck to you. Any unwanted extras will make fine Christmas presents and, as has been said many times, the guitar itself wouldn’t be available at all if it wasn’t of the very highest quality. You will get a beautiful, well-made instrument from Fender… Eventually. – FEd]

  46. Nate

    There is now more info (if you can call it that) on the main page. You’ll need to look for it though as it’s ‘hidden’ under a non-story about RTN being shown in South America in three weeks time!

    [Early warning, there. A refreshing change, I say. – FEd]

  47. Andrew

    […the guitar itself wouldn’t be available at all if it wasn’t of the very highest quality. You will get a beautiful, well-made instrument from Fender… Eventually. – FEd]

    And that should be the last word on the topic.



  48. Alex Paterson

    This really sounds a great guitar which is unfortunately a wee bit out of my price range seeing as it was going to be a gift for someone anyway.

    Some good reading on the blog about this topic, reminds me of a guy I know whose genuine 57 Strat is worth more than his house…. and I thought he was bullshitting me.

    A Fender American standard Strat it is then.

    BTW. Never got to see the game on Saturday. 4-0 was a great result.

  49. Dmitry Khaykin

    Come on now, guys!

    I mean, I think serious guitar players here know that this guitar is a Fender Custom Shop model and they cost that much and much more, actually. Now, this guitar is not a Christmas present for a DG fanboy (or fangirl), it is, at least I hope so very much, a high-end professional instrument which has its price.

    If it was meant to be affordable for everyone playing electric guitar it would not have the quality standard David was after. You can not get an affordable Mercedes just because David drives one and You are a fan. Affordability in a world of custom Fender guitars has never meant “for everyone to buy”, it always means a serious investment.

    That is the way it is with Fender and many other famous guitar makers for many years now – the only really decent sounding and well crafted guitars come from the Custom Shop, the standard models have to be heavily modified to get where You want them as a pro player. (And then they already cost around 1500 US$!!!)

  50. Ben

    [There is now more info (if you can call it that) on the main page. You’ll need to look for it though as it’s ‘hidden’ under a non-story about RTN being shown in South America in three weeks time! – Nate]

    LOL! That was pretty lame. Whoever writes the Latest News should try and keep up with the rest of us, LOL!

    [Come on, be fair. You now know that ‘Remember That Night’ will be on HBO across Latin America a whole fortnight before the first broadcast. That’s unusually swift. – FEd]

  51. Steve

    I just saw the supposed prices on David Gilmour’s black Strat, from Latest News: $4K for the NOS and $4,800 for the beat up looking Relic.

    IMHO I hate the fact that Fender has their signature series lines……this seems like a heck of a lot of money for the average individual to shuck out on a pre customized guitar. Professional musicians would never shell out this kind of money on a “clone” instrument. They have their own that they cut their teeth on. The only thing that I can do with this latest news is appreciate Fender’s efforts, to finally recognize David that is long overdue.

    In all actuality Fender should donate a proceeds of the monies received on this instrument to one of David’s many charities, that would be money well spent!

    But again imho what makes a guitar a guitar is what it does for the individual. Finding the right instrument takes a long time, and there are a million different factors that you have to consider before you bring the guitar that is right for you home.