Flashback: Munich

The rain at Munich, 29 July 2006Here’s Mrs Taki, getting wet, two years ago today.

You’ll be able to fondly remember one song from the wet and wonderful Munich concert – ‘Take a Breath’ – when David’s new live album, ‘Live in Gdańsk’, is released in September. It’s included, along with 11 other bonus live tracks, on CD. It will also be possible to download it.

If you’ve been living under a rock these past few months, let me remind you of the (unfortunately, now delayed) release date: Monday 22 September for Europe, Tuesday 23 September for North America.

If you were at this gig, do let us know.

Thanks to Taki, and his wife, for sharing a memory of the night with us here.

And thank you all for the birthday greetings for Richard Wright, whose birthday was yesterday.

The chatroom is open tomorrow from 10:00 (UK).

Author: FEd

Features Editor of David Gilmour’s official blog, The Blog (‘Features’ previously being its rather naff title), affectionately – or lazily – shortened to ‘FEd’.

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  1. FEd: Deluxe 5 disc, Monday 22 September for Europe too??

    [I haven’t heard otherwise. – FEd]

  2. Hello Polly and David!

    Happy celebrating your 14th wedding anniversary! Have a wonderful day!

    With best wishes from Berlin

  3. Poor Mr and Mrs Taki! I always say that the weather is the one thing that we can never rely on. It’s good that you had suitable protection from the rain!

    I’m sure it was still a brilliant concert and the rain only made it more memorable. I’m looking forward to hearing “Take a Breath” from Munich so that I can judge for myself.

    Just 55 more sleeps!

    P.S. I hope Richard enjoyed his birthday.

  4. This was the last of the three shows of that OAI Tour I witnessed (see also: Dortmund and Hamburg). Again together with Oliver, Thomas, & Arne – who you can spot in row 15 on Polly’s photos from that day (the one with David playing the Gibson Goldtop during This Heaven).

    The show was great, especially Fat Old Sun, which really rocked pretty hard, and Astronomy Domine of course as well as the first glass harmonica opening in Shine On. The setting was beautiful with the stage on Munich’s Königsplatz with those museums bei Leo von Klenze.

    Yes, it was a wet show, but only during those “Syd” songs (Shine On / Dark Globe / Astronomy Domine) which made it a fitting tribute – the sky was crying that night.

    I remember David’s vocal being way to low during the first part of Coming Back to Life, but the outro solo made up for this glitch. The song was dedicated to Polly that night.

    Echoes must have been 5 or 6 minutes longer compared to the shows at the beginning of the tour.


  5. I wish I’d been there. I enjoyed reading Henning’s memories, especially:

    [Yes, it was a wet show, but only during those “Syd” songs (Shine On / Dark Globe / Astronomy Domine) which made it a fitting tribute – the sky was crying that night. – Henning]

    Shine On Syd.

  6. Hi FEd and all,

    we indeed “remember that night”. The great musicians, the location and the rain did definitely their best. It was surely a coincidence, but the rain made the light effects quite psychedelic… It looked indeed like a tribute to Syd, as Henning stated. The rain caused some people (Adabeis, as we call them here) to leave the location, but they weren’t missed by anyone after all. 😉

    If I need to sum up what I have to say about that night, I only need one word: unforgettable.

    No one can take me my memories. 😀

    Best regards,


  7. Happy Anniversary to D & P, is it 14 years already? Time’s flying. I was in Chantilly 14 years (and a day) ago… wrong flashback Fed, sorry.

    I hope everybody’s having a great summer.


    Tom B

  8. I was there too, my last show I`ve seen from this amazing tour, after saw DORTMUND, HAMBURG, FRANKFURT and 3-times LONDON, RAH which I all will never forget!

    Thomas and me going by train that day from the North of Germany to Munich, approx. 750 KM. We met a lot of old PF friends there in the afternoon and having a great time with people from Austria and Germany.

    I have tickets for the FRONT ROW and we had a lot of fun, especially me and GUY PRATT. Also we sung HAPPY BIRTHDAY to RICHARD with little help from David. 😉

    In the second set the STRONG RAIN comes and the sky cries for SYD when David played his songs! ECHOES blows me away again..!

    It was in fact one day after RICHARD`s BIRTHDAY and the day of POLLY and DAVID`s wedding day… – by the way: Happy celebrating your 14th wedding anniversary, Polly and David – have a nice day!

    Hope to see the band on stage again next year!

    PETE from Germany

  9. I was there with my wife. We got soaking wet this evening, but that always happens when I attend an open air event in Munich. Must be something between me and that city.

    But the beautiful show made me forget that fact. It was a night to remember.

  10. I was there, and it was just wonderful. Everything made my wishes become reality.

    The first part I enjoyed from my seat, but well, the view was ok.

    As the second part begun the sky was already crying, but the positive aspect was everybody was standing upright because the seats were wet, so I could see to the stage.

    As David sang Fat Old Sun, the rain stopped before the song was over.

    And so we could enjoy the rest while we were dancing around and having so much fun.

    Thanks for that show.


  11. Happy Anniversary David and Polly. Wishing you health and happiness. Thank you for the joy you bring to so many others. 🙂

    Paul_C (and Mrs Paul_C)

  12. Mrs Taki sure looks prepared for a wet show. And such a serious look!!

    I’m sure most of us would still love to have been there.


  13. This must have been a great show. Again, I really wish I were there.


  14. I sent an e-mail to Fender about the price of the DG Strat and was told that the New Old Stock will be $5000 and the Relic will be $6000.

    [I was wondering who’d be the first to do that. It seems a good way to find out the price. – FEd]

  15. Good evening David and Polly,

    I know that it is now a belated wish from Las Vegas, but, all the same, Happy 14th Anniversary to the both of you. May you have many, many more of the same!!!

    Best regards,

  16. 2006 July 29th, my girlfriend and me flew in from Berlin.

    After our check in at the Hotel, which was just 500 meters away from the Königsplatz, we went to this location to feel and get the atmosphere around it.

    Right after the opening of the gates we walk around on this lovely concert venue and I must say it was hard to wait until the beginning. The first sounds of David’s guitar put us in another world for the next 3 hours. “Take a Breath” was our highlight in this part.

    When the first half with OAI was over there was a short break and right of starting the second part with “Shine On” the sky opened his clouds and the rain was falling harder and harder.

    After this song a few people left the venue (to do this, they had passed the front stage area) and David said in German “Auf Wiedersehen” – very funny!

    During “Astronomy Domine” it was a real cloud-burst and with all the lasers reflecting in the raindrops it was a real surreal scenery.

  17. …Please believe me, never before I was sitting in a concert with such rain and – it was really great! After “Astronomy” David said that it might be possible to stop and end the concert after the next song if it is still raining then. My heart was feeling like it had been pricked during these words and I prayed that the rain would stop. It was impossible in my mind to be at a Gilmour concert which ended too early. And, what a real wonder, during “Dark Globe” the rain was stopping, so “Fat Old Sun”, “Coming Back To Life”, “High Hopes” and (my dream come true) “Echoes” were played. No, it was not just “Echoes”, it was celebrating this very long song. Incredible, indescribable, inconceivable – I don´t find enough words for it….

    After “Wish You Were Here” and “Comfortably Numb” as encores we had something very hard to do, to find back in the reality.

    We will never forget this day in our lifetime. Thank you very much David and all the others for this “Once in a lifetime” concert!

  18. The concert in Munich? Great show and of course the rain was magic. Never heard Coming Back to Life while dancing.

    Thanks to all the musicians for this unbelievable concert.

    Hope that David and Richard will produce more fantastic music and have fun to perform once again.

  19. I just wanted to say that my stay in London was a great one except for one day which I met a person who was the meanest and drunkest person I have ever met and the funniest thing about this person was that she (oops) was from the States. But Fed you were a great help and I did get a few of those CDs and I have to say that I have really enjoyed them. I really am a big fan of the Manics now.

    But after hanging out at the Barney Arms Pub for two weeks with some really nice people and then coming back to the States, I started talking to my wife who couldn’t understand one word I was saying, said that I need to go back to school and fresh up on my English before she goes crazy.

    I received a call two days after I arrived home and found out that my Dad had passed away that night. So now I am going down to Southern California for the funeral and be with my sister and brothers.

    I hope that everyone is have a good week.

    Take Care, Thomas

    [So sorry, Thomas. – FEd]

  20. FEd, I remember you said something about Robbie Keane and I found it:

    [I’m more interested in the possibility of Robbie Keane joining Liverpool, though. – 2 July, Random Nonsense #8]

    My mate’s a huge Spurs fan and he’s gutted. LOL!

    I think Spurs have done well to get £20m for him. What do you think?

    [I agree with you: he’ll be worth half that in a year’s time. I’m very pleased, even at that price. After finally bidding Harry Kewell a fond (not half) farewell, it’ll be nice to see someone who’s fit to wear the number of Kings Kev and Kenny on his back. – FEd]

  21. Evening All,

    Having just read and re-read the blog I thought I would pop in and offer my belated Happy Anniversary Wishes also, and many More to come I hope!

    Couldn’t make it to Munich unfortunately, I was stuck in Al Andaluz soaking up some Sol and getting sunburnt. 🙂

    Nice profile photo Mrs Taki, the red bonnet looks especially stunning, my favourite colour!

    Walk in Beauty,

  22. Best gig I’ve been at (and been at quite a few!).

    Flew from Ireland in the morning on my own, no clue where I was going, found the hotel, found the venue, bought the T-shirt! Actually was wearing a Rory Gallgher T-shirt and a guy was handing out flyers for Johhny Winter and “The Taste” which was odd.

    Was my birthday too.

    Had an OK seat. Then it rained! Which was great as the casual onlookers bolted to the side or left. Which meant I could scroll right up the front! Was drenched right through, but didn’t care one bit, especially when the first notes of Echoes sounded, absolute magic! Sounding better than the original with a great laser show. Only thing that I ever heard come close was Floyd playing Echoes at the BBC for the first time.

    Really hope Mr Gilmour tours once more..If it’s in Europe I’ll be there!

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