Random Nonsense #10

I’d guess that many of the people reading this would gloomily admit that the state of music today really isn’t up to much, particularly when compared to the glorious periods of the Sixties and Seventies.

That said, there are some good acts out there, and some of you might be interested in giving their songs a listen. That’s why today’s nonsense dose of randomness is an open-invite for you to share your ten favourite albums released since the year 2000. (That’s signed artists, don’t start – and no links, please.)

Without spending too much time thinking about it, and deliberately ignoring the obvious, as well as recent offerings by The Eagles, Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Ray Davies, mine are:

Blog Poll: All in all, which was the best decade for music? 0% vote '1950s', 13% vote '1960s', 77% vote '1970s', 6% vote '1980s', 2% vote '1990s' and 2% vote '2000 onwards'.

– Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, ‘Howl’ (2005)
– The Blue Van, ‘Dear Independence’ (2006)
– James Dean Bradfield, ‘The Great Western’ (2006)
– Coldplay, ‘Parachutes’ (2000)
– Jet, ‘Get Born’ (2003)
– Kings of Leon, ‘Youth and Young Manhood’ (2003)
– Little Barrie, ‘We Are Little Barrie’ (2005)
– The Mooney Suzuki, ‘Electric Sweat’ (2003)
– Starsailor, ‘Love is Here’ (2001)
– Stereophonics, ‘You Gotta Go There to Come Back’ (2003)

Your thoughts on any of these, as well as the lists of others, would be great.

We’ll cover the Nineties next time. Until then, here’s a near-impossible poll for your cursors to bash at.

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

128 thoughts on “Random Nonsense #10”

  1. I’ve been listening to Pink Floyd since I was a small child. My mother used to play the a-tracks in my living room while she was in her art studio painting all day. Through the years I’ve grown to appreciate the music and venture out to other albums that were before my time.

    I realise also that my love for David Gilmour’s voice has increased severely over the last few years. His voice completely puts me in a beautiful state of mind no matter what the problem of the day is. My life has literally been falling to pieces and his music gets me through the days.

    Even my 2 month old son loves you. I think that you are an amazing musician. Your voice is so consistent all these years, it doesn’t ever change, which is nice.

    Love to David Gilmour always.

    [Welcome, Brenda. Thanks for sharing that with us. – FEd]

  2. Funny you ask, just the other day in the pub we had a long discussion which CDs published lately stick out of the ordinary, we had a hard time to come up with a handful … but we did not make to later than 1983… so it hardly counts.

    Ok, here they are for > 2000, some known, some others less, but all great and in no particular order:

    John Frusciante – The Will to Death and Curtains
    Beth Gibbons – Out of Season
    Portishead – Third
    Radiohead – In Rainbows
    Faithless – To All New Arrivals
    Black Mountain – In the Future
    Soulsavers (incl. Mark Lanegan) – It’s Not How Far You Fall, It’s The Way You Land
    16 Horsepower (David Eugene Edwards) – Live: March 2001
    Arcade Fire – Neon Bible

    Enjoy, Robert

  3. Black Rebel Motocycle Club – “Howl” (2005)
    22-20’s – “22-20’s” (2004)
    Ben Kweller – “On my Way” (2004)
    Radiohead – “Hail to the Thief” (2003)
    The Raconteurs – “Broken Boy Soldier” (2006)
    The Raconteurs – “Consolers of The Lonely” (2008)
    The White Stripes – “Elephant” (2003)
    Queens of The Stone Age – “Songs for The Deaf” (2002)
    The Strokes – “This Is It” (2001)
    Calexico – “Feast of Wire” (2003)


  4. Porcupine Tree – In Absentia & Deadwing
    RPWL – World Through my Eyes & RPWL Experience

    In my opinion the prog rock of the 70s was the best! Both of the above bands really have that feel. RPWL started out as a Floyd tribute band, but they have some truly awesome original stuff. PT is my new favorite though.

    I probably never would have heard of either of these bands if it hadn’t been for my XM Radio. Thank goodness there’s something else out there to listen to!

  5. Where the Light Is – John Mayer
    Room for Squares – John Mayer
    Mess Of Blues – Jeff Healey
    Jukebox- Catpower
    Sloe Gin – Joe Bonamassa
    Here Comes the New Folk – David Baerwald
    Long Time Coming – Jonny Lang
    Me & Mr Johnson – Eric Clapton
    Beautiful World – Take That (Not takin’ the pee here, great album!)
    Heathen Chemistry – Oasis

  6. Sigur Ros – Takk
    Rodrigo y Gabriella – Eponymous
    Cocteau Twins – Lullaby to Volaine
    Colin Vearncombe – Live From Abbey Road
    Marillion – Brave
    Calexico – Feast Of Wire
    Glodfrapp – Supernature
    Les Savy Fav – Let’s Stay Friends
    Piano Magic – Artist’s Rifles
    The Hoosiers – The Trick To Life (but only because it reminds me so much of Jellyfish who don’t qualify for this list)

    The amount of albums I wanted to add to this list but once I checked when they were released it was 1999.

    [Keep them in mind, Tony, as we’ll do the same for the 90s in a week or two. – FEd]

  7. Arcade Fire – Funeral
    The Killers – Sam’s Town
    Radiohead – Kid A
    Kanye West – The College Dropout
    Amy Winehouse – Back to Black
    Coldplay – A Rush of Blood to the Head
    Blur – Thinktank
    Editors – The Backroom
    JJ72 – JJ72
    David Bowie – Heathen

  8. marillion – marbles/marbles by the sea
    marillion – anoraknophobia
    david gilmour – on an island
    sinead o connor – throw down your arms
    fish – 13th star
    fish – field of crows
    peter gabriel – us
    REM – accelerate
    kirsty mccoll – tropical brainstorm
    enya – a day without rain or amaratine

    the music business has destroyed good music by and large but there are bands that work outside the mainstream music business that are really good.


  9. hey fed, just reading some of the other entries – seems you have been somewhere? hope it was enjoyable.

    anyways, something i thought up the other day – similar to something ray suggested – and will probably send a shiver of fear down your spine….

    perhaps when and if available, the blog would consider giving away a ‘signature strat’ as a prize – here’s the twist. along with the strat, let’s say two hours of tuition with the man himself…

    what d’ya reckon? 😉

    [Great prize. – FEd]

  10. My bias for Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Stadium / Atmospheric Rock is likely to show with this list. That said, I got started with Hard Rock in the 80s and that’s the vein I traced back to the great bands of the 70s like Floyd. In no particular order:

    1. Simple Minds – Black and White 050505 (2005)
    2. Simple Minds – Cry (2002)
    3. Simple Minds – Our Secrets are the Same (2000)
    (Simple Minds are a highly underrated band – these three albums are constantly playing on my MP3).
    4. Shark Island – Gathering of the Faithful (2005)
    5. Coldplay – Parachutes (2000) (I agree with you FEd – I am not as familiar with most of the other bands on your list – I’ll check them out)
    6. Deftones – White Pony (2000)
    7. Kingdom Come – Too (2000)
    8. Travis – The Invisible Band (2001)
    9. Rolando Orzabal – Tomcats Screaming Outside (2001)
    10. Snow Patrol – Eyes Open (2006)

    These are just 10 favorites since 2000. On An Island is another of course, but I wanted to delve into other artists!

    [I’ll have to give ‘The Invisible Band’ another try, Ed. I preferred ‘The Man Who’. As for Coldplay, then I liked their other albums, but I really need to be in the mood to listen to them. It just seemed wrong to have a list that didn’t include at least one of their albums. – FEd]

  11. iron maiden – brave new world (2000)
    roger waters – in the flesh live (2000)
    oasis – familiar to millions (2000)
    pink floyd – is there anybody out there ? the wall live 1980 – 81 (2000)
    slayer – god hates us all (2001)
    the darkness – permission to land (2003)
    led zeppelin – how the west was won (2003)
    iron maiden – a matter of life and death (2006)
    david gilmour – on an island (2006)
    judas priest – nostradamus (2008)

  12. Hey FED,

    I have a theory that when you get to a certain age you reach your “threshold in popular music”. This means that most if not all new music sounds like something you have heard before. Hence a lack of interest.

    For me this was my mid forties. Since then any new music I have bought has been mainly Jazz and World music. Music I never explored when I was younger.

    I wonder how many other over 40 blog members feel the same way?

    Cheers, Howard

    [I agree with you completely, Howard; there’s not much originality in music – in anything, for that matter – these days. Having said that, I wonder at which point over the past several decades it was generally felt that it had ‘all been done before’ and, as a consequence, there wasn’t much unexplored territory left for musicians. – FEd]

  13. In no particular order:

    – Lily Allen ‘Alright, Still’ (2006)
    – Arcade Fire ‘Funeral’ (2004)
    – Muse ‘Origin Of Symmetry’ (2001)
    – Radiohead ‘Kid A’ (2000)
    – Kate Bush ‘Aerial’ (2005)
    – Pendragon ‘Not Of This World’ (2001)
    – Coldplay ‘Parachutes’ (2000)
    – Red Hot Chili Peppers ‘By The Way’ (2002)
    – Green Day ‘American Idiot’ (2004)
    – Moby ‘Play’ (2000?)

    [Ah, ‘American Idiot’… Good shout. (You meant the limited edition ‘Play’, not the original from 1999, I know. And I’m saying nothing about your first choice, by the way.) – FEd]

  14. you know fed, we should make you choose another one really as your stereophonics choice doesn’t count 😛

    [Was it really 1997? Good God. OK, I’ll choose another. – FEd]

  15. Hello,

    If i’m allowed to have only one album of my favourite artists (Mostly Autumn & RPWL) in my list then it would be something like this;

    * The Reasoning – Awakening (debut album ’07)
    * Mostly Autumn – The Last Bright Light (2001)
    both bands played yesterday at the Cambridge festivals (with Andy Fairweather Low & Marillion)
    * RPWL – World Through My Eyes (2005)
    * Blackfield – Blackfield (2004)
    * Iona – the Circling our (2006) (with the Ullian Pipe player Troy Donockely, also in Mostly Autumn)
    * Dave Bainbridge – Veil of a Gossamer (guitarist of Iona)
    * Porcupine Tree – Deadwing (’05)
    * Magenta – Another Time Another Place (2004) (with Matthew Cohen now in the Reasoning)
    * Karnataka – Delicate Flame Of Desire (2004) (with Rachel Jones/Cohen now in the Reasoning and Ann Marie Helder, now in Mostly Autumn)
    * Yes – Magnification (2001)
    * Pendragon – Believe

    Have a great summer!

    [I didn’t see that coming, Nick. – FEd]

  16. Oeps… throw away my list and put this on number 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, 9 & 10;

    On An Island…

  17. [And I’m saying nothing about your first choice, by the way. – FEd]

    No, the first one was a joke, you replace it with ‘David Gilmour, ‘OAI’, of course!!!

    Or ‘Bob Dylan, Modern Times’, if you prefer, I’m tolerant. 😉


    [Thank God for that! I thought you were pulling my leg. – FEd]

  18. Muse – Origin Of Symmetry (2001)
    Radiohead – Amnesiac (2001)
    Muse – Absolution (2003)
    Led Zeppelin – How the West was Won (2003)
    Marillion – Marbles (2004)
    Bloc Party – Silent Alarm (2005)
    Wolfmother – Wolfmother (2006)
    Heaven and Hell – Live at Radio City (2007)
    Porcupine Tree – Fear of a Blank Planet (2007)
    Radiohead – In Rainbows (2007)

    May I add, this year has been a terrible year for music, no decent offerings so far!

  19. No order intended:

    Iron Maiden – Brave New World
    Bruce Dickinson – Tyranny of Souls
    Judas Priest – Angel of Retribution
    Lemmy – Damage Case
    Wolfmother – Wolfmother
    Michael Schenker – Adventures of the Imagination
    Velvet Revolver – Contraband
    Uli Jon Roth – Trancendental Sky Guitar
    David Gilmour – On An Island
    Red Hot Chili Peppers – By the Way

    I know two of the above are filled with older music, but FEd, you asked for releases, didn’t you? 😉

    BTW: Howard almost proposed the next poll or nonsense #11: “I wonder how many other over 40 blog members feel the same way?”

    Best regards,


  20. Radiohead – In Rainbows
    David Gilmour – On an Island
    Foals – Antidotes
    Doves – The Last Broadcast
    Death Cab for Cutie – Plans
    People Under the Stairs – …Or Stay Tuned
    Little Barrie – We are Little Barrie
    Boards Of Canada – The Campfire Headphase
    Bat For Lashes – Fur and Gold
    Echobelly – Gravity Pulls

    A bit of everything here in my list. Worth checking out just in case you find something you might like! 🙂

    [Good list, Chris. – FEd]

  21. DG – On An Island
    Alabama 3 – La Peste
    Stereophonics – Live From Dakota
    Muse – Black Holes & Revelations
    Joe Satriani – Super Colossal
    Pendulum – In Silico
    Green Day – American Idiot
    1 Giant Leap – 1 Giant Leap
    Gorillaz – Demon Days
    Iron Maiden – Matter Of Life and Death

    Ian Brown and Richard Ashcroft nearly made my top ten. I struggled with that one.

  22. I would think that the results of the poll would be pretty obvious. Most people here are probably Floyd fans, and the 1970s are undeniably the decade of the Floyd. I mean, Atom Heart Mother, Meddle, Obscured by Clouds, DSOTM, WYWH, Animals, and The Wall! Come on!

    I was going to do the list but then realized that 4 of the items would’ve been White Stripes albums (De Stijl, White Blood Cells, Elephant, and Get Behind Me Satan) and that would have just illustrated my narrow taste in music.

    @ James Thomas: The Raconteurs’ ‘Consolers of the Lonely’ wasn’t half bad.

    Besides, it’s only July. Live in Gdansk is coming in September!

  23. A quick manipulation of an iTunes smart playlist and I get:

    Thomas Newman – American Beauty [2000]
    White Stripes – White Blood Cells [2001]
    Gorillaz – Gorillaz [2001]
    Joss Stone – The Soul Sessions [2003]
    Kelly Joe Phelps – Slingshot Professionals [2003]
    Thea Gilmore – Loft Music [2003]
    Jem – Finally Woken [2004]
    Mogwai – Government Commissions [2005]
    Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová – Once [2007]
    Nine Inch Nails – The Slip (Free Download!) [2008]

    [Shame on me, I’d forgotten about Mogwai. – FEd]

  24. It’s all about the 70’s. 50’s 60’s and 80’s were good too.

    The 90’s was the start of the trash, ie, oasis, blur, techno etc etc.

    Bands like Floyd still gave us some great music through the 90’s but this p*ss poor brand of new rock was beginning to dominate.

    These days bands like The Chilis and Radiohead are considered the best bands in the world, that says it all. They cant hold a candle to Floyd, Zeppelin, Dylan, Eagles, Prince, Queen, The Who, Dire Straits. Those guys had more creativity, spark and raw talent than these new bands will ever have.

    That is all. 🙂

  25. [May I add, this year has been a terrible year for music, no decent offerings so far! – James]

    James: Give RPWL’s new album “The RPWL Experience” a spin, you WON’T be disappointed, promise, just came out in April.

    (A spin, guess I’m showing my age!)

  26. Crowded House – Time on Earth
    Robert Plant/Allison Krause – Raising Sand
    Tori Amos – Scarlet’s Walk
    Tool – 10,000 Days and Lateralus
    NIN – With Teeth and Year Zero
    Gogol Bordello – Gypsy Punks
    Beck – Guero
    Maria Mena – Apparently Unaffected

    Have a good week everyone!

  27. Not sure I can remember ten…Minus the obvious Dave choice.

    Ray Charles – Genius Loves Company (2004)
    Robert Plant/Allison Krause – Raising Sand (2007)
    Roger Waters – In The Flesh (2000)
    Sheryl Crow – C’mon C’mon (2002)
    Riders in the Sky – Silver Jubilee (2003)
    Peter Frampton – Fingerprints (2006)
    Norah Jones – Come Away With Me (2002)
    Michael Buble – Call Me Irresponsible (2007)
    Joss Stone – Introducing Joss Stone (2007)
    Diana Krall – Live in Paris (2002)

    Hey, whaddya know. 10.

  28. Well, here goes mine (don’t crucify me):

    David Gilmour – On an Island (2006)
    Rush – Snakes and Arrows (2007)
    Pink Floyd – Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live 1980 – 81 (2000)
    Queen – Queen Rock Montreal 1981 (full show is on 2-CD) (2007)
    Wolfmother – self-titled (2006)
    Iron Maiden – Brave New World (2000)
    Judas Priest – Angel of Retribution (2005)
    Genesis – Live Over Europe 2007 (2007)
    Led Zeppelin – The Song Remains the Same (2007 version) (2007)
    Heaven and Hell – Live at Radio City Music Hall (2007)

    I forgot to mention I did like the first Strokes album, am a fan of the new Australian hard rock band Airbourne but you have to comb through things to find goods.

    Looking to new releases by Metallica and AC/DC in not too distant future.

  29. I can’t think of 10 right now, but I would add that David Gray should be on the list somewhere, probably with:

    Lost Songs (2000)
    Life in Slow Motion (2005)

    It is worth noting that the 2 Davids share a Cellist in Caroline Dale and a producer (sometimes) in Chris Thomas…

  30. Great topic, FEd! I was going to see how many of my favorite albums qualify for this timeframe, but…I read the lists above and kept thinking, “Oh, I should get that album…” “Yes…I meant to get that album…” “Oh definitely, I need that album…!”

    Howard makes a good point. I’ve often felt that way, and I’ve become rather attached to my Frank Sinatra box set recently. I think that’s why I love getting recommendations from other people. It saves me time and gets me listening to bands I might not have discovered on my own. Case in point: I have you, FEd, to thank for the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. I have “Baby 81” which I love, so I really need to get “Howl.”

    [I think ‘Howl’ is just about my favourite, but their other albums are all very, very good. And I love Frank Sinatra, as you may know. I’m taking a break from his Royal Festival Hall concert from 1971 to write this, in fact. – FEd]

  31. I can’t vote in the poll. I think there’s good stuff in every decade even if I have to have a pack of bloodhounds to help me find it.

    As for newish music…excluding my seriously massive collection of Linkin Park and Tool (I don’t believe in genres, I just love what I love) and all my indie stuff (sob, there’s so much good in there) I offer up:

    My Private Nation — Train
    Demon Days — Gorillaz
    How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb — U2
    The Rising and Magic — Bruce Springsteen (East Coast woman in the house)
    Raising Sand — Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

    And now I’ll try to sneak in something which maybe/kinda is an indie release but is important to my life:

    The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack — Sixx:AM

    Any album which can make me simultaneously cry, laugh, pump my fist, mutter “oh, this is so true” and THINK…is made up purely of win. I love it so much. It’s important.

  32. As I write my list there have only been 18 comments published and there’s some cracking music already listed.

    A shout out to Angela for helping my decision process by listing two Porcupine Tree albums (quite simply the best band no-one has heard of), to Paul Sexton for Joe Bonamassa (a true guitar genius), Tony for the reminder for Rodrigo y Gabriela and Nick for Blackfield.

    Now it’s my turn…

    Lightbulb Sun – Porcupine Tree (2000)
    Hot Fuss – The Killers (2004)
    Octavarium – Dream Theater (2005)
    A Matter Of Life & Death – Iron Maiden (2006)
    Year Zero – Nine Inch Nails (2007)
    Rapid Eye Movement – Riverside (2007)
    Close As You Get – Gary Moore (2007)
    We Started Nothing – The Tings Tings (2007)
    The Seldom Seen Kid – Elbow (2008) – Album of the year.
    Schoolyard Ghosts – No-Man (2008)

  33. Leonard Cohen – Dear Heather
    Sigur Rós – ( )
    Klaus Schulze – Vanity of Sounds
    Mike Oldfield – Music of the Spheres
    Ash Ra Tempel – Gin Rose
    Sigur Rós – Takk
    Klaus Schulze – The Crime of Suspense
    Bruce Springsteen – Live in New York City
    Roy Harper – Live at the Royal Festival Hall, 2001
    Karl Jenkins – Stabat Matar

    Again, missed out the obvious ones.


  34. Oh dear God, I know I’m not supposed to do this but I can’t believe I left off Endless Wire by The Who. I just cry so hard during that album. It’s beautiful.

    [Too true, Jill. – FEd]

  35. Michele,

    You stole my list before I wrote it !

    Looking at the 18 entries so far I think we cannot say we are living in a bad period at all !

    Luckily Windows Media player will sort by year of release !!

    Most of the Bands listed have produced more than one good album since 2000 – Radiohead (of course), Muse, Coldplay, White Stripes could all get several in for example.

    1. Radiohead – Hail to the Thief
    2. Green Day – American Idiot
    3. U2 – How to Dismantle an Atom Bomb
    4. Doves – Lost Souls
    5. White stripes – Elephant
    6. Muse – Absolution
    7. Ray La Montage – Trouble
    8. KT Tunstall – Eye to the Telescope
    9. Sigur Ros – Takk
    10. Red Hot Chilli Peppers – By the Way

    Really, I could go on … come on folks, there’s loads.

  36. I’m so outta touch with what’s going on in music these days, I really have no idea what’s out there. I hear random bits on the radio and it always makes me want to turn to another station.

    For me, there’s just nothing better than good ol’ rock and roll. Gimme The Beatles and The Byrds any time over, say, Coldplay and Radiohead.

  37. aha, shala…. well, well

    manic street preachers: liveblood (2004)
    the killers: hot fuss (2004)
    daniel lanois: here is what is (2007)
    harold budd: la bella vista (2003)
    the cardigans: long gone before daylight (2003)
    wolfgang muthspiel & rebekka bakken: daily mirror (2000)
    tomatito: paseos de los castanos (2001)
    hilary hahn & natalie zhu: mozart violin sonatas (2005)
    sinéad o’connor: faith and courage (2000)
    michael brook: rock, paper, scissors (2006)

    oh how much I am looking forward to all the 80’s lists…. 😉

    [Bernhard, I’m already feeling nauseous just thinking about them. – FEd]

  38. I agree with Howard most definitely. But it is all very subjective depending of course when one was born.

    Here is my top ten or whatever. Mostly “best ofs” so may not count but at least this excercise gives me a good test in typing.

    REM – Accelerate
    Led Zep – Mothership
    Chris Rea – the Road to hell and back
    Nerina Pallot – Fires
    Kate Bush – Aerial
    REM – Live
    Rolling Stones – Live Licks
    Yes – 35th Anniversary Collection
    Coldplay – X and Y as well as Viva La Vida


  39. A recent release that I can recommend very highly is the self titled album by the Fleet Foxes. They are described elsewhere as “…Fleet Foxes happily admit to aspiring to an earlier tradition–not just obvious antecedents like the Byrds, the Beach Boys, the Association, Neil Young and, especially, David Crosby’s famously unfocussed solo album If Only I Could Remember My Name but ancient English folk songs and their later American descendents.”

    Anyway, another nine I have purchased and enjoyed since 2000 (I’ll skip my classical faves):

    – Beck. Sea Change
    – Calexico. Feast of Wire
    – Hazmat Modine. Bahamut
    – Monade. A Few Steps More
    – Robert Wyatt. ComicOpera (alternate Cukooland)
    – My Morning Jacket. Z
    – Radiohead. In Rainbows (Sorry FEd.)
    – Los Lobos. Good Morning Aztlan
    – Tom Waits. Orphans, Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards.


  40. These are in no particular order just 10 solid releases since the millennium (or at least in my opinion anyway, for whatever that is worth).

    The Red Hot Chili Peppers- Stadium Arcadium
    The Raconteurs- Broken Boy Soldiers
    Keane- Under the Iron Sea
    Muse- Black Holes and Revelations
    Coldplay- Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends
    Arcade Fire- Funeral
    Death Cab For Cutie- Plans
    Blue October (U.S.)- Foiled
    Modest Mouse- We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank
    Jet- Shine On

    There are of course more that could be added but rules being what they are and all……and of course David’s album is acknowledged as a gem considering it (and he) are the reason we are all addicted to this site (or in some people’s case employed by it).

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you.

    [I do love Jet’s ‘Shine On’ and look forward to their third album. What did you think of ‘Get Born’? (I think I have a soft spot for debut albums when it comes to lists such as these.) – FEd]

  41. There is a good band at the moment called `The Fratellis`, and these guys are good. On both albums there are lots of Syd moments on them, and some great guitar work.

    And to top it off when they played Glastonbury, Jon Fratteli sported a PF T-shirt, which impressed me.

    [Ah, well. I’m sure I noticed that the drummer from McFly was wearing one (on an advert for whichever Sunday newspaper was giving their album away last weekend). God, I really hope I didn’t dream that. Did anyone else see it (ITV4, Saturday, during the very entertaining ‘Sinatra Under Siege’)? – FEd]

  42. Hello Fed,

    Top Ten from 2000 on:

    Peter Gabriel – Up
    Pearl Jam – Pearl Jam
    Arcade Fire – Neon Bible
    Richard Butler – Richard Butler – Jon Carin pretty much plays sings and produces this great album
    Coldplay – Viva La Viva -Seeing them next week in Toronto
    Steve Hackett – Wild Orchids
    Snow Patrol – Eyes Open
    Bryan Ferry – Dylanesque
    Modest Mouse – We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank
    Porcupine Tree – Deadwing

    However OAI is still my favourite ahead of any of the above. Later.


    [Enjoy Coldplay, George. I saw them a few years back and they were excellent. – FEd]

  43. In no particular order, and nothing DG or PF related included:

    1, 2 and 3. Porcupine Tree – “In Absentia” (2002), “Deadwing” (2005) and “Fear Of A Blank Planet” (2007) (Deadwing not technically PT, but SW project)
    4. JD73 – “Zeros and Ones” (2008)
    5. Plump DJs – “Saturday Night Lotion” (2005)
    6. Hardcandy – “How Do You Do Nothing” (2002)
    7. The Strokes – “First Impressions of Earth” (2006)
    8. and 9. Beastie Boys – “To The Five Boroughs” (2004) and “The Mix Up” (2007) – along with JD73 two of the greatest albums in years.
    10. Oi Va Voi – “Laughter Through Tears” (2003)

    Those are the Top 10 that came to mind when I wrote this…now I’ll scroll up and read everyone else’s and kick myself silly for those I’ve missed.

    Still, check out the JD73 and the Beastie Boys ‘Mix Up’ – comes with a nickster cast iron 5* quality guarantee – both really are made of the good stuff. 🙂


  44. All I can do is keep it simple. . .

    And Thanks for the site and real network !

    Bob Dylan Live, 1975, The Bootleg Series (released in 2002)
    David Gilmour, On an Island, 2006
    Pat Matheny, One Quiet Night
    Lexie Roth, One Long Blink, 2005
    Arlen Roth, Drive It Home, 2001
    Beth Orton, The Other Side of Daybreak, 2003
    Mark Knopfler, Ragpicker’s Dream, 2002
    James, Pleased to Meet You, 2001
    Brazilian Girls, Brazilian Girls 2005
    Wax Poetic, Nublu Sessions, 2003

  45. 1: David Gilmour – On An Island (2006)
    2: Pink Floyd – Is There Anybody Out There? (2000)
    3: The Redneck Manifesto – I Am Brazil (2005)

    and I guess the Live In Gdańsk album when it comes out.

    I really can’t think of any others that are any good but the 60’s, 70’s and 90’s are by far the best periods for good music. The 50’s, 80’s and 2000’s are not the place to look for good music in my own opinion.

  46. My random nonsense musical choices, post 2000 (David’s ‘On An Island’ being a given, of course):

    Warren Zevon, ‘The Wind’
    Bob Dylan, ‘Love and Theft’
    Robert Plant and Alison Krause, ‘Raising Sand’
    Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris, ‘All the Roadrunning’
    Green Day, ‘American Idiot’
    Goran Ivanovic Group, ‘Goran Ivanovic Group’
    Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, ‘The Last DJ’
    Leonard Cohen, ‘Ten New Songs’
    Pearl Jam, ‘Live at Benroya Hall, Seattle, Oct. 22, 2003’ acoustic!
    Loreena McKennitt, ‘An Ancient Muse’

    Is that random enough for you, FEd? There are other, newer artists that I’ve heard and like, but this is how I feel today … tomorrow it could be a somewhat different list!

    As for the poll, I’d rather choose mid-60s to mid-70s! For some reason, that’s how I count my decades, musically-speaking. David found that out during the Ritzy Q&A, as I recall! ;^D


    [I’d have to agree, but that would be cheating, wouldn’t it? I think, on the whole, in spite of the obvious Floydian high points between ‘Meddle’ and ‘Animals’ (sorry, but ‘The Wall’ is not one of my favourites), the Sixties were better. Remember that there was an awful lot of (excruciating) glam rock in the Seventies, not to mention (nonsense) punk rock and (repulsive) disco, which is why the Sixties – particularly the latter half of that decade – just about shades it for me. – FEd]

  47. Like Brenda, Pink Floyd and David’s solo work were my companions while I grew up. My passion (or better, my true love) started with “Another Brick in the Wall, Part II”, listened to when I was… well… I had age enough to say “Dad”, “Mom”, and to know who I am.

    Since then, Floyd’s sound and David’s guitar and voice was the main soundtrack for my feelings: happiness or sadness, celebrations or lamentations, peace or anguish. Obviously (or not), listening and learning to enjoy many other artists and kinds of music.

    Now I share this with my young Isabele, she’s now 1 Y.O. Surprisingly, she was at my side these days when started playing “Another Brick in the Wall”. She gave a happy smile and started to clap hands. This has no price…

    Brenda said everything. I would like to make her words my words.

  48. Whew! This is a hard one FEd! You’d better not go to the nineties, ’cause it’ll be way too hard to choose! lol!

    David Gilmour – On An Island (2006)
    Peter Gabriel – Up (2002)
    Stone Temple Pilots – Shangri-la dee da (2001)
    Audioslave – Audioslave (2002)
    Chris Cornell – Carry On (2007)
    Velvet Revolver – Contraband (2004)
    Jack Johnson – In Between Dreams (2005)
    Steely Dan – Two Against Nature (2000)
    Radiohead – In Rainbows (2007)
    Hannibal OST – Hans Zimmer (2001) <- Easily my favorite movie soundtrack of all time. It's definitely worth checking out. Hans is the man!

  49. I thought this was about “music”??? ;^)) Greed is the only driving force for big company corporate music… Anyone can make an album with all the boffins these people hire… Some of the best music in the world will never get played on the radio, and there will never be a “film clip” for it… I don’t even know the names of some of the music I listen to…

    Ugly people make great music, too.

    Everything in moderation…

  50. Good topic Fed.

    We’re back from our trip around SE Asia and I can see I missed a bit of action on the blog.

    When I look at music I have bought since 2000 I find that I’ve just been collecting mostly stuff from 70’s musos who are still producing great music. There’s a few albums around that I will listen too but I’ve never bought them. The problem is that I find a lot of the music is regurgitated from the 70’s.

    I noticed Wolfmother on some lists and this nearly made me vomit. At the Arias a couple of years ago they stood on stage getting an award, pissed and swinging bottles of grog around like a bunch of hoons. They set a great example for all the teens watching.

    I’ve had my gripe now. The above lists are great and they will give some of us old farts something new to check out.


  51. Slept on this subject and concerned that many here are looking back too much without positively thinking that TODAY is best. A more accurate and fulfillingly arranged question would be, “what is the best decade, (or whatever time period), for music, (or anything else), up until now.”

    The best surely is yet to come. To think otherwise means there is no future.

    If any artist thought their last piece of work was the greatest then they might as well give up. I know what I do next will be the greatest thing in the World and everything else so far is only second best.


    [Great post, Ian. Thanks for that. – FEd]

  52. This is quite difficult as some of the bands below have released several albums worthy of top 10 status.

    The Pineapple Thief – Variations of a Dream
    Anekdoten – A Time of Day
    Neil Young – Are You Passionate
    Riverside – Rapid Eye Movement
    Gazpacho – Night
    No Man – Together We Are Stranger
    Cliff Hands – Crawling From the Woodwork
    Blackfield – Blackfield
    No Sound – SOL 29
    Porcupine Tree – Lightbulb Sun

    Howard – Kind of agree with you but, for me, the internet has opened my ears to many bands particularly from Europe and Scandinavia. There is a great scene going on out there at the moment.

  53. i got home last night looked at my shelf, and one album jumped out at me, a modern classic perhaps… one that i havent seen anyone else mention and that is..

    Brian Wilson – SMiLE

  54. 1 Mostly Autumn – Glass Shadows
    2 Mostly Autumn – Heart Full of Sky
    3 Mostly Autumn – The Last Bright Light
    4 Mostly Autumn – Passengers
    5 Ayreon – The Human Equation
    6 Spock’s Beard – Snow
    7 The Flower Kings – Space Revolver
    8 RPWL – World Through My Eyes
    9 Panic Room – Visionary Position
    10 Mostly Autumn – Storms Over Still Water

  55. James McMurtry – Just us Kids
    Robert Plant+Alison Krauss – Raising Sand
    Paul Kelly – Stolen Apples
    Lindsey Buckingham – Under the Skin
    Peter Frampton – Fingerprints
    Bruce Springsteen – Devils & Dust
    Bob Dylan – Modern Times
    Chris Rea – Road to Hell & Back
    Mark Knopfler – Kill To Get Crimson
    Steve Winwood – Nine Lives

  56. Is There Anybody Out There : Pink Floyd (2000)
    Parachutes : Coldplay (2000)
    A Rush Of Blood To The Head : Coldplay (2003)
    Confessions On A Dance Floor : Madge (2005)
    Employment : Kaiser Chiefs (2005)
    Aerial : Kate Bush (2005)
    OAI : David Gilmour (2006)
    This Is The Life : Amy Macdonald (2007)
    Comicopera : Robert Wyatt (2007)
    Viva La Vida : Coldplay (2008)

    Being a boring old git, I tend to stick to the mainstream these days. Or maybe I’m just more selective on what music I actually purchase… (It’s all David’s fault, he spoils me with his immaculate quality.)

  57. Hi Fed and all readers/contributors of the Blog!

    Here’s my list, I have to admit that I had to check Wikipedia a couple of times to see if the albums are post-2000:

    – Porcupine Tree – In Absentia
    – Porcupine Tree – Deadwing
    – Muse – Absolution
    – Muse – Black Holes and Revelations
    – Audioslave – Audioslave
    – Rammstein – Mutter
    – Spock’s Beard – Snow
    – Dream Theater – Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence

    And to add something different than prog:

    – New Cool Collective – Bring It On (Dutch Jazz)
    – Alain Clark – Live It Out (Dutch Soul)

    People have often described my musical taste as “schizophrenic”. Looking at the list and taking into account that no classical albums were included, they’re probably very well right…

    [I’m with you, Ivo. There’s nothing wrong with having broad tastes, I say. – FEd]

  58. Well, I must be in an agreeable mood today.

    I certainly agree with Rob that the signature Strat would make a great prize with two hours of tuition from the greatest Strat player of all time! Why stop at two hours?

    I’m also an over 40 who totally agrees with Howard’s comments on originality.

    Kris hit the nail on the head:

    [These days bands like The Chilis and Radiohead are considered the best bands in the world, that says it all. They cant hold a candle to Floyd, Zeppelin, Dylan, Eagles, Prince, Queen, The Who, Dire Straits. Those guys had more creativity, spark and raw talent than these new bands will ever have. – Kris]

    My list would be pretty insignificant with nothing original but I’m off now to explore some of the “recommendations” particularly Michele’s Lily Allen!

    Great to see so much heavy rock/metal still around.

    Thanks for an entertaining topic FEd.


  59. The Mars Volta – Deloused in the Comatorium (2003)
    U2 – How to Dismantle an Atom Bomb (2004)
    Starflyer 59 – Leave Here A Stranger (2001)
    Nine Inch Nails – Year Zero (2007)
    Pedro The Lion – Control (2002)
    Sigur Ros – ( ) (2002)
    Radiohead – Kid A (2000)
    Radiohead – Amnesiac (2001)
    The Mars Volta – Frances The Mute (2005)
    Paul McCartney – Chaos and Creation in the Backyard (2005)

  60. Arrgh, I forgot about Robert Plant & Alison Krauss (who needs a Led Zeppelin Tour, really?) and Mogwai (“Mr. Beast” is my favorite).


  61. This is just an excuse for much needed Radioheadage. I saw them live in June and oh my god, If I could marry anyone…Well any five people.

    Anyways, here’s a bunch of albums I keep going back to since the year 2000:

    Neil Young – Silver and Gold (2000) – FED, did you get to see him this year? Saw him twice (Paris and Lyon) and he blew me away.
    Placebo – Black Market Music (2000)
    Radiohead – Kid A (2000)
    Coldplay – Rush of Blood… (2002)
    Aimee Mann – Lost in Space (2002)
    Radiohead – Hail to the Theif (2003)
    Air – Talkie Walkie (2004)
    Martha Wainwright – Martha Wainright (2005)
    Cat Power – The Greatest (2006)
    Neil Young – Chrome Dreams II (2007)

    As for the best decade, I’ve only been around for two of them (born ’87) so my choice would have to be retrospective. I’ll come back to it. I’d like to say the 70s but then a world without Radiohead doesn’t bear thinking about.

    Anyways, have fun y’all.

    Dom (with Degree)
    x x x

    [I didn’t see him, sadly, but I’m not at all surprised to hear that he blew you away. (Well done on getting that Degree, by the way.) – FEd]

  62. [Oh dear God, I know I’m not supposed to do this but I can’t believe I left off Endless Wire by The Who. I just cry so hard during that album. It’s beautiful. – Jill]

    I had a similar thought (I don’t do “God” so it was “Oh my goodness”) with David Bowie and Heathen. But then I noticed someone else had chosen it. Great album though.

  63. I’ve just finished reading a fascinating book which explores the relationship between the brain and music.

    It suggests that many of our musical preferences are set in our teenage years because they are a time of emotional extremes which causes the brain to flag experiences as being important. It is also the age at which the brain is approaching it’s adult state. As this happens we become less open to new experiences. By the age of 18 to 20 we are likely to have formed our musical tastes.

    On that basis you can probably estimate the ages of most of the voters in the poll!

    This all rings true with me. I do listen to new music but it’s not very often I come across anything that really grabs me and makes me want to listen more (Radiohead being the notable exception).

    [Sounds very interesting, Lynn… The book, I mean, not listening to Radiohead. – FEd]

  64. The obvious: On An Island, Wall Live, Endless Wire, In Rainbows, X&Y & How the West Was Won

    Slightly less obvious: Bowie’s, Heathen & Live Santa Monica 72.

    And, the opportunity to name two country acts who are currently releasing and performing music that will appeal to those of us, who enjoy listening/watching real musicians, perform timeless songs that possess an atmospheric sound, together with story-line lyrics.

    Show of Hands: Country Life (or Roots/Best of)
    Richmond Fontaine: Post to Wire

    On the subject of lyricists, I have just bought my better half her birthday present. A ticket to see Leonard Cohen in November; I will of course have to accompany her.

    [Good choice of gift, Jeremy. Hope you enjoy. (Tickets are pricey, aren’t they?) – FEd]

  65. So, for me it would be:

    Dream Theater – Octavarium (2005)
    Dream Theater – Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence (2002)
    Opeth – Damnation (2003)
    System of a Down – Toxicity (2001)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers – By the Way (2002)
    Iron Maiden – Dance of Death (2003)
    Iron Maiden – Brave New World (2000)
    In Flames – Clayman (2000)
    Deep Purple – Bananas (2003)
    An Evening With John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess (2000)

  66. The Beatles – Love
    Jeff Buckley – Live a l’Olympia
    Gogol Bordello – Gypsy Punks
    REM – Accelerate
    Davy Graham – Broken Biscuits (an incredibly under-appreciated folk genius!)

  67. I can’t believe some people on here are hating music that was made in 2000? Bit harsh folks.

    “There are many mysteries in life. One of them is songwriting. We could ponder for days where the inspiration and ideas for songs come from. With only 12 notes and only so many chords to string together, it’s a wonder any of us can write something new!”

    I found this at guitarnoise.com.

    For the amount of time music has been getting made I think it’s doing good! Well, apart from some stuff on the radio but hey, if someone out there likes it then good on the person who made it! 🙂

    [That’s fair. Well said. – FEd]

  68. [Sounds very interesting, Lynn… The book, I mean, not listening to Radiohead. – FEd]

    How I cried!….

    Great topic this!


  69. David Gilmour – On an Island (2006)
    Richard Ashcroft – Alone with Everybody (2000)
    Green Day – American Idiot (2004)
    Kings of Leon – Youth and Young Manhood (2003)
    Gorillaz – Gorillaz (2001)
    Oasis – Standing on the Shoulder of Giants (2000)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers – By the Way (2002)
    Jet – Shine On (2006)
    Muse – Absolution (2004)
    Dream Theater – Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence (2002)

    FEd, I’ve been listening to The Blue Van today. Thanks for the recommendation. ‘Goldmind’ rocks!

    [Glad you like them, Ben. I’m listening to ‘White Dominos’ at the moment. If you’ve heard it, what do you think of that one? – FEd]

  70. [Show of Hands: Country Life (or Roots/Best of) – Jeremy King]

    A class act that I have now seen twice. The first was supporting Peter Gabriel at The Eden Project in Cornwall.

    The last was this Sunday when they played a gig at Tewkesbury Cathedral at an event to commemorate the first anniversary of all that flooding. I spoke to Steve Knightley briefly after the gig, nice chap. 🙂

    I may go and see them at The Bromyard Folk Festival in September too.

    [Good choice of gift, Jeremy. Hope you enjoy. (Tickets are pricey, aren’t they?) – FEd]

    I’ve just found out that Mr Cohen is playing the Sunday of The Big Chill Festival and as a nearby resident (6 miles) I can get a discounted ticket for £45 (£65 normally). I think that will be the cheapest and eco friendly way for me to get to see him and also get a day full of festivalness (including The Buzzcocks!) thrown in too. 🙂

    [Very good. I paid 2x £65 and it came to £144. – FEd]

  71. That’s a very nice nonsense! My contribution won’t be so good, because I know only a very little part of the albums published in the years. This is a good opportunity to learn something I missed.

    These are the first ten which pop in my mind. Apart from On an Island, which is for granted! I am not sure they are all since 2000, but I am almost sure.

    1. Radiohead – Kid A
    2. Sigur Ròs – ( )
    3. Tori Amos – Scarlet’s Walk
    4. Sparklehorse – Wonderful Life
    5. Nick Cave – No More Shall We Part
    6. PJ Harvey – Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea
    7. Blonde Redhead – Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons
    8. This Will Destroy You – Young Mountain
    9. Ben Harper – Burn to Shine
    10. Liars – Drum’s not Dead (ok, not the best album of the last 8 years, but one of my last discoveries. And the song “The Other Side of My Heart Attack” is a good reason to insert the album among my favourites. A sweet lullaby. Dedicated to you.)

  72. [Sounds very interesting, Lynn… The book, I mean, not listening to Radiohead. – FEd]

    I know one day you will see the light.

    And you will write me every day telling “Did you listen to this?”, “Have you noticed the new album?”, “Ohhhhh, Lucia, when Thom sings that one, I feel I can touch the stars!”

    You will become so boring about Radiohead that every time I will receive a mail from you, I will think: “Noooooooo. FEd with her passion for Radiohead again!” You will force me to change my mail address!

    I am a patient person. I can wait, and it will arrive.

    [Come on, you’re not that patient. Nobody is. I’ll be breaking down at Margaret Thatcher’s state funeral – wearing Oxford blue – before I become a fan of Radiohead. – FEd]

  73. [Good choice of gift, Jeremy. Hope you enjoy. (Tickets are pricey, aren’t they?) – FEd]

    On an occasion such as this, I had to buy the best tickets and including booking fee/postage the two tickets have cost approximately £166. So they are extremely pricey considering the venue, but the really annoying part is that the tickets are priced at £150 (for the two) which means there is a charge of £16+ for the booking fee/postage.

    However the concert is here in Dorset which will keep the travel costs down and there will be no additional hotel requirement.

    Actually I shouldn’t grumble, it is Leonard Cohen after all.

    [Oh, I hear you. The person who’ll be paying half for my tickets started to grumble, but I said the same thing and there’s really no answer to that, is there? – FEd]

  74. Fed, I like “Get Born” just fine. I own and I’ve given it a listen or two and it does have some great moments on there but “Shine On” is just great from start to finish. Especially tracks like……”Hey Kids” (that one is pretty hard hitting lyrically and I LOVE IT!!!), “Holiday”, “Shine On”, “Stand Up” and “Eleanor”.

    Oh and as far as Radiohead is concerned you….could….not…be…more…….CORRECT!!!!!!
    I am so with you on that it’s beyond belief. You will see me dancing to Gary Glitter while wearing a John Denver t-shirt and singing Britney Spears tunes before I become a Radiohead fan.

    If that is your thing that’s great but I will and for always take a HUGE pass on Radiohead to me if you want modern and complex listen to Tool and A Perfect Circle..especially The Thirteenth Step by the latter; a very well thought out concept album.

    Thank you very much indeed, good night to you.

    [You’re right. ‘Shine On’ is a fine album from start to finish, whereas ‘Get Born’ is more a collection of singles. I’m with you on that one. – FEd]

  75. Nate,

    You obviously have great taste, Show of Hands are fantastic live. They do a lot of festivals and play music that will appeal to connoisseurs of quality, of all ages and as long as it’s not raining (we spent 5 hours in the rain a couple of weeks ago) a good time will be had by all.

    You’ve done well regarding Big Chill ticket prices and as well as Mr Cohen it would seem you will be in the presence of the good and the great.

  76. I agree with Howard.

    I have also been replacing an entire collection stretching back to the late 60’s. I won’t be replacing some of it because there’s other stuff across the years that I’m just starting to get into. (Can you believe it Fed, I only had two Dylan albums up until a few years ago because my partner didn’t like Dylan. Don’t worry, I divorced him!)

    It’s been interesting reading other people’s lists because there are things on them I’ve thought, “oh yes, I meant to get that” or “hmm, so and so likes that, I’ll give it a listen”. Thanks for that, people. 🙂

    My List :-

    UP – Peter Gabriel
    How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb – U2
    Orphans – Tom Waits (my first Waits, bought on a whim because it was on in the shop and I liked it)
    A Few Small Repairs – Shawn Colvin
    Gorillaz – Gorillaz (also Demon Days)
    Employment – Kaiser Chiefs (also Yours Truly)
    Rolled Gold – Rolling Stones
    Planet Earth – Prince (the free-with-a-newspaper one)
    Feels Like Home – Norah Jones

    ash X

    [Divorced him? He got off lightly, didn’t he? – FEd]

  77. Lynn R and Fed,

    I read an article a while ago about how children’s brains unravel and rewire when they hit puberty. Sounds like an interesting book. 🙂

    My 14 year old niece got me to record a breakfast show that McFly were on Fed (I saw a Dark Side LIKE T-shirt on one of them), I’m hoping as she matures she’ll grow out of it! I refused point blank to take her to the concert in November, her mother has found someone to take her, (eejit but she has road sense).

    ash X

    [Bingo. Thanks for convincing me that I haven’t been dreaming about McFly. – FEd]

  78. 2000’s : my world’s a better place, for:

    David Gilmour (OAI); Daniel Lanois (Shine/Belladona – still making my way toward Here is What…); Moby (Hotel – esp disc.2) – I don’t know, I just do; Chan Cat-Power Marshall (The Greatest) – bought this one same moment as OAI for a road trip, great trip; Ben Vaughn (Designs In Music) – lots’a smilin’ going on in DiM; Steve Hackett (Wild Orchids) – definitely on for WO, the album just keeps giving, giving.

    There might be others; They Might Be Giants. This’ll do.

  79. Radiohead has kicked up a fuss. 🙂

    Each to their own and all….but they are crap.

    Peace & Love


  80. It’s to hard to pick ten, So maybe we could pick ten groups that we hate and I would start with Radiohead. 🙂

    I just hope that Lucia doesn’t read this for she can be really mean…

    Take Care, Thomas

  81. [Sounds very interesting, Lynn… The book, I mean, not listening to Radiohead. – FEd]

    Oh dear. Oh dear.

    And you’d been so well behaved up until then F’ed.

  82. [Brazilian Girls, Brazilian Girls 2005
    Wax Poetic, Nublu Sessions, 2003]

    These two made me laugh my ass off simply because of their placement! Go on, read it fast! I know, I’m crazy …


  83. This is really simple for me, as I’ve bought very few albums since 2000 and they all seem to be blues/rock or jazz. In rough chronological order:

    BB King and Eric Clapton – Riding with the King (2000)
    Peter Green – Blues By Green (2003)
    BB King – 80 (2005)
    Neil Young – Prairie Wind (2005)
    Robin Trower – Living Out of Time (2004)
    Gary Moore – Power of the Blues (2004)
    Diana Krall – The Girl in the Other Room (2004)
    John Mayer – Continuum (2006)
    Derek Trucks Band – Songlines (2006)
    David Gilmour – On an Island (2006)

    So no one thinks I’m a complete dinosaur, I did see Coldplay last Friday night. The performance was excellent but the sound was substandard. The lighting was obviously trying to mimic PF but was more distracting than entertaining. It was a shame that the technical aspects of the show were so poor as the band was in fine form and very engaging. I expect they will work out the kinks as this was the beginning of the tour.

  84. Where have the years gone ? !

    Please substitute Whole New You or These Four Walls for Shawn Colvin.

    ash X

  85. Ha ha, Radiohead ain’t that bad! I saw them not too long ago in Glasgow and the gig was awesome!

    Give In Rainbows a try at least. The tracks to check out have got to be –

    Weird Fishes
    Jigsaw Falling

    They are probably the top tracks (so I think anyway).

    Let us know what you think. 🙂

    [I’ll have to pass, Chris. I get enough headaches as it is. (Sorry, sorry…) – FEd]

  86. My favorites from the 00’s are:

    Tom Petty – Highway Companion
    Bob Seger – Face The Promise
    Robert Mirabal – Music From A Painted Cave
    Dream Theater – Systematic Chaos
    Eagles – Long Road Out Of Eden
    Blue Oyster Cult – Curse Of The Hidden Mirror
    Joe Satriani – Super Colossal
    Rush – Snakes & Arrows
    Mark Knopfler – Kill To Get Crimson
    David Gilmour – On An Island

    [The Eagles’ latest is fantastic, isn’t it? Some truly wonderful songs, not least the title track, and so many juicy lyrics to chew on. (It sure is a soul-suckin’ world, Don.) – FEd]

  87. Perhaps I should add Matt Costa’s two albums, Songs We Sing and Unfamiliar Faces to my pseudo-list. Matt Costa is great, somewhere between Syd Barrett and Jack Johnson.

    Doesn’t putting ‘Is There Anybody Out There?’ on this list seem like cheating? I mean, it was recorded in 1981!

  88. Muse: Blackholes and Revelations
    Coheed and Cambria: Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV
    Coldplay: Viva la Vida
    Dio: Master of the Moons (I fear this shows my age. Yeah, I’m a child of the eighties.)
    Mark Knopfler: Kill to Get Crimson

    I could list more new albums of bands from the seventies and eighties but I suppose that wouldn’t really be fitting. Seems that I’m of the ones who are still sticking (musically) in the past. 🙂

    But I must admit that I like some of the new music much better than the sound of the nineties.

  89. The Soundtrack of Our Lives- Origin, Vol 1
    The Sword- Age of Winters
    Gary Louris- Vagabond
    Kevin Ayers – The Unfairground
    Bevis Frond- Hit Squad, What Did for the Dinosaurs
    Led Zep- Wow The West Was Won
    Rush- Snakes and Arrows
    Hawkwind- Space Ritual (Collectors Edition)
    The Doors- The Doors- reissue with fixed tape speeds and the missing guitars!

    Fed- The Mooney Suzuki “Electric Sweat” was a good pick, what about “Alive and Amplified”?

    [I’m not sure about that one, to be honest. A bit over-done, I thought. – FEd]

  90. Oh that’s a tricky one…right here we go!

    1. David Gilmour – On An Island
    2. Sufjan Stevens – Michigan and Illinoise
    3. Eels – Blinking Lights and Other Revelations
    4. Andrew Bird – Armchair Apocrypha
    5. Bloc Party – Silent Alarm
    6. Foo Fighters – Echoes Silence Patience & Grace
    7. Radiohead – In Rainbows
    8. Ray Lamontagne – Till The Sun Turns Black
    9. The Shins – Wincing The Night Away
    10. Elliot Smith – XO

  91. “You will see me dancing to Gary Glitter while wearing a John Denver t-shirt and singing Britney Spears tunes before I become a Radiohead fan.”

    Josh, you most certainly do not “wanna be in my gang.”

    (Oh yeah.)

  92. I don’t agree with the statement that music today isn’t up to much today. There are some great bands around – Radiohead, Elbow, Massive Attack, Spiritualized, Super Furry Animals, Editors, Oceansize, Young Knives, Kings of Leon and Wolfmother to name but a few!

    However, don’t think I can get too excited about Coldplay. The Kings of Leon are a class act though as was borne out by their recent performance at Glastonbury, when I stood right at the front of the Pyramid stage!

    Can’t believe nobody has mentioned Elbow – Guy Garvey has the voice of an angel and performed a spine tingling set at Glastonbury!

    My pick would be:

    Elbow – Leaders of the Free World
    Radiohead – In Rainbows
    Massive Attack – 100th Window
    Super Furry Animals – Rings Around The World
    Wolfmother – Wolfmother
    Kings of Leon -Youth and Young Manhood
    Young Knives – Superabundance
    Spiritualized – Laser Guided Melodies
    Oceansize – Everyone Into Position
    David Gilmour – On An Island

  93. David Gilmour – On An Island (2006)
    Pink Floyd – Is There Anybody Out There (2000)
    Roger Waters – In The Flesh (2000)
    Camel – The Paris Collection (2001)
    Camel – A Nod And A Wink (2002)
    Hawkwind – Canterbury Fayre 2001 (2002)
    Hawkwind – Take Me To Your Future (2006)
    Snowy White & The White Flames – Restless (2002)
    Snowy White & The White Flames – The Way It Is (2005)
    Mike Oldfield – Light & Shade (2005)

  94. Ooh, tricky one!

    Coldplay – Parachutes (2000)
    Biffy Clyro – Blackened Sky (2002)
    Coheed & Cambria – In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 (2003)
    Dream Theater – Octavarium (2005)
    Neal Morse – ? (2005)
    Steve Vai – Real Illusions: Reflections (2005)
    David Gilmour – On An Island (2006) (duh!)
    Alter Bridge – Blackbird (2007)
    Band Of Horses – Cease To Begin (2007)
    The Racontuers – Consolers Of The Lonely (2008)

  95. I think that some of us need medication. It’s one thing to state a preference for the music of another time, but quite another to blast today’s music and the people that like it. All people are entitled to their own opinion, and so I have to wonder about those who don’t tolerate the musical tastes of others. Music has to change with the time. If it didn’t, we would all be singing simple songs around a campfire, no instruments.

    Let’s not forget that Pink Floyd were considered quite radical in their time. A whole lot of Sinatra fans trashed the new Rock and Roll when it first surfaced in the 1950s. Do we really want to say that any form of music is “nonsense” just because we don’t happen to like it?

    [Yes? It’s just an opinion, after all. It’s put there for people to disagree with and I wouldn’t ask for anyone’s opinion if I wasn’t interested in it. – FEd]

  96. [Howard – Kind of agree with you but, for me, the internet has opened my ears to many bands particularly from Europe and Scandinavia – Pete]

    You are right Pete, the movie Mamma Mia! has got me rediscovering ABBA. ;-))))

    Cheers, Howard

  97. i’m not surprised that the 70’s has the most votes in the poll. to me the 70’s will always be the golden age of rock. the 60’s were only a taste of what was to come.

    o.k sure, i know there was a lot of crappy punk and glam but look at the good bands you had back then: black sabbath, deep purple, led zeppelin, pink floyd, queen, judas priest, rush, ac/dc, yes, genesis. i could go on and on but i won’t.

    oh and what’s wrong with the ‘the wall’ FEd? i think the ‘the wall’ is the best pink floyd album because the lyrics and music are so powerful.

    [Nothing’s wrong with ‘The Wall’, it sure is very powerful lyrically; I just don’t rate it as highly as some of their other albums. – FEd]

  98. My ten favorites since 2000, a difficult choice! Excluding David’s (who will always be number 1). I apologize in advance for the eclectism:

    Daniel Lanois – Here Is What Is (2008) (great on creativity and contents)
    Daniel Lanois – Belladonna (2005) (great for space guitars)
    Neil Young – Prairie Wind (2005) (no need for introduction, a fantastic album)
    Ali Farka Touré – Savane (2006) (great African guitar legend, who unfortunately passed away in 2007)
    Bruce Springteen – We Shall Overcome: The Pete Seger Sessions (2006) (I wonder if David likes it!)
    Concert for George (2003) (A wonderful tribute concert)
    Clapton and J.J. Cale – Road to Escondido (2005)
    Popa Chubby – Pays Jimi Hendrix (2006)
    Mark Knopfler – Kill to Get Crimson (2007)
    Miles from India (2008) – A Miles Davis tribute album with musicians from India and other jazz legends who played with Miles (inclu. Chick Corea, Lenny White, John Mclaughin, etc.)

    Martin de Montréal

  99. FEd,

    These are the details of the book about music and the brain. I have no connections with it whatsoever. I just found it fascinating.

    It is called ‘This is Your Brain on Music’ by Daniel Levitin who is a record producer turned neuroscientist. It’s written for the lay-person and is a really interesting read. It has lots of references to popular as well as classical music (including one to David and several to PF).

    [Thanks very much, Lynn. – FEd]

  100. My brain is getting lazy these days, must be the time of the season…lazy summer evenings in the Fat Old Sun.

    I can’t name 10.

    ‘On an Island’~David Gilmour
    Got it on vinyl now, and I’m amazed at the quality feel of the thing. When you pick it up, you are aware that it’s something valuable. I even like the little clingy protective sleeve thingy.

    ‘Raising Sand’~ Robert Plant and Allison Krauss
    Love that.

    Thanks Simon J, I really love this album, and sing I loudly with little miss Duffy. 🙂

    ‘Get Born’~Jet
    Won a copy of that on the radio and loved it. They remind me of the Beatles, only more bad ass. “Just give me back my point of view, I just can’t think for you…just take my photo off the wall if it just won’t sing for you.”

    [If lyrics float your boat, try Jet’s ‘Shine On’, if you haven’t already. There are some lovely little lines, such as this one: “Don’t waste the sun on a rainy day, the wind will soon blow it all away.” (Josh, having listened to both albums back-to-back, I think I’ll have to switch Jet albums, or maybe include them both on my list. ‘Shine On’ is too good an album to omit.) – FEd]

  101. I don’t think I have bought ten albums in this decade. Most of the ones I have bought have been of older acts (Floyd, Frampton, AC/DC, Fleetwood Mac, etc.).

    I am along the lines as Howard and others who are exploring other music such as Jazz.

    There is a lot of great music still being made, but it gets harder to separate the wheat from the chaff. There just doesn’t seem to be the passion about the music anymore.

    For example, one of the things I love so much about the Floyd is the attention do detail that went into the music, and how many times you could hear something you hadn’t heard the previous 20 times listening to the song. With modern recording techniques and the very liberal use of compression, those little nuances get lost. it’s not as organic to me.

    I have honestly heard some great music through MySpace pages and other areas that I don’t really look at albums and most bands as much as I used to.

    Have a great day, all

    [A good source, is MySpace. A lot of official sites let you listen to complete tracks, too. – FEd]

  102. Too difficult for me….

    But I want to ask: with all due respect for everybody…It has been published another revolutionary album in rock music after “nevermind” from Nirvana? From that point on I am still waiting the next earthquake….

    (Maybe I am just too old to rock and roll…too young to die.)

    [It’s all about the 70’s. 50’s 60’s and 80’s were good too. – Kris]

    Eighties were CRAP. Real crap. I hate those times…

    After 1987 things became to move to something better. It is all the responsibility of those dull synthesizers. Nothing to do with the Keyboards of Manzarek, Lord, Wright and others. And also the general ELIMINATION of guitars….

    The post punk reaction created the Eighties. Crap.

    [Good question. I wonder how many people will list ‘Nevermind’ when we focus on the ’90s. – FEd]

  103. [Ben. I’m listening to ‘White Dominos’ at the moment. If you’ve heard it, what do you think of that one? – FEd]

    Cool song! I also like ‘Elephant Man’.

    [‘Independence’ and ‘The Odyssey’ are the stand-out tracks for me (today, anyway), but I rate the whole album highly. – FEd]

  104. Popular music has always contained a certain amount of “fertilizer” from which the “flowers” may grow – case in point, the first time I heard the song “On An Island” on the radio, it was sandwiched between a loud, thudding hard rock number with no discernible melody, and a brooding, out of tune “emo” piece by someone who clearly should be doing something else.

    I may be jaded, grumbly, and over 50, but I remember a time when there was a lot of great music out there that did not sound like it came from an assembly line.

    Enough rant, Happy Days everyone!

    Bill C

    [Rant away, Bill. A lot of it sounds the same, doesn’t it? Or, in the case of Oasis, all of it sounds like The Beatles. – FEd]

  105. I really struggled to get a list of 10 albums from the 2000’s but since Michele insisted, here is it. They aren’t all masterpieces but I cared enough to buy them:

    – Coldplay, Parachutes (2000)
    – Daft Punk, Discovery (2001)
    – Jamiroquaï, A Funk Odyssee (2001)
    – Muse, Origin of Symmetry (2001)
    – Maroon 5, Songs About Jane (2002)
    – Evanescence, Fallen (2003)
    – Chanson Plus Bifluorée, Le cédé en public (2003)
    – Missy Higgins, The Sound of White (2004)
    – David Gilmour, On an Island (2006)
    – Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, Raising Sand (2007)

  106. Tough one, there isn’t a lot of music from 2000 on that I really like. Most of the CDs I have gotten have been really disappointing – 1-2 good songs, the rest filler.

    In no order, here are the top 10 CDs that I think are good (entire CD) or at least offered something “new” with the release.

    1. David Gilmour – On an Island – no suprise there.
    2. Pink Floyd – The Wall Live – It’s dark, moody and timeless… not to mention LIVE!
    3. Radiohead – In Rainbows – for offering it free to fans, a bold move.
    4. Nine Inch Nails – The Slip – another freebie for fans.
    5. Joe Satriani – Super Colossal
    6. Robert Plant/Alison Krauss – Raising Sand – great album.
    7. The Eagles – Long Road out of Eden – it’s the Eagles, nuff said.
    8. Neil Diamond’s new CD (forgot the name, but its really good.)

    9 . Big and Rich – Horse of a different color – really rocks for a country album

    10. Brooks and Dunn – Red dirt road – another country album that rocks more then most modern rock albums.

    [You make a good point about much of an album being filler, Greg. Neil Diamond’s ‘Home Before Dark’ is a good call. Now there’s another artist letting you listen to his music on his official site, too. Hats off to Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails, by the way. It certainly is good to see. – FEd

  107. Off topic, but since it is Random Nonsense…

    I really like the “Take a Breath” audio clip, you can really hear Floyd is still very much in David’s system…

    I hope that at some point that these audio clips will be offered, I would like to hear more of them. Is there more to the tracks or is what’s posted all there is of them?

    Also, while I’m off topic, I know this isn’t Richard Wright’s site, but have you heard anything on his new album that was mentioned by him and will David be working with him on it? Has work begun, was the project sidelined?

    I ask because there was mention of an instrumental album and every time I visit here the instrumental loops remind me of it.

    One of these days… Doctor Who….

    [What we hear is all that we’re supposed to hear right now, put it that way. If I do hear anything about Richard’s album, I’ll be sure to let you know. – FEd]

  108. Hey Fed,

    my top-ten younger-than-1999 albums would be (I’ve considered only new-released material):

    David Gilmour’s “On an Island” (Obvious)
    Leonard Cohen’s/Sharon Robinson’s “Ten New Songs”
    Sérgio Godinho’s “Ligação directa” (fine Portuguese songwriter)
    Anjani Thomas’s “Blue Alert”
    Peter Gabriel’s “Up”
    Tom Waits’s “Orphans – Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards”
    Lisa Gerrard’s/Patrick Cassidy’s “Immortal Memory”
    Fiona Apple’s “Extraordinary Machine”
    Madeleine Peyroux’s “Careless Love”
    Suzanne Vega’s “Beauty & Crime”

    These are the albums I find myself listening to (often as delightfully as finding old friends), though there are quite a few younger albums in the racks.


  109. Here´s my contribution. It was not easy, especially when you think about the albums released in the 60’s and 70’s…

    – David Gilmour – On An Island
    – Robert Plant – Dreamland
    – Robert Plant – Mighty Rearranger
    – Tori Amos – Scarlet’s Walk
    – The Mars Volta – Frances The Mute
    – The Mars Volta – Amputhecture
    – 4 – Los Hermanos
    – How The West Was Won – Led Zeppelin
    – PJ Harvey – White Chalks
    – Johnny Lang – Lie To Me


  110. These are the albums I think are the best of the 2000s:

    Led Zeppelin- How The West Was Won (2003)
    Oasis- Familiar To Millions (2000)
    Jet- Get Born (2003)
    Green Day- American Idiot (2004)
    MuteMath- MuteMath (2006)
    The Hives- The Black And White Album (2007)
    Queens Of The Stone Age- Lullabies To Paralyze (2005)
    Stone Temple Pilots- Thank You (2003)
    Coldplay- A Rush Of Blood To The Head (2003)
    Led Zeppelin- Mothership (2007)

  111. Good point Howard, 40’s and 50’s Jazz whether it was Dixie or New Orleans along with the Big Band Era was music in its prime and influenced many artists to evolve. Jeff Healey loved his Jazz, had a collection that would fill a room. His Blues influenced that fact also.

    To me The Ventures were my idols along with Roy Orbison. David naturally fit into my world playing his heart out and he has reached out musically to my amazement. Stevie Ray Vaughan, Vince Gill, and guitarists influence me more than ever.

    Today’s music is mostly verbal, lacking instrumental structure ie. solos to express the soul.

  112. Robert Plant & Strange Sensation – Mighty Rearranger
    Peter Gabriel – Up
    David Gilmour – On An Island
    Steve Winwood – Nine Lives
    Mark Knopfler – Kill To Get Crimson
    Gov’t Mule – High & Mighty
    Riverside – Rapid Eye Movement
    Coma – Zaprzepaszczone siły …
    Coldplay – A Rush Of Blood To The Head
    Porcupine Tree – Fear Of A Blanket Planet

  113. My fav albums since 2000 would be (in no order):

    The Libertines – Up the Bracket
    Ryan Adams – Love is Hell
    Damien Rice – O
    Joe Purdy – Julie Blue
    The Swell Season – The Swell Season
    Bright Eyes – I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning
    Robert Wyatt – Comicopera
    Robert Plant + Alison Krauss – Raising Sand
    The White Stripes – White Blood Cells
    Ryan Adams- Jacksonville City Nights

    Something like that I’d say!

  114. [I may be jaded, grumbly, and over 50, but I remember a time when there was a lot of great music out there. – Bill]

    Bill C and others…….

    I fit the above description also. However I disagree (in the nicest possible way) with the knocking of today’s music.

    Yes, I agree, you do get a lot of pap served to you.

    But believe me, right now I kid you not, I honestly believe we are going through a golden period of music. In my opinion it is as good as I remember the 60’s/70’s.

    Without name dropping bands, it is there but you have to go looking for it. The search really is worth it.

    [A good source, is MySpace. A lot of official sites let you listen to complete tracks, too. – FEd]

    I wanted to say that in my last rant but thought it would get the chop for advertising web sites.

    [Where have the years gone ? ! – Ash]

    Sandy Denny used to sing a great song with a similar lyric to that.

    [Snowy White & The White Flames – The Way It Is (2005) – Tom Byars]

    Great choice, I forgot that one.

  115. Here’s my ten albums of the decade so far.

    David Gilmour – On an Island (2006) (of course)
    Keane – Hopes and Fears (2004) and Under the Iron Sea (2006)
    Coldplay – All four albums, although I prefer the last three (Parachutes is on the list just to make it to ten)
    The Rasmus – Dead Letters (2004)
    The Killers – Hot Fuss (2004)
    Guillemots – Through the Windowpane (2006)

    As you can tell, I really liked 2004 and 2006 in music!

  116. Do you know what we need? We need a venue and a date where we all can meet and bring our ten albums to play to each other.

    I’ve been very interested to read what everyone else has said and thought I can’t buy ALL of these, it’ll also take months to listen to all of these.

    I really miss the sorts of clubs where the DJ was a John Peel type. (For people who don’t know who he was, he was a great DJ who seemed to have a knack for finding the next big thing and who sought out really weird and non-mainstream, damn good stuff.)

    I can’t stand Oasis either Fed. They make me want to smash the radio up when they come on.

    Sorry New York Dan, it takes all sorts though. 🙂

    Completely off topic, but this has been driving me nuts.

    We’re talking about wire man and the cranes. . . does anyone else remember a film from the early 1960’s where someone has got robotic machines painting their apartment?

    Years later when I saw films of car production lines I thought of this film also. I have this very vivid image in my mind and the front page reminds me of it. It’s driving me crazy though because I cant remember any more about it.

    ash X

    [Doesn’t ring any bells with me, sorry. Anyone? – FEd]

  117. [What we hear is all that we’re supposed to hear right now, put it that way. If I do hear anything about Richard’s album, I’ll be sure to let you know. – FEd]

    You REALLY like to keep us in suspense don’t you? I have the feeling that I should start saving money away… I don’t want to be caught unprepared as I was last time.

    Thanks for any info on Richard’s new album. Him and David are two artists I really wish would release new material more often. I would really like to see what the 2 of them could put out working together

    Can we get a ‘what is he smoking?’ moment?

    On my Fantasy Island in a world far, far away – we would see in 2009 a project…

    “The Gilmour/Wright Project” they would call themselves… They would release a blissful soundscape album that would be called “Reflections and Recollections” (definition: Careful consideration and tranquillity of mind) which is suiting to the music that is contained on the album.

    Imagine, its easy if you try…

  118. As a youth growing up in the Unites States, too young too realize the great talent of this band. And now, 40 something years, the dream may be too late to bring back to those years….but, we can dream…..

  119. [I really miss the sorts of clubs where the DJ was a John Peel type. – Ash]

    Like ‘Mothers’ in Erdington?

  120. [Like ‘Mothers’ in Erdington? – Pete]

    Yes Pete. Do you think Peel was there when Floyd recorded Ummagumma ?

    I wonder if there are wonderful things going on in music for today’s youngsters (that we aren’t seeing) that they will look back on and say how great it was and they’d like those days back again. And if it is going on, is it as good and revolutionary as it all was for us ?

    NOT that it’s over. . .

    ash X
    (trying to grow old disgracefully)

  121. [Strange that no-one has picked a Miley Cyrus album!!! – Simon J]

    Yeah, that’s strange ’cause Miley Cyrus is like, so totally awesome dude!

  122. This is a very interesting thread… Nice to see some familiar and not so familiar bands listed here.

    Being a proghead it is amusing to read some of the lists and see bands like Marillion, Ptree and Pendragon listed so frequently. I love all of them but I always like to suggest the ‘unusual’ suspects, so here’s some of the most ‘original’ bands I’ve heard in the last 10 years (some will agree, others will disagree….the point of this exercise is to expose people to music that is usually out of their ‘comfort zone’):

    Justice – ‘Cross’ (get ready to do the human D.A.N.C.E)
    Carcass – ‘Descanting the Insalubrious’
    Nine Horses (David Sylvian if you didn’t know!) – ‘Snow Borne Sorrow’
    Autechre – ‘Tri Repetae’
    Erik Truffaz (Miles Davis’ offspring and he doesn’t even know it!) – ‘Bending new Corners’
    Anglagard (Yes, I know, I am a proghead, indeed) Hybris
    Patricia Barber (music for the next century!) – ‘Modern Cool’
    Entombed – ‘Wolverine Blues’
    Porcupine Tree – ‘Signify’
    Magma – ‘K.A.’

    Go enjoy some cool music!

  123. I knew it, as soon as I was done posting I remember ten other bands I missed in my previous post!

    Tom Waits – ‘Alice’, ‘Blood Money’ and ‘Mule Variations’!!! Bloody essential!
    Portishead -‘Portishead’
    Sunn O))) – ‘White 2’
    Venetian Snares – ‘Rossz Scillag’
    Aphex Twin – ‘I Care Because You Do’
    Ozric Tentacles – ‘Strangeitude’
    Ben Harper – ‘Fight For Your Mind’

  124. The only rock albums I have purchased post 2000 is Contraband by Velvet Revolver. I have little to no appreciation for the music being released today. I got David’s album from my Dad.

    I have interest in some country music post 2000 but rock may not be dead but is in a vegetative state with only a small chance of recovery!

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