Random Nonsense #9

Syd Barrett, by IkkarThank you all for the lovely comments about Syd.

And thank you, Ikkar, for sharing your artwork with us.

Which of Syd’s songs can you imagine David singing?

On the last tour, David covered ‘Astronomy Domine’, ‘Dark Globe’ and ‘Dominoes’, and on his previous solo outing in 2002, ‘Terrapin’.

Not to mention ‘Arnold Layne’, which was released as a single and is a highlight of the ‘Remember That Night’ DVD (sung by Richard Wright and David Bowie).

You’ll be able to hear ‘Dominoes’ (from Paris) on the forthcoming ‘Live in Gdańsk’ album – unless you opt for either the two-disc or vinyl set, that is – as it’s one of 12 live tracks included on a bonus CD, and will also be available for download.

‘Astronomy Domine’ (from Gdańsk, naturally) is also included on a bonus DVD, as well as featuring on the album itself.

Both ‘Dominoes’ and ‘Terrapin’ are included on David’s 2002 ‘In Concert’ DVD.

Do you have a favourite of those tracks already covered?

There’s no chat today, but the chatroom will be open tomorrow: between 11:00 and 13:00 (UK).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

95 thoughts on “Random Nonsense #9”

  1. Why not “Bob Dylan Blues” … it’s a cool song. =)

    [Agreed. – FEd]

  2. I’d love to hear David perform “Baby Lemonade” with that beautiful guitar intro. I think it would fit Davids voice perfectly. “Late Night” also comes to mind with those great slide guitar parts…


  3. ‘Jugband Blues’ with the brass section from the Atom Heart Mother performance. 🙂

  4. They are all great tunes.

    Astronomy and Dominoes are very cool, but then again…

  5. I think one of my favourite Syd Barrett songs is ‘Jugband Blues’

    Not sure that it would ever be performed if the story about its meaning is to be believed…..

    “…and I wonder who could be writing this song…”

  6. Hi Fed,

    I just the love the timing on Dominoes, really cool and so laid back!


    [I agree with you completely, Paul. – FEd]

  7. Hi Fed,

    I know this is off topic, but, it appears to me that the main page of the site is becoming increasingly Gdansk red, or I am reading too much into this?

    Martin de Montréal

    [No, you’re right. That’s the plan. – FEd]

  8. There are two songs I’d love to hear David do. Both are polar opposites in mood and brevity.

    One would be Octopus, given the proper Gilmour touring company treatment. The other would be a solo acoustic performance by David only, singing Effervescent Elephant.

    Great artwork, Ikkar!


  9. Every one!

    But thinking about David’s style (and two of Syd’s songs I love more), I suggest Opel and It is Obvious.

    Can they work?

    [I think ‘Opel’ would work, definitely. ‘Milky Way’ was my first thought. – FEd]

  10. I just love “Terrapin” from the “David Gilmour in Concert” DVD.

    “I really love you and I mean you
    The star above you, crystal blue
    Well oh, baby, my hair’s on end about you…”

  11. First, great image Ikkar, very well done.

    Second, I hate to admit that I actually don’t have Opel in my collection. I have Madcap Laughs but Opel is missing. Partially cause it is never available in my local music shops and I never really think of ordering it online. I’ve also heard some mixed reviews on that release but I don’t give much credence to reviews anyway. Afterall what I like is not necessarily the same thing that someone else may like.

    Third, so I’ll have to think a bit more regarding what track I’d like to hear David perform. Maybe the unreleased Vegetable Man?



  12. I am behind the calls for Baby Lemonade although Wined and Dined was a good choice.

    I remember when I went to see David in 2002 at the RFH and I had absolutely no idea what was in store. There were certainly some jaw dropping moments that night.

  13. Great music and dancing cranes on the front page at the moment! I have to remember to visit that page as I tend to come here first as this is where it’s all happenin’. 🙂

    How often is the music changing at the moment?

    [I’m not sure, sorry. – FEd]

  14. In 1970 Syd Barrett appeared on a BBC programme called “Top Gear”… (there wasn’t a Porsche in sight!)

    Syd sang:

    – Two of a kind
    – Terrapin
    – Gigalo Aunt
    – Baby Lemonade

    David Gilmour played and sang on all of the tracks… I don’t think this has ever been released but it has been broadcast on the radio in the UK.

    [Not The Peel Sessions? – FEd]

  15. What beautiful artwork, Ikkar! Thank you so much!

    David’s recording of “Dark Globe” is very special to me, although I can’t really listen to it without getting tears in my eyes. But, if David were to add another song of Syd’s to his recent ones…I’d definitely side with the bloggers above for “Baby Lemonade,” mainly because of the wonderful guitar work on that. It would be a pleasure to hear David performing that.

  16. I think Dominoes from the 2001 acoustic show was fantastic. I loved the stand up bass in it, and it has a great “swagger” to it.

  17. Yes, “Milky Way” or “Birdie Hop”… They’re rare tracks, and very beautiful.

    I think they are good songs for David. 🙂

    (Hello from France!)

  18. Funny how you ask to opine on David’s vocals for a track and many reference guitar work in their song selections. Maybe you should underline the word singing in your question? But probably it wouldn’t make a darn difference.



  19. Dominoes was fantastic at the Festival Hall.

    Didn’t think you were asking for requests, but here’s my tuppence worth. I reckon David would do cracking versions of Octopus and Gigolo Aunt.

  20. Hi FEd and everyone !

    I think “Astronomy Domine” is my favorite…there’s no doubt about it !

    I discovered this song when I attended the Pink Floyd “Division Bell Tour 94” concert in Bordeaux. It was a great opening for the show (“Shine On…” opened the second half of the show. A live version of the “94 Tour” first night was available on the CD single “Take it Back” at the moment before it appears on “P.U.L.S.E” (I prefer the “single” version).

    But I must admit that the version captured for the “Live & In Session” DVD in 2006 at Abbey Road is a very very good interpretation. DG & the band played it very close to the original mood, with David’s terrific solo !!!

    I hope that the “Gdansk” version will be as good as these two other.

    I’m on holidays for three weeks between Bordeaux & Toulouse in France, that’s great, but I hope that mid September will come very soon to hold in my hands & play the 5 CD deluxe version of “Live from Gdansk” !

    Cheers, Patoch’

  21. “…you’re nice to me like ice.”

    I have always loved that lyric.

    I think when I get home I am going to put on my Barrett CDs.

  22. [Not The Peel Sessions? – FEd]

    John Peel was a presenter on Top Gear so it probably is the same session…

    At least it’s available… that’s the main thing. 🙂

    I get the impression you are even more of a Syd Buff than you are a DG Buff… 🙂

    [David will always be The Man, man. – FEd]

  23. Impressive, Ikkar, you have captured his eyes’ expression so well! Ce regard est fascinant, n’est-ce-pas?


  24. I love David’s version of Dominoes and Baby Lemonade would be great!


  25. I think that my favourite cover by David will forever be ‘Dark Globe’

    I have heard several other covers of ‘Dark Globe’, by Soundgarden (awful, I think), REM, Placebo, but David’s one is much more full of emotion, sincerity, we feel that he was not a stranger, but a real friend to Syd.

    I would love to hear David sing ‘Golden Hair’ (Madcap Laughs), a very short one, but so beautiful. The lyrics are just fitting him. What do you think?


    [It’s not one of my favourites, I have to confess, but maybe. – FEd]

  26. Terrapin, I’ve heard it countless times yet I still get chills.

    ….just something about that song I suppose.

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you.

  27. Richard would do “Bike” brilliantly. 🙂

    David can do anything really and have it sound classic…

  28. [I think when I get home I am going to put on my Barrett CDs. – Julie Davies]

    That would certainly be a fashion statement. Personally I prefer to listen to my CDs. LOL.



  29. Maybe something a little more personal, my favorites, Waving My Arms In The Air/I Never Lied To You.

    I’ve always wondered where these lyrics came from, as they seem more autobiographical than most of his work.

    Very impressive Ikkar!

  30. i want david to do point me at the sky. it’s a beautiful song. old too but still very good.

    (all hail david!)

  31. So what exactly is Wireman toting around on the homepage? Seems to be either a joystick controller for the cranes, or he is a lollipop vendor!

  32. I think it’s got to be Terrapin, a beautiful laid back number, closely followed by Dominoes. But I think David would maka a fantastic job singing any of Syd’s songs, as his vocal abilities are also well suited. He isn’t just the best guitarist in the world – his singing is way up there too!!


  33. “Apples and Oranges” would be nice to hear it as a cover sung by DG. It also offers some playground for his guitar, too. 😉

    “Down by the river side
    feeding ducks by the afternoon tide
    (quack quack)…”

    Best regards,


  34. One of my favorites is “Here I Go”. I’d think it a hoot to hear David do that one.

  35. Dear Fed,

    me voilà sur le site de David avec l’un de mes dessins! c’est un honneur sans nom… et, voyez…, je suis en train de rougir…

    So, thank you, dear Fed, for this honour… I just hope you like this small tribute…

    Ikkar, with love

    [Bien sûr – et merci encore. Pour moi, c’est l’hommage parfait (avec un type d’innocence ou… méfiance, peut-être, dans les yeux, n’est-ce pas? Il est vulnérable ici, certainement.) – FEd]

  36. Hi FEd,

    this is complete off-topic but I bet you’d like the sticker (click my name).


    [Love it. – FEd]

  37. Please forgive me for writing a comment and I won’t do it again but I wanted David to know (because you said rarely reads his MySpace page) that he helped me evolve from shy, insecure little girl into a confident, creative, passionate, inspired and happy teenager who learnt to love music and to love life.

    His music echoes through my soul and will never, ever fade from my heart.

    How can you say thank you for such a gift? Words are terribly limiting but I hope he feels my gratitude and the gratitude of millions of people alive and in spirit and that that elevates him in a way that he elevates us.

    Thank you.

    Leah x

    [Thanks for that, Leah. I appreciate you taking the time to write. – FEd]

  38. I’d probably go for Terrapin of the ones recorded so far … oddly (or maybe not) Dark Globe didn’t have the impact on me that it did on so many here … although I fully respect the sentiment behind it.

    Baby Lemonade looks a good bet for the next tour …. but I think Love You could be polished up nicely.

  39. Hi FEd,

    I noticed you don’t know how frequently the music that plays on the main page changes – but do you know what track is currently playing when you first open http://www.davidgilmour.com?


    [The idea behind the loops – David’s idea, that is – is that they just play away, without any fanfare. So I’m saying nothing. (There’s a new one each Friday, apparently.) – FEd]

  40. With David’s touring band I would’ve loved to hear Octopus. I think that song deserves a 2008, 2009 or 2010 version.

    If Pink Floyd for some reason decided to re-record one song, it should’ve been Apples and Oranges. The song is great, but think the production of the original version was terrible.

  41. Hate to change the subject on such a great topic, but today is my Graduation Ceremony day. I’m going to enjoy today, and I hope everyone enjoys today.

    Its not very often, that someone very attractive gets graduated!!! So Praise be the Lord!

    Happy Days everyone, and Shine On

    Simon J

    [Well done, Simon. – FEd]

  42. “Scream Thy Last Scream” would be a great cover for David. Someone told me it’s sometimes called “Old Woman in a Casket.” Either way it’s a good song and David could do great things with it.

    Of the existing covers, “Dark Globe” is my favorite: very emotional and powerful to listen to.

    Someone said “Point Me at the Sky” above. It’s a Waters song with Gilmour on guitar, (barely) post-Syd.

    Wireman in hard hat moving the cranes via remote control. That is the most intresting Wireman yet! And on my computer, the screen comes up entirely blue and then turns red in that corner. It’s kind-of a cool effect, but likely caused by my sluggish machine rather than designed that way.

  43. Sorry to go off topic here, but if the purpose of the last few bits of music on the home page is to lather us into a frenzy of anticipation for new work from David, I thought you might like to know it’s succeeding tremendously.

    [Excellent. – FEd]

  44. I’d love David to perform either “Here I Go” or “Effervescing Elephant”.

    I wouldn’t mind “Bike” or “Jugband Blues” either.

  45. Thank you, Ikkar. Your art is beautiful. Few artists choose Syd as a subject. Bravo!

    I agree with Darren and Robyn, Effervescing Elephant, but David should do it A cappella (per Andrew).

    For those who are interested, Syd also sang EE on the recording Rudders, and FEd mention above. Here are the details:

    PF played McEwan Hall at the University of Edinburgh on 23, Feb., ’70. The next day Syd, David, and Jerry Shirley went to a (BBC?) studio and recorded Terrapin (3:02), Gigolo Aunt (3:35), Baby Lemonade (2:30), Effervescing Elephant (:57), and Two of a Kind (2:28).

    John Walters was the producer of this recording (and of the original BBC Top Gear program). Tony Wilson was the S.M. The first transmission of this broadcast occurred 14, Mar., ’70 on The John Peel Show on Radio 1; The same day/night PF played Meistersinger Halle in Nuremberg.

  46. …I have two copies of what seem to be an official release by the same label. Strange Fruit, in arrangement with BBC Records and Tapes and BBC Enterprises Ltd, distributed by Pinnacle records, manufactured in the U.K. by PDO, made the first copy I acquired in 1988. The second copy I own, manufactured in Holland by Castle Communications in 1989, is identical.

    And to tangent smoothly, David, thank you for your absolutely brilliant contribution to humanity, I totally ditto what Leah said, . . . though, I’m not a girl.

  47. I’d like to hear David give Gigolo Aunt a rocking live outing, but this time I’d rather he played guitar than drums…

  48. [That would certainly be a fashion statement. Personally I prefer to listen to my CDs. LOL. – Andrew]

    Now that made me laugh out very loud, Andrew.



    [Yeah, but they “fix” meals over there, Julie. When they were never even broken. – FEd]

  49. I would love to hear David singing ‘Effervescing Elephant’, now that would be funny.

  50. It’s good imagining David singing all of these suggestions of Syd’s songs.

    I agree that ‘Late Night’ would sound great with David performing on the slide guitar.

    ‘Gigolo Aunt’ would probably be my choice though, if I was restricted to only one track.

    He could always precede that by playing ‘Interstellar Overdrive’ just as a sound check, you understand…

  51. Just back from abroad…

    My fave Syd song is “Baby Lemonade” and I would love to hear David sing it, although I have somewhat of a hard time imagining it because I’m not sure David’s voice would suit it. Is it me? Or is it just a very different range? I have a terrible ear…maybe it would sound amazing…!


  52. I would agree with Michele. Golden Hair is one of my favourites. It induces a sense of tranquility. I can imagine a nice bit of cello in the background for it.


  53. I’d like to hear David do ‘Opel’.

    [He could always precede that by playing ‘Interstellar Overdrive’ just as a sound check, you understand… – KenF]

    I’d love to hear that as well! Wouldn’t that be a grand treat?!

  54. [Yeah, but they “fix” meals over there, Julie. When they were never even broken. – FEd]

    FEd, pardon my ignorance here but I didn’t get what you were getting at. Am I missing something? 😀

    Were you hinting at Andrew’s reply which struck me as very funny. It still makes me laugh now.

    Kind regards.


    [Indeed. It was just a glib remark about how we use the same language in different ways, often with amusing results. Don’t mind me. – FEd]

  55. off-subject:

    is that sound sample on the main page from the new live album FEd?

    [Please see my reply to Ed. – FEd]

  56. [Yeah, but they “fix” meals over there, Julie. When they were never even broken. – FEd]

    Actually, I would still prefer to eat my meals.



    [Pleased to hear it. There’s far too much food being wasted. – FEd]

  57. [Please see my reply to Ed. – FEd]

    a new sound loop every friday? can’t wait to hear what the next one will be.

    i’m pretty sure that the current one is ‘on an island’.

  58. Terrapin…..it’s still going through my head 6 hours after playing it unless I’ve played Comfortably Numb or Echoes in the meantime.

    As for a new cover, Baby Lemonade would probably top the list with Effervescing Elephant as a fun item….Syd did such a fantastic job on the album with that one he really came back to life when recording that track.

  59. [Yeah, but they “fix” meals over there, Julie. When they were never even broken. – FEd]

    That always amuses me too! We all have our strange ways of saying things.

    [I would agree with Michele. Golden Hair is one of my favourites. It induces a sense of tranquillity. I can imagine a nice bit of cello in the background for it. – MartinS.]

    I can easily imagine cello on this song.

  60. Fed, I tried to download my pic for twitter and it shows it my site, but when I check it to see if it’s showing on the Twitter web it isn’t there. What am I doing wrong? For I have tried to send the wireman tattoo and you have never received it either. I really must be doing something wrong. Plus I am really sorry to be a bother.

    Well Fed, I really hope you’ll have a nice week off and that I am leaving for London in a few hours and getting really excited to see the city and country. So I hope that you and all the bloggers a great weekend.

    Take Care,

    [Have a wonderful time in London, Thomas. (We’ll sort your upload problem out when you get back, don’t worry, but I can see your Twitter avatar just fine.) – FEd]

  61. From the Merriam-Webster Online dictionary
    fix- a transition verb
    5: to get ready : prepare

    The real question is, why do doctors call what they do “practicing medicine”?

    [Good example. You’d like to think that they’ve passed the ‘hit and hope’ stage and really know their stuff, wouldn’t you? (Maybe it’s to keep the clever so-and-sos grounded?) – FEd]

  62. David Gilmour’s voice and guitar would sound great playing this song by Syd Barrett:

    Wined And Dined

    “Wined and dined, oh it seemed just like a dream!
    Girl was so kind,
    Kind of love I’d never seen
    Only last summer, it’s not so long ago…
    Just last summer, now musk winds blow…

    Wined and dined, oh it seemed just like a dream!
    Girl was so kind,
    Kind of love I’d never seen
    Only last summer, it’s not so long ago…
    Just last summer, now musk winds blow…

    Chalk underfoot, life I should prove
    Dancing in heat, our love and you…

    Wined and dined, oh it seemed just like a dream!
    Girl was so kind,
    Kind of love I’d never seen
    Only last summer, it’s not so long ago…
    Just last summer, now musk winds blow…”

  63. RE: Twitter

    I’d take £25k for some door-to-door sales! That’s amazing!

    My choice for DG would be “Opel” but I can imagine “Milky Way” (FEd’s choice).

    I don’t have a favourite, but the timing of “Dark Globe” was special and I was also at RFH in 2002 and loved the double bass on “Dominoes”.

    Great drawing! (The same pic again, LOL!)

  64. [Yeah, but they “fix” meals over there, Julie. When they were never even broken. – FEd]

    FEd: some of the meals I have prepared have needed ‘fixing’.

    By the way, love the main page. Very Gdansk.


  65. [That always amuses me too! We all have our strange ways of saying things.- Fran]

    Well I wouldn’t exactly say putting a CD on was strange. I guess I should have said put my Barrett CDs in my CD player. I do see the funny side though.

    However, I guess it serves me right when I work in seriously loud and busy office and can’t really concentrate fully on what I write on the blog at the time. So grammatical or typographical errors are inevitable especially if you quickly go back and add or replace words and forget to remove original words.

    Don’t you just love the English language!

    Kind regards.


  66. [Indeed. It was just a glib remark about how we use the same language in different ways, often with amusing results. Don’t mind me. – FEd]

    Whoops, I forgot people on the other side of the pond say “fix you something to eat”. Now I get it, FEd! Duh, my brian hurts.

    Shame on me after all, most of my family are American and I forgot the lingo. Maybe I am too Brummified now.

    What a refreshing change this blog is, it certainly causes me to laugh a lot.

    Kind regard.


  67. [Duh, my brian hurts. – Julie Davies]

    ROFL… First time I hear people calling the mass between their ears, Brian!



    [Sorry, Julie, I missed that. Blame lazy editing. It’s an error I make often. (“Make”?) – FEd]

  68. [ROFL… First time I hear people calling the mass between their ears, Brian! – Taki Bavaria]

    Now I really am laughing, Taki. It would appear that I am dyslexic too! See I told you my brain hurts.

    Look, I can’t help it. I am a busy mom and I am lousy at reading things on a pc. I usually have to print things off and read them again. :)))))))))

    And yes, FEd, it is an error that often “occurs”. Just having fun now being pedantic. 😉

    I haven’t laughed so much in ages.

    Kind regards.


  69. Julie, I’m glad you are amused. It is so wonderful that we can have some fun here without malicious intent. By the way, I love the line my brain hurts and use it quite often. Fact is there is nothing further from the truth as the brain actually cannot hurt.

    By the way, earlier I was saying how I didn’t have Opel and could never find it in my local shops. Well, duh, yesterday I was browsing on iTunes and did a search for Syd. Low and behold all his stuff is available on there and very reasonable too. Although I do prefer the physical CD, a download can be a good temporary fix.

    Hope you don’t mind the promotional plug. At least it is not self-promoting.



  70. I have not heard a lot of Syd’s songs that are mentioned above but I will be checking them out.

    Fixing meals! How funny, I say this every day and just realized how funny this sounds.

    I hope you have many meals “fixed” for you Fed while you have your break. Enjoy!

    Barbara P

    [Thank you very much, Barbara. – FEd]

  71. How about this one Mr. Gilmour? Great song Syd ! ! !

    Chapter 24

    “A movement is accomplished in six stages
    And the seventh brings return.
    The seven is the number of the young light
    It forms when darkness is increased by one.
    Change returns success
    Going and coming without error.
    Action brings good fortune.

    The time is with the month of winter solstice
    When the change is due to come.
    Thunder in the other course of heaven.
    Things cannot be destroyed once and for all.
    Change returns success
    Going and coming without error.
    Action brings good fortune.
    Sunset, sunrise.

    A movement is accomplished in six stages
    And the seventh brings return.
    The seven is the number of the young light
    It forms when darkness is increased by one.
    Change returns success
    Going and coming without error.
    Action brings good fortune.
    Sunset, sunrise.”

    Ahh, the beauty of incarnating and learning to play by the rules. That’s what I take from it anyway.

  72. Hello Mr FEd!!!

    I’d like to hear Mr G sing and play “Bob Dylan Blues” (as it would boost the sales of the “Wouldnt You Miss Me” Best Of, as this is the only place the song’s available, and it might financially help the City Wakes charity).

    The other song could be “No Good Trying”. I can imagine it would be a very good number for Mr G to sprinkle his squealing magic on (think “Take A Breath”)!

    Hope that made sense??? Squealing wise, I dont mean in a Bee Gee way!!!! I mean his guitar!!!

    I have a question: is it possible to get some of the remixes of OAI? The one that sticks out the most is the “OAI” one from the “Remember That Night” DVD. I enjoyed how fast paced it was, and modern sounding (not that the original is bad of course, Mr FEd!!!)

    P.S. I moved today to a flat I mentioned a few weeks ago, which is in Highgate!!! I’ve too much stuff!!! Would anyone like to buy my Floyd collection for one million dollars???? Haahahahahaha!!!

    Have a good week Mr FEd!

    [All the best, Robert. If there’s a plan for the remixes, by the way, then nobody told me. – FEd]

  73. Shamefully I don’t know too many Syd Barrett songs, so I spent the majority of Sunday afternoon sampling more on Syd Barrett’s music.

    I must say it was a whole new consciousness to me; nevertheless, I am enchanted by the few that David Gilmour had performed so far and they were done fantastically.

    “Dominoes” no doubt is one of my favorites.

  74. Hello,

    I think David did so many “little” and “great” things to Syd, still living, and his family. And not only about royalties. I wish a little bit of Syd is in every David song… and the best is “Poles Apart”.

    For me that’s enough.


  75. I’d love to hear “Here I Go”.

    It`s so Syd and so unDavid that I would like to see David making the effort.

  76. 1: i heard a disturbing piece of information on youtube when i was searching clips of syd. on there you will notice i have a conversation about a band i like(d) called ‘television personalities’. i love their song ‘all the young children on crack’ and ‘i know where syd barrett lives’.

    the disturbing comment was from another youtuber who said that TP went on tour with you and that at a gig they did the unforgivable and actually gave out syd’s correct address on stage.

    i have TP on my myspace friends list. if you confirm they did this stupid thing i will delete them immediately as i DO NOT APPRECIATE anyone who would hurt such a gentle soul in any way.

    please confirm or deny so i can take the appropriate action. thanks.

    [I’m sorry to say that the mindless idiots did just that, Karl. And that was the last time that they opened for David on his ‘About Face’ tour, funnily enough. I’m sure you know that Syd had to endure fans loitering in his front garden, following him to the corner shop, photographing his every move. You’ve probably come across the equally vile videos. I suspect that announcing his address to an audience of several thousand didn’t help matters (tw*ts). – FEd]

  77. 2: i love – the gnome, bike, chapter 24, lucifer sam, GOLDEN HAIR, baby lemonade, effervescing elephant, gigolo aunt, be with you (?), long gone.

    lucifer sam!! gotta keep that alive. arnold layne, see emily play. candy and a currant bun! scarecrow!

    as a matter of fact recreate early floyd. there was a big psychedelia revival here in australia in the 80’s and i’ve got a feeling it’s on its way back. i’ve created an identity in anticipation and want to put my syd covers on it…

    in fact, further to that idea why don’t you have a covers section on this very site where people can upload their covers of syd’s songs?

    a guitaraoke section would be a groove! it would be amazing to see and hear the different interpretations and also keep the songs alive with an audience participation kinda vibe! we can happily chew our hippoplankton food!

    [After the fiasco that was the ‘Arnold Layne’ contest, I think not. Also, this is David’s site, so covers of his songs would probably be more fitting. Still, I can’t see it happening. Ever. – FEd]

  78. oooer! and i thought the covers thing was such a good idea! sounds like it’s been tried already and failed.

    yeah i know it’s david’s site but ain’t this the syd section? never mind. you can spank my naughty bottie for my impertinence (it’s all my bottie’s fault, my head was innocent).

    so TP did do that!! F*CK ’em then!! they’re about to get a nasty from me and a size 11 up the eye that whistles but can’t see. GITS!!

    btw: i would like DG to do all those syd songs please or i shall have to either:

    a.) chastise him with something pointy
    b.) write a stern letter to someone with an unfashionable moustache but important local government position about the state of young people these days and the price of support hose
    c.) have a brief but curmudgeonly grumble about the bald injustice of it all and console myself with a fizzy sarsparilla drink and tasty anzac biscuit.

    (my money’s on option c)

    good day to you sir/madam

    karl j (batteries not included) vogt

    note: use no hooks.

    [Thanks for writing, Karl. (Option B was my favourite, by the way.) – FEd]

  79. aaaahhhh! saw something you said. arnold layne CONTEST!

    i’m against competitions in art myself because it’s my barrow that art is art, not some silly sporty p*ssing contest. who’s to say what’s ‘better’? it’s all subjective as hell.

    i refuse to go in competitions as i feel (especially living in ‘sportstralia’) that there’s more than enough of a competitive mentality without ruining art with it as well.

    i mean is vincent van gogh rubbish? he was considered so in his lifetime but now his works sell for billions. which society was objectively correct?

    anyway the whole point’s moot now by the looks of so i’ll shut me cake chute and whimper off to a corner.


    [I agree with you, but I’m a cynic and the contest was run by a record company, which says it all. If you’re interested, click your name above to see how the contest was presented. – FEd]

  80. better make this my last post as i’m tending to flood it a bit.

    below is what i am about to post to TP’s myspace:

    it’s with great regret that i have learned that you have done the most despicable thing you could do to a syd barrett fan like me.

    i went to david gilmour’s blog after hearing on youtube that during david’s ‘about face’ tour you did the unbelievably STUPID thing of announcing syd’s real address to an audience of thousands!!!

    well done!! IDIOTS!!

    you then got yourselves booted off the tour for that unbelievable act of insensitivity. you knew FULL WELL that syd wanted to be on his own and not bothered. he LEFT pink floyd in 1968 and did NO MORE MUSIC since 1972 yet you thought it open season on him to big note yourselves for cheap publicity.

    nongs like you are beneath my contempt. your friend status on my profile has been revoked and you have been blocked from making any contact with me as your opinion of what you did is valueless to me.

    picking on vulnerable mentally ill people is one of the lowest things you can do and my respect for you is now ZERO.

    kindly grow up and act like a 45 year old man not some badly brought up juvenile.

    karl j vogt

  81. btw: david = cool!

    i just remembered when i first bought ‘ummagumma’ (my all time favourite post syd floyd album) i looked at the picture on the cover of them swapping positions in the mirror going back and back and back and seeing david and thinking .. wow! he’s so cool. i hope i look cool like him when i’m older (i think i was about 14 or 15). he looked like the ultimate cool surfie dude.

    he also reminds me of my friend martin of the time who introduced me to aerosmith’s ‘toys in the attic’ album and bob dylan’s ‘lay lady lay’ from ‘nashville skyline’, the coolest country song i’ve ever heard.


  82. oooooh!! just thought of a KILLER song for david to do ….


    a BRILLIANT song, the way he played with the meanings of words in context, the way he played with the rhythm. and don’t forget .. even john lennon was ensnared by its spell (i don’t just mean when they recorded together, i mean john would break into song with it at random).

    btw: any film of syd and john (and beatles?) doing that song together?

    [Not to my knowledge. – FEd]

  83. hi. it’s me again (rent-a-pest). thought i’d drop in the list of songs i like to cover from syd and post syd.

    gigolo aunt
    golden hair
    corporal clegg
    baby lemonade (“you’re nice to me like ice; in a clock they put through a washing machine; come around make it soon so alone” (BRILLIANT!)
    arnold layne
    long gone
    to be with you(?) (soz. forgot the real title. got barrett on record with no player. LYRIC: “when i woke up today; and you weren’t there to play; then i wanted to be with you”)
    chapter 24
    jugband blues
    see emily play
    lucifer sam

    post syd:
    grantchester meadows (hard to get that fly to sing on cue)
    brain damage
    us and them (swoon)

    one day i’ll have to film them and chuck em on youtube so you can laugh at me. my camera’s crap though and i am so poor i eat road kill, mice and garden grubs (what? me..exaggerate? never!..okay maybe a little big bit). is that okay? (permissions and all that. after all they’re not my songs.)

    [Go ahead, but we don’t do links to YouTube here – for obvious reasons. (That unknown title is ‘Late Night’, by the way. The last track on ‘The Madcap Laughs’.) – FEd]

  84. oh FEd, you are the best FEd in the history of all FEds in the universe! now i know the name of that song! ripper (australian for GROUSE!).

    no i don’t expect you to link. i got the picture from the warning roar before i came in here. i just don’t want to put them up and have lawyers bursting a rectum to strip me of every asset down to my y-fronts (a heavemaking visage if ever there was one).

    i doff my stetson to you o great one.

    /rampant suckup

    [My pleasure, mate. It’s a beautiful song. – FEd]

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