Random Nonsense #8

Blog Poll: Should petitions be discussed here, with links for you to sign them, if you chose to do so? 69% vote 'Yes', 23% vote 'No', 8% vote 'Don't know'.A serious one today, and not ‘nonsense’ at all, although it does veer some way from the topics that this blog was set up to discuss.

Important issues have always been touched upon here, but is it appropriate to deliberately highlight them, to select relevant petitions and to invite you to sign them?

I’d appreciate your thoughts and/or votes to determine whether or not this could perhaps become a regular thing, with those matters closest to your hearts being considered for featured entries, which could then generate debate – for both blog and chatroom.

If you have time to read The Blog, you might also have time to sign a petition and make a difference to something that is important to someone, somewhere. (What with the pen being mightier than the sword and all that…)

David, to his great credit, has never been one to force his opinions on others, of course. His blog certainly doesn’t wish to, either.

Yet my feeling is that, for every fun discussion, such as the recent lists showing who you’d invite to a dinner party (what, no Ronnie Barker?), maybe there ought to be a serious one. And maybe you can set the tone occasionally, as you have done for some of the nonsense.

Please let me know what you think.

The chatroom will be open tomorrow from 15:00 (UK), so do save your thoughts and share them there, if you’d prefer.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

74 thoughts on “Random Nonsense #8”

  1. Hi FEd,

    while I can see the idea behind your proposal, you address an international public which would make the choice of an petition quite a challenge, since not everyone’s interested or even allowed to sign up…

    Best regards,


  2. The reason I voted Yes is because I can’t think of any time David has supported a cause that might be considered controversial. Things like helping the poor and finding homes for the homeless, while some people may look the other way or are simply in too much financial troubles themselves to help out, who can argue against those who can help and choose to do so?

    And even on such topics such as Carbon Neutral, global warming, and energy conservation where there may be some debate (usually by the uneducated or the willfully ignorant), it’s tough for anybody to say that the things we’ve talked about on this board and the things David has openly supported are bad things to be doing. People may choose not to use a fluorescent light, but you don’t ever see them fighting you because you choose to use one.

  3. I also voted YES because I trust that you will only choose important topics relevant to the widest audience.

    It only takes a moment to vote or sign a petition. If I can help by signing, I’ll sign.

    P.S. Ronnie Barker would be a great dinner party guest.

  4. I answered ‘Yes’. Why not?

    As with any blog posts… you don’t have to take part if you don’t want to.

  5. Hello,

    I voted yes because this blog is a corner to speek about all, relevant issues too.

    About music, rock, memories, days, future, “words in freedom” but with brain and heart.

    This blog is also a part of my days and it’s quite natural and normal to treat every argument not only “…in an English way…” It’s no more time to ignore some “sides” of the universe.

    With a lot of love

  6. So long as we don’t end up with various posts or topics with various links to various petitions – which is unlikely – then I don’t see why not. Although it shouldn’t become the main focus of the blog, why not take advantage of the fact that this is a popular place to once in a while give a link to a petition for good causes?

    As Nate said, people don’t have to, and I don’t remember anyone complaining when there was the link to the petition to save Planet Rock. Maybe that’s just my memory though…

  7. I’ve never been sure about petitions in general. Coming from America…does my vote honestly count?…(Not to be answered by anyone, but just a throw out there to the Bush admin.)

    I have put my name on others in the past that have never been heard of again, by not enough signatures or tossed aside by the person(s) it was to be given to.

    I think if it were political, I wouldn’t petition. Other than that, for a great cause and knowing something would be done, I would put my name to it.

  8. The reason I voted no was because I use this site for a means of entertainment daily. Don’t get me wrong, I look at ‘The Important Stuff’ as well, because that’s close to Mr Gilmour’s heart, and I whole-heartedly acknowledge his charity work.

    I also participate in online petitions (i.e. Guy Pratt’s radio station’s recent petition), but I just guess I wouldnt like them on here.

    [Fair enough. Thanks for explaining your vote, Simon. – FEd]

  9. I voted yes because I’d be honoured to have the opportunity of adding my voice to someone of David’s stature. As individuals we can all do our bit to change the world but as a group we can really make a difference. It’s obvious that David doesn’t push his Crisis work on his website but if you point us in the right direction FEd them I’m sure we can help.

    Obviously there’ll be other causes requiring support so why not discuss and support them if they fit in with the overall theme of humanity and environmental awareness.

    …..and it’s goodnight from me and goodnight from him!


    [A fine way to sign off, Paul. – FEd]

  10. FEd,

    I belong to an official Who forum, and stuff like this gets posted there as well. As is usually the case when you have such a diverse amount of fans coming to a site, there is bound to be debates – healthy or otherwise.

    If, by the end of the day, we can at least be more educated – if not by opposing viewpoints, but at least having called attention to a certain cause that might even benefit by a petition signature – I’d say its worthy enough to at least try it out here on the blog for a spell, or two.

    Like a big nosed geezer once stated: “Let’s see action!”

    Nuff said,

    [Oh yes. “Let’s see people, let’s see freedom, let’s see who cares.” Absolutely. – FEd]

  11. Hullo FED and All !!!

    Novel idea !! I think we should have a voice on certain issues that we would feel strongly about.

    Hope all is well. Love the sound clip today !! Mr. Gilmour, FEd and All, I give you all a big salute and a ‘Smile’.

    Someday real soon I’ll get Lisa to come on here.

    Well, got to go. Must drop off computer for scheduled maintenance. Time to debug this poor thing !!

    Hugs to all !! I miss you all. : (

    Must Go ‘On The Run’. Peace and Love! Cazart !

  12. I think it’s acceptable and actually quite natural to allow such things here, Fed. As much nonsense as we dish out here sometimes, there is a good balance with the more serious issues.

    This website is responsible for helping me understand the seriousness of global warming and pollution, which I wasn’t bothered with previously. Thank you for that.

    I now recycle and do all that I can to reduce my impact on the earth. My personal goal is to do no harm to my brothers and sisters, or the earth.

    The issues are bigger than us that’s for sure, but if one person can be influenced, it’s worth the effort to offer it here.

    A man was walking on the beach saw that it was littered with thousands of starfish. A little boy was picking up the starfish one by one and throwing them into the ocean. He asked the boy, “What are you doing?” The boy replied, “I’m throwing starfish back into the water. If I leave them here they’ll dry up and die.” The man said, “But look how many starfish there are. What you’re doing can’t possibly make a difference.” As the boy picked up another starfish and threw it into the ocean he said, “Well, it makes a difference to this one!”

    [Right on, sister. (Actually, I’m chuffed that you recycle, so thanks a lot for that.) – FEd]

  13. Hi everyone

    I voted ‘yes’ as there are universal issues we can all discuss IF we choose to. AND you never know, we may achieve something meaningful (or not!)

    “So it’s goodnight from him…”

    [Ah, Ronnie Barker… I was at a market earlier today, getting some bits and pieces, and was so tempted to ask: “F.U.N.E. (free range) X.?” Thankfully, I realised that I’d look like an idiot if I did, but it made me smile. (No fork handles, though.) – FEd]

  14. Great idea.

    I’m sure there are many causes out there that could benefit from being (as well as matters that should be) brought to more people’s attention.

  15. Hi fed.

    I think it’s worth giving it a whirl, see where you go. And if it seems to throw some much needed weight behind a few of the world’s problems, I think it would blend in well with this wonderful site.

    Kind regards

  16. Good idea!

    If it means something to someone who is a fan of David Gilmour, and if they can take the time to tell others about it, I can surely take the time to hear them out and help by signing a petition.

    Simon has a point, but I don’t think there’s anything innappropriate in giving people something to think about. It wouldn’t stop us from discussing other things.

    FEd, you’re a sweetheart!

    [I am, aren’t I? – FEd]

  17. Fed,

    I voted yes as i would try and help any cause that needs a bit of support.

    Fork Handles is on the same level as Del Boy going to lean on the bar!


  18. I’m all for a good discussion of important things FEd- and if people don’t feel like signing up to a certain petition they don’t have to. I’ve signed up to a few worthwhile e-petitions on the Number 10 website, one even got a response from the PM.

    Aside from important topics I think we should make a “Give David Gilmour and FEd Knighthoods” petition… I think Sir Editor of Features would suit you!

    [God, no. It wouldn’t. – FEd]

  19. I assume any petition that would be put up here would be for a cause David supports. In that case, I would vote yes, I’d be ok with that.

    I know many of us aren’t here just for David’s music, but because we have grown to respect the kind of guy David is and the things he supports. We already talk about these things in chat and on the blog anyway, so why not make a difference if we can!

    I do have some reservations, only because I’d like to keep the peace around here. However, I know FEd would squash anything before it got too out of control.

    I’m leaving tomorrow to go camping until Sunday for Independence Day. Have a wonderful holiday, my fellow Americans!


    [They wouldn’t necessarily be, but he might enjoy the discussion. – FEd]

  20. Internet polls are worthless… They don’t make a scrap of difference… Nobody cares what people on the internet think…

    Hysteron Proteron was right about “things” being MUCH worse than the average person could ever imagine… You haven’t seen anything yet…

    Sad but true… And I’m an optimist…

  21. I have to say I don’t know.

    I am not one to jump on a bandwagon. Kinda like the whole Crisis thing. It amazes me how people worldwide endorse Crisis just because David does. It is a fine organization but keep in mind that it only helps individuals in the U.K. That is great but what about in your own backyard? Ever do the research locally about organizations that help the homeless where you live?

    Sometimes it just feels like there are lots of people here ready to suck up to David and are not truly genuine. So sorry if that offended anyone.

    I am all for including some serious discussion here but in some ways I side with what Simon stated as well. I think the topic on personal actions to save the environment was great.

    So I leave the door open to see how it goes, I just hope it doesn’t become a bore. Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.



  22. [The reason I voted no was because I use this site for a means of entertainment daily. – Simon J]

    i have to agree with simon j. this blog should be simply about entertainment and if we want to read about that stuff then that’s what ‘the important stuff’ section on the main page is for.

  23. Why not, it’s a good idea. To vote on serious discussions and debates on this site would be a great way for us D.G. fans to show how we feel about certain topics and things that affect unfortunate people.

    David gives his support and shows he is a good and kind person, so we should use this opportunity to show that the vast majority of his fans are like-minded. Sometimes important issues should be brought to the attention of all of us, and if this helps I am all for it.

    How about setting up a donation link for CRISIS? Go for it Fed.


    [I feel that asking for your time and consideration is one thing, but asking for your money is something else. I don’t like it when sites nag you for donations, beer money, etc. – FEd]

  24. This seems like a good idea to me. Because this is an international group, I’m interested to hear about and consider things that not only affect me, but also issues that may be beyond my backyard.

    Take Care. CT

  25. I generally come here to ‘decompress’ (because the blog is usually a nice, warm, relaxing place), precisely to escape -at least for a while- all the problems that surround us.

    So, at the risk of looking egoist/insensitive/frivolous, showing no concern about humanity issues (which is not true), I was tempted to say ‘no’.

    However, seeing that we always have choice to take part or not, all that will be offered here (serious topics, debates, petitions…) will be fine by me. (But, not too often, pleeeeeeaaaaaase…).

    Let’s just hope that everyone will be able to accept different opinions without fighting.

    I just want to point out that, everytime I tried to sign a petition here, (ex, Planet Rock), I was not allowed to because I am a ‘foreigner’ !!!


  26. To petition or not to petition …

    On balance I think it’s a good idea … this blog has been a good place to read and think about issues of wider concern amongst people with different opinions but also a “Gilmouresque” world view.

    The main problem with petitions imho is that they are often signed in ignorance (probably partial) of the full information because someone puts them in your face or from a “yeah, like he said” reaction. So let’s have petitions but I think there’s a responsibility to present impartial and preferably balanced information to make it a meaningful exercise.

    Then, as Nate says, you don’t have to play if you don’t want to …

    [Posted by Nate (Now with ‘sailor’s gate’) on 1 July 2008 at 15:08]

    Not to be confused with sailor’s gait, I trust.

  27. I believe in education. I have learned much from this site and certainly would not be adverse to learning more. So I vote ..yes. Especially as this site allows you to have your own view. Thank you for that.

    (F’Ed..on the ‘nonsense’ matter of dinner with David and Co….I see that I left you with some confusion. I beg your pardon. I really meant Queen Elizabeth 1 as in Henry VIII’s daughter back in the 1500’s. Not Queen Bess.

    Also, I am deleting Nampeyo (very important American Indian potter) in favor of Harry Nilsson. When is the dinner? Have bag, will travel. Have my own utensils, and can help with the washing up.


    [No confusion. It’s the same one: daughter of Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn. – FEd]

  28. I voted ‘Yes’ because there’s no good reason not to!

    IMHO it’s not forcing your opinion on someone, merely asking for it. If people don’t want to contribute to a petition for whatever reason they don’t have to.

    I love the idea of using this community to actually do something more than just share a love of David’s music. There’s SO much goodwill out here in DG fan land from what I’ve seen, that if it can be focussed towards doing some good in the world can only be a great idea…


  29. Fed,

    I like this idea. Most people who subscribe to this blog have an obvious common interest. We could actually use this community to do some positive things even if it is only to inform others of good and bad things happening in our world.

    We get a whole heap of shit dished out from the governments of our countries and I think any form of open communication is great. Let’s know the truth and let’s inform each other. If pollies led as well as they lie the world would be a better place!

    Off for a holiday in Asia in a few days Fed, so ciao for a few weeks.

    All the best

    [Have a wonderful time, Wilko. – FEd]

  30. OH, come on, you can relax Fed; petitions aren’t as serious as deaths and taxes and all that and a petition being raised from time to time does no harm at all, if of course, the matter which is raised is serious, after all if you don’t agree with whatever is being petitioned one can always you know NOT sign it.

    But I do think there might be a bit of difficulty seeing as how this an international micro-community we’ve got here so I don’t know if a signature from an American is going to count for much in the UK (and vice versa).

    Now then, to lighten things up is there anybody out there excited for the new Keane record (Fed?)? I have been tracking it since February and I am terribly excited to give it a listen. I just wanted to know if anyone else shares my enthusasim (I had no idea those blokes were so humourous).

    Alright then!

    Thank you very much indeed good night to you.

    [I’ll give it a listen, now that I’ve forgiven them for ‘Everybody’s Changing’. It’s not their fault that it was played to death, after all. I’m more interested in the possibility of Robbie Keane joining Liverpool, though. – FEd]

  31. I actually voted no.

    The question you ask is a three-parter really. Discussion is good as it invites an opportunity to educate and explore the contours of the issue(s) presented. I trust David, but I get that twitch-reaction to anyone suggesting certain petitions for me to sign. I get a lot of requests to “support this” or “get behind that” in my line of work, and I tend to turn away many potentially good causes for my own sanity. But of course, it’s David so…

    That’s why that third part about inviting me to sign them gives me pause. If David points my eye to look at something I would, and if David supports a particular cause I would probably do so as well. I honestly may be led blindly out of adoration and trust for a man I do not know personally and may skimp on the issue-reflection part. I wonder how many of us might do the same?

    Then I wonder, what has more impact on an issue: getting mass petition signatures or behavior/thinking change from knowledge sharing/discussion?

    [Fair point. I was thinking more of issues that matter to you, rather than David (they might well matter to David, but that would be his business), and discussion rather than signatures. – FEd]

  32. I think it’s a great idea!

    I seem to agree with every cause David supports and I for one would be willing to help to support things by signing petitions that I also feel is for a good cause.

    Only with enough voices can we really make change…

    As long it is for causes David thinks are important, it would fit perfectly here… after all there is more to the man then just his awesome guitar playing and I do think his Official site should reflect that.

    It could also create some nice discussion on things that may help to inform others that are unaware of.

    If people don’t like it and want to complain – they will be the same that complain about random nothings anyway, so nothing else would be new!

    Just one question… can I start the first one?

    My petition is for David to come back to the USA soon! (I can have “High Hopes” right?)

    PS – My backyard is free all Summer!

  33. Yes!! Of course!

    Silence is the enemy, petitions can make a difference. We must always be active in what we believe in, otherwise we allow the callous side of our world to spread.

    Gandhi said “be the change you want to see in others.”

    John Lennon said “I believe we can make a difference.”

  34. Hey Fed, I will vote yes.

    It makes me feel good to think I may have had a very small part in keeping Planet Rock on the air. I would not have been aware of the efforts to do this if it had not been for this blog. So thanks for that.

    As you know by now, I really have issues with making fun of people or doing them harm… (I know I’m a sensitive silly, sorry), so I will have to “take a break” if this occurs, but I will be back.

    If it is handled like the Planet Rock petitions, I am with you.

    You know you can’t make us all happy all of the time, except when you give us news about David. As subjects are posted, we will just have to pick what we want to take part in.

    Go for it Fed and thanks for being here for us!

    Barbara P

  35. I voted Yes.

    Recently I signed a petition against Bill C-51 in Canada. The government wants total control of the Health Industry, i.e. herbs, vitamins, etc. and jack up prices galore. If I were to make a ceasar salad using garlic from my herb garden, I could go to jail is what we’re up against in short.

    Thanks Fed, keep the juices flowing.

    [That’s the kind of thing I’m getting at. If some issue has irritated you, you might want to let others know about it. Other might want to comment. We’ve always had that here, but through your comments, rather than my posts. We’ve had the odd petition, too. The real question, then, is about subtlety. We could just have the occasional “What’s bugging you today?” post, but there’d be no focus and no debate, or too many issues and too many separate strands. – FEd]

  36. It sounds a reasonable idea. As you say, you don’t have to participate if you don’t wish to.

    I just wonder if someone with conflicting views from the majority may be ostracised for their views. I like to think not but there are those with an “I am right & if you don’t agree with me, you’re an idiot” attitude….

    Watch the sparks fly, keep you on your toes this one I think Fed.

    P.S Nice story Melissa.

  37. I like the idea of having more serious discussions here. We don’t get enough of that in our lives, at least not here in America where we’re almost afraid to discuss political issues.

    A lot of comments about the fact that this is an international community. For me, that is a big part of the appeal of this Blog and the chatroom. I like reading about issues affecting people outside of America.

    A great example is the recent discussion about Crisis. Homelessness is an issue without borders, and it affects bloggers across the globe. I wrote a comment about what I do to help the homeless in my own back yard. I think this Blog is a great place to discuss topics like that. And if there is a petition to be signed, I’m sure that F’Ed would say something like, “This is a British petition, so you shouldn’t sign it unless you are in the UK.”

  38. [That’s the kind of thing I’m getting at. If some issue has irritated you, you might want to let others know about it. Other might want to comment. We’ve always had that here, but through your comments, rather than my posts. We’ve had the odd petition, too. The real question, then, is about subtlety. We could just have the occasional “What’s bugging you today?” post, but there’d be no focus and no debate, or too many issues and too many separate strands. – FEd]

    How about a “What’s good about today?” comment/discussion as well… I don’t think there would be enough space on the blog if we all commented about the things that “bug” us… Just a though, FEd.

    [Yes, that’s true. – FEd]

  39. Happy Wednesday all!

    Thanks for opening up the Chat Room this Friday, July 4th as it is an official holiday for us folks in the U.S. – I will definitely take advantage of that and join in and say hello!

    [You’re very welcome, Veronica. – FEd]

  40. An interesting idea FEd, the possible opportunity of discussing ‘Random No-Nonsense’?

    I don’t have a problem with this blog and its editorial content having a social conscience from time to time, whether that corresponds with David’s personal beliefs or not. I’m not sure about the petitioning side of it though, given the international nature of this community.


  41. Thanks for the ‘gate’ correction Tim (and others). It’s fading now actually. 😉

  42. Hello FEd,

    I think that it is a good idea. There are things happening out there that many people may not be aware of but once aware of it, it may strike a chord. If not, what’s the harm?

    Best regards,

  43. [The real question, then, is about subtlety. We could just have the occasional “What’s bugging you today?” post…- FEd]

    Thanks for clarifying. That’s an interesting idea that I’d be into. “WBYT #1: Government Regulation of Herbs” or something to that effect then? We could submit suggestions like Rainy Day Blog ideas.

    I think that would be appropriate.

  44. It’s actually a great idea. Could we send some petitions too?

    [Please do. – FEd]

  45. I echo Graham Knight and add that I hope a lively discussion doesn’t also push people away from this site. A person in the minority who is then “beat up” for their opinion may end up leaving the site. I don’t think you would want that.

    And if you keep the discussion to “sterile” topics, then what fun is it reading stuff when all are on the same page.

    Guess we’ll see.



  46. If ever I had a wish, it would be to see & hear David Gilmour and Pink Floyd in concert. I am pushing 50 and never had the opportunity to do so. My husband and I are such big fans! The DVDs are so spectacular.

    I wish they could share their talent more often once again. Would fundraise to get our asses where ever they may play in concert if that were to happen again!

    They are the coolest band that is making incredible history.

    From a couple of Canadians, Glen & Lora Thompson

  47. [We could just have the occasional “What’s bugging you today?” post… – FEd]

    When you put it that way, I got one for you and we’ve talked about this one in the past as well. Ticket scalpers or touts.

    Bon Jovi agreed to do a FREE live performance in Central Park next weekend. However, the city has decided to limit the crowd to only 60,000. So you have to get a ticket to get in. Of course, now the touts are out there asking up to $1,500 for a pair of FREE tickets. How fair is that?

    Most tickets are suppose to be given away during baseball games throughout the city and Bon Jovi had put aside 20,000 tickets for his fans.

    What I will say is that since I am registered as a fan of Bon Jovi, I did get a special password that gave me an opportunity to try and get a couple of tickets. And surprisingly it worked.



    [The same thing happened with Live 8, didn’t it? Not fair at all. – FEd]

  48. [They wouldn’t necessarily be, but he might enjoy the discussion. – FEd]

    I can appreciate what you said in Angelo’s post that it would be issues that affect us. However, you being over in the UK, I find it hard for you to know issues that are relevant to me, and people in other countries around the world. No offense intended, FEd.

    To me, it would make more sense to talk about the issues that David is involved in, since it is his website. If anyone’s agendas should be pushed, or discussed, I think it should be David, not to you or us, FEd. I hope that makes since, and again, no offense to you FEd.

    I like the idea of “What’s bugging you?” with a specific topic.


    [None taken. I don’t claim to know what issues affect anyone, by the way. That’s why you’d let everyone know, if you cared to. And there’s no agenda to be pushed. – FEd]

  49. What’s bugging me today? Bon Jovi now that you mention him, in fact, he bugs me everyday. Condolences for anyone who might be a fan of his but that man has truly been living on a prayer his entire career and it is nothing short of miraculous that its lasted this long.

    Sorry for the sharp turn towards the negative (and I promise such negatvity will be few and far between) but that man aggravates me so much or am I just angry at him being huge despite his lackluster (AT BEST!) musical skills? You can decide but I loathe that man’s career!

    …and as one of my instructors once said, “Bon Jovi is concentrated suck in band form”.

    OK, I’m done, I promise.

    Thank you very much indeed (for my WAY OFF TOPIC Bon Jovi rant), good night to you.

    [Going even further off topic, did anyone see that American Idol audition (‘Livin’ On A Prayer’)? It was delightfully strange. – FEd]

  50. Hi fed,

    I have just been reading some of the responses to this debate about petitions. I thought it was a good idea and that you should try it. Now I’m not so sure going by some of the responses, i.e. Andrew’s and Erin’s. I think it may just complicate the site by people with complicated minds.

    Let’s stick with the man and his music. We are funny things, us humans, don’t you know?


    [Believe me, I do. – FEd]

  51. My last post today, but Fed I saw that you were talking about Coldplay with some folks earlier and I just want to chime in and say their new album is excellent!

    It’s intricate, nuanced, melodic, and frankly at times inspiring or at the very least very imaginative. A true work of art and I recomend it to anyone who hasn’t picked it up yet….and I’m no die-hard Coldplay fan, in fact I wouldn’t even classify myself as a fan, more like an interested observer if that even makes since.

    Anyway, thank you very mu…..well, you know the rest.

    Take care everyone.

  52. The reason Nirvana and Pearl Jam happened was because of bands like Bon Jovi, Ratt, Warrant, Slaughter, Winger, Cinderella all rode on the coattails of Def Leppard. I’ll play Smells Like Teen Spirit before Living On a Prayer ANYDAY!

    On another note FEd (don’t shoot the messenger boy) but Amazon.com has the new David Gilmour live albums up for pre-sale for its 2-CD, 2-CD/1-DVD and 2-CD/2-DVD configuration. Nothing for the 3-CD/2-DVD set which might be an exclusive to the Best Buy stores, I don’t know.

    [That’s cheeky of them. Please take whatever they’re saying with a pinch of salt for now. – FEd]

  53. [No confusion. It’s the same one: daughter of Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn. – FEd]

    Like I said….I get an education here. I had never heard of her referred to as good Queen Bess. I have read many books on that time period and have been to Hampton Court Palace and Westminster to see her likeness. Very interesting and strong person.

    I had previously thought that it was referring to Queen Elizabeth Bowes-lyon, King George’s VI wife. Not doing too well on the current Q’s & K’s as I prefer the time period that Dorothy Dunnett writes about.

    Thank you for the history lesson.

    By the way, all of the comments pro and con about the petition or “what’s bugging me” are all very good. I always learn a lot from you all. Makes me want to keep an open mind.


    [I’m glad that you do, Jan. I wish more people did. – FEd]

  54. Hi All,

    I ticked the ‘yes’ one. I think it is good sometimes to express one’s opinon. And after all, it is only an opinion. I like the odd debate or two as long as it does not get toooooooooooooo heated though. 😀

    Best regards.


  55. [The reason Nirvana and Pearl Jam happened was because of bands like Bon Jovi, Ratt, Warrant, Slaughter, Winger, Cinderella all rode on the coattails of Def Leppard. I’ll play Smells Like Teen Spirit before Living On a Prayer ANYDAY! – Terrence Reardon]

    Nirvana was “basically trying to rip-off the Pixies” when they made ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’…

  56. My feeling is that things like this don’t always make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things. But they do make a difference in a small way at least.

    The important thing is that it does make a change and, as I’m sure most people would agree, a small positive change is better than none.

    If this site can help bring some much needed attention to much very worthwhile causes then so be it.

  57. [Fair point. I was thinking more of issues that matter to you, rather than David (they might well matter to David, but that would be his business), and discussion rather than signatures. – FEd]

    I think that discussion about issues large or small that are of particular interest to someone within the DG blog community would be a good thing. People can choose to participate or not just as with any other topic ‘o the day. Petitions … eh, it would depend.

    As to the comment from someone about people supporting causes simply because they are close to David’s heart while not donating to something that’s going on in their own backyard, I’m in total agreement! It’s fabulous that we can put together a little something for Crisis, but it’s really important to sprinkle a bit here and there as well, whether it be a local, national or global cause.

    I’m sure we can find ways of blending David’s music into just about any discussion, too! That way everyone will be happy.

    Peace y’all,

  58. Hell yeah.

    Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups! Not to insinuate that anyone here is stupid, but people can change the world if they all get together for a good cause.

  59. This is not art (click my name).

    [Forcing an animal to go without food and water in the name of art is sick indeed. – FEd]

  60. Emilio, that’s awful! How can someone do that to a poor defenceless dog? I’m so upset and angry about this. Of course, I signed the petition.

    I hope no galleries will welcome him and he will have to find a new career.

    From The Guardian (click my name): “Vargas, 32, said he wanted to test the public’s reaction, and insisted none of the exhibition visitors intervened to stop the animal’s suffering. He refused to say whether the animal had survived the show, but said he had received dozens of death threats.”

    I hadn’t heard about this. Although it’s made me angry and sad, I’m glad I could sign the petition. If not for this blog, I wouldn’t have known about it, so thank you Emilio and FEd.

  61. In the name of ART? Sounds like Vargas is absolving himself of the responsibility of this ‘torture’ of the dog by passing it on to the viewers by saying that no one intervened. That does not make it ok.

    Perhaps if he tries this ‘experiment’ on himself instead, he may have different results. I wonder how someone can expect that it is ok to abuse non consenting beings in any way?

    I signed the petition as well. My thanks to Emilio and FEd for the information.

    My dearest wish would be that nothing like this would never ever happen. Maybe in another life and on another planet? Trying to figure out the difference of: inhuman, human and animals? Perhaps, he fits in each category?

    Must get in a better frame of mind and off the soapbox. It is hard for me to keep an open mind on this sort of thing. Sorry.

    Going to listen to On An Island to escape.


  62. It’s a nice idea, but people’s behaviour makes a good world, not people’s signatures. It’s useless enough having millions of signatures, if people doesn’t really have inside the good wills and the good feelings they say to have signing petitions.

    This is for politicians but also for people, in general (I think). Because if politicians don’t see people acting, behaving and really wishing to make things better, the signatures finish in the can of their offices. And it’s right. You can’t sign against stealing and then be a robber!

    If you want something, you have to be the first one to show you believe it. Otherwise, you are only empty words and empty signatures.

    I don’t believe in petitions, I believe in facts. David is one of those who made and make good things for others. So, if he wants signatures for a good petition, to support his efforts, as Crisis, I presume he will have mine.

    Has it made sense? Or are mine only empty words? 😉

    [It makes sense, but I don’t share your view. If people have already thrown themselves in front of the king’s horse, or tried to stop a tank in its tracks by blocking the road, in order to make a statement and increase awareness of a specific issue, that means that all the people behind them don’t really care or are just too late to be authentic protestors? Sometimes, particularly these days, it seems that adding your name to a list is all you can do (other than boycotting things, of course, seeing as money is the only language that some people understand). – FEd]

  63. So basically, we’re talking about not so much petitions, but just using the blog to discuss issues that might be on a more ‘serious’ side, than say, talking about David’s next magazine article, or a fantasy dinner guest list..and I think that is purely acceptable. We all seem to be an opinionated bunch, so why not let us babble on about whatever……could be some spirited discussions in the works!!

  64. Re: Petitions.

    Does anyone know French-Colombian Ingrid Bétancourt, who has been held hostage by Colombian rebels (Farcs) for more than six years?

    So many people tried to find a peaceful solution to save her such as politicians, diplomats, artists…

    There was an incredible mobilisation campaign for her.

    And one of the numerous petitions in support for her was signed by more than 600.000 people.

    She has just been freed, …but in an intelligent and audacious military raid.

    It’s just an example, but I also tend to agree that petitions are useless.


    [Good example. However, I’m sure it means something to her knowing that, in the many years before the raid finally came about, so many people signed that petition. And, in the same (facetious) respect, could you not say that a birthday or Get Well Soon card is useless? – FEd]

  65. What you said has big sense, FEd. But I didn’t mean that to be committed in something you have to stay in the first line and stop the tank with your body. I wouldn’t be surely so brave and I don’t expect that you do that for me. (But I admire those who makes that for right causes).
    I simply meant that you have to be honest and coherent. You be firm if you believe. And if you believe, doing your part (even little) to make what you say become true is better than signing a petition.

    I am not against petitions. But probably in my life there is too much politics and too many people who shout against the politicians, so I became a little tough about the topic!

    [Understood. Actions speak louder than words, as they say. I’d much rather see heads rolling (metaphorically speaking, of course) than pieces of paper fluttering in the wind. But I’d rather see otherwise apathetic people doing something, such as signing a petition or going on a march, instead of doing nothing. It has an effect, even if it’s not as effective as other means. – FEd]

  66. Cruelty as Art?

    Art exists to challenge and to provoke.
    Art helps us to look at the World in a new way.

    Vargas, the artist, claims that the dog draws our attention to cruelty and challenges the complicity of the onlookers.

    But Art is not reality. Varga did not find a way to show us this without resorting to the very thing he opposes- and so makes the tragic mistake of intellectualising an excuse for something that is simply wrong. It is the opposite of art. He thought only to shock.

    A similar point was far better made by the famous case of Milgram’s experiment which tested reaction to cruelty without actually inflicting it.

    So the challenge to us? Next time we see cruelty, what will we do?

  67. Honestly, I think some are “wound a little too tight” for all this “serious” discussion…

    The story about the dog appears to be a sick “internet” hoax…

    [Really? I hope it is. – FEd]

  68. Well, difficult to argue in a foreign language.

    In my previous post, maybe I should have replaced ‘petitions in support for her’ with ‘petitions in support of her liberation’.

    Anyway, I can’t agree with you, I think you are -surely deliberately- mixing different things. Petitions are not submitted to cheer up people but to be effective and try to influence people.

    Imho, petitions have nothing to do with birthday cards. Not the same goal. Does that make sense ?

    Oh, btw, I love receiving birthday cards, not even useless for me… 😉

    Have a good weekend!


    [Perfect sense (and yes, quite deliberate, ma belle). – FEd]

  69. If you’re not outraged at the current state of things then you probably haven’t been paying attention.

    I trust David Gilmour, and believe he only supports the best and most important issues of our time. I will sign any petition he felt would make a difference.

    I would love to have a government where all people could check their computers for the day’s petitions, then place their votes to be verified later by another, then go to work, and let the majority rule.

    Clear out the White House and Pentagon and then turn them both into a museum ASAP! Some ex-officials and their aides are due for charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide. From the White House to the Big House with them!

    We are no longer concerned with the Bloods and the Crips here in the US for they are no match to the worst of them all, the Democrats and the Republicans.

    I dream of a truly improved system that is literally for the people by the people.

    Where do I sign and join?

    Peace ! ! !

  70. It’s time for convergence on the side of life, humanity, and the things that make life worth living.

    Petitions are a good place to begin, but eventually they will all have to begin resonating on the same wavelength and be in same phase if we are to get real penetration in puncturing the life-devouring paradigm we are currently living in. Powaqqatsi by Godrey Reggio comes to mind.

    The Division Bell song “Keep Talking” is where the paradigm shift begins, not in the mind, but in the soul. We have forgotten how to let people into our own hearts even as we look for the door into their’s. For all the people in the world we are lonelier than ever.

    So, petitions may be a good place to start, but ultimately it will take opening our hearts to each other for the real change in the world to begin.

  71. BTW, glad I found this place. This is my first time here. Nice to meet you all.

    [Nice to meet you, too. – FEd]

  72. [The story about the dog appears to be a sick “internet” hoax… – Dr Phang]

    It’s not a internet hoax, if you search, you can sadly discover some video of the last event.


  73. Yes, it is an internet hoax… The only people that say differently are “bloggers and youtubers”. The gallery owner “Juanita Bermúdez” has stated that the dog didn’t die…

    “It was untied all the time except for the three hours the exhibition lasted and it was fed regularly with dog food Habacuc himself brought in,” Juanita Bermúdez, director of the gallery told the Guardian.”.

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